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tv   Washington Journal 12102019  CSPAN  December 10, 2019 9:19am-10:00am EST

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should just get over it. decidens do not get to american elections anymore, not by themselves, not without foreign help. for the members of congress, this is not a question of fact because the facts are not seriously contested. it is a matter of duty. the articles put forward today will give a chance to show that we will defend the constitution and that our oath mean something to us. thank you, mr. chairman. >> speaker? obstruction of justice, why include that? >> thank you. -- the american people?
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>> are you ok with leaving mueller -- host: just about a 15 minute presentation by both the chairs of the house judiciary and house intelligence committee on unveiling those two articles of impeachment, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power. and you heard the democrats lay out why they wanted to do that. up until the time at 10:00, your what you think about the announcement and what goes forward. you can call us on the line. (202) 748-8001 republicans, (202) 748-8000 democrats. independents, (202) 748-8002. if you want to text us, do so at (202) 748-8003, and when you do, just post your name, your city, and your estate, and we will see
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if we can weave them in. you can post on our social media atesat -- sites . everything done about impeachment is available on rcc -- our c-span websites. if you go to our site, there is a box in the corner that lines of all of the activity and information that we have taken in. go to to do that. the president of the united states is expected to attend a rally tonight in hershey, pennsylvania in which he will probably address the events of today and you can hear the perspective at 7:00 this evening on c-span2. you can follow along at, and monitor it on our c-span radio app. this, hearts us off on
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is in oklahoma on the democrat line. caller: hi, and thank you for having me on. i have been paying very close , not only to the hearings but the actual -- president trump. you really almost have to take it all together. i am talking about someone who has a charity closed by the courts, someone who did not serve his country when the time came. now you have these impeachment charges, and this is what they have come up with considering that trump has blocked witnesses will notng to testify, release very critical documents that basically proves he is guilty. if you have the power to hide the evidence that would prove your guilt, that is obstruction. it is very clear.
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history of had a this kind of behavior, and it is just continuing. host: that is joseph in oklahoma. let's hear from maryland, republican line. dave. caller: hi, thank you for taking my call. little amissed at some of the rationale at the citizens of the united states who are saying when they look at this. the domino call before me is saying that because he refused to allow witnesses to go into testify, that he is obstructing. that is not really what actually happened. he went to the courts to prevent his personnel from testifying because of the way in which those witnesses were being called, and the fact that he could not call his own witnesses. host: are you there? caller: yes, can you hear me.
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with the presentation that schiff just gave, i wish the press would call him out on just --. misrepresenting things. he says that none of the evidence was contested -- that is what has been happening for the last several days and weeks, the evidence is contacted. -- contested. there are witnesses that contradict one another. if that is not contested evidence, i don't know what is. the: if you go back to hearing yesterday come republicans presented their own counsel to rebuke the evidence brought forth by the democratic counsel. you can see all of that and here all the back-and-forth at the hearing yesterday when you go to jason in texas, independent line. caller: let me start off by saying thank you for what you are doing. it is very important and i appreciate it.
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it has been fun seeing the democrats putting out factual information with credible witness statements, timelines, and then we hear jim jordan talk about how he did not protect those beliefs. it is a fun situation. host: let's go to john mcardle. power andse of obstruction of congress. here is how it is playing out on members' twitter pages over the past five or 10 minutes since the announcement. judiciaryf the committee and the intelligence committee saying the impeachment evidence is in and the president is abusing his office of personal gain and obstructing congress. in doing so, he jeopardizes our national security and integrity of our democracy. this is eve at clark, democrat from new york -- in -- yvette clark, nobody is above
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the law. this is from congressman rick larsen, democratic leaders unveiled two articles of impeachment. no reason to celebrate here, he says. and then from the republican side of the aisle, this is disgusting -- with this disgusting impeachment charade, house democrats have proved themselves guilty of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. and from another republican, the only abuse of power is the democrats and what they have done in this sham-peachment. the hiding of a whistleblower. a complete hoax, that is what congressman rick crawford said, and this from senator marsha blackburn. impeachments' obsession is about one thing -- ensuring that president trump is not reelected.
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one last note -- the house members of the various committees making this announcement on capitol hill today on a day where the president's daughter, ivanka trump, is on the hell talking to house republicans. talking to house republicans. speaking, saying hearing from and by we i mean, is republicans, are united like never before. thank you president trump. saying to the president, you can send us ivanka anytime. host: off of twitter, you saw the chair or heading out not taking questions from reporters. they reported, that the chair went to nancy pelosi's office and continued to decline to answer questions. dan in alexandria, virginia. caller: thank you for taking my call. to the gentleman
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earlier who said that democrats did not give republicans a chance to call their own witnesses and so on and so forth. from my understanding, the democrats followed the rules that were adopted when john boehner was speaker of the house to a t. if anyone has a problem with the process the democrats followed, it is a republican process that they followed. saytionally, i just want to , the other item that has come up is whether or not the facts have been contested and from my perspective, the facts have not actually been contested by republicans. has beenfacts mean contested, perhaps, but it is true that trump has been blocking witnesses from testifying. and it objectively true, is objectively true that that is obstruction of congress, so i do not see
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what is up for debate. host: silver spring, maryland, paul is next. caller: republicans united like never before. i think all of the republicans are looking [inaudible] you have to forget trump and just move on past trump, man. i don't understand it. trump --t move fast past trump, it is a joke. i have been around the world, let's just move on past trump, man. we have a good thing going on in this country. i am so happy to be here. please. we just do not need donald trump. host: independent line from david in clearwater, florida. caller: good morning. impeachment inquiry and
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everything surrounding it has been field with emotions and -- filled with emotions and opinion rather than direct, corroborating fact that anything was intentional and that the president's job itself internationally has somehow threatened our country. me, i have not seen anything or read anything that would say that was so. democratsin mind, the are tearing our country apart, or at least trying to, and it is completely one sided. or protectionism by the democrats for their own politicaltheir own
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reasoning for the 2020 election, it is not an impeachable offense for president trump. ande is nothing there controlling the narrative has gotten to a point where the narrative has virtually been lost. host: leanne in oregon, democrat line. caller: good morning. coast democrats, we are going to take trump down. be donewhat he needs to west,. -- with, period. quick reaction from the trump team, the statement from the 2020 trump campaign with the statement on the articles of impeachment.
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for months, he said, nancy pelosi said she would not move forward on impeachment because it was too divisive and needed bipartisan support. onlyit is divisive, but the democrats are pushing it, so she is doing it anyway. democrats are putting on his political theater because they do not have a viable candidate for 2020 and they know it. of bloombergn noting that campaign statement, the quick release. and also, pbs news noting that the white house will soon be releasing a statement. it will likely be blasting democrats announcement of their impeachment. white house aide already started by telling me that democrats took this action from the perspective of coast elites. that was the white house correspondent from pbs news. we will keep looking for reaction, but we will bring it to you. host: we will hear next from sarah, on the republican, good
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morning. caller: good morning. i am just upset, i cannot believe this is happening. they have not even opened up anything into biden, anything with hillary. hillary is now on the top of the mind, and it is killing our country. we are destroying the people, the nation, other countries, and i have lived in other countries, and i know what it is like to be under a ruler and socialism. this is not fair. it is not fair for our president, for our country, and even -- they would not answer any questions today. new: that is sarah in jersey. back to john mcardle. he tweeted just about 40 seconds ago, the president focusing on u.s.m.c.a. and the trade deal in his first tweet since the announcement of the
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two articles of impeachment. at 9:32the president a.m. america's great u.s.m.c.a. trade bill is looking good. it will be the best and most important trade deal ever made by the usa. good for everybody -- farmers, manufacturers, energy, unions -- tremendous support. importantly, we will finally and our countries worth trade deal, nafta. president trump sending his son in law down to mexico i made the last ages of these negotiations along with his trade negotiator robert lighthizer, so we are expecting more news within the next couple of hours. host: white house acting chief anstaff mick mulvaney at event, and he was quoted as saying, i will not testify but i will remind everybody what gordon sondland said, which she very rarely talks to me and had trouble getting me on the phone.
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we will go to democrat line. caller: hello. watching your show on c-span and i just want to comment. calls himself a president needs to be out of office. a blind man can see this stuff is just wrong. we don't need this. -- patrick is next in kansas, republican line. caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. i am a former law professor and i was watching this on c-span because i am retired. professor turley made a lot of sense to me. even though he is a democrat and did not vote for the president, i think his vote was that there and abuse of power and it is congress doing it. it is setting a precedent that if you do not like a president and he is of the opposing party,
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you spring a nebulous charge like abuse of power under which you can throw anything that you want -- the kitchen sink. and bring him out for charges of impeachment. smear him and lessen his chances of reelection. the second thing i wanted to say is, i think that it is just kind of unfair all the way around. the president is facing the thatrats, a hostile media is nothing more than a foraganda oregon -- organ the democratic party, and then the deep state. in everything he tries to do, some partisan judges appointed by president obama, undo because orders andthese issue them with national implications to overturn any of his executive actions. host: that is patrick and kansas and he mentioned jonathan turley who testified last week on the issue of impeachment. onwas on our program
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november 18 as well talking about the same topic. if you are interested in seeing his appearance on the show before he testified with either of the events on our website at delaware is next with republican line, we will hear from mara. caller: good morning. i am very discouraged about the brought abouting by the democrats over the past two and a half years consistently. i realized today listening to adam schiff that there is such an appearance of desperation on the part of the democrats. desperation can be a dangerous thing. including alcrats green have suggested that this will continue for months and , really, necessary really is upsetting to me and it
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should be to everyone in the united states, all citizens because this is a process, one of the most important and our government that should be more organized and more respectful, and certainly not to take on the aura of years. it is very discouraging and i just want to say that that is how i feel in this moment. from that is mara delaware. she mentioned adam schiff, the house intelligence committee chairman who spoke at the event and also speaking at the event was the chair of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler. [video clip] chairman nadler: today in service to our duty on the , the housen judiciary committee is introducing two articles of impeachment charging the president of the united states, donald j. trump, was committing high crimes and misdemeanors. is for abuseicle
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of power. fors an impeachable offense the president to exercise the powers of his public office to obtain an improper, personal benefit while ignoring or injuring the national interest. that is exactly what president trump did when he solicited and to election,aine thus damaging our national security, undermining the integrity of the next election, and violating his oath to the american people. these actions are consistent with president trump's previous invitation the foreign interference in our 2016 presidential election. caught, when the house investigated and open and impeachment inquiry, president trump engaged in unprecedented
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categorical, and indiscriminate defiance of the impeachment inquiry. this gives rise to the second article of impeachment for obstruction of congress. here too, we see a familiar pattern from president trump's misconduct. a president who declares himself above accountability, above the american people and above congresses power of impeachment which is meant to protect against threats to our democratic institution is a president who sees himself as above the law. we must be clear. ,o one, not even the president is above the law. host: here is monica from sacramento, california. and merryod morning, christmas to the united states of america. i am a registered independent and i just wanted to say that if
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i were being accused of all of these crimes, i know i would vigorously defend myself. i would give them every piece of paper, i would have witnesses testify on my behalf, and i would also like to say that i believe that the democrats are doing the right thing in regards to donald trump's behavior. he has acted badly and it is embarrassing to all of us. out thereon anyone who is not taking serious the evidence which has been presented to us in a methodical way. in a convincing way. trulywas really, innocent, he would be defending himself. e fromyvonn san francisco, california. caller: it just amazes me when
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people call in and refused to see this truth. it hurts my heart. we are all americans and we should not be fighting like this. we should come together and do the right thing. and everyone can see that trump is lying. why wouldn't he turn over all of the evidence if he was not lying? it does not make sense. john: more reaction and another tweet from the president, his second tweet from the announcement -- since the announcement, focusing on u.s.m.c.a., and focusing on bipartisanship. goodg, it is looking very democratic support for u.s.m.c.a.. that would be great for our country. the president tweeting that 9:35, just a couple of minutes after his other tweet focusing on u.s.m.c.a.. this from the pbs news white house correspondent and she writes, the mood at the white house right now is one of inevitability. a white house aide it tells me
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quote "they should have done this a year ago. this is what they have always wanted to do. they just don't like him. it is all about overturning the result of the 2016 election." the idea of elites coming up in this tweet from mark a walker, focusing on liberal democrats from california and new york who are trying to overturn the election. his tweet saying that speaker pelosi is leading a team of liberals from two states in the impeachment sham. you can see the map that he tweeted out, five of the committee chair that were up at that press conference with nancy pelosi -- if you cannot see the map, it was jerry nadler, maxine waters, mary maloney, adam schiff, and richard engel. makene person who did not that map was richard neal. he is only california, not new
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york member there, he is out of massachusetts. another tweet from steve scalise noting that the democrats have unveiled their quote "baseless partisan articles of impeachment." he writes, they have no case for impeachment. no bribery. no quid pro quo. no abuse of power. the facts are not on their side. this is a pathetic political mission to try to rake the 2020 against donald trump. and if you want to hear more of al green, you can watch the floor coming up, and he will address the articles of impeachment likely in the one minute speeches at the beginning of the day on the house floor, but he did not taste typically where, but that would be a good guess of when you will hear from al green this morning. and this from congresswoman debbie dingell, michigan, democrat saying the articles of impeachment are very serious and
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will receive my thorough consideration. all of us and congress have a moral responsibility. no one is above the rule of all, not even the president. host: from madison, wisconsin, republican line. gary, go ahead. caller: good morning and thank you for letting me on. i have to tell you, it does not -- lookot to figure out at the economy. we have the best economy in and what is this man really done to anybody? you, i, for one, think he is the best president we have ever had any united states in years.
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go ahead, finish your thought. host: -- go ahead and finish your thought. caller: he is the best president we have ever had and i am sick and tired of these democrats. they are so corrupt. to ralph ando hillside, new jersey. democrat line. caller: yes, how are you? host: fine. caller: they need to look at the whole scheme. this did not happen on one phone call, but this happened the whole entire month. first they had to smear yuvanovitch to get her out of ukraine, and they had to put the andr three in there, then they had to start pressuring zelensky. they have to look at the entire scheme of what this man has done. have a great government and
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we have a democracy here. there are people dying all over the world right now, in the streets, in different countries, trying to fight for the democracy. we cannot allow any president to act like a king. tocannot allow any president not adhere to subpoenas. to not adhere to the congress. we have three equal parts of government and we have to keep it that way. if we want to keep our democracy, we have to fight for and we have to protect it. host: that is ralph. letter from deborah in new york. -- let's hear from deborah in new york. caller: it is interesting to hear all the different opinions and that is what our democracy is about. aen i ran for office on hometown scale and was in office , for aht years and then gentleman that was running many years ago. what i wanted to say to everyone
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, i want you toat read your constitution, i want you to read your declaration of independence. you to go back and see how the two parties were formed. and then you will get a better gist of what is going on. i vote that whoever runs for office who i think is then going to represent me. and that is what i base it on. host: so what do you think about the articles that were laid down as far as abuse of power and obstruction of justice -- structure of congress, i should say? , iler: to be very honest have watched this whole thing and i have been so fascinated by i, and i truly feel, and like
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said, if the american people were really educated and read about society, because you asked them on the streets, they have no clue about our history. they have no clue about our constitution our declaration. host: because you say that, you read the constitution, because of what has been presented by the democrats, what is wrong with it? caller: what is wrong with going on in the process is that having close the doors. having close the doors from the committee, and not having the other side. it has not been fair. i am telling you, this is not been fair. host: for the republicans were also present at those close the door committees, and they can also have those questions, too. caller: but has it happened? it has not happened. two little kids playing in a sandbox. one is throwing sand in the other one's face, and they do
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not like it. we are paying them. we are their employers, we are paying them. will go to marshall in tampa, florida. mcgrath line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just wanted to start off by saying i have been very fortunate enough to watch all of ,hese hearings live on c-span and as a relatively young voter, i just, i am amazed at how the republicans have shown that they are putting their party over the country. they have closed their eyes and their ears that might disparage and look bad upon them and their party. i know it has been said, but if this was on the other foot, the republicans would be the one screaming and hollering to hold this person accountable. host: when you said about the republicans, how so?
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give me an example. caller: they refused to accept the fact that this, all of these hearings they have been bringing up, the whistleblower, for example, the whistleblower's account and testimony became moot the moment that donald trump his call memorandum. as soon as he released the call memorandum, it verified most of what the whistleblower said. you do not go after the bank teller who rang the silent alarm during a bank robbery. it is very simple. that,hey are focusing on thinking that he had something the president. that whistleblower is a patriot and has stood up more for this country than every single republican in the house and senate. host: let's hear from roberts, kingsport, tennessee. independent line. caller: good morning, thank you
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for taking my call. i just want to say first that i have never been very political. so, the last two months -- host: if you are by a window or open space, can you move, you're picking up a bit. caller: sorry about that. host: no problem. caller: the last few months, i've seen on twitter following ,he previous fbi and cia agents who are working very hard to bring down what i consider to be the underlying cause of all of this which is transnational, organized crime. seemingly, it seems to be on [indiscernible] thehe very top of it and at
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other side it is putin. in the 1990's, russia became a mob controlled state. putin, what he did was hook up together with the russian mafia. nothingow, i have against the russian people because i think they are just oppressed us some other people in the world. host: how to do relate to the events of today? caller: there is a lot more going on that most of the american people does not realize. the impeachment is just the tip of the iceberg. attacks on the's justice department and the firing of comey is his attempt to keep control of the fbi and stop the sanctions on the mob money. host: let's hear from walter, staten island, new york. democrat line. caller: good morning.
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you have some very good collars on today, so i wanted to talk about is number one, the constitution is a very good pamphlet, read it. the supreme law of the country. understand theto language, and the language is somewhat ancient, the federalist papers are there, but on the other hand, the ruckus that went on is represented in the anti-federalist papers. were are people who really not quite as we have today, divided. in thiscracy is divided constitutional government that we have. host: how does that relate to today? caller: very good. i'm just saying, people should do these things so they know how it relates to an impeachment. an impeachment is a simple
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saying where a person gets elected as government -- as chief magistrate, the president, and he does not stay within the realms of the constitution. and that is what has happened. we have a president who has never been in politics, has been a businessman, who has been -- i will not even go into his character, but he does not follow the rules of the supreme law. let's go to rich, rich in new jersey, republican line. caller: good morning. first, let me unpack a few things. this morning, adam schiff lied, giving his press conference. president fixed the first election and is going to fix the 2020 election. that is a complete lie. thepe you show where
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director, chris wray, said back that no votes were changed. hoped, the ig report, i c-span breaks it down in the next week or so -- the ig horowitz cowered under his own allh when he said, they're kinds of violations, 17 or more. sloppy,democrats do it ok, or it was not intentional. and that was just what comey said. i hope you break down for the next week, everything in this ig report, because there is some devastating facts in there. host: we discussed it in our first hour and there is a hearing that takes place wednesday at 10:00 that we will show you, and we will examine it from there. bob in york, pennsylvania. independent line. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call.
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i saw the conference this wasing where pious pelosi out there with the rest of the democrats looking very solemn. it just, it just typifies how bad, as one lady said earlier on the calls -- they are a bunch of kids throwing sand at each other. the democrats have been harassing trump, well before he got elected. this is just another way to get him out. it is just unfortunate. i am not a great fan of trump, either. has guy actually accomplished something through this country with the replacement of nafta, the economy. there are a lot of good things he has accomplished, and to see this -- and i think he is very crude. i am not too impressed with the way he operates and talks, but i think you have to look at what people accomplish and not just politics. florida.port, richie,
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h, i have been watching the proceedings all week and i can tell you, it is a sham. i think the democrats hate this man. this countryore in than obama did in eight years. he has done more to keep us and the economy going. it upsets me that the democrats do not want to play fair. they have everything behind them, they bring up stuff they should not bring up. it is just ridiculous. piggy orblican, ms. ms. pelosi, what i call her, does not know what she is doing. host: let's go to mary in wisconsin, so go ahead. i am not ast of all, coastal elite. i am in wisconsin. i am very thankful that we have people and representatives in
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the washington that are focusing on right and wrong, and i guess my messages to the house of representatives and the senate republicans that -- i ask them to focus on what is right and wrong. i feel it is on their hands that we have such a divided country on this issue, and i think we all need to focus on right and wrong. thank you. host: mary in wisconsin. you can watch all the proceedings from today when you go to our website at including the hearing from yesterday as john mcardle talked about. several events also, when it comes to impeachable, take a look at c-span for that. the president does have a rally tonight at 7:00 and that will be in hershey, bethel vania. -- hershey, pennsylvania. you can see that on c-span two starting at 7:00 and also monitor it on, and you can also follow a courtesy of our c-span radio app


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