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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  March 1, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> welcome to "the young turks." thethey have done it again. this time they baptized daniel pearl. >> we've got an expert on the show tonight who is going to tell you how they do their baptism of the dead. it's an unbelievable story. don't miss that. also, mitt romney won last night but he's still in big trouble. >> that's just not going to happen. >> but if it did could you support that, if it did? >> they're still talking about contested conventions, you know why? romney might be in huge trouble on super tuesday. we'll show you why in a second. fox news goes after hollywood but guess what hollywood fights back.
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>> is he doing a good job. >> yes he is. he's the president of the united states. >> way to correct on that, clooney. we're also going to tell you why fox news should be criminally investigated. that's a very important story as well. that's all on tonight's program. and guess what, it's go time. ♪ >> all right last night we had michigan and arizona. what happened? well, mitt romney, he pulled it out. but if you were watching rick santorum you might not have been able to tell. listen to rick santorum's speech were last night. >> we're much better tonight in michigan than maybe was first reported. we had--you know what, this was a really great race to go into in a sense of the belly of the beast, the hometown, the
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hometown of my chief rival here in the republican primary. but even though he's my chief riflerival in the republican primary one thing we're going to beat barack obama. >> he keeps talking like he won. but he lost. he lost by three points. 41% to 38% basically. and you see ron paul and newt gringrich coming in third and fourth, and then in arizona he was walloped. a 20-point victim this was 29 delegates in mitt romney's back apology. in michigan even though mitt romney won the popular vote the way they split the districts they split the delegate count 15-15. let's look at the delegate
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county romney at 165 santorum, 85, and gingrich, 32, and paul 19. romney is looking pretty good. but remember they got to get to 1,144 delegates. they're still a long way off. super tuesday is ten states and it's a gigantic batch of delegates. now that is way more than the delegates they've apportioned so far between the candidates they have 300 delegates. on one night they'll get more delegates than the rest of the race so far. it's a big big night. how are they doing in those states? and of course, how will they do next tuesday, which is in this primary season has been a lifetime, right? let's take a look at georgia. georgia, gingrich is doing better because that's his home state.
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he's above santorum, 33-28 there. but romney is in third place at 20%. that's not good news for him. because of that, newt gringrich will of course will talk about he's back on the rise. you'll hear a lot of talk about energy from newt gringrich like this. >> we need an american energy program first for national security reasons. we need to become so productive of oil and gas that no future president ever again bows to a saudi king. >> why does he keep saying that when george bush was best buddies with the saudi king. they would walk hand in hand and kiss all over crawford. he thinks he's going to get back in the race. i know, gas prices are high, i'll hit them on that. genius, newt, no one else has thought of it. the question for newt gringrich is not how he's doing in georgia but how he's doing against santorum and romney in tennessee
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and ohio. massachusetts which also is super tuesday is locked up by romney who was governor there. let's go to ohio. look at that, rick santorum with a 34-26 lead over romney, and then newt gringrich not bad. he's hanging in at 18%. but that's big win for santorum if it goes in that direction. yet, a world of time before then in terms of this primary. let's look a tennessee. in tennessee we got a 38-20 lead according to a study poll coming out of tennessee there for santorum. if those results hold true, well, all of a sudden santorum looks like he's in really good shape. well i'm going to bring in an expert on this. scott rasmussen president of the rasmussen reports. welcome back to "the young turks." we appreciate you comen on coming
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on. >> it's good to talk to you again. >> you've seen all the polls. >> yes, i live and breathe 'em. >> yes, the story we're seeing this year is mitt romney and ron paul have something in common. they both have a committed base of support and they never lose it and they really can't expand it. what's happening is mitt romney is stable at one level and rick santorum and newt gringrich and lots of others who came before are fighting for the rest of the puzzle. if newt gringrich stumbles in this coming week because rick santorum is now seen as the real alternative after michigan, that's the worse thing that could happen to governor romney. a stumble by gingrich could lead to a headline that santorum wins in georgia tennessee oklahoma, ohio and that's not the headline that romney campaign wants to see. >> so when you ask who among likely voters who do you think will win this primary 54% are still saying minimum mitt mitt romney.
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how is that in context? was he doing better or worse before. >> much earlier in the process he was doing better. he was also doing better in terms of his perception as the strongest candidate. but he still has got that little bit of edge of electability and convince ability and bluntly that's keeping his campaign afloat. republicans want to win the election. if they think romney is the guy to do it, well, they'll go with him, but he has not found a way to expound on that. there is not another reason that republicans are excited about him. one thing that has helped him his campaign understand that. when they needed a victory whether it was michigan, maine or florida, they found a way to get it. >> talk to me about the ten states on super tuesday. when you look at the polls there, who looks like they have the advantage there? >> well, when you talk about all the different states you've got massachusetts and vermont very good for governor romney.
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you've got virginia, where only romney and ron paul are on the ballot. you presume it will go for romney at this point in time. you go out to the western states like idaho and way up into alaska where they'll be having caucuses. those are states where ron paul might do well. the southern states will be tough for romney. gingrich territory, and then ohio. ohio is not only a big state for this primary, it is probably the decisive state in the general election as well or certainly one of the most decisive states inin the general election so a lot of focus on ohio. that's an area that romney doesn't do well in. he doesn't do well with working class voters. he has been struggling just like did he in michigan. >> one last specific questions on these numbers here. if santorum holds his lead in tennessee and ohio, and wins those two states, is he the favorite. >> he'll win oklahoma. you know, it's hard to say that he
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would be the favorite to win because romney would come out with his own share of states. the only thing that would make a victory for santorum, that would make him the frontrunner would be if ron paul takes a state or two. mitt romney takes a state or two and rick santorum wins more than anybody else. that's the scenario that would put him back on top. >> it's becoming apparent to everybody, hey may be contest convention might not be so bad. watch this. >> you don't get to pick the perfect nominee in a primary process. you end up picking the candidate who will best represent the party. there is a big difference between perfection and best. i happen to have a perfect candidate for president. his name is jeb bush, but he's not running. >> well, i brought in the guy who originally had the idea that jeb bush might be thrown in the
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mix, michael shure our epics politics man. you're earning your title with this, and i want both of you guys to talk about this. do you think at this late juncture, is it till realistic to talk about jeb bush. >> it's still possible that someone could join this conversation and register in these states and get on the ballots in enough states not where they could win the nomination but certainly where they could make a difference in the convention. that deadline has not pasted. likely he did not endorse in florida. that was telling didn't endorse romney. the convention is in tampa. that brings him into the conversation more than it brings anybody else in the conversation. scott, i want to show you mitt romney's reaction. >> i don't think there is any prospect of a brokered convention. i can't imagine any of the four candidates saying after long process of campaigning for one to two years that we're going to step aside and give the nomination to someone else. it's not going to go to a
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convention with all four of us wondering what might happen at the convention. >> does he have a point there? after the bloody duel and in the end if they put in somebody else, i would be livid. >> right, look if rick santorum had won michigan last night you would be hearing talk for people looking for alternatives from establish republicans saying we got to do something. but the reality is even if the convention approaches, and no one has the majority of delegates committed to them, i can't imagine it would go to a brokered convention. there are some uncommitted delegates who might get behind the frontrunner. four years ago hillary clinton suggested that the superdelegates would throw the nomination to her instead of barack obama but it became clear that that would not fly because obama won in the primary and caucuses and he deserved to win at the convention. if anyone goes into the convention anywhere close to the
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50% of the delegates. they'll be the nominee. >> i got to put you on the record. who comes out the frontrunner after super tuesday. >> rick santorum. >> wow you're not pulling any punches, scott? >> i think mitt romney. >> oh, okay, now we got-- >> that's the spirit. there's only one person left for scott to pick. >> he could have gone with ron paul or jeb bush. >> that's true. scott rasmussen, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> michael, you as well, of course. now when we come back, they're at it again. they baptized anne frank now they baptized daniel pearl and before we get to that story we also have the story on wall street. i'm going to rip them up, these quotes about how they're crying, it's insanity.
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we're going to do that as soon as we return. brought to you by advil. make the switch to advil now.
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with jennifer granholm. >>i am jenniffer granholm and you are in the war room. it's a beautiful thing. >>jennifer granholm on current tv. >>i'm a political junkie. this show is my fix. >>in politics, she was a gutsy leader. in cable news, she's a game changer. >>be afraid, be very afraid. now, the two term governor from michigan is reshaping the debate with a unique perspective and a forward-thinking approach. >>our goal is to bring you behind the scenes with access to stories that you've never seen before. >>she's a trailblazer determined to find solutions. >>one of the key components of a war room is doing a bit of opposition research. >>driven to find the thruth. >>i'm obsessed with the role of
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govenment. >>fearless, idependent and above all, politically direct. >>part of the mission here in our own war room is to help these candidates stay on track. make your voice heard. ♪ >> all right we're back on "the young turks." we've got tragic news for wall street. turns out their bonus pool has gone down 14% this year, oh no. are you going to be all right? they still have a bonus pool of $19.7 billion. by the way the reason why it kent down, they had a bad year. what do you expect? if you have a bad year, your bonus pool goes down. that's what happens. their average by the way just bonuses. it does not include stock options or their salary, their average is $121 billion in cash
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bow newses. morgan stanley bonuses are capped at $125,000. deutsche bank, $135,000, and barclay's $133,000. whatever will they do with cash bonuses that small. i don't know. let's try to find out. bloomberg news had a terrific article with people on wall street crying and crying, how am i going to pay my bills. here is richard shiner, he has $500,000 monthly parking bill. $7,500 a year in golf club fees and gun club fees and $17,000 a year bill in dog care. every time someone walks his dog, they charge $17. i wouldn't have a dog. $17. i would be like, no, i'll walk it. but how am i going to pay for all this.
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the bonuses are going down 14% please. but it's worse, he said he saved up money so he might be all right. let go to andrew shiv schiff. he said the $350,000 he earns doesn't cover his fame's private school tuition a kent, connecticut sum rental and an upgrade they would like for their 1200-square-foot duplex. he complains it doesn't have a proper dishwasher. it's $1.5 million house. and here i got a way to fix your problems. drop your summer rental in connecticut. i know, it's crazy "dawg," i know but you can't afford everything at $350,000. but at wall street, how could you do this for me. i wanted to go to connecticut for the summer. what else? look at this.
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he also says, i love this quote i wouldn't want to whine. too late andrew, all i want is the stuff that i always thought growing up that successful parents had. i just wanted over $350,000 and a summer house and an upgrade to my $1.5 million house and on and on and on. i know, poor you. well, then you go to daniel arbany. he's the guy who is managing cmf partners. he can no longer go on annual trips to whistler, and aspen. what will you do now that you can't go to aspen. now i feel much worse i didn't know it was that bad now what about alana weinstein. she said it's a disaster.
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that's what happens when you don't do as well. all of those banks did not do well. by the way, you were all bankrupted earlier and how many jobs did we lose because of you guys. but now that your pay has gone down 14% oh, it's a disaster. a lot of us have had our pay go way down. do you know what the actual medium income in this country it's $49,445. that's a medium income. that means 50% are underneath that. that's less than half of their average bonuses that they're crying about. living in poverty 15.1% of americans. nearly 20% of americans have had trouble this year putting food on the table for their family. those are people who have a right to complain. not people who can't, you know, vacation in connecticut or aspen. so i want to give you one last quote. ellen, a partner says, if.
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you're making $50,000 and your salary gets down to $40,000 and you have to cut it's very severe to you. but it's no less severe to these people with these big numbers. wrong again bob. that's what you don't get and that's what actually enrages me. i get it, you want to send your kids to private school. i know you want to do the best for your family. i get it. it's hard for us to cry when you're making $350,000 for you but understand what you're saying. but when you say it's as bad for you as someone who went from $50,000 to $40,000 you spit in our face. that's not true at all. when you're going from $50,000 to $40,000 you're having trouble putting food on the table and making rent. you're not worried about where you're sending your kids to private school. you got to have a sense of perspective, and these guys don't have it. they feel like they're owed
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everything. and you got to talk about jamie diamond. he's the ceo at jp morgan. he thinks' better than everybody else. his bank was not as screwed as the other banks so he loves to brag about that, but they all would have gone down. he took a tremendous amount of money. but now you know what his compensation is? $23 million. okay, this is the guy who is constantly crying in the press. $23 million. okay. so all right what does he have to say lately? he thinks that the problem isn't his compensation. it isn't wall street compensation. it's the media makes too much money. really? you know the average guy starting as a journalist in oklahoma makes $18,000 a year. this guy makes $23 million a year but the press compensation is quote just damn outrageous. and it's worse than that, you in
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the media don't make any money. >> we didn't get a gigantic bailout like your ass did. i love how he's talking about how the press makes too much money. but his people, well, how about you guys, don't you get paid a lot of money. this is what he says, quote we are going to pay competitively. we need top talent. you cannot run this business on second rate talent. i know that. because you did run it on second rate talent and you crashed it. we came to your rescue. did we get a thank you card? no your nonstop whining and crying. the average salary at jp morgan is $341,552. that is such a stunning number. the average top 1% salary is?
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the average employee at jp morgan is in the top 1%. they're making money. they're bankers geniuses, top-rate talent but they're not. they went bankrupt. they would have been hopeless without us. jp morgan not as much? wrong again bob. they've got $38 million in taxpayer bailout. if you gave me $25 billion for free and i could make interest off of it in the meanwhile i'd be rich too. in 2009 they took $48 billion from the federal reserve. also interest free. are you kidding me? if i gave you $48 billion and $25 billion and all you did did was buy treasury bonds, you would be a billionaire. it's so he said to make money when the government gives you free money. oh, we have top-ranked talent
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and we must go to aspen. i can't believe we're down 14%. we're all going to cry over it. these guys are unbearable. all right, i just needed to set him straight a little bit. now when we come back we're going to set the mormon's straight. they got to stop baptizing dead people. listen to elie wiesel here. >> the moment we heard about this they should have spoken up because he's running for president of the united states.
12:26 am
protect medicare and rebuild the middle class. >> steve israel runs the dccc, appreciate. >> thank you.
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this is countdown south carolina. forgot the name of the show
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♪ >> back on "the young turks." the mormon church does not see dead people. they baptize them and they've been doing it for a long time. including people of jewish descend. they struck a deal with jewish leaders saying they would not boop baptize holocaust victims. anne frank was baptized as a mormon after she died. simon w e isenthal's parents baptized and now it was done to daniel pearl. this documentary the journalist and the jihadi that appeared on
12:29 am
hbo about his life. >> daniel pearl gave his life for his beliefs, as a humanist and a journalist who was committed to the press the truth and understanding in a divided world. ♪ >> i know that danny and i both knew real love, which is not everything does. he was strong and genuine. >> he didn't look to be in any way shape or form mormon there and of course he wasn't. he was jewish. when "the boston globe" asked his parents about it they said, for the record, let it be clear danny did not choose to be baptized nor did his family consent to this uncalled for
12:30 am
ritual. apparently on the list to be baptized once they died is elie wiesel. now that's outrageous and crazy. are they waiting for him to die. it's so crazy in 18 different ways. he actually reached out to mitt romney. and had this message for him. >> i'm sure he's not involved in that. nevertheless, the moment he heard about this he should have spoken up because he is running for the presidency of the united states which means it is too serious of an issue for him not to speak up. >> yeah, actually, i wouldn't be so sure he's not involved. when "newsweek" asked him in 2007, he said about that baptizing dead people, i have in my life, but i haven't recently. wow. and then reported mitt romney's family had baptized their dead
12:31 am
father-in-law, who was against all religious and he was agnostic, but that did not to the stop mitt romney and his family to convert him to mormonism. it sounds crazy to me, but we have an expert on this. she has written a book "the mormon mirage" and was a mormon for 35 years. we're glad to have you here. >> thank you. >> tell me how this process works. in their minds someone is dead, how do they do a proxy baptism and what happens to the dead person when they do it? >> mormons believe you can't go to the highest level of heaven or any level of heaven unless you've been immersed in water. and since people die without that happening mormon's believe they're doing a service for dead people by going to a mormon temple and standing in as a proxy and being immersed on their behalf.
12:32 am
then they believe in the spirit world where these people are that they can either accept or reject the proxy baptism that's been done for them. >> so wait, they're dead, but they think that dead will come back and go, okay, i'm going to go this way or that way am i getting that right. >> actually, well, they believe at the moment of death the spirit and the body separate but the body goes into the grave and the spirit world is here on this world they're just invisible. they can actually see what's going on and either accept it or reject it. >> so they could be anywhere. they could be around us. >> they're all around us. they're all around us. that's why mormons are very spiritual people. >> i suppose you if there are invisible people around you, you might want to watch out for them. what are the two different places they could be when they're invisible? >> they can either be in a spirit paradise or spirit prison
12:33 am
depending on the life they led. we could believe that adolf hitler could be held in spirit prison but that did not stop them from performing baptism on hitler and eva brown. >> if they took adolf hitler out of spirit prison and they took anne frank out of spirit paradise are they together. >> once that happens you're with mormons from then on and you're one big happy family. >> did you participate in this your. >> yes, did i baptisms for the dead when i was younger. i was baptized 30 times for dead
12:34 am
women in the manti utah, temple and then 15 times for dead women women in the provo utah, temple. they wash your body and pretend that you're that person and do some prayers? >> actually, it's kind of an assembly line thing where you go in a lineup to a giant font that is the size of a large jacuzzi and it's on the back of the statues of 12 life-sized oxen. you stand in that receptacle that pool, and someone baptizes you you on what have of a person's name. now when i was baptized women are only baptized for women and men for men but the 30 people, the 30 people that i was baptized for and the 15 women were people i didn't know. they were names that had been researched by mormons and sent through their genealogical process, approved, and then i went and did these proxy
12:35 am
baptisms for these people i didn't know. i wasn't related to them and did not do the research for them. >> if i did a proxy baptism on all the dead mormons and made them atheists, would they disappear. >> mormons would think that's ineffectual because you don't have the authority. >> of course not. >> and you know, i wouldn't be doing it on top of 12 oxen. obviously it wouldn't count. what was i thinking. >> there you go. >> i want to show a clip from mitt romney. what he means by this. he was asked about this proximately baptism whether he has baptized dead people before. this was his specific answer to that. >> the best way to get the best information on that is to check with the church. i'm an active member of my faith. i participate fully. i'm not a cafeteria mormon. i'm true blue, through and through. i'm not the guy who is going to be the spokesman for my church. >> all right he did that interview back in 2007.
12:36 am
so what does he mean by that? i'm not a cafeteria mormon, etc. >> i think he was probably contrasting himself with jon huntsman who is a mormon a member of the the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints as romney is but huntsman takes things he likes and leaves other things. in fact, he has not raised his children as mormons. mitt romney would be saying i don't pick and choose. i don't go through the cafeteria lines and choose the doctrines i like from the mormon church. he said true blue, completely in it up to the hilt. >> for his whole life and afterwards and other people's lives, and afterwards, grab them all and make them all mormon. it sounds like a craziest thing i ever heard in my entire life. i know people like to believe in funny fascinating things but stop kidnapping dead people.
12:37 am
really inform informative and her book is "the mormon mirage." thank you. >> is this happening more and more because of climate change? we'll discuss it when we return. >> the blizzard of 2011. it is a giant. [ male announcer ] cookies with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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only one who thinks an amendment to the constitution may be in order. that's next on "the war room."
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>> we're back on the power panel and i got a couple of panels i love. great to have you back, amanda and sam great to have you as well. first topic, guys is is climate change at least partly responsible for the extreme weather we've been seeing? first i want to remind you guys of the extreme weather we've seen over the past couple of years. do you remember all this? [sirens] >> the blizzard of 2011, it is a giant. >> not your ordinary debris bobbing up and down in this raging vermont river. this is a chrysler caught up in
12:41 am
a flooding that most haven't seen in living memory. >> this broke out late yesterday. it's been very hot and very dry all week and this fireroro outbb andurnedphphl.l. ve sveryca for tho whoho led lived he o ornrnht. >> this s t t third day in a row that dallas has been 100-degrees or hotter. >> now, you know, i saw that, and i began to wonder, wait, is this worse than we used to remember? i want to show you two graphs. one is on extreme weather in the u.s. it starts in 1980 and goes to 2010. and it just skyrockets in the middle of this past decade. and it goes from 100 extreme weather events to 250 extreme weather events in the span of just a couple of years. then the second graph i want to show is land surface temperature from 1800s to now. as we get into the 2000 we see
12:42 am
it skyrocketing. i'm sure if you ask some, they'll say no way. i'm sure if you ask people who are gung-ho on the issue they'll say definitely. i'm not 100% sure. i want to get your thoughts on it. sam, let's start with you. what is your take on it? >> well, you know, i'm not a scientist, even if i was i don't think i could be 100% sure that these events are a function of global climate change. but the scientists believe it is. they predicted that there would be more of these events. when you have an increase in the temperature of our atmosphere, you're essentially adding more energy into our atmosphere and it's energy that creates these weather events. to the extent that a layperson could no anything, and to the extent that i happen to believe in science and if the preponderance of scientific information and that's the case, i think that i believe that.
12:43 am
>> amanda, i want to get your thoughts on it. and i want to get your thoughts whether you think reporters are doing a good enough job if you think sam is right about that, of connecting things like that illinois tornado that killed seven people to the concept of climate change. >> first of all, there is a new study published by the national academy of scientists that say the loss of arctic sea ice which is caused by man maim global manmade global warming. there is certainly evidence, and scientists are saying you may have a weird tornado here, several weird freak warm day here but all together they see these strange extreme weather events that they haven't seen in the past few years. they're building up and they have no other explanation except global warming and for reporters, it's less in the media than it used to be. that's something that al gore
12:44 am
used to do, bring this issue forward, and that has not been happening as much in the past year as much as the bad economy. >> some would say i don't know about that, but you see the chart and three years ago it wasn't perfectly clear. the scientists said it was going to happen, and then it happened. now national oceanic atmospheric administration said we broke a new record on billion dollars disasters. it was 12, which we've never had before. the same question for you on the press, are they separating those two issues, these extreme weather events and climate change and not doing their job in texting the two? >> it's very hard to look out your window and get a sense of climate change. even in the northeast we've had an incredibly mild winter but that's attributable to la nina. but the key is you look at
12:45 am
trends and scientists have looked at trends. if you take a small snapshot you can distort it any way you want. if you look at the long-term trends it's clear that we have global warming. it's clear from the preponderance of the evidence and peer review studies that man is contributing to it, and that this is what scientists say this is what you can expect and then you see it. i think the real problem the press is not talking about the broader issue of climate change. if they need to peg it towards the specific events that are happening, then all the better. but at the end of the day this is something that is real and we're just not talking about it. >> okay, amanda, last word, real quick. >> well, i think in recent years what we have seen talked about and conservatives have been effective at is calling into question the credibility of these scientists, and manage to shift it from the actual science to whether these scientists have
12:46 am
been too political and things like that, and that has distracted the debate from the real issue the very real pressing issue of what we need to do to address this issue. and part of it is is that it's out of the media is that the white house and congress where not addressing it. they say its toot hot of a ball and they've dropped it for right now. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when we come back, well, fox news takes on hollywood. but you know what, we're going to be fair to them and say hey maybe they did a decent job maybe. but we think they should bevillely investigated. and one of their bosses, james murdoch, he's in a lot of trouble. we'll talk about that, too. >> it must be the first in history that you didn't know he was running a criminal lowered wages for union and non-union workers too. i wonder why they do that.
12:47 am
i wonder if it has to do with campaign donations from incredibly rich people. >> thank you so much for joining
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>> we're back on "the young turks." and we have goa got a segment on fox news channel and we'll judge them. >> well, jesse waters is one of the core ponce correspondents, he's known for ambushing people. he had an opportunity to report from the red carpet, and he decided to ask celebrities political questions. let's hear what the celebrities did. >> is obama doing a good job. >> the president united states. he's not obama he's president of the united states. yes yes, sir. >> i'm going to stay out of the fight with bill and wish him nothing but the best. >> bill o'reilly. not a good look for you. son. >> is bill o'reilly doing all right? >> mentally or physically. >> i liked all of their
12:51 am
responses. i lining clooney liked clooney regulating. he's the president of the united states, watch yourself. are they copying us after seeing our political questions from the red carpet. yes or no. >> no, of course not. >> michael? >> no, they're not copying. >> i say they're copying and i break the tie. they're copying us. furthermore, jesse waters going after these celebrities guilty or not guilty. >> i'm going to keep going. >> not guilty. >> anna. >> not guilty. >> wow. >> guilty of caring what celebrities has to say. >> i hear you on that but we're also guilty of that. so not guilty. i naught it was a fine segment actually, and they gave the guy an opportunity and they had pretty good answers. not guilty for jesse waters. on "the young turks." who saw that coming.
12:52 am
next story. >> murdoch stepped down from news international which is the british tabloid section of the media empire that rupert murdoch owns. but it's not much of a doe motion because ale come to the united states to focus on the television portion of their media empire. >> a demotion. i got bad news for you. you're not working at newspapers any more. you're working in tv. whoa okay. look, i think that this is really interesting topic because one of the guys in parliament in britain said hey listen, these guys at news corps bribed cops here. there's no question about it. that definitely violates the practices act and if news corps in the united states there should be criminal sanctions shouldn't there be? >> absolutely. this is a cover up. they should be investigated in this. this is the media this is a coverup, and this is criminal.
12:53 am
there should be action. >> we know what happens in this country. corporations and the extremely wealthy take control of everything. so you think eric holder wants to really lay down the law when it comes to rupert murdoch and james murdoch and everything they've done and all the illegal and unethical things they've done. hell know no. >> that's the point. come to america why you can get away with this stuff. >> eric holder will never have the guts to go after news corps even though they're clearly guilty here. i'm in your face, eric, what are you going to do about it. now when we come back a private corporation that apparently has secret against. what are they doing with it? that's even more
12:54 am
12:55 am
this is countdown south carolina. forgot the name of the show p.m.
12:56 am
>> we're back on the u block. yesterday the store on homeland security was tracking the occupy movement. today we asked you on how should u.s. citizens respond to occupy wall street protests. you had a lot of great answers but my favorite was written in
12:57 am
by facebook who said, we: >> well, this is a story we told you yesterday. this is a private corporation that is privy to all of the secret information that the united states has. an then today there is an update on this story. turns out they might be sharing it with foreign governments. here another e-mail. add to this the fact that the turkish chamber of commerce asked us to preside over their anniversary celebration and that the turkish foreign minister and energy minister will speak at this event and both our global recognition and our commitment to speak the same words to every country we can serve the world from the same flat platform. they've got information from our government, and apparently they're proudly sharing it with other governments. that's terri
12:58 am
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