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tv   Washington Journal 12222019  CSPAN  December 22, 2019 7:00am-10:01am EST

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and later, share our strength's lisa davis discusses the group's no kid hungry campaign to combat childhood hunger. andl be taking your calls questions on facebook and twitter as well. "washington journal" is next. ♪ good morning, allies view of the u.s. capital. theress in recess for christmas break. questions continue on when house speaker nancy pelosi will release two articles of approved this last week on a largely partyline vote. it is sunday, december 22. ahead of washington journal, your calls and comments on the impeachment issue and its impact on the president. does it make him stronger, weaker, or are you unsure. if you say it makes him stronger, (202)
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think it makes him weaker. if you are still not sure, (202) 748-8002. we will also read your text messages at (202) 748-8003. tell us your first name and where you are texting from. we are on facebook at happy sunday, happy christmas week, a lot to talk about in the next three hours. i want to talk about some breaking news from north korea. trump careening towards a christmas crisis with north korea. here are some of the details. president trump is pulling out all the stops to convince north korea to return to nuclear talks, delaying married till your -- delaying military exercises and sending a top envoy to the region to reassure jittery allies. democrats are calling on the president to stick to diplomacy and even strive for a limited interim agreement while lawmakers in both parties want the white house to be more transparent about what it knows
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about north korea's nuclear capabilities. dictator, kim jong-un, shows no sign of restarting the talks. his regime has promised the u.s. "an ominous christmas once agains insulting the president as a dough tarred and erratic -- dotard and erratic. news, there is this -- north korea has expanded a factory linked to the production of a long-range nuclear missile, that according to a new analysis of some satellite photographs provided to nbc news that bolsters a growing expectation country soon will resume testing a capability that threatens the united states. commercial satellite images from planet labs showing a temporary structure at the site
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to keep constructing arms, according to jeffrey lewis, director of the east asia nonproliferation program at the middlebury institute of international studies. the new evidence comes as u.s. military officials are increasingly concerned that north korea is poised to to conduct a long-range missile test in the next few days or signal of ainal of double medic talks that president donald trump has hailed as a signature foreign policy achievement. we are still waiting for speaker pelosi to release the two articles of impeachment, abuseof congress, and of power. obstruction of congress, i should say. articles ofy doors impeachment as he rallies young conservatives. he did so yesterday in florida. here is part of what the president said. [video clip] >> we had a lot of no votes, and
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the senate now -- how about that deal? they had nothing. there is no crime. there is no nothing. how do you impeach? you have no crime. the people said nothing. in fact, there is no impeachment. their own lawyers, no impeachment. what are we doing here? the world is watching. crazy nancy, she is crazy. [cheers and applause] she says she has no case, so let's not submitted. that's good, right? that is good. but so unfair. so unfair. she has no case. did they look bad? they got up the same thing, the constitution. they are violating the constitution. [cheers and applause] host: the president yesterday, who is spending the christmas holiday at his estate in mar-a-lago.
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does impeachment make the president stronger or weaker? there are lessons from bill clinton's impeachment 21 years ago. from houston texas, you say it makes the president stronger. why? caller: because the empire -- and tire process has been poorly cobbles together. the premise was wrong to begin with and to try to make a strong building on shifting fans is simply not going to work. the american people, including myself, we all know better than what is going on and the democrats should be ashamed that they have not been able to produce a better case with all the haranguing and the who shot rah for thee rah rah last two years. trump is going to be elected and come back stronger than ever. and so are we. in a from upstate new york lyra, tommy, you say you are unsure. explain. caller: yes, good morning.
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there is so much, [inaudible] a lot of people have benefited financially from trump, but a lot of people have been hurt financially from trump. there is such a divide in this country, just in the lower 48 states. i'm really not sure what is going to happen, you know? that's it, thank you for your time and for taking my call. are asking the question, do you think impeachment makes the president stronger or weaker? the phone lines are open at (202) 748-8000, the line for those of you who say this will make the president stronger. for weaker, (202) 748-8001. the editorial from the wall street journal, the incredible shrinking impeachment. the editorial board of the wall street journal writes as follows -- democrats wrap up these charges in high toned rhetoric about this solemn day," from
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benjamin franklin. but they are essentially impeaching president trump because they despise him and the way he governs. in their wisdom, the american people think have figured all of this out. despite one-sided lobbying by pollspeachment press, show a majority oppose removing mr. trump from office. this might be the reason behind the growing democratic moved to shrink impeachment. by defining impeachment down, they are turning what should be a rare and extraordinary constitutional remedy into a routine tool of partisan warfare. as liberals like to say, liberals will decide in 11 months whether esther trump deserves to remain in office, but they should also keep the impeachment vote very much in mind when they decide if democrats keep the house. james from north carolina. what is your view on all of this? caller: my view is they cannot beat the man by having a regular -- i won't say just a regular
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running of the people, a regular election. so they have to do this underhanded stuff. call.thank you for the walter, you are next from michigan. good morning. caller: yes, hi. how's everyone doing this morning? host: you think impeachment makes the president weaker? caller: i do. i do, because a lot of stuff is coming up. if everything is on the up and up, why can't we see anything? it is just like the mueller report and his taxes and they won't allow witnesses. let's bring everything out in the open. we should demand better from our politicians. we should demand an open book. host: to that point, this editorial from the new york times with an i on the senate trial presumably in january, is that is when it happens.
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otherwise, president trump will deliver his state of the union address on february 24. in february into march. let's go to the new york times editorial, the president deserves a real trial, is the headline. democrats are understandably disturbed by mr. mcconnell stated intent to conduct a trial that is quick and superficial, term, witho coin a an outcome not only preordained but preannounced. looking to slow the rush of injustice, ms. pelosi took the unorthodox step of announcing that she would not send the articles of impeachment to the senate until she was sure the trial would be conducted fairly. only four republicans need to stand up to mr. mcconnell and demand better, if not out of courage and out of fear at the political costs of going along with the sham proceeding. at least three republicans could do the trick with help of chief
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justice john roberts, who will preside at the trial, and must break any tie. beth is joining us from florida. you say it makes the president stronger. why? caller: the whole process is unfair to him. it trial and everything, seemed more like a scam than a trial. it is going to make president trump stronger, because people are going to look at him as being a victim, because of the way the trial was done and performed by nancy pelosi and the democrats. so it will make them stronger. thank you. front page of the new york times, and a doug mills photograph. the republican party under trump offering two options, all in or out. look at the state of the gop and some of the blowback some of those republicans that had disagreements with the president are facing a twitter storm
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@realdonaldtrump. you say it makes the president weaker? explain. caller: as the truth comes out, and i am highly hope that the truth will come out, that this will weaken the president just because the true social a , asruth shall set you free they say. every time you with all witnesses, i do not care whether you are a republican or democrat -- every time you withhold witnesses and information that is pertinent to what is going on , it is going to cause you problems in the end, is my belief. and i firmly think there is some damaging evidence that will come out. host: what type of evidence,? what do you think? i think it is going to come out that in particular, bolton and some of the other top
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forced people have been and it is anything, evident that there are many coverups going on, right? from the mueller report and all through this whole charade, and it is not a charade, but this whole process. host: thank you for the call. checking out some of the comments on our facebook page and those text messages. let me share with you some of them. this is from luanne, who says neither. this is about truth, not strength. this from jim, a tweet -- i would not hold my breath. awaiting a tie vote in the senate. and a second -- dialect disappointment in the first 10 minutes. maybe there is something to this blexit movement.
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the dems seething hatred has weaponize the impeachment process and is dangerous. another facebook message from rebecca -- the juxtaposition of trump holding a rally to a stadium full of people on the same day he was impeached was truly historic. nobody else could have done that. finally this from michael, saying gee, the senate might be acting a bit like the house. isny that the new york times playing its game of let's see a it. and build on make thes it president stronger or weaker? what do you say? caller: thank you for taking my call. engagement makes trump weaker because the people now can know doing, for example, abusing his power. [inaudible]
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greatuld have a relationship with other countries, especially the middle east. for example, iran is a big country, but some do not want it to have a good relationship or [inaudible] arabia behind us in the middle east. host: thank you for the call. here is john, a facebook message. it was meant to make him weaker in 2020, but now we see democrats meeting in congress with trump and switching over to the gop. he goes on to say -- support for impeachment fell after the recent clown show in the house of representatives. nancy pelosi is the one abusing power, not trump. we go back to the new york times editorial, and and -- and an trial in
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january. democrats are refusing to call key witnesses and denying the president due process. their objections were without merit and now they are lining up to do the very thing they find so appalling, refused to take their impeachment responsibilities seriously, sustain the democratic and republican parties long after mr. trump leaves office -- promised to stay in the senate and the republican party long after mr. trump leaves office. good morning. you say it makes the president stronger? caller: yes, steve. good morning and merry christmas. the words stronger and weaker are a comparative, and that means, what is he being compared to? some and most may say he is weaker, but those who are attacking him make themselves much weaker and potentially
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eliminate their political power, as the democrats may be doing and they will find out on november 2. host: thank you for the call. next is charles, joining us from tyler, texas. what is your view? caller: i run a business, i have a lot of people come through. i'm a democrat, but i watched that thing that went on in the congress and i saw no reason why they should impeach him. i've changed republican, and i'm vote republican . a lot of that stuff, you can see through it. if you have common sense, you can listen to what is going on and see through it. i do not understand why they do not get with him and help him. we've got a good strong economy. everything is going well. everybody i know is doing good,
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and they want to cut him down every time they can and get him out of office, and i think they are doing the wrong thing. in november they are going to see they have done the wrong thing. i think maybe we ought to go to one party and cut down those congressmen and only have two --m each state, and no party just congressmen. that way we might eliminate some of this stuff about them biting back and fighting each other, you know? host: charles, thank you for the call. from carol in panama city, it makes him look like the corrupt liar that he is. in this, a man would testify himself and send witnesses on his behalf. guilty as charged, your honor. that is trump. the letter trump sent speaker pelosi, it is posted on our website. it is only the third time in
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u.s. president a sitting u.s. president has been impeached. in the letter, the president wrote the following -- ever since i was elected, the democrats have been -- by impeachment fever. this is not a somber affair. you are making a mockery of impeachment and you are scarcely concealing your hatred of me, the republican party, and tens of thousands of americans. i have no doubt that the american people will hold you in the democrats fully responsible in the upcoming 2020 election. they will not forgive your perversion of justice and your abuse of power. william is joining us from missouri. good morning. caller: hi, good morning. thank you, c-span. i'm sure, i just don't think that it makes him stronger or weaker. basically, when he stated he
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could shoot someone on fifth avenue and not lose a single vote, he was correct. it is all about branding, -- gasligng, gas lightin hting. it is a situation where no , hisr what is happening base will not believe it -- a lot of distraction, a lot of spin, propaganda, only one source of news. host: based on that, william, what do you expect to happen in the senate trial?what will you be looking for ? the same as merrick garland -- mitch mcconnell has pretty much stated as much -- that will happen. you must not transfer the
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articles of impeachment to a jury you know to be biased. he thought he stated there will not be a fair trial. so she must not transfer articles, continue the investigation, look into russian the fbi director, obstruction of congress -- look into it. do more investigation, take tople to court who refused testify and ignored valid subpoenas. they are just things that will uphold our democracy. i do not care if the republicans win or the democrats win. what i care about is the country and this democracy, the rule of law. there are so many people calling the show who are ignorant of the procedure, ignorant of the what theyt parroting
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hear on a single network. host: ok william, we are going to leave it there. thank you for the call. it is 20 minutes past the hour and for those of you listening on c-span radio, this program is carried on sirius xm. listenerslcome our across great britain on the bbc parliament channel. week in britain with the queen's opening of parliament, which we carry live on the c-span networks. the deadline looming for the brexit vote. we saw the vote in the house of commons moving ahead with a departure from brexit beginning on january 31. this is from aaron on our facebook page, saying the following -- the impeachment is not even valid until nancy turns over the articles to the senate, but i do any rate, this has only strengthened the president's reelection. his campaign donations searching the day the house voted.
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$5 million just from small donations. well done dems. from new jersey. your view on this? caller: i keep hearing everyone say that it is not going to be a fair trial in the senate. listen carefully. the democrats accused him of a crime. they have the people from the congress that's going to go over and support that funding, ok? that is that her -- that is their side. they have to support what they said they found. now his attorneys have a chance to rebut that. that is what it is about. they do not need witnesses. if they needed other witnesses, the democrats would have got them at the time they were charging him. aboute you talking [inaudible] if they have the wherewithal to
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charge him and send the congress over to support that, and then his attorneys rebut it. the senate will find which one is right. that is what is supposed to happen. so everybody saying that there are supposed to be witnesses -- no. that should have been in the house. host: again, we only want to deal with the facts. request theats did acting white house chief of staff to testify and john bolton, and they were nixed by the president claiming executive privilege. just so you know that. caller: fine. how important was it to wait to see if the courts support it? key: right, that is a point. the democrats say they do not want to go to court because it would have delayed the process repeated request administration officials, they were denied, they did not go through the courts, and other want the senate to take up those four witnesses. caller: because these guys have executive privilege.
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, who fought that, was in contempt of court but he got away with it. so please, set the facts straight. straight! go straight! don't waiver all over the place. trump use himself as the tough guy, his supporters view him as the tough guy. having congress, after him impeachment only makes image.nly supports the the president was speaking to young conservatives in florida. >> which do you like better for make america, great again -- which we all like -- or keep america great? [cheers and applause] >> that is surprising. the people who do not do much
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higher if the -- hire a pollste r, the pollster talks to 92 the ball comes out and people wonder why it is wrong. they add 10% or 12% to my now, they have learned that by now. i am a little superstitious. i will never give up make america great again. i can't do that. [cheers and applause] i can't do it, dan. i am never going to do that so we will have it, but i am thinking, we have the highest stock market in the history of our country, by far. [cheers and applause] since i am president, which is less than three years since januaryly 20, a long way away -- meaning not too long. we broke a record.
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we had a stock market record. that debate is not a stock market record, it is a record for 401(k)s, record for people owning stock, a record of jobs, jobs, jobs. cnbc the headline from along those lines, saying the president's economic approval hitting its highest level in a year as americans remain split on impeachment. the president yesterday speaking to conservatives in west palm beach, florida. he is spending the holidays at mar-a-lago. kathleen parker and her view from the washington post -- it is available online. -- at a certain point during an impeachment proceeding, there is no one left to like. inevitably, the least likable person is not the target of impeachment, but those who lead the effort. after slogging through the vial details of bill clinton's affairs, it did not take long -- when -- and
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it is easyy nadler, to imagine why some might rather take their chances with a player like trump. kathleen parker and her view on the president and impeachment, available at a text message from a viewer, not going to is make any difference other than to make people more motivated to vote for the person or party they were already for before the impeachment. in new york, darlene, you are next. good morning. caller: good morning. hello? host: you are on the air. caller: ok. i want to say happy holidays, and i think it shows a pattern with this president's behavior, since in his past he has used the courts to block, he has used them to fight everything, so
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-- i do thinksses all roads lead to putin, his when it goesr one, to the senate, which it will, the united states people, the polls have shown we deserve the truth. so let the truth come out and show your hand, and let the cards fall how they may. but the truth needs to come out, you know? there have been a couple magazines lately and it is really showing chipping into his moral character. andad a rally the other day they did not rough of a woman taking her out of there, and he .as commenting this is not good for the fabric of america. i remember when he first got in,
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even bannon, his buddy bannon predicted he would get impeached. low-end ahold, here -- he, and i just think is the great divider in chief. the lives -- he breathes and lies in the same breath. i want people to wake up. we need a true awakening here. yes, both sides -- what is the better of two evils, but the truth needs to come out. thank you very much. from hyde park, new york. this is from jd, saying if he is given a fair and honest hearing in the senate, trump will be stronger. our phone lines open at (202) 748-8000 if you say it makes the president stronger, and (202) makes thef you say it president weaker. from outside of buffalo, new york, rob is next.
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good morning. caller: good morning and merry christmas. host: sorry about the bills yesterday. but a good game. they played tough, but unfortunately they are just not there yet. hopefully we are hopeful for the future. host: are they still going to make the playoffs, right? are in theh, they playoffs for sure, but it is a young team, a young quarterback, and i think they will progress as the years go on and hopefully bring some hope back to western new york. go ahead with your comment. caller: getting back to the president, again, i feel some of let thevious callers -- truth be known and the truth will win out. i think it will make him weaker. and i independent voter,
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do not care if it is the right republican or right democrat running our country. somebody someone want who lacks integrity, honesty, fairness, compassion, and humility? it just blows my mind and i do not understand it. whether it is a republican or democrat, we need the right leadership to get our country back with god and the people and the world. iat is my take on it and think the truth will hopefully, like one of your early callers said, will set us all free, and we can continue to be the best country in the world. we were before he took office and i think it is just making him weaker and our whole democracy weaker, continuing , these waves of divisiveness we have been dealing with.
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host: rob, thank you for the call from new york. here in washington he is known in political circles and him ducklow,t tj democrats weren't offering their prayers for him. the candidates responding with support to the news that the former vice president joe biden's campaign press secretary is facing a cancer diagnosis. tj on twitter saying some upsetting news to share as to why i have been mia lately. i have been diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer, which sucks a lot. i am starting treatment monday and my doctors who have been credible believe we can't -- been incredible believe we can get this in to remission. more details at carolina, from north
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you are next. welcome to the conversation. your view on all of this? good morning, and happy holidays to you. i am not really sure at this point if the articles of impeachment will make our president stronger or make him weaker. as a voter and a citizen of this great united states of america, i believe att senators must not look their allegiance to the president, but their allegiance to uphold their oath to honor the constitution of the united states. name-calling and finger-pointing must stop. hidden thathing
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shall not be revealed, and nothing covered that shall not known. we are looking only for the when the senate comes together. the scales of justice as i see are unbalanced. nomust seek the truth, matter how hard she may hide her truth.e must seek the thank you. host: thank you for the call from wilmington, north carolina. you might have seen the editorial this past week from christianity today, a publication first founded by late reverend billy graham. we will show you the response from reverend graham's son in
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just a moment, but calling for the impeachment of the president, writing the following whoo the many evangelicals continue to support mr. trump in spite of his blackened moral record, we might say this. remember who you are and whom you serve. your justification of mr. trump influences your witness to your lord and savior. unbelievingt an world will say if you continue to brush off mr. trump's immoral words and behavior in the cause of political expediency. if we don't reverse course now, will anyone take anything that we say about justice and righteousness with any seriousness for decades to come? that's from christianity today. rob joining us next from maryland. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. how are you doing? host: good, how are you? caller: not bad. i am concerned about what is going on in our country, and i am sure most americans are too
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. a house divided against itself cannot stand, and we had a civil war where more americans were killed in that war then any war we have been involved in. tell a lie and keep repeating a lie, and people will believe it. the democratic government, what hitler's did, he kept lying to the german people while he dismantled democracy in that country and realigned every institution in that country with people who were supporters of him. any division they see going on in this country, they are going to continue to promote it. if we don't start talking to each other and being honest with each other, this country will be wrong, it will be divided, and i hate that. i am a vietnam veteran and i hate to see that happen in my
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country. host: thank you for your call and thank you for your service. franklin graham is the son of late reverend billy graham, founder ofm, the christianity today. his response to that editorial calling for the president to be removed from office, he wrote the following -- yes, my father billy graham founded christianity today, but no, he would not agree with their opinion piece. in fact, he would be very disappointed. is list of accomplishments long, but for me as a christian, the fact that donald trump is the most pro-life president in modern history is extremely important and christianity today wants us to ignore that, to say it doesn't count. the president has been a staunch defender of religious freedom at home and around the world and christianity today wants us to ignore that. feeling he should be removed from office because of false accusations the president
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emphatically denies? today says it is time to call a spade a spade. -- spade is this christianity today has been used by the political left to further their agenda. our next caller, good morning. caller: thanks for putting me on. happy holidays. i have been following this impeachment thing and i think it is going to make him stronger, honestly. go back to the election of 2016, you had those women coming out, making those allegations of him, you know, the sexual allegations against him, and then you had stormy daniels after he got elected, and for two years, all we heard about was him being investigated for russia collusion. 2016those women in disappeared after a couple of weeks. after their accusation wasn't going anywhere, they kind of disappeared.
7:39 am
and then stormy daniels, her attorney is being -- you know, facing criminal charges right now. you have the russia collusion thing, and apparently he did not collude with the russians. apparently robert mueller did find 10 counts of obstruction of justice with his report, however, the impeachment articles do not even relate to that obstruction of justice. so it is talking basically -- likenow, it just seems they are trying to get him for something, because back in 2017 when he first got into office, he you know, the democrats wanted to impeach him, like maxine waters. simply because they did not like him. host: thank you for the call. this is from mark, tweet saying fact that he has
7:40 am
been impeached makes him weaker. the first in a series of others week, and all this this poll that was released from politico looking at how a number of voters feel about impeachment . according to the survey, just voters, 40%gistered of self-described evangelicals approve of trump's removal of office. 42% of registered voters approve of the senate removal of president trump. of the registered voters disapprove of the senate removal. you can see the divisions between those who support and oppose. we are asking the question, does all of this make the president stronger or weaker politically? natalie is joining us from saint augustine, florida. you are not sure? caller: well --
7:41 am
[laughter] caller: i would like to think it is making him weaker, but unfortunately, the rule of law has not and in effect -- not been in effect during all of this. if actually there had been two-sided listening to each other in the impeachment dearings, hearings involve hearing, actually, but from the beginning, it was the tactic of the republicans simply to discredit the hearings. you know, discredit the and make their reasons .or impeaching him political unfortunately it has become a circus, not because there is not validity, because there is obviously undeniable information leavess come out that
7:42 am
one to believe that he has abused -- the impeachment points are valid. however, the spin that has been republicans by the have diverted the attention of and iople from the facts, am appalled at some of the , and the from people fact that so much of the judgment, instead of being reasonable and rational and a product of people exchanging facts and information, it is just a question of people basically yelling at each other across the aisle. and a lot of the yelling has been done by the republicans, i have to say, and i feel it is sad that mcconnell is not at the concept of
7:43 am
having witnesses. previous caller stated, we have not heard all the facts and it should be the facts that decide the results. and we can't have all the facts if they are being denied to us. natalie, i will leave it there. thank you for the call. facebook message, stronger than ever. the democrat message is being uncovered and they are terrified, watching this all take place is the biggest joke. he is not impeached because nancy is afraid to send it to the senate, where it will be dismissed. hate never pays. jeff flake, a former arizona senator, has this. the gop senators are on trial as well. it is available on washington post's website. noneght not be fair, but of the successes, triumphs, or
7:44 am
achievements you have had in public office, constituents you have had the privilege of helping will matter more than your actions in the coming months. president trump is on child, but in no real sense, so are you and the political party to which we belong. been in springfield massachusetts, does it make the president stronger or weaker? caller: weaker, but thank you for taking my call. one of the things we have to think about are all the things that have happened and all the information that has been made available to us. report, for example, was done under the trump administration -- people forget that. that was a republican-controlled affair from the beginning to the end. what i mean by that is, appointed by the attorney general's office -- i will not city attorney general, because
7:45 am
he recused himself, but that was a republican function. the people who testified before the house committee on , they were people who were appointed by trump. these were not democrats who came forward. when people come forward and speak against trump, you automatically make them some kind of a henchman to the democratic party. that is not always so. there have been a lot of republicans who have worked for disagreed with trump. [inaudible] but the information has been a mate -- has been made available to people. host: robert with this text message, saying impeachment made bill clinton stronger and is making trump stronger. , send us a text
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message, tell us where you are phoning from and make sure you are not texting and driving. looking at the impeachment gamble, democrats and their president take their chances. from dixon, illinois, you are next. i think it definitely makes the president weaker. i hear these republicans and conservatives talking about the process. i am 61 years old. we remember the process of bill clinton, all the scandals before he got into office, where they call for impeachment? then obama came in and did the same thing? now the books have turned. the democrats are in control of the house -- i am sorry, the constitution is declare. congress has sole responsibility of impeachment.
7:47 am
once they drew that line, all the individuals they subpoenaed, i'm sorry, the courts or the senate has nothing to do with impeachment. the only thing the senate has is to bring it up for trial. impeachment lies with the congress. i'm sorry that's the way it is. if those guys do not want to come up before the congress, congress has a pretty good tool. they can go out and get those people, get the congress to take , or findheir funds them every day until they come to testify. and i'm sorry -- again, congress has sole power. to send theseed articles of impeachment over. the president is impeached. donald trump is an impeached president, the third president in our history. himself, heto clear can easily let all of these principal people come up and
7:48 am
testify, talk about republicans are so principled, the character matters so much. we remember all of that from the clinton administration, but yet these evangelicals quickly turned a blind eye to their guy who is in power. in the 10 commandments they say, thou shall not committed all y, but here weer have the president of the united states saying oh yes, i grabbed them by the whatever. he is our guy, so we will turn a blind eye. saying i ammichigan not sure if it makes the president weaker or stronger. it shows how our constitution is and how strong we are in the belief of the law. toumber of references president bill clinton, the second resident to be impeached on charges of perjury involving monica lewinsky.
7:49 am
tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, the third in our installment looking back at the clinton impeachment. it began with hearings in the house, the house judiciary committee, the floor debate, and tonight, the senate trial in which you will hear from republicans, including then republican congressman lindsey graham, and late senator dale bumpers from arkansas, who into the floor to defend his friend bill clinton. lookerican history tv, a back on some parallels as to what we are dealing with 21 years later. sheldon is joining us in new york city, your view on this. good morning. good morning, c-span, and thank you for taking my call. in short, impeachment makes trump weaker and [inaudible] i think the only reason why a lot of americans are supporting donald trump who are still in doubt of his crime is because
7:50 am
they have never experienced corruption directly. is allowed to continue with the president like , we will start experiencing corruption in all facets of american life. police will start demanding bribes. blatantly and alls blatantly, public service will lose their sense of duty to the nation. then corruption will fester like an injury on a diabetic. it will not heal. sheldon, thanks for the call. this is our friend john in north carolina, saying this political impeachment makes the country
7:51 am
when did the country become a banana republic? headline, i think everyone in the country ought to be on our side. a look at the battle for the national rifle association. in huntington, west virginia, john, thank you for waiting. good morning. >> good morning. question, does this impeachment make donald trump weaker or stronger? host: correct. caller: donald trump represents the majority of america. so your question, does this make america weaker or stronger. it makes it weaker, i think. your previous callers had a good idea. what if we just had one party, what if we did not have any parties, think of the parties like gangs. you have three gangs and each gang has its own colors.
7:52 am
it is like a gang. ,f you get rid of that title democrat, republican, independent, who is going to be the enemy? it makes sense to me. get rid of the parties and we will get rid of the stagnation. host: this is from lisa merriman, a great segment. liberals are so mad. there is nothing they can do to stop trump and it is hilarious to watch. we will go to gym next -- jim next, joining us from michigan. what do you say, jim? i think it is going to make him stronger. one of the reasons i support trump is because washington is just so far out of control bees days -- control bees days -- ays with thee d scandal and the back room deals that they do. even when they pass legislation,
7:53 am
they add all kinds of things that should not even be on that piece of legislation. with trump, i knew he is such a wildcard that he would just literally scare these people to death,ath -- half and he has done it with the democrats. russia, now the impeachment -- he has scared them, because he is not the normal for washington. host: thanks for the call. this next tweet making a point about impeachment, the first impeachment was andrew johnson in 1868. since 1973, 19 74, we have had three impeachment or impeachment proceedings. paul from chesapeake saying we -- it will make trump stronger. articles of impeachment are happening every 20 years or so. this is the third occurrence in my lifetime it is becoming -- at 65 this is the third occurrence in my lifetime. it is the coming political.
7:54 am
next caller, good morning. caller: i think you are asking the wrong question. it is not us versus them, he is the focus here, which he loves to be, this is about our country. we are in a serious moral and , and he is ae symptom of something that has gone horribly wrong in our country. host: what question would you pose? say, doeswould impeachment make our institutions stronger or weaker? does it make the rule of law stronger or weaker? a democracy,to be are we going to be a republic? we are a serious time living in, so i don't think that having conversations about him at the center, being weaker or helps the
7:55 am
conversation. we need to be talking about this in a serious and sober manner. we are in trouble here, and i do not know if the country that my daughter will inherit will be a free country. so we need to get serious here. thank you. host: amy, thanks for of the call from georgia. our coverage continues live tomorrow morning. we are live in new hampshire with tom steyer, one of the democratic presidential candidates, live on c-span2. we were with senator bernie sanders yesterday in los angeles. a chance to see that event tomorrow. craig is joining us, tulsa, oklahoma. stronger or weaker for the president. what do you say, craig? himer: i think it will make stronger for simply one reason, concerning the constitution. the truth is on president trump's side. the reason i say that is, the founders intended impeachment to be something where everybody of all parties looks up and says,
7:56 am
whoa, we have to stop. this is clearly an active bribery, an act of treason, and uses the word other high crimes and misdemeanors. critical, because it means something on par with that level. that is not what happened here. host: would you put nixon and watergate in that category? caller: now as far as nixon, he did commit a high crime because he covered up an illegal break-in. who is cited against nixon? against nixon? both parties. -- with clinton, it is not about the dress. he lied and lost his law license. in this you could say it is not only ukraine, but some americans. corruption is corruption. he is doing what he was sent there to do.
7:57 am
given what the founders intended, both parts are not looking up, going wait a minute, this is clearly bribery, treason, or another high crime at that level, because that has not happened. the truth is on trump's side. i will praise the republicans for one thing -- they are the party of conscience. in the nixon thing, the clinton thing, both times they said they have to look into this. even against their own party. saying,e the party is we do not have anything here. this really is the first political impeachment, this is the first bias, our party versus your party impeachment done by the democrats. so that will be revealed. not bribery, treason, or another high crime. he will be acquitted or it might -- before it even gets
7:58 am
heard. that is the right thing to do for the country. i am ashamed of this misuse of the process by democrats. if he had done something at that level, i would support impeachment, but i cannot in good conscience. even a five-year-old would say, aren't we supposed to investigate corruption. yeah, well there is an american. isn't corruption corruption? our callerll join from new york. he says it makes the president weaker. why? think about it, nobody is listening to what people are saying. to the witnesses, they were all collected by donald trump, who said, i am going to have the greatest people running the country helping him. if they do not say what he likes, [inaudible] just listen to what they have to say.
7:59 am
the republicans and democrats, do what is right for the country. for are not just doing this the economy. it is like saying oh, i'm going to beat my kid. i'm going to keep eating him, but if i say i love you, it makes you great. he is beating everyone to a halt and saying i love this country. to everybody. mitch mcconnell already said he is not guilty. i am not going to listen to anybody say -- no. when you go in for this, be an independent. people talking about oh, he is going to make -- it is going to make him be strong. look at what happens to him. in this country, one guy cannot rule. no way one guy should rule. north korea, one guy rules. russia hates this country. they want to see this country collapsed.
8:00 am
i don't know. i just hope that people learn from history what went on. thank you. we mentioned at the top of the program, but you brought up north korea. one of the headlines courtesy of of news, north korea warning an ominous christmas present to president trump. north korea has expanded a factory linked to the production of a long-range nuclear missile. according to analysis from nbc news and photographs that bolster a growing expectation that the country will soon begin testing the capability that threatens the u.s. a temporary structure at the site can accommodate the raising of a launcher on. -- arm. evidence comes as the
8:01 am
u.s. military and intelligence officials are becoming increasingly concerned that north korea is poised to conduct a long-range missile test in the next few days or weeks, and act that would signal the final talks that the president has hailed as one of his signature achievements. testing reportedly has been happening in the last couple of weeks. we are going to begin an author series in just a moment. jerome hudson is going to be joining us from jacksonville, florida. he is going to be joining us with his book, "50 things they don't want you to know." of thelisa davis organization no kid hungry. our guest this week is the chair of the federal election commission, ellen weintraub, and
8:02 am
she talks about why the fec is unable to function without more commissioners. one of the issues that came up, campaign ads on the internet. [video clip] >> individual as are not that expensive. that's a good thing. it is a good way for people to get their message out. the problem with micro-targeting , we have had different responses from different social media platforms. twitter said they are going to ban all political advertising. that may be a step too far. we want people to be of to reach out and reach their audience. we want candidates for office of having a way of reaching people, a low-cost way. the problem with micro-targeting is that the standard response under first amendment jurisprudence to someone running inaccuraciesntains
8:03 am
, if you disagree with what someone said, you can counter them by putting out your information. when it is micro-targeted, nobody sees it. there is no way for an opponent was inaccurate. it made inaccurate allegations against me, charges that were not true. other folks can get in and say there is information that has been disproven. you are trafficking in conspiracy theories. what we don't want is for individuals to be targeted based on the vast amount of data these social media companies collect to their susceptibility certain arguments that may or may not be true, and there is no argument on the other side to counter this speech. toing more people exposed the same information will provide a better platform, a more honest debate, and the ability to respond.
8:04 am
announcer: "washington journal" continues. host: all this week, a series of authors to share with you the insights and the leading opinion makers across the country. jerome hudson from jacksonville, florida, and his new book "50 things they don't want you to know." caller: it is -- guest: it is an honor and a pleasure to be here. host: you write this book challenges the prevailing wisdom and cuts through the fog of political correctness that is shutting down political debate. these facts will spark millions of conversations that will finally begin to undo the decades of damage from misinformation and liberal mythmaking. can you elaborate? guest: sure.
8:05 am
studying this book, i realized that for decades there have been policies that have just not worked, whether it be in the areas of education or contemporaryr elliptical debates about climate change, policies have been put in place that have not actually fixed the issues they were intended to, and in many cases they have made americans lives far worse off. in researching this book, i found scores of data, particularly from gallup, and they have asked american voters for decades now, and the answers have been overwhelming, the american people simply don't trust the media by a margin of 70% to tell them the truth about
8:06 am
lls that political policies have created. 60% of the american people don't trust politicians to tell the truth about those issues as well. researching and meticulously detailing the problems, i have laid out some solutions, but having the facts for people to areas there are some glaring issues has been a true testament to the research in this book. host: who is they in your book? is it just the media, or are there others? guest: i explained a lot of this in the introduction. being a young black man on a college campus, my college cap this unfortunately looked like too many college campuses today are notung people
8:07 am
encouraged to think critically, but are instead encouraged to be skeptical of those who do. in many ways they are college professors who berate freethinkers for questioning the status quo. they are also the elites, the very powerful tech titans in we know that for a long time twitter and facebook have built their algorithms to control what you see in your newsfeeds. asy are certainly the media i alluded to earlier. , particularly on an issue like immigration have been border hawks a decade ago, and now they are fighting this administration on funding border enforcement. paper,uld be your local
8:08 am
can be in apower position to tell the truth and the whole truth about the issues facing our country. host: a native from savannah, georgia. we have covered you in the past. it is available on our website, just type in your name in the search engine. where did you go to college, and what shaped your views today? to be i was blessed raised by a loving mother and father. my mother did not graduate high school. my dad did not finish college, but he served this country proudly in the army. seeing my parents be dedicated to where it helped me graduate high school in savanna in 2004 and spent 12 years. i went to florida state university. that imy time in college
8:09 am
had a political awakening in 2008. ironically i met a man and professor who became a mentor. he simply gave me books by great authors like thomas sole, shelby steele. in those books, there were simple facts about the history of this country, about our economic system and free enterprising capitalism. introduced ton those in the years of being educated and growing up. i researched more. i was blessed enough to work for nearly five years for the national best-selling author peter schweizer at the government accountability institute. as a researcher, i spent 10 to 12 hours a day researching corruption in the federal government.
8:10 am
the tools and skills i learned as a researcher with peter helped tremendously in researching and writing this book. host: in the book, you write the following, "many of our most hotly debated topics are shaped powerbrokers, tv talking heads, and sexless washington swamp mongers who only want you to follow their narrative." who are the swamp monsters? guest: anyone who is paying an ancillary amount of attention to the current political debates a few months ago, i guess, before impeachment took over the news had a sitting congresswoman, alexandria acosta ocasio-cortez
8:11 am
and joe biden railing against immigration policies. it was just a decade ago that joe biden was voting for border spending and border enforcement. it is obviously an incredibly serious issue, but in the case of aoc, she ran as an outsider. my expectation was that she would be someone that would tell the truth, but as i write about washe book, as she basically comparing our border whencement agents to nazis she alluded to death camps earlier this year, it is hard for any american paying attention to this issue if they realize, as i write in the book, that half of our border patrol agents are hispanic. ehat does not actually jiv
8:12 am
well if you are trying to insinuate as the congresswoman did that we are running death camps on our border, half of the people that are risking their lives every day to protect and it worse our immigration laws are themselves latino. as you look at the media specifically, who is shaping the false narrative? is it washington post, broadcast news? guest: it is the mainstream media, the big networks, abc, nbc, cable news. it is also the legacy newspapers, the new york times, the washington post. many of those outlets i actually use. almost 15% of the book is in notes.
8:13 am
i have sourced these outlets. they do make the mistake of doing good journalism every now and then. the overwhelming majority of their coverage does not go deeper into the root causes on many of the issues that i talk about, whether it be climate change or immigration or crime. i think generally, it goes back to the distrust that you see in survey after survey. trusterican people don't that the mainstream media is telling them the truth or the whole truth. led to the rise of new media. i am an editor at breitbart news. and seeingly living how millions of people are still
8:14 am
reading the legacy media and looking to new outlets like breitbart news to get another side of the story that they feel like they are not getting anywhere else and from mainstream media. host: let me follow up on that. whether it is breitbart, or fox news, or when america news, are they providing a more accurate picture of what is happening in this country, or are they providing their spin on the story just like msnbc or the washington post and the broadcast networks? guest: i can only speak for i am entertainment editor. i think the spirit and mission of breitbart news is to be skeptical of both parties. we scrutinize everything, no matter who is in the over office -- oval office, or what the party of the representative is.
8:15 am
that the basetrue of the president's supporters look to breitbart. we are talking about tens of millions of americans who play by the rules, work hard, but increasingly have seen their d.c.,cians in washington, and feel a disconnect on very serious and important issues that affect their lives. many of these people are small and medium business owners. there have been policies that i write about in the book, for example obamacare, that affect their lives and livelihoods and their ability to take care of their families. when it comes to reporting on these issues and telling the truth about the lawmakers who vote on these issues, it is not
8:16 am
surprising that there are so many millions of americans who are just seeking out more information wherever they can get it. thankfully they come to breitbart news every day for that. host: our guest is jerome hudson, joining us from jacksonville, florida. his book is "50 things they don't want you to know." our phone lines are open. dividing them between democrats, republicans, and independence. we are taking text messages. that phone number is (202) 748-8003. before we get going to the calls, i want to get your reaction to a story breaking this morning. this is the headline, the wasine a was frozen -- aid frozen soon after the president's call with president mailssky based on e
8:17 am
obtained by the freedom of information act. it was ordered 91 minutes after the president's phone call to president zelensky, that byording to emails released the center for public integrity. the emails show the president asked about withholding ukraine his july 25 phone call with zelensky. please hold off any additional dod obligations of these funds pending direction from that process, given the sensitive nature of the request, i appreciate you keeping that information closely held to those who need to know. 25t is an excerpt of a july
8:18 am
in out between omb and the pentagon. just getting your reaction to this latest development. guest: i think that the president made it very clear in his campaign, when it comes to his foreign policy, he would scrutinize the money. particularly he made the point about american intervention in other countries. it was a quagmire in ukraine, long before the president even announced his candidacy. said, hes he has wanted to be skeptical. he wanted more information. i think when americans are looking at this, they asked their questions like why is american tax dollars and the american taxpayer on the book
8:19 am
for so many hundreds of millions of dollars going to a country that has been corrupt for many years? i would like to see more of the this ision, but i think consistent with what the president has said in terms of being responsible and accountable to his base and his supporters about where their money and tax dollars are going. country ine, a ukraine that have been corrupt for so long. host: from new york on the republican line, lee. thank you for waiting. caller: i'm glad you mentioned obamacare. time when he that said keep your doctor, keep your plan. mr. gruber was the one who was the architect of it. he was heard to say later it was
8:20 am
passed because the american people are stupid. with this new thing, the impeachment thing, when pelosi said pass this bill, read it later, i think the same thing is happening with the impeachment thing. pass these articles and read them later. up where they end said they were in mourning, where they were laughing and partying. it was a great thing. i think somebody is going to be overheard saying this was passed because the american people were stupid. thank you. host: thank you for the call from new york. i did not hear a question, but what i did here anda lot of the same angst probably a little bit of rage. it is why i dedicated an entire chapter to obamacare.
8:21 am
the obama administration knew from what some time while they were gathering the votes to pass the affordable care act, which did pass on very partisan lines, that millions of americans would lose their health coverage. they would have fewer options for plans and in many cases those premiums would increase. the obama administration knew full well of all of this while the president was out promising people that they would be able to keep their doctor and that they would be able to keep their insurance plans. i don't think anybody at the thereas arguing that weren't serious solutions that needed to be debated in congress and ultimately voted on if americans supported them, but what obamacare did was took a product and mandated that
8:22 am
americans purchase it. haveny ways, economists argued for a long time that was a bailout to insurance companies. the american citizen got a raw deal. in the intervening years, the individual mandate has been done away with. time,k personally at the for personal reasons, i did not have health insurance for six months, and then i purchased health insurance the last three months of the year. i had to write a pretty fat check to the federal government just because of a choice that i did not make to purchase a product. i wanted to dedicate a chapter to this because it highlights have anlawmakers
8:23 am
increasing amount of power and influence over the lives of american citizens. when you have a president like president obama whose administration, experts were no doubt telling him that him promising the american people that their premiums would decrease, and they could keep their health care plans and doctors if they wanted was a lie, and for him to continue to go out there and tell that lied to the american people, i wanted to document what was true. host: i want to turn to chapter 49, 1 of the 50 points that you made. goods anti-gun $150y resulted in a million loss for the company. my question is how do you
8:24 am
balance, or do you balance the second amendment and the use of these assault rifle's that can kill so many so quickly? own an assault rifle, and i am a member of the nra. i think it is an important -- it is important to mention that i am a law-abiding citizen. i am a son and a brother. weaponsle who get these , there are no laws that you can pass to stop them from procuring these weapons. in many cases, particularly in recent shootings in california, these guns are often purchased legally. laws that are now implemented, whenever some evil person picks up a
8:25 am
gun and does the unspeakable, they only hurt people like myself, my neighbors, people who actually follow the rules and laws. , if anything, as i speak about in the chapter, those were the people who decided to take their business elsewhere. laws wouldfollow the never think of taking someone else's life, no matter what the gun is. the majority of gun deaths in this country don't come from assault weapons. particularly with guns, those lives are taken with handguns. there are three times more people who are stabbed to death and scores more people killed with hammers. i don't think this issue needs to be about guns. it needs to be about finding
8:26 am
crimes if andhese when it is possible with the aid of law enforcement. viewer, onerom a question, who funds breitbart? truth, please. guest: i honestly cannot speak to that question. we don't have a pay wall. you can go to or download our app from any app store. we run advertisements on our site, which obviously any for-profit institution does. know and, i do not therefore cannot really speak to the intricate details of the funding of breitbart. host: this is what the website looks like. louisiana,to lisa in
8:27 am
democrats line. good morning. caller: hi. god bless you. guest: thank you. caller: i want to know if you can eventually come out and tell everybody. the great awakening is coming. i have talked to my black and white friends. they are getting the word out. we want to know if you think in immediate they will talk about the sexual trade rings, the pedophilia, the lawlessness. please help us. keep your voice loud and clear. the media is going down. host: thank you for the call. we will get a response. guest: i am the entertainment editor at breitbart news. i followed closely the breaking news about the decades of alleged sexual abuse by harvey weinstein, who is an individual who was very powerful in los angeles and new york and
8:28 am
washington, d.c. harvey weinstein spread his money around, mostly to democrats, the clintons since the 1990's. in that story, you saw it abuseil to alleged sexual in washington, d.c. in congress. a notrned that there was so secret fund in which taxpayer dollars were being used to settle cases in which an individual made a claim against a lawmaker. goes to the fact that congressional approval is 17%. that thele find out lawmakers they've entrusted to be the best of us and represent , obviously not
8:29 am
all of these people are guilty of such heinous crimes, but when we find out there is a fund in which taxpayer dollars are being used to settle sexual , i think it cases speaks to a lot of the anger and distrust that the average american has for political elites. host: i'm going to go back to the gun issue because that is sparking a lot of comments on her twitter page. jodi says, our guest just lost me. i wish the las vegas shooter had a back of hammers and not his ar with a bump stock. that was the shooting that killed 58 people and injured more than 400 others. your response to that. guest: we still don't know the full details of that heinous event.
8:30 am
know,y cases, what we do there was law enforcement in that situation. i'm not going to sit here and say that mass shootings don't occur. they do, and they are tragic. book,rite about in the mass shootings in this country -- youoccur in the sense are far more likely to die by areing or the flu then you to be killed in a mass shooting. i dedicate a chapter to the fact that nearly 99% of all mass shootings have been in a gun free zone. which it isace in advertised that you are not supposed to carry a gun. and iswho picks up a gun willing to kill innocent people,
8:31 am
they target these places that are advertised to be, and in many places law enforcement cannot get there quick enough. whenever someone commits a heinous crime, it receives as much media attention as it isuld, but the conversation far too often concentrated on factun, and it is just the that there are morgues being filled in some of our most dangerous cities around this country, and those killers are not using assault rifle's. banning assault rifle rifles will not stop the bloodshed that we see. marshall is joining us, clearwater, florida. are you with us? caller: yes. are you there?
8:32 am
host: go ahead. caller: i want to ask a question and make a comment on the last segment. i believe this is why fox news came around and white rush limbaugh was born. it is because for so long the news media followed it was turning more local and was stifling the voices of the other half of the country. i would love for you to talk to that for just a moment or two if you would. the comment about the other segment, i would just like to say it kind of upsets me when i hear liberals call in, and they just make this broad swatch of all republicans or all trump supporters. i am none of those things that they say. i don't care who you are, if i see you in trouble, you can be
8:33 am
illegal, but i am going to try to help you out. host: thank you. we will get a response. guest: i have worked at breitbart news for years now. the new york times has actually reported that our newsroom is thanracially diverse nearly every newsroom in the country. oured the country, speaking at rallies and conferences. in writing this book, no more have i ever received in males or feedback and looked into people's eyes who swear that they follow the issues i write about in this book. they did not know so many of the facts that i point out, backed up by research. i think that is a telling
8:34 am
testament to the media in this country. there are certainly good people who work at any of these organizations within the mainstream media, but i think, particularly when you look at actuallydent, he has done a lot of good things in terms of the economy and being a law enforcement agent, but so much time and energy is spent on covering what people are told are scandals. out, morel pointed americans turn to breitbart news or rush limbaugh or media sources. at the end of the day, what the mainstream media does in creating an atmosphere in which
8:35 am
a book like the one i wrote can do so well does a detriment to the country. people feel like they cannot trust the news organizations that purport to be unbiased and to tell them all the facts about the most actual issues facing this country. for those joining us on c-span radio, our guest is jerome hudson. the book is 50 things they don't want you to know. you write the following, establishment media and advertisers have convinced us to choose a motion over logic, feelings over facts. insatiable as sparks -- sensationalism sparks more clicks. a virtue signaling shortcut to critical thought.
8:36 am
this is a dangerous downward spiral that only serves the elites who profit from it. back to your phone calls. guy in fort lauderdale, florida. caller: i wanted to comment about what mr. hudson said about trump going after corruption in ukraine. he made it sound like he was going after it generally, but he wasn't. he wanted a specific announcement about his chief political rival, and he wanted it hidden that he was pressuring zelenskycape to that to make the announcement by withholding the eight. i laugh at the title of the book. what trump does not want you to know is about his tax return. he is the most opaque president we have had in history. host: thank you. guest: again, i did not really hear a question.
8:37 am
i would like to know what his opinion is about then vice president joe biden actually strong-arming and promising to withhold aid if a federal prosecutor in the ukraine was not fired. it seems to be the sort of gamesmanship that is par for the course in washington, d.c. joe biden was doing this at a time when his son was being paid millions of dollars to sit on a board of an energy company. i think the president has acquitted himself well on this issue. the president of the united states has broad powers when it comes to a, particularly foreign aid. outlined,asons i just this is an issue where you have
8:38 am
mass corruption. it is not a secret that that government has mismanaged funds. has governed and as he campaigned saying he would be a steward of taxpayer dollars , $400 million in aid to ukraine, i think any good statesman would be skeptical and would want to find out more information about where that and how it be going would be spent, particularly in a country as corrupt as ukraine. 90% ofr. hudson saying the media owned by six corporations, saying that is not free press. guest: as i alluded to earlier,
8:39 am
i think it has made the media lazy. when there is so much money and power and influence within one industry, i think many in the media and as you see, they have allowed themselves to become lazy, and it has opened the door for new media, outlets like breitbart news. cover thewill not true harm of a lot of the have beenhat implemented in this country for decades. it is a great point. i think it is a testament to the success of a lot of other media outlets where you have such a concentration of the mainstream
8:40 am
.edia in this country outlets like breitbart news, we actually provide a product to people that they know that they can trust, that they know we actually are asking a lot of the questions other outlets are not asking. host: let me ask you about the tone and rhetoric in washington, specifically the president. criticaldent was very of john mccain, even in death. the white house was critical of democrats bringing up the name of barron trump during impeachment hearings. the president then locking euroar-old -- mocking 16 greta thunberg. mocking ahis week deceased, for possibly being in
8:41 am
hell. guest: i am not going to defend the president. point,to speak to the barron trump is a child. he is the son of the president. greta thunberg, she put herself in the middle of a very hot debate about climate change in this country. she is 16, but she has become the face of a very hot political debate in this country. i think there is a large difference between barron trump being the son of the president and greta thunberg being a spokesperson for a political issue. host: you are right on that point, but melania trump in her be best campaign, one of the mantras is to make sure there is more civil discourse and social media, but you get that from her present. she is only 16 years old and she
8:42 am
was mocked by the president because of what she believes in. sure, i think the 63 million people who voted for donald trump knew what they were getting. he was bombastic on twitter years before he was sworn in. i just don't think that those people voted for him for what he would say on the campaign trail now or what he is tweeting. who votedose people for him and continue to support , hishis job approval rating on the economy, his overall approval has actually congressdemocrats in have tried to impeach him. that speaks to the fact that ifple are blocking out --
8:43 am
the president says something that is disrespectful of lawmakers who are deceased, i'm not going to defend that. that the believe is people who support this president and who are paying attention to what is going on in washington, d.c., are blocking out what feels like white noise to them and are focusing on the execution and how he is governing, how he is making their lives better. host: we will go to jim, republican line, illinois. thank you for waiting. caller: good morning. how are you? host: we are good. how are you? caller: good, thank you. i have a couple of comments and a question. hello? host: please go ahead. we can hear you. caller: you had to reporters on
8:44 am
last week on c-span with greta. one from the new york times and one from the washington post. they both stated they were nonbiased, they were not biased at all. that is what they stated right there on live tv. the night that trump was impeached, the washington post reporters are celebrating the impeachment vote. he sat there on live television and said he was nonbiased and then caught with a photograph celebrating that night when he was impeached. what is america supposed to think about that? how can we ever trust the media again? how can we? the trust has been broken. you have to go through some a different avenues to get the truth, and even then i don't know if you get the truth. my question, steve, are you there? host: i am.
8:45 am
caller: steve, if c-span viewers would do their research, go online and get on their smartphone, and i know you guys are nonbiased as best you can be, but you and everybody, greta , all you guys on c-span, all you guys are democrats. that is just the fact. pedro, greta, john, especially john, and you, steve, are all on record on video over the years, you guys are all democrats. how are we supposed to trust anybody now? host: what do you mean we are on video? caller: you have given interviews in the past, and it is all democrat. the questions you guys give people, it is so one-sided sometimes. most mornings i cannot even watch it.
8:46 am
i have to turn it off and walk away because it is soaking with obvious bias. is trump bashing. can't we talk about anything positive? out of three years, can we have one segment of trump doing something positive with taxes, anything? i don't care what it is. host: if you take out donald trump and insert barack obama, we had the same conversation with democrats who called in and felt the same way during the obama years. caller: i knew you would say that. i knew you would give that response. host: it is true. caller: anyone with half a brain can go on youtube and watch these past videos or the videos on your website. every day it is the same thing. you are called out on it every day. it is not just me saying it. every day, you are called out by dozens of people.
8:47 am
you guys just will not listen. host: the good news is everything we have done on this network, every moment, every question with have asked, it is all available on the website, we are a very transparent organization. we can be critical of the incumbent president, whether it is a democrat or republican. i would respectfully disagree, but i appreciate you calling in. we are glad to hear from you. guest: i can speak to what jim is saying. i am a conservative, if you will. labelsof don't enjoy the , but if you need to to put one on me, go ahead. i wrote this book for people this bookby wrote also for people who disagree with jim. notnted to speak to necessarily the people who come to breitbart news every day and probably agree with me on many of these issues. for thathis book
8:48 am
20-year-old me, that college student who thought he knew everything, who voted democrat. talk about, since we brought up greta epa said the the u.s. hit a record low in carbon emissions in 2017. in researching this book, i don't remember hearing the mainstream media report that. fact the u.s. leads the world in carbon emission decreases. i think as andrew yang who said forbut the u.s. accounts 15% of the carbon emissions.
8:49 am
uneasiness and probably the rage you here in jim's voice, it is probably not specifically directed at you and your colleagues, but just at the is nothat the media telling the whole truth and is going along to get along and propping up people like greta thunberg and is not reporting that it is countries like china, the european union, north korea, iran, russia who are leading the world in carbon emissions and have no plan and no intention to actually meet whatever the united nations global missions standards are. i think that rage and frustration you hear in callers
8:50 am
like jim is why i wrote this book. i just wanted it to be on record. immigration,about over 100,000 women and girls will be sexually assaulted while making the dangers track from central america to the u.s. border. arrests are federal now immigration related. people feel like they don't hear these truths when they turn on the tv or when they open their local paper. when i wrote about these issues, i wanted them to be in one place that people can go get them so at least they would know and be informed. host: we should point out, and we understand this, if you don't like the question, you might think there is a bias.
8:51 am
we tried to take the contrary in point of view regardless of the guests, democrat, republican, independent. we strive every day to the nonpartisan and fair. it is all on our website, so you can check it out. let's go to norm in tampa, florida. caller: good morning, how are you doing? the reason i made this call, i ,ant to say to brother hudson thank god for obamacare because three years ago i went in for an eye exam, and it was discovered i had: cancer. -- had colon cancer. can make theon i call is because of obamacare. i had a pre-existing condition. there is another point i want to make. thank god i went to florida and in university.
8:52 am
book calledour ,hite party, white government one of the things it says, i don't know what they are teaching you at florida state, but you said you studied capitalism, but western began with the violent looting of the resources and the enforceable enslavement test and the forcible enslavement of the population. the discovery of gold and silver in america, the exportation and enslavement of the aboriginal people. the beginning of the conquests in the looting of the east indies and turning africa into a
8:53 am
commercial hunting ground of black skins signifies the era of capitalism. host: thank you for the call. guest: there is a lot there to unpack. obamacare wasthat perfect or imperfect. it did cover pre-existing conditions. to glad that you were able spot that medical problem that you had. what i read about in the book is that the obama administration knew that millions of people would lose their health insurance. and therefore their doctor. they knew this while the president was promising over 100 times that would not happen. point, i marched in the
8:54 am
marching 100 at florida and -- a&m. studied dr. thomas who talks in everything from broad terms to specifically about the free market and capitalism. i think it is the best economic system that this world has ever known. it is obviously not perfect. people whowed for have inventions or good ideas, who want to take risks on those ideas, who create products to do so. it has created an amount of wealth that this world has never known. that is a good thing. ofhink we should be proud
8:55 am
the free enterprise system that we have in this country. i think we should defend it whatever we can. it is not perfect, but it is far better than the alternatives that we see destroying many countries around the world. we welcome our viewer and listener feedback. this is rebecca on her facebook page. journal bias, they are interviewing jerome hudson, aren't they? here's what he said. [video clip] , the democrats have taken african-american voters totally for granted. they did not do anything for you. democrats have run america's inner cities at every level of yearsment for 50, 60, 70 and really 100 years.
8:56 am
when detroit last had a republican mayor in 1962, it had a strong computer full economy. per capita incomes were among the highest in the nation. of crookedy 60 years democrat rule, it is one of the poorest cities in america. was one of the most successful cities in america. philadelphia has a poverty rate more than double the national average. the city has had a democrat mayor every year since 1962. 20 out of 20 most dangerous cities in america last year were run by democrats. i would say that is not good. nationwide, 58% of murder victims under the age of 22 are african-american. america is waking up to the democrat party record of suffering and neglect. they forget about you for four years or two years or six years.
8:57 am
then they hit you hard for three months and get your vote, and they say goodbye. the president in atlanta. you developed a number of chapters to big cities and liberals, including chapter 39. unemploymentpanic hit record lows under donald trump. guest: it seems like the president was reading from my book. i'm a black man. i think the president understands what a lot of people americans, that black want the best opportunity for themselves, whether that be in , for their education children to be able to go to the best schools and have the best chance to be the best version of themselves. wasink what the president speaking to is that for a long
8:58 am
time, and as i write about, democrats have run the city's that have failed to protect , particularly the black citizens in cities across this country. i think what the president is doing in his initiative to reach out to black voters, by don't think the importance of it can be overstated because throughout his presidency, and i don't think it ever happened to hear barack obama speak to, and he would have to be chiding his own cities failures in the for decades, but he did not speak about the crime, about the bloodshed, about the shoddy schools. these are cities in which the people have voted for these democrats for a long time. president,t now the as he has said kevin he is
8:59 am
providing an alternative -- said, he is providing an alternative. he is showing and proving the record of not just black unemployment but female and young black unemployment is at record lows, as it is in just about any other category for all americans. this president is supporting and u' hbc ben carson is heading up initiatives that makes it easier for black business owners to take out loans to fund their small businesses and realize their dreams. i guess the irony of it is is willpresident trump probably end up getting a larger share of the black vote. i believe it will be somewhere between 15% and 20% because
9:00 am
black voters just want the best opportunities for themselves and their families just like all americans do and they see that this president is advocating for that. they are blocking out the white noise, the accusations that president trump is a racist. they are looking around and realizing that voting for and supporting democrats has not actually made their lives better and that supporting this president, seeing him govern, their lives are getting better. host: the book, 50 things they don't want to know. our guest, jerome hudson of breitbart news, joining us from jacksonville, florida. thank you for being with us and we wish you the best. guest: thank you for having me. host: i reminder we will continue our author series all this week on c-span's "washington journal." in just a moment we travel to indianapolis in the birthplace and hometown of president
9:01 am
benjamin harrison but first a reminder that lisa davis is joining us to talk about hunger in america. she will join us for the next half-hour with her organization, share our strength. our local podcast vehicle traveling the country. you can see it on american history tv on c-span3 as we travel to indianapolis, indiana. we are here in indianapolis at the home of benjamin harrison. this is a very iconic spot, this is where he stood and greeted crowds of people who came to hear him speak when he was running for the presidency. he ran a unique campaign, a front porch campaign however he did not have the same front porch as you see behind us. there was a stupid at the front door which is still there and he stood in that area and spoke to crowds of people that would come. probably one of the most under known presidents, 23rd president of the united
9:02 am
states, between grover -- she falls in the middle of grover cleveland's two terms. people will often find him confused with his father, william herrick -- william henry harrison. harrison served a full four years and as president he has a phenomenal legacy that is little understood but we think there is great opportunity to share that story more deeply and investigate what it means for the modern presidency. host: travel to indianapolis, indiana this weekend and follow all of our cities tour online at today the hometown of president benjamin harrison. we will travel to communities all across the country, all of it available at we want to welcome back lisa
9:03 am
davis, with the organization share our strength which is what? guest: share our strength is based on ending childhood hunger and poverty in the u.s. and worldwide. host: some news over the weekend from the department of housing and urban development showing that homelessness is on the rise. statistics in california doubling in the last year. guest: one of the things that most people don't realize is that the economic recovery has left a lot of families behind. nearly half of all americans would not know what to do if they had an emergency expense of $400 or more. they would have to sell belongings, go into debt or simply not be able to pay it. we see this is exacerbated in areas with very high cost of living, high housing costs, transportation, and that is why we are very concerned that some of the proposed rules coming out from the administration would actually exacerbate these
9:04 am
problems and make them worse, taking important benefits that help low income families afford the food they need, away from working poor families. the: let me put this on screen, courtesy of your organization, one in seven children in the u.s. live with hunger. more than 11 million children live in what you call food insecure homes, which are what? guest: food insecurity is a term that essentially means that household or individual lacks consistent access to adequate food because of resources. they don't have enough money to always be sure that they are going to have the food they need. host: that leads us to the snap program or the food stamp program. because of the strong economy, the trump administration is looking at changes. one of the most significant is to make sure if you're able-bodied, you are working and not receiving government dollars. among the changes, it would make it more difficult for states to waive the requirement that
9:05 am
able-bodied -- able-bodied adults work at least 20 hours a week or lose their benefits. it could eliminate benefits for , amany as 688,000 adults savings of nearly 5 million -- nearly $5 billion over five years. to the first point about making sure if you are able-bodied, you worked, what is wrong with that? guest: right now snap has rules that require able-bodied adults between 18 and 49 to work. there is a policy in place that allows governors and states to request waivers for areas where there are not employment opportunities that there might be in other areas. this rule would take that away from the states, that flexibility to determine what are their needs. it is important to realize that able-bodied is often a misnomer. in ohio, one of the first states that started reinstituting this requirement as the recession
9:06 am
tapered down, community organizations that screened those impacted found that the majority of them had mental and physical challenges. they may not have a disability diagnosis, they were homeless, they lived in areas without adequate jobs or transportation, and many of them were extremely low skilled. these were not workers for whom it was easy to get a job and employers wanted to hire. what is most disturbing is taking away food assistance and snap ends up being about a dollar -- $1.40 per person per meal. we would much rather see the administration focus on helping people get the mental help they need, housing assistance they training and job placement programs so that they do have a chance to work their way out of poverty. host: our topic is hunger in
9:07 am
america, especially among children. our guest is lisa davis, senior vice president of share our strength. our phone lines are open and we are dividing them regionally. if you live in the eastern and central time zones, (202)-748-8000. those of you in the mountain and pacific time zones, (202)-748-8001. you can also send us a text message at (202)-748-8003. are we doing a better job feeding america's children? guest: we are. in seven children living with food insecurity is too high but we are actually excited the -- but the latest usda numbers released in september show that we are making progress. for food insecurity in households with children, we are down to the lowest level since 1998. that shows the policies we have in place and the resources are working and we get in childhood
9:08 am
endger -- and we can an childhood hunger. host: what is lunch shaming? guest: this goes back to the fact that so many families are barely getting by with earnings from work that are inadequate to cover housing, transportation, childcare, medical costs. as a result, many kids, especially those who don't qualify for free school meals may not have the resources to pay for their school meals. no child in america should ever be stigmatized or made to feel ashamed because their family does not have the resources to pay for their meal. there are policy provisions that allow high poverty schools to serve free meals to all students but only about half of our
9:09 am
school districts that are eligible are using them. we also need to do a better job of making sure kids who are eligible for free school meals are getting enrolled. i want to give a shout out to to all of the schooled attrition professionals out there. they move mountains day in and day out, making sure the children in school are able to eat healthy nutritional food. host: this tweet from a viewer. guest: that is a really good point. and deeply concerning that anyone in the world of abundance we have should go hungry. our founder one said as we started the no kid hungry campaign that we needed to pick a problem that was big enough to matter but small enough to solve and take one piece of this hunger challenge and really go
9:10 am
all in with resources to make as much progress as we can. that is why we are most focused on child hunger. another point that is important to consider is that the research showing the profound connection between adequate nutrition in children, physical and cognitive development, their health, education outcomes and even lifetime earnings is irrefutable. by helping make sure that we are addressing hunger for our kids and giving them the nutrition they need to grow up healthy and strong, we can make sure that they are well prepared for a more successful future and the opportunity to reach their dreams. guest: if you -- host: if you look at the subject, how much of the hunger problem is a result of abusive relationships? guest: there are a lot of reasons why families with children are food insecure. we know that for women that are fleeing abusive relationships,
9:11 am
access to resources is particularly challenging and they struggle. one of the reasons why it is difficult to leave those relationships. areas, that in high cost kids in two parent families where both parents are working, sometimes more than one job but the cost of housing, the cost of other expensive's still outstrips their income -- other expenses still outstrips their income. in many parts of the country, there is not public transportation and to get to a job you need reliable transportation. paying for cars and repairs, utilities, all of these costs make it difficult for families to make ends meet. we know that when resources are tight, food is the first thing that families cannot. if you don't pay the rent you
9:12 am
are likely to spiral into homelessness. oftentimes our parents skipping meals so the kids can eat. sometimes heartbreakingly, older mealsgs are going without so the younger kids in the household have enough. that is simply wrong. davis,ur guest is lisa she earned her law degree from the american university in washington, d.c. we will go to west chester, ohio for our first caller. good morning and thanks for waiting. caller: good morning and thank you for the work you do. i owned a daycare for 25 years and participated for about 12 years on the cac program. based on food program federal regulations and it provides nutritious meals today cares whose children -- if you ine a 25% participation rate
9:13 am
low income, then you can participate in that program and we have food stamps and a number of programs. i can tell you personally as a daycare owner, it was one of the best programs our government has because the program is audited for nutrition. the other thing, the other side of this, it is run by the state. for us to participate in it, i had to be audited and attend training every year and the focus was nutrition. the other challenge we had is the parenting skills, the people at the state would tell me, we are not sure. we did a breakfast, a lunch and a snack and the state workers child mightu, the not eat until the next morning and that relates to parenting skills. there is another side of this. we have some wonderful programs. out how muchured
9:14 am
money you would have to make in order to have -- to attend the going tout if you are pay for everything privately, but the subsidies are immense. program, tuition, we also had tuition paid by the tuitiond we had reimbursement. the childcare was paid by the state and we had reimbursed -- we had tuition reimbursement. this is a two-sided issue. we had many single parents and they weren't single parents because they were in a poor relationship. that was their choice from the beginning. solve thise how we issue, but it is definitely a two-sided issue. host: thank you for the call and adding your voice to the conversation. your response miss davis? guest: thank you for your question and the work you do carrying -- caring for young
9:15 am
children and making sure they have the best care possible. fundamentally, most americans believe that no matter what the circumstances of the parent or the choices they make, it is important to make sure that all of our kids are fed. every child in america, no matter where they live or what their circumstances are, they deserve the right to grow up with opportunity and achieve their dream. nutrition is a critical point of that. the programs you mentioned are necessary to making sure that all kids can get the meals they need, 365 days a year. hear of daycare providers who are leveraging programs available for their students. often times people don't realize that those programs are
9:16 am
available or how to participate. there was a lot more we need to do to get the word out and to make it easier for small daycare providers to utilize those programs and make sure those kids are getting reached. host: our next caller in pasadena, california. caller: good morning c-span. based onnted to say -- suffering from hunger every year. [indiscernible]
9:17 am
host: thanks for the call. foreign aid and military involvement versus domestic aid. that: the point you make the united states has the resources to invest in ending hunger is an important one. likerograms that are there school breakfast, school lunch, snap, summer feeding are really important. we know that they are severely underutilized in some cases. there is a lot more that the united states can do to make sure that children who are eligible for these programs are connected with them. one of the biggest gaps is in the summer. only about 15 out of every 100 eating free school meals during the school year are able to participate in the summer meal program. part of that is because summer
9:18 am
meal sites can be hard for kids reach. families don't have transportation, they don't know where they are, they can be far from your home, particularly in rural areas. one of the alternatives for reaching kids is the pilot program that gives families money on a grocery card during the summer months to buy food to make up for the school meals and it has been extensively evaluated. it reduces food insecurity by over a third and increases consumption of healthy school meals. we are excited that in the spending package that passed a few days ago, congress invested another $7 million in that summer project. that is a drop in the bucket. closed to invest more to the summer meal gap to make sure kids are needing the nutrition -- getting the nutrition they need. we need to put more resources into helping our schools leverage the most effective program models, like making
9:19 am
breakfast part of the school day. investing in making sure our kids are making the -- targeting the nutrition they need is one of the smartest investments with rois i can think of. host: our guest is lisa davis, part of share our strength. you can follow them on twitter and also on the web. our next caller is joining us from new york. we have not heard from you in a while. caller: good morning. i am calling from nyu hospital may, iyork city but if i would like everyone to remember, including some of the remarks from last week, i would like to thank all the people behind the scenes that put everyone on every day, so we thank you. my ministry is one world.
9:20 am
host: what are you at the ny hospital -- why are you at the ny hospital? be a casesed to manager for the mentally challenged at trinity church on wall street and they did away with the drive-in center so we process people to keep them housed and keep them fed and keep their benefits and now those programs have been done away with or funding is cut so that even myself, when i -- theyry single penny put us out.
9:21 am
they failed i would like to put up three very quick things. one, ms. davis is bringing out the point that there are solutions that are already there and tried and true. a groceryy instead of card, food stamps being reduced to supplemental nutrition, no, that is a bureaucratic production service. nothing is supplemental because in the democratic congress of 2007, i was getting $200 a month and when the republicans took over it was reduced to $188 a month which is less than $6.45 a near ithaca,reed getting a $45 a day per diem.
9:22 am
we asked him to adjust what we do and give. when you have people like me and others and miss davis and all her crew working with people ike i did in the peace corps, connected the farmers directly with the u.s. embassy, cut out like anotherrson good organization in the u.s. called why hunger and they give the profits back to the producers and that saves us all and strengthens the economy as well. we need to focus on where we put our resources and who is managing them. not the bureaucrats taking bread out of babies mouths but people on the ground who can give the groceries and help buy the groceries. the third thing is we have to love one another. host: thank you for all of your points and good luck to you. thank you for phoning in during this christmas week. we will get a response. guest: thank you for all the
9:23 am
work you have done. i hope you feel better and get back on your feet soon. i want to pick up on a few points you made. first is the adequacy of snap benefits. as i mentioned earlier, it translates to about $1.40 per person per day. research shows for many families, the benefits run out before the month does and they are forced to utilize coping eatingies such as unhealthy calorie dense food or having parents skip meals. sometimes we hear that they are watering down formula. this has a profound impact on both health and test scores. schools have looked at this and realized that at the end of the month, children do worse on standardized tests because they are not getting the nutrition they need.
9:24 am
show are also studies that that low income individuals are more likely to be hospitalized for things like diabetes at the end of the month when their food has run out. it is important that we make who need thesee programs and qualify for them are being connected and that benefit dollars are adequate. thes also concerning, given deep research that exists tying snap to health, education and earnings that the administration has proposed a rule that would fromtially take snap away working poor families and children, seniors and the disabled. addresses aich broad-based category of eligibility will make it harder for working poor families to accumulate resources to lift their way out of poverty. , ast now with this policy
9:25 am
your earnings increase, your snap benefits only decrease slightly rather than being a limited completely. -- being eliminated completely. it incentivizes people to take jobs that pay a little more and work additional hours. we know that work is important to helping families get back on their feet. it is surprising and disappointing that we are moving in the wrong direction and making life harder for these families. host: if you are from wisconsin saying my daughter works for a ymca afterschool program that sends backpacks full of food home for the weekends. if they don't, the kids sometimes do not eat. we will go to kc in florida, good morning. caller: good morning -- casey in florida, good morning. caller: good morning. i want to start by thanking ms. davis for her work and the pastor who was the caller before me. that is wonderful. you mentioned earlier that --
9:26 am
you mentioned something earlier that i had not considered but if i could share my personal experience, about six years ago when i was 25 years old, i was homeless. i was addicted to heroin. been clean now since august 2017. she hit him a good point when she said that putting these work or thesents requirements on things as -- itial as food is really does leave a lot of people hungry. including me, because i remember when it changed. i was certainly in no shape to , i was certainly unemployable. there was no way for me to work
9:27 am
20 hours a week and if i had been on the job working 20 hours a week, i was a single guy, i probably would not have needed the food stamps. host: what is your situation today? caller: i am employed, sporadically. i am looking for a new job right now. i had to leave my last one a couple weeks ago. i have a stable home. i am looking forward to my next job and i am food secure. i wonder about the people who mentalo suffer from disorders or physical disabilities or something like that. thank god i did not have children at the time or i don't know what i would have done or -- anyway ihave just wanted to thank you for
9:28 am
your guest, your time, and thanks c-span. host: thank you for sharing your story with us. guest: yeah thank you. i imagine it is hard to share your story on national tv. i commend you for your courage and fortitude in turning your life around. what your story shows is that there are many things that happen to people throughout their lifetimes that can set them back and as a society, investing in the tools that help people turn their lives around to deal with addiction and climb out of poverty, to get into stable housing is really important. federal nutrition programs are an essential part of that. host: we will go to kentucky. caller: good morning. thatllow me as much time some others have had because i have several points to make.
9:29 am
the first point i have is that your guest really needs to say what the problem really is. the problem is that there are hardly no two parent families. there are summit children being born out of wedlock and studies not that the percentage of being married and having children, that percentage is so much greater that children are going to grow up in poverty. the other thing is that our government has become the problem. we have taught people that they don't need to have a spouse, that the government is going to come in and make sure that these children are going to get food. first it was free lunches than it had to be free breakfast and free lunch. lynn -- her father managed to get the money somehow
9:30 am
to take care of his children. what we have done is we have dis-incentivized parents to want to do what is in the best interest of the children, to figure out a way to make sure that their children have food every day. it was seen as a failure if you could not take care of your children because parents would do anything to make sure that their children did not go hungry but because the government stepped in and said we are going to make sure that you have these things, then that is not their priority anymore. let me tell you something else. these children who are hungry, they have cell phones, they have smartphones. the parents have smartphones. if they have money to pay for smartphones and contracts, then why are they spending the money on food? host: thank you for the call. guest: thank you for sharing your opinion. with this issue and meeting a lot of families
9:31 am
and older adults and other people that are struggling with hunger is that the circumstances the national circumstances differ significantly -- is that the circumstances differ significantly. i think we can all agree that children should not be penalized and that they should have the opportunity to achieve their potential and have a better life. when we look at the nutrition programs, school breakfasts and school lunches and snap, there is a large and growing body of kidsnce that shows that who are benefiting from these programs and getting that nutrition do better in school, they have better health, they are more likely to graduate, and they are more likely to have higher lifetime earnings and a better shot at moving out of poverty. i think that is really important. we hear from teachers around the
9:32 am
country, that they see the effect that hunger has on kids in their classroom and good nutrition is just as important to learning as a desk or a so regardless of the circumstances of their parents, we need to make sure that our children are getting the nutrition they need. not having food just exacerbates every other problem that they face. host: we have about a minute left. our next caller is in florida. caller: i have mixed feelings on this. i don't want government to take over everything but we have got to have liaison between local government, county government, state government and feed our children in the homeland and then branch out to the other countries.
9:33 am
are the moste powerful country in the world but we should have our children, where it is set that they don't ever go hungry before we start sending food to other countries and then we will set an example. caller: thank you -- guest: thank you for sharing that comment. i agree with you. we need to make sure that we are feeding all of our kids and we absolutely can do that. the progress we have seen on reducing food insecurity and making progress to ending childhood hunger is very significant and it is possible. we need to continue to invest in and strengthen policies that are working. you mentioned different levels of government and that is important. most of our talk has focused on the federal government, but governors and mayors and state legislators all have a role to play and while much of the focus in washington is on partisanship
9:34 am
and gridlock and dysfunction, at the state level, there was a lot of positive progress happening. i think our governors recognize the importance of nutrition to the workforce, to making sure that they have an educated state population. they are investing in policies like school breakfasts, improving access to snap and trying to bring people together from different agencies to end childhood hunger and mayors are doing a lot too. there is a lot of positive progress and if we keep it up we can end childhood hunger. we have to make sure we don't slide back and eliminate some of these policies that have helped us achieve this progress to date. host: the website is lisa davis with share our
9:35 am
strength. thank you for stopping by. guest: thank you so much, we giving attention to the story. host: the letter to -- the letter the president sent to nancy pelosi. since the moment i won the election, the democrat party has been possessed by impeachment fever. there is no reticence. this is not a somber affair. you're making a mockery of impeachment. you are scarcely concealing your hatred of me, of the republican party, and tens of patriotic americans. the voters are wise and they are seeing straight through this empty hollow and dangerous game you are playing. i have no doubt the american in thewill hold you democrats fully responsible in the upcoming 2020 election. they will not soon forgive your perversion of justice and abuse of power. we want to ask you this question. does the impeachment of president trump make him stronger or weaker?
9:36 am
back to the question we asked in our first hour and more of your calls and comments. if you say stronger, (202)-748-8000. weaker, (202)-748-8001. if you are not sure, (202)-748-8002. we are going to take a short break. we will be back in a moment. ♪ >> monday night on the communicators. >> intellectual property theft is in them -- is an important issue for the technology industry but china has other policies that make it difficult for u.s. companies to compete fairly and effectively in china in a way that we don't make it difficult for them to compete. financial services companies, card networks cannot issue cards or offer services in china but
9:37 am
chinese companies can do so in the u.s. cross-border data flows are very restricted in china imposes restrictions on companies to do business without a local partner in the chinese government. the ability to take information at will. all these fundamental issues need to be addressed. of theident and ceo information technology industry council, monday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on the communicators on c-span2. tonight on q and a q&a -- on , the bookight on q&a dignity about the plight of those living on the margins of society in america. >> it was a sunday morning, it was empty because all the semi's were gone.
9:38 am
immediately their intelligence came right through. we spoke for about an hour, half an hour or so and she told me her life. it was like a cliche of everything wrong that can happen to somebody. ientually i asked her what asked everybody i photograph me tois, how do you want describe you? give me one sentence. she shot back something like, that is what i am, a prostitute, a child of god. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> "washington journal" continues. host: a cover story of the new york times sunday week in review section, the impeachment gamble of democrats and the president taking their chances. we want to ask you whether or not you think impeachment makes donald trump stronger or weaker. our phone lines are open and you can also send us a text message
9:39 am
at (202)-748-8003. we are getting your phone calls. you can also join us on twitter or facebook. the president and first lady spreading -- spending the christmas week at mar-a-lago in west palm beach, florida. yesterday a quick side trip as he spoke to young conservatives. here is what the president said. [video clip] >> we had a lot of no votes. the senate now, how about that deal, where they had nothing. there is no crime, there is no nothing. how do you impeach, she had no crime. there is no impeachment. their own lawyer said there is no impeachment, what are we doing? the world is watching. crazy nancy, she is crazy. case. she says she has no let's not submit it, that's good right, but it is so unfair.
9:40 am
bad,as no case, they look they are violating the constitution. they are violating the constitution. host: that was the president yesterday at west palm beach florida. let's get to your phone calls, does it make him weaker or stronger? we will go to aaron in georgia. caller: good morning. believe the impeachment, i am there is sure because a lot going on with that whole impeachment process so it is very confusing and it seems like the democrats can just put in whatever they want and it be it is going toly
9:41 am
show in the next election. i believe it is. host: we will go to james in willowbrook, illinois. james is not there. we will share with you the new york times editorial. president trump deserves a real trial. they did soil is available at throughout the house impeachment inquiry, republicans accusing the democrats of rushing, operating and security -- in secrecy, cherry picking facts, and denying the person -- denying the president do process. now they are lining up to do the very same thing they claim to find so appalling, reducing -- fusing to take their impeachment responsibilities seriously. stain theses to republican party long after the president leaves office. let's go to ray in california. good morning.
9:42 am
caller: good morning. host: how are you? caller: fine, thank you. i believe that impeachment does make him weaker, and it should. this president has done things that i have never seen any other president do. he is a total embarrassment to veterans, to people who have served in the military, to all americans. what he said about mr. dingell and his wife is terrible. i think he has lost it. host: thank you. another editorial from the new york times has the headline, the incredible shrinking impeachment. the editorial board of the wall street journal whiting democrats wrapped these targets in high toned rhetoric about this solemn they are essentially impeaching president trump because they despise him and the
9:43 am
way he governs. in their wisdom, the american people have figured all of this out despite one-sided lobbying by the impeachment press, the polls show a majority oppose removing mr. trump from office. this may be the real excellent nation behind them a credit move shrink impeachment. by defining impeachment down, they are turning what should be rare and extraordinary constitutional remedies into a routine tool of partisan warfare. they are hammering -- harming constitutional norms. americans will decide till -- in 11 months whether president trump deserves to stay in office but they should also keep the impeachment vote in mind when the decide whether democrats deserve to keep the house. back to your phone calls. sue in franklin, kentucky. she says it makes the president stronger. why? caller: they have treated him so bad the whole time he has been in. in three years they have mistreated him and done
9:44 am
everything in the world trying to get him out. this is all about the election. they just want somebody to win the election. for my say i would like joe biden and his son to be investigated for what they have done. i am a taxpayer i don't appreciate them doing things that is wrong. as far as i say, they might as well shut up. host: we will go to myrtle beach, south carolina. mote -- mike, stronger, weaker or unsure? caller: good morning. i am calling on the unsure line. i tend to believe it will make him stronger. i want to make a comment about one of your previous callers on another segment with mr. hudson. the caller alluded to the fact that there is bias in your reporting and i want to comment on that.
9:45 am
direct, it is not a lot of direct comments but more subtle and it is what the washington post and new york times does. reporting is slant -- their reporting is slanted in the way they present it. about whenevernt you quote an editorial from usually the new york times or the washington post and that just shows that you are not presenting the entire picture, you are presenting the mainstream media and their bias. even though i am a supporter of youan, i do believe that don't make a strong enough effort to be fair and balanced.
9:46 am
host: why don't we use this segment as an example. we began with the president's words, his letter to speaker pelosi. a portion of the president's speech yesterday in west palm beach, florida. an editorial from the new york times and ended -- in an editorial from the wall street journal with two different points of view. there is the agenda? caller: boast of the editorials were slanted against the president. host: they weren't. the editorial from the wall street journal was very critical of the democrats. i can reread it but they were very -- they were very critical from the democratic -- from the democrats saying this whole process is a sham. caller: it is just the entire message that is used to present these points of view. it is not necessarily what is in thet what is implied reporting.
9:47 am
it is very disturbing. why don't you use other sources? like one american news. always the washington journal and the new york times. everyone knows abc and nbc, they are all very very biased against conservatives and republicans. host: we just did an hour with an editor from breitbart news. that is clearly another source. i am trying to figure out where you see the agenda. i respect your point of view. people look at this from different perspectives and we are in a highly partisan political atmosphere. we welcome all points of view but i'm trying to figure out what we are doing or not doing. example, howas an much coverage have you given to reporting that the bidens were in corruption?
9:48 am
both of them? eventually. out there has been money laundered link directly to the bidens from ukraine. why isn't there any reporting on that? why isn't there reporting from c-span about the lack of fairness in the impeachment hearings by the house democrats? it is a total disgrace, the fact that they did not allow any of the republicans to bring witnesses to counteract what was being lied about by the witnesses from the democrats. one of your callers mentioned all of the witnesses were trump appointees. they were not. appointed by mr. pompeo.
9:49 am
it was obvious that he was against trump. he was a holdover from the democrats. missy evanovich was a holdover. it will come out that she did lie in her testimony. visas foring back witnesses that wanted to come to the u.s. to testify about corruption. host: on every one of those topics we have covered in detail, both on this program, in panel discussions and events and in books, all of those topics whether it is the bidens or the impeachment trial or the impeachment investigation. if you watch this network, we have done all of that. have donerhaps you some of that that i have not seen. host: not some of it, all of it. i'm going to move on. do you want to get a last word
9:50 am
in? thatr: i just want to say the way it is reported is what i referred to, not so much the -- the innuendo and the manner in which you report it. host: let me ask you a question. people look at it through their own prism. you have a bias one way and other people have a bias another way. do you think that is shaping your views? caller: absolutely not. i was overseas for seven months and the only access i had to the u.s. news was cnn international. when i watch cnn international, i saw the bias on that side. it is unbelievable. unfortunately i could not watch c-span when i was overseas. host: thank you for the call. we respect your point of view and merry christmas.
9:51 am
we will go to bob joining us from maryland. go ahead. caller: good morning. basically i fall into the uncertain category. i do think it depends on what side you are on, democrat or republican. i do feel that this whole , i feelent situation that what happened to this situation when pelosi was asked whether or not she needed trump and the way she answered it was pretty eloquent when she said that this is not about the election at all, it's about to uphold they constitution when they feel that there is an abuse of power.
9:52 am
i think that is what the democrats or republicans or whoever focus on, they are just doing their duty. i think that becomes a little more focused and clear. host: stella in florida, good morning and thanks for joining us. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i watched turning point yesterday, all you have to do is allh how he connects with ages, races and beliefs. he gives everyone hope, not by wishing it but by promises kept. the dems don't have the capacity to beat this president and if anything, they made it almost impossible to look at their side. he is against the constitution.
9:53 am
if you listen to what he said at turning point, the man believes in the constitution. host: we are going to move on because other people are waiting. frank says this makes them stronger because americans see through the -- the charade. pelosi thinking she can tell the senate what can do -- what to do. a couple minutes left, our next caller in florida. what is your view on this? caller: i think it has made him weaker, at least for any thinking person. inflation has almost doubled since he took over. a loaf of bread cost about five dollars. -- $25 cost 25 thought -- costs $25. host: we will go next to pat joining us from west virginia. caller: good morning. call trying to reserve my for something other than this subject but after listening for
9:54 am
at least 10 minutes to two different callers spending all of their time trashing c-span and liberal media and saying that they were picked on and that they were shunted to the side and all of this nonsense, this is the new republican talking point. they are not getting a fair trial, they are not getting a fair shake, they are not getting their point of view out there. you fell into the same trap that they love, giving them airtime to try to make sure that their wants and needs are taken care of. haveact is that they swamped the airwaves. anywhere you go, if they have a tv on in the lobby at a business, fox news is on. they have the airwaves. they have the bully pulpit and we are not going to take it
9:55 am
anymore. those of us that are liberal, we are not going to take their bullying anymore. i want that to be the message that i give. i want to hear that -- i want them to all hear it loud and clear. we are standing up and we are not going to be bullied anymore. thank you for the time. host: thank you for the call. next we go to james in washington, d.c. caller: how are you doing? host: i'm doing great how are you? merry christmas. caller: i am a democrat. i believe this is going to make him stronger, only because the people he is talking to are not looking stuff up. he is relying on them to not look into his stuff. says ilike trump always don't like snitches. mike pompeo was on the call, everybody else was on the call. answer my question for me if you
9:56 am
can. in the impeachment itself, it has language that jim jordan tried to strike out which said that after you are impeached, you can no longer hold office. if that is the case, why should he be allowed to be reelected? phone, have you on the can you please let them know that the republicans held the house and senate for eight years and never decided to investigate biden until he put his name on the ballot? this is what i am saying. nobody is telling them the truth. deflection. stop letting them deflect. i know you can't really moderate because it is open airwaves but somebody has to tell them the truth. host: this text message from randy, not sure if this makes the president weaker or stronger but it does show how strong our constitution is and how strong
9:57 am
we are in the belief of the law. send us a text message at (202)-748-8003. from irvine, california, dave is next. caller: thank you for taking my call. i think the impeachment makes him weaker. he should not be president of the united states of america. we have to get those republicans out because they are the ones that are bought and paid for. they do not care about law or anything. we have a lawless president. this man is a dictator. he should be thrown out of office. that is my comment. host: ron gets the last word. we have about a half minute left. caller: this guy thinks he's slick. ms. pelosi should have taken that letter and thrown it in the trash. they are the ones who are
9:58 am
against the constitution. google donald trump's grandfather. he was a pimp, a drug dealer and a hustler. host: eydie murphy was back last night on saturday night live. the opening skit taking aim at the democrats and president trump. the pbh to -- the pbs debate that aired last thursday. [video clip] >> you have spent the last two years talking smack about president trump but what if i he's been backstage the whole time and he has heard everything you said? come on out mr. president. you think i'm nervous? what are they going to do, impeach me? hey losers, impeach me outside how about that? >> why is he here? >> so you people will actually watch this freak show.
9:59 am
this is the best the dems could come up with? pocahontas, sleepy joe, i'm going to give some new names i came up with. mayor butt. scrooge mcduck, ben & jerry's and andrew yang works as is. >> ok. >> there are no rules no that i am impeached. you've had it easy with donald trump. now you will get it wrong. >> i challenge you to a push-up contest. talking me, you, shirts off, first guy to do one wins. >> go ahead i'm not afraid of anything. >> are you sure you are not afraid? god, i thought it was grandpa's -- it was krampus. did you read the letter i sent you? >> the one that was six pages
10:00 am
singlespaced like a serial killer? no i didn't. here are the articles of impeachment. >> oh great, give it to mitch in the senate. >> here's the thing. you know how sometimes you get a gift and you like it so much you want to keep it as a gift for yourself? >> you can't do that. >> watch me. good luck at the state of the union. just a portion of last nights s&l, courtesy of nbc. a reminder we are back tomorrow for c-span's washington journal. -- also terry jeffrey joins us to talk about a $23 trillion debt and growing, what it means. a reminder to check out book tv on c-span two and a look back at the clinton impeachment on c-span3's american history tv. newsmakers is next. enjoy the rest of your weekend. have a great hol


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