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tv   Campaign 2020 Mike Bloomberg in Salt Lake City  CSPAN  February 20, 2020 6:10pm-6:32pm EST

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on c-span. ♪ announcer 2: students from across the country told us the most important issues for the potential candidates to address our climate change, gun violence, teen vaping, college affordability, mental health and immigration. we are awarding $100,000 in cash prizes. the winners will be announced march 11. ♪ announcer 1: 2020 democratic presidential candidate mike bloomberg held a rally earlier today in select city. it was his first -- in salt lake city. it was his first major campaign event since the democratic primary debate in las vegas last night. [applause] mr. bloomberg: what a crowd. thank you, lauren, and thank you, all of you, for being here.
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our public lands are sacred heritage, integral to our way of life and utah's vibrancy. [applause] we must protect and steward these lands for our children and future generations. the current administration is like a fox watching a henhouse. it says it is protecting our public lands, air and water but instead it is feasting on them ar the short-term benefit for few powerful interests. we need to make that stop. [applause] the trump administration is gutting our nation's most important environmental protections and climate policies at increasing speeds. my blood boils when i think about what happens to these places. [applause]
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thoughtfulwith protection which has been investigated with -- is eviscerated with mineral development dominating all other values. we need a president who will reverse these legacy policies of a bygone era, embrace the future, unite the country and defeat donald trump. [applause] mike bloomberg will get the job done. our public stewardship is not only worth continuing but it is integral to climate change arresting policies. i am supporting mike bloomberg because he has been helping make the world greener, cleaner and better for many decades. and he has done this work before.
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[applause] in andorn and raised just outside of new york city, and i can tell you mike was an absolutely tremendous mayor of new york. [applause] york, he cut emissions 13%, making it the cleanest it had been in 50 years and he added 850 acres of parkland to the city. [applause] of 2013, 76% of all new yorkers lived within a 10 minute walk of a park or playground. unlike the president, mike bloomberg believes in climate change and has been attacking it for years. [applause] unlike the president, mike trusts facts.
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[applause and cheers] he believes in science and he puts citizens in the health -- and the health of our country first. we need a leader who will look reality in the eye and fight for our land, water, air and a vibrant, healthy and prosperous teacher for all of us. mike bloomberg is that leader. [applause and cheers] without further delay, it is my thesure to introduce to you next president of the united states, mike bloomberg. [applause and cheers] ♪ mr. bloomberg: hello. hello. [applause and cheers] thank you.
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thank you. mike"]nting "go mr. bloomberg: it is great to be back in utah. every time i come here, i look at the mountains and the valley and think, this is the place. [applause] i have a question for all of you and i mean no offense but let's say regum young showed up today. the question is, will he settle in salt lake city, or given the construction on i 15, he calls sandy his home instead? thank you for that kind introduction. i would want to say peter gave a great introduction. he read it just the way i wrote it. it was perfect. we have a lot in common. he is a champion for the
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environment and protecting the places that make this state and country so special. thank you for being a leader and an ally in the fight. we owe you a great round of applause. [applause] lauren and to thank the team for helping us to win on super tuesday. [applause] here and select last month. we had a great event, but the energy is even greater today. night at the last debate, except the other people on the stage are actually happy to see me now, now i know what it is like to be a utah fan and provo during the holy war -- in provo during the holy war. how was your night last night? the real winner last night was donald trump. may very worry that we
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well be on the way to nominating somebody who cannot win in november. if we choose a candidate who appeals to a small base like senator sanders, it will be a fatal error. we need democrats and independents and republicans to win. [applause and cheers] that was the coalition that propelled democrats to success in the mid-turns and what we need to win in november. that won't happen with pie-in-the-sky promises and proposals that will bankrupt the country. voters want leadership. they don't want handwaving and finger-pointing. they want common sense ideas that can become real policy. this is too important, the stakes are too high and we can't afford to get it wrong. we are here today -- thank you, yes. [applause and cheers]
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we are here today because we are building a campaign we think will compete everywhere. redstate is to read -- too for the democratic party. no voter is too liberal or two conservative to make donald conservative to make donald trump a one term president and that includes fighting for the six electoral votes in utah. ben mcadams proved a democrat can win a congressional seat here. mitt romney proved that trump favor can be woken. -- fever can be broken. [applause] and in november we are going to prove a democratic candidate for president can win here statewide. [applause and cheers] but we are not going to compete just in utah. we will do read and purple all
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across this -- red and blue and purple all across this country and start putting this country back together. [applause and cheers] to do that, we need to nominate someone who can build a broad coalition that attracts voters from all across the spectrum. that is why i am running because this is not an election where we can roll the dice. i am running to defeat donald trump. [applause and cheers] and i am running to restore and too our government build a country we are proud of, and to start getting things done. [applause and cheers] and to put the united back in the united states of america. [applause and cheers]
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this is a national emergency. we may not recover from four more years of trump. the stakes could not be higher, and the way to defeat him is by a private -- appealing to the broadest coalition, americans of all backgrounds and parties, to stand shoulder to shoulder. the way to defeat him is with workable, sensible solutions. we all know trump is a bully. but i am a new yorker and i know how to deal with bullies. i did it all the time. [applause and cheers] i'm not afraid of trump, and he knows it and he sees our polling numbers and he is scared. that is why he tweets about me all the time. if he didn't care, he wouldn't do it. he knows we have a record and the resources to beat him. if he keeps tweeting, he thinks i am going to go away? i will stay more than you ever
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dreamed of. [applause and cheers] back in 2016 i spoke at the dnc commission and i warned donald trump was not fit to be the president to have that office. i worked to help hold him accountable by flipping 21 house seats and making if the pelosi the speaker. that is what started the impeachment process. [applause and cheers] but since the republican senate didn't have the courage to remove him from office, it is up to us to do that this november. [applause and cheers] i am running a campaign for change, sanity, honesty, inclusion, compassion and for human decency. [applause and cheers]
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our campaign has been getting a great response all over america and we know the trump strategy. we have been watching him, attack democrats, make their plans look unrealistic and undoable, but that will not do against me because i offer a record of getting things done, common sense plans that are achievable. we need a nominee who can deliver it. but that is not all we need. donald trump is the world's biggest schoolyard bully with no respect for civility, decency or facts or honesty. and our party needs a candidate who can go toe to toe with him and take the fight to him. thank you. busyresident has been insulting the democratic candidates. when you can't defend your record, you resort to insults.
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it is like a young kid. he doesn't bother me and you can rest assured i will never run away from a fight. [applause and cheers] bully me not going to and i won't let him bully you either. [applause and cheers] i have been pretty blessed and there is nothing trump can do or say that will hurt me but he has hurt a lot of other people and that is why i am running, to stand up for every american was lost their job or insurance. my whole career has been as a doer, and i believe we need less talk, less partisanship, less tweeting. [applause and cheers] in fact i will make you a commitment. i do this at all of these. tweeting president, no
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from the oval office ever again. [applause and cheers] i should point out it is easy for me to say that since i can't spell. but neither can donald. even though donald and i are both from new york, the truth is we could not be more different. mp.ill myself as the untru he breaks promises, i keep them. he divides people and i unite them. he is a climate denier, i am an engineer. i believe in science. imagine that. [applause and cheers] he tweets, i follow facts. i doesn't respect data and tell the truth. he looks out for people who inherited their wealth while i am a self made person. i will raise the estate tax and start fighting income inequality. [applause and cheers]
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you have all heard the slogan mike will get it done, and if you haven't, i have wasted a lot of money. let me tell you what it is. it means winning this november and sending donald trump back to mar-a-lago permanently. [applause and cheers] but that is just the beginning because it means providing health insurance to every american who lacks in and lowering costs to everyone else. we can do it without a massive tax hike on the middle class. we can do it by building on obamacare and bringing down drug prices. [applause and cheers] getting it done means passing common sense gun safety laws to protect our children and community. [applause and cheers] getting it done means making america a global leader in the fight against climate change.
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[applause and cheers] it means creating good jobs with higher wages. it means addressing discrimination and inequality. getting it done means finally fixing our broken immigration system and making a path to citizenship for 11 million people living in the shadows, and it means protecting a woman's white -- right to choose and appointing judges who will defend that right. it will be easy, but i know we can do it because unlike other candidates, i don't just talk. i have a record of reaching across the aisle and getting it done. let me give you examples. other candidates talk about raising teachers' salaries. i raised them in new york 43%. you want good teachers, you got
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to pay them. same thing for cops and firefighters, sanitation workers. they want to be paid and do a good job and be a part of the city, and that is what happens. i raised graduation rates by more than 40%. [applause and cheers] talk about improving health care in new york, i cut the number of uninsured by 40% and improved care for others and babies and praised life expectancy by three whole years -- raised life expectancy by three years. you have friends you love dearly and want them to stay around, move them to new york and on average -- can't guarantee everyone will but they will. others talk about fighting climate change could i cut new by 30%carbon footprint
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and removed polluting coal-fired power plants. greenerjobs and a planet, we can get it done together. also talk about stopping gun violence. in new york city we cut orders 50% -- murders by 50% and created a gun safety group with 6 million members. let me be clear. [applause and cheers] all good democrats are people and if one of them wins, god forbid, i will support her or him because this election is too important to have divided like we saw in 2016. i offer a different choice and a different kind of leadership. i don't just grow -- go out and make -- i nurture good ideas and i hold myself accountable for
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results. tump.the un that is how i ran new york city. i was elected seven weeks after the devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11. our economy was in tatters. there was smoke coming out. our economy was in recession. i brought people together and we treated nearly 5000 -- created nearly 5000 new jobs, affordable housing, reduced listeners 28% builtelessness 28% and we new york city stronger than ever. we can do this across this country. anybody that needs something, we can get it done. [applause and cheers] over the past two decades i have taken on the toughest fights and i have qon -- won.
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i beat to donald trump on gun safety and coal pollution. i am ready to do it again. i can't do it alone. i need your help and support, and i need your vote. the work doesn't just stop there. we need supporters to knock on doors and make phone calls. if you want quality health insurance for everyone, if you want to combat inequality with fair taxes and better jobs, if you want to support my commitment to quality like education and matter what -- quality public education no matter what, opportunity for all and not just a few, if you are ready to protect and defend the constitution of the united states of america, and if you are ready to clean out the oval office and get things done, well, welcome to bloomberg 2020. thank you. [applause and cheers]
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♪ mr. bloomberg: thank you. >> durin season, the candidates are only rea area our programming differs from all other coverage for one simple reason, it is c-span. we brought you unfiltered views of government every day since 1979. this year we are bringing you unfiltered views of people seeking to steer the government, in other words, your future. go deep, direct and unfiltered. see the biggest picture for yourself and make up your own
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2020 broughtpaign to you as a public service. announcer 2: president trumpannouncer 2: holds a rally in colorado springs tonight. watch online at or listen on the free c-span radio app. 2020 democratic presidential candidate joe biden spoke about gun violence at a community center in las vegas. family members of good violence victims joined the former ice president as he made his remarks. this is 20 minutes.


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