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tv   Republican Leaders Talk to Reporters on Meeting with President Trump  CSPAN  October 16, 2019 8:35pm-8:46pm EDT

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communists and -- ms. pelosi: and it might make you happy. ms. pelosi: i said i wish you were a politician, mr. president, then you would know the art of the possible. >> republicans -- mr. schumer: some of the other members stayed behind, they wanted questions. i waited a moment, i wanted to ask him about intelligence reports on the turks and syrians guarding isis. ms. pelosi: we also expressed our concern that we had been asking for a an all-member, that means bipartisan, briefing to the house of representatives on what is happening in syria and it was scheduled for tomorrow , but they canceled it. so that was part of our question too. why are you not briefing all the members of congress?
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mr. schumer: thank you, everybody. mr. mccarthy: just been in a meeting. i see a pattern of behavior with speaker pelosi. she storms out of another meeting, trying to make it unproductive. the other democrats stayed and had a productive meeting. the general from the joint chiefs, the secretary of defense, and the president in this meeting stated what his number one goal is, to make sure america is safe. we talked with the general. listened to the plan. very productive between the democrats who actually stayed in the meeting. unfortunately, the speaker tries to make everything political. her own statements weren't productive. to storm out of a meeting, which i have watched before in other crisis, is really not the
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ability of a speaker or the style of how a speaker should carry herself out. if she would be focusing on the issues that most americans are concerned about, her whole focus has to be on impeachment. we're sitting here talking about the security of america, when we don't even have our defense funding done. but there's no way to do it. the ndaa, we don't have that done. it's still in conference. talking about prescription drugs, that's not tone. we are only 13 months away from an election, but her entire focus and entire time of their majority has been nothing but an investigation. here we are with an issue that shouldn't be about republican or democrat, it should be about american first. and the only thing i found, those who would stay in the room, are those who care the most for the process of solving this problem, making sure that america is safe. and it's concerning to me of her
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behavior and her actions which is unbecoming. i now want to turn to the republican leader in the process of keeping our community safe, and all others mr. mccaul. , mr. mccaul: thank you, leader. michael mccaul, former chairman of the homeland security committee, now the foreign affairs committee. it was very disappointing to see the democratic leadership walk out of this meeting. i've never seen this before. -- this before in my tenure in washington. it's a very important meeting as well. we saw the previous administration losing the war to isis, the creation of the so-called caliphate. and as i pointed out to the president, within one year, this president crushed the so-called caliphate in iraq and syria. today, we see the situation, it's a little different. i wanted assurances from the
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president and general millie is the one who made the recommendation to start moving our troops away from harm's way, but most importantly to have a residual force in syria to protect the homeland of. i was given that assurance today that we are not withdrawing completely from syria. we will have a residual force of special operators to first and foremost protect the homeland. we are no longer engaged in nation building. i think the president wants other nations to share the burden and the cost in the war on terror. and other coalition force responsibilities. so that was my biggest takeaway from the meeting is that it's not a complete withdrawal. we'll have forces to protect the homeland. and i will say this, the president sent a very stern letter to president erdogan warning him that sanctions will
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take place. in fact they already have now. we've been told by the secretary of treasury that very tough sanctions will be announced against turkey for their misbehavior in invading syria against our warnings, and chairman engel, myself and the chair of senate foreign relations, and senator menendez and i will be introducing tomorrow a very tough sanctions package on turkey for what they are doing in moving in to northern syria, invading northern syria, and we will continue to sanction them until they stop that behavior. reporter: speaker pelosi, we understand, the president called her a third-rate politician in this meeting. is that an appropriate way to talk to a leader on a co-equal branch of government?
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mr. mccarthy: inside the meeting, when i listened to the speaker refer to the president i thought was unbecoming. i watched individuals get heated in the process. i've been in a lot of meetings where individuals get heated with one another. i do not believe in that process you get up and walk away. the other democrats did not walk away. they stayed in the room. you know what happened when speaker pelosi left the room? it seemed pretty much calmer. it seemed much more productive. it seemed as though when the speaker was in the room, she was there for one reason and one reason only. and that's really unbecoming of a speaker. we are talking about an issue that shouldn't be a republican or democrat issue. this is about security. this isn't the first time she has done. this this isn't the first time i had to witness this. what's unfortunate, we had a very good, productive meeting afterwards where people had difference of opinion, but no one said the things the speaker said. no one raised their voice. no one did it from a protective
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of what schumer did, always not letting, always have to carry on. that is the way to carry a meeting to actually find a solution. but unfortunately, the speaker had to leave and not stay there. >> [indiscernible] if that is the case, why do we need sanctions against turkey? have you read the letter the president sent on october 9, he sent a letter to erdogan to not move in, not harm those thousands of lives. what he said if you did, i would put the sanctions in. you've got the vice president now flying over there, trying to find a ceasefire. this is something that the president ran upon, making sure that we're not having our troops all around the world. want to make sure we're focused on the protection of american. that's why when you listen to the general of the joint chiefs, he made a recommendation to the president that you had a number of our own troops in a place
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that would be very harmful, he made a recommendation to pull them back. at the same time he is keeping a set of forces there is to make sure we're protected. >> he had multiple opportunities to say there would be a residual force, he did not do that. now you're saying there will be a residual force. so did that change this meeting? and secondly does the president bear some responsibility for the events that have transpired after his decision? does he bear some responsibility for what turkey has done by allowing turkey to take this action without u.s. intervention? mr. mccarthy: i say you read the letter. in the letter the president sent to erdogan, no, he's warning him not to do this. the president got a recommendation from the general of the joint chiefs to remove a number of troops because of what was coming that americans would be in harm's way. the president made a decision based on protecting these
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troops. the president is now with his administration using the full power of sanctions to try to stop and get a ceasefire. the president at the same time in this motion is making sure he's keeping a number of troops in a location to protect and make sure the homeland is safe. >> the topic of the impeachment inquiry come up at all? mr. mccarthy: what was talked about after the speaker left was came here, what is the plan to move forward. what's the concerns individuals have? these are individuals sit, our ranking members, chairs of armed services, it's a bipartisan, bicameral. the only thing that happened in this meeting was the democrat leadership got up and walked away. when there's a time of crisis, leaders should stay whether they like what is said or not and actually work to solve a problem. to me that's the definition of leadership, not to run. thank you very much. reporter: the letter says, let's
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make a deal. is that a strong letter? announcer 2: after speaker pelosi's briefing with reporters at the white house with her meeting with president trump, shortly thereafter she spoke to reporters in the capital. ms. pelosi: good afternoon. we just came from a most unsatisfactory meeting at the white house. the meeting started by the president saying he didn't invite any of us there, we asked for the meeting. without going into that. when i, as speaker of the house i reported to the president that , shortly before the meeting we had a vote in the congress, 354-60 opposing his actions that he took in syria. calling upon tur


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