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tv   Campaign 2020 Sen. Elizabeth Warren Ends Her Presidential Campaign  CSPAN  March 5, 2020 4:49pm-4:59pm EST

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coverage for one simple. we bring you and this year we are bringing you people. this november. in other words, your future. so this election system go deep, direct and unfiltered and see the biggest picture for yourself and make up your own mind. with c-span's campaign 2020 brought to you as a public service from your television provider. >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren has ended her democratic presidential campaign and spoke to reporters waiting utside her house in cambridge.
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indiscernible chatter] ser i announced this morning tt i am suspending my campaign for president. i say this with a deep sense of gratitude for every single person who got in this fight, every single person who tried on a new idea, every single person who just knew a little of their notion of what a president of the united states should look like. i will not be running for president in 2020, but i guarantee, i will stay in the fight for the hardworking folks across this country who have gotten the short end of this stick and i will continue to fight.
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[indiscernible] senator warren: let's take a deep breath and spend a little time. we don't have to -- reporter: women and girls against two white men. senator warren: all those promises and all those little girls who are going to have to wait four more years. that's going to be hard. reporter: will you be making an endorsement today? you spoke with joe biden and bernie sanders yesterday. senator warren: not today. and i'm going to take a little time to think a little more. i have spending time right now on the question of suspending and make sure to work the best we can for our staff, for our team, for our volunteers. reporter: [indiscernible]
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regrets. no senator warren: i have no regrets at all. this has been an honor of a lifetime. 10 years ago, i was teaching a few blocks from here and talking about what was broken in america and ideas how to physical it and pretty much nobody wanted to hear it. i had a chance to get out there and talk with millions of people. we have ideas that we talk about that we weren't talking about a year ago. universal child care that could be real and make it happen and cancelling student loan debt for 4 million americans and raising social security payments. those are life-changing events for people. and we can actually do this. i'm delighted to have been here nd honored to have this.
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[indiscernible chatter] senator warren: i was told at the beginning of this whole undertaking there are two lanes, a progressive lane that bernie sanders is the incumbent for and moderate lane for joe biden. i didn't feel that was right but evidently i was wrong. [indiscernible question] senator warren: i think i was told when i first got into this, there are two lanes and i thought it was possible that that wasn't the case, that there was more room and more room to run another kind of campaign but evidently that wasn't the case. [indiscernible question] senator warren: i'm deeply grateful to the people of massachusetts. back in 2012, they took a chance on someone who has never run for
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public office before. theyous ted a very popular incumbent republican senator to give me a chance to stand up on a bigger platform and fight for their families and i'm deeply grateful for that. they returned to the senate in 2018. i'm deeply grateful. they are the reason i'm in this fight and able to stand here today. [indiscernible chatter] >> two questions -- [indiscernible question] senator warren: i did. >> [indiscernible question] -- tor warren: so, it was [indiscernible] >> i saw my name on the ballot,
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wow, kiddo, you are not in oklahoma any moment but it was thinking about how my mom and dad, if they were still here, would feel about this. emails from myng nephews and how proud his dad and brother is and how they planned to vote in this. it is, it's a long time. i miss my mom and my dad. ender in this race, you know it's the question for every woman. is sexism in h, this race, whiner. if you say no, there was no sexism, women would think, what
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planet do you live on. i promise you this, i will have a lot more to say. >> what is your advice to your supporters. endorsing? re not senator warren: let's take a breath and think about this a lot longer. >> what were you thinking about -- [indiscernible question] senator warren: a big part of it is to think about the people who turned their lives upside down to be part of this campaign. all of the staffers who moved and worked long hours, gave up jobs to be here, took leave from school, to think about what works for them. isn't about me but a whole lot of people who were part of this and our volunteers to try to think through. all of these people who have
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already invested so many hours and so much of their hearts, the phone calls and the door knocks from coming to the office and help clean things up and keep it all going. [indiscernible] senator warren: those are the things i need to think through and how we make it work as best we can for everyone. it's about all the people who are affected by all the issues i talked about, whether they got involved in my fight or someone else's fight or even not at all, but how do we talk about this? student loan debt outstanding and tens of millions of people cross this country who one
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dad's medical diagnose, there are mommies and daddies across their country who can't take on jobs because they can't find access to decent child care. and i had to think a lot about where is the best place for me to go to keep fighting those fights because those problems don't disappear when i stand here in front of you. those problems go on and my job is to keep fighting and fight this smartly and if he cantively i can. . -- effectively as i can. cheers and applause] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> comes down to be a campaign in which we have one candidate
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who is standing up for the working class and middle class, we are going to win that election. >> for those who have been knocked down, campaign. >> the presidential primaries and caucuses continue tuesday for six states, idaho, michigan, mississippi, missouri, north dakota and washington. watch our campaign 2020 coverage tuesday evening, live on c-span, or listen to wherever you are on the free c-span radio app. >> next, testimony from commerce secretary wilbur ross on president trump's 2021 budget request. also talks about the 2020 crens success and trade relations. held by a senate relations subcommittee, this is two


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