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Nancy Pelosi
  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly News Conference  CSPAN  October 17, 2019 10:58am-11:24am EDT

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better shot at holding that seat. host: baldwin, maryland. democratic caller. caller: hi. my comment is about the fundraising first of all. if someone's raising money from a corporation, there is only one reason that a corporation is giving them money, that is because they want influence so that they can get favors later. if someone's raising money from the actual voters themselves and small donors, then they are working for the people. then there are so many other issues it's like the gerrymandering going on, the voter suppression, and it's really -- voters feel just like they are actually not being represented. there are just too few people that are running that just don't take corporate money. guest: it's interesting that you pact t up the corporate trib shun. one thing we saw in the 2018
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cycle is exponential increase in democrats running for congress taking as the no corporate pact pledge. speaker pelosi: today is a very sad day for us as we all awaken to the sad news of the passing of our dear friend, revered and respected colleague, congressman -- mr. chairman, elijah cummings of maryland. my brother in baltimore. he was in the congress, elijah, was considered a north star. he was the leader of towering character and integrity. he lived the american dream. phi beta -- he's kappa from howard and chairman, very important committee in the congress of the united states. he lived the american dream. and he wanted it for everyone else.
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he spoke with unsurpassed clarity and moral integrity when he spoke on the floor. had the -- just coincidental opportunity to speak -- to be at breakfast with someone who served with him in the state legislature in maryland, and he said when elijah cummings would stand up in the state legislature, the house of delegates as it's called there, the room would fall silent. . was going to be better for them
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and that they would bring with our values. in that regard, in terms of a i'm so proud that richie neal announced in the markup, owering the cost of prescription drugs, that he was uggesting to name the bill for elijah cummings. so appropriate because elijah fighter for lowering the cost of prescription drugs, eaching across the aisle to do so. he always stroefb to reach across -- strove to reach across the aisle and even have dialogue with the president for an aisle subject -- for a while on this subject. elijah ld now be the ummings low drug cost now legislation. whatever the formal title will be. it's sad.
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a friend.t ondolences from our caucus to maya. his dear wife. this morning she said what we he just fought until the end, but that's the way it was, not only on his personal he believed in n the congress of the united states. so we're back now, after our district work period where over the country for part of the drumbeat h.r. 3, for our for the people agenda, our first number one was to lower the cost of prescription drugs. they presented h.r. 3, heard feedback, and we are benefitting with two more this week, one in commerce. the other in education and labor. the hearing in ways and means markup k and then the next week. we will be well on our way to in different versions on bringing something to the
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floor. tohink it's really important note since the break, at the end f the break we did get this office, ional budget congressional budg c.b.o., score for the medicared d -- medicare part d of the part. savings, $158 billion in savings for family households. the illion in rebates and rest. so savings are considerable, and decide how will some of it will be reinvested in innovation at the national of health. perhaps in community health centers across the country, and for dable benefits medicare, visual, hearing, dental. hearps the committees will back from them. lower the cost to community. bobby scott, the committee is marking up this bill.
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earlyingier in the -- earlier in the week, we announced the college act.rdability we were proud of the members. that will be making college less expensive. the -- we're still at work on u.s.-mexico-canada trade agreement and making progress every day on our path to yes. but we're not there yet. soon as we can get the assurances from the and from the other -- everyone involved, there will be enforceability of the provisions of the legislation, that it will really improvement on the current about but i'm optimistic that. still hoping that -- this came focused on the for the people agenda, lower health -- bigger build paychecks by building the infrastructure of america, cleaner government, that was our agenda in the campaign. one of our priorities in this
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been to reduce the risk of gun violence in our country. it's now been 232 days since we legislation rtisan to the senate. every day about 100 people die gun violence. nearly half of them children up teenagers.of my colleague, frederica wilson, together during the break. ave me a bracelet made from a bullet. we are not going away until we get legislation passed to reduce violence in our country. the -- as you know, this has week of some issues that relate to our foreign engagement. obviously, very proud of the on the floor of congress to associate ourselves with the of the ic aspirations young people of hong kong. i've been working with now three hong kong of democratic leaders.
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obey e chinese regime to the basic law underwhich hong was to have two systems, living under the basic law. which guarantees basic things that they are not living up to. clearly in ae very bipartisan way about our support that. we have bipartisan support in the senate. hopefully that will come up soon there. as you know yesterday on the a or, 354 members voted in bipartisan way to oppose the dangerous decision in regards to syria. 2-1, republicans voted to action.he president's 60 votes in favor of the legislation. would call for turkey to use restraint, for us to help our friends, to be a ally to kurds, especially in humanitarian need
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by they are being bombed turks, being attacked by the turks. president toor the show a clear plan for how protected frombe isis, which has been further unleashed. to the turks. renege on ourthat handshake with the kurds, and we need to have a plan to deal with what happens with isis. the u know, that was subject of conversation yesterday at the white house. pointed out to the resident, i had concerns that all roads seem to lead to putin. the russians have been trying to in the -- hold foothold in the middle east for a very long time unsuccessfully the president has given them an opportunity with the for reaching out to them support in syria. hey have -- the russians were
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beneficiaries of any ny withholding of assistance or encouragement to the ukraine. again, putin benefits. benefited. putin did. doubt nt played some about our commitment to nato right from the start of the administration. roads lead to putin. the president said i promised in troopspaign to bring the home. my question to him was, is saudi home? is saudi arabia home? to are our troops going saudi arabia if you promise to home?them he said the saudi arainians are paying for it. arainians are paying -- it.ians are paying for the meltdown happened with the president because he was not happy with both questions. because wenfortunate really went to -- we were
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invited to the meeting. the resident started off meeting by saying, i don't know who asked for this meeting. didn't. well, then -- well, let's anyway. we hoped -- our real mission was was.nd out what the plan leader -- leader schumer was that discussion with the president, what is the plan? my plan is to protect america. the goal. that's not a plan. what is the plan for us to be isis now that some of them had been unleashed in syria because of the green gave that the president our urks and reneging on trustworthiness as an ally with the kurds who had been our friends. for these and other reasons, unfortunate. eparate from all that, i am very proud of the work of chairman adam schiff. so solemn. is none of us came to congress to
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impeach a president. hat's not what we come here to do. any such actions are to be taken very solemnly, seriously, in my view, prayerfully. it isn't a unifying thing for to go ntry to have through this, but we do have to go -- we do have to honor our and of office to protect defend the constitution of the states. our democracy and our republic, s benjamin franklin said, a republic if we can keep it. well, it's our fight to keep it. as i said to you before, the us to do just d that. so i am very proud of the work that adam schiff is doing. politics or out partisanship. t's about patriotism for our country. he way he's conducting this with equal time on all sides. you heard from him. e were here together when he presented how he would proceed. he also sent a letter to members yesterday, which is in the public domain. i call it to your attention in
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case you have questions about professionalism and the fairness with which these are being any questions? speaker -- dam pelosi: so reporter: on the impeachment nquiry, how important is it to you not to have this bleed over into elections? speaker pelosi: thank you for the question. condolences your on elijah. i keep saying to people, about the truth and the constitution of the united states. have, er issues that you disapproving of the way the president has dealt with syria, hatever the subject is, reluctance, cowardess to do something about gun violence, to cruelty of not wanting help our dreamers and denial der people, the about climate crisis that we face, the list goes on, that's
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about the election. has nothing to do with what our ppening in terms of honor, oath of the office to protect the constitution and the -- we hat might support don't know where this path will ake us, but could take us down a further path. these two are completely separate. reporter: madam speaker -- said that?osi: who voters are not going to decide hether we honor our oath of office. they already decided that in the last election. reporter: republican leader mcconnell said an impeachment before the wrap up end of the year. speaker pelosi: i have no idea. the path -- the timeline will the truth line. chad. reporter: on the syria policy -- number one, the question about
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[inaudible] president has not been aumf 2002 -- speaker pelosi: right. reporter: could there be a said yesterdayou what the [inaudible] hat this could bleed over to the impeachment -- speaker pelosi: no. no. let me answer your second first.n when i became speaker the first there- well, maybe not -- were those who were here -- reporter: i was here. speaker pelosi: hundreds of housands of people in the street asking me to impeach president bush because of the because of the misrepresentation that was made at the time as to why we should into that's a policy matter. view, an t, in my impeachment matter. if they had any case to make, they could make it, but i was that path.own again, it would be worse than war in iraq and a
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misrepresentation that were made to the american people. you know, says i, i was the senior democrat on intelligence. i had the job -- before becoming -- in n in the majority the minority i was the member of the gang of four. i knew there was no intelligence support the threat that the administration was putting forth. and i said at the time, the intelligence does not support threat. senator graham of florida was actually the chairman because at the the majority time, the democrats, the chairman of the intelligence committee. conclusion.he same we both voted no on the war. so i think that the war in hieshg is one of the -- iraq was one of the worst mistakes in our country. it's not impeachment. it's about policy and that's a different debate. the law, t is about not being above the law, abuse law, abuse
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of power, obstruction of justice, about honoring our oath of office. reporter: thank you very much. n the usmca, you're making progress every day. leader mcconnell, however, days.d in recent speaker pelosi is still blocking usmca. blocking urgent work for american families. so much goes into negotiation here, speaker pelosi. are there ways for democrats to convey the good faith progress to prevent the president and republican leaders that you are trying to block this? else r pelosi: anybody want to put all of the republican talking points on the table because we can get rid of once?ll at [laughter] let me just respond to you -- your question about the misrepresentations. foremost, the negotiation of this nature and administration would support
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this, not only support it, it's want.they these negotiations are not in the public domain. exchange of proposals and this and that, i can't even members.m with in fact, i have a hard time getting some of it myself from time.o pelosi written across the -- i try to o astray, copy it to show anybody -- that wouldn't happen. backs e are confidential and forths. i can honestly say i think every becoming the meeting yesterday with the trade representative with some force, i think they're going to meet again later today. perhaps one more time. and then we should just see the ssue is, do we have enforcement? the people who are saying it don't know what they're talking about or have a different agenda that they want to present. but we feel very good about being on a path to yes. because we ere yet don't have the enforceability
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have.nce that we need to while we have some good things in the bill, it's only a list of ood things unless it can be enforced. reporter: continue to be the -- speaker pelosi: three things. overarching is enforceability of whole thing. then the three concerns, as we have discussed before are -- -- the environmental concerns. being from california, i know that needs to be addressed, but all the border states can tell you that as well. border.hern the agreement has to be of global agreements that are there on the environment. this is about what is realistic that we can get done. terms of the prescription drugs, that's a very big issue in our caucus and we hope we can resolve that. and then the third, the workers' rights and the rest. where t see a situation
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diminishing the prospects of orkers in mexico is any good for our hemisphere. so we want that to be fair in regard. reporter: thank you, madam speaker. on elijah olences cummings. there was a picture yesterday white s taken at the house of you standing up at the table speaking to the president. an you tell us a little bit about that picture? what was being said at that time? speaker pelosi: i think i was excusing myself from the room. you what my -- the thoughts i conveyed to the about nt in the meeting the 354-60 votes in the house, of his syria actions, a. my concerns about all roads leading to putin. nd if the president is saying -- i said during the campaign, i will take the troops
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home. arabia?saudi that would be the essence of either sitting down or standing my conversation was with the president. most important part of the the plan?s, what is that was part of my report on he legislation on the floor, what is the plan for fighting isis? we have reneged on our handshake with the kurds to do there?ghting for us that was strongly presented by schumer. so one or the other of those things were being said. i think it's interesting -- you me -- if we could have a recording of what goes on in those offices? come out and say oh, this happened, that happened, it's like, we must have been at two different didn't because that happen. nonetheless, get these kind of questions and the rest. facts.lity to but it's true that's what they
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say. i was probably putin. all roads lead to reporter: madam speaker, as you pointed out, sent out a letter describing the process. speaker pelosi: yes. reporter: public testimony and -- that's right.: reporter: i'm curious, how will the etermine and when future progress, including when the president will have counsel the road ntation down during articles of impeachment? speaker pelosi: you know what, the is a matter for committee. we have rules of the house to govern all of this. re -- but i t's think it's really important to reiterate the following. the process the house is going right now would be the equivalent of a special counsel in case of whatever the name was time. jaworski. some before you were all born. nixon. hey had prosecutors who were doing the investigation, and they were not doing that in the
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public domain. is the part where we gather evidence and as i said to over, if ent over and you have some -- i said this to other day floor the that we made our announcement the proceeding with inquiry that we've asked for your taxes. to hide, e nothing show us your taxes. we asked for accounting. hide, shownothing to us that. that's this, that, the other thing. to hide, e nothing we're giving you opportunity to show you have nothing to hide. doing is just going further up in the courts. friday, we had five court five court decisions in our favor. week.r one this so in terms of the law, this is congress, the constitution. n terms of the congress, our responsibility is to fairly get
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to theormation according rules. and mr. schiff is running that show for us now. reporter: are you concerned president's mental stability? [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]>> the u.s. house meets for legislative work noon eastern. today they'll debate a bill directing the s.e.c. to study new sefulness of requiring business disclose urs for investors -- disclosures for investors. tomorrow, another bill requiring public companies to report on how many employees they have in overseas. and live coverage of the house live at noon here on c-span. the speaker, rom house oversight committee chair elijah cummings died early this morning. years old. the baltimore sun reports he had recently, lth issues including an acor theic valve
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aorta valve - replacement in 2017. one tweeted, he used his minute a e on earth to fight for fairer world for all americans and he fit an eternity into his of service. he set an example for us all and missed, e deeply senator carper. he retweeted an earlier speech quoting him, ig, have only a minute, 60 seconds, forced upon me. did not choose it but i know i must use it. give account, if abuse it -- if abuse it. suffer if i lose itment only a iny minute but eternity is in it. and that speech is available online. you can find it at and the u.s. flag flying half staff here at the u.s. capitol across the country in honor of congressman cummings. last may, he delivered the state university commencement address in baltimore and discussed vercoming adversity, standing up for democracy and congress's duty to