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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  October 7, 2019 10:12pm-11:00pm EDT

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c-span bus continues our campaign 2020 battleground states tour across the country. on wednesday, we visit the battleground state of pennsylvania. the c-spansday on networks, the heritage foundation hosts a discussion on religious liberty with trump administration officials. see it at noon eastern on c-span. at 1 p.m. at the national press club, a discussion on lgbtq case of a welfare services coordinator who was fired after joining a gay recreational softball league. at 9:00 a.m. on c-span2, a panel on middle east strategy looking at strategic vision, u.s. resolve, power competition and russian resurgence in the region. and on c-span3 at 9:00 a.m., a forum on climate and maritime security.
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speakers include retired admiral john richardson, former chief of naval operations. is smash lapr desk of the american conservative union as we begin another week of the impeachment story front and center. i wonder what you think of this comparison. what are the lessons democrats and republicans should take from the clinton impeachment and the nixon impeachment inquiry? >> i was a young staffer over there for the fracas. the clinton impeachment fracas. i would say two things. it is a political exercise. it is all politics are there are legal argument's wrapped around it, but in the end, -- there are legal arguments wrapped around it, but in the end, one thing we do not talk about is that the previous impeachments -- and nixon was not impeached but would have been, and probably would have been convicted. the republicans could not get the super majority vote in the
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senate. both clinton and nixon had just gotten reelected. so the voters did not have another chance to render an opinion on their legal wrongdoing but came to light after the elections. with donald trump, we have an election a year away, and what makes what the democrats are doing so repulsive is, just beat him. the campaign has already started. we are watching democrats run around the country, even a few republicans, raising money, asking for votes. we are going to be voting in ohio and new hampshire soon. just beat him if you do not like him. but just because -- but the reason they are going to impeachment, they cannot beat him. democrats have said that. that is a disgusting use of the constitution. donald trump won fair and square. i know they wanted to upend the election results for three years, and it is all about a coup, anything, something to drag the man down just when fair
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and square. host: just a minute ago you called impeachment a political exercise. do you think that for democrats it is part of the 2020 campaign? guest: totally. it is all a part of it, and it is all part of what is happening in the democrati party, which is that it is too politicized. go to gallup polling or any other polling, and see the leftward shift of the democrats. they are embracing this term of socialism and the policies underneath it. in the house, the squad rules. , rashida tlaib, these people lead that caucus. in nancy pelosi eventually had to bow to them. they have wanted to impeach -- as rashida tlaib uses colorful language in terms of her wanting to impeach the president. the first that they were sworn in, it was all about impeachment. why? because they believe it plays to
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their politics to impeach the man. there is no wrongdoing here there is no criminal statute that has been violated. this is all about taking trump down. host: you can call in, phone lines -- ?uest: 8:30 host: it might even be more than that. guest: i need to renegotiate my contract. ,republicans, 202-748-8001 democrats, 202-748-8000 independents, 202-748-8002. is donald trump talking about impeachment too much? host: donald trump is doing the job the way donald trump wants to do it, and all these mark people, including newt gingrich, who is essentially impeached
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himself, he -- all these smart people, including newt gingrich, who is essentially -- who was essentially impeached himself, i think sometimes newt gingrich is communicating to the president through the press. but what i have learned about donald trump is he does listen, number one, and number two, he is going to do this job the way he wants to do it. he has thrown away the playbook we were all taught to use, that we all learned at a young age. he does it his own way his view that he does it his own way. my view is, you insult mother, i will insult your mother better. it is a little bit of schoolyard tactics, and it is jarring to a lot of republicans and a lot of people who have seen the president have this sort of regal manor, but do you know what president -- this regal what theo you know president does behind when the
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cameras are off? i think it is a very fine opinion journal. these are one of the headlines. room,impeachment war "trump does it all by himself." i wonder your view at the strategy, the messaging strategy inside the white house. do they need a war room to respond to this? guest: i have always hated that concept of a war room. what i think they need is the ability to make sure that people around the country, including their allies, know what is true and what is false with these charges. there is already rumor of a second whistleblower. i think we will have whistleblowers for 14 months. we will have people from -- conspiracy theorists used to call it the deep state. now all of us who work in government admit that there is a deep state because all of these people will come forward because they have an animus against donald trump.
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we will read story after story of outlandish things he supposedly did. in theson i have learned era of trump, what they accused trump of, they already did. we will see this with ukraine. shouldts whose hands have been caught in the cookie jar, now they are accusing trump of having his hands in the cookie jar. it is insane to it i always say, a democrat was the one who actually did it. let's try to figure this out the other thing that out -- about "the new york times," moderates, independents, people who are not that partisan, they are going to c-span and other news. they will not interact with them. they have lost their voice with 50% of the american people are that is actually a bad thing for democracy. we should have places like c-span where liberals and democrats and conservatives and republicans and independents can
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go and just get news. i see you have "the new york times," "the washington times." let's get an idea of what multiple voices are saying, and with these major news outlets, they have lost the ability to have any credibility on any issue, which is why this fake news concept is a real and troublesome concept. host: and the best way to do that is to let you get out of the way and let you chat with viewers. from bolingbrook, illinois, good morning. you are on with matt schlapp. caller: good morning. my big thing here is that people will believe what they want to believe, not what the facts are. here is a perfectly good example. we have a beautiful church here in my neighborhood, and it drips myrrh. some people will go in and see it and their heart is changed.
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people have actually been healed from it. other people go in, they looked, h,ey turn around, they go "hu maybe it is a hoax." i have been listening to all this news, and i think people will believe what is in their hearts, no matter how big, how strong the facts are. catherine, what happened in the church? i think you cut out there. she is gone. i am a believer, so i believe in miracles, i believe in that. so let's get that out of the way. i do think people -- it is responsible for an individual to put a filter on their views. what is wrong, what is right? does it pass the smell test? i am healthy with skepticism and
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cynicism. the problem with these main media outlets, they are left-leaning. if you watch the sunday shows, almost all the shows have four people that just destroy the president. but how is anybody who likes the president watching that show going to consider that fair? host: you mentioned the sunday shows. this exchange on "meet the press" is getting a lot of attention this morning. guest: only because he is in the hot seat. host: he was just about a minute of it. >> chuck, i just want the truth. >> you don't trust the american people, the fbi, the cia? >> no, i don't. absolutely not. after james comey -- >> you don't believe the fbi, the cia? >> i don't trust anybody. >> do you trust them now? dr. no, i don't trust them back then. problem, which is people have not only lost
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confidence in news sources they used to go to come and i have lost confidence in shows i used to go to. people have lost consonants in organizations like -- have lost confidence in the fbi let's face it, they did everything they could do to help hillary clinton. only because he said now, because he knew she was going to win and he did not want her to be impaired. these intelligence communities, have been politicized. run off thed to be ship. and they should go back to doing their core emissions. in ukraine, why are they going after ron johnson when the obama administration successfully got an investigation of paul manafort opened up again. why? because paul manafort had been talking to the trump campaign, and joe biden was able to call off the investigation of this ukrainian gas company, that his
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son conveniently sat on the board of eared anybody involved in politics at that level -- any lawyer, some lawyer had to improve -- had to approve all of those manifests. who would have thought that it made sense to have the president's son travel with him to countries, while joe biden was doing his official duties. wasred -- hunter biden collecting millions and billions of dollars. so what the american people see is obama and biden tried to influence the ukrainian government, and now they see trump trying to in -- trying to influence the ukrainian government he puts up the transcript. what trump did is somehow criminally impeachable, and what obiden did isn or not. what is good for the goose is good for the gander. host: caroline, texas, republican.
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good morning. i thought you all were talking about the impeachment of different presidents. host: that is how we started. guest: i would love to talk about that. caller: i'm kind of old and i was alive during a lot of them. with nixon, prior to him being was --ed, you know, he me tried tom assassinate him. of course there were tapes and this and that peer to into -- who knows where they came from or who really cares? clinton, herer as you have a president that they wanted to impeach because he was having sexual whatever with everybody. kennedy, didn't he do the same thing? guest: you were aptly describing
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the situation. caller: he was doing whatever, whatever he was doing. but then again you had kennedy who was also doing the same thing, but it was never publicized because at the time there was only three channels. and abc. nbc, cbs, so, i mean, you were only getting three different, you know, commentaries from three different channels. squeaky wiki from -- kille actually tried to gerald ford. is, gettingpoint impeach because of your private sexual conduct over time became less popular with the american people. i think the republicans were put into a tough position because phil clinton was so flagrant with his lying under oath as the president of the united states. it was not so much of a question of what he did in the oval
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office, it was his me too treatment of women that got him into hot water with these depositions. today, my guess is that the past treatment of women he had power over would have been much more politically damaging to him then even what he did with an intern in the white house, although now i am the father of five girls, and my older girls are starting to have internships and such. i hope they go to a workplace where they are treated with respect. host: more from the sunday shows. this is congresswoman val demings, meeting this week to take more investigations and inquiries this week on the impeachment. this is her from fox news sunday yesterday. >> why is how speaker pelosi refusing to hold a formal impeachment inquiry vote? >> chris, let me say this. i would hope -- this has been a painful time, this past couple of weeks now.
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i would hope that the white house would cooperate with congress. and actually acknowledge the oversight that we have a responsibility to do. requirementre is no under the because to touche and that we have a full house vote. there is no requirement under house rules that we have a full house vote. there is no precedent that we have a full house vote that really drives -- >> wait, you say there is no precedent. there have only been two times in the history, under the rules we now have -- andrew johnson in the 1860's was different -- in both the bill clinton case and the richard nixon clays, there was a clear precedent. the full house voted and authorized a full impeachment inquiry, so there is a precedent. requirement,o again, under the constitution, and no requirement under house
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rules that that is the procedure we follow. chris, let me say this. this past 10 days has been painful for members of the house on both sides of the committee. obviously it has been quite painful for the senate, even though too many senators are quiet on this issue. we need to conduct a very methodical, very thorough investigation. we need to talk with all witnesses, identify or review all documents. as we begin the process of making a very, very important historical decision. so based on the information that we have, i believe that every american should be painfully concerned about what they have witnessed over the last couple weeks. matt schlapp is chair of the american conservative union peer they were talking about a full house vote on impeachment. does that matter at this point? guest: yes, because what she is
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saying is that she wants to deny the president of the united states to defend himself in front of the house of representatives, and to have his allies in the republican party, any conservative, right minded democrats come if there are any left, to subpoena their own documents and their own witnesses. my guess is if they took the full house vote, and the judiciary committee, although nancy pelosi does not really trust jerry nadler. now she has to go to three committees per can you imagine going to three different courtrooms, just what she is doing to the president? she wants to deny him the ability to push back on what will be a kangaroo court. we did not do that with bill clinton because i think the republicans at the time realized that if it was perceived that the process was unfair, there would be consequences at the ballot box. i think nancy pelosi continues down this road, a road she did not want to be on at the beginning, the consequences will be devastating.
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i think if impeachment proceeds the way it is proceeding, the republicans are going to do very well in 2020i think the president will be reelected. and i think the american people will look at the democratic and say you told us if you -- if we gave you the majority that you would tinker with obamacare and make sure the republicans cannot do anything with pre-existing conditions and that you would help with income inequality. they are transfixed on bringing down donald trump. it is an unhealthy focus for them. it is almost like there is a mental problem here. some people call it trump derangement syndrome. problems fixing the from your liberal perspective. ralph, independent. good morning. yes, mr. howard stern had said earlier that he talked to trump and asked him, was he
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mentally up for the challenge of the job. is racially trump dividing -- mr. trump is racially dividing this nation you used a term, mr. schlapp, repulsive and unhealthy. well, to me, mr. trump's behavior is repulsive and unhealthy. last year andane said to a woman, if there -- i would be right there on the front row. that was an impeachable offense there. guest: i don't know what the senator meant by that comment, but i think that she believed that that woman would be a victim of capital punishment. everyone has a viewpoint in a democracy. you brought up howard stern's
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interpretation of the president's mental. that is a really interesting way to approach it. he is doing just fine. i've met very few people in my life that are on top of things as he is. he tracks everything, he reads everything. that is a misconception, he doesn't read, he stays around in the white house and he is not engaged. he has read every article. if you ever have a chance to have a private conversation, you will go through everything he is reading, what his interpretation is. he always asks you what your interpretation is. most of the political people that staff him on the foreign trips say they cannot keep up with him, his level of energy. that is because he never touches alcohol, doesn't take drugs. he is kind of in a natural state as far as that is concerned. i marvel at his energy level and mental capacity, and i think the democrats and people in the media try to act like he is not really up to the job. it is more of the fake news. my wife worked for him for two
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years at his right side in the white house come of the west wing. to marveled at his ability juggle a lot of issues and to remember things from meeting to meeting to meeting. i had president -- i have had conversations with the president or he remembers things that i cannot remember that we talked about. you don't have to like him if you don't want to like him. you have every right to do what you want to do, but nobody should be under the illusion that he is not up the job. host: and now he is on the campaign side of this. your advisory role -- is it formal or informal discussions? with presidents, it is one of the things that i think there is a sacredness of talking to the president. he is the commander in chief, the leader of the country. he reaches out for counsel and advice, and i think some people who talk to him should be careful about talking too much. and i worked with president george w. bush. they are also just people.
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they are vulnerable. they have times when they are mad, when they are sad, where they are more vain and they let their weaknesses come out. when you see that, you realize it is a totality of the person, positive and negative. i have friends who worked for obama and clinton who said the same thing. there were things that they did not like, and they were other times where they were so proud to work for them. mike, democrat, good morning. youngstown, ohio. caller: how is everybody doing this mauling? guest: how are you? this gentleman that you have on, he is obviously right wing. guest: i prefer conservative. caller:, you prefer conservative. good for you. you sound like trump. thank you.
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caller: mike, do you have a question? this could be howard stern. is howardah, this stern, right. you are a wise guy, too. guest: mike needs some coffee. host: indiana, a republican, good morning. this is janice. ok, i just wanted to say that i fully support president trump, and i really, really am so glad that matt is on here trying to explain what president trump is deplorables, of us i guess you would say. guest: deplorables. i am a proud deplorable. proud one,, i am a too, and i know a lot of proud deplorables. to knowresident trump
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that everyone in our neck of the woods supports him and we pray for the democrats, too, because they are obviously in a lot of trouble because they just keep wanting to go down this impeachment road, and it is said. it is really sad for our country , and if you love our country, our country did you well. you would want our country to do you well. guest: thank you, janice, for your comments. what i notice as i travel the country come and really the world, and we just had a cpac in korea and we have had three in tokyo and japan. standing with the protesters in the streets in hong kong. i am going to the first cpac in brazil. this whole cpac that i oversee as a chairman is taking off around the world. the reason is because of the struggle against the green new deal, the struggle about the rabbit as well as him -- the
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radicalism being jammed for our schools. the whole world is watching america. freedom loving people, people who believe in limited government and democracy are an americaeath of that reaches out to socialism. janice is saying, everyone in her woods reach out to the president. i will have everyone coming up to me and telling me how sad they are that the country is going through this. many people think it is all about donald trump. i don't mean to be disrespectful to the president. but it is not all about donald trump here there is an underlying question -- what does it mean to me american -- to be american? what are our founding principles? those of us who believe in those principles, look at what the doing as not --
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these socialist values cannot be consistent with these american values. that is a real troubling thing. if you fought in a war, if you are a doing as cop, if you are e professions that the democrats always had your back, and you see them attacking cops constantly. you see them not wanting to fund the military. it makes these people trouble. that is why you have a whole bunch of people who normally vote democrat turning to trump. you see a huge change in the country. people and not doing it with smiles on their face. people are worried. host: you said you stood in the streets of hong kong with the protesters. i wonder what you thought of last week's president trump's tweet, congratulating the people in beijing. guest: i don't like that tweet because i think they are butchers. nobody in america should be in love with the bridging -- with leadership in beijing.
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i understand what the president is doing, and i give him grace with the tweets he said about the north korean dictator and about the regime in beijing. he is trying to negotiate with them. i can see exactly what he is doing, and there are times when he is trying to butter them up. i just don't like those tweets as much as when he is trying to rip them apart. i would love nothing more for that economic relationship to get to a better place. i am a free trader, but by the same token, when you see what they are doing, i was in the in hong kong. they are getting beaten with billy clubs and their freedoms are being taken away step-by-step. jean wants to whip them from the streets which is a long-standing democracy and bring them onto the chinese mainland so they can disappear forever. this is a critical juncture for the state of the human condition for the future of this communist regime. , and friends in
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taiwan and japan are worried sick about what is going to happen with china. china has to understand that if you spread its domination and really become the superpower it is trying to become that america will stop them. in hong kong say go back and tell president trump much we admire him because for the first time in 30 years there is an american president taking the beijing regime head-on. discussions with north korea broke down which is the news today should there be a third at summit between the chairman kim? the president has avoided conflict and trying to delay north korea denuclearizing.
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iran would've gotten a nuclear weapon but they just try to delay and pray and hope something happens like a regime change or something else. now you have north korea, are they nuclear eyes or not nuclear nuclearoized or not? to makeo do something sure a regime cannot hit our friends and allies, hawaii, these important outposts with a nuclear weapon. he has no other choice now. the person leading the negotiations for the american government used to be on the board at ecu and is very capable. i trust them to make the decisions. and mike pompeo, i have complete confidence. they will make the right decisions. don't be deceived. they were given the status quo,
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which is a very dangerous status quo. they have to try to change that. it doesn't mean that president trump really likes little rocket man or wants to hang out with rodman, but heis is willing to do the things other presidents wouldn't do to try to change the status quo. he is doing that in every key area. himong kong, i would love to be talking about how these democracy protesters deserve our support. host: did you tell him that? guest: i don't talk about what i talk to the president about but i believe he understands they have an affinity towards him. he is trying to figure out a way to get to a better place. host: germantown tennessee, peter, were walking, good morning. caller: i agree 100% your guest commentary and i have two comments.
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-- the firste thing is i have been reading the lord of the rings again, host: great book. caller: one of the characters who was very dislike of all, it reminds me of adam schiff. this goes to how contrived the whole thing is. rush limbaugh and mark live in have pointed it out that this has been planned. the deceit and is desembler.similar -- --has all been contrived deceiter andl the desembler.
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he had this meeting where the whistleblower complaint was changed and they said they would accept a secondhand whistleblower instead of a first and no one knows that. get to your second point. talk aboutnt to this. host: you had some full speck of c-span. caller: i have high regard to c-span but the host last week when someone brought up the fact the why haven't you talked about biden on camera saying he would hold up the billion dollars unless you give my son the position? c-span said, yes while we have covered that a year ago. that is like saying not covering it at all.
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c-span should have had that out. host: i am not sure you are referring to. severalactually played times so that people can see what he said. caller: let me jump in and thank you for your comments and nice complement. let me jump in and thank you for your comments and nice couple meant. this is been outlined in several recent publications. they did that using government power to try to hurt a republican operative and eventually hurt donald trump. number two, i am not so sure joe biden did something to get hunter biden a position but i think hunter biden was on the board of the gas company and he whispered in his dad's ear there was an investigation that was hostile or at least joe biden figured out with his son on the
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board, an investigation into that board could be bad for him and called off the dogs. what joe biden should have done was ask his son to resign from the board and allow the investigation to go forward. at that point, he could have more credibly said we can start over with a new investigation. they just called off the investigation. when it comes to adam schiff, there are two proms he has. he ran around the country for two and half years -- there are two problems he has. he ran around the country for saying hehalf years had evidence of russian collusion and even robert mueller had to say there was no collusion. there was no alilance -- evidence of collusion. he said he had it but can someone asking to share it? he went on television over and over again and then in this recent one he said he hadn't had
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communications with the whistleblower for a month. was communicating and coordinating and strategizing with the whistleblower. it is what the democrats do. remember diane feinstein with the charge against brett kavanaugh and set i put it in my desk drawer and forgot about it for a month and just so happened to bring it out on the cusp of the hearing so that brett kavanaugh and his allies could not prepare for the charges? same thing with adam schiff. he knew it was coming and didn't give anyone a heads up because he did not want to allow the president or the allies to see this was all about. it was a coordinated political attack. host: what do you think he should have done before the whistleblower process was complete? guest: if you are the chairman of the committee and a true whistleblower comes forward, why wouldn't you tell the republican ranking member? is a bipartisan committee.
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you immediately go to the minority and say we have this whistleblower statute or you look at the statute and see where the person is supposed to go with that, should it go to the fbi rig? ig?he fbi or the the whole idea of a whistleblower is that it is nonpartisan. it is not political. go. need a safe place to i believe in whistleblower but the sad thing is we need strong whistleblower statutes because i have seen wrongdoing and sometimes you are in a vulnerable position where you can't tell anybody because you fear reprisals. instead this person, a registered democrat who hates trump, goes to his friend or political ally to say what is the best way to take time down -- trump down with the information? they don't have any information. trump put out the transcript.
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this person wasn't listening in on the phone conversation. the only thing this person could have is other information that they don't write -- don't have the right to have it. a big mistake. host: the second whistleblower that we started hearing about. guest: you will have more after this. we will have 14 months of this from leaks of the bowels of our democracy. get ready. host: isaac in baltimore, independent. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. my question -- my first comment is bob mueller said nothing about collusion or the only said he wasn't investigating collusion because it wasn't an actual crime but he said that the whole probe was investigating conspiracy.
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they found -- guest: they found no conspiracy. caller: the second question leads to my comment. my first question is -- is there anything that this president could do that you would find wrong? guest: yes. --ler: my second question is do you then believe that it is ok for a sitting president to ask a foreign power to investigate a political rival not once or twice? why didn't you attack barack obama when he re-investigated paul manafort? is that wrong? is -- i am aroblem melodi millennial. guest: i am in shock -- you are
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a political. caller: the only thing we can compare it to is nazi-ism. --n it off power went in host: we got your point. guest: is a proud german american, i am offended by your point. ofis much more indicative what is going on with the democrats and socialism. government power. i want individuals to run their lives. doant the government to national security very well and back off the other questions. so what was appropriate for whatk obama and i -- so was appropriate for barack obama, as to reopen the investigation. we know joe biden called the heernor of ukraine because was stupid enough to put it in a
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speech that was all over the place that he threatened the ukrainian government with a billion dollars of aid. if it is incorrect for members of the presidents administration to leverage the government of ukraine to do things that is wrong. why isn't it wrong for them. it is only one -- wrong when donald trump does it and he was transparent and gave you the transcript. this is the placidity that a lot of supporters and republicans and independents -- that is why they look at the coverage of these issues they don't see fundamental fairness. in michigan, republican. good morning. caller: good morning. we open theat impeachment hearings and have the vote and have the impeachment hearings in the house -- with this give mr. trump the right to bring up his
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reasons for the investigation into the democratic party? the reason why nancy pelosi is not having a vote to open up a formal inquiry is that would empower the minority in the house of representatives, the republicans, to also have subpoena power to bring in their own information so that both sides can go before the judiciary committee, which would usually be the committee they would go to if she had confidence in the chairman and it would be much more balanced. clinton was able to do that but the problem was what was he going to be able to do? it was about his lying and impropriety. -- in this case, the republicans have damming information but nancy pelosi does not want the public to see it. host: last call. a democrat. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. host: just one or two because we
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are running out of time. caller: number one, the main thing is the molar investigation -- robert mueller investigation. i don't know why the democrats hang their hat on that because the republicans control the house, senate, and the presidency. theonly reason investigation got started was because donald trump fired the director of the fbi. his attorney general recusing himself -- there was nothing else to do but. prompt the -- but prompt the investigation. democrats didn't start it but they just hung their hat on because robert miller was a republican. the whole thing was started by the republican party. the thing about him going all touting world
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-- thetic norms president of the united states right on television asked a communist country to investigate a political rival. that is wrong. last minute hearing. callers are really going hard on barack obama and joe biden and i think they should go lighter. i am a proud member of the republican party. we have made stupid decisions to get special counsels. bill clinton had to do a tawdry thing to get special counsel. specialans have picked counsel's on themselves many times. we should not have done it.
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we wasted 2.5 years and millions of dollars and we found these were baseless charges. president trump a lot of life sucked out of his residency and that was a shame. what happened between jeff sessions and rod rosenstein will go down in the history of politics in some the most bungling of decisions. all it did was give the democrats a bloodlust. they don't have a crime they are impeaching but the impeachment is to find any crime. give me something, anything to rip this guy down. if we don't do that, he might win again. host: where is the next cpac? guest: in atlanta georgia in 10 days and in brazil. nationwide cpac will be the last four days of february in 2020, which will be the unofficial start to the whole year long
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process to reelect donald trump. host: that will be at national harbor? and c yes, >> fans washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, andrew pawlak whose daughter died in the parkland shooting discusses school safety in his new book. editor talksgazine about campaign 2020 and the candidates vying for the democratic nomination. watch "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern tuesday morning and be sure to watch "washington journal" wednesday at 7:00 eastern as the c-span bus continues our campaign 2020 battleground states tour across the country. on wednesday, we visit pennsylvania.
10:59 pm
>> live tuesday in the c-span networks, the heritage foundation hosts a discussion on religious liberty with trump administration officials. you can see it live at noon eastern on c-span. at 1:00 eastern, a discussion on lgbtq rights. of a services worker coordinator fired after joining a gay recreational softball league. on c-span2, a paneling in u.s.-middle east strategy, looking at strategic vision, u.s. withdrawal, power competition, and russian resurgence in the region. a forum on climate and maritime security. speakers include a retired admiral, the former chief of naval operations. >> next, canadian private leaders including prime minist


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