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tv   Washington Journal Rob Astorino  CSPAN  October 21, 2019 2:57pm-3:30pm EDT

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americans. only 37% want to change to a ranked choice system. such as the one recently introduced in maine in which voters' second-choice candidates are taken into account if no candidate gets a majority of the votes. support for ranked choice systems is strongest among independents. but it's still under half among that group. you can read the full results on these issues and others such as americans' views on voting discrimination and voter fraud at s. host: from new york, we are joined by rob asorino, currently a political commentator on cnn and prep -- member of president trump's reelection campaign advisory board. what do you advise him on? rob: can anyone really advise the president? it is an advisory board for the campaign.
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we talk to the campaign hierarchy. hierarchy. we have a conference call. it is good because we all get information in real time. we get background information. we go deeper. they get information from sources in the white house. it helps me and others be able to have the facts straight because things happen quickly. there's a lot of distortion and political haze right now. sometimes the president says things and it is not as clear as it could be. we need to go out there and explain exactly what he meant to say in cases of tweets or cases of he said she said or pointing figure -- fingers. host: a lot of fingers being pointed at mick mulvaney, the acting chief of staff at the white house over the past week. we were just talking to callers and our last half-hour about their thoughts on how he is doing. how do you think he is doing? rob: it is almost an impossible
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job for anyone because you really have to run the entire ship. everything flows through the chief of staff's office. he has had the political background and elected office with budgets. he has a really good take. now, it is going less from government and more into the campaign where the president's declared candidate, you started democratic 12 candidates. things are coming from everywhere. what mick needs to do is focus on the government stuff, don't worry about anything else. the president is the president. he speaks for the administration and his campaign. mick mulvaney needs to concern himself with what he has been doing. most people think he is doing a good job. tot: how does he compare john kelly?
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ranks was more of the rnc leader. everyone got in there unexpectedly because the president was not supposed to win. it was sort of a shotgun marriage. you have folks from the republican national committee and all of the states trying to put people together to serve in the cabinet. you had general kelly with his inpartisan background, more war strategy and the military --ing in trying to bring in you have mick mulvaney who has both. everything is political on both sides, whether it is the legislature or the executive branch. he also understands things have to move and how to get it done as far as the government goes. you take something from the white house and move it through the chambers of the senate and
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house. they all have their pluses, everyone has a minus. he is moving the ball. we have 12 months to go for the campaign. we are in the middle of an election season right now. people aren't really focusing around the country. i was out all weekend with my kids at their school events. i am trying to get people to comment, what do you think of this impeachment? people are like, what is going on? that is a problem for the democrats because unless they have an overwhelming majority of the american people understanding the issue and agreeing with them -- this is just seen for what it is, a highly partisan fight. i was at the hotel, he became president-elect.i remember walking out onto the streets in new york city and the protests were already multiplying everywhere.
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him, were signs, impeach not our president. the next day i had to go into new york city and traffic was paralyzed because organize protests were going everywhere. this hasn't stopped since that night. this is the culmination of it, the impeachment they have socked. 12 months from now, who would you like to see come out of the democratic primary and who would concern you the most in terms of getting the president reelected? rob: i am not concerned -- and i don't say this in a bad way. i'm not concerned with any of them because if this were a typical year, if they had policies the democrats were supporting, i think it would be a battle. right now, nobody is paying attention except c-span viewers which are really organized and really partisan, but also information oriented. people who view and watch that
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are really participatory. most of the people in america right now are not. it is 12 months away from an election and all they have been hearing is trump is awful, no i am not. that is all they are hearing right now. what they are seeing and feeling is that things are not bad right now. we have a problem that he acknowledged in the beginning with immigration. the democrats admit now that it is a problem. you go through the litany of things he has been talking about and trying to get done, and every time he has had a solution , the democrats have blocked him or run to court and had a liberal judge block it. and government has been because it has been political. i think most people are not really paying attention as much as we are. with regard to the democratic
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policies, when everybody says the president is in a difficult race for reelection, ronald reagan and barack obama, one year before the reelection they were in the low 40's as well. landslide.a 49 state the democratic nominee has not come into focus, nor has his or her outline positions. when america starts learning what they stand for, i think they are going to be petrified. they would rather put up with someone they may not like, but at least you are still within a box of normal policy versus tearing this country apart, turning it inside out, making us something that we are not. the question of how are we going to pay for, like elizabeth warren's medicare for all, the new green deal. up, when i sayem
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to you the total budget in america is $4 trillion, when you multiply that by 20 times, who is it going to be that pays for it? you, middle-class america. it is middle-class america that always gets screwed. advises theorino trump reelection campaign. if you want to talk to him this morning you can do so. he will be with us until the top of the hour. -- start withith larry out of twentynine palms, california. russia, right after that, they got data on hillary, the 33,000 emails, his wife is russian, he won is
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hired manafort, he changed the platform. he was going to replace obamacare. this guy doesn't know our government. he thinks he is prudent. -- putin. rob: i know marijuana is legal in california, but it is still early. his what is not russian. his son is not russian. all of this russian stuff has been completely debunked. see report, mueller. t-bone out of north carolina. caller: i'm going to speak some real facts to this gentleman. we know that trump solicited help from the russians during the last election. he said it on tv.
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he did the same thing with the ukraine and china here lately, saying, if you are listening investigate. by doing that. he is doing the same thing that was done before. if we leave him in office, these elections are going to be nullified. we are going to have the same problem we had the last time because he is doing the same thing that he is doing the last time. host: rob? t-bone, i don't know where but... went on that one, the president of the united states is the president of the united states. the public in 12 months will whether wecision keep him or go to an elizabeth warren or bernie sanders, or any of them who are literally fantasizing about changing this country radically.
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whenever we have had real radical candidates on the left, america has rejected that because they know what it means, they know what it means for their pocketbooks, liberties, so many things. is caller: good morning. i was just wondering why the , i'll just say sanders, talking about raising corporate taxes. corporate taxes are just a business expense. he is talking about raising the prices of your food and clothes is guising it like he hurting rich people. produces moreimal ozone then the cows do. are they gonna get rid of dogs and cats too? host: rob?
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rob: when i think about the walmart's of the world, we have to look at who endorsed bernie sanders this weekend, it was ocasio-cortez. she sat there and led the charge against her own constituents, against the economy here in the new york city area. that is just a sneak preview of what we would see naturally -- nationally leading the way with bernie sanders as president, elizabeth warren. he is right. corporate taxes and going after corporations, a corporation is a name on paper, but the people who work for them, and this isn't the mitt romney -- what he meant there was, all of these
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people who work for corporations go home and pay their bills thanks to the consumers buying from a corporation. to attack them, especially here in new york, which needed the jobs and what have brought real help for her community, that is just a preview of what will happen 14 months from now if a democrat in january is sitting in there taking the oath of office. host: we mentioned your cnn work at the top. cnn, not the president's favorite network. what do you see as your role when you go one? rob: aside from being the punching bag? it is to bring a voice on network that i think does a good job newsgathering wise. the opinions, i don't agree with. it tends to lean left. all of the hosts and cnn as a network want my voice on that, to their credit. they want the president's voice on their if he is not quick to
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speak directly to them. i noticed plenty of people that watch cnn that are just putting their fingers in their ear every time they speak or worse. there is still a segment there that wants some balance. they want to hear the other side. i think that is really necessary. that is what is great about c-span. you really do your best to cover both sides all the time. that is my role at cnn. they recognize that. host: are you concerned about opinion getting into reporting? rob: i do. i think reporting is very good. i think what happens in any medium, whether it is the new york times, which i thought used to be a great paper. now, to me, it is not even a paper, it is a democratic newsletter. you see what is happening in a lot of newscasts, it is not fake
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news. when the president says fake news, it is not like they are all in a room saying, how can we make this story up? a is an omission of news, headline that might be misleading, getting the other column43he story in as opposed to right there in the lead. those are the kind of things that move a story one way or the other. when you look at what has been going on -- even the new york times has been caught saying their job is to lead the resistance. the audio that leaked out of the new york times editorial meeting should be frightening to anybody. it proves that they are not straight reporting anymore. they feel that they have to leave the resistance. that is very dangerous. when the president gets frustrated, it is because he sees it, knows it, and half of american knows it. you have liberal organizations going out doing stories, like
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let's talk to a trump voter in ohio. are you still a trump voter? instead of asking why and learning why, even that kind of story is slanted. ifave been on shows where you are a trump supporter or if you voted for trump last time or the democrats scare you and you won't for for them, so you have to vote for trump, that automatically makes you a racist, a hater, a big it, blah , blah. that is why half of america is sick and tired of the regular news media and being told that if they disagree on a policy, they are all of those things i just listed. that is going to draw them further into the trump camp because they are sick of it. here for astorino another 10 minutes.
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sylvester in baltimore, maryland. caller: good morning. thatld like to comment mulvaney was correct when he said we do quid pro quo all the time in politics. the problem was that you are getting derogatory information opponent in a forthcoming election. i think that is the part the constitution speaks to. on ouruid pro quo international relationships. mulvaney was correct. we do have to get over it, but you have to separate the fact that he asked for interference in the election process. that is my, it. nice win by your ravens over the seahawks yesterday.
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yes, there are quid pro quo's in government. there is give-and-take all the time. you do this, i will do that in regard to what goes into the bill. there is nothing in the constitution, but i will say, the president was looking back to 2016 to what had happened or what he thought had happened or rumors or news reports to clarify. it is amazing that there are so many people that are supposed to be in a very acquisitive and journalistic mind and the media that want nothing to do with what really happened. it's like, no, we are past that. let's look forward past what hillary may have done. we hear this all the time. what happened in 2016, what was , there to have happened are other issues that need to be
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qualified and that is why the justice department is looking at it. that is why they have members of their team scouring, even going around the world asking other governments for help in what might have happened. that is a legitimate concern that americans want to know. host: david in new york. caller: good morning. economy mentioning the and the debt. we will never catch up to it. the only logical way is inflation. purchasing power for people at the bottom will diminish. their labor will pay for. mark sanford has got a primary and i hope he gets through the primary. his issue will be the debt. i think that overrides
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everything else you have got. you heard the national's saying the same thing, the greatest threat to this country is done. i will leave it there because it would take a long time to really dig deep into it. what do you have to say? auburn in of all, western new york is beautiful. that is a perfect example of what is wrong with democratic thecies where you have natural gas in upstate new york where drilling for that natural gas would be a boom for upstate new york and put a lot of jobs in their. many of the democratic candidates are saying no to any fossil fuels. you talk about states that are relying upon it. texas manyado,,
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states that have been able to safely explore natural gas, export it and create a lot of good paying jobs. what is happening in upstate new york by the democrats not permitting any of us to go forward, when even the obama epa said it was safe, this is again a snapshot of what we are going to see two or three years from now if a democrat is in office where the economy will come to a screeching halt and jobs will be lost and taxes will go up. host: you ran for governor of new york back in 2014. do you still have political ambitions? caller: right now, it has been fun to be out. it is a crazy time in politics. it is good to be out. it is good to be back in the private sector. being here on c-span or my night job on cnn allows me to stay in the game, allows me to give my opinion and help my team.
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for now, that is something i like to do. i am home every weekend. i even get to do the dishes during the week. host: out in washington, this is brian. caller: good morning. i have some questions for you. in 2016 when they had the republican debate, trump commented that he had enough money that he didn't need donations. he couldn't be bought or he wouldn't be obligated to anybody's desires but the american taxpayers. i'm just curious. my entering machine is filling up with requests for donations to the trump campaign. are these real requests or are they fake bot calls. rob: i know where you're going with this. i think when the president said that, he meant it, but you have the republican national committee, which is doing
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phenomenal. the amount of money they took in after theer alone democrats started their inquiry for impeachment. ising in a lot of small dollar donors going to the rnc and president. what they mean is maybe this is all i can afford, a $10 check or $25 check, but i am with you, i am willing to volunteer and help. that is why these rallies are amazing. what is not reported is the depth of these arenas, how they are filled with 20,000 fans in 5000, 10,000 outside standing wanting to get in. tens of thousands who applied, didn't get a ticket and stayed home. these are people who are donating a little bit, but also saying, count me in, i want to help.
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that is where donald trump is going to have a significant advantage as we go into the campaign next year when it is one-on-one, the democratic policy. we are going to define what socialism means. it means something very different to someone 50 years old or 60 years old paying for has no clue what the real world is like until they get their first job. i think the definition of what they stand for is really going to frighten people away from voting for them. host: i want to take viewers back to the 2016 results looking at the electoral votes. as they do that, tell us what state you are most worried about flipping back to democratic and other more, states you are interested in putting in play.
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rob: i think with a truck campaign is doing is smart. when to these states that it comes down to it may say, i don't really love the president, but i think things are going ok in my life, and i think things are going ok in my community. elizabeth warren or the new joe biden, with his issues that he has with his son, but also the policies he is embracing on the far-left, or bernie sanders, and you go down the list, it is going to be really clear to those people. states that are may be back in play, wisconsin, , it is worth ohio the president making sure to say
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there are jobs in the energy sector that is bringing home your paycheck. elizabeth warren to eliminate those. that is noty that true because that is all she has been talking about. they want to eliminate single-family residential zoning where local zoning or single-family homes is the american dream and now it is a personification of present -- prejudice. these are things that are going to come out on the public needs to understand when they have to go on election day to make their choice. host: where does michigan fall on the list? campaignine, the trump pessimistic about winning michigan again. rob: i think michigan is back in play again. he won last time for the same reasons he is going to win it next time. when union voters, moderate
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democratic voters took the polls and say, things aren't bad and this other team is not prounion, their policies would destroy our union. the health care they are promoting, that would destroy a lot of these union health contracts that they have. those are things that are going to get down to each person individually saying, what is best for me and my family as opposed to what the union leadership says. oftentimes we see the union leadership is not in sync with the union members. wherethe last election the president of the union was endorsing the hillary clinton, and yet everywhere i went, the union members all had trump bumper stickers. they ended up voting for donald trump. host: time for one more call. carol in west virginia.
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caller: good morning. thank you to c-span for the national treasure you give us. i just want to say that i tend to vote for what is best for the country. i do not vote for trump or hillary. i have to say i'm going to go because thend all democratic party is moving towards a third world country. the one bringing up immigration and all the stuff that we really need to talk about. i just want to say thank you c-span and good luck on the campaign. thank you. carol just said, and i think you are going to see a lot of that, warts and all. you may not personally like donald trump for a variety of reasons, but his policies are one that most americans would be comfortable with. to say that there is not an issue at the border is ridiculous.
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to say that energy and the revitalization we have had in the energy sector has not been wonderful to our economy is ridiculous. orsay that america is bad almost the face of evil, which is what the democrats really say, is ridiculous. i think a majority of americans are going to come to that same conclusion. , a member oforino the trump reelection advisory board >> our c-span campaign 2020 bus team is travelling across the ountry visiting key battleground states in the 2020 presidential race asking voters, hat issues they want presidential candidates to address during the campaign. me that's by far the most important, the most paramount in the 2020 election crisis and i'm
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electing how the climate crisis as to ate emergency so express the urgency of the matter. famous report at we have only 11 years, only ntil 2030, to deal with in issue and we need to understand that 11 years is not a ton of political torical or context at all. this is absolutely an emergency. e have to be dealing with this right now today. >> i really want presidential talking about e is the second amendment as to do -- look, i o agree with the whole gun control thing. f it's being bought on the black market, then why do they want to try to take our guns away? do they want to take away of this civilians country and why do they want to disarm us? > i would like the candidates o address international solidarity and the trade union
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borders.across they stand -- former president of brazil. >> education. our kids are the -- are being education, the government tells you you have to funding r that but no available. then the taxpayers have to come up with it. campaign from the trail, part of c-span's battleground states tour. >> tonight on "the -- texas ors" representative eddie bernice johnson, chair of the science, space, and technology committee, on increasing the number of women and minorities in technology fields. johnson: we want to be in position to furnish our own brainpower. only way we're going to ever be able to do that is to educate women and minorities in the stem fields.
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and that comes in many categories. we've even coined a phrase more ecently called blue-collar ph.d.'sere no amount of or graduate degrees might even e necessary to have those skills to be innovative and to be a good -- and a good that is producing some of the innovation. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. our mpaign 2020 -- watch live coverage of the presidential candidates on the campaign trail and make up your mind. c-span's campaign 2020, your unfiltered view of politics. >> the u.s. house about to gavel to start the week four small usiness related bills on the


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