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tv   Washington Journal Dennis Prager  CSPAN  November 18, 2019 12:30am-1:23am EST

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terry of defense for russia, eurasia on thursday at 9:00 a.m. eastern, the committee will hear testimony from fiona hill, former national security council senior director for europe and russia. watch the first two public hearings in their entirety on you will find transcripts of witness testimony and procedures. plus, a points of interest feature that identifies key moments indicated by a star in the timeline. this week, watch live coverage of the house impeachment inquiry hearings on c-span3,, or listen live wherever you are with the c-span radio app. host: joining us from los angeles is radio talk show host dennis prager. thanks very much for being with us on this sunday morning. we appreciate it. dennis: i appreciate your having me.
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host: your newest project, called "no safe spaces." this is the trailer. let's watch and listen. [video clip] >> you have the right to remain silent. anything you say will be used against you. >> you are not listening. i want your jobs to be taken from you. >> a protest has turned violent at california berkeley. >> this is why we are fighting for the soul of america. >> you should be able to share your ideas without fear of being fired from your job or being shouted down. >> you are not to be heard. this is one of the few things one could say we have no precedent for in the united states. >> you have the right to remain silent. >> the only way we separate good ideas from bad ideas is to be free to say whatever we want about them. >> anything you say will be used against you. >> there is no free speech for fascists. >> your posts on facebook,
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twitter, and social media will be saved to shame you. >> kevin hart has stepped down from hosting this year's oscars. >> anything you say that we do not like will be used to shut you up. [chanting] >> you cannot be friends. >> creating an atmosphere of fear and repression. it is going to bust. >> you cannot think differently. >> it makes it difficult to learn from other people. >> isn't it spooky we are having this discussion? >> you cannot challenge us. >> kids grew up playing soccer games where they never kept score. >> there is no debate. >> the kind of diversity they hate is diversity of thought. >> we reserve the right to be offended by everything. >> no university should ever create a safe space -- you are not going to protect people. the best thing you can do is make them strong. ♪ >> it bothers me for the young people being deprived of anything that could open their minds. >> you have the right to remain
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silent. ♪ host: an excerpt of that documentary, called "no safe spaces." dennis prager, you are calling this a wake-up call for america. why? dennis: it is a wake-up call -- i will answer you exactly as you posed the question. it is a wake-up call because, to my amazement, a lot of americans do not know that, for the first time, literally the first time in american history, free speech is threatened. according to pew and other polls, about half of millennials -- and many other americans -- not just millennials, do not believe in free speech for "hate speech." but of course, that is an absurdity. the whole point of free speech is it is free speech for what you consider hate speech. when i was a kid, real nazis,
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actual horrible, evil, vile nazis, wanted to march in skokie, illinois because that suburb of chicago had a particularly large number of holocaust survivors living there. so these people, who specialize in sadism, wished to rekindle the horrors, the memories of the holocaust in these people's minds. jewish organizations, liberal organizations, defended the nazi right to do such a despicable thing, because in america, there is free speech. but now, forget real nazis. now, if almost any conservative shows up at a campus, there is a movement, sometimes successful, to shut them down. the campus is the least free place in the united states. that is a dangerous thing, and it is spreading elsewhere. people know in businesses to keep their mouth shut, if they have any conservative views. people come to me at airports and will look around -- i am laughing, but i can cry -- they
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look around and say, you know, i voted for donald trump. it is the first time in american history that people feel they cannot express who they voted for. i don't care if you hate donald trump. that's beside the point. the fact is that a vast number of americans did vote for the man, and they are not bad people. i know many people think that definitionally, they are, but that is another subject. anyway, it is a wake-up call. again, it is the first time in american history that free speech is threatened. people want to tamper with the first amendment. host: i want to jump in because jack dorsey, the cofounder and head of twitter announced earlier this month that his social media site will not accept political ads in 2020. is that also a restriction on free speech? dennis: of course it is. of course it is, but if he does not accept any political ads, left or right, at least it is not a suppression of just
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conservative speech. anyway, how do you know exactly what is a political ad? does that mean on any position whatsoever? it is hard for me to imagine how they will do it. zuckerberg tried to say to the senate or the house or both -- i have to say, i commended him. he said who are we to decide what is right or what is wrong, what is true and what is not true? the people who say only truth should be in the media, they do not really mean that. they really mean only what they agree with should be in the media. so this is scary. this is -- i've got to state again -- this is unprecedented in american history. when if there is one thing left and right agreed on, maybe the only thing was that old saying -- i may not agree for what you say, but i will fight for the right for you to say it -- that is no longer a motto in america. host: to that point, you were at capitol hill in july for a
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senate hearing. i want to share one next served -- one excerpt. we shared it live on the c-span networks. texas republican senator ted cruz and this line of questioning to a senior google executive. [video clip] >> you have produced 300 25-minute videos and said youtube has censored roughly 20% of them. among those censored include a video on the 10 commandments. another one censored includes a video on the history of the nation of israel. the restrictions are purportedly for blocking things like pornography, but apparently, in youtube's world, talking about the 10 commandments and the nation of israel is comparable and should be blocked? >> respectfully, senator, that is not right. what i am trying to explain is those videos are available to 98% of youtube viewers.
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98.5%, i believe. 1.5% of our viewers have activated -- again, this is restricted mode. churches, schools, maybe libraries, but don't want to have their viewers exposed to more mature content. the video -- the 10 commandments video, i believe, contains references to murder and will -- wwii, nazism, something along those lines -- in that number you referenced, 56 videos, made reference to rape. that is a reason. they are not censored. they are available to everyone using normal youtube. they are not available to the small subset who have chosen to activate restricted mode. steve: that exchange from a senate hearing this past july. a lot of references to you and your work. your response? dennis: when i heard that, i felt that i had entered a monty python production.
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they have placed, specific to this particular moment, when ted cruz asked the question -- they had placed a video that i made -- i only make about 10% of prager u videos. i gave, on each of the five ammand -- 10 commandments, five-minute video. all of our videos are five minutes. one of the commandments is thou shalt not murder. so his saying that they -- for every family that does not allow pornography and violence because they have filtered it out, they will not allow their child to hear "thou shalt not murder" because it mentions the word "murder." that is what i mean when i entered a bizarre world when he said that. i actually said to senator cruz we will issue a new version called "the nine commandments."
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however, since then, they have added four more of the commandments videos on the censored list for anyone who has filters. he noted churches all automatically have filters, so churches can't see videos on half of the 10 commandments. by the way, they have never -- youtube is owned by google. google has never explained why a single one of our videos has been placed on the restricted list. the reaction get from jason from "reason magazine." he said the following september 4. dennis prager's argument that the constitution guarantees his right to post on youtube based on the company's admittedly vague notion of propriety -- where does that leave him when people with different priorities frivolously argue that the constitution guarantees say the right to a taxpayer subsidized abortion.
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conservatives may be tempted to embrace prager's argument, but -- in the hopes of a short-term victory for their side, but they should reflect on the long-term costs of forsaking their constitutional principle. dennis: yeah, it is such a series of non sequiturs. i read that, obviously, when it came out. it is -- it should embarrass the author. i hate saying it that way. i do not know who the author is. and i do not to say his name because i do not want to embarrass him. we don't contend the constitution says private companies have to allow anything they want to be said. of course not. we don't -- we are not suing "the new york times," because "the new york times" is a publication, so therefore it is governed by laws of libel and can publish anything it wants or doesn't want, but right now, google wants it both ways. they want to be protected from libel like a publication, but be
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an open forum and have no possibility of liability. they cannot have it both ways. the issue is not a constitutional issue. the issue is a free speech issue having nothing to do with the government. we know that, but you cannot be the conduit for 90% of the world's information and then pick and choose what you will allow to be said. that is what the danger is, with regard to something as powerful as google. we are not suing "the new york times." steve: so what, if anything, do you want from the federal government? dennis: well, we haven't asked the federal government for anything. we have simply asked the courts to adjudicate if this is a publication or an open forum? let's get this straight. if you claim to be an open forum and you are not, you are lying. now, at some point, unfortunately -- truly unfortunately, because i want as little government interference in our lives in any arena as possible -- i do not know how
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the government will not get involved. that is what should keep google officials up at night. you guys are abusing your rights to control almost all information on the internet on planet earth, outside of china. steve: how and when can people hear you on radio? dennis: they can hear me -- i am on the same radio network all over the country on hundreds of stations. they can go to prager u. if their city does not have a station that carries my show, hundreds of stations do. it is easily found. there is a prager app, a pragertopia -- it's hard to avoid me. if you want to see what we have to say. prager u has one billion views a year. that is quite ubiquitous all over the world. steve: let's get to your phone calls. harvey joins us from portsmouth, virginia, independent line. a guest joining us from los angeles. go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i love c-span. dennis, are you alleging that
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conservatives do not have the right to free speech? dennis: i am sorry, who does not have the right to free speech? it is not a totally clear line. who? caller: are you alleging that conservatives do not have freedom of speech? dennis: ok, i am sorry. that is the one word that keeps -- steve: he is saying conservatives. conservatives. dennis: yes -- it depends where. on campuses, no question about it. by the way, not only conservatives, but liberals. one of the themes of my life is that there is a much greater divide between liberalism and leftism than between liberalism and conservatism. liberals and conservatives agree on free speech, agree on racial integration, agree on capitalism, agree on israel. the left disagrees with the liberals on all of those and free speech. one of the biggest stories in the movie is about a very
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,iberal, brett weinstein professor at evergreen state college in the state of washington, a lifelong liberal, a professor of biology, who was told all whites must leave the campus on a certain day, and he said this is ridiculous -- i do not believe in race-based things like that. and the man was screamed and cursed at and mobs attacked him so terribly the police told him -- we have the recording, it is in the movie. we cannot guarantee your safety -- he ultimately left the college. lifelong liberal. steve: this is from bobby who says you have freedom to speak, you do not have freedom to force others to listen. another tweet from another viewer that said sounds to me that dennis prager is an advocate of selective regulation. your response to that? dennis: i have no idea what either of them are talking about. we are forcing people to hear us by coming to a campus? we are forcing you to attend?
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i don't know what on god's earth that person is talking about. it is a nonsensical tweet. what was the other tweet? we are for selective regulation? have i said that i am for any regulation whatsoever? i merely said we have to deal with a very serious issue. there are many liberals who feel this way, as well. that is why alan dershowitz is in the film -- that something is happening on campuses that is unique in american history. we have a bunch of folks left of center -- van jones -- we have president obama, twice, in the film telling students, hello -- you cannot shut down a speech you do not agree with. if this does not unite liberals and conservatives, nothing will. that's what i believe is happening. liberals are awakening -- i do not expect the left to awaken, because the left has never, since lenin, ever supported free speech. regina, joining us from
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independence, kentucky, republican line. caller: hi, good morning. how are you? dennis: well, thank you. caller: great. it is good to be able to talk with you. i happen to be someone who works at one of the campuses, and i agree totally -- being a conservative, there is no way in the world we can even say anything. there is an automatic assumption that everyone agrees that we are all liberals, so therefore, automatically, your freedom of speech is shut down right there. but one of the things that is concerning to me -- i hear turning point usa and a lot of different conservative groups of young people, and it is horrible, what is happening to them. when they go out just to get people to register to vote or they have their booth set up,
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and how these other students are just attacking them, pouring things on them, turning over their tables, jumping on them. i don't understand why this is not being reported by the mainstream media, all the violence that is happening -- dennis: well, that's right. the mainstream media has no interest in reporting this. this is another tragedy in america. we don't deal with in the film. it is just a tragedy. the jaundiced news one gets in the mainstream media. these things that happen on campuses are minimally reported. you are right. it is a tragedy. that is why a person who is intellectually honest has to be aware of talk radio, has to be aware of fox news as well as cnn, has to be aware of of the "wall street journal" editorial page and the many wonderful websites. i subscribe to "the new york
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times." i read "the washington post" every day. i want to know what the other side says -- although it is not difficult, because i went to school. you can't avoid knowing what the left thinks. nevertheless, i really do want to know what they have to say. you who are on the left, you need to know what we have to say. we have a lot of truths like this that you are not aware of. i will give you an example. i was on bill maher's show a couple weeks ago and mentioned that now, the left has announced that men menstruate. bill maher and the entire audience, hundreds of people, laughed at me as if i had made it up. but of course, if you go to huffington post, huffpost, as it is now known -- if you go to procter & gamble -- i mean, it is ubiquitous, the statement that men menstruate. it is all over the internet. that is what little kids are now
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taught. men menstruate, but the average person on the left does not yet know about this unbelievable statement. but they will, and as soon as they learn about it, they will say men menstruate. steve: let me turn to "the new york times," the front page -- story in the newspaper as the aide disclosed a meeting wtih ukraine withbout the president. this is what it looks like. i want to share with you their reporting. the right the following. "john bolton, the president's national security advisor, met privately with the president back in august as part of his bid to persuade the president to release $391 million in security assistance to ukraine. that according to a senior counsel aid who told house impeachment investigators last month. the meeting, which has not been previously reported, came as mr. bolton sought to marshal the president's cabinet secretaries as well as the top security advisors to convince president trump it was in the best
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interest of the u.s. to unfreeze the funds to help defend the ukraine defend itself against russia." , who left the white house in september, has emerged, over weeks of interviews, as the single most important witness who has evaded house democrats as they build a case against the president and the abusive powers of the presidency by withholding vital military assistance until -- and a coveted white house meeting with ukraine until it delivered investigations that the president wanted. the new disclosure, only making clear the significance of john bolton's potential testimony." your reaction? dennis: two things that i would like to note. one is -- and i do not know why this is not dispositive -- the president of ukraine and ambassador taylor, in the three meetings with the president of ukraine, testified that this is true.
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never mentioned it. never knew that he was being squeezed. if you are unaware that you are being squeezed, then i think most of the time one would say one is not being squeezed. that the president may have intended that is of no great interest to me and is not impeachable. people's intentions are not the same thing is people's behavior. i think there was a four-month holding up of ukrainian aid. i might add another thing that the press does not deem worthy of noting. this president, president trump, gave far more lethal weapons to the ukrainians then the obama administration did, which basically gave them food and the like. if the president intended to use this as a weapon to get what he wanted -- i cannot read his
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mind. he may well have -- but in fact, nobody knew about it. so if a guy intends on cheating on his wife, but he does not cheat on his wife, then we really do not judge him on his intention. maybe god does, but we don't. steve: the president with a tweet a short while ago, we are monitoring his tweets at @ realdonaldtrump, praising elise stefanik, representative from upstate new york, calling her a new star. there is also a link to the c-span video. gary joins us from connorsvi lle, indiana. caller: good morning. i want to point out two quick things, if i may. i'll make it as quick as i can. first of all, yes, it is freedom of speech we have here, but it is one thing to have freedom of speech, but it is a whole other
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thing as to whether or not you can be -- whether or not certain things you say or do have consequences, and damned if they don't. i'll give you a couple of quick points. there was this restaurant we had in town, and the manager was lambasting her employees and calling them retarded idiots and things like that -- i don't see how the heck she kept from getting fired. that is just one example of that. then you've got coaches who dog officiating parties, and they can get suspended or fined. my second point. i would like for you to give me a response to both of them. what about this rubbish, this money is speech. i fail to see where that works. money is not speech. money is just a means of exchange and that is it. that is just an excuse
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conservatives use further their own ends. steve: we will get a response. dennis: on the latter issue, i am sure he is referring to the supreme court decision, which gave corporations free speech in allowing them to use money, but it also allowed labor unions to do that. if this gentleman thinks labor unions should not be allowed to contribute money to political campaigns, i think he should know that is his position, and he should state it publicly. they give a great deal of money. also, i don't believe money decides elections as much as others do. all of the reforms that were enacted, like mccain-feingold, all they did was ensure that multimillionaires and even billionaires run for office. because they could spend all the money they want. bloomberg is now in. tom steyer is in. the president is a billionaire.
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that is all it did. all these reforms -- the left is always making reforms and always believing that just get another law, and we will get closer to utopia. in fact, all these laws have made it worse. there are far more millionaires in office today proportionately than ever before in american history. thanks, largely, to people like the caller, who believe in all of these reforms. steve: this is a tweet praising you, dennis prager. please stop saying "men men straight." i say this after wiping up the coffee i just spit out. keep up the great work otherwise. dennis: men have periods according to procter & gamble's product "always," which are pads for women during their period. that is now -- procter & gamble has removed the symbol of the female sex so that it be a
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non-gender-based product, their pads. steve: this text message says you are promoting hate speech, not free speech. your president does not like any speech unless it benefits him. dennis: i have no idea what the woman is talking about. i have no idea. i have written 1000 columns. i have written nine books. i have broadcast for 37 years. we have a billion downloads a year on prager u. i would like her to find one sentence that can be construed as hate. that is all they do is label conservatives -- that is one of the vilest parts of the left. they have cheapened every evil term. when i spoke at the university of wyoming, there was the usual attack on being in the university paper and local paper. i think it was a professor who
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wrote the usual "i am sexist, intolerant, homophobic, racist, bigoted." she added "and an anti-semite." it then came to her tension that not only am i a jew, but i am a founder of a synagogue, written four books in judaism, todd pugh -- taught jewish history. she then dropped that description. steve: this is a text message from susan in tucson. she says dennis's movie is true as we conservatives are kept quiet as our work life is threatened as liberals feel they have the right to say and do anything to conservatives with impunity. i will see this movie again and everyone should. dennis: it is a phenomenal movie and i have no problem saying it. "star" in it along with this
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magnificent comedian and insightful human being. the guys, the directors and producers, they are the ones who get credit for a great movie. it is a movie. it is not just a documentary. it follows our lives. it is a fascinating film. people should see it, especially liberals should see it. ideally leftists would too but they do not see or read anything they do not agree with. liberals would agree with this and there are a lot of liberals in the film. i keep emphasizing. please understand, this is a bigger issue than whether the president held up ukrainian aid. it is infinitely bigger. this is what should be on the front page of "the new york times" every day. another story from another university of another shutdown of alternate ideas. steve: mike is joining us from huntersville, minnesota. independent line, good morning. caller: good morning. i cannot agree with him more on how important free speech is, but my question is why do we
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have a president and some congressman that tear people down and attack them verbally and get away with it? aren't there laws against that? dennis: there aren't laws against it. there are elections against it. if you do not like with the president does, you can vote for his opponent. that is the way it works. please understand, before donald trump may have ever thought about being president or running for president, the left has been smearing everyone that differs. this goes back to when stalin called trotsky a fascist. this is not new. in my life, i have studied leftism. i was at the russian institute at columbia university. i studied under the national security advisor president carter. i studied russia. i know the left. the left does not have truth as a value. conservatives and liberals do, but the left never does. it never did.
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they smear everyone they differ with. that is why this woman could write that i am an anti-semite. we have a google project veritas has a picture of an email in email, and internal describing ben schapiro, jordan peter, and prager u as nazis. ben shapiro is a jew. jordan peterson is as fine a human being as i have ever had the honor of being with. prager u is run by me and others and i'm a jew, and a very committed jew at that. that is what they do. that is why the word nazi does not mean anything anymore. they have raped all of these terms. them and i'med sorry to use that term. i do not know of a better term. nazi now means whoever the left does not agree with. that is -- racist -- the same
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thing with racist. all whites are racist -- that is what they say. it is a grandiose lie. all whites are racist? i know a lot of whites. i don't know racist. onei'm sorry. maybe they hide it from me when we converse. steve: this is from carl in michigan, saying free speech, the right to speak. the speaker has the right to speak and listeners have the right to speak against them. you can continue to send us a text message at (202) 748-8003. tell us your first name and where you are texting us from. victoria joining us from oregon, democrats line. good morning. good morning, i am a 75-year-old still practicing registered nurse. i think i am a christian. i really believe the 10 commandments are underrated. we should be seeing them on billboards and on the sides of moving vans and all around the country.
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i think we should live by them. unfortunately, i think our president has broken at least four of them so that really discourages me as a christian. i am kind of keeping track and i wonder how many more he will be breaking during his term. steve: victoria, thank you. we will get a response. dennis: we certainly agree on the primacy of the 10 commandments. i also believe, as a religious jew in my case -- and i might just mention that i am putting out a five volume commentary on the torah, the first five books of the bible called the rational bible. it has been the best-selling commentary on the bible in america. even costco sells it. this woman would love it. i could only say something i have said well before donald trump became president. it is none of my damn business,
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sorry for the language, but i not ao say it, whether or politician has been faithful to his wife or her husband. unfortunately, in real life, that has zero bearing on whether a human being can be a good leader. since the woman is bible-centered, she certainly remembers that god was very keen on king david, who not only committed adultery, but had a husband killed so he could take the woman as his wife after committing adultery with her and that god shows a prostitute to -- chose a prostitute to lead the israelites into canaan. i think there are a lot of messages there. that is between a person and their spouse and god. it is none of our business. jimmy carter, to the best of our knowledge, was totally faithful to his wife. i think he was a terrible president. there is zero connection between fidelity and ability to lead. i wish there were. then i would just have to know. whoever is faithful gets my vote.
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a long time ago, i grew up and i decided to recognize reality. reality is exactly as i just described it. there is no connection between fidelity and excellence in leadership. steve: this is from linda. another text message. she lives in illinois. "everyone is for free speech until they hear things they don't like, don't want to hear. i do not know anyone who smears others more than president trump," saying you do not want to hear people who disagree with his viewpoint. how do you respond to linda? dennis: i don't want to hear people who disagree with president trump? did i hear that correctly? steve: she is saying that the president smears people more than anyone else and that you do not want to hear people disagree with his viewpoint. dennis: ok, there are two separate issues. the president does not smear people more than anyone else. the left smears people exponentially more than the president does because the left is so much larger.
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the charging that all whites are racist is made at virtually every university. the charge that anybody who believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman is a hater is made at every university and every liberal forum. in fact, chick-fil-a did not open in san antonio airport. the government shutdown chick-fil-a's ability to exist at san antonio airport because the owner believes in the bible's view of marriage. and he has done nothing -- he hires gays. he serves gays. no gay has ever suffered because of his view. but he cannot even have that view. there is no comparison between the president's smears and the smears of the left. they are thousands -- a million times greater. steve: alex is joining us in
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lake charles, louisiana, our line for independents. caller: good morning. i went to a public university as an undergraduate. i was fortunate to experience a fairly robust exercise of the first amendment. i attended a private university in the northeast for graduate school and it was obviously far more restrictive. while i think it is important to recognize a nonprofit organization's own first amendment right to a separate, private, distinct legal entity, do you think there is something to be said about the shilling of first amendment rights and private institutions, as well as the number of tax exemptions they receive on the federal and state level? show less text -- state level? dennis: ok, i did not quite follow it as a question. i -- government aid to colleges is dependent on many things.
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president obama initiated the spectacularly un-american and unfair idea that you are guilty until proven innocent with sex assault charges on campuses. campuses were told that the government would withhold funds if they do not pursue more sexual assault charges at the campuses. obviously, where there are federal funds, they could be tied to anything. should they be tied, if that was one of the questions, to whether or not a school honors free speech? maybe so. my personal view is -- as there is separation between church and state, there ought to be a separation between church and education. the government's interference and education has had some benefits, like in cancer research. otherwise, it has not been healthy.
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public schools today teach kids from the age of five that there is no such thing as a boy and a girl. teachers all over the country, from the age of five, in kindergarten, are told not to call their students boys and girls. inse are things not reported "the new york times" and if they are, they are on page 836. but these are big deals. i find it hard to imagine that any non-left-wing person would be happy if they knew what their kids are being taught in kindergarten. steve: you're joining us from los angeles. let me remind our listeners on c-span radio this program is also carried live on sirius xm potus, channel 124 and on the bbc parliament channel in great britain. we welcome our viewers in the united kingdom on this sunday afternoon. where is your home base? dennis: my home base is los angeles. -- home station is am 879l
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870. it is carried from noon until 3:00 eastern time, 9:00 in the morning pacific time. it is all around the country. not in every city, but it is easily found. i really invite liberals and even leftists to listen for a week. at least have an idea of what we hear -- four years in college, four years in high school, and now eight years in elementary school, namely, the other side. you tell me if you hear hate. i have had so many conservative events as a lecturer. would be -- well, they are recorded, but i wish people would view them. you do not hear hate. this notion, it is all a lie. this is a grandiose lie. basically, it has come down to if you differ from the left, you are a hater. 90% of the country's hatred
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comes from the left. it is a phenomenon that people have to understand. they are angrier. i mean, it -- look. here is a very sad reality. if a woman is a happy woman, she is more likely to be conservative than liberal. because conservatives in every poll are happier. and you know why? we are grateful. we are grateful, for example, to be american. there is not a leftist i know of -- not liberals -- there is not a leftist who would say i am grateful to be an american. a black who says i'm grateful to be american votes republican. a woman who says that votes republican. a jew who says that votes republican in the vast majority of cases. anyway, this is all tying into please listen to things like my show or read what we have to say.
1:12 am
at the worst for us, you will be a better debater. steve: if they want to follow you on social media, how can they do so? dennis: well, the best way to follow me is through i don't tweet nearly as much as my wife wants me to. i have to admit, that is the one great divide in my household. she is a big twitter follower and feels i am remiss. and i remiss. am i admit it. i will begin as a result of this program. i will re-inaugurate that. but they should go to we have a billion downloads -- a billion views a year from all over the world and 65% of the viewers are under 35 years of age. if you would walk with me in an airport, you would see if young -- it is young people come over to me for a selfie. it is touching. it is so calm, rational, even
1:13 am
loving, but not left, and they have never been subjected to this. this is all new. our videos are new. i mentioned to the university of wyoming. my subject was "why socialism makes you selfish." i think morally. the basis of all of my thinking is good and people, right and -- good and evil, right and wrong. i am a deeply religious human being. i think god wants us to be good. that is the biggest belief of my life. that is why i am conservative. i want to conserve the values of the founders, who were great men. yes, they had slaves, but that was normal in those days. you don't judge people by today. you judge people by what they did in that time. they created one of the few societies to abolish slavery in the 19th century. that is how you judge it. capitalism is the only thing that has elevated billions of people from poverty. how can you love people and be anti-capitalist?
1:14 am
it is not possible. if you love people, you cannot love socialism. steve: let me jump in on that point. a new poll says 70% of millenials say they would vote for a socialist. 64% of gen z. dennis: that's right. steve: then you look at the baby boomer generation -- only 36% would vote for a socialist candidate. why such a disparity among millennials? dennis: because they have been indoctrinated rather than educated. that is what happens now from elementary school through college. they are indoctrinated. because there is no rational, moral basis to vote for a socialist. it is a despicable idea. it sounds beautiful. capitalism sounds selfish, but how they sound is not what matters. you judge things by their results. capitalism lifts people from poverty. capitalism creates wealth. the human norm is poverty. the only serious question is not
1:15 am
why are there poor people, but why are there nonpoor people. that is the only morally serious question one can ever ask. the answer is because of capitalism. people are free to create and buy and sell without the state telling them what to do. it is a tragedy what you just noted. it shows the effectiveness of the left-wing's takeover of education. steve: we have lauren joining us from alexandria, minnesota, republican line. >> good morning. i am a scumbag leftist politician the other day that called all of us trump supporters scumbags and then they hollered about trump -- that would be all over the news if trump would say something like that and she got away with it. i have not heard another word about it and i heard it right in my own ears. she called us trump supporters scumbags.
1:16 am
they are accusing president trump of smearing the ambassador to ukraine. will they, the democrats, have smeared him and his family since the day he got in office and they are still smearing him. so what is the big deal? trump says one thing and they bash the hell out of him. maxine waters calls us scumbags. so thank you. bye. steve: dennis prager? dennis: well, look. i said exponentially the left has hurled epithets more. there is no equivalence to what the left did to brett kavanaugh, an utterly decent, one of the finest people you can imagine. family centered, community centered, decent man. he was -- his name was so dirtied by the left. they do that everybody. i don't like a lot of the president's tweets.
1:17 am
i fully acknowledge that. the president is not, in this regard, representative of the conservative approach to language. the left-wing approach to language is universal. we will smear you until we destroy you. that is a modus operandi of the left. i wrote a column -- i write a column every week, as well. in national review, jewish world review, and on my own website every week. about 10 years ago, i wrote a column -- because i do not only talk about politics. i have happiness hour. i have written a book on happiness. i care about everything in life. i wrote a column saying if you love your husband and he is a
1:18 am
good man, please know how important sex is to most husbands. even on occasion, if you are not in the mood, you might want to consider having relations with your husband, even if you are not in the mood. hopefully, he will get you in the mood and hopefully, you will be happy you did. that is the gist of the article that is on the internet. people can read it. i am not the only one to say this. many psychologists and family therapists say the same thing. because in general, i do not believe you should ever be guided just by mood. we should be guided by our mind and values. not by our moods. anyway, a guy and huffington post said i advocated marital rape. you put in dennis prager marital rape, you will get to tens of thousands of hits. they do not deal with my column. they said i advocated marital rape. this is daily on the left. that is all they do. that is why whenever i have
1:19 am
debated them, i have won. they do not know what we think. we know what they think. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have a basic question to this guest. what is your definition of hate speech? what is your definition of free speech? do you have examples of those that were used by hitler? what is your definition of liberal? you keep throwing that turnaround. what is your definition of leftist? steve: thank you, pamela. dennis: the last one was what is my definition of what? steve: your definition of hate speech was the overriding issue. dennis: sure. it is not a term i tend to use because it is a completely subjective call. hate speech is -- i would add a very important word, "gratuitous." i hate nazis.
1:20 am
is that hate speech? i hate communists. i hate rapists. is that hate speech? i used the word "hate." if this woman were on the line, i would love to know what she would say to that. the real, honest explanation of what people refer to as hate speech is immoral hate speech or gratuitous hate speech. where you get up and say -- if someone would say i hate all blacks or all jews or all whites. that is hate speech. should it be allowed? yes, it should be allowed. that is why i gave the example nazis marching in skokie, and the aclu supported their rights to do so and so did most jewish organizations. that is real hate and even that
1:21 am
is allowed in america. how do you draw that line? what you consider hate -- if somebody says i am against affirmative action based on race or gender for colleges because it hurts those people, it does not really help them, it hurts them, they are called haters. with the left does is it freezes speech. no student ever here's a cogent moral argument against race-based affirmative action. steve: let me ask you to explain this headline from your friend, who says "i will run for office if no safe spaces costar dennis prager does all of the heavy lifting." dennis: that was hilarious. i do not know who came up with the idea. we both live in california. someone came up with the idea that i run for governor, or we -- one of us run for governor in one of us runs for lieutenant governor. he said he will run for lieutenant governor if i do the heavy lifting is governor. however, i did flirt with running for office in the course of my career.
1:22 am
i just know my nature. i have no interest in having power over people. that is one of the reasons i am a conservative. i don't trust people with power. the left does. the left wants more and more power centralized in the state. i am against it. i want to influence people. that is my dream. i think i do. i want to do more. i have no desire to have power over anybody. steve: we thank you for joining us on this sunday morning. if people want to follow you on the web, they can do so how? dennis:,, and @dennisprager. those are the three ways, and please enjoy the work. none of it is hate. it is all predicated on my deepest belief in life. god wants us to be good. steve: we thank you for being with us this sunday. please come back again.


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