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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  February 27, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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republicans have failed to pass a jobs bill of any kind. congratulations of getting through another day of this of this crap. i'm keith olbermann. good night and good luck. >> welcome to the war room, everybody. i'm jennifer granholm, as if you didn't know michigan voters go to the polls tomorrow, so we're going to get you ready tonight for that little g.o.p. primary. we'll analyze the situation on the ground of michigan and shake it all out. a rising star will join me. california's attorney general and she's leading the fight to stop bank foreclosures in california. all that and more in "the war room." come on inside.
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>> from here in the war room we're tracking michigan for its delegates. it moved up quickly so it was penalized and fed of 60 it has instead of 60 it has 30 delegates. let me start with national polls for a moment. the national poll is not all that interesting because we're focused on states but nonetheless to give you a snapshot. from the gallup poll today the first time romney is beating santorum. if you look a week ago it was 26-36, there seems to be some momentum. but in michigan, what this is a compilation from the 538 blog in "the new york times." that blog does a great
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statistical analysis of the likelihood of victory based upon polls. nate silver who does that, he has got santorum, the projects is that ale have a 38% victory. but the chance of winning he gives at 64% santorum at 36%. however, however the polls that came out today and you'll hear from a pollster in just a moment, show that we've got romney ahead in three and santorum ahead in two. so it is all over the map folks. so this is my little map of michigan. what i just wanted to quickly show you was the west side of the state is usually conservative republicans. those are social conservatives often. the east side of the state detroit, this is lancing in the middle, but this whole corridor right here is around the i-75 corridor. that's the economic
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conservatives. that's where romney will probably do well. up here and in the upper peninsula of michigan, again more conservative. this is where santorum is going to do well. you recall that michigan's primary is going to be based upon congressional districts. it's not a winner take all but every congressional district has two delegates. the one who wins the most con congressional districts will be the one who wins the area. david joins us from downtown of detroit woodward and jefferson. thank you for joining us. what are you hearing what is the sense on the ground. >> well, governor granholm, there is a sense from the romney campaign that they're going to have their get out the photo operation will be very solid tomorrow. but the real enthusiasm seems to come from the santorum campaign. they like the way they closed.
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they feel they had a very strong weekend. that he senator stated very he has got them very energized. and some worry about an enthusiasm gap. partly because of the speech he gave on friday. a couple of verbal gaffes at ford field. where he only filled about with thousand. and then when asked about nascar, he said he didn't know much about nascar but he knows a lot of nascar team owners. he has reinforced he's part of the 1% where rick santorum has stayed with evangelical voters and social issues and restoring
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the manufacturing base, which is a little bit off a contract with romney. >> and so it's interesting to me david, i was just handed the projection from the michigan election officials the secretary of state they're projecting about 15% to 20% voter turnout tomorrow. contrast that with 2008 where it was a 21% turnout. if there is a lower turnout i'm wondering g icicwawa thatut ntum, you u ululthk has ee enthusiasas t tn romy h h the o whh way doeshaha cutut d d y y think? >> i think that's about right. the santorum campaign feels that their voters are very originallized, and he always tends to do better than polling suggests, in this enthusiasm gap he has and advantage he has over romney. one thing that is so intriguing. this is an open race and the democrats and republicans can participate. and they endorsed the idea that has gone out to the uaw and
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they've been couraged to vote and cause chaos and vote for rick santorum and you have democrats on the state saying that's fine. it's not our problem if mitt romney loses michigan. >> well, very interesting david. i'm envious of you being out there on the ground. i hope you have a good coney island for me, i'll buy. we're going to talk just one second for mark. mark, actually has done polling in michigan for years. knows this stuff backwards and forwards. i'll ask him about crossing over. mark is the ceo of the melmen group. mark, welcome to the war room. glad to have you here. >> thank you, glad to be here as always. >> we just went over a flurry of polls. five of them were released.
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i know you know michigan like the back of your hand. i'm wondering what you're hearing or thinking based upon the polls that were released today and the surge that santorum appears to be regaining. >> well, it's been a fascinating race to watch. obviously it there have been ups and downs. santorum had a huge lead and now it's tight again. if you look at all those polls as you said, a couple of them had santorum hayed. a--ahead. a couple of them had romney ahead. but the thing about them is they were all very close. polling is very difficult. really hard to be accurate with those primary polls. it's a very close race. there is word out tonight that one of those pollsters ppp is doing another poll tonight. they're going to release it around 10:00 11:00 tonight in michigan, and they believe it will show that santorum has are a slight edge on election day but some people have already
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cast their ballots and there may be enough of those to shift it back to romney. a very close very exciting, and very important race. >> very important. i mean, so important right mark what--i just don't even know how romney explains it if in fact, he even--you would have thought he would be double digit victory. so i'm sure that santorum will play it even if he loses the popular vote that romney should have been double digits ahead. and if romney losses, is the game over? is it won't be game over. >> it's not game over, but as david was saying, he already has a ready explanation. not only are the democrats urging the democrats to get into that primary vote, but rick santorum is doing the robo call to dentals democrats urging them to call call. >> in fact, we have it right here. i would love the view tours listen. take a listen to this robo call.
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>> right, michigan democrats can vote in the republican primary on tuesday. why is it so important? romney supported the bailouts for his wall street billionaire buddies but opposed the auto bailouts. s that was a slap in the face of every michigan workers and we're not going to let romney get away with it. >> ironically at the tail end that have it says that it is paid for by the santorum campaign although all the way through it you think it's a ad that has been put out. what is the likelihood of there being that type of crossover and what will the impact be tomorrow. >> ironry of ironry, santorum also opposed those loans to auto companies, he's saying that romney slapped michigan in the face. he slapped them just as hard. by the end of the day usually this crossover voting is very very small percentage of the electorate. very few people mess and play in
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other people's primaries. it takes effort. it takes energy. most people just don't do it. it's usually a very small percent. percentage. it's rare that you have so many people encouraging this kind of crossover in this case. if what david is reporting if democrats officials uaw officials and the santorum campaign are all encouraging that crossover voting that's a new phenomenon. we haven't seen that before. >> i understand. it's going to be a surprise. the information that you just revealed about potentially a surge, and there is reports on the ground about the enthusiasm at the santorum events whereas romney appears to be scripted androboughtic, that potentially that would break things open for him and republicans calling for some kind of brokered or contested convention. they will not be happy with romney if he does not win.
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just quickly, can you tell the viewers, given your experience here, do you think that a long primary process makes the candidate stronger or weaker? >> well, you know, you hear arguments on both sides of that question. i think you can argue in the hillary clinton/barack obama campaign it made obama stronger for a lot of reasons. one of the most important he had the resources the money to lead organizations in each one of those states. when he left the florida primary, he left the whole organization in place to fight the battle. that's not the case in this instance. romney doesn't have that money. when the florida campaign was finished they packed on on to the next states. not leaving anything in place they're embarrassing themselves. if romney goes down in defeat tomorrow, it's a huge embarrassment and someone that he'll live with for the rest of his campaign even if he's the nominee. the long process works against
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the republicans. >> you got a gut feeling? >> you know, i have an ample gut, but i go by data, and the data justs it's a very close, close call. if you had to bet you wouldn't probably bet on romney by boy i wouldn't want to bet too much money at all on that prognostication. >> thank you for joining us. i sure appreciate it. mark melman ceo of the melman group. and in the next 24 hours michigan is critical to the romney nomination as we've seen but we're going to dig deeper. when you are the attorney general you mace legal challenges every day. and my interview with california's ag is next. this is "the war room." do not go away. >>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems
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like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. protect medicare and rebuild the middle class. >> steve israel
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runs the dccc, appreciate. >> thank you.
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break the ice with breath-freshening cooling crystals. ice breakers. only one who thinks an amendment to the constitution may be in order. that's next on "the war room."
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♪ >> hail, hail, the song playing it's one of my favorites "the victors" university of michigan's fight song. i can't think of a better song to lead us into tonight's campaign front which is of course in michigan. mitt romney was born in detroit but questions are being raised if the michigan native can win the primary tomorrow. more about the romney campaign and why it's struggling in michigan. we'll turn to the white house coursecorrespondent who has spent the last few months on the road in the campaign. thank you for joining us. i hope you heard my u. of m. fight song intro. >> i did. thank you for having me. >> next time i'll ask to you sleep it. from your perspective ari
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there has been talk and we've been talking about it tonight that santorum seems to be experiencing a second surge of some sort in michigan. i wonder what the move is inside the romney campaign? >> you know, it's better than it was a week ago or two weeks ago when santorum was ahead by 15 points. they're certainly not saying what is going to happen tomorrow. they're in a situation where they got to be writing a victory speech and concession speech. as you say there are so many moving pieces with less than 24 hours left that it's impossible to predict what is going to happen. i would say cautiously optimistic but not counting on victory. >> not counting on it. in your piece today you talked about romney spending more money than he's taking in. perhaps you can describe what you're seeing there. >> turn on the tv and you can see why he's spend morgue money than he's taking in. the airwaves are saturated from the ads. remarkable on sunday he spent a significant part of the date day out
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of michigan in the state of florida, a state he already won. did he not speak nationally. it was not to appeal to a general election republican audience. he was there at least in part to raise money. nascar billionaire owners supporter of the romney campaign. >> he left everybody know about that, which was not a good strategy. >> two days before the michigan vote he had to go to michigan and get more money. >> well, so, he was obviously back in michigan, and many people are saying that all of these sort of unscripted goofs that he has been talking about whether it's at ford field or knowing the nascar owners or whatever the trees being the right height, those are as a result of the unscripted moments coming out. there has been discussion about if he's being put more back on the teleprompter. >> he's delivering speeches as
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he always have, off the cuff. every now and then he gives what the campaign describes as a major speech where he'll use the tellteleprompter, but where he's shaking hands with people on the rope line or reporters which he hasn't done for three weeks we'll let something slip and it will take on a life of his own. >> has the romney, from your experience, has the romney family history been a help or hindrance in your opinion. >> i think it has been a hindrance. people had such high expectation from romney's performance in michigan. his father was a beloved governor. he ran a car company and felt he was a hero. many thought mitt would do well well. but the fact that george romney are from the 60s and many voters today are not familiar with his tenure u and those i talked to said it doesn't matter
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in their decision making process. i think the romney family history had the fact of raising really high expectations without actually giving mitt romney a whole lot of payoff from his family having originated here in michigan. >> all eyes will be on y'all tomorrow. thank you for sharing your observations. that's ari shapiro. and now we'll get analysis on how the romney and santorum war rooms may be scrambling tonight. ahead of the michigan and arizona primaries and for that i'm bringing in political strategist karen, she served as director of political affairs of then vice president al gore. she runs her own consulting firm welcome back into "the war room." >> thank you. >> we're asking for a description of what's going on in michigan. what i want to start with is something that rick santorum has been saying, which of course you heard. which is this discussion about
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having listened to jfk's speech, and having gotten sick over it. we're going to play a little bit of a segment of that jfk speech and then i want you to react. >> so it is apparently necessary for me to state once again it's not what kind of church i believe in. that should be important only to me, but what kind of america i believe in. i believe in an america where the separation of church and state is absolute, where no catholic fellow would tell the president how to act and no protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote, where no church or church school is granted any public bonds or political preference, and where no man is denied public office merely because his religion differs from the president who might appoint him or the people who might elect
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him. >> i moan, isn't that really what first amendment and the separation-- >> the irony of that clip is that president kennedy used those words in order to assure people not to be afraid of him as a catholic. he wasn't going to make people eat fish on fridays. as a catholic, i'll leave you alone. santorum uses it for the exactly the opposite reason. he wants people to think that religion will be all over the place. i'm your candy man of religion. i'll give you religion everywhere. and of course our country is founded on the very principle that religion could be separate from the government. the establishment clause has-litigated for years and years. and rick santorum has this wrong. i think tactically, legally he has it wrong. but tactically he has it wrong because may be people will not go on with that extreme view of
9:23 pm
religion. >> he keeps saying that religion should be in the public square and kennedy said it should not. >> of course it should nobody the public square. we all feel--most americans have a spiritual side to them, and we should be able express it in the public square. not in the courthouse or in our government. >> what does this do for him? assuming he's in a general election, how do you walk something like that back? >> i think that the social issues in this campaign are fascinating. i think they're very interesting unless they disqualify you. and i think they've disqualified rick santorum. if it's college college? you're a snob. religion? it's my bible. it's not even obama's bible. it's my bible. contraception, it leads to unusual sex acts. this guy has gone so far on the social end that even if he winds in michigan. >> he's going to go on for a while because it will be close tomorrow as we've been hearing from the polls. in 2008 hillary did not concede
9:24 pm
until june of 2008. so it went on a long time. i mean, can you imagine that this could go on for months. >> yeah, look, i think the answer to the question you asked mark melman. i think that long protracted primaries help the candidate and hurt the parties. i think rick could go on--it's not likely, if someone described him as a dead man walking. but if he does go on and this keeps going on it will hurt the republican party. >> talk quickly because i know everybody tomorrow everybody will be looking at the voter turnout and determine the enthusiasm of the voters. you worked on this campaign. how much does enthusiasm get you. >> everything. >> there is a huge enthusiasm gap, no question about that. romney is a flat line. now could he--i worked for flat lines. can you pull your voters out?
9:25 pm
yes, you can. and it matters. but you have to be twice as good an organizers to overcome enthusiasm. mark melmean said he has not had the funding to keep the election in place romney has not. if he pulls up his team and continues to move them around, it will be interesting to see what happens if he has overspent. thank you for joining us in "the war room" with your brilliant analysis. and the saying as california goes so goes the toronto. that's ringing true these day. my interview with kamala harris is next. and rick santorum's remarks over the past couple of weeks. giving brett ehrlich an embarrassment of comedic
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this is countdown south carolina. forgot the name of the show p.m. ♪ >> california has the dubious distinction of being the state with the most residents underwater on their mortgages. today they're seeking a suspension of certain
9:29 pm
foreclosures. attorney general kamala harris sent a letter to the organization that saturdays fannie mae and freddie mac and asked them to reduce mortgages for homeowners. kamala harris was instrumental in negotiating a $25 billion settlement with the nation's banks earlier this month but that deal didn't include fanny and freddy, which are the owners of more than 60% of all all much california's mortgages. now she's going after them. right now i'm joined by the california attorney general. are you having a good time. >> i love my job i really do. >> when i was attorney general we always met with the president as yours do. at the time the president i was under was bill clinton. and he came in and talked to us. he said, that was the best job i ever had. right? it is true. attorney general you getting to after bad guys. >> right right. >> let's talk about the
9:30 pm
foreclosure testament is it settlement you announced. there was drama about that and california, were you going to be part of it or were you not going to be part of it. talk about those who will be benefiting from that. >> we're bringing back $18 billion. and throughout the process-- >> so when you say principle reduction of $12 billion. what does that mean for joe homer. >> what it means for joe homeowner in stockton or in one of the other seven cities which are part of the top ten cities in the country hardest hit in all of california, it means that he is underwater. he owns more for the home he's in than it's value. we're going to bring the value down closer to market rate, and then adjust his mortgage so that he can actually afford to. >> so you ended up negotiating this with five lenders, is that right? >> five banks. >> with five banks. >> and they all agreed to reduce
9:31 pm
the principle? >> they agreed to do the right thing. that's my point with freddy and fanny. part of it governor, i would wake up in the middle of the night as we all do at 3:00 and just thinking about what is wrong with this picture? what is wrong with the picture is that even though we were able to move to a good settlement with the banks, 62% of the loans in california are on owned by freddy and fanny, and they were not at the table and they refused to be at the table. it's outrageous, and i called on dimarco-- >> dimarco is the one who oversees it. >> you called on him to step aside. >> i did. >> go girl. that is good. >> here is the deal. if you can do your job stay in the job. if you can't do your job step aside. >> and he did not is not doing the same deal. he philosophically disagrees
9:32 pm
with principle reduction which is the only way these people will stay in their homes. i sent him a letter today and basically said-- >> go home. >> well, you know-- >> who is he appointed by? >> freddy and fanny are an interesting entity because it's public and private. he's in the job long enough to have done the right thing. >> -- >> so you're not alone in asking for this. there are other attorneys general-- >> in massachusetts i know they have been critical. >> but you're leading the way. >> i'm certainly the voice for the biggest state in the country in saying this guy needs to get with the program. because he cannot hide behind some curtain that says, well i'm a public institute. >> zoo you're hoping he steps
9:33 pm
aside or negotiate a similar deal. >> and also until it can happen we'd like to see a stay on the foreclosure. >> no foreclosures, that would be awesome. >> it would be the right thing to do. >> now quickly let's shift to something else that you've been high profile about, and it involves the privacy of users on the apps, the mobile apps. talk about that. how do i prevent my stuff from being downloaded. >> we're now most of us are cleanlycompletely reliant and independent on our smart phones. we not only take phone calls and take pictures but we download apps they range from a map to a flashlight. the technology is such it is quite complicated and for some of those mobile apps, when you push download, they're downloading your entire contact list. the user does not know it. one of the beauties-- >> so some server somewhere.
9:34 pm
>> it's going to someone who is using it for unknown reasons. the whole point is this. as a proud californian as a daughter of california, the technology that has been introduced mainly out of our state is incredible. it's beautiful and it's very much in its infancy. because it's in its infancy we don't want to stifle it, but we have got to have rules. so for the top six platforms apple, microsoft google, they came to the table when we gave them a call and said let's put in police some rules and they agreed to do it. >> they signed the agreement. >> good for them. agreeing that this is such a new industry, and we need to set up some rules. >> did you negotiate it on behalf of use necessary california or just users all over. >> so the initial is the california user but the reality
9:35 pm
is these apps are being used globally and it will have global in fact. >> if they do the right thing. >> hang on we're going to come back. she has got a lots more to say and we'll an ask lots more questions. we have california attorney general kamala harris. you're watching "the war room" on currerererererererererererererererererererererererererererere ♪ ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol.
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>> social issues are front and center at this year's republican primary race but some of the most heated battles over gay marriage, abortion or affirmative action are being fought at the state level and some of them could reach the supreme court. california has been on the front line of every progressive social issue, with me is kamala harris, one of my favorite people out here. thank you for joining us. let me finish up quickly before getting to the social issues because the issue about internet privacy and the privacy, the agreement you negotiated with the big five, quickly that's a voluntary agreement on their part. do you think that would be followed up with, some way to enforce their agreement? >> well, it is voluntary but this is, as you know as a former a.g. we have the carrot and we have the stick. where there is violation of our basically unfair business law then we can litigate those cases
9:39 pm
cases. >> so you would follow it through like consumer protection protection. >> representing the people of the state of california and consumers. >> thank you for fighting the good fight. let's talk about some of these social issues. when you and i first met we were both at emerge, which is an great organization that urges women to run for public office. and when you see what is happening, especially with the fight about contraception and the fight in virginia about the transvaginal ultrasound probe. should these battles be waged in the courts? should they be waged in legislature? should people be--i'm not even sure what to say about them because i do think that most of these battles would not even be necessary if there were more women in office. >> well, we definitely need more women in office. i think it's an interesting segue to go from the issue of technology to this.
9:40 pm
it's all about privacy right? the reality of it is that women--the battle will be waged for that woman period. which is what discussion should she make. she will then deal with that with the benefit and support and counsel of her family, her religious adviser of whomever. the government needs to get out of this discussion. women will make this painful and difficult decision which always will be a battle of conflicts priorities. >> i worry that it will be set up for the purpose of taking it to the supreme court so state legislatures can then make the decision for women without having that messy constitution that mettling constitution or interpretation by the supreme court. another issue is the gay marriage. i don't know whether it will go to the supreme court or not.
9:41 pm
does the attorney general have a role? >> we had a role, and i was-- was--unopposed to anything that would restrict their ability to marry. >> do you represent that, the legislation as the people enacted when it goes up to the courts. >> so prop 8 was passed and was a measure that would prohibit gay couples from marrying. i was opposed to prop 8 and bleeped that since a court had ruled it unconstitutional i should not use limited resources of california to defend it. we chose not to defend it. it then went to the district court and was found based after the standing issue the details the legal issues, were found to be unconstitutional. we don't have a role at this point. i believe it should remain where it is. which is the last court interpreted it found it unconstitutional, which i believe it is, and let's go forward. it's ironic, frankly, and i say this again as a native californians we're still
9:42 pm
battling this in california, and all these other states, we consider ourselves to be so progressive. >> what is interesting in these other states, for example washington, they signed it in, but there are those who are putting it on the ballot to circumvent the legislature and the active there. the question for america really in all of these states, and that's what maryland will be facing and new jersey is this when you have an issue of equality for a minority group, do you put that on the ballot, or is this something that the legislature should be leading and putting it, and enacting other than allowing it to go on the ballot? that to me is a fundamental issue. >> i think it has been said by better than i'm going to say it, but i think when you're talking about something as fundamental as equality and civil rights, it should not be the subject of any political process. really as we did in the civil
9:43 pm
rights era of the 60s and thurgood marshal and they all understood the power of the lawyer to go into the courtroom and remind folks who need to be reminded about that basic principle we outlined in 1776. we're all equal. let's treat each other that way. i may be biased as a lawyer, believe that the best way-- >> but you're also--hey i'm right. >> yes. >> you're biased and you're right. that's a beautiful thing. [laughing] >> i love it when i'm both. so i think that the best way probably to ultimately get this issue resolved is through the court. so the courts can remind us, for those who need reminding what our constitution says. >> as we know in the 60s if you would have put that stuff on the ballot. >> it wouldn't have happened. it wouldn't have happened. >> that's why we have the system that we have. i have to ask you one final question because everybody who is out there who is watching i
9:44 pm
know they want to know. attorney general it happened to me. i ran for governor when the time was right. is that something that might nobody your furor something like that some some other statewide office, a lot of people have high hopes for. >> you i'm honored humbled and make me nervous. i'm superstitious. i strongly believe you do what is in front of you and do it well, and the next thing will come. but i love my job. i love. >> this is what they all say. >> i mean it. >> thank you so much for joining us. i really appreciate it. california attorney general kamala harris. the arizona primary may be getting second billing to michigan this week, but the general election will be a whole different balance game. we'll talk about why that's right here in the war room next. [[vo]]...we're the idea nobody wants to hear.
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[ male announcer ] cookies with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter. >> for a look at arizona situation on the eve of its primary we have democratic state primary represent reuben gallegos. he represented phoenix in the state house. comes from phoenix representative, welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you. >> so we would love to hear your assessment of what's going on on the ground.
9:49 pm
what's going to happen there tomorrow. what are people seeing on on the airwaves, what does it look like? >> for me, i believe that romney is going to come out the winner here, and so far we've only seen largely pro romney, anti-santorum commercials being run by independent expenditures and pacs. i heard one newt gringrich advertisement, but overall as someone involved in the 2008 primary, it's pretty lackluster. there doesn't seem to be that much excitement and you can hardly tell there is a primary. >> you're not even seeing pro santorum ad's? you're just seeing anti-santorum ads run by the pacs. >> yes, especially around the tv news, 10:00 news time. >> and let me ask you if you're
9:50 pm
seeing a lot of ads on the part of the romney campaign, are you seeing much organization on the ground? >> make maybe i don't see this because i'm a democrat, but i don't see much on the ground either. recently i've seen santorum signs bop pop up here and there but there is not much happening here here. >> maybe it's my bias because we've been obsessing about michigan but it seems like the candidates are spending a lot of time there. you say you're a democrat. you've been helping the obama campaign for a number of years but with its ground being in arizona, and when you're canvassing neighbors, what are voters saying that is most important to them whether they're democrats or republicans. >> jobs, number one. number two our housing problems, hour houseing mortgage
9:51 pm
problem here. which is what the republicans did not speak about at all at the arizona debate. you know, a lot of our homes are underwater here. it's making it very difficult for people to move on with their lives either through moving on to a bigger place, a lot of us are stuck in other homes because we're so underwater. but programs that are coming up are starting to be helpful and people are excited about that in arizona. >> did your state sign on? i just had the attorney general of california here talking about foreclosure. >> yeah, did he. >> hopefully some of your citizens will see benefit from that. there was a survey released last week and it said 22% of the electorate eye themselves somewhat conservative.
9:52 pm
>> we stick to the bread and butter issues. if you want solution to education, you vote for a democrat. if you want solution to housing crisis, you vote for a democrat. if you want a jobs plan you vote for the democrat because the republican party is not offering any plans or any action. they're all rhetoric. they're all talking about birth control and all these other things that the majority of women, whether they're democrat, republican conservative, or liberal, do not want the government interviewing them. that's how we had democrats win in this state and we'll continue to have democrats win in this state because we're a party of solutions in arizona. >> you have an amazing background. you're a young man. you went to harvard. you served in the marines and you're a state representative now. something tells me that you have a bright future. thank you for joining us inside "the w room."" up next, b btt ehrlich expxpinin
9:53 pm
takes o o r rk santorusrus apparent disdain for higher education. >> i mean, i didn't go to college and look at my life. look at my >>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
9:54 pm
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1q1q >>the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan. >>you got a bone to pick with that? ♪ >> rick santorum took president obama to school over whether every american should go to college. so what is better, book smarts or street smarts. we turn to someone who has
9:56 pm
neither. shh, brett is talking now. >> you know when i first took this gig doing political comedy i was a little afraid i wouldn't have something to talk about every single day. but the lord loves the working man, and he gave me the gift of santorum. >> president obama once said he wants everybody in america to go to college. what a snob. >> wow. the best part of this clip is this guy. who is literally scratching his head. i thought only cartoons did that. this argument does make sense. look at santorum himself. here is a guy who went to college, got three degrees and still says stupid stuff like this. clearly college isn't working. rick is making fun of people for wanting to go to college. you know who else does that? the lead singer in your high
9:57 pm
school band chud nugget. let's screw book learning, that's who tells you not to go to college. rick santorum and your buddy worm. why does obama want you to go to college? >> he wants to remaining you in his image. >> oh, gross, imagine how horrible that would be. a whole nation of young people who weren't born into privilege and then worked hard to some day become president of the united states. what is this utopian be--no, i'm sorry. that's college talk. bad terminator world. i'm done talking now. but all i'll be back! >> i love that brett. thank you so much for joining us here in "the war room." we'll see you for a special
9:58 pm
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