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tv   Campaign 2020 Sen. Bernie Sanders with Rep. Ocasio- Cortez in New York City  CSPAN  October 19, 2019 8:01pm-9:24pm EDT

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>> democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders held a rally in queens, new york. it was his first since suffering a heart attack less than three weeks ago. joining him at the event is new york congresswoman alexandria a causal cortez. ocasio-cortez. [applause] >> what is up, new york city? thank you. can we please hear it loud and
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proud for all of our volunteers? putting into work and the sweats a make sure we bring working-class revolution to the ballot box of the united states of america? thank you. i love you back. my haircut got a lot of attention last week. thank you new york city. thank you queens. let sick knowledge the ground we are on. this was ground zero for the fight or public housing. in the united states of america.
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not only is this about public housing, this is the ground for environmental justice. just beyond this park is a power plant that spills and spews off toxins to the poor. that shows exactly the fight of environmental justice that we are fighting. but that's ok because there's a green new deal. we are going to center front line communities, working class communities of color and indigenous people to transform our future, take it back, and preserve our planet. last year -- crowd chanting: green new deal!
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representative cortez: last year, last february, i was working as a waitress in downtown manhattan. i work shoulder to shoulder with undocumented workers. who often worked harder and the hardest for the least amount of money. i was on my feet working 12 hour days with no structured break. i didn't have health care. i wasn't being paid a living wage. and i didn't think i deserved any of those things. because that is the script that we tell working people here and all over this country. your inherent worth and value as a human being is dependent on an income that another person decided to underpay us. but what we are here to do is to turn around the very basic lie. it wasn't until i heard of a man by the name of bernie sanders -- [cheers and applause] -- that i began to question, and assert, and recognize my inherent value as a human being that deserves health care, housing, education, and a living wage.
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i was born across this river. many second and third generation americans, i grew up between two worlds. my mother was born in puerto
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rico. my dad was born in the south bronx while the bronx was burning. and again, let's listen to our history. my dad was born when the bronx was burning, when landlords decided insurance payouts were more valuable than the families that lived inside those buildings. that was the backdrop by which my parents started their lives. and the backdrop i which i started mine was in a one-bedroom apartment in the bronx. they worked hard.
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we had a mattress on the floor and a crib in the closet and that's how we started our american dream. now, it was shortly after that that my mom and my dad looked at the quality of education in the bronx, and they looked at 50% dropout rates. they looked at the inequity of education, the inequity of education funding, the fact that teachers weren't paid, the fact that kids weren't given the tools to succeed, and that frankly, it not only had to do with their income, but it had to do with their melanin.
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so they made in my family made a hard decision. and my whole family chipped into buy i house about 40 minutes north of here. and that's when i got my first taste of the country who allows their kids destiny to be determined by the zip code they are born in. and so much of my life was shuttled between these two worlds, and not just the two worlds between the bronx and westchester county, but the continental u.s., new york state, and puerto rico. and we saw the divisions between these two worlds. i grew up where income inequality was an ingrained fact of life in my childhood. it took everything in us to try to give that next generation a chance. when i was 18, my dad died. of cancer.
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and all of the work that we did in a generation, like that, was wiped out. and i know it isn't just mine, it is all of our stories. we are always, it feels like, just one accident away from everything falling apart. we have to change the fundamental logic of a system and a politics that puts corporate profits ahead of all human and planetary costs. [applause]
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so when you rewind on my story, when i was a baby, my family relied on planned parenthood for prenatal care. then, bernie sanders fought for me. when i was growing up, and education was being gutted for kids who were in the wrong zip code, bernie sanders fought for us. when i was a child who relied on chips so that i could see a doctor, bernie sanders fought for single-payer health care system. when the federal government decided to discriminate and abandon my queer family and friends, bernie sanders was putting his career on the line for us. when i was a waitress and it was time for me to graduate college with student debt, bernie sanders was one of the only ones that said no person should be graduating with a life crushing debt at the start of their lives. bernie sanders did not do these things because they were popular.
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and that's what we need to remember. he did these things and he fought for these aims of these ends when they came at the highest political cost in america. no one wanted to question this system. and in 2016 he fundamentally changed politics in america.
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[applause] we right now have one of the best democratic presidential primary fields in a generation, and much of that is thanks to the work that bernie sanders has done. i am in the united states congress now. and that's a long, long way from being a sexually harassed waitress in downtown manhattan one year ago. however, in this new, historic freshman congressional class, overwhelming amounts of them now reject corporate pack money. that's thanks to bernie.
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[applause] enormous amounts of the house of representatives endorses medicare for all. that's thanks to bernie. more people now than ever recognize the climate crisis as an existential threat at all so our greatest economic opportunity and that's thanks not just to the climate work of bernie sanders about the climate activists that are part of mass movement politics in the united states. [applause] now that i am on that other side, i can tell you, the halls of congress are no joke. it is no joke to stand up to corporate power and established interests. it is no joke. it is not just about standing up and saying these things, but behind closed doors, the pressure and political pressure gets put on you and every trick in the book, psychological and otherwise is used to get us to abandon the working class.
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and it has been in that experience over the last nine months that i have grown to appreciate the in norm s -- enormous consistency and nonstop advocacy of senator bernie sanders. crowd chanting: bernie!
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representative ocasio-cortez: no one thing i will say is that it's not just what we are fighting for, it is how we are going to do it. and how we are going to do it is with mass mobilization of working-class people at the ballot box. that's the only way we are going to win this thing. because one of our top priorities is not just defeating donald trump, but defeating the system of which he is a symptom. that means that what we need to do in this country is organized a fundamentally positive and welcoming movement, one that is mindful, not only mindful of the ugly history that created our present inequality, the racism of housing segregation, the class system of the hyde
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amendment that said low income women should not have access to health care, but we also recognize the imperialist and colonial histories that contribute to our endless wars. not only do we need to recognize that being underfunded by over $30 billion is not an action, it is an outcome. it is an outcome of a system that devalues the poor, that devalues the poor, the devalues working people, and that prioritizes buildings like those over buildings like these. and so, not only must we recognize what is broken but has resulted in why we are here, but we need to recognize the principles that will drive us forward.
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because what got us into this mess is not going to get us out. [applause] so we need to build a mass movement in america have centered on working-class, poor, middle class. one that is actively antiracist, that is rooted in principles of universality. everybody has a right to health care. everybody has a right to an education.
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one that is rooted in principles of cooperation, that not only racism but misogyny, anti-qui air -- anti-queer discrimination, we have to have those principles drive us forward because the future is in a public system, a publicly owned system. because we need to take power over our lives again. i don't know about you, but i don't want mark zuckerberg making decisions over my life.
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[applause] i don't know about you, but as a woman, they have already been making decisions over our lives and what we got was nothing. we need a united states that really, truly, authentically is operated, owned, and decided by working in all people in the united states of america. [applause] it is multiracial, multigendered, multigenerational, and multi-geographic. we have to come together not ignoring our differences, but listening to them, prioritizing them, understanding injustice, understanding that we evolved in a context that involved slavery, jim crow, mass incarceration, and the reality we have today.
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with that, i am glad to say that the only reason i have any hope in launching a longshot campaign for congress is because bernie sanders proved that you can run a grassroots campaign and when in an america where we thought it was impossible. and with that, i would like to introduce the man, the ally, i call him tio bernie. maybe to others he is a brother. but he is my tio, bernie sanders. [cheers and applause] crowd chanting: bernie! bernie! bernie!
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[cheers and applause] senator sanders: let me -- let me -- crowd chanting: bernie's back!
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senator sanders: thank you. let me begin by making an apology. we got a permit for 20,000 people and we had to close the door. [applause] so to all of those who could not get in, thanks so much for being here, and thank all of you for being here today. when i look at this huge crowd, brothers and sisters, i have no doubt that the political revolution is going to sweep this country. sweep donald trump out of office.
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and bring the change that this country has long needed. thank you all for being here. [applause] what our campaign is about is not just defeating the most dangerous president in the history of this country, it is about transporting this country. it is about creating an economy and a government that works for all of us, not just the 1%. for 45 years, there has been a class war waged against the
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working families of this country by the billionaire class and the corporate elite. well, we have some bad news for them. things are going to change, and we are going to have a government of the working people, not the 1%. let me begin by thanking our great musicians for their great music. let me thank my wife jane whose father was a cabdriver from brooklyn. and who is going to make an outstanding first lady.
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let me think my four kids and seven grandchildren. this is a family you will be proud of. let me thank michael moore. for his support for so many years. michael worked on an assembly line at general motors in flint, michigan. michael knows what side he's on. let me thank the mayor of san juan, puerto rico, who has stood up to trump in the fight for justice for puerto rico.
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and i want to thank you for being one of the cochairs of our campaign. let me thank senator nina turner. nina grew up in a low income family in cleveland, and at the age of 14, started working part-time jobs in order to support her family. nina knows which side she is on. [applause]
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and let me thank congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. [applause] it is -- crowd chanting: aoc! senator sanders: that's right. you know, i have been around politics a few years. [laughter] and it is hard to believe the degree to which in less than one year this woman, the youngest woman ever elected to congress, it is hard to believe the degree to which she has transformed politics in america.
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[applause] coming from a struggling family from puerto rico, she has been a fierce defender of the working class of our country. [applause] she has taken on the greed of wall street with legislation to put a cap on interest rates. she has been a leader in the fight against gentrification. for rent control. for affordable housing. and all within one year. she electrified this country when she introduced the concept of the green new deal. crowd chanting: green new deal!
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senator sanders: alexandria has become an inspiration to millions of young people not just here in new york but across this country. who now understands the importance of political participation and standing up for justice. alexandria, thank you so much. and i am so excited that alexandria is part of our campaign, and i look forward to traveling with her all over this country. let me also on a personal note take this opportunity to thank the many people across this nation who, in my time of
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illness, sent me and my family, their prayers and well wishes, and their love. it has meant the world to jane and me, and i think you so very much. and along with the great medical care i have received, i am happy to report to you that i am more than ready -- [cheers and applause]
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more ready than ever to carry on with you. the epic struggle that we face today. i am more than ready to assume the office of president of the united states. [applause] i am more than ready to take on the greed and corruption of the corporate elite and their apologists. i am more ready than ever to help create a government based
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on the principles of justice, economic justice, racial justice, social justice and environmental justice. [applause] to put it bluntly, i am back. [applause] [crowd chanting] >> bernie. bernie. bernie. senator sanders: there is no questions that i and my family have faced adversity over these last couple of weeks, but the untold story is that people
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everywhere in this country, and the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, are facing their own adversities. tonight in america, over 500,000 people will find themselves homeless, and right here in new york city, over 130,000 people, including 45,000 children, slept in homeless shelters last year alone. today in america, half of our population, 50% of our people, the working class of this country, is living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay their rent, their mortgages, their light bills, or fix their cars.
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dealing with the incredible stress of struggling to just stay alive and feed their families, that is adversity. today in america, 87 million of our people are uninsured or underinsured, unable to go to the doctor when they get sick, because the united states maintains the most dysfunctional and cruel health care system in the world. [applause] that is adversity. today in america, and a country that once led the world in terms
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of the quality of our educational system, millions of working-class families are desperately searching for affordable childcare. hundreds of thousands of bright young people are unable to fulfill their dreams because their families cannot afford the outrageous cost of higher education, and tens of millions struggle with the oppressive burden of student debt. today in america, millions of senior citizens are unable to afford the prescription drugs they desperately need, because our government has allowed the crooks in the pharmaceutical industry to engage in price-fixing and political bribery, while at the same time, trump and the republicans are desirous of cutting medicare, medicaid and social security for our seniors.
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[crowd booing] as all of you know, while in the midst of all of their suffering, there is another reality which is taking place in this country. and that is that while the working families of america have seen virtually no increase in their inflation accounted for income over the last 45 years, the top 1% now have more income and wealth then they have ever had before in the history of this country.
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[crowd booing] and brothers and sisters, congress may not talk about it, the media may not talk about it, but not only will we talk about income and wealth inequality, we are going to do something about it. [applause] dam right -- damn right, we are going to win. and we are going to win, because the american people want fundamental changes in our national priorities.
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[applause] they are tired of the 1% getting richer while they are struggling to put food on the table. that is why we are going to win. [applause] today, unbelievably, while we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major country on earth, 25 hedge fund managers make twice as much money as all of the kindergarten teachers in america. [crowd booing] we are going to honor our teachers, not the hedge fund managers. [applause] that is going to change under our administration. today the three wealthiest
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americans own more wealth than they bottom half of american society. and the top 1% have seen their wealth increase by $21 trillion over the last 30 years. today we say to wall street and the billionaire class, you ain't going to get it all anymore. [applause] [crowd chanting] >> bernie. bernie. bernie. senator sanders: justice long-overdue is coming to the united states of america.
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[applause] but it is not just wealth and income. today, so many people in new york state, vermont, all across this country, are working two or three jobs to put food on the table. 49% of all new income goes to the top 1%. and when we talk about justice and in morality -- and immorality, please remember that unbelievably, the richest people in our country live 15 years longer than the poorest people.
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[crowd jeering] in other words, poverty is a death sentence, and we are going to end that death sentence. [applause] it is not a radical idea to say that all of our people, regardless of their income, have the right to live long and happy lives. [applause] and i must also say that in the midst of all this massive wealth and income inequality, there is also a racial disparity within the overall disparity. today the average white family owns more than 10 times the
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wealth of the average black family. black women are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy than white women. and the infant mortality rate in black communities is more than double what it is in white communities. meanwhile, as a result of a broken and racist criminal justice system, black men are sentenced to 19% more jail time for committing the exact same crime as white men. and african-americans are jailed at more than five times the rate of whites.
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[crowd jeering] now, that is where we are today. that is where we are, a nation in which, a few miles away from here, people on wall street make unbelievable amounts of money and live in incredible and ostentatious luxury, while right here, across the street from us, people are struggling day after day just to survive. but it is not just here in new york city, it is also in west virginia and kentucky and alabama and mississippi, and other states where people continue to work for starvation wages, and are worried to death about the future their children face. that is why we say today that in america, anyone who works 40
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hours a week will not live in poverty. [applause] we are going to raise that minimum wage to a living wage, at least $15 an hour. and we are going to make sure that every worker in america has the right to join a union. [crowd chanting] >> union. union. union. senator sanders: millions of workers in this country want to
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join unions, and today their employers, and illegal ways, are making that impossible. and that is why our labor law opens the door. in our first four years, we are going to double the number of workers in this country that belong to unions. [applause] brothers and sisters, it is clear to me that what our campaign is all about is that the enormous problems facing our country cannot be solved by the same old, same old approach to politics. the time is now to tell the corporate elite of this country
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that enough is enough, and we will no longer accept their greed and the corruption and their attacks against the working families of america. [applause] brothers and sisters, we need a new vision for america, and that is what this campaign is all about. and in terms of political struggle, in terms of how we bring about the transformative changes that we desperately need, i am reminded of a statement made by nelson mandela, one of the great leaders in modern history. [applause] and this is what mandela said. he said, and i quote, "it always seems impossible until it is done."
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[applause] do you all understand what that means? "it always seems impossible until it is done." in other words, what the establishment, whether it is the economic establishment, whether it is the political establishment or whether it is the media establishment, what they want us to believe is that real and fundamental change can never occur. [crowd booing] they want us to believe that our vision for the future is unrealistic, that it is a pipe dream, that it is simply utopian thinking.
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they want us to believe that the only reality that we can live under is the status quo. [crowd jeering] and by the way, it is not just republicans that give us that line. that is exactly what i heard on the stage of the democratic debate in ohio a few nights ago. [applause] so let me respectfully disagree. let me respectfully disagree with those who believe that real change is not possible, and let me tell you exactly the kind of
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america we are going to fight for when we are in the white house. for starters, unlike donald trump, we are not going to divide the american people up based on the color of our skin, our gender, where we were born, our sexual orientation or our religion. in fact, we are going to do exactly the opposite. we are going to bring our people together. [applause] we are going to bring our people together, black-and-white and latino, asian-american and native american.
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we are going to bring our people together whether they are gay or straight, male or female, young or old, and together we are going to fight every vestige of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and religious bigotry that exists. [applause] our administration is the administration that will take america forward in ending all forms of discrimination. but we are also, as we wring our
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people together, going to push through an agenda that addresses the pain of the working families of this country, because we believe that economic rights are human rights. we believe that education is a human right which enriches us all and enables us to get the good-paying jobs we need in a competitive global economy. [applause] that is why we will implement policy that provides for universal, affordable childcare.
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every working family has the right to know that their kids are in high quality childcare and are getting the emotional and intellectual nourishment they need in order to grow. and we are going to rebuild public education in this country. [applause] that gives our teachers the respect and the compensation that they deserve. i want to thank teachers all over the country, that have literally taken money out of their own pockets in order to buy the school supplies the kids need.
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we believe in education. we believe in our teachers. and under our administration, we are going to have the best public education system in the world. and because we believe in equality, we are going to make our public colleges and university tuition free. we are going to adequately fund our hbc, and by the way, we are going to cancel all student debt in america. [applause] >> bernie. bernie. [crowd chanting] >> bernie.
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senator sanders: if congress 11 years ago could get my vote to bail out the crooks and wall street and provide them with trillions of dollars of zero interest loans, if donald trump and his republican friends would give over $1 trillion in tax breaks to the largest corporations in the 1%, if we can spend $750 billion a year on the military, you know what? we can cancel all student debt in america with a modest tax on wall street speculation. hey, wall street, can you hear
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us now? [applause] when we talk about workers' rights, it is my belief that every american who wants a job should be able to find a job through a job through federal job guarantee program. which pays workers good wages, and provides union representation. there is an enormous amount of work to be done in our country, and we need skilled workers to do those jobs. brothers and sisters, this is the united states of america. we can create up to 15 million good-paying jobs rebuilding our
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crumbling infrastructure. [applause] roads and bridges, airports, water systems, it is not a radical idea to say that in america, when you turn on your tap, your faucet, you have a right to drink clean water. [applause] we can create millions more jobs as we expand childcare, education, health care and services for senior citizens. let me say a word about an issue that i've been working on for decades, and that is my belief, and i know it is your belief, that health care is a human right.
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[crowd chanting] >> bernie. bernie. bernie. senator sanders: together we are going to end the international embarrassment of the united states of america being the only major country on earth that does not guarantee health care to all of their people. [applause] brothers and sisters, we will end the absurdity of america spending twice as much per capita on health care as the people of almost every major country on earth, while at the same time 87 million people are underinsured or uninsured, 30,000 americans die each year because they don't get to a doctor on time, and 500,000 go bankrupt because they cannot afford to pay their medical bills.
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[crowd booing] we will take on the greed of the we will take on the greed of the insurance companies and the drug companies and pass a medicare for all, single-payer plan. [applause] and now let me thank, and give a special thanks to congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez, for helping our country recognize that climate change is an existential threat to our planet, and that we must
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implement a program consistent with the goal of the green new deal. [crowd chanting] >> green new deal. green new deal. green new deal. senator sanders: one of the proposals i have introduced during this campaign is the most comprehensive climate change plan ever introduced by any candidate running for federal office. in other words, we are listening to the scientists. [applause] our legislation will hold the fossil-fuel industry accountable.
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it will create up to 20 million new jobs as we transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, to energy sufficiency and sustainable energy. it will give us the tools that we need to help lead the world in combating climate change, and save this planet for our children and future generations. [applause] right across the street from where we are at this moment is new york city's largest fossil fuel power plant. let us be clear. it is no secret that that plant is located right next to the
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city's largest public housing development. together we will pass a green new deal that will end the environmental racism we see right here in queens. [applause] and in similar communities all across this country. together, not only will we clean up our environment, but we will finally put an end to environmental racism. and in the richest country in the history of the world, alexandria, you and i believe
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that every american should have a fundamental right to a safe, decent and affordable home. it is absolutely unacceptable and un-american that veterans and families with young children are sleeping out on the streets of new york city and all across this country. it is unacceptable that 18 million families in america are paying over half of their limited incomes on housing. and it is unacceptable that wealthy real estate developers in new york and across the country are gentrifying neighborhoods. and it is absolutely
9:04 pm
unacceptable that the largest public housing development in north america, right across the street from us, lacks decent heat and hot water and is he urgent need of repair. the affordable housing program that we will implement will establish the funds necessary to build nearly 10 million new apartments and homes throughout this country. [applause] our program will eliminate homelessness in america. [applause] it will end the gentrification taking place in cities like new york, seattle, san francisco and all over america.
9:05 pm
and our legislatures will create a national rent control standard. landlords all across america will no longer be able to rip off their tenants and throw them out of their homes. and our proposal will provide $20 billion to new york city public housing authorities to repair and modernize public housing stock, to make all public housing accessible, and to provide access to high-speed broadband for all of its residents. [applause]
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let me say a word about an issue i know is on the minds of all of us. and that is that we are going to end once and for all the broken and racist criminal justice system that exists in america. [applause] we are going to end in the international embarrassment of having more people in jail in america than in any other country on earth. instead of spending $80 billion a year on jails and incarceration, we are going to invest in our young people, in jobs and education, jobs and education, not jails and incarceration. [applause]
9:07 pm
we are going to end private prisons and detention centers in america. we are going to end the horrifically destructive war on drugs, and legalize marijuana. [applause] and we are going to end the disgrace of 400,000 people right now locked behind bars because they are too poor to afford cash bail. we are going to end cash bail. [applause] we are going to redefine criminal justice in america. it seems to me a little bit absurd that we have people in jail right now for selling marijuana. [crowd booing] when we have crooks on wall street and the drug companies who have killed people all over
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this country not facing any criminal charges. how do you pay billions of dollars in fines for illegal behavior, and yet no criminal charges are made against the ceo's? what we believe in is equal justice under the law whether you are rich or whether you are poor. today we say to the american people that instead of demonizing the undocumented immigrants in this country, we are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform and provide a path toward citizenship. [applause]
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on our first day in office, through executive order we are going to provide legal status to 1.8 million young people eligible for the daca program, and expand that program to their parents. [applause] we are going to develop a humane border policy for those who seek asylum. we will not be a government which snatches babies from the arms of their mothers, or throws children into cages. [applause] and we will put an end to the disastrous raids of the ice -- of the i.c.e. agency.
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[applause] [crowd chanting] today, on another issue that disgusts the american people, we are sick and tired of seeing these mass shootings taking place all over the country. our administration will take on the nra. [applause] we will move aggressively to end the epidemic of gun violence in this country, and pass the common-sense gun safety legislation that the overwhelming majority of the american people want. [applause]
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under our administration, people should not have guns will not have guns. [applause] and today we say loudly and proudly that it is the women of this country who have the right to control their own bodies, not the politicians. [applause] i promise you i will never nominate anyone for the u.s. supreme court who is not 100% pro-roe v. wade. and a woman's right to choose.
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and, you know, when i talk about the proposals that i think we should adopt to protect the working families of this country, i am often criticized, and people say, bernie, it is so expensive, how are you going to pay for these proposals? well, let me tell you exactly how we are going to pay for these proposals. we are going to tell the wealthiest people in this country that they are going to start paying their fair share of taxes. we are going to resend -- rescind the trump tax breaks for billionaires and large corporations. we are going to end the insanity of providing hundreds of billions in tax breaks and subsidies to the fossil-fuel industry.
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and in my view, we do not have to spend more than the next 10 nations combined on defense spending. [applause] [crowd chanting] >> end all wars. end all wars. end all wars. senator sanders: standing before you today, i believe more than i have ever believed that we are at a moment and our great country's history where all of us coming together can create the america that we are entitled to have, the america that we know that we can become.
9:14 pm
we can create a new america, true to the principles that are supposed to be the foundation of our democracy. and i want to ask all of you to do me a favor. take a look around you. take a look around you right here, just this assembly of people. and if you look around, what you will find is that we have people here of every race, every gender, every gender identity, we have different religions, we have different ethnicities. we have men and women here, we have people who are young and we have people who are old. we are a reflection of the diversity and the strength of the movement that we have built,
9:15 pm
and it is that movement, black-and-white and latino and asian american and native american, all of us coming together, it is that movement that is going to transform this country. [applause] [crowd chanting] let me just tell you what you already know. our opponents, whether it is the republican establishment, democratic establishment, whether it is wall street, insurance companies, drug companies, the fossil-fuel industry, military-industrial
9:16 pm
complex, prison industrial complex, the whole damn 1%, they are not going to give us their wealth and their power without a fight. and the question that we have got to answer together is, are we prepared to stand up to them and transform this country? [applause] [crowd chanting] >> we will win. we will win. we will win. senator sanders: i want you all to look around and find something you don't know, -- someone you don't know,
9:17 pm
somebody who doesn't look like you, somebody who might be of a different religion than you, maybe they come from a different country. my question now to you is, are you willing to fight for that person who you don't even know, as much as you are willing to fight for yourself? [applause] are you willing to stand together and fight for those people who are struggling economically in this country? [applause] are you willing to fight for young people drowning in student debt, even if you are not? are you willing to fight to
9:18 pm
ensure that every american has health care as a human right, even if you have good health care? are you willing to fight for frightened immigrant neighbors, even if you are nativeborn? [applause] are you willing to fight for a future for generations of people who have not yet even been born, but are entitled to live on a planet that is healthy and habitable? because if you are willing to do that, if you are willing to love, if you are willing to fight for a government of compassion and justice and decency, if you are willing to stand up to trump's desire to
9:19 pm
divide us up, if you are prepared to stand up to the greed and corruption of the corporate elite, if you and millions of others are prepared to do that, there is no doubt in my mind that not only will we win this election, but together we will transform this country. thank you, all, very much. [applause] ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ [crowd chanting] >> bernie. bernie.
9:20 pm
bernie. [applause] ♪ ["back in black"] ♪ ["back in black" playing] ♪
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♪ >> campaign 2020. watch our live coverage of the candidates on the campaign trail and make up your own mind. campaign 2020, your unfiltered view of politics. ipsis havend released a survey on voting and elections. the polls shows a third of americans believe that voter fraud is a problem and just as
9:24 pm
many disagree. 44% or moreat likely to believe it is an issue then are democrats and independents. but it doesn't region majority among any of those groups. americans believe that voter discrimination is still a problem in the united states, while a quarter disagree. there is nearly a 50 point gap between republicans and democrats on that question. republicans and 72% of democrats agree that voter discrimination is still an issue. you can read the full results at next, a look at the upcoming u.s. military exercises in europe with the commanders of u.s. army europe and nato allied land command. alliances,ude nato military readiness and no -- european security. at this event together by defense one.


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