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tv   President Trump Addresses Values Voter Summit  CSPAN  October 12, 2019 6:15pm-6:41pm EDT

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, traveling and seeing these things. you can do it too. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. , presidentcoming up trump speaks the 14 value values voters event, hosted by the family research council, and this is the president's fourth address to the group. live coverage now here on c-span. >> only to realize it was a girl. turnedmy head and slowly hoping and praying she did not hear that and she smiled, and this was a direct quote, and i sit next to a to cute guy -- [laughter] >> imagine my disappointment when it was you. [laughter] the believe that was
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longest flight of my entire life, and just when i thought it couldn't get worse, both of them turned cnn on. [laughter] >> in my misery, i had an epiphany, i realize this is how most people watch cnn, on an airplane where they have no choice, strapped to a chair, and a vomit bag two feet in front of him. [laughter] [applause] by now mr. misses brunson are looking at each other thinking, are we at the right gala? yes, you are. tonight, it is my great honor to give the proper honor to reverend and misses brunson, and if they are here, would you take ourick bow and let's show appreciation for the brunsons
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tonight. [applause] did anyone see the brunsons? what a way to find out they are not here. [laughter] >> they will be here, and you will be hearing all about them tonight at this great event. in a few moments, we will hear from the most powerful man in the world. yeah, baby. [applause] someone who is outranks even the president of the united states, and that is the almighty god. [applause] is and it glad to know we have a president who acknowledges that? [applause] >> yes. so we are going to pray. we are going to ask a blessing on the food we will soon receive, and a blessing on our service tonight, and to provide her invocation from the host of
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the national podcast fearless, also the granddaughter of billy graham and ruth graham would you lynch. sissy graham [applause] ♪ >> let us pray. jesus, we thank you we can come here tonight and praise you for the blessings you have bestowed upon this country. we know they are far greater than we deserve. lord, i thank you for the men howwomen here this week, you are using them in this country. i thank you for the stories of their boldness and fearless faith in this culture. i pray you will give them the creativity, the innovation, the messaging to reach this generation and the next generation with the biblical
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truths that we hold true. lord, we thank you for tonight, to honor the brunsons and their unwavering faith in what they have faith. lord, we continue to pray for the people still in that region minoritiesd, for the , the christians, the kurds, that you would put a heavenly protection around them. i read in psalms that you will defend the weak and you will protect. i pray tonight as we continue to pray for the lord, be our president and vice president , that they would seek you and only you for their wisdom. we thank you for a president who has been so honest that one of his greatest desires is to stand for religious liberties. we thank you for that. hedge ofthat you put a protection around he and his first family, the beautiful
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first lady and the wonderful message she sent, go forth and may they seek you in humility and wisdom. lord, i pray for the people who as they leave you this weekend, you will go before them, use them in a mighty way. i'd be set on you, lord, that you will come back, lord, that you are the last, the alpha and the omega. lord, and you will return. we may not grow weary in what you have called us to do, and speak truth and be unashamed of the gospel of jesus christ, that lord, may you give us the precious namehe of jesus. amen. [applause]
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♪ ♪
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announcer: we are waiting for the president to speak at the annual value voters summit. we will have that for you as soon as he arrives. efforts in the battleground state of ohio. ♪ we are in cleveland, ohio. your weekday political newsletter is called the flyover , and you focus on the politics of the heartland. what are the politics of the heartland today and how much is the impeachment inquiry -- >> thank you for bringing me. it is too early to tell how the impeachment issue is seeping into the politics.
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some districts getting on board, at least that is great with impeachment. a poll the other day showed in , people who split supported impeachment hearings, people who didn't support impeachment hearings. that is one poll, but it was surprising considering how big 2016,esident won here in by a very large margin, so it is hard to see where impeachment is playing, especially when you have so many issues. i think a lot of people that live in the heartland, ohio, all of these states see that as a washington thing right now. there is a lot of disconnect between washington, d.c. and the people who live here, or at least there is the appearance of that. to determine, especially because it is so fresh. line thisal phone
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morning for ohio residents, otherwise phone lines as usual for the rest of the country. seth richardson, our viewers can find your work to talk about the politics of the heartland. what else are you focusing on in the flyover today? >> we are focused on the issues in the heartland, in the flyover peered we know these states are important, wisconsin, michigan, iowa, all of these states are important, as well as indiana and illinois. illinois being very democrat. indiana being very republican. you get a good cross-section of .merica, at least the midwest a lot of these issues are the
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same as the national issues. one of the biggest is the general motors strike going on affecting several states, workers striking in other states as well. chicago futures looked like they could be going on strike soon. farmershe big issues is being very upset. you look at the renewable fuel standards in iowa. sonny perdue was in wisconsin and said small dairy farmers were probably going to have to consolidate or get bigger, which is throwing in the towel on them, right? you have farmers who are upset. issues that we don't quality,nally, worker algae blooms in the great lakes, the largest freshwater source in america right there. it is something that is not necessarily talked about all that much, and things like the
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green new deal, which is a broader policy thing. the jobs in the economy number one from a special ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. and of course health care come everybody is talking about health care. strikes, farmers, water quality. how much attention what they get in the debate next week in westerville, ohio? >> that is an interesting question. i went to the debates in detroit. part of the reason the democrats said they wanted to have these debates, they sold it like we are going back to the voters. 2016, this disconnect in the blue wall, all that. in detroit, it seems like they missed an opportunity to talk about those issues that are not necessarily hyper local issues. they might seem that way, but you talk about great lakes water quality. in detroit, they didn't mention the great lakes once, neither the moderators nor the
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candidates, and you have these voters who live along great lakes states. it is a very large margin before you hit the east coast there. i don't know if impeachment will take center stage because it is the national conversation. would not expect a lot of discussion about it. it could get some play, but very minimal play. is nor example in detroit talk about water quality. you had the flint crisis a short ways away. the talk about manufacturing, there was a little bit, but less than 10 miles away from where the debate was being held, a general motors plant was closing and no one really mentioned it. i don't know if they will shift their focus to some of these local issues that do have a national bent to him. westerville, ohio as
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opposed to columbus or other places? >> i thought it was a curious choice. they said they wanted to go to suburbs where democrats have seen gains come true for places like westerville and other places around ohio. i found it interesting they decided to go to westerville instead of columbus, cleveland cincinnati even, because that is where your democratic base is, right? this is a democratic debate. it might make more sense to have a general debate in a place like that, even though the infrastructure is questioned. i was surprised, because you have all these democratic voters , columbus.t ohio columbu so i do find that interesting. i think they want to show they are going to the suburbs, that
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they are not taking these suburban voters for granted, and westerville is kind of at very typical suburban place. to dawill take viewers yton, ohio on the phone. go ahead. with thea comment sanctuary -- it's not called a sanctuary city. it is called a welcoming city. i don't know how democrats would ayton, ohio.ating com there is not one commissioner, nothing down there. i would like to know what you guys think about dayton. a great aquifer, so we
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need to protect that, our main water supply. go ahead. >> water issues in dating? dayton.-- caller: talking about dayton altogether, dayton is a really important place in ohio. if you run in montgomery county, odds are you are probably going to do well in the rest of the state. it is a bellwether, so to speak, bigide of the three c cities, cincinnati, cleveland, columbus. they have had some water issues, the date in shooting down there, some tornadoes that ripped through there. in 2016, if you had a place like dayton, or at least montgomery county, that was fairly supportive of donald trump, but you have seen the city that has been kind of kicked in the teeth over the past year, with the tornadoes, they had a kkk rally
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there, a lot of people went and protested against. that was the same weekend. you had aquifer issues and the mass shooting in the oregon district. when thesewonder bad things happen, does it shift voters' opinion? will they remember it in a year? i assume they will. i know that you did see a lot of anger towards governor mike downe, when he was there. he had a chance to do something for the vigil of the victims of the shooting, so there are a lot of very hot button political issues in dayton. nan whaley, the mayor, she is a democrat with clearly higher aspirations. she has been at the forefront of the democratic party talking about them as well, keeping them fresh in voters' minds. beay, the government will
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releasing his gun reforms in response to the dayton shooting, so we will see how that plays as well. a big mix of issues. i'm glad the first question was about dayton, because it is an important part of the state. -- host: mason, ohio. todd is there. good morning. caller: i would like to ask the question, has everyone forgotten our constitution? what we stand for? remember -- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. if we forget that, we forget everything. life -- we have murdered over 60 million babies. and the pursuit of happiness, if you put them together you will realize it is the first and second amendment that are paramount. pursuit of property is part of the problem that people forget.
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we must remember, life begins at conception. if it wasn't for conception, we wouldn't have life. host: tom in mason, ohio. on the abortion issue and how it is playing in buckeye state politics. no furthercan look than 2018 for how it plays in buckeye politics, right? au had what looked like really tight election going in between mike dewine, who obviously won, and democrat richard cordray. all of a sudden, the brett kavanaugh hearings have an and abortion becomes a very big issue not just in ohio, but nationwide, because there is a possibility for roe v. wade to be overturned with a conservative majority on the supreme court. a lot of people think kavanaugh is what kind of pushed republicans over the edge in 2018. everybody was kind of, even up until present day, two days before the election, was kind of
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thinking that democrats had a real shot at taking the government here -- governor of the seat here. -- governor's seat here, and that did not happen. i expect abortion plays a big part in that here, because the antiabortion people are very active in politics. they get their members out, especially when there is an abortion issue -- maybe not necessarily on the ballot, but being played out in politics. host: joanne is next from oregon, line for democrats. joanne, is that right? boring, oregon is where you are from? caller: no, portland, oregon. host: ok, go ahead. caller: thanks for letting us have our opinion. this question is kind of for the last guest you had on, maybe i can get another question too. what happens if we do away with our checks and balances in our government and we have a president that doesn't comply with the house as a watchman for
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our democracy, and denies them and stonewalls the house the right to have the information for oversight. at the same time, packs our supreme court with partisan judges and i guess, in god we trust, right? why can't we find our representatives for every time they lie? you know the will be fined the most. that is my question. maybe you can answer it. host: seth richardson, do you want to take that on? duest: if we fine representatives every time they live, we would rack up a bill. there is a way you can fine your representatives if you are unhappy with them, and that is basically to vote. the ballot is the check and balance on everything. to ohio, this is mike
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in warren, ohio. good morning. morning, fellow ohioans and fellow americans. of the 13th district, who i think is safe to say is running a failed presidential campaign, how are voters, mainly democrat voters, how do they feel about him being on the campaign trail when gm has just and all the opioid problems and things that are is tim ryan alienating any of the people there in your opinion? secondly, does he have any chance? is probably building up his war chest and running for vice president. is there any chance that that is going to happen or that he gets suite cabinet--
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position? i will take my answer off the air. guest: thank you. tim ryan is a bit of an enigma to me right now. i went out and covered him in iowa, and he is a very good campaigner. i want to give him credit for that. he wins his races and democrats basically begged him to run for governor in 2018. he has floated the idea of running for any number of positions over the years and did not bite until this year, when he decided to -- well, he ran against nancy pelosi for democratic leader, but that was really the first time. now he is running for president. as far as the presidential race is concerned with tim ryan, i think people were open to the idea of him testing the waters, because why not? it is a big field, go out there and see if you have something to say, see if he connects with voters, but he had a pretty endedl first two weeks,
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up getting cotton hill posterized by tulsi gabbard and bernie sanders. one of them had the taliban-al qaeda gaffe as far as who attacked us on 9/11, bernie sanders selling the stickers that say "i wrote the damn bill." he did not make the third debate and that was the end of any real hope he had in the presidential race. i do not think he is necessarily airily voters -- alienating voters in his district, though. he is pretty popular, right? he has lost some of the vote share as that district hasn't swung to the right, mahoney valley. sne of the reason donald trump won the state, that traditionally blue area near youngstown swung to the right.
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the market was not as large as it had been in past years. how he mightesting play for another position, maybe he runs for governor in 2022. i do not see vice president as a really likely option, just because you have so many democrats with a higher national and what doesnow, necessarily tim ryan bring to the ticket? it has to be a very specific set of circumstances where he becomes the vice president, especially if because you can get a bigger name on there, why wouldn't you do that? it would boost the popularity of the ticket. a veryink he can be valuable surrogate, though, because of lordstown closing down. president donald trump was in youngstown in 2017, right after i got to said, don't sell
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your house is. we are going to reopen the factories, the factories are going to have jobs again, and then one of the largest employers in the area closes down and a lot of people use their -- lose their jobs, and there does not seem to be a big solution inside that anyone can see yet. they have toyed with selling this factory to an electric truck maker, but a lot of it hinges on if they get this government contract. even if they do, you are talking about 2000 people who lost their jobs versus possibly bringing maybe 400 people back in. i do think there is a message that makes him a pretty powerful surrogate in some respects. i think a cabinet position is not necessarily out of the question, though. the only issue is that you might lose a house seat, right, if you have a special election there. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. what an exciting evening. though hundreds of us have gathered here tonight to honor dr. andrew


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