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tv   Reaction to U.S. House Impeachment Votes  CSPAN  December 18, 2019 8:53pm-9:05pm EST

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that was in the washington post earlier. it's also been reported by politico. here's a tweet by david drucker of the washington examiner. he got a hold of mitch mcconnell. senate no hurry," said majority leader mcconnell when asked if he cares if the house decides to sit on articles of impeachment rather than immediately sending to senate as some house have urged. that's reporting by the washington post and politico. while we are waiting for speaker pelosi to come to the podium, we want to hear from you.
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chari in hercules, california, go ahead. have been watching all day. i approve of everything the democrats have put forward with the impeachment of donald j. trump from the very beginning. he has been very corrupt and he proved it, as far as i'm concerned, with what he did, which is calls to ukraine. release so innocent, the real call. take it out of the secret server, let everybody hear it, let everybody determine on the voice, theof his inflection of what president zelensky took from it. jeff right here in washington, d.c. republican line. >> thank you for having me on. the big thing i'm curious about right now is the president is in
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michigan doing this very big rally. his approval rating averages around 43%, which is a high. ohio, florida, his numbers are up. the economy, the market this year, the s&p 500, dow jones -- >> what is your conclusion? >> i think the president made it clear that impeachment is a political process. if it's about politics, he will win again in 2020. the democrats are not making the case. they are not moving the needle. >> pottsville, pennsylvania, independent line. >> good evening. i just wanted to call in. i hear a lot about the impeachment word. it is pretty much a done deal. i would like to talk about a couple of words. is the insurance
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policy. that trumpccident in was elected in the first place. they are basically just going through the process of filing their claim. the impeached him, now claim will get a rigorous going through at the senate. what thewondering reaction is going to be of our democratic friends when they get the treatment we just got in the house. >> we are awaiting the democratic leadership in the house and their press conference. just getting word the republicans will not be holding a press conference tonight. let's see if we can get robert of st. paul, minnesota in here before we go live to the house. thanks for having me on the show. say i think it is pretty shameful that people are
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ignoring the facts of what's going on. there's a lot of facts that have been laid out as to what is going on. people have to see it for themselves. it is obvious what's happening. it seems a lot of special keepests are lining up to this charade going as nothing is happening. i think people need to do their research, wake up, and vote for andrew yang in 2020. >> next call is austin from michigan. >> thanks for having me. say i couldn't be democrat thata voted for justin amash when he was up for reelection. i couldn't be more proud of the fact that he stood up to his own party to uphold the constitution while knowing it would damage careers.
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i really hope other republicans him and using him as an example for when they make the decision in the senate. >> who is voting in the republican primary? >> i'm not sure. >> thanks for calling in. shane in northridge, california. independent line. if an impeachment was feel partisan lines, i like it is farce. it was really high crimes misdemeanors. you would think both parties would support it. that's what i wanted to say. >> cynthia is in norfolk, virginia. good evening. good evening. caller: the president did all
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these things. why are the republicans backing him? if it were obama or anyone else, they would have impeached him. why are they so behind this president and overlooking everything? i think it is a tragedy - -a travesty. host: vermont, democrat. caller: i want to say it is a strong statement donald trump is the third president in u.s. history to be impeached. i think it would be a mistake to not remove him. we have seen this is a very partisan issue, and republicans are not willing to budge on the party line, no matter the evidence. i hope he is removed from office. in springfield, massachusetts. independent line. caller: yes, i think this is an
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interesting situation for america. i think it is interesting to see what the situation will be. i think we should be very careful with the situation in china. the chinese put on the table for negotiations with president trump. host: dmitri, have you spent the day watching? caller: no, i just came home from my job. host: we are going to get one more call in. we expect this news conference with democratic leadership to begin any second. please go ahead. caller: we just watched the sham of impeachment, and it is upsetting. they don't know what their end game is. it will go nowhere in the senate. agree on their own platform.
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the only thing they can agree on is they don't like donald trump. they have no evidence. they believe he was trying to hold up aid toward president zelensky, but you can't prove what somebody meant to do when you have no proof. all the witnesses did not confirm any of their beliefs. host: have you watched all day? caller: most of it. i watched the last few hours of it. it was disappointing. i feel disenfranchised, actually. host: any members grab your attention, positively or negatively? caller: i love jordan. when we get control of the great todayns did controlling everything. i really liked the minority
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speech at the end, mccarthy. it was a good comparison to the dinosaur the democrats put that we watched turn to oil on air. host: while he was being impeached, he was live at battle creek. we are carrying that live on c-span2. waiting for nancy pelosi and democrats to hold a news conference. caller: i have been watching for months every day. i am retired. this is not something i took lightly. i am frightened. my keeping up -- by keeping up with it, i don't think the independents have made up their mind -- i don't think they understand the gravity. every sentence, russia and putin is involved. that is scary for my children
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and grandchildren. we are on the verge of becoming a country that is no longer. they are talking about party. this is not about party. this is about americans trying to keep democracy. this has nothing to do with party. host: linda, we are going to leave it there. here is speaker pelosi and the democratic leadership. speaker pelosi: good evening. a great day to the constitution of the united states. that the for america, president's reckless activities necessitated our having to


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