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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  January 1, 2020 10:52pm-12:00am EST

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trump continue to follow the process on c-span, leading to a senate trial. live unfiltered coverage on c-span, on demand at and listen on the free c-span radio app. >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, bob dean of the natural resources defense council discusses efforts to combat climate change. then author and police officer adam wilson talks about the challenges facing law enforcement in the u.s. and the state of police community relations. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern thursday morning. join the discussion. >> c-span's live campaign 2020 coverage continues. live thursday at 1:30 p.m.
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eastern with democratic presidential candidate senator cory booker from the university of new hampshire law school. watch live on c-span, online at or listen live on the free c-span radio app. campaign 2020, watch our continuing coverage of the presidential candidates on the campaign trail and make up your own mind as the voting begins next month, watch our live coverage of the iowa caucuses on monday, february 3. c-span's campaign 2020. your unfiltered view of politics. >> for the remainder of our program, on this new year's day, what we would like to do is get your take on when it comes to 2020 and what you think particularly when it comes to politics and an election coming up, if you are more optimistic or pessimistic when it comes to your viewpoint
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on that front when -- in 2020. so if your view of politics is more optimistic, give us a call at 202-748-8000. if it is more pessimistic, call us at 202-748-8001 and you can always -- if you're unsure it's 202-748-8002. call us and text us and post on the social media site as well. by the way, "usa today" and suffolk university did pool taking a look at this kind of idea saying if americans thought that things would get better or worse in their tone lives in 2020, when they say that, 80% to -- 80% sadse yes and 11% said no. that 80% predicting that their lives will be better, that optimism stretched across demographic lines and one of the main reasons that those people who participated said why they thought their lives would be better was the economy. it also adds by a 3-1 ratio those surveyed also predicted things would get better for the next year for their communities. but asked about the nation as a
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whole, optimism was more tempered and attitudes more divided by partisan hospital. ae avided bipartisanship by -- partisanship. by double digits 54% to 37% democrats said things would get worse. so you can factor that in to your thinking as when it comes to the year ahead in washington. you view things more optimistic or pess mickly you can give us a call on the lines and we'll take those in just a few moments. during the course of this program, we'll be joined by opinionists to talk about not only things of politics, particularly in an election year but other issues as she has many a day on this program. joining us from new hampshire. ariane arneson the syndicated talk show host, radio based out of wnhn in concord, new hampshire. good morning, happy n. guest: happy new year and i think frightened is the third option. optimistic, pessimistic, or are you frightened about 20/20 and that sort of encapsulates my opinion. host: what do you base that on?
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caller: i think democracy is being stressed in a way we have never seen before and the impeachment is one example of that. we have a present that doesn't actually value the constitution, looks at laws as something that apply to the little people, but not him, we are looking at an assault on voter rights and we see a rise in voter suppression. i am looking at the gerrymandering that will change as a result of a new census, but has a stranglehold on what we see happening in states because we have gerrymandered so there is no meaning for november elections. i am looking at what is happening around the world and that is the climate crisis. everybody watched what was happening in australia and we were like, australia is burning and then be look at the amazon, the rain forests are burning and we look at california, california is burning. we cannot look at just the stock
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market and what is happening in our own personal economy without realizing we are part of a planet, we are kind of on this boat together and there are so many things pressuring us to create a level of instability. my optimism is tempered by the fact i cannot look at how happy i am in concord, i have to look at how the rest of the world is unstable and know that i am a piece of that. host: when people picked personal views of their optimism, but -- they put the economy as the number one reason they set on. guest: how do you like your congressman? i love my congressman? what do you think of congress? they suck. this is part of the problem. we have this idea the bubble we are in is something we only have to care about and then when we look at congress, we realize congress is dysfunctional. how is it possible to have a
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wonderful congressman and dysfunctional congress? we have to step back and say what does this say about us and how we need to have a bigger worldview? we have always been somewhat xenophobic and looked at ourselves and thought this is all that matters. it doesn't. that is where the advantage or disadvantage of climate change is it is putting us together in a way that is not necessarily positive, but it will force all of us to have a come to jesus moment and the example of the fires alone tells you i think the world is on fire and that will challenge us in 2020. host: do you think those issues are being addressed directly by the candidates or these potential people who would like to become president? are they addressing those issues or sticking to mainstream issues when it comes to an election themed conversation?
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guest: climate change has changed. in 2019, it listen would not be part of the vernacular. another piece they are talking about is the inequality gap. we see the greatest inequality gap in america in 50 years. my headline i called you about the other day was a headline that said the 500 richest people in the world saw their wealth -- byt their wealth increased $1.2 trillion. they speak about climate change for that one point through trillion dollars? did they invent something remarkable? no. the rich got even richer and of that$1.2 trillion, half of was accumulated by the rich people in america alone. look at growing inequality, the
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rich getting richer and then there is a real tragedy, we somehow think this economy is doing well. for the poorest americans, we have seen a financial decrease in stability by 7% from 2004 to 2018. you tell me what that is about. if the economy is doing well, why did it forget them? what did donald trump do? even as they are struggling, they saw their finance decline, what happened? toald trump cut food stamps 700,000 people. screw you while you are down and what is ironic about this is so many of those 700,000 live in states when donald trump won. the poor are struggling, we have not lifted them up, we have drained them and then we take their food away. a pox on us. host: which of the candidates
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coming to new hampshire are directly addressing that and what you think -- who do you think it is resonating with most as they come to new hampshire? guest: when you say billionaires, you think bernie sanders and elizabeth warren because they have used the terms and they talk about wealth and this grotesque wealth gap and a wealth tax. all the candidates are getting it. they are realizing even after 8 years of barack obama, a democratic president, guess what? got through. that means democrats and republicans are responsible for the situation we have now. donald trump was basically an invitation for us not looking at these issues. all the candidates are talking about it. some address it with a greater sense of urgency than others, that is the difference. it is not between progressives and moderates, it is those that quicker, some of us
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who think we need to do two things at once, which is move quickly forward as well as recognize the status quo will not be a status quo unless we address the urgency of change. day, who has first the best chance of winning new hampshire? as you see it. guest: ask about me. the moment i make my decision is when i make my decision. at this point, it is incredibly fluid. everyone will be watching what is happening in iowa. iowa changes the landscape because they mix it up. that doesn't mean we take direction from iowa, but we pay attention to iowa. cory booker is not on the state. if cory booker keeps talking about how he is organizing in wouldif cory booker suddenly do something remarkable in iowa, in new hampshire, people will pay attention
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because they will try to figure out why he is not in the top tier. elizabeth has seen a problem because of her response on medicare for all. bernie survived his heart attack, he is stronger than ever before and bringing in more money than anyone else. iowa, butl do well in he has a history in new hampshire and his history is not because he lives in the state next door. it is because he cleaned hillary clinton's clock. there is a lot of fluidity and mayor pete is doing well in iowa, trust me, mayor pete is doing well in new hampshire. hes not only the demographic represents although he feels a bit old for 37 and seems to have an old demographic that follows him, but his sexual preference resonates well in new hampshire. i have always said new hampshire state.t of a libertarian
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we were the first state in the nation that elected by politics, not by courts, embraced the concept of gay marriage, so there is a sensitivity and open door for mayor pete, plus he is wicked smart. he seems to be like a young joe biden and if you are looking for something that appears moderate, you have moderate in a young package. host: corey lewandowski not running for senate. guest: he needs to make money. he will lose to jeanne shaheen. he likes making money, you don't make money when you are running for the u.s. senate and he was a gift for jeanne shaheen because the longer he put his name out there, she was raising more money off of his name. it was a win-win for jeanne shaheen. she does not get cory in the 2020 campaign and she raised a bundle of cash because he threatened to run.
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host: this is arnie arnesen, the host of a talk son and conch -- talkshow in concord. how can people find you? guest: my show airs and streams live every day at noon eastern time and then it goes up at 7:00 at night and you can hear me on the pacifica network. my biggest radio network is houston, texas. host: thanks for joining us, as always. happy new year to you. that sets it off as far as your optimism or pessimism when it comes to politics and the new year. you can call saying you are optimistic. if you are pessimistic, 202-748-8001. if you are unsure at this point, 202-748-8002 is how you do that. if you want to text us, you can do so at 202-748-8003. include your name, city, state. indiana, this is ellen, thank
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you for holding on. you are on. caller: i really wish you would have bachman from netflix after that lady went off because her pessimistic view could depress anybody. i am optimistic. i think donald trump has truly tried to do what he said he would do. i am optimistic democrats are going to learn a lesson about not revealing the constitution of our constitution and i am optimistic hopefully the lesson hold them backll to get moderates and blue dog democrats and things they used to have and get rid of the socialistic you. i am just really happy donald trump is in office and i hope he stays in office and he always teases and says 16 years and i always say from your mouth to god's ears. i am thrilled he is our
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president, i love him as president and i am truly optimistic and please get someone else on your television show that can give a different view than what the democrat did. host: we will hear from a wide variety of opinion assists. greg first in pennsylvania. caller: good morning. i am very optimistic. the lady from indiana is exactly correct. donald j. trump is exactly what we need. the lady that was on from new hampshire, you should have asked her a couple questions. you should have asked her what have you done for the poor? addresse you done to the gap in income? what have you done about big government? you support the democrats who are all talking about big democrats -- big government, but she says new hampshire was
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-- big government. they were two obvious questions that should have been asked and she wants to give everybody how can -- how to reach her so she can reach -- get money. she is on every three or four months and says the same crap every time. host: dave says he is pessimistic. hello. caller: i am dave in georgia and i heard 20 minutes ago you are doing fine today, so i will not ask how you are doing and i am pessimistic because it was in the 1970's -- host: are you still there? caller: yes, i am. i am standing there listening to this protestant preacher telling a crowd of teenagers, one of the boys had on a t-shirt that said all one people and it had an image of the world and the
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preacher said we are not all one people, we are americans, we are exceptional and that is what got us where we are today. we are not exceptional, we are a bunch of racist bigots. when we went in vietnam, it was to side with the white people, the french, who went over to brutalize the vietnamese. i killed people over there for a lie and it is a lie that american exceptionalism is a load of nonsense. we all should love each other and be kind to each other instead of loving the almighty dollar. host: let's hear from paul in alabama. sir.r: hello, i am optimistic mainly because donald trump is our president and i have a little thing i want to say to you. ignorance is the currency of the left. they dwell in it, live in it,
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and espouse it to their ignorant constituents and then they rely on that ignorance to get them votes. else tohave anything say other than happy new year to america and i hope this world hopes to be more american-like. host: paul in alabama, those are just a sampling of what we will ask you when it comes to politics in 2020. if you are optimistic or pessimistic. you can take a look at the election or what is going on in congress. 202-748-8000 if you are optimistic. 202-748-8001 if you are pessimistic. maybe you are unsure, 202-748-8002. we will be joined by a variety of opinion nests -- opinionists. a talk show host in florida joins us via skype on the phone.
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happy new year. guest: happy new year. host: describe your show and the take you gave politically. for 23 years i have been at 93.5. we do a lot of local and stuff.l trumpdience is largely a audience. set the stage and behind the brick -- the president. host: talk about florida as it stands. what are the areas that the president has to focus on and what are the areas the democratic candidates have to
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focus on? caller: the president needs to win -- -- guest: the president needs to win over people who voted for him. i would like to see him court of few more people to push them over the finish line. i expect because he has a favorable governor, ron desantis has done a masterful job. the president will win reelection and do it with florida. host: if there are specific areas you are interested in, you corridor, how i-4 does that contrast the southern part of florida or the panhandle? guest: in southern florida, it
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is a tougher hill to climb because of the amount of people who have voted democrat. there is development virtually everywhere, even at the daytona beach area. there is a lot of thriving business, industry. has benefited from the tax revisions. they could not only invest in floater, but they could feel good about their money again and this country. that is why i see a lot of people very much in favor of the president. there are a lot of detractors as well. i don't want to discount those people. a lot of people who came down from new york who did not have a favorable impression of donald trump continue to be against him and they bring up stuff from the tweetshey don't like his
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. from my listeners in florida, those people that like the president are not going to leave him. host: the president is expected to hold a rally. with evangelicals, that is expected to take place in miami. what does that rally say about florida as far as the president's interest in gaining voters? guest: i think it is a good move , obviously an area he needs to work on. he will get some help. marco rubio will probably be at the rally. he does come out when the president needs him. probably get will hit on health care because we have not seen enough changes there. the big thing for the radiance have noticed is congress has
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nothing with the .xception of michael waltz congress walked away from issues such as infrastructure, industry, even national defense. florida is looking for a presence in space force and that is important for the state of florida employment in the future. host: the president relocating to florida, is that is a locational move or a political move, do you think? guest: it is not a political move, he has had property for years and enjoyed living in florida. be controversial to the people in the palm beach area because of the amount of money. it helps put florida on the map. since harry truman, we have not had a president spend this much
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time in florida. host: we have been asking people yout optimism or pessimism, can relate that to the election or other things that would determine your view? guest: i think people are concerned if the president has acceptability for joe biden. there is a lot of people who like him. they are the type of people who would love to have a beer with him and he is a likable person. i think they are scared by the fact his programs don't appear to be focused enough that would actually raise the standard of living for people in florida. i think they have seen the return on investment with their vote for president trump and i don't think they see they will get anymore from joe biden. some of my listeners tell me they are worried things will reverse under a biden administration. as it answers your question about how hopeful people are, i think people like what they are
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seeing at least in florida and they want to see it continue and i don't think they want to see a reversal to the old days of spending andbt and uncertainty. host: whohost: how can people find your show -- how can people find your show? guest: i will be back on the air on monday and they can also go where they can find all our programs and news offerings. time.thank you for your happy new you -- to you. we will continue her calls about whether you are -- your calls about whether you are optimistic, pessimistic, or unsure about the new year. .aller: happy new year i am both optimistic and i am
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pessimistic. i am optimistic because things are going well for a lot of people. a lot of questions and things we need to work out, but i am optimistic that as a country, we can work through this. i am pessimistic because what are the democrats going to do if they cannot get trump out of office? they are already questioning the validity of the neck -- of the election in 2020. they want to do away with the electoral college. my question on that is if hillary clinton had won in 2016, would we even be discussing the electoral college? it seems like it would have worked fine then. i am both optimistic and pessimistic and i can only pray for our country and that people
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will come into this new year -- host: we will go to massachusetts next, somerville. this is mike. happy newy -- caller: year, everybody. i am a little pessimistic especially speaking after witnessing the impeachment .ssue it brought up the fact for me that there is a lot of anger on .oth sides also that it seems hard for people to verify factual information. there is a lot of misinformation going on and politically, we are at some sort of turning point as it stands right now. i just don't know. i think the factual information
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and money getting in the way of politics is skewing everybody's reality. we are all the same people, all in the same country. we all want the same things and i think there is a lot of issues to tackle like climate change and public health and environmental regulations and measuring our happiness -- a lot of people comment on how the economy is doing well. it might be a valid point, but i try to look at the root cause why it is doing well and i see any promise there except for a short-term bump from tax cuts. i don't get it. 6 figures. almost
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i am fine, comfortably and comfortable, personally. health care is getting out of control. been from my savings and 401(k) and health care and car insurance, 50% of my income goes towards rent over here and 30'sliving alone under my on the outskirts of boston. i liked alert -- to work. i just don't see any -- host: from our texting service, brick in texas saying the country is polarized politically. 020 will see an increase in division. georgia from gainesville, you are next up. go ahead, you are on.
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caller: thanks so much and happy new year to everyone. i am very optimistic because 2020 will be a distinction. you have businesses that got huge tax breaks and we know what they did with their money. they are going to help the employees that work there. you have white evangelicals standing with trump no matter what he says and does. are they going to stand with jesus christ? we have the health care, opioid addiction that has proved out this year after a study. they came out that said white men are dying after this plant went out of business or was closed and they are starting to see there is hopelessness in which minorities have
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been saying for years. are they going to stand up and say this is the fact, we have to help the people in desperation? host: with all that being said, explain your optimism. caller: i am optimistic because we are going to see exactly who are christians and who people reallyand who people really aret will be well defined and either we are going to come together, which i am optimistic once we are able to see who is who, those that really love god will come together and do the right thing. >> that is james in gainesville, georgia, rounding out the first about if youou are optimistic, pessimistic or unsure about the future ahead in politics. call us on the phone or text us at (202)-748-8003. if you want to post on social facebook are @cspanwj,
11:24 pm emily cochran talks about a second republican senator asking questions about the potential trial that could take place in the new year. inappropriate in my judgment for senators on either side of the aisle to prejudge evidence before they have heard what is presented because each of us will take an oath to seriously render impartial justice." collins and murkowski doubting the leaders approach, scrutiny fall on republicans, like lamar alexander of tennessee, who could force leaders to work out the terms of 1999al the way they did in with the impeachment trial of president bill clinton.
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edward is in newport, florida, optimistic. caller: greetings and happy new year from sunny florida. i am very optimistic. hasdentally, arnie arnesen a net worth of $70 million, all through politics. has made hismp -- money in business. in new port richey, the tampa area, every block has new construction on it. when i go to the vfw, my fellow veterans are very positive and optimistic about what president trump is doing. + ande in a community of 55 at our community center, we have optimism from senior citizens. i believe president trump is for
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so i amily and country very optimistic about 2020. host: thank you. jeffrey, washington state. jeffrey, hello. caller: yes, hello. i turned down the tv. host: thank you. caller: i am pessimistic on a number of levels. hopefully happy new year, i am not sure. i have never seen the country so divided. i am 72, still working. american government teacher and american history teacher. i work in the inner-city. wage disparity still exists. we have a president who campaigned on racial divides. tweetslling, racist , condescending toward african-americans, we all
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know those stories. i am originally from new york city, queens, from the next neighborhood. the guy who went down to the playground to play basketball. when he stopped coming down, we found out in his private school where he went, he was actually expelled for hitting a kid and a teacher and bullying kids. he has not changed. i don't understand how these evangelicals can support the lies, the name-calling, the philandering -- to me, it is so hypocritical. the national deficit. $1 trillion this year. it has never been so high. foreign policy is tanking. north korea, forget it. to -- they want
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to use iran as scapegoat and maybe there is justification but for goodness sakes. host: gloria, maryland. caller: good morning c-span. god bless america and you. [indiscernible] my congregation -- [indiscernible] -- host: gloria, are you by a window? the signal on our end is breaking up. caller: i am on a cell phone. host: if you can get to an open space. caller: i will walk over here by my sliders.
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i want to encourage people pessimistic, trump may think he is above the law, obviously he does. the world does not belong to donald trump. i believe a minority of people who are praying earnestly, quite frankly, i think trump is god's rebuke -- [indiscernible] you don't drop up senate he's in public all the time -- [indiscernible] -- i happen to be a person of color -- [indiscernible] as for the evangelicals, these are not christians. i am encouraging people -- [indiscernible] you pity. everyone who has the opportunity he has had, his terrible
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rhetoric, he has brought out the worst in everything and everybody. we pity anyone who does not realize that. have a good day. int: we will hear from gina naples, florida. caller: happy new year to everyone. i agree with your previous washington,, from pretty much everything he said. i wanted to mention one thing. i want to make it very clear to all of your listeners and democrats don't hate publicans -- republicans. we don't hate trump. us some, he has given reason to be unhappy with his behavior, that is an understatement but we don't hate him. just so that the republicans know. host: why are you optimistic?
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i am optimistic and pessimistic. i will make a quick. i am optimistic because i believe our institutions appear to be holding on. holding up. even though we have a lot of criminal activity going on in the executive branch and a lot of badolicy -- lot policy. i am pessimistic about the fact iowa -- i am a farmer from and also live in florida and we have been really hurt badly from the tariffs, china is not buying the soybeans and mexico is not buying the corn, so that really i am on both --
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sides of the spectrum. that is all i have to say, sir. host: take a look at the economy and use it to gauge optimism or pessimism, washington times, associated press story looking at the stock market closing out the year yesterday saying the s&p finished with again of 28.9% of the year, best annual performance since 2013, the dow applegained 23% led by and technology stocks vaulting 48%, powering the nasdaq composite the 35 point 3% gain for the year and along the way, the three major indices set the longest and cap bull market for stocks going. the more of that in washington times this morning. carolyn, california, hello. caller: hi. host: go ahead. caller: i am pessimistic about the future of our country.
11:33 pm
our president has a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with the american people. personal gain. as far as democrats, you don't have anyone who will beat donald trump in the next election. nobody is talking about what they are going to do to fix the situation or anything else, ok? they are talking about trump. whatever. ok. the point then is like, [indiscernible] -- i read somewhere that guatemala, like $200 million per year from our government -- [indiscernible] [indiscernible] they are coming here. ok. host: what should the democratic
11:34 pm
candidates be talking about? caller: what they will do to fix the situation. the people coming from any country -- [indiscernible] becauseare coming here of corruption. fromcan use that money them to take care of them, the housing, clothing, whatever. --t: sherry, fort smith portsmouth, virginia. caller: good morning. folks --ed by the there is a game called twister that was popular where you had to place yourself on the know, right hand behind her back, left foot kind of thing, i see people doing
11:35 pm
that in defending the president in a way that ignores all his illst, sexist, homophobic he spews that are clearly wrong for the elected leader of the clearlybe espousing and are not christian based in terms of what he is saying, yet people are able to ignore that and allow themselves to be hypnotized by what they consider financial success. host: you describe yourself as optimistic. i live incause tidewater, hampton roads, where the nation was founded in 1607 at jamestown. we are very much about understanding how that beginning is reflected in who we are today. we are very much about helping
11:36 pm
america heal from the wounds of slavery without shame or blame and so by doing that we bring people together and have conversations about the past and how the nation was formed on the values and principles of which it stands for. by doing that, we get able to appreciate how we have to carry forward that legacy in the present day, the 21st century. this is what we are doing in hampton roads, virginia at fort monroe where slavery was ended in 1861, two point five years before the emancipation proclamation with federal policy that basically said when people made their way to that union camp at fort monroe, they would be not returned to their owners and they would be put on the federal payroll and given citizenship. that started, may, 1861 fort monroe and people become impressed when we tell them that and empowered by that history. host: ok.
11:37 pm
saint albans,rom new york, tom. caller: thank you. host: go ahead. becausei'm optimistic trump is not, i hate to say bad president but for lack of a better word, we have had presidents who have been you know unpopular, controversial, divisive before in our history. we have survived them all. i'm optimistic there is only a year left in his term even if he is not removed. if he wins reelection, which i hope does not happen, we can survive more years of him. education happens in many ways. sometimes education comes from hard knocks. the hard knocks we are experiencing is a country are an excellent way of educating the
11:38 pm
, to elect a more favorable person and have better domestic and international policies. we were talking about iraq and the embassy thing, i remember, 1979 when the embassy in iran was overthrown. i remember when we went into iraq. i was against it. we don't hear anything about the iraqi people getting the ink stained fingers, holding them up in the air when they voted, the 1960's, the domino theory to spread democracy. nobody talks about that anymore. next fromill hear springfield, missouri, ron. caller: thanks. couple things i am optimistic about. people are starting to wake up to america.
11:39 pm
peoplebeen several years have gotten together as a group and talked about the problems and really cared. i think we are going to reach a critical mass in the country where things are going to happen fast duend change so to the evolution of technology that people are going to make decisions for change instead of talk about them. we have to do some things that are going to hurt but the one thing we have to do is attack the deficit. the only way to start that is to do a national lottery. that way, we are doing something about the deficit. we have got to do something about the climate. the only way we can do that is to wake up to recycled things. we have to do things. the reality is there. we are in the middle of winter.
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most of the country feels like it's in the spring. fact that wece the have different news briefs doctoring the news. we have to demand the real truth. we can all do that. the one thing we all have to wake up to is the spiritual reality of our lives. that is why we are here. america, don't worry about your pocketbook. worry about your spiritual bank. host: ok. congressional issues. more andreporting, more californians are moving elsewhere amid rising housing costs, the golden state is on seat for lose a the first time in history. 203,000 people moved out of 2018-2019,between the bulk of them going to
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arizona, texas and colorado where the cost of life is less pricey. year,bers hold true, next california would see the number of seats in the house of representatives dropped to 52. it would do little to diminish california's influence in the lower chamber but there is a possibility the states californians are migrating to could pick up a seat, a move that could alter the local and federal political map. the washington times has a story about those who are retiring from congress or running from for office and keeping a tally. here is the list. office,s, nine, leaving announcing the intention, compared to 25 republicans, some retiring, some running for government, senate and other offices. that list available at the washington times if you want to see the perspective.
11:42 pm
ohio, westchester. caller: hello. i am optimistic for many reasons. first of all, i read on the gateway pundit a few weeks ago that only 42% of deplorables voted in the last election, which leaves 58% who have now had four years to find out, gee, if i get registered and come out and vote again, that could increase trump's vote. the other reason i am optimistic is i see minorities moving to the low teens from the mid-20's, approaching the 30's, i think that will be another beneficial thing. all of this being under the tutelage of brad carr scale, the social media manager. years ofad three getting all the info and we are finding out 25% of the people
11:43 pm
attending trump rallies are democrats. i have a lot of reason for optimism. i expect to go to bed early on election night, 2020. thanks much and happy new year. huntsville, alabama, optimistic. pessimistic because of what congress is doing and not doing. we have groupthink taking over the congress. if anyone doesn't know what that is, look it up. up cognitive dissonance, which is essentially acting against your beliefs. the beliefs they are acting against, if they are christians, their actions are not representative of christianity. it is not about what you talk about, it is about what you do, your actions. everybody should pick up a
11:44 pm
psychology book sometime and realized all actions are results of feelings. host: rick, if congress is suffering from groupthink, give me a specific. caller: whenever you have people that will not listen to what the , andligence agency say they will go about what the president believes, i do not believe that before this term took place, this candidacy took place -- go back and look at man fromke the gentle south carolina that spoke against president trump and now how he talks. in less than two years, he has changed his whole thought based on what? not on facts. if it was faxed, he would be listening to the intelligence
11:45 pm
agencies. why is he speaking against them now? it is not like everyone in the agency -- those are career professionals. they were in those positions before trump got in office. that is my evidence. no one is going against it. on impeachment, all republicans voted they were against impeachment. that is my facts. not the emotions. you can join us via phone talking about your optimism, pessimism or maybe you are unsure? give us a call. (202)-748-8001 if you're pessimistic. (202)-748-8002 if you are unsure. 8000 if you're pessimistic. joining with the blaze,
11:46 pm
us from iowa. good morning. guest: happy new year. host: happy new year. optimism, pessimism? guest: i am optimistic i am not going to run out of material this year and pessimistic at what that material is going to be. your last caller is a great example. he claims he has some kind of moral high ground that now all these people on the right are against the intelligence agencies because trump is but then where is the self-awareness? those same agencies 15 years ago 'sre telling us iraq had wmd and we had to preemptively strike. those same leftists were saying bush lied, people died. we are going to get tribalism on steroids. if you want to know what republicans will say about impeachment, re-rack what democrats said 20 years ago and vice versa. it is the same thing on intelligence agencies.
11:47 pm
it is going to be tribalism on steroids. if you're looking for punchlines, as i am, it will be glorious. impeachment,ers of will that further strengthen the tribalism? guest: absolutely, especially when the democrats decided we have the robert mueller report, let's spend $50 million on that for two years, instead, let's roll with this ukrainian phone call, only one of the witnesses recalled was actually on. this entire thing, i am a christian, i don't have the chinese year of the this, but if i were, i would declared 2020 already, having listened to the first call before i came on, this will be the year of bumd. maximum dumb. abouti am interested criticism of those who would support the president amongst the evangelical community, when you hear that criticism, is it
11:48 pm
valid or not valid? guest: i think there has been legit criticism of the way some in the evangelical community have supported president trump. the whole jesus saves, nebuchadnezzar, this, that, that is ridiculous. i push back on that on my show with maximum prejudice. and clearober minded thinking evangelicals are loyal to the president. it is clear. the democratic party, if you watch their debates, what hillary clinton said in 2016, they use the fcoercive power of government to hammer them for their beliefs and drive them out of the mainstream of the public square and shut down any businesses they own in the process. ask for jack who is the only baker in denver, colorado. it is an act of self-defense. no one has any moral high ground. if you are supporting the party, with its virginia governor, we
11:49 pm
give birth to kids, then we put it in swaddling clothes in the been and let the mom decide if she wants it and if she doesn't, we stick a fork in it and say adios. if that is your political party, i think maybe you need to consider jesus's admonition to look first at the beam in your own eye rather than the speck of dust in others before you start preaching on a moral high ground. host: taking a look at criticizing those who would support the president on those fronts, your analysis? do you buy it? guest: if st. paul were here, he would look at this debate and say it is silly and pointless. the idea that the president should be impeached -- if you read the article, the case is he should be impeached because he is a bad influence on christianity. if donald trump is everything christianity today claims, they should look in the mirror and
11:50 pm
say, we as the shepherds, how did we fall down on the job that such a ne'er-do-well was able to take advantage of the church like this? it is a self condemning piece. there were a lot of people that were convicted and righteous in faith that came to the defense of the president. they need to look at some of the people they signed the list with like apollo white, a complete sham artist, probably should be in prison for shaking people down for finances with the fake prosperity gospel. we should have let chuck grassley investigate those tax 15 years ago. paul would look at each side and say, he is a political candidate. in a few years he will be gone. one where the other. christianity remains. what are you doing for the integrity of the faith? it is larger than donald trump, barack obama or nero. i think this debate is god of theof how the
11:51 pm
christian church in america is too small. host: you have a caucus coming up in iowa in a couple weeks. does it get overshadowed by matters of impeachment or lose oompf? guest: a good friend of mine was looking for info from out east using a source right before christmas, asking me what is going on? we are hearing nothing in new york. when they started impeachment, the iowa caucuses, except for isolated rallies, pete buttigieg or elizabeth warren, the room has been chloroformed. if you open up the room, there is no oxygen, you cannot breathe. delaying this all the more has not been good for energy on the ground for democrats. some of their own candidates like amy klobuchar are warning them, tulsa gabbard, no one is asking us about this. get busy living or get busy dying. two weeks today that nancy
11:52 pm
pelosi has been holding onto the articles. i would not trust any polling out of iowa or anything of that nature until we are a good full week into the new year, people have had a chance to simmer down from christmas and reassess. i will tell the audience. i live in one of the suburbs that will be the battleground in the iowa caucuses here on february 3. i have driven my neighborhood a couple times in the last month looking for signs of grassroots energy. a whoppingted three, three yard signs, both times two weeks apart. this impeachment has stifled energy of democrats on the ground in the iowa caucuses early. host: through do they represent? guest: joe biden, pete buttigieg, bernie sanders. pretty even split. similar to polling. four our- the top secure.
11:53 pm
the top three will come out of that. warren, sanders, buttigieg, biden. one of them will fall out because of the way the democrats do caucuses. they get in the room and have the straw poll first. you have to meet a minimum threshold first, then they vote. there will be a lot of horsetrading and politicking going on. this thing could come down to something like the weather. if we have a terrible snowstorm on february 3 an older residents cannot get to the caucuses, that impacts a buttigieg or a biden but on college campuses, all in session, and i will only walk across the quad at the university of iowa in order to caucus, that could help bernie sanders or elizabeth warren. i would caution anyone nationwide on either side of the aisle from making any definitive statements about where this thing stands now. host: as far as the president himself, what is his biggest challenge? has a i don't think he big challenge per se.
11:54 pm
all of his issues are known. it comes down to all lines are made up about donald trump. it comes down to, what i think about you, do i get a return on that investment? if the economy is doing well a year from now as it is now, he is going to win, regardless of who the democrats nominate. there is a reasonable chance he is going to lose regardless of who they nominate. host: tell us about your show and where people can find it., you can also subscribe on itunes, >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. thursday morning, a guest from the national resources defense
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council discusses climate change. an author and police officer talks about challenges facing law enforcement and the state of police-community relations. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern thursday morning. join the discussion. >> c-span's live campaign 2020 coverage continues. eastern,at 1:30 p.m. democratic presidential candidate senator cory booker from the university of new hampshire law school. watch live on c-span, online at or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> friday, the d.c. circuit court of appeals will hear two cases. the first, whether former white house counsel don mcgahn needs comply with a subpoena to testify, and the
11:56 pm
second on congress's action on the mueller testimony. we will have those live on c-span2. >> sunday, book tv features the latest books from sebastian labor reporter steven greenhouse. starting at noon eastern on in-depth with a live with sebastian gorka. >> when i saw those planes fly into the twin towers of the world trade center, i bristled -- viscerally understood that the totalitarians are back. they may not be communists, but they are totalitarians. if you read the works that inform groups like isis, it is clear that america is once again facing a global totalitarian ideology. >> his latest book is "the war join in thes soul."
11:57 pm
conversation with your phone calls, tweet sent facebook messages. at 9:00 eastern, steven greenhouse talks about his book "beaten down, worked up." >> so many people don't know how us the 40 hour work week at pensions and the unions, theer, folks who brought us the weekend. i want it to explain to people, unions achieved a lot in american history but now they are really in decline. result, things are considerably worse for workers than was the case 30, 40 years ago. this weekend watch and all weekend on book tv on c-span2. and i ame is adam cook a 2018 c-span studentcam winner. i'm here to encourage you to
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>> catherine colbert is the attorney who argued planned parenthood versus casey in front of the supreme court. she recently predicted the high court will overturn roe versus wade after the 2020 election. this event was held at the national constitutional center. it's one hour. >> with that, i am delighted to welcome tonight's guest for our conversation regarding whether or not the supreme court's decision in roe should be overturned. standing to my left is catherine colbert who recently retired as the constance s. williams 66 director of the center for leadership studies, professor of leadership studies and professional practice in the politicaie


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