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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  March 5, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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lots of data and lots of trending. [[vo]] get the final analysis from election central. >>that's smart politics. this is the war room. i am jennifer granholm.
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we are going to delve deep into the electoral demography of ohio on this election preview day. former governor ted strickland is going to be my guest. georgia is the biggest delegate prize tomorrow night. cynthia tucker of the constitutional will give us an idea of what's going on from atlanta. part of our wall to wall preview of super tuesday this is the war room. glad that you are inside. now, we are going to go right here and show you a little bit of that preview to give you a taste of what's going on out in those states. in just a few hours, the polls are going to open. the caucuses will begin in 10 states holding super tuesday contests. front runners mitt romney and rick santorum were making last minute pitches to voters. instead of listening to them we are going to go right here to talk about this georgia primary. as we can see, gingrich is up
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significantly over romney. not going to be a whole lot of surprise if in fact that turns out to be the case. in ohio we have got romney up just one point over santorum according to public policy polling. we have a delegate count, 203 to 92 to 33 to 25. but all of these delegates tomorrow are proportionately given. after tomorrow it's not like people are going to go away. it is, in fact, was going to continue on. and we are joined right here by chris lahane and susan kennedy. chris and susan are these two fantastic -- notice they have blue cups tonight. they are democratic operatives although susan is an independent, i would say. need a purple cup. you started out as a democrat. >> the show. >> susan was the chief of staff for former governor arnold schwarzenegger. chris lahane has worked on a
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gajillion campaigns, top to bottom. so glad you have joined us. let's get started. i am interested in your take on the super tuesday stuff, particularly in light of what we have seen this past week and what we know and should be talking about. maybe i will start with you chris. give me your gut on what's going to happen tomorrow. >> i think a lot of this is going to come down to ohio. i think people sort of have a pretty predictable idea of where these state are going to go t polling for gingrich. oklahoma for santorum. i think ohio is going to be the real bellwether people look at to determine who really is the winner of super tuesday. receipt polling shows it neck to neck, similar to michigan i think the movement clearly is in romney's direction. if he doesn't pull out ohio everyone is going to be back to where they were pre-michigan. >> if he doesn't pull out ohio, i mean everybody is expecting he has the momentum.
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but if he doesn't pull out ohio this just guarantees a much longer slog. doesn't it, susan? >> i think we are going to be going for longer. these candidates are not in there for the delegate count except for romney. the others are there for moral purposes and they are going to stay in as long as they are relevant. i think tennessee has to be watched. there is movement there. >> those are the two key states. and, you know, there was another poll that came out today that had the gingrich lead in georgia by only about 10 points which i thought was sort of interesting but i think it's too big of a gap to be able to close overnight. but in tennessee and ohio those are going to be very very interesting states to watch. we have the former governor of tennessee on in the last hour. he was predicting that he thought that romney was going to end up pulling it out which i think is, you know i think it's going to be very interesting to see. >> i think a lot of the stories will going to end up being about the delegate count at the end of the day. there will be some stories about the strength of santorum much
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more than anybody anticipated but i think romney's going to come out the winner and overall and he is clearly going to come out the winner in the delegate count. >> one of the things that we are seeing is a slide on the part of santorum in ohio. and of course santorum is catholic. and there was a significant drop in catholic support. in fact, when they announced, when they did a survey of what kind of voters supported whom it was romney was up six points among catholic voters over santorum in ohio. and that wasn't the case previously. and the question that i have is: was santorum's statement about i am going to throw up, you know or i threw up when i heard jfk's comments, do you think that had an impact on that? >> no question. i grew up in a catholic household. we had two photos on the wall. one was pope. one was jfk. i mean it's like going to detroit and if you want support,
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to attack john f. kennedy on that particular speech for a certain generation of catholics, you know it just did not seem to make any political sense. i think there is no surprise. santorum's challenges is he doesn't have the organization built. he is having a difficult time being able to recover. romney has a strong organization. >> susan, you have run a lot of things, including the governor caucus. you know that organization is absolutely key. and when we learned today and over the weekend that rick santorum is indelible for up to 18 delegates in ohio and, of course, we all knew he wasn't on the ballot in virginia what does that say about his ability to be an executive, to manage? >> i think rick santorum was as surprised as anyone in his surge, the fact his 15 minutes of fame has listed into several weeks. so i think he wasn't ready for that level of scrutiny or that level of organization. and on the one hand, you call
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him frugal and smart, he wasn't wasting money on a lot of unnecessary organization. on the other hand, chris is right, the organization comes in handy when its a close race. the organization makes a difference when you have -- it counts more than the poll in some ways. you have to have the momentum and you have to be able to pull out the votes. >> and the money, too. >> particularly when you get knocked down. romney has been knocked down and he holds back endorsements and the resources to go on television. these are basic things you need to do because campaign, you dust yourself off and get up again. >> and gets knocked down every 10 missed. >> a seasoned executive is someone who knows how to get up when they have been knocked down but i think it's too early to be drawing those conclusions. i think at this point it's, you know, santorum is not -- was not ready for this level of organizational test. and i don't think it's really
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going to be a question at the end of the day anyway. >> okay. so you guys have -- this is a show for political junkies. everybody loves to be inside of war rooms. if they haven't been they want to know, what goes on in a war room the day before a big election? what happens? go ahead. >> well int really depends upon what the -- where you are. but, you know, i have had some really fun days before the event. and in one case we -- our candidate was losing by four points, and we had to do something to shake up things. >> who was that? >> well, there were these two women running for senate in 1992 and we were a little behind. the polls were running the wrong day the last four days of the election. we had to find a way to change the debate around the deponent
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and let's say we succeeded. we spent our time -- >> that's several days before because you have to have enough time to shift momentum? right? the day before and certainly the day of. >> i can tell you. >> the day of you are just -- the cake has been baked. what can you do? there is nothing you can do. >> i have been in campaigns where people thought we were going to lose and it was like cricket. i have been in campaigns where everybody talks about we are going to win and everybody there is your best friend. under either scene, a good campaign is game playing. we win by x amount we saying on. by y amount role playing, you know. various scenarios. >> the day before you are looking at is there one last news story? >> right. >> we can make them billinger even on the day am campaigns, you are still at precincts shaking people's hands. >> 5:30. >> right. >> that's exactly right. hang on, you guys.
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we are going to go to david shuster who is on the ground. he is actually in ohio and he is in columbus. david, can you hear me? >> yes. governor, i can hear you fine. >> all right, david, this is our second hour of this campaign coverage of super tuesday. i know you are there in ohio on the ground and you are going to give us the pulse of what's happening in ohio. >> it's so interesting to hear you talk about the final news story that the candidates want to impress upon the voters. rick santorum is very much about manufacturing. he's gotten away from sort of the social debate and instead, he has been talking up and down the state about returning this par part of the midwest as the rust belt as he scribes it the steel belt suggesting he is the candidate that can revise the economy and have manufacturing. mitt romney, this was a day he went not so much at rick santorum and tried to may make
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the cases i can take on president obama and beat him on the following issue. there was some of the surrogates, and on friday, you mentioned the difficulty organizationwise that rick santorum had that he wasn't prepared to essentially field delegate slates. there may be as many as 18 of the 66 delegates that he won't be able to get even if he wins them because he didn't follow the proper procedures. so he still has today even from the romney surrogate saying look, yes, rick santorum has had a meet orric rise a pretty good campaign but he doesn't have the organization republicans need in a general election against president obama. when you hear the surrogates making that on local radio and television, it starts to trickle down to a lot of folks who say i want to be with the winner and with the candidate whose best positioned to take on president obama in the fall. and that seems to be the closing message for mitt romney here in ohio. >> thank you david. you are always so great about letting people know what's going on with your finger on the
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pulse. coming up no one knows the state as well as its governor i can tell you. i am a little bit biased there, perhaps. but ted strickland former governor of ohio is going to join us to talk ohio. plus will it end where it all began? newt makes his last stand in georgia. the latest f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f [[vo]]...we're the idea nobody wants to hear. ...until the truth reveals itself. boat-rockers. and above all... and there's only one place you'll find us. weeknights on current tv. pure friendship. pure delicious chocolate.
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pure hershey's. maybe you can change too? you're a dreamer annie. the streets are all i know. i'll never get out of here. streets! [ female announcer ] new starburst flavor morph. changes flavors as you chew. protect medicare and rebuild the middle class. >> steve israel runs the dccc,
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appreciate. >> thank you.
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we are back in the war room with political strategist susan kennedy, a senior advisor and chris lehane. thank you for coming back in. let's talk rush limbaugh. have we made too much of it? >> yes. >> well, it depends. if you want to try to use it as a weapon, you haven't but i think it's pretty irrelevant to most voters. >> you think it's irrelevant relevant to women. >> who are paying to the inside of the election. i think it means nothing to the general pun. >> really? i just so disagree. >> i think everyone most people understand rush limbaugh is a shock jock. >> that's true. but at some point, it just goes over the line. >> i am not saying the issue is irrelevant. i am saying the fact that he said something stupid is so -- that's like telling people don't drink out of the toilet. >> everybody expects him to say stupid things. >> that's true. this just the fact that he --
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people can be so numb to his ridiculous statements that it doesn't shock any more i feel like enough is enough. >> you are going to try to make it into a weapon but it's irrelevant relevant. >> it probably will be in a month. >> newt gingrich's open marriages and rush's comments the republicans, to be open for open marriage and he is against section. >> chris, you do a lot of advising of candidates and everything. if you are, say pretend you are add vying the romney campaign. what do you tell him in terms of responding to newt beginning -- to rush limbaugh who obviously is very influential. and you don't want to get on his bad side. but the response that he has made on friday which was i wouldn't have chosen these words, you know, a lame -- >> a non-apology. once you qualify your apology
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all sorts of ways. >> romney's statement in response. what would you say to romney's team? >> look at the last couple of thecial election cycles the republicans have had a gender gap. that was substantial in 2008. this was an opportunity for mitt romney, for the hanging curveball for him to smack it out of the park if he wanted to pick a moment to show he was independent, a person of character, willing to stand up, in one fell swoop, he could have -- >> he is so freaked out, i think, about being considered a moderate that he didn't -- he wants to still side with the far right even though the far right or at least that personification is heinous. >> i think it shows a challenge the republican party will have. the primary period where they have attacked latinos where they are key. they have a presidenter gap with women who have a huge opportunity for romney and a
9:19 pm
statement and the issue has been out there three or four days. >> speaking of latinos, there is a fox news poll showing hispanics favoring obama over romney by 70% to 14%. >> that's just massive. now, in 2008, mccain received 38% of the hispanic vote. clearly, he's lost it. >> that means arizona, that means colorado that means new mexico, and colorado. all four of those states going to obama. okay. nevada, colorado mexico arizona. >> yeah. >> and that's the electoral mass becomes difficult. you know, latinos will be the dispositive. >> when you add the problem with latinos and the problem they are going to have with women, i think that is... -- >> we were talking about earlier, the science of addition it's not sub traction. >> that's all they are doing is subtracting.
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speaking of that, you know the independent vote -- and i know you are an independent, is the big challenge for the republicans at this moment. >> a registered democrat. >> you are confusing me. >> i am confused. >> i will get hate mail. okay. registered democrat, work for a republican and it may be an independent-leaning democrat? is that your -- >> what everybody wants. >> you ought to run. so could these republicans ever say anything to get your vote? >> absolutely. >> what could they say? >> first of all, which one? you know i think the democrats don't -- when the democrats ignore the fiscal pocketbook issue which republicans have dominated, they risk losing the hearts and minds of the voters. i think the republicans have a problem because they have gone so far into the deep zany zone in terms of social politics they
9:21 pm
could never win my support. most of them couldn't win my support. but i definitely see republicans that are not -- most republicans in california are not the whack jobs on the right. sot, you know, i worked for a republican who i think, you know, hell he was nor republican -- more right-wing than i was and more left wing than i was on other issues. i think it's about who can speak to the independent and the moderate voters of both parties. >> you work for a republican governor who was very much on the forefront of clean energy and where, you know, obviously looking at ohio there is a package before this that talked about the importance of manufacturing, clean tech and that sector. none of these republicans candidates are even saying we are going to even try to get those kind of manufacturing jobs here in fact it's considered heresy to believe in science, to believe that in fact, climate is changing, and, yes, we should have a responsibility to do something about it. in addition to the opportunity to create jobs here none of them
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is saying a word about it. >> i think it's stomatic of a larger problem republicans have which they don't have a reason for voters to elect them. voters are not going to take out a sitting president because the other party wants them to take them out. they need a reason to vote for someone. the republicans have not given them. >> their economic plan is not. >> they have not given people a serious case as to why vote republican. take clean energy. put aside what they may or may not believe and climate change and the reality is these jobs are going to be in china or in the united states. >> hello. hello. >> ohio. michigan or manufactured in china. >> let's be honest. democrats have not had the most transparent and forceful energy policy. i have been waiting for years. america still doesn't have an energy policy. democrats have been in control. >> but not of the senate. >> do they have a policy.
9:23 pm
>> to have a policy you have to have congress pass it. >> every time there is a campaign. >> see, we have a sign on the wall that says occupy the majority. in this election it is critical to be able to to do that to occupy the majority. >> the president has put out some ideas and the republicans have refused to engage in any kind of constructive manner including old fossil fuel plans. >> the reason voters are frustrated is because they hear the same thing every time there is an election and nothing changes. >> voters are going to vote for democrats, put him in. susan kennedy, chris lahane thank you for joining me in the war room. up next if you want to know what's actually happening in politics in georgia, you want to talk to cynthia tucker prefacer of journalism and pulitzer-prize winning author.
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. 45 this is countdown south carolina. forgot the name of the show p.m. book in the war room on current tv. i am jennifer granholm. we will turn our focus to georgia where 76 delegates are at stake in tomorrow's g.o.p. primary. there are three polls on georgia. i showed an earlier one, one a little bit earlier. but the latest poll from
9:27 pm
rasmussen says gingrich has 37 and romney has 27. >> that's significantly better for romney,bly it or not than previous poll was. this actually they had done another one on march 1st. but you will see this landmark rossetta stone poll has this. it looks likega may be heading in gingrich's camp. here is the basic information about the georgia g.o.p. primary. these are awarded proportionately. it's good for romney, good for all of them who don't come in number 1. we have an employment rate in georgia at 9.4% which obviously is significantly higher than the national average. mike huckabee won there in 2008, which, you know, i think is significant because mike huckabee obviously carried a big number of the religious voters
9:28 pm
evangelcat voters for an analysis of the situation on the ground in georgia and a bit about national politics as well we turn to university of georgia prefacer of journalism pulitzer prize winning writer cynthia tucker. she was with the atlanta journal constitution, she comes from atlanta, welcome to the war room. glad to have you here? >> thank you. i am glad to be here. >> well, i am really interested in your perspective of what's going on, on the ground. my assumption is you have been sort of seeing the local talk and watching t.v. and seeing ads. how -- what's the feel? what's the pulse in georgia before tomorrow? >> well it's pretty much what your polls indicate. everybody expects that newt gingrich will win here easily. just how big his numbers will be are not yet clear. he is not expected to hit 50 or 51%, but he is expected to win
9:29 pm
the vote count. now, that may not mean a great deal for gingrich because, as you notice the delegates will be awarded proportionately. so he might not lead the state with a huge cache of delegates but newt will win pretty persuasively. the governor is backing him. several members of congress are backing him, and he spent the last week campaigning here georgia was absolutely crucial for newt is absolutely crucial for newt to win. if he doesn't win here, he has no good excuse for continuing in this campaign. >> so why is he doing so well in georgia? i know there is a hometown advantage. i get that. people know him well too. one, it seems like with newt gingrich, when people get to know him really well it doesn't go so well for him. so what do you attribute this
9:30 pm
fondness? you asked an excellent question. what is it about newt? he is playing heavily on the hometown advantage even though he hasn't called georgia home for several years now. he actually lives in virginia and has since he left congress. but, you know, the simple fact of the matter is that the -- that many of the voters who will cast votes in the g.o.p. primary tomorrow are elder voters. and they remember when newt gingrich was a fire-brand in congress, backing democrats. they were when he helped bring the first republican majority 209 house of representatives in decades. so the older voters who will
9:31 pm
cast a little bit of the ballots happen to have fond memories of newt. i guess the whole business of those three marriages doesn't bother them. >> nor have they probably read his economic plan or support for the ryan medicare plan but anyway --? >> that's right. >> with unemployment so high in georgia i am going to assume for most people the economy is thenu 1 issue that people are caring about. >> the economy is the most important issue here in georgia as it is everywhere. interestingly, though, governor the republicans who have been campaigning here mitt romney rick santorum newt gingrich. none of them have really talked that much about what is key in the economy here that's the housing crisis. georgia is one of the states that has been hammered by the
9:32 pm
housing crisis. foreclosures are high here and none of them have talked about that very. romney was here. he got back on the economic message. he has been on that more than he had in the last month or so. >> so do you think that because of the foreclosure crisis and the fact that the republicans aren't necessarily talking about that or their economics plan which really is just about increasing the tax disparities between the upper and lower income people do you think that obama actually has a chance of winning georgia in the general election? >> i wish i could say that i thought he does. but i really don't think so. georgia actions as you know is a deep south safe deeply conservative, although georgia is growing more diverse.
9:33 pm
african-american population has grown the latino policies is growing. i think 2012 will be too early. obama got about 47% of the vote here in '08. en if he did a percentage point better in 2012 it woumding inch wouldn't be enough. >> let me ask you one more question which is this: how is the rush limbaugh thing playing out in georgia? >> again, georgia is a deep south state. there are many rush limbaugh fans here, particularly among those voting in the g.o.p. primary. but as you mentioned, i teach at the university of georgia now. i talk to lots of young women, and they are absolutely appalled. they are appalled by the way the
9:34 pm
republicans have handled the issue of contraception in general. they are especially appalled that rush limbaugh has chosen to attack this young woman in particularly personal terms. i am teaching a class in opinion writing, and i am teaching my students to argue with people's positions, their policies and not to attack them personally. and they are appall that rush limbaugh has chosen to attack this woman in very personal and very vile terms. >> seems like you have a good case study for your class, cynthia tucker. thank you so much for joining us from atlanta. thank you for being in the war room. coming up, you can parse the delegate mass and spin the winds all you want. the fact is ohio may be the whole ball game tomorrow. and anyone who plans on winning in november better take ohio seriously. former governor tim strickland
9:35 pm
gives us his inside view it's super tuesday with live coverage and analysis from keith olberman. >>that's what we're here for. a special edition. countdown, super tuesday, with keith olberman. only on current tv.
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>> 97% of those services that help women are going to be hurt. a lot of people won't get those exams and might get breast cancer. it's widely counter productive. anna, thank you for doing this story. we appreciate it. >> when we come back, we're going to celebrate the life of don cornelius. we'll tell you things about him that you might not know, when we return.
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lots of data and lots of trending. [[vo]] get the final analysis from election central. >>that's smart politics.
9:38 pm
>> from georgia to ohio so there are two new polls out of the buckeye state today. both show a race that are too close to call. let me give you an eyeball of that. this is the public policy polling, romney with 37. santorum with 36. obviously within the margin of error. another poll rasmussen, 32-31. within the marchin of error. very very close. just some facts about ohio. there are 66 delegates. they are awarded proportionately. again, as all of the rest of these states are unemployment rate at 7.9% which is actually better than the national average, john mccain won in 2008 over 25% of the voters in
9:39 pm
ohio at least the cran --gom primary are evangelical christians which i think is an interesting fact when you consider what these voters are considering tomorrow. now, as somebody who knows the state of ohio inside and out, former governor ted strict land who comes to us from boston tonight. governor, it is great to see you inside the war room even though you are from boston. i know you have your finger on the pulse of what's going on ohio. well. >> i was in ohio over the weekend, and that's where the action is right now. brutal, brutal ads are being played by both candidates and i think it's difficult to know for sure what's going to happen tomorrow. >> you know i think, you know, as you and i have talked over the years, actually, you know when ted was first elected, i had the privilege of being his mentor as governors, they have,
9:40 pm
you know older governors are assigned to newer governors. so i had the privilege of being his mentor but i learned an awful lot from my pupil because he was such a tremendous governor of ohio and focused on a lot of the same issues we did in michigan. so in michigan we saw what had was the early voting ended up benefitting romney. what's the situation with early voting in ohio? >> romney is benefitting but i think it's a toss-up. no one knows for sure who is going to win. if romney pulls it out, it will be by the slimmest of margins. i don't think that's going to give him a lot of head wind, you know, going forward we will have to wait to see. it will probably be a very close race. >> a close race and a late night. i would be curious to know your
9:41 pm
opinion on the santorum organizational issues we learned. he could lose up to 18 delegate for failure to file names to be eligible. do you have a sense of how important it is? is it king? >> i think it's very. the fact is rick santorum is going to spend election night in stubenville, ohio, in the southeastern part of our state but he did not field delegates. my understanding is that there have been other states where he has failed to field delegates as well. so his organization is sloppy and loosely connected. he is neck and neck with mitt romney. >> i would be kerrous to get your perspective of what we should watch for tomorrow night in terms of what regions of the
9:42 pm
state are more likely to go to santorum. what regions of the state are more likely to go to romney? >>. >> the evangelical vote i think is more heavily concentrated in the southern part of the state. if rick santorum is going to do well tomorrow he's got to do well south of columbus over to cincinnati and covering the epilation part of our state. i would expect mitt romney would doapalachian part of our state. i would expect mitt romney would do and probably cleveland and some of the larger cities. the rural area i think, would be santorum territory whereas the more urban areas, i think romney will likely do best inin you dd i have h de a lot regarding manufacturing to our respective states. these candidates opposed the auto bail-out.
9:43 pm
how does that affect play with the republican primary in ohio? does it matter? is that a factor? >> i think there is a reason why the republican base especially moderate republicans, are not enthusiastic about either one of these candidates. i don't know how mitt romney can go to youngstown ohio where gm has made major investments where the yruze is being built or to cleveland where ford is bringing back light truck production from mexico to the cleveland area or over to toledo where chrysler is making multiple millions of dollars investments in that area. the supply chain, your great state of michigan is a major producer of cars and trucks. ohio is of auto parts. how can mitt romney come into this state and boast to detroit
9:44 pm
about saying go bankrupt. santorum is the same way. neither of these candidates seem to have a clue about what's really important to the ordinary ohio voter. republicans and independent as well as democrats, so i think things are looking up for president obama in terms of winching in november in part because he's been a strong leader and i think he's done a wondeducational background job as president. on the flip side of the coin his opposition is so week and so flawed, governor, you know, i say that rick san, i believe is a man of principle and i believe he says what he truly believes and that really scares me. and mitt romney i think doesn't believe what he says. and that really scares me. so both of these candidates i
9:45 pm
think, are so deeply flawed that ultimately, the people of ohio will not embrace him come november. >> that's truer words never spoken former ohio governor ted strickland thank you for joining us. coming up we are going to take a step back and look at the big picture. both for super tuesday and beyond. later, prettierlic weighs in on the rush limbaugh controversy. get ready for that. >> coming up rush limbaugh calling sandra fluke a prostitute is the worst it's super tuesday with live coverage and analysis from keith olberman. a special edition. countdown, super tuesday, with keith olberman. only on current tv. brought to you by pradaxa.
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geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance. lots of data and lots of trending. [[vo]] get the final analysis from election central.
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>>that's smart politics. next in the war room is leslie sanchez from washington. she is i think, a romney supporter. are you not, lesslic? glad to have you inside the war room? >> sure. i like all of the candidates. i haven't come out in favor of one or the other. i have to talk about them. >> you love all of your children. i know how that is. >> yes. >> you were deputy press secretary at the republican national committee. what do you think the republican establishment is hoping happens tomorrow? >> >> i think they are going to continue to see a lot of interest. there is not going to be anybody leaving the race. i think after all the votes are
9:50 pm
cast tomorrow i think you are going to see a continued prolonged primary leading to tampa and because of that and this ongoing question is this the slow march for governor romney to be the g.o.p. nominee? it's looking that way. there is still a lot of movement within our primarily. >> this wall street poll says the longer it goes on, the higher the negative readings they have changed their opinion of the candidates for the worst. this has to be -- i mean it's democracy is great for the democrats but i can't major you guys are not really -- >> we are approaching 2 dozen debates. i can't imagine it's not great prime time t.v. the reality is it's been a very difficult process. it's been a tiring process. you know, the funney part is if
9:51 pm
you look and met privately with many republicans, they question this process. are we going to allow that i think there is going to be a harsh conversation about that the impact it has, these debates had. it eliminated a lot of flaws. it was the invisible primary that was anything but inindividualsible. because of that, i think that's fair. but to be fair from an analyst per spiblth i have, a lot of people were not paying attention to it until now. you have a lot of people just now going out to the polls and getting excited. what's interesting, in talking about ohio i thought what was interesting there and, the back and forth bantering, looking at that tomorrow 400,000 jobs have been lost in the manufacturing industry. you talked about the importance of the auto industry but it's that blue-collar, that whole ohio valley area is the area we need to look at collectively because that's the area that was last in support of obama, supported hillary clinton and that's the fluidity going into
9:52 pm
november. >> i think so, too. i think it will be a challenge for republicans to but those manufacturing jobs back. i want to get to the issue of women. obviously a majority of the voters overall are women you have this limbaugh problem which has, you know, not gone away. now you have a second radio station that has decided to not carry him and you have got to admit some of the responses to limbaugh from the candidates themselves, were pretty weak. so how -- if you are -- pretend you are inside the romney campaign, for example. how are you advising him to stand? isn't that a good thing to stand up to this guy? >> there are a long list of candidates, i think the president early in his administration tried to make him that foil character. it doesn't work.
9:53 pm
this is an entertainer very much. who responds has us talking about rush limbaugh who is not on the ticket? and i think it's a waste of talk. in one since i think it's a looser issue for republicans. republicans mismanaged this from a communications standpoint. this is not about contraception. you know, what he said is atrocious about this young woman. the issue was religious freedom and i think as long as we are looking at this through the wrong lens republicans are going to lose that argument. >> leslie 7 chaz thanks for coming on. you guys need to be stronger about that. she is a founder of
9:54 pm
planned parenthood. anna talked to a conservative and it got a little contentious. drama, when we return. [ laura ] maine is known for its lighthouses, rocky shore and most importantly its lobster. it's the tastiest, the sweetest, the freshest. nobody can ever get enough. [ male announcer ] it's lobsterfest at red lobster the one time of year you can savor 12 exciting lobster entrees like lobster lover's dream or new maine lobster and shrimp trio. [ laura ] hot, right out of the shell.
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i love lobster. i'm laura mclennan from spruce head, maine, and i sea food differently. >>just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. as excited as we are for the arrival of super tuesday, actually rush limbaugh is probably more he can static because maybe that will take the focus off of the fallout from his personal attacks on sandra fluke. he apologized in writing this weekend and here to offer an apology counseling is prettier lick. bretts talking now. >> i got good news and i got
9:56 pm
bad news. good news is, rush limbaugh apologized. the bad news is it's the worst apology in the history of humanity, and dinosaurs. >> that's why rush limbaugh needs help. if anyone's going to help him it's going to be old brett sorry i hate your hamster erlich. the main problem with your initial apology is this it's written. in the apology world, this is the equivalent of breaking up with someone via text message. "i chose the wrong words in my gee of the situation". you are not apologizing for the gee, just two words? >> fine. just be more specific and offer alternative coffers of action. i'm sorry i called you a slut and a prostitute. what i should have said is strumpet or husbandy or woman of the night. i should have used any other
9:57 pm
word that implied you receive money for sex. obviously why did it take this long to apologize? sorry i didn't say something sooner, i just hadn't lost all of my sponsors best of the of. one that hit me hardest was pro flowers. they get half of their business from dudes trying to apologize for oftened be women. if they can't take it, there are plenty of other candidates who will sponsor the southlake uniontrolly. you have a similar branding message. i am done talking. all aboard. >> thank you, brett. and thanks to you all for joining us here on the war room. join us tomorrow for a special super tuesday edition of the war room at 11:00 p.m. eastern, 8 specific following a special edition of "countdown"! we'll see you then.
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