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tv   Washington Journal 10212019  CSPAN  October 21, 2019 6:59am-10:05am EDT

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that is next sunday at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. live three-hour "washington journal" program. a bernie sanders rally. the house meets at 2:00 p.m. for business and considering several business development bills. c-span hosts a conversation next week with some republican candidates wanting challenges to yourdent trump, along with questions. that is live friday night turning at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. this morning, a journalist roundtable on the week ahead reporters. , talk and the 2020
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campaign. as always, we take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter as well. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: it is monday, october 21, 2019. the house begins at noon today. the senate at 3:30 p.m. and we are with you for the next three hours. we begin seeking active and retired members of the military getting your view on the withdrawal from syria. we want to know what you think of president trump's actions in the region. give us a call. active and retired members of the military in the eastern or central time zones, it is 202-748-8000. if you are active or retired in the mountain or pacific time zones, 202-748-8001.
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setting aside a special line for those who served in the middle east. it is 202-748-8002 this morning. you can also catch up with us vi a text. that number, 202-748-8003. please include your name and where you are from. on social media and twitter, it is @cspanwj. facebook, it is a very good monday morning, you can start calling now. yesterday the white house put mike pompeo on the sunday shows to defend the administration's actions when it comes to syria. here is his interview with george stephanopoulos on abc's "this week." [video clip] >> i am very confident this administration's efforts to crush isis will continue. >> as the kurds are withdrawing from the border, it would lead to a military occupation that displaces hundreds of thousands,
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he says that is not a safe sound, it is ethnic cleansing. can you assure the kurdish people and the president's allies in congress that you will not be party to ethnic cleansing? >> the vice president could not have been more clear -- take a look at the statement released jointly. no fewer than three of the paragraphs were aimed squarely at ensuring in this turkish-controlled space -- that there would not be attacks on minorities. this was about getting a cease-fire, a secure area and this will save lives. that was our mission set. we accomplished it and we need to make sure the commitments made in that statement are honored. >> the turks said they got everything they wanted. >> i was there. it did not feel that way when we were negotiating.
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it lasted hours while we were there. we achieved the outcome president trump sent us to achieve. host: mike pompeo on abc's "this week." criticism of the president's actions in syria coming from both sides of the aisle. here is the op-ed by mitch a gravel, the headline, mistake on syria, withdrawing from syria is a grave mistake. -- rearsolation reels its head, we can expect to hear more talk of endless wars, but rhetoric cannot change the fact wars do not just end. the senate majority leader saying wars will be endless only if america refuses to win them. mitch mcconnell in yesterday's washington post. criticism from democrats, including mayor pete jude -- pete buttigieg. he was on "face the nation."
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[video clip] >> the future is being decided by everybody but the united states, russia, iran, turkey and we are nowhere because leadership has been withdrawn. of thehe credibility united states ourselves and the first order of his nest will be to restore u.s. credibility not just regard to the middle east, but globally. >> one of the first relationships that might need reorienting is turkey, does turkey belong in nato? >> they are not behaving in a way consistent with stability and if they continue to behave in this way, there has to be consequences. >> is some form of suspension from nato one of those consequences? >> we need to engage turkey as an ally. that alliance is important and it is leverage for us to make sure we use our influence to prevent outcomes like the one
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donald trump greenlighted that they are doing right now. if they don't act like an ally, that will have consequences. host: mayor pete buttigieg on "face the nation. we are talking to active and retired members of the military only. want to get your view of the syria pullout. eastern and 202-748-8000 central time zones,. mountain and pacific, 202-748-8001. if you are a veteran who served in the middle east, 202-748-8002 . we will start with robert out of north carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. i don't agree with buttigieg on anything except one last statement he just made. if turkey does not abide by this agreement, there should be consequences. when it comes to a lot of the talkings and socialists
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about foreign policy and the military, we can look back to the democratic presidents and wereat how our hind parts hung out in the wind. our job was to fight wars, not to do negotiations, etc.. during the democrat administrations, you wondered if all of a sudden they were going to cut you loose like benghazi or mogadishu. at least with donald trump, number one, he has not used the money that should be appropriated for military readiness for sequestration and soca programs -- social programs. now we have the parts we need, we don't need junior air men going to an aircraft carrier to get a flap off f-18 because they
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don't have spare parts for landing gear. regardless what everybody says about president trump's naivete and actions right now when it comes to foreign policy and the is one situation, he that we feel would not leave us hanging out in the wind and would only fight a war if necessary. host: bob out of pennsylvania, good morning. 3 good --caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i just want to say this. republican anded i believe that donald trump is ruining this world with what he is doing. in saudiman over arabia, our allies that fought ar us in syria, i think it is
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travesty and the worst thing i have seen in my 80-some years. i served in korea and we would leave never at that time any of our people behind and i think it is a travesty and that is all i wanted to say. thank you for your day and god bless everybody. host: sean served in the middle east, from alabama. say pullingnted to out of syria is like ripping a band-aid off, there was going to be no good way to do it. they were either going to set up a permanent station everybody will rotate to or rip the band-aid off and pull out. it was going to be unpopular no matter what. let me read you from what we know now in terms of how we are doing this, this from mark esper, the associated press reporting on his trip overseas.
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he arrived in afghanistan sunday. he said under current plans, all u.s. troops will go to western iraq and the american military will conduct operations to protect from resurgence in syria and iraq. mr. esper would not rule out the idea u.s. forces would conduct counterterrorism missions. he told reporters those details still being worked out. his comments the first two lay out where american troops would go after they left syria. caller: that is like what i was saying, if you wanted to keep them in the middle east, somewhere is going to have to be a permanent station, there is no way we can get out of the middle east once we got there, it is going to destabilize the area regardless of what we do. when we hear the president
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talk about endless wars and wanting to get the troops out of endless wars, does this undercut that? those troops now going across the border to iraq? necessarilyoes not undercut parade your last caller talked about korea, korea is an ongoing war we are dealing with. talk about any of the eastern countries we have an issue with, we still have troops inside of germany. it is going to become a duty station for people if we want to keep stability. host: we are talking to active and retired members of the military only asking for you view -- your view about the syria pullout less than two days before the negotiated cease-fire. this poll from usa today of all americans -- here is where they stand right now according to the
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poll.usa today 58% believe the u.s. has an obligation to protect the kurds. 54% believe are moving troops from northern syria and damaging the u.s. reputation as an ally. 44% believe isis fighters will pose a terrorist threat directly to the united states. that poll of 1000 americans conducted last week. our informal poll will be conducted this morning over the this hour.urse of getting your thoughts on the syria pullout. phone lines split up by region and the special line for those active and retired members who served in the middle east. robert in michigan is next, good morning. caller: yes, good morning, america. i don't think it was right for us to pull away because i was
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told these colors don't run. the republicans that call in and talk against trump policies. they are right. i don't think he is a very good president. his policies are very disturbing to a lot of people. they are aggravating a lot of them. it doesn't make sense. what are you supposed to do with all these people that want their homeland and they establish ismselves over there and it just wrong. of a just wrong and more political motivation, i believe, because turkey has trump towers over in turkey and that isn't right for that decision. i don't think president trump should be a president of this country at all. host: you mentioned republicans speaking out, did you catch mitt romney, his comments from the senate floor last week?
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caller: yeah, i tried to pay attention to a lot of comments that get made and they are true. is in trump what last mindset. sometimes i believe he is trying is really hard to say what gets into somebody's mind. from the small neighborhoods across the country to the political arenas on the world leader's stage, a lot of the world leaders, i believe there is nothing to do with these people. some people are more humane than others and i don't think trump is a very humane person and i don't think the turkish leader is a humane person in order to just come in and give the kurds some to live. people need shelter from the storms. host: this is mitt romney from the senate floor late last week. [video clip] >> the decision to abandon the
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kurds violates one of our most sacred duties, it strikes at american honor. what we have done from the kurds will stand as a bloodstain in the annals of american history. there are broad strategic applications as well. iranian and russian interests in the middle east have been advanced by our decision. at a time we are applying maximum pressure by giving them a stronger hand, we have weakened that pressure. russia objected that playing a greater role has also been enhanced. the kurds in desperation have aligned with assad. america is diminished, russia, iran, and assad are strengthened. i ask why and how this decision was reached. host: mitt romney on the senate floor late last week. we are talking to active and
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retired members only asking for your thoughts on the syria pullout. before we leave mitt romney, an interesting piece in the atlantic newspaper yesterday. the atlantic magazine publishing a lengthy profile of mitt romney late last week. pieceomney in that discussed a twitter handle he kept private -- a way to keep track of what was going on in the twitterverse and commenting beough that was supposed to unanimous. it was tracked down by the slate website. de twitter handle pierre makeo is what he uses to comments. confirmed by mitt romney after
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that atlantic magazine piece came out. --ley feinberg, you can see back to your phone calls talking about the syria pullout. from dallas, texas, good morning. caller: good morning. i have been listening to all these brain dead democrats and never trumpers. donald trump, everything he said correcten collect -- from the russian scandal to wiretaps, everything he said was correct. he is the only one with all the intelligence of what is going on in the middle east. not mitt romney -- we already saw what a lousy candidate he was. donald trump supporters support him 100%. i don't care if you are talking
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about these war hawks like lindsey graham, who jumps up for every war and then has to turn around and reverse his comments on just about everything. you know politicians make money off of wars. always have, always will. host: did you serve in the middle east when you served? caller: yes, i did. i served in iraq and there is nothing that donald trump has done wrong. he ran on bringing the troops home and that is exactly what he is doing. he is not pulling troops out of the middle east, he is moving them out of harm's way -- that is all he is doing. host: do you think it is a good idea to keep them across the border in iraq? caller: he will probably keep some in iraq. he will keep them in saudi arabia. we are always going to have a
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president just like -- a -- that is not going to change. host: that is steven in texas. this from the wall street journal, but also in other papers this morning noting that along with the ideas about that deployment of u.s. troops or redeployment of u.s. troops in iraq, some may stay in syria. this story noting president trump considering keeping a few hundred u.s. troops in northeast syria, the mission would be to troops bassar al-assad's from taking control of syria's oil fields now in kurdish-held territories. to that idea presented to the president by lindsey graham who vigorously oppose the president's decision to remove troops. military officials at the pentagon say they support the
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move to leave as many as 300 special operation troops in northeast syria to carry out that mission. we are talking to active and retired members of the military only. sir.r: good morning, my main situation on the pullout is like the kurds is our ally. they have been fighting against isis along with us and that was a very, very bad move on our part. 80's, we are helping out afghanistan, freedom fighters in the fight against russia and we never helped them 20 and they turned around years from now and they became a terrorist organization because of our actions. i believe we should have stayed with the kurds and help them
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terrorism. not in the united states, but all around the world. collars,eminder to our turn down your television through us. the conversation is easier that way. michael out of houston, texas, good morning. caller: first thing i want to say to all the vets -- you ain't got nothing nice to say about from, keep your mouth shut. republicans that are vets that call in, you have no clue. they are not really republicans, they are democrats in disguise. i have grandsons and i don't want them to go to war. trump is doing the right things. our children are our heritage and if they keep sending them to war and killing them like they
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do the babies they pull out of their bellies, it will never end. host: on that idea of keeping your mouth shut if you don't have anything nice to say, your thoughts on this idea of a code of silence in the military. this is the headline from the washington post, trump's abrupt withdrawal tests the military's code of silence when it comes to weighing in on decisions. that culminated in an opinion piece calling for the president's replacement written mcraven.m -- because of ideals of universal freedom and equality and backed up by our police -- belief we are champions of justice, the president has betrayed that. i wonder your thoughts on the code of silence in the military, is that something that is possible in this day and age? caller: you join the military --
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i joined, i was not drafted. they serve our country, they need to keep their mouth shut and serve our country. if they have a complaint, go to their general, their captain, their lieutenant. as far as them coming out and wanting to get on facebook and twitter and whatever, they are in there to serve. if they don't, just get out from you keep your mouth shut. that is how i feel about it. host: one other article on that front from the military times late last week. their column noting another in withatcom weighing displeasure over president trump's syria gambit. that is a story from four days ago noting some emeralds like the former leader of u.s. central command have been
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publicly both talking about his opinion piece he co-authored in the atlantic. out of longview, louisiana, good morning. caller: it would be very helpful if the president had some kind of military experience. instead of doing everything he in this not serve military, he has some experience and know what he is doing. when he first ran for office, he said he knows more than the generals -- more than anybody else and he doesn't know a thing because he did everything he could to run. i volunteered for the military and vietnam. we are the young that fight the wars and it is people like him -- the elderly that put us in the wars. the worst thing we could do is turn on an ally.
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the kurds made it so we only lost 6 people in the last few years and they lost 11,000, you don't dessert your ally. filipinos, we had north koreans, australians -- many allies we fought with and we never deserted anybody. he wants to make russia and .audi arabia happy saudits to send troops to arabia -- the place that we had 19 people come from. host: do you think all
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presidents should be required to have military service in their background? caller: either the president or the vice president. trump knows business, everybody talks about that, but he does not know the military. caller: this is carlos out of new jersey. good morning. caller: i am amazed at the lack of nuance with everybody repeating soundbites they hear with cable news stations. i am referring especially -- host: especially to what? caller: especially in reference onthe hudson institute c-span imposing on syria and there you have some of the real facts by experts. i am not sure what date it was, but it was during october. these kurds are not the same
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kurds as in iraq. iraq have been regarded as terrorists and responsible for killing up to 30,000 turks over the years. we went to war over 3000. as far as us regarding them as allies, we don't have friends, we have interests and that is .hat we need to focus on you think men are going to hold back a division of turkish soldiers -- if they don't act, they will wind up with broken bones if they don't act in --ordance to what do you think this does to u.s. interest down the road and getting allies to partner with us where our
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interests are at stake? caller: i will refer to the cliche, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. look at the incredible support we gave to the syrian kurds who were rebranded by the obama administration as the sdf although they are actually the ppk. we gave them the support they needed to deal with their enemies. since most people don't even know what religion the kurds are. studyally have to go into them or you have to refer to the experts. i don't see anybody on the cable news stations or regular station to can in any way call themselves an expert. c-span, i reward you for that. that should be rebroadcast several times now -- the hudson institute. host: carlos in new jersey. all of our programs available at
7:28 am caller: i am a retired military presidentsupport this wholeheartedly because any -- if any of these senators had been in any type of combat, they would know we do not need troops over there. those battles have been going on for hundreds of years. the only people getting rich are peoplealers and military -- it is all right to sacrifice their limbs and whatever. i support this president. he comes off with -- a little strong, but
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host: something that added to the criticism of this pullout and how it was conducted was this new story. this is from the air force times -- there were u.s. airstrikes last week to destroy ammunition left behind as a part -- point of criticism about the trump administration trying to think this through and conduct of this withdrawal. newswas your take on that story? caller: in war, if you have to get out, you get out and what you leave behind, you leave behind -- world war 2, world war i -- trump is doing a hell of a job. i don't like how he comes off, but i look at the end result.
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in the rough.d [video clip] >> yesterday, the united states military carried out airstrikes to destroy a few weeks ago what had been the headquarters of the american campaign to destroy isis in syria. we are bombing our own bases rather than allowing them to fall into the hands of assad, erdogan, or putin. if they are such great allies or no problems as president trump told us yesterday at the white house, why do we have to bomb our own headquarters if the american troops evacuated so it does not fall into syrian or
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turkish or even russian hands? that one thing encapsulates the absurdity, the awfulness of president trump's lack of policy impulsive, and whimsical movements on the syrian front. yesterday the president said this withdrawal was "a strategic move." it certainly is not that. this is not the action of a military that carried out a deliberate withdrawal. it is the action of the military given a fly by his seat decision of the president contrary to the recommendations of the commanders on the ground. donald trump had the nerve -- the gall to think he knows more about the military then generals who served our country for decades. host: chuck schumer on the floor of the senate. one senator has been a vocal supporter of the syria pullout.
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this was from his op-ed in usa today late last week writing i don't see what our natural -- our interest is policing the middle east. thankfully, neither does president trump -- for those who want to stay, tell us whom you would declare war on, our nato kurds, syria?he no one can answer this because .here is no clear u.s. interest we are talking to active and retired members of the military only this morning. if you are active or retired in the eastern and central time zones, it is 202-748-8000. in the mountain and pacific time zones, 202-748-8001. a special line for active and retired military members who
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served in the middle east, 202-748-8002. about half an hour left in this segment in the washington journal to have this discussion. neil has been waiting. caller: my name is neil. i served in navy intelligence. i support president trump for turning -- pulling these men out, not sacrificing them like obama did our men in bang guys benghazi. he was in campaign mode and -- for those men not to be saved. thankfully navy seals disobey those orders to save a lot of people. ran on host: bring us to syria and the events of the past couple days. caller: we have been there for 10 years, it is time to get our
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troops out. host: what do you think about the redeployment of those troops from syria to iraq? move.: it is a strategic , we are taking the isis fighters trying to get into iraq and cause more trouble and afghanistan as a block move. also, we are in a saudi arabia because the irani and's, cross -- iranians come across. we are getting paid a lot of money to do this. i support the president. host: this is a photo in today's -- york times
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cal, you are next, good morning. caller: i am air force retired and served in vietnam from 1970 to 1971 and i am pleased the u.s. pulled the troops out of syria. i really go along with what the president was saying about the -- yes, they were there to help us through. like the president said, they were compensated for helping us over there. -- the fighting with syria, i think we don't know a lot of things the president and other talked about when they pulled turks went in and
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and did their thing. in the end, i think going after -- being grateful they pulled the troops out and i know a lot of political people were not pleased with what he did. i think as long as you have got the war machine supported by a lobbyists,ticians, keep the war fighting machines manufacturing busy -- they don't want to pull troops out of the middle east because that is losing money for us in the economy and so forth. that dominoas effect. host: what were your thoughts about that system when you served or when you were joining? thing -- iber one joint to go to vietnam because
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ander one, the draft was on got in before -- i went back in after i was in years.itary 21 i saw a lot of stuff out of afghanistan -- they did not have enough equipment in countries. it is going into the recycle mode -- money and employs a lot of people. you say you wanted troops out of the middle east and like the gentleman said before me -- my in theved in the marines bosnia situation. i am a patriot, but i really feel now is the time the middle
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east needs to stand up just like nato needs to stand up and support their own country. host: thanks for the call from new york. robert is next, north carolina. myler: thank you for taking call. i have been listening to the previous individuals calling and i spent 12 years in the military. military instructor for 12 years and a drill sergeant for 6. i understand about training troops. in a lot oftates is these areas because we have learned the lessons from world war i and world war ii. i spent 40 years teaching american history, i have written a lot of documents on military history. when people talk about us
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pulling out of these things, it is one thing to keep us not involved. we learned our lesson of isolation will is him -- isolationism because we did not get into the war until the war was almost over and we learned that lesson and we stumbled into world war ii by 1939 and we ended world war ii -- both roosevelt and truman understood and eisenhower date, too -- id, d there is a thing called nuclear deterrent. the united states has over 10,000 nuclear warheads and a triad system to deliver them. it is the most sophisticated weapons system in world history and there are countries like turkey and the kurds -- those allies need protecting. the reason we went into the gulf with all that energy in 1991 was so we could make sure the oil
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keptves cap flowing -- flowing out of that region. i realize we don't necessarily all to leave footprints over the world, but we have to understand in korea, where we lost 33,000, we have to make sure that doesn't happen again. when you talk about nato -- i heard the gentleman talking about nato. it was created so we would not let this happen again. when president trump was looking to pull out of syria previously -- got a lot of -- iack from his then wonder what your thoughts are by the former defense secretary? defensethe former
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secretary understands when you put people on the ground to do a certain objective, you need to make sure if you have -- an strategy -- exit learn your environment and your enemy. you have a specific objective when you go in and one win you come out -- when you come out. i would not even give donald trump the respect some of these defend.aught -- try to he wants to be a dictator. he does not know more than most of the generals on the ground because he has never been in the military. host: we learned last week in that meeting with president
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--mp -- called james mattis over his comments about isis and james mattis responding a bit to thatin comments last week he made at the al smith dinner. james mattis did mention america's kurdish allies toward the end of that speech he gave in washington, d.c.. here is those comments. [video clip] >> in 17 82 in alexander hamilton's last letter to john lawrence, he wrote we have fought side-by-side to make , let's hand in hand struggle to make us happy. died in one of the last struggles for our long journey to independence. we owe him a debt as we owe a
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who fight forose liberty. among them, the american men and women support our kurdish allies. mattis last week. active and retired military only, your view of the syria pullout. eli in michigan. caller: united states marine corps sergeant 1980 to 1984. i find it despicable the same people criticizing trump are withdrawing from syria victorious -- silent when obama withdrew in defeat -- obama's -- killing -- hundreds of thousands of people died from syria because obama failed to enforce his redline in the sand. isis expanded -- trump
7:44 am
.viscerated him i think we should keep troops in syria, but i will not be voting for any democrat ever again. linel be the first one in november 3, 2020. the mainstream media and the people call in who criticized the syria policy are politically you don't bring politics into play when our troops are at stake. feel-host: why do you troops should stay? caller: shouldn't the military follow orders? civilian government did dates policy. i think it is prudent to have 1000 troops in the area again forgete lost -- people russia was not even involved
7:45 am
when obama was president, they came in after he became president because they saw him as spineless. they invaded romania and -- the trumps turned the tide. because of obama, we really don't have much we can do. i think we should have kept 1000 troops. i support trump overall. from textw comments and facebook and twitter as well, this is u.s. air force to retired saying the president is wise and correct. i served in the middle east in turkey and yugoslavia. until we move those nukes, we must work with turkey to keep the piece. if we start a war, we should be the ones to finish it, not setting everyone on fire and take the back door out. christopher saying military withdrawals need to be planned
7:46 am
out. this will create a similar situation in syria we witnessed in iraq. one more from rick. the world has known it is dangerous to be our enemy -- 15 minutes left in this segment. actors and retired -- active and retired members of the military. gerald has been waiting in south dakota, what is your view of the syria pullout? first call back in 90 -- thisd it looks to me like pulling out is against what we are trying to get done over there with isis and the whole thing once we got in there.
7:47 am
to stabilize things. host: how do we do that? caller: we do it with our allies and we work together to things and keep the whole world safer. host: john, los angeles, good morning. caller: good morning. i just like to say first of all, i loathe donald trump. this pullout in a syria seems to me the first thing he has done that is right. we were not invited into syria. we are all over the middle east causing confusion, chaos, and --odshed i think the american people have taken some kind of drug or
7:48 am
something. they are stupid. they don't learn the lessons. it doesn't seem like we have learned in america the golden rule. you do unto others as you would you. thers do unto i think it is time we get out of the middle east, stop spending money -- start spending money on the climate before we all go to hell. host: who are you planning on voting for in 2020? caller: the way they are divided, i have no idea. i like tulsi gabbard, but she is -- i don'te place understand what is going on. i am going to wait until the primaries are over until i decide who i will vote for.
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host: former vice president joe biden released a new ad focusing on the president's withdrawal from syria. [video clip] >> i think it is a problem we have nicely under control. control --l >> here is why this matters, america's kurdish allies could be overrun by turkish forces and there is real concern 10,000 isis fighters could escape. >> hundreds of isis family members -- >> absolutely a given that they will come back. >> it is never in our interest to abandon an ally who helped us fight isis. ♪
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host: former vice president joe biden, his ad from last week. joe biden still the front runner, but the gap is closing. here is the latest story from the front page of usa today -- a pole they completed of iowa's caucus-goers showing mayor pete moving up in the polls, saying iowa now up for grabs, calling it a three way race. mayor pete at 13% among those that usa today and the suffolk new -- university poll talk to of his with warren at 18% and joe biden at 19%. look to the front page of usa today if you want to read more on that poll. caller: good morning to you.
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thanks for c-span. -- admirals kept pulling on me to do stuff -- when we have allies, we are safer. we cannot have allies that are not trained, so we train them. one world, we have to take care of it and we have a constitution that tells us what we are supposed to do about ourselves and the rest of the world, that we have a lot of things to do, including providing for the common defense. i went to work for a three-star --iral they had it right.
7:52 am
we have got to be involved in the world. we must provide an navy. we only raise and support armies on a two-year basis. host: when you hear the president talk about getting the u.s. out of endless wars, what is your reaction to that? darndest toied my not be political, but i fear i would not serve under this man under any circumstances. as much as i love america. host: aubrey in richmond, virginia, is next. caller: one of the things i found problematic about this whole situation is how uninformed some of your callers
7:53 am
are, especially when they talk out. obama pulling -- spendwould watch more time watching the hearings than consumingr the propaganda from the right or wherever else they get the information from -- they will find out what happened. laid down the redline expecting the republican-controlled congress to back him up. he went back to congress for authorization to take action which meant political and financial support for military actions against assad and republicans -- i am not going to use profanities -- they did not back them up. then they went and perpetuated refusedology that obama
7:54 am
to take any action. he did exactly what he was supposed to do in terms of seeking congressional support and it was republicans in congress who chickened out. as far as what trump did, there was no endless war. .here may be endless wars now let me get back to one thing isis.the rise of obama -- the give forces in iraq. we had to pull out because our -- of to make himself a version
7:55 am
saddam hussein. that read to the -- led to the rise of isis and then we had to come in and pull iraqis out of the fire behind those kinds of actions. this mythology perpetuated by the right -- i did not necessarily do everything obama did, but those things are not incorrect. oft: that usa today poll over 1000 americans, their views on the withdrawal from the northeast syrian border, some 12% saying they strongly agreed with the move. 19% saying they somewhat agree. 36% saying they strongly disagree and another 21% said they did not know. on the idea of weather --
7:56 am
whether removing troops is damaging the u.s. reputation as a trusted ally, 54% agreed with that. 44% of republicans agreed with that statement. time for a few more calls from active and retired militaries. jason in california, your thoughts on the syria pullout. caller: good morning, c-span. we have a short memory. it wasn't long ago they were on tv andeadings there were shootouts. people were afraid they were sneaking into the border and we had our young teenagers going over there and joining forces with isis and fighting with them . they were radicalizing all of our youth. guess what? when in and beat
7:57 am
them down and kicked them out. who did it.hat is it was not a full-scale war like a vietnam war. we have troops over there and we -- 50,000ng -- 50 troops in vietnam, it was a small operation to kill isis and get rid of them. trump says -- i don't know what is going on in his head and now he is sending them over to syria -- we forget teenagers. --re are women host: mike in west virginia is next, good morning. caller: good morning. all i have got to say is the united states is the leader of
7:58 am
the free world. --have military bases in we are the leaders of the free world and the only thing i have to say about trump, he was a draft dodger, he did not serve. he has no idea what is going on. thank you for your time. host: a few more comments from text messages and social media. frank from iowa served in the army from 1994 to 2000, i am all for the pullout. we should no longer be a shield or police force for the world. ring them all home. lee saying i agree 100% with the president's actions, we must end the waste of lives and treasure now. warriors are not social workers or missionaries. let the middle east work itself out is silly, they will come here and attack us. we have to remain forward
7:59 am
deployed to prevent attacks on our homeland. remember pearl harbor? we were america first then and look how that turned out. it reestablishes the isis fear and paranoia narrative with the tous of trump sending troops saudi arabia. it is a double win for the establishment. time for one or two more calls from members of the military -- active or retired only we have been talking to in this first hour. tony from south dakota, good morning. caller: hi. my name is tony. i served in vietnam early in the war, 1967, 1968. i was in the marine corps, got two purple hearts. i was only there 2.5 months. on,member what was going the corruption.
8:00 am
i think most people don't realize underlying this whole so much corruption. host: corruption from where, the u.s. government? our allies? caller: the military budget, half $1 trillion every year. 600 billion now. one guy called in complaining .he don't have spare parts host:host: we want to hear from you. irvhave waiting -- waiting perio. caller: i would not allow that guy in my country.
8:01 am
that guy in the north. what's he got in store for them? were southeath if i korean. i really would. thank you very much. host: irv in kansas our last caller. stick around, more to talk about including up next we will take a look at the week ahead in washington. we will be joined by jason to kendall on a train for that discussion. we will be right back. ♪ >> a look at some books being published this week.
8:02 am
intron versus china, former speaker of the house newt gingrich suggests that tynan possesses the greatest threat to the united states. pamela newkirk argues corporate diversity initiatives have largely failed in diversity inc.. in three days at the brink, brett bayer recalls the tehran conference a secret meeting in iran where franklin roosevelt, winston churchill and joseph stalin plan military operations to end world war ii. in it should not be this hard to serve your country, david shulkin describes his time as secretary of veterans affairs and the challenges he faced. also published this week, historian h w brands recalls the settling of the american west in dreams of el dorado. journalist jill stein contends elitism and expertise serve important roles in society in his latest book in defense of elitism. in edison the late pulitzer prize winning biographer edmund morris recalls lesser-known achievements of inventor thomas
8:03 am
edison. look for these titles in bookstores this coming week and watch for many of the authors in the near future on book tv, on c-span 2. >> the house will be in order. >> c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court and corporate policy events from washington dc and around the country so you can make up your own mind. created by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. tonight on the communicators, texas representative eddie bernice johnson, chair of the science, space and technology committee on increasing the number of women and minorities in technology fields. >> we want to be in a position to furnish our own brainpower.
8:04 am
the only way were going to ever be able to do that is to educate women and minorities in this -- in the stem fields. we have coined a phrase more recently called blue-collar phd's,here no amount of graduate degrees might even be necessary to have those skills to be very innovative. and to be in a good workforce that is producing some of the innovation. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 2. washington journal continues. host: each week when congress is in session we like to take time to take a look at the week ahead in washington. to do that this week, we are joined by jason dick deputy editor at roll call newspaper and alana treene.
8:05 am
last week's impeachment inquiry involved several current and former members of the trump administration testified behind closed doors, is that going to continue again this week and if so who is on the docket for the investigative committees? alayna: it will continue and i imagine it will extend beyond. right now we are seeing the schedule for this week. the house committees investigating the president and ukraine and annie and propriety potentially -- and any impropriety, they are ramping this up quickly and moving fast. they scheduled on sundays this week, two people a day to come in and testify behind closed doors. people from the nsc, people from omb, the office of management and budget. technically acting omb director which is a semi-cabinet position. we have -- i'm looking forward to tomorrow's testimony by bill -- replaced the former u.s. ambassador to
8:06 am
ukraine between text messages and past testimony we've seen layout over the past few weeks he will definitely be an interesting person to watch. ick who's going to get the most attention? jason: i'm curious toward the end of the week, if he does show up at the deposition, the president and the white house counsel past -- they sent this broadside a couple weeks ago to congress saying they would not cooperate in any sense whatsoever in the impeachment inquiry. people have been showing up for depositions. they've been testifying. it might be related to the fact that congress over the last couple of years has passed a series of laws that go into their appropriations bills saying if you try to prevent somebody from testifying to congress you can dock your pay. this may be what's at work for some of these folks showing up. directorets to the omb
8:07 am
, he's close enough to the president being and acting cabinet member that we will see whether that firewall the president and the white house isnsel have tried to erect how porous. i'm fascinated by the fact that so many of these folks have been showing up, granted some of them have a little bit of a bone to pick with the president and rudy giuliani, his personal attorney. it's going to be pretty interesting, starting with bill taylor. host: behind closed doors it's the house oversight committee, the house intelligence committee the foreign affairs committee that will be meeting in these closed-door testimonies. if likely to go past this week. how long is this aspect of the impeachment process going to last? i spoke alayna: with a lot of members on the hill last week -- speaker pelosi has been saying she wants to get this wrapped up as efficiently as possible but no one is putting a distinct
8:08 am
timeline on it. willsay they are -- they see as many people as they need to to get a good sense of if they move forward with they will write in the articles of impeachment senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said and he spoke with -- he's hoping that the house will vote on impeachment by thanksgiving so that they can have a senate trial wrapped up by the end of ae year that is not definitive timeline. i spoke with mcconnell's team as well. he has not even spoken with speaker pelosi or senate minority leader chuck schumer yet so everyone is putting some sort of timeline on this it's not fully baked in just yet. host: connecticut democrat jim himes, member of the house intelligence committee am a part of this process, he was on sunday shows yesterday. talked a little bit about timing. this is what he had to say. [video clip] >> this is no way for the
8:09 am
republicans to defend the actions of the president here. what the chief of staff, mick mulvaney, said. no way to defend that behavior. as a result, they are attacking the process. let me spend a second on that process. the previous impeachment inquiries of nixon and clinton -- a special prosecutor star in the case of nexen by different special prosecutor. we are doing that now and an investigation does not happen in the light of day. there will be open hearings every transcript after classified information will be released publicly. this will ultimately be all out there for the american people to see and with the american people will see as there is not one word of testimony, written or spoken, which contradicts the notion that the president used the assets of the united states military aid, white house
8:10 am
meeting, to advance his political interest of getting ukraine to metal in the next -- the upcoming presidential election. >> when will those documents be made public. thehen you are shocked by chief of staff saying there was a quid pro quo, it's a little hard to make any predictions whatsoever about what the timing will be. margaret, my belief is -- shocking things happen every day. my belief is that the house speaker would like to get this wrapped up by the end of the year. i think that's probably possible. host: your thoughts on the timing here? lot -- alana said some heard same things we have . mitch mcconnell thinks it would be great to have a vote before thanksgiving that there would be -- it would be great to wrap up the trial before christmas. senators are saying it would be awesome. i don't really want to be here around christmas. it seems to be a little bit wishful thinking.
8:11 am
i think they caught a little bit of a break when the president backed off hosting the g7 next year. int was possibly in the mix terms of having to pursue that with impeachment inquiry. everybody does want to wrap this up because i don't think they wanted to start interfering with the presidential primary and caucusing system which we are looking at january february will be go time. it seems to be beyond their control and the longer they have a 12 hour deposition for one person, a jet sorts of -- sort of bleeds one week into the other. mcconnell wasn't soliciting saying when they have to work weekends -- we are talking's sake or ground. host: the week ahead is our topic. what do you want to talk about this morning in the week ahead in washington? republicans, (202) 748-8001, democrats (202) 748-8000
8:12 am
.ndependents, (202) 748-8002 dic come outside of impeachment inquiryk about turkey sanctions on the docket -- talks about turkey sanctions in the docket. wasn: a lot of the schedule laid out before we realize the speaker of the house would lead a congressional delegation to the middle east and afghanistan. it seems like even as they were putting the schedule together on friday evening, things may have changed a little bit. before the end of the week, this week will be wednesday because the funeral services for the late elijah cummings house member from baltimore who died last week, they wanted to vote on a bipartisan series of sanctions on turkey by the end of the week. sometime before wednesday, more likely it would be on wednesday. this is there fly in day. they are not getting it until this afternoon. they have a series of quick
8:13 am
with they can deal with, some noncontroversial things before they get very controversial thing which will be whether to censure adam schiff, the intelligence committee chairman that republicans pushed to censorship over how he's handled the impeachment inquiry. the vote was scheduled for thursday. of day coming -- the sponsor that resolution andy biggs is the chairman of the freedom caucus held off and was able to offer -- democrats are going to .able it to turkey sanctions and also election security, there is that issue. election security measure will likely be voted on tuesday or wednesday. host: on the turkey sanctions what did the white house say about it? whatever the house comes up with is this something the senate takes up? alayna: this is actually really interesting because we've seen one of the president's fiercest
8:14 am
grahamrs senator lindsey definitely coming out with some of the most forceful language -m definitely coming out with some of the most forcefulin his cornt watches every day have been sharing some of the fiercest criticism over this. host: you mentioned lindsey graham, an interview on ask he is on hbo with lindsey graham, he talks about this featured in the ask he is sneak peek that
8:15 am
came out late last night. alayna treene the author of that last night. taking your calls, your questions about the week ahead in washington. chuck is up 1st avenue dayton. good morning -- out of dayton eerie good morning. caller: good morning thank you for c-span. i'm wondering how long the republicans -- i was a republican for a long time. what?how long republicans caller: how long they are going donaldmoscow mitch done trump and the three amigos run this country into the ground. absurd what's going on with the country right now. the only person ever talked about a revolution is donald trump. host: chuck in ohio asking about perhaps cracks in the republican coalition behind the president. the clip on grandma that
8:16 am
was on hbo. i see this as a broadside to the president. somebody like lindsey graham who knows his political fortunes are presidents if he is willing to go on ask eos and say i would be open to impeachment, that's got to set off a lot of bells in the white house. with mcconnell, mitch mcconnell is a very deliberate politician. he does not really do much that he does not feel he has to do in order to move the needle he wants to. and op-ed rein in the sunday paper about how the syria decision was the wrong way to go. did not mention the president by name but those are cracks in the armor right there. host: calling it a great mistake on syria there is the op-ed from yesterday's sunday cost washington post. alayna treene, talk about
8:17 am
francis rooney, republican congressman from florida getting a lot of attention about his comments on impeachment. alayna: he's the first to come out and say he would support potential impeachment against the president. he also said he's not running for reelection which i think is a big caveat to all of this. a lot of people on the hill who will privately say's or misgivings or criticize him behind closed doors don't do so publicly because they don't want to be seen as tucking their party leader but also politically it can be damaging to some people who are up for reelection and this is something we've seen play out over the past few years. a lot of republican leaders not willing to go about publicly and criticize president trump because of political ramifications. host: do you think their attention a retired member of congress that he's -- the attention he's going for this is overblown? jason: granted francis rooney is not in the leadership structure or an influential chairman.
8:18 am
at the same time it speaks that people are fed up. rooney is one of those guys who, if he wanted to stay in congress for the rest of his political career, he could and he seems to be like, i've had enough. by the way, i would be open to impeachment. another retiring member and their actions speak louder than words, max fortenberry, the from a deep red state -- deep red district in texas. he accompanied the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi to her congressional delegation to afghanistan. i think the thing the white house must be the most concerned about is not so much that you've got a backbencher who is retiring and he got another guy who goes on a congressional delegation but the fact that they do not need to worry about
8:19 am
the consequent as anymore. you start to lose control of the narrative. host: okeechobee, florida, your next good morning. caller: i have two things i want to comment on. it that thehy is news reports and all the paper and even him right now talking about being a bipartisan trip, a side trip pelosi took to afghanistan only one republican there how can they be bipartisan when they were all democrats and only one republican and yet they say it's bipartisan. news you had a guest was asked a specific question from one of the commenters about why here in america we are part of nato. we pay money into that. big money. why is it where the only country that goes out and has our men all over the world killing with
8:20 am
no help from nato. where is nato? those are two questions. thank you. host: jason comedy want to take up the idea of bipartisanship? jason: one thing that it is just a fact that if you have a republican joining democrats it is bipartisan even if the ratio may not be one to one. host: on legislation that comes through if there's one sponsor from the other side is touted as bipartisan. jason: that is not something that people in the media are pushing. that's not a narrative they're pushing. that is just a fact. it becomes bipartisan even if it is one person. there is a lot of significance there because of thornberry's position. as the top republican on the armed services committee. a former deputy secretary of state in the reagan administration. a trueblue republican. this is not somebody nobody has roundof in the defense
8:21 am
three people in the pentagon respect what mac thornberry says. he might have retired regardless of the situation with the president but this is an influential person and he does add some have to to that. in terms of the concerns about nato, for me i don't have an answer to that. the administration has made this one of its concerns is that they don't feel nato other members of nato are stepping up and a lot of the world conflicts. that is something to other people but it is certainly on the table in terms of issues. to host: host: jump in with what the white house is saying about nato's role in mid what's happening in the region? alayna:alayna: they are sticking to what the president has been saying since who's on the campaign trail. that he does not believe other members are paying their dues. we see him criticizing european leaders like angela merkel, prime minister of germany, and for their cooperation and
8:22 am
participation and this is a big reason why the president felt that we should be pulling some of the u.s. troops out of syria. he things wise this our fight. this endless war is a gripe of his. why is it that we are the ones who are responsible for was happening. isis anding of counterterrorism measures are important to the president. we are seeing a bit of a power struggle. we know that people, leaders on the hill are coming to the president including lindsey graham. one of his fiercest allies trying to convince him that america needs to step up and show that leadership roles and have a presence to make sure all the work that has been done over the past several years is not dissolved over this one move. host: over the weekend announced that troops are getting right to be deployed from iraq to syria may be 1000 troops will be in western iraq.
8:23 am
is this undercutting that idea of ending the endless wars? is the white house saying criticism on that front? i think there will be criticism alayna: not pulling troops completely as the president had said i was a campaign promise. i think most people are of the mind we are seeing republicans being some of the most outraged over the issue. they want people there, they isis and thee that other terrorist organizations fill this vacuum with troops in place so we do not fall back into a pattern of what we saw over the past few years. i think there's reports we have seen from the new york times and wall street journal overnight that some troops may be capped there to help defend the kurds and tried to prevent isis from researching. it will be interesting messaging for the white house.
8:24 am
jason: some of the oil wells there are a place the troops would protect. alayna: we've seen the president referred to protecting the oil fields in syria frequently throughout. people have raised eyebrows saying is that what we are protecting? not the kurds? that is definitely a location that the president has been wanting. host: 8:30 on the east coast. --yna treene, white house taking your comments and questions about another busy week ahead in washington. charles, st. petersburg, florida democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to say i'm not the most versed person on what's going on in the world today in terms of politics but i would like to say that i implore everyone, particularly any other party, start getting information
8:25 am
from other sources other than just fox news's of the world. to educate themselves on what's going on. common decency and understanding, what we've got going on in our society is horrendous. we can't even agree on truths. we have to find ourselves debating truth and alternative facts. it is a shame and i hope we all can do better. host:host: if you want to learn more about the situation in syria at least four congressional committees are holding hearings on that topic. senate foreign relations committee has a hearing on tuesday afternoon schedule. wednesday morning as the house foreign affairs committee. wednesday afternoon it's the house oversight and reform committee. also wednesday afternoon the senate appropriations committee. ck, which hearing will
8:26 am
you be watching? jason: one of the more interesting committees to look at, no offense to the house, with the house leaders we kind of know where they are going in terms of their criticism of the president and where their energy is heading with impeachment inquiry. on the senate side, with formulations and appropriations you are seeing the face of we conductor how ourselves diplomatically and how we fund things like sending troops to syria and redeploying them. if more republicans are starting to show concern, particularly about isis i think that's going to be what i'm interested in. you've got diane out of hartford, connecticut. good morning.
8:27 am
caller: i have a couple of comments and a suggestion for future show which will get people up in arms. --uestion why there was not when people came out with immigration why there was not much done about obama's message about not allowing people to come into our country under refugee status based on crime, -- there was a third one. we do not allow them to come in east on a poor neighborhood i guess and my other comment has -- i had them all practiced. obama, maybe i misunderstood but on the show a couple of sundays ago there was a gentleman on that said there were eight whistleblowers under obama and four of them were put in jail. i would like clarification on that and my suggestion for future show, you have people calling and saying we need to go back.
8:28 am
many democrats who we know do not want more. i would love to know whether or not these people would want the draft to be brought back. maybe that would level the playing field and people would have a clear idea of what it would be like if their son, daughter or relative was sent to the military and how they would react if the driver brought back. a question we could ask in one of our first our conversations with viewers, should we bring back the draft. appreciate that. going to write that down for future use. amateur -- immigration was one of the topics in whistleblowers as well. alayna: the way president obama handled immigration is something republicans have been pointing to during president trump's administration.
8:29 am
many more immigration apprehensions in the u.s. were higher especially in the trump administration the first few , higher than president trump as done and that is something a lot of people have pointed to. i think the messaging around family separation, that is something as well that a lot of people said president obama did something similar during his administration but the rhetoric and the language and policies the trump administration implemented them seek a lot more criticism. is rhetoric behind it that one way would argue the immigration question and on whistleblowers it hard to compare one whistleblower to another especially when you don't know the identity along those lines and we won't get into that. the current whistleblower in the ukrainei would argue they have y been found to be credible.
8:30 am
dni inspector general has set a lot of people within the intelligence community who have been working with the whistleblower and going through his complaint, a lot of that was corroborated. memo, the in the call memorandum of the call, a lot of that being corroborated. place to getrous into the credibility of the whistleblower. host: on was a lowers, the new york times editorial board, one of their op-ed pieces " public servants guarding the republic." in defense of the whistleblower and others saying the deep state is alive and well but it is not the sinister anti-democratic cabal of trump's fever dreams but a group of public servants. this is the president from just a few minutes ago with a book
8:31 am
recommendation over twitter. 'exonerated' book the failed takedown of president trump by the swamp ." we will keep monitoring the president's twitter page. jeff from indiana, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. i got for c-span. c-span, you are definitely fair and balanced unlike fox news. for fascistsonym over exaggerating. these republicans are still as a -- upset with obama. obama is gone, he is not coming back, get over it. we have a serial sexual predator in the white house, a criminal, a grifter. we have a grifter president who
8:32 am
through the kurds under the bus to be slaughtered, he probably has a business deal with erdogan. the big winner will be vladimir putin and the party in iran. why don't you trump supporters do us all a favor, you cannot read or write. host: we got your point. robber in memphis, tennessee, republican go ahead. caller: hello? hate to wake up and find bidenu're going to have or warren running this country. [indiscernible] democrats are going to keep going -- host: that is roberts in
8:33 am
tennessee bringing up the 2020 election. it was i was -- guest: warren who has elevated to front runner status, if you will. if you watched the debate all of her colleagues consider the front runner. she has said she will give in a bid and release a cost estimate for medicare for all. this has been a big part of the debate in the democratic primary. the previous front runner, joe biden,, i hate to say anyone is not a front runner because it is early. if you look at national polling there are a couple of people in warren,t tier and biden, and bernie sanders are in that. warren and sanders are big proponents of medicare for all. former vice president joe biden is not. some of his colleagues
8:34 am
expressing skepticism and this has forced warren's hand. she will release a cost estimate in the coming weeks. if we get surprised into thursday and friday and there is a lot of news and funerals maybe it slips to next week. feeling enough heat to have to explain it is a new wrinkle. schedule president's this week, does he have any more rallies? guest: he does. i have been speaking with the trump campaign about planned rallies and he will be traveling -- he has gone to texas already. they have targeted places like minnesota, nevada and new mexico. they will be traveling to these places over the next several months. it is interesting to watch where the president goes especially
8:35 am
when he tries to do counter programming with these democrats. debate theyirst debuted their latin coalition or hispanic coalition in miami just next door to the debate. theve been told to expect counter programming over the next 10 months. thet from this week i think big picture looking forward to seeing where the president goes will be an interesting map of where the campaign is trying to dig in. >> what else is on the president schedule? >> he will be presenting a medal of honor to a former race car driver later today. he will be having several meetings with people on syria. i am told he will be having meetings with people in congress on syria and other issues. we are going to see later this week the president is traveling for his rallies. i am blanking on where he is going but he will have one of those.
8:36 am
ramping up to be all must every week which is an incredible pace. that is what we can expect from him. host: the congressional schedule, it is a shorter week when it comes to legislative work because of the late congressman cummings 's funeral. caller: -- guest: the house will wrap up its floor agenda by wednesday because on thursday -- there is debate about the term but he will lie in state in statuary hall. not in the rotunda but in statuary hall. there will be a memorial service on tuesday morning for members of congress and the family. there will be a public viewing where people can walk through and pay their respects. his funeral will be in baltimore the morningarly in between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.. that will wipe out the house's floor schedule.
8:37 am
depositions for the impeachment inquiry will continue but the house will be done on wednesday. the senate will be a little longer. in forard to get a word things like the funding the government sort of debate but we are operating on a continuing resolution which means the federal government is on autopilot until november 21, there is that holiday again. congress needs to pass funding bills. for the rest of the government. will take a crack at two of them this week and that can occupy some time. we have some procedural things that might make things interesting. the congressional review act is a way congress can take a shot at undoing a regulation, democrats said they will force the administration's hand on a couple rules they may want on taxes and how much you can deduct at the state and local level.
8:38 am
another is on insurance plans that democrats have criticized for being stingy. there is a lot that will be going on. there is a lot of messaging that can go along with those. it is hard to get people excited about funding the government but if you are talking about people's taxes that can be an opportunity for some messaging. we expect the senate will be in their normal hours through thursday before the jet fumes can be smelled in the air. it is going to be a lot packed into those first few days. >> this begins at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. gavel-to-gavel coverage. at noon today gavel-to-gavel coverage on c-span. david is in west roxbury, massachusetts. independent, good morning. caller: very interesting questions from the callers earlier about whistleblowers and
8:39 am
the draft. i hope you are able to follow up on that later on. i have a question. my question for the panel was about the historical aspect of impeachment. as i understand that there were four presidents that faced impeachment proceedings and i am curious to know how it affected -- what the fallout from those impeachments was. if they can talk about that. host: david, before you go, were you around for the clinton impeachment? guest: alive, i was a kid back then. it's a conversation we had with viewers last week or the week before about memories of past impeachments. jason, do you want to start? johnson whoandrew became president after abraham lincoln was assassinated in the
8:40 am
later days of the civil war, that is the what we know the least about. -- there werely questions about the direction of and whether reconstruction would continue in the manner the republicans thought was more appropriate for the south. he was impeached by the house. he was acquitted in the senate very narrowly. wounds, wesolve any were still fighting these battles. richard nixon was the next one, that never got to the floor. it was years of investigation with watergate and certainly we are still seeing some of the effects of that. it is interesting that nixon did not wait for the floor preceding when the the word for judiciary committee reported on its articles of impeachment. he saw the handwriting on the
8:41 am
wall and do that. with bill clinton's impeachment that was when i first got to washington. hows so interesting to see different the administration approached this with clinton. he was impeached by the house and acquitted in the senate, and dragged on for a couple of years. i feel like we are still dealing with some of the same issues about what is appropriate presidential behavior and what is not. i don't feel like we learned a ton. we continued to revisit some of that. doing a lot.been the lanny davis story, i want to feed to that because i found it interesting. guest: thank you. it is a very different approach the trump administration is doing. andicularly bill clinton
8:42 am
the jason is mentioning lanny davis, i spoke to him over the phone and he walked me through some of the clinton impeachment war room process. he was a big part of the war room back in the 90's. he said the approach the trump administration has to this is basically a 180 from what they did. they were meticulous in how they would respond on television. only certain people could go on television to defend bill clinton. they said their idea was to cooperate. saw that bill clinton testified himself in front of not only congress but on national television, definitely different from this administration, no compliant line. how we arent on still billing the effects of the nixon impeachment process. his way through since he did choose to step aside before that really only happened. i am reading a great book,
8:43 am
looking back on the impeachment baker.meacham and they covered this over the past several years. they made a great point that between johnson, nixon and clinton we have seen america divided and it is a very divisive time and i think that is what we are seeing with the current impeachment inquiry. host: in terms of the strategy of who can go on tv to defend the president, can you talk about the reaction to acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and his performance in his recent appearances defending the president on ukraine? guest: i was in the room during that briefing and every reporter in there was stunned by what had transpired there. i spoke with the white house after the briefing and i asked what was the preparation for that.
8:44 am
there was a very normal level of preparation they have. stephanie grisham, the press secretary organized it but was not the one that went out there. she has been not been doing these press briefings. to have the acting chief of staff come out and announce a controversial decision, the briefing was over the decision to host to the g7 at the president's resort in florida. officete house counsel's and lawyers were in that meeting and they consulted with people for the g7 process. we have seen a big thing about -- a big thing about his performance, the white house said the president was satisfied with the way he did it. he released a statement hours later walking back his statements. it is interesting these briefings are mainly done with an audience of one. they are all looking to impress the president. we will see that continue if we do see anymore briefings. that has caused chaos on the hill and throughout washington. minutes weg up in 15
8:45 am
will focus on acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and get reaction to how he is doing in that role. how is he doing in that job? guest: i don't know if he quite righted himself over the weekend by going on the sunday shows and continuing his walk back. it was extraordinary. become to bethat defined by an extraordinary act or extraordinary event, last week when he said -- we heard that from a viewer. get over it, it's on t-shirts. people who have been in washington remember marion barry said that the people who were not happy about his reelection in the 90's. -- knockedstunning people on their heels moment.
8:46 am
it speaks to the danger of not prepping people. -- certainlyaney other people were not prepared. kevin mccarthy, steve scalise, ,itch mcconnell, lindsey graham nobody was ready to defend this. it seemed to catch everybody off guard. in an attempt to change the conversation -- it certainly changed the conversation and left people in a tough spot. for mulvaney's former colleagues, he was a bomb thrower in the house freedom caucus. they did not know what to do. host: viewers can start preparing their thoughts on mick mulvaney. 9:00 to:00 hour from 9:30 we will get your thoughts on the acting chief of staff. your thoughts on the week ahead in washington. republican from south carolina, good morning.
8:47 am
caller: great conversation. one item that has been working on me is the trip that was taken over to the middle east by nancy pelosi and company, why is this not -- have a great morning. host: do you want to start with what the logan act is? prohibits people from using their government positions to lobby. to gate --supposed engage in electoral politics through your official duties. host: the congressional delegation just a run through the members, the announcement from nancy pelosi's office on the trip to jordan it was the speaker, the ranking member, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee, chairman of the homeland security committee,
8:48 am
chairman adam schiff of the intelligence committee, susan davis of the armed services committee, stephen lynch the chairman of the house oversight and reform subcommittee on national security and congresswoman alain barrio of the house armed -- few alain barrio -- to that delegation at the white house, did it raise any eyebrows? alayna: you saw the president tweet about it. the president was taken off guard. -- the white house was taken off guard. or is not much coordination between congress and the white house. trip so itsurprise was definitely out of the ordinary in that sense. it happened overnight. delegations to these areas all the time. they frequently go to different
8:49 am
members ofere the foreign affairs committee engage on these trips frequently. the most interesting thing about this is the timing and that it was unannounced and the white house did not know about it. host: out of conway, missouri, independent good morning. see if theed to guests had read the mueller report. on page 47 the russians did hack an apple computer belonging to and pulled-- podesta 31,000 emails off the computer. they gave wikileaks 21,000 of those and they gave it to the news media the day of the democratic convention in chicago. that is one thing.
8:50 am
night fiveram last withe that were named giving almost $1 million to the military-industrial complex are the ones that complained about pulling out of syria. wasmain thing is, romney one of the ones that complained. delaware0 million in so he did not have to pay taxes. -- lindseyhim on graham also received almost $1 million from the military-industrial complex and that is my answer for today. host: let's talk about mitt romney. we saw his speech on the senate floor last week blasting the trump administration for the decision on syria. news over the weekend on his anonymous twitter handle. is where- rob: this
8:51 am
we are getting into the more shakespearean aspects of politics. [laughter] romney was a never trumper before he was ok with trump in the 2016 election. he was very upfront in his opposition to trump saying he was unfit for office then we see at trump tower in hopes he would become secretary of state. this is a complicated relationship to say the least. i am not as familiar with the political giving and efficacy records for donating to romney's campaign as a former governor. he has been around for a while and he solicits a wide array of donations and republicans are always typically getting along fairly well with special -- national security interests.
8:52 am
this seems to be secure. the romney and graham particular, the fact that they carefulful, such politicians in general particularly around the president. they know their fortunes are tied for him -- tied to him. for them to speak out it seems like it is something they cannot ignore. host: alayna, do you think the secret twitter account that was uncovered by slate over the weekend is likely to get the president's attention? using that to make comments about news stories and make comments about other elected officials. that was a stunning revelation and kudos to slate and the atlantic. >> he asked -- he was asked how
8:53 am
many followers he had. they sorted through defined mitt romney's secret twitter account. rob: what a name. pierre delecto. alayna: i believe it has since been made private. i have not had a chance to do some investigative reporting. it is interesting. axios, we have an hbo show. my colleague interviewed mitt romney. a great pointhad about how careful of a leader and politician he is. he had come out very close to the line on condemning the president of course over syria which we have seen publicly. also just on another level. he is walking this fine line and around delicate dance the way he operates with this
8:54 am
president. rob: before we leave secret twitter handles a lot of members of congress have a secret twitter handle. -- rob: the ones i am more familiar with that have been around for a while, i am happy they know how to use email. using a secretf twitter handle are complicated enough technically. so much of the official account that a member of congress would do is run by s member. you can tell who does their own tweeting and who does not. think that a lot of members of congress feel a certain amount of freedom. the late john dingell, you could tell he was tweeting most of that stuff. i don't know if they want to hide behind a private account. this is an extraordinary story.
8:55 am
i would love to know if there are more secret accounts but i have not seen that much of it. host: the president enjoys tweeting. talking about that censured revolution we are expecting to be brought up today on the house floor. the president encouraging the house to censure at least " corrupt adam schiff." afteresident saying " what he got caught doing any politician who does not so vote cannot be honest, are you listening democrats?" that was the tweet from the president. from san diego, california republican you are on. a couple of> comments for the guests. that maria had lindsey graham on and she questioned him about his decision, whether he agreed with the president or not.
8:56 am
he flip-flopped and said after talking to the president he understands what the president is doing and he has high hopes that this is going to happen. but it just right seems all they can flip-flop from one week to the next. on mitt romney. everybody knows mitt romney. he is a carpetbagger. andent from massachusetts came to san diego and built a multimillion dollar home. he tried to influence a lot of politicians here in san diego. that did not work and he moved on to utah. the question is this, has anyone heard of a person named eric? operative with ties to ukraine, and a ukraine oligarch. chanel of oneg to news, negotiated a
8:57 am
24 million-dollar gift to the clinton administration. has ties person andctly to adam schiff nancy pelosi and a few other democrats. i am wondering if this isn't the whistleblower. host: we have flip-flops, romney, and eric. i guess i will start with the latter, eric, i am not familiar with that person. with regard to whether that could be the whistleblower, the whistleblower from our understanding, i say ours as in the media and officials in the trump administration is known to be within the intelligence community and that is a fact because he is being represented director of national intelligence and the intelligence community.
8:58 am
thoughts of whether the was a lower could be this ukrainian official or someone tied to an oligarch are very slim if not false. withr flip-flopping lindsey graham, we have seen -- and he will say -- just last -- my colleague on the hbo show asked about the flip-flopping. he was a big critic of the president in 2016 when he was running against him during the 2016 election. now he has become one of his biggest allies on the hill. he says he has to reflect on what he recognizes. the people elected donald trump, what does that say about how i have to change my attitude. with regards to syria i would be cautious of saying lindsey graham is not critical of the decision. he is doing his best to work with the president and convince him to rethink his decision. i am not sure it is a total flip-flop.
8:59 am
i think it is interesting to see how lindsey graham navigate this administration. flip-flopping is a time-honored tradition in politics. ram, it seems like he is aware his constituents overwhelmingly , a seems likeham he is aware his constituents overwhelmingly support trump but he has to blow off some steam. nixon -- deputy editor at rollcall. we appreciate your time. -- host: up next, stick around come our question for you is your view of the acting white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney. republicans,or democrats and independents are on your screen. we'll be right back.
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science, space and technology committee on increasing the number of women, and minorities in the technology field. >> we want to be in a position to furnish our own brainpower. is only way we will do that to educate women and minorities in the stem field. that comes in many categories. we have even coined a phrase recently where no amount of phd's core graduate degrees might even be necessary -- workforcein a good that is producing some of the innovation. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. washington journal continues. now forout a half hour phone calls asking for your view of the acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney.
9:03 am
getting a lot of attention in the coming days. what you think about him and how he is doing his job. republicans (202) 748-8000. democrats (202) 748-8001. independents (202) 748-8002. here are some headlines about mick mulvaney. from the washington post " mulvaney still in retreat" mulvaney doing that in the white house briefing. this is from usa today. possible while was grills mulvaney on quid pro quo -- fox news -- >> again just a few seconds ago you said i said there was a quid pro quo. you'd were asked, describe a quid pro quo and set it happen all the time. >> you will use your language
9:04 am
all the time. i never use my language. go back and look at that list of three things. things it was legitimate for the president to do. it is legitimate for the president to want to know what is going on with the ongoing investigation into the server. everyone acknowledges that. it is completely legitimate to ask about that. it is legitimate to tie the aid to corruption, it is legitimate to tie the aid to foreign aid from other countries. can i see how people took that the runway, absolutely. i never said there is a quid pro quo. you have been in these briefings. look to the facts on the ground, things you can actually sort of certified and what should put this issue to bed is that the money flowed without any connection to the dealings. in your first answer you said that is why we held up the money. you just said it was for two reasons now you are acknowledging it was for three
9:05 am
reasons. if you held up the money for three reasons that is a quid pro quo. maybe the president backed off that but that was the proposition here. >> i am not acknowledging this. >> he said three reasons. >> go back to what actually happened in the real world. go to the phone call which we have released. >> i am going to write now. >> the president never mentions the aid at all. dodoesn't say i need you to this, this, or this or the money won't flow. we know enough about this president that if he feels strongly about something he will put that out there directly and that did not happen. that i did not speak clearly on thursday and folks misinterpreted what i said , but the facts are clear and there for everyone to see. host: acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney with chris wallace on fox news sunday. we are asking for your view of
9:06 am
mick mulvaney. he was a south carolina state congressman, state representative, and state senator before he was elected to south carolina. he was involved in state politics he worked in real estate as an attorney. was one of the founding members of the house freedom caucus. nine members including congressman mark meadows and just in a mosh among the founding members of the house freedom caucus. the officeirmed as of management & budget director for the white house back in february of 2017 and named acting white house chief of staff in january of this year. mulvaney,hts on mick susan is up first in munster, indiana, a republican. what do you think about the askin acting chief of staff? i think he is being
9:07 am
bullied and he never said quid pro quo. he said that crazy didn't -- has a right to make sure the country is not corrupt before he releases funds. outraged overne the quid pro quo that joe biden did? wase the son of a bitch fired the next day. it is a double standard and it is very sad. >> you think he is being bullied, do you think he is doing a good job as chief of staff, do you think he is serving the president well? >> i think he is and i think the president trust him. you cannot trust very many people in washington, can you. this is a democrat in hopkins park, illinois. englishhe said it in
9:08 am
that it was a quid pro quo. he said it in english, he did not say it in latin. the lady that was just talking needs to turn off fox. the outrage over mulvaney was hubris. he got to running his mouth which a lot of trunk people do. he just told on himself. philosophytrong man where we have a strong man in america now and you are supposed that is what the people on fox -- my god. become americans again and believe in this country and stop letting this man rule -- he is a danger to our country. host: back to our line for republicans. minneapolis, what do you think of mick mulvaney? caller: hello?
9:09 am
sorry i had to turn the tv off. host: appreciate you doing that. president trump did not ask for a favor about biden, he asked for a favor about investigating into ukraine in 2016. before you read what are your thoughts on mick mulvaney which is what we are talking about here? caller: i don't care what he said. i don't care about it. that allout the topic of this nonsense, this impeachment nonsense is revolving around. biden'sd not ask for investigation he was asking about ukrainian investigation. could you please c-span have sources besides far left-leaning papers and media? it is ridiculous. host: who are your trusted
9:10 am
sources? elizabeth warren and her lie about being fired. something, make it a little balance. just a little. host: you might want to stick around this morning. coming up in 20 minutes rob us, advisory join board member for trump's friend election. out of connecticut, democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. my thoughts on mick mulvaney? i watched the entire press conference and heard what he said. the gentleman a couple of calls behind me was right. he didn't say it in latin, he said it in english. -- ise was questioned
9:11 am
that something for something? he said absolutely, we do it all the time. with the three try countries -- that whole thing there. we did it with them. what is the difference is what he is saying? we do it, get over it. he can't come back and say that's not what i said. i am not a journalist. , i try to watch box but i can't take it. i watch pbs, bbc, i watch all and i wantat i can to see every perspective. on, he cannot say he said -- did not say what he said. this is like george orwell. host: in connecticut this
9:12 am
morning. we are talking about acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. he is president trump's third chief of staff after reince priebus and john kelly. some reports out over the weekend that he may not be president trump's last chief of staff. from cnn over the weekend acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney faces pressure to oust him after the white house faces the impeachment inquiry. top aides including president trump's son-in-law and advisor jared kushner were seeking replacements for the top job before nancy pelosi announced she would move ahead with her impeachment inquiry. the story noticing that the previously unreported efforts did not come to fruition but underscored the weakness of before hisposition headline generating performance in the white house briefing room last week.
9:13 am
you can see the story from cnn out over the weekend from yesterday. david in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, democrat. caller: on mick mulvaney. with mick mulvaney i findliani, these guys them so funny they go to such lengths to back a guy who so obviously is such a liar. i'm wondering what they get out of this. as good political nicknames go, i think giuliani and the rest of his clown car should be called the kompromat kids. a wily band of rascally kompromat kids who are neck deep in their own -- host: from ohio, a republican, good morning. i watched the entire mick mulvaney session with the
9:14 am
press. it was a hot session, it really was. he spent most of that time explaining why that was not quid pro quo. he was there for a different purpose but spent most of his time explaining why that was not a quid pro quo. this is a quid pro quo because the way we describe this is going against the democrats, investigating the democrats or they aren't going to get their money -- he was explaining summit times before that this was not a quid pro quo and it was about investigating the when john carl had gotten to that point i'm sure he butfrustrated and he said " we do this all the time" and gave an example after that of americatries in central where they would not get rid of their corruption so we were
9:15 am
going to hold up money to them also. he was giving examples along the way and the liberal news media pulled this one part of it out and made it look like he was agreeing that it was a quid pro quo. he wasn't. i didn't think anything of it the mediaid it but came back later and said he has given this idea of a quid pro quo, he has agreed to it. he has not agreed to it. host: you think it was not the original point of that press micking last week -- mulvaney originally talking about the decision by the trump administration to pick president trump's resort in florida the doral resort for the g-7 summit. deciding toump reverse that decision over the weekend in the wake of backlash he received. what are your thoughts on his performance in that press briefing and yesterday on fox news? caller: he did great.
9:16 am
that became an error later. when you are in a session like that they become very hot and it is easy for the media to take a little snippet out and twisted. you can say words you did not mean to say. they twisted what you said and took it out of context. i saw the meeting and i understood his context perfectly. i thought he did a good job. in media does that every time. they make it look like something it is not. host: here is more mick mulvaney from yesterday. talking about that decision to cancel the g-7 meeting next year. he was honestly surprised at the level of pushback. hethe end of the day considers himself to be in the hospitality business. he saw an opportunity.
9:17 am
he was very comfortable doing that at doral. i think it is the right decision to change. my guess is we will find somewhere else the media won't like for another reason. fox news. mulvaney on here's a headline about the acting chief of staff from politico. " mick mulvaney's bad week just got worse. helpd not appear to himself for the white house by following up on impeachment related issues." getting your thoughts this morning for about 10 more minutes. michael from columbia, maryland, a democrat. what do you think of the acting chief of staff? caller: it does not amaze me how america has just been handed over to what i consider a reprobate mind. ,obody thinks for themselves
9:18 am
what is said by the media or the administration is parented , ihout any investigation have no hope for our country in the future. -- try to be pessimistic optimistic and hope that things will get better but what we are seeing now come to play in my opinion is the demise of a great civilization. i think it is not going to get the president we have right now, he is the and the oldgnorance world mindset. i have no hope for our country anymore. host: david from albuquerque, new mexico. independent, what do you think of the acting chief of staff? david, are you with us? caller: yes, i am with you.
9:19 am
about the interview with this guy? .e specifically said it he said the president was looking into the corruption. the corruption, nothing else. why don't you guys show the tape of biden on their? on tv like you are doing with him about what he was doing with the ukraine. how come you never show that nvidia? -- video?idia? host: you are talking about his statement to the committee? was up therehe with the prosecutor saying they were going to not give them the money. host: we have shown that take several times over the past week. --
9:20 am
[no audio] host: go ahead. caller: hello, good morning. twisted in the question with carl. he had two answers close word saladeating a for somebody that wants to interpret it the way they did. to explaintheir there was no quid pro quo, there was no quid pro quo as they made clear. the president of ukraine made clear. they did not know the money had been held up. the senator in interviews
9:21 am
yesterday, he was very clear in thatead that the issues were behind that money being held up temporarily, he had several conversations with president trump about it. thell had to do with concern of overall corruption before releasing hundreds of millions of more dollars to the you rain to make sure they were seriously working to improve the corruption of the country and also the issue of other european countries not doing enough. once he was satisfied with that they released the money. the ukrainians did not know it had been held up for any reason. hunts, ifall these you ask a question enough times and you misspeak one time they got you. mind that with the trump administration -- what the trump
9:22 am
administration is being accused of is asking for an investigation. how could that possibly be a problem? the way you describe it is getting dirt on his political opponent. when he that giuliani started the investigation biden was not a proclaimed political opponent. whatnvestigation is happened in the 2016 election time, what began in ukraine because that was ultimately the source of the dossier, the fake dossier, the one with ridiculous information that was used by the fbi to get warrants, hopefully they will have the ig report come out this week and they will demonstrate all of this very clearly. host: that stephen in texas. -- that is david in texas.
9:23 am
a reversal on the decision to hold the g-7 summit at president trump's resort in miami. the president four minutes ago tweeting about the topic saying " doral in miami would have been ,he best place to hold the g-7 free, but too much heat from the far left radicals and the news media. i'm surprised they allowed me to give up my presidential salary, we will find somewhere else." we are talking about the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. what are your thoughts? caller: i think he is doing a very good job in serving the president but doing a disservice to the american people every time he stands up on that podium and lies to everyone and we all know that. i feel very sorry for him. is he needs to do right now
9:24 am
look at his predecessors like , and socer, scaramucci on and ask himself where they are. he is next on the line. andy time he has to come up defend what he says on the podium that day he knows that he is on the president's bad list. if he was a good guy before he took this position his reputation is gone every time he lives in front of the journalists. he is doing good work for his but a great disservice to the american people and i feel sorry for him. host: that is gabriel in maryland. a few comments from twitter and facebook. this one from pamela in michigan mulvaney and rudy are wonderful, we need men and women who will go to war against the lapdog media and the entire democratic party.
9:25 am
we are beyond sick of the propaganda and lies" iom tim in rhode island " think mick mulvaney thinks before he speaks. the press is not there to collect information they are there to destroy people." " keep him, he lets the truth slip out. he told us in the beginning how this administration wants to cut social security now he tells us there is a quid pro quo happening. we need more truth accidents from mick!" " i want to thank mulvaney for admitting there is a quid pro quo. someone needs to tell him you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube.". morgan from reading, you are next. caller: mick mulvaney is just like all the rest of the trump people. lie, cheat, and steal to bow down to trump. nothing new under the sun. thank you for c-span. host: nadia in virginia,
9:26 am
independent, your thoughts on the acting chief of staff? caller: what is happening now is that trump is scraping the bottom of the barrel. we need to think logically. i am not a democrat or a republican. i am looking at the facts. the fact -- i am in the business world. when you have that much turnover in staff that is a huge red flag and investigations occur. hr and executive management wants to know why there is so much turnover. why are we treating trump differently? he is scraping the bottom of the he just chews up and spits out people that work for him because he does not know how to treat people well. he does not respect anybody. he does not even respect himself. i'm so ashamed of our country for allowing someone whose rhetoric is so hateful and so
9:27 am
heinous to be president of this country. you talk about red flags, i wonder what your thoughts are to the fact that 10 months into title isick mulvaney's still acting chief of staff. that acting is still in front of the rest of his title. people.trump wants yes the best leaders want differing opinions. i am a leader in the workplace. i hire people who are going to give me different perspectives. the reason he always has acting in front of his title is because he wants them to sit on pins and needles and show their loyalty to him by acquiescing to his every request. that is not how you should be performing as a leader. that's not how you should be in --r -- manager managing hiring people.
9:28 am
that is not yet in virginia. this is joe, last caller in this segment. from georgia, republican. what are your thoughts on mick mulvaney? caller: thanks to c-span for being the most unbiased source out there. you treat everyone equally. secondly it's simple. you have to sit down and look at the facts and separate them from opinions. once you separate those facts from opinions, mulvaney is trying his best to do a job that he was handed -- get a turnover from his predecessor on what is happening. the job he is doing is the problem. he doesn't need protection. this is america.
9:29 am
let it roll out. let it fallng go -- the proper procedures is what i'm saying. host: how do you think mick mulvaney is doing in comparison to other chiefs of staff, john kelly or reince priebus? would you prefer to have one of them? >> no, not at all. mulvaney, i feel like he is struggling with his honesty and his uprightness. what he has to say on capitol hill. it is more of an internal battle. i can see mulvaney as a true conservative. trump isn't. if you are a true republican and a true conservative you know that this man in the white house is not a conservative. he is trying to work with his constituents. did,llegal things that he that is why we have hearings, that is why we have everything set up in the way that it is set up.
9:30 am
so those can come out public for truth. these press conferences, that is for us. that is not for the news media. liberal news media, is that hyphenated, i don't know what that is. host: that is joe in georgia. about 30 minutes left this morning and we will be talking , a member ofo president trump's reelection advisory board. we will be right back. >> tonight, on "the communicators," a texas representative, chair of the science, space and technology committee on increasing the number of women and minorities and technology fields. in a positionbe
9:31 am
to furnish our own brainpower. the only way we are able to do that is to educate women and minorities in the stem fields. we have even coined a phrase where noue-collar stem amount of phd's or graduate degrees might even be necessary to have those skills to be very innovative and to be in a good workforce that is producing some of the innovation. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. >> for 40 years, c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court and public policy events from washington dc and around the country so you can make up your own mind. 1979, c-spanble in
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is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. "washington journal" continues. host: from new york, we are joined by rob asorino, currently a political commentator on cnn and prep -- member of president trump's reelection campaign advisory board. what do you advise him on? rob: can anyone really advise the president? it is an advisory board for the campaign. we talk to the campaign hierarchy. hierarchy. we have a conference call. it is good because we all get information in real time. we get background information. we go deeper. they get information from sources in the white house. it helps me and others be able to have the facts straight
9:33 am
because things happen quickly. there's a lot of distortion and political haze right now. sometimes the president says things and it is not as clear as it could be. we need to go out there and explain exactly what he meant to say in cases of tweets or cases of he said she said or pointing figure -- fingers. host: a lot of fingers being pointed at mick mulvaney, the acting chief of staff at the white house over the past week. we were just talking to callers and our last half-hour about their thoughts on how he is doing. how do you think he is doing? rob: it is almost an impossible job for anyone because you really have to run the entire ship. everything flows through the chief of staff's office. he has had the political background and elected office with budgets. he has a really good take. now, it is going less from
9:34 am
government and more into the campaign where the president's declared candidate, you started democratic 12 candidates. things are coming from everywhere. what mick needs to do is focus on the government stuff, don't worry about anything else. the president is the president. he speaks for the administration and his campaign. mick mulvaney needs to concern himself with what he has been doing. most people think he is doing a good job. tot: how does he compare john kelly? ranks was more of the rnc leader. everyone got in there unexpectedly because the president was not supposed to win. it was sort of a shotgun marriage.
9:35 am
you have folks from the republican national committee and all of the states trying to put people together to serve in the cabinet. you had general kelly with his inpartisan background, more war strategy and the military --ing in trying to bring in you have mick mulvaney who has both. everything is political on both sides, whether it is the legislature or the executive branch. he also understands things have to move and how to get it done as far as the government goes. you take something from the white house and move it through the chambers of the senate and house. they all have their pluses, everyone has a minus. he is moving the ball. we have 12 months to go for the campaign. we are in the middle of an election season right now. people aren't really focusing around the country.
9:36 am
i was out all weekend with my kids at their school events. i am trying to get people to comment, what do you think of this impeachment? people are like, what is going on? that is a problem for the democrats because unless they have an overwhelming majority of the american people understanding the issue and agreeing with them -- this is just seen for what it is, a highly partisan fight. i was at the hotel, he became president-elect.i remember walking out onto the streets in new york city and the protests were already multiplying everywhere. him, were signs, impeach not our president. the next day i had to go into new york city and traffic was paralyzed because organize protests were going everywhere. this hasn't stopped since that night. this is the culmination of it, the impeachment they have
9:37 am
socked. 12 months from now, who would you like to see come out of the democratic primary and who would concern you the most in terms of getting the president reelected? rob: i am not concerned -- and i don't say this in a bad way. i'm not concerned with any of them because if this were a typical year, if they had policies the democrats were supporting, i think it would be a battle. right now, nobody is paying attention except c-span viewers which are really organized and really partisan, but also information oriented. people who view and watch that are really participatory. most of the people in america right now are not. it is 12 months away from an election and all they have been hearing is trump is awful, no i am not. that is all they are hearing right now. what they are seeing and
9:38 am
feeling is that things are not bad right now. we have a problem that he acknowledged in the beginning with immigration. the democrats admit now that it is a problem. you go through the litany of things he has been talking about and trying to get done, and every time he has had a solution , the democrats have blocked him or run to court and had a liberal judge block it. and government has been because it has been political. i think most people are not really paying attention as much as we are. with regard to the democratic policies, when everybody says the president is in a difficult race for reelection, ronald reagan and barack obama, one year before the reelection they were in the low 40's as well. landslide.a 49 state
9:39 am
the democratic nominee has not come into focus, nor has his or her outline positions. when america starts learning what they stand for, i think they are going to be petrified. they would rather put up with someone they may not like, but at least you are still within a box of normal policy versus tearing this country apart, turning it inside out, making us something that we are not. the question of how are we going to pay for, like elizabeth warren's medicare for all, the new green deal. up, when i sayem to you the total budget in america is $4 trillion, when you multiply that by 20 times, who is it going to be that pays for it? you, middle-class america.
9:40 am
it is middle-class america that always gets screwed. advises theorino trump reelection campaign. if you want to talk to him this morning you can do so. he will be with us until the top of the hour. -- start withith larry out of twentynine palms, california. russia, right after that, they got data on hillary, the 33,000 emails, his wife is russian, he won is hired manafort, he changed the platform. he was going to replace obamacare. this guy doesn't know our government. he thinks he is prudent.
9:41 am
-- putin. rob: i know marijuana is legal in california, but it is still early. his what is not russian. his son is not russian. all of this russian stuff has been completely debunked. see report, mueller. t-bone out of north carolina. caller: i'm going to speak some real facts to this gentleman. we know that trump solicited help from the russians during the last election. he said it on tv. he did the same thing with the ukraine and china here lately, saying, if you are listening investigate. by doing that. he is doing the same thing that was done before. if we leave him in office, these
9:42 am
elections are going to be nullified. we are going to have the same problem we had the last time because he is doing the same thing that he is doing the last time. host: rob? t-bone, i don't know where but... went on that one, the president of the united states is the president of the united states. the public in 12 months will whether wecision keep him or go to an elizabeth warren or bernie sanders, or any of them who are literally fantasizing about changing this country radically. whenever we have had real radical candidates on the left, america has rejected that because they know what it means, they know what it means for their pocketbooks, liberties, so many things. is caller: good morning.
9:43 am
i was just wondering why the , i'll just say sanders, talking about raising corporate taxes. corporate taxes are just a business expense. he is talking about raising the prices of your food and clothes is guising it like he hurting rich people. produces moreimal ozone then the cows do. are they gonna get rid of dogs and cats too? host: rob? rob: when i think about the walmart's of the world, we have to look at who endorsed bernie sanders this weekend, it was ocasio-cortez.
9:44 am
she sat there and led the charge against her own constituents, against the economy here in the new york city area. that is just a sneak preview of what we would see naturally -- nationally leading the way with bernie sanders as president, elizabeth warren. he is right. corporate taxes and going after corporations, a corporation is a name on paper, but the people who work for them, and this isn't the mitt romney -- what he meant there was, all of these people who work for corporations go home and pay their bills thanks to the consumers buying from a corporation. to attack them, especially here in new york, which needed the jobs and what have brought real help for her community, that is just a preview of what will happen 14 months from now if a
9:45 am
democrat in january is sitting in there taking the oath of office. host: we mentioned your cnn work at the top. cnn, not the president's favorite network. what do you see as your role when you go one? rob: aside from being the punching bag? it is to bring a voice on network that i think does a good job newsgathering wise. the opinions, i don't agree with. it tends to lean left. all of the hosts and cnn as a network want my voice on that, to their credit. they want the president's voice on their if he is not quick to speak directly to them. i noticed plenty of people that watch cnn that are just putting their fingers in their ear every time they speak or worse. there is still a segment there that wants some balance. they want to hear the other side. i think that is really
9:46 am
necessary. that is what is great about c-span. you really do your best to cover both sides all the time. that is my role at cnn. they recognize that. host: are you concerned about opinion getting into reporting? rob: i do. i think reporting is very good. i think what happens in any medium, whether it is the new york times, which i thought used to be a great paper. now, to me, it is not even a paper, it is a democratic newsletter. you see what is happening in a lot of newscasts, it is not fake news. when the president says fake news, it is not like they are all in a room saying, how can we make this story up? a is an omission of news, headline that might be misleading, getting the other column43he story in
9:47 am
as opposed to right there in the lead. those are the kind of things that move a story one way or the other. when you look at what has been going on -- even the new york times has been caught saying their job is to lead the resistance. the audio that leaked out of the new york times editorial meeting should be frightening to anybody. it proves that they are not straight reporting anymore. they feel that they have to leave the resistance. that is very dangerous. when the president gets frustrated, it is because he sees it, knows it, and half of american knows it. you have liberal organizations going out doing stories, like let's talk to a trump voter in ohio. are you still a trump voter? instead of asking why and learning why, even that kind of story is slanted. ifave been on shows where
9:48 am
you are a trump supporter or if you voted for trump last time or the democrats scare you and you won't for for them, so you have to vote for trump, that automatically makes you a racist, a hater, a big it, blah , blah. that is why half of america is sick and tired of the regular news media and being told that if they disagree on a policy, they are all of those things i just listed. that is going to draw them further into the trump camp because they are sick of it. here for astorino another 10 minutes. sylvester in baltimore, maryland. caller: good morning. thatld like to comment mulvaney was correct when he said we do quid pro quo all the time in politics. the problem was that you are
9:49 am
getting derogatory information opponent in a forthcoming election. i think that is the part the constitution speaks to. on ouruid pro quo international relationships. mulvaney was correct. we do have to get over it, but you have to separate the fact that he asked for interference in the election process. that is my, it. nice win by your ravens over the seahawks yesterday. yes, there are quid pro quo's in government. there is give-and-take all the time. you do this, i will do that in regard to what goes into the bill. there is nothing in the constitution, but i will say, the president was looking back
9:50 am
to 2016 to what had happened or what he thought had happened or rumors or news reports to clarify. it is amazing that there are so many people that are supposed to be in a very acquisitive and journalistic mind and the media that want nothing to do with what really happened. it's like, no, we are past that. let's look forward past what hillary may have done. we hear this all the time. what happened in 2016, what was , there to have happened are other issues that need to be qualified and that is why the justice department is looking at it. that is why they have members of their team scouring, even going around the world asking other governments for help in what might have happened. that is a legitimate concern that americans want to know. host: david in new york. caller: good morning.
9:51 am
economy mentioning the and the debt. we will never catch up to it. the only logical way is inflation. purchasing power for people at the bottom will diminish. their labor will pay for. mark sanford has got a primary and i hope he gets through the primary. his issue will be the debt. i think that overrides everything else you have got. you heard the national's saying the same thing, the greatest threat to this country is done. i will leave it there because it would take a long time to really dig deep into it. what do you have to say? auburn in of all,
9:52 am
western new york is beautiful. that is a perfect example of what is wrong with democratic thecies where you have natural gas in upstate new york where drilling for that natural gas would be a boom for upstate new york and put a lot of jobs in their. many of the democratic candidates are saying no to any fossil fuels. you talk about states that are relying upon it. texas manyado,, states that have been able to safely explore natural gas, export it and create a lot of good paying jobs. what is happening in upstate new york by the democrats not permitting any of us to go forward, when even the obama epa
9:53 am
said it was safe, this is again a snapshot of what we are going to see two or three years from now if a democrat is in office where the economy will come to a screeching halt and jobs will be lost and taxes will go up. host: you ran for governor of new york back in 2014. do you still have political ambitions? caller: right now, it has been fun to be out. it is a crazy time in politics. it is good to be out. it is good to be back in the private sector. being here on c-span or my night job on cnn allows me to stay in the game, allows me to give my opinion and help my team. for now, that is something i like to do. i am home every weekend. i even get to do the dishes during the week. host: out in washington, this is brian. caller: good morning. i have some questions for you.
9:54 am
in 2016 when they had the republican debate, trump commented that he had enough money that he didn't need donations. he couldn't be bought or he wouldn't be obligated to anybody's desires but the american taxpayers. i'm just curious. my entering machine is filling up with requests for donations to the trump campaign. are these real requests or are they fake bot calls. rob: i know where you're going with this. i think when the president said that, he meant it, but you have the republican national committee, which is doing phenomenal. the amount of money they took in after theer alone democrats started their inquiry for impeachment. ising in
9:55 am
a lot of small dollar donors going to the rnc and president. what they mean is maybe this is all i can afford, a $10 check or $25 check, but i am with you, i am willing to volunteer and help. that is why these rallies are amazing. what is not reported is the depth of these arenas, how they are filled with 20,000 fans in 5000, 10,000 outside standing wanting to get in. tens of thousands who applied, didn't get a ticket and stayed home. these are people who are donating a little bit, but also saying, count me in, i want to help. that is where donald trump is going to have a significant advantage as we go into the campaign next year when it is one-on-one, the democratic policy. we are going to define what socialism means. it means something very
9:56 am
different to someone 50 years old or 60 years old paying for has no clue what the real world is like until they get their first job. i think the definition of what they stand for is really going to frighten people away from voting for them. host: i want to take viewers back to the 2016 results looking at the electoral votes. as they do that, tell us what state you are most worried about flipping back to democratic and other more, states you are interested in putting in play. rob: i think with a truck campaign is doing is smart. when to these states that it comes down to it may say, i don't really love the president,
9:57 am
but i think things are going ok in my life, and i think things are going ok in my community. elizabeth warren or the new joe biden, with his issues that he has with his son, but also the policies he is embracing on the far-left, or bernie sanders, and you go down the list, it is going to be really clear to those people. states that are may be back in play, wisconsin, , it is worth ohio the president making sure to say there are jobs in the energy sector that is bringing home your paycheck. elizabeth warren to eliminate those. that is noty that true because that is all she has been talking about. they want to eliminate
9:58 am
single-family residential zoning where local zoning or single-family homes is the american dream and now it is a personification of present -- prejudice. these are things that are going to come out on the public needs to understand when they have to go on election day to make their choice. host: where does michigan fall on the list? campaignine, the trump pessimistic about winning michigan again. rob: i think michigan is back in play again. he won last time for the same reasons he is going to win it next time. when union voters, moderate democratic voters took the polls and say, things aren't bad and this other team is not prounion, their policies would destroy our union. the health care they are promoting, that would destroy a
9:59 am
lot of these union health contracts that they have. those are things that are going to get down to each person individually saying, what is best for me and my family as opposed to what the union leadership says. oftentimes we see the union leadership is not in sync with the union members. wherethe last election the president of the union was endorsing the hillary clinton, and yet everywhere i went, the union members all had trump bumper stickers. they ended up voting for donald trump. host: time for one more call. carol in west virginia. caller: good morning. thank you to c-span for the national treasure you give us. i just want to say that i tend to vote for what is best for the country. i do not vote for trump or hillary. i have to say i'm going to go because thend all
10:00 am
democratic party is moving towards a third world country. the one bringing up immigration and all the stuff that we really need to talk about. i just want to say thank you c-span and good luck on the campaign. thank you. carol just said, and i think you are going to see a lot of that, warts and all. you may not personally like donald trump for a variety of reasons, but his policies are one that most americans would be comfortable with. to say that there is not an issue at the border is ridiculous. to say that energy and the revitalization we have had in the energy sector has not been wonderful to our economy is ridiculous. orsay that america is bad almost the face of evil, which is what the democrats really say, is ridiculous.
10:01 am
i think a majority of americans are going to come to that same conclusion. , a member oforino the trump reelection advisory board, appreciate your time this morning. rob: thanks, john. john. host: that is going to do it for our program today. we will be back tomorrow at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. have a great day. includes theamming
10:02 am
former presidential envoy for the global coalition to defeat isis. he will be talking out president trump's decision to withdraw troops from syria and the impact on the region. from the foundation for defense of democracy, that is life at 12:00 eastern on c-span two. saturday -- senator chris murphy also at noon on c-span three. canada hold its national elections today that will determine whether justin trudeau will continue as prime minister. cbc news provides coverage and analysis of the election.we will cover that live on c-span2. congress is back today. the house starts legislative 3:30 the republican attempt to censure adam schiff.
10:03 am
in the senate, lawmakers return at 3:00 for my work on a bill expanding nato membership. watch the house here on c-span and the senate on c-span2. , on "thet communicators," a texas representative on increasing the number of women and minorities in technology fields. >> we want to be in a position to furnish our own brainpower. the only way we are going to ever be able to do that is to educate women and minorities in the stem fields.that comes in many categories. we have even coined a phrase more recently called blue-collar phd'swhere no amount of or graduate degrees might even be necessary to help those fields -- skills to be very innovative and to be in a good
10:04 am
workforce that is producing some of the innovation. c-span2.t, on saturday's new york city rally with presidential candidate bernie sanders. he talks about medicare for all, free public college intuition, reforming the criminal justice system and combating climate change. also speaking, alexandria oca sio-cortez, who officially endorses sanders at this rally. this portion is just shy of two hours. [cheers and applause] where you at, baby? where you at?


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