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tv   Vice Pres. Pence Holds Town Hall on USMCA Trade Deal in Iowa  CSPAN  October 10, 2019 11:41am-12:04pm EDT

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only 41% of republicans share in that concern, more than three quarters of democrats and over half of independents believe foreign governments may interfere with elections. 31% of people believe the federal government has done enough to protect elections from foreign interference. 54% of republicans report either having a great deal or a fair amount of confidence in federal efforts. , and just overs a quarter of independents agree. you can find all the results including whether americans think candidates should release tax returns, and whether citizens should show an id to .ote at yesterday, vice president pence visited iowa and made remarks on the u.s.-mexico canada trade agreement. ♪
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[applause] ♪ >> hello iowa. [applause] governor reynolds, senator grassley, senator ernst, former congressman david young, the ,pa's assistant administrator speaker of the house pat grassley. [applause] local leaders and guests and neighbors and friends and manning farms, it is great
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to be back in the hawkeye state. thank you for that welcome. [applause] i am honored to see you all turn out today. thank you for taking time away from work, and your obligations to talk about an issue of great importance to the nation. let me say thanks to a few friends. want to thank i her for her general -- generous introduction. there is no more dynamic or hard-working governor in the united states then governor kim reynolds. join me in thanking her. [applause] take a bow, kim. she is doing a phenomenal job for iowa. [applause] let me think another friend of mine who i have come to know well. ,n my duties as vice president i find my way to the united states senate on a regular
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basis. i get a chance to interact with both of your senators. i tell you, this one is amazing. she likes to say she is a mother, soldier, leader. she was born and raised here. combat veteran, served our country for almost a quarter of a century. champion for a iowa, and a champion for the conservative agenda. join me in thanking senator joni ernst for strong and principled leadership. [applause] thank you, senator. finally, it is a privilege to be here with a hero of mine. i first discovered him on c-span in the 1990's. [laughter] he was serving in the house and i said, i like that guy.
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he's served in the congress for more than 40 years. he has been a champion for his like no onefarmers else for her he has been a champion for our constitutional liberties. as chairman of the judiciary .ommittee he is a terrific grandfather. join me in thanking senator chuck grassley for his leadership. [applause] it is great to be here with so many friends. let me mention one more friend. i told him last night that i was headed to iowa, i think he looked jealous. he is a man who loves the state of iowa, and a man the people of iowa put their confidence in three years ago. i bring greetings from the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump.
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[applause] it is great to be back on the farm. it is especially great to be here at a great family farm. highway 40.uth of in southern indiana. i didn't grow up on a farm, but we had house. i hung out all the time with friends who were on family farms. the one we are standing on it so emblematic of everything that is great. i am told rob manning is the latest of a long line of farmers and his family. he has tilled this land and for fiveimals generations. today, the hard-working men and women of manning farms helped earn the hawkeye state as the nation's largest corn producer, the number one producer of pork in the country.
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what you grow here, what you raise here, you export around the world. would you join me in thanking the manning family? [applause] the truth is what you grow here export not just across the country but all over the world. we are going to talk about trade. talk about ao great opportunity for iowa workers and iowa businesses. before that, let me take a minute to reflect on the progress we made because of the confidence the people of iowa and ourn this president administration. when i think of the last three that, there is one night
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there is only one way i can describe it. -- there is only one way i can describe it. three years of action. three years of results. three years of promises made and promises cap. we are just getting started. [applause] think about it. weakestght years of the postrecession economy since the great depression, president trump said we could get this economy moving if we put common sense conservative principles and free enterprise into practice. president trump delivered. this president has signed more bills rolling back federal red tape than any president in american history. this president actually signed a measure that would ensure that farmers and ranchers could .ontrol and own their land
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private property was restored when the president repealed the disastrous waters of the usa rule. [applause] president trump also kept a promise when he signed the largest tax cuts and tax reform industry. we cut taxes across the board for working families, for businesses large and small. the he did that, we ended death tax for nearly every american farmer. death is no longer a taxable event. [applause] that madessed reforms it possible for farmers to deduct 100% of the cost of new equipment. anyone around farming nose input costs play a critical role in the vitality of farming. and being able to literally write off those costs in a single year made a tremendous difference. it has been about rolling back red tape, cutting taxes, we have
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also unleashed american energy. next year, the united states will be a net exporter of oil for the first time in 75 years. [applause] lastly, with the -- last week, with the leadership of governor reynolds and the unrelenting leadership of senator grassley, presley announced an agreement on the renewable fuel standard that will promise net production reaches 15 billion gallons every year. [applause] i want to thank your senators and your governor. for being such champions. fuels.ampions of i was not just going to be feeding the country, we are going to fuel the country. [applause]
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as we cut taxes, rollback regulation, unleash energy, the results have been amazing. since election day, businesses large and small in the city and on the farm have created 6.5 million new jobs. including 22,000 jobs right here in the hawkeye state. i am here today because for all of the progress we have made, we have still got work to do. anyou heard earlier, we have incredible opportunity. over one year ago, president the largestated trade deal in history. the united states mexico canada agreement. [applause] i was there. i was there along the way for a lot of the negotiations. the president drove a hard bargain.
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he put american jobs and american farmers first. he negotiated a great deal. today,and before you nancy pelosi and the democrats in congress have refused to bring it to the floor of the house. .hat is why i am here i came to iowa to turn up the heat. [applause] i came to iowa to say it is time for the democrats in congress to do their job. put politics aside and pass the usmca this year. [applause] the truth is, democrats have been spending all their time on adless investigations and partisan impeachment. enough is enough. the american people deserve
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better. [applause] the time has come for andresswoman cindy axne all the democrats in iowa to put iowa first. put america first. pass the usmca this year -- pass the usmca this year. [applause] whatever the democrats choose to spend their time on, president trump and i are never going to stop fighting for you and the agenda iowa voted for. [applause] we're not going to let democrats distract us from working on all of you. we are never going to stop delivering on a strong national defense, secure borders, more conservative judges to our
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courts, and jobs jobs jobs. [applause] we are never going to stop fighting for that agenda because that agenda has made america great again. i stand before you today, our nation and our liberties are more secure. unemployment is at a 50 year low. more americans are working today than ever before. the truth is, the american economy has come roaring back because of the leadership of this president. because of the strong support of our allies. in the congress and state houses across the country. you, the assure president and i know the mostly has most -- the economy has mostly come back because of you. the american people have stepped up. with their hard work and dedication and commitment, you have brought the american economy back.
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story to time, one family at a time. is stories like a farmer that i heard about on the way here nearby in dallas city. his family has been part of the community for generations. when they first started, his family used draft horses to plow their fields. their livestock by hand. today, that same farm has drawn national attention by using state-of-the-art technology. they are producing more crops at a lower cost. they are making this community and this nation proud. would you join me in recognizing tom barrett and the barrett family farm. [applause] thank you, tom. we also have with us the first generation owners of a farm just
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a few miles down the road. they started it three decades ago with just a few dollars. they have grown the farm to over 150 employees, hundreds of head of cattle and hogs. most important, it is where they raised their four daughters and two sons. they are proof of the american dream. giving a join me in warm round of applause to two hard-working farmers here that represent everything that is great about agriculture. brett and teresa boss. [applause] did i mention -- i mentioned these two families because they are emblematic of each of you. there proof that you give american workers and farmers a level playing field, our farmers and ranchers can compete and win. with anyone in the world.
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it is the truth. [applause] that is why since the first day of this administration, we have been working to open up markets all over the world. i am proud to report that president trump renegotiated our trade agreement with south korea. this week, the president signed agreements with japan that not digital trade,d but agricultural trade by billions of dollars a year to japan. [applause] this bread is in that this president has also put china on notice. taken a strong stand to demand that china open their markets to what we make and what we grow and treat american businesses fairly. [applause] the president has taken a strong
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stand. china announced the purchase of more than 2 million metric tons of soybeans. , we learned on our way here are going to welcome the chinese delegation to our nations capital later this week. the negotiations are going forward with china. i promise you, president trump is going to continue to stand strong for american workers and farmers. [applause] we made great progress. big mistake, as he heard from this stage, would we get the usmca done it is going to be a big win for america. is, we are gathered here on this farm on this breezy day because it is time for congress to act. it is time for congress to pass
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the usmca. [applause] you know why. according to the international trade commission, the usmca is going to add $68 billion to our economy out of the gate. conservatively that it will create more than 100 75,000 new jobs. they also propose that the usmca will increase american agricultural exports by more than $2 billion. alreadyiowa, this state exports more than six point $6 billion in goods and services to canada and mexico. half of all of iowa's exports go to mexico and canada. 100,000 iowa jobs depend on exports. that is why your governor, senators, prison art amanda got andress passed the usmca
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pass it this year. and pass it this year. pass it this year. i ways depending on it. and i was farmers and ranchers farmers most -- iowa's and ranchers have the most to gain. you produce more than $10.3 billion in goods every single year, we know these numbers will only grow under the usmca. it will create more prosperity across the state, that's why wanted to come here and talk about it. the truth is, we can get it done but it will take all of us to do it. , came here to turn up the heat but now it's time for iowa onens -- iowans to turn up the heat on the democrats in congress and tell them that iowa needs the
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usmca this year. will you do it? [applause] and i want you to reach out to your elected officials in washington, d.c., say that i ran he waske on a farm and pointing out that half of our exports from iowa as the governor has said, goes to canada and mexico and we have this new trade agreement that's a win for agriculture. it's a win for iowa and america and you need to get it done. and tell them what the usmca is going to mean to iowa farmers. callou don't need to senator joni ernst or senator chuck grassley because they are leading the charge in the united states senate for the usmca. the president and i could not be more grateful for their leadership, but here in walkie
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people you there are can call. why not call congresswoman finkenauer, abby and dave loebs asked, tell them that iowa needs the usmca. [applause] and after you make that call to the people representing iowa, it seems like every four years you see a lot of people coming through. like a lot of politicians making their way through this estate getting ready for next year's election, this first in the nation state of iowa. [applause] and i have to tell you, you need to know, every single democrat running for president as opposed
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to the usmca. if you run into them at a diner, or on a street corner, which is pretty common here in iowa, you need to tell the democrats running for the highest office in the land -- >> vice president pence in iowa, you can find all of his speech at we will leave the last few minutes and take you live to a discussion on u.s. foreign policy including the president's -- decision toin withdraw troops from syria. we will hear from the former national security advisor, h.r. mcmaster, part of the conversation hosted by the foundation for the defense of democracy. fdd has launched three centers on american power, expanding the work we have done in the past providing research, analysis, and creative policy idea


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