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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  Current  March 21, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to be fair, some people look a little scaryies in hoodies. this would be michael night everybody, "countdown" is next. ♪ >> which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? jeb bush primary election versus been held in 34 states and now it's time for republicans to unite behind governor romney and take our message of fiscal conservatism and job creation to all voters this fall. who needs knights at broker conventions? boredom resonates with jeb bush. and you said it, mr. excitement. >> you could throw a bigger crowd in a greenbay packer rallyal in d dntntnn chihigogo > e > ayn e rtmain c ce,
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what woror is h h mumbling as his call to 911 breaks up. punchespunks or, quote coons. >> the victim's parents speak. >> i just hurt in my heart because this guy has not been arrested. >> and glenn beck's website insists the dead teenager was quote, the aggressor." and might have been suspended from school for armed robbery arson, kidnapping or sexual battery. even though it was really being late to class. the war on women. the arizona legislator who says a woman should witness an abortion before having one. and tim tebow is dealt to the new york jets. tim tebow is not dealt to the
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new york jets. oh man he can't even complete a trade. and the hits keep coming. >> i have some great friends who are nascar team owners. i tell you what, $10,000 bucks? >> i don't consider myself wealthy. >> ann has a couple of cadillacs, actually. >> now meet mitt romney's senior adviser in charge of etch-a-sketch. >> i think he hit a reset button. everything changes. it's almost like an etch-a-sketch. >> turn the knobs and the lines go up and down and all around. >> you can shake it up and we start all over again. >> turn your etch-a-sketch upside down and shake. everything disappears. >> now it's 99% vote on "countdown."
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>> good evening. this is wednesday march 21st. 231 days until the 2012 presidential election. mitt romney wins the g.o.p. primary, endorsements and grudge grudging tea party support. he can keep his score card on an etch-a-sketch. romney basking in the support in illinois tonight. >> we thank the people of illinois for the vote and this extraordinary victory. thank you very much. >> rick santorum just as pleased with his tallies. >> we won the areas that conservatives populate. we're happy about that. >> based on the results it doesn't take much to keep rick santorum happy. mitt romney winning 47% of the votes.
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the associated press estimating the take home and mitt romney 563 and 1144 needed to win. with voters not casting ballots and 89% of them not vote forgive romney democrat senator dick durbin was teed up for the comedy. >> you can draw a bigger crowd of greenbay packers in downtown chicago. >> and putting a damper on romney's day dealing cnn it would be no problem for his boss to appeal to moderates in november. >> i think he hit a reset button for the fall campaign. everything changes. it's like an etch-a-sketch. you can shake it up and we start all over again. >> this just in. romney saying his senior adviser's comments aside he will not be running as the
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etch-a-sketch man but a conservative republican in the general election if nominated. much more on his etch-a-sketch candidacy in this news hour. also potential to shake up the race jeb bush endorsing romney, although not in person. writing now is the time for the republicans to unite behind governor romney and take our message to all vote there's fall. oh, calm down, governor. speaking for the g.o.p.'s counter culture, rick santorum. >> that's what this race is coming down to, the establishment, the money versus the people. >> santorum also wishing he could get a nod like that, too. >> they should all start supporting me because i'm ate the strongest conservative candidate. >> mr. gingrich's spokesman piling on if the complex of the establishment trifecta. that would be former president george h. w. bush and former senator bob dole having
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previously endorsed romney before governor bush did. and then norm republican leader dick army atea party freedom works telling the washington times while it's not endorsing the former massachusetts governor, it's a statistical fact that the numbers favor mitt romney and we're dead saided-- [mumbling] with santorum campaigning as the anti-romney. >> you have someone who is not going to change when the climate changes. not going to change when the election the electorate in front of you changes. >> while gingrich warned supporters that a g.o.p. loss this fall could doom them to an apocalypse. >> you're going to inherit a country in which you're lets believe inyour elitesbelieve in things that are not true. >> those elites, king mosabi.
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now to. what is the name of that anti-american country, is that george bush's america 2003. >> the america that was into endless war and torture okay, yeah i think we have different definitions of what anti-mechanism is all about. i believe having billionaires buy candidates and being killed for going out and buying skittles while being black those things are unamerican. we clearly have different definitions. that's why elections are so important. >> the all-time low turnout for presidential primary romney got more actual votes in the 2008 primaries, or republican anyway, but is that the most significant number of the campaign so far?
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24% burnout? >> we're seeing this in contest after contest where the vast majority states turnout is down. and it's doubly bad because there was not a contest in 2008. it was mccain who locked up the nomination very early in january. the fact that they have a competitive primary and they can't get anyone to turn out at a time when they tell us that they're angry at that kenyon muslim socialist in the white house, but they can't be bothered to pick a nominee shows us they're disgusted by their field or bored and uninspired by that field. >> that's good for democrats in november. >> from that point the jeb bush endorsement. it's longer than what i read. ty read the exciting sentence. is that just the way he feels? is he representative of the campaign or is there deliberate wiggle room in case he needs to backout and the proverbial it's
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unlikely each time we talk about it the broker convention deal in the summer. >> i don't see a chance that have happening. what we're see something that the establishment, they tried so far to bring in a white knight. they failed miserably and they're resigned to the fact that romney is going to be their person and they have to be the good soldiers. but i suspect the backroom deals they're looking at 2016 and there won't be much energy in in 2012. >> we're going to go into an entire segment about romney's adviser and the etch-a-sketch moment and the recent history of goof-ups. why does this one resonate, and should we not be grateful for those gaffes? otherwise wouldn't this campaign feel like going to lana del rey concerts? >> i'm angry with myself for not coming up with the etch-a-sketch metaphor. but we have a narrative cycle
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that mitt romney has literally been on the other side of every issue he talked about he has no core no conviction, nothing that he won't sell out for political expediencies. and then here is think adviser with a fantastic metaphor we can have a lot of fun with. this will be the flip flop of 2004. this will have lasting impact. it will be the metaphor to describe mitt romney all the way through november. and i got to say the fact that it's self-inflicted, that it came from his own campaign is mind boggling and a gift from heaven to democrats. >> etch-a-sketch of seamus the dog campaign--over. markos, as always, thanks for your time. >> thank you very much. >> let's take a look at the numbers out of last night's primary. who better than.
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>> i've become a delegate guy at this point. just the past few days where he gained another 40 in illinois, and 20 in puerto rico where santorum went 8% of the vote. that's like getting a score of eight on a math test: he's polled far enough head now where it's very difficult to envision anybody else getting the majority. it doesn't mean that there is no chance of chaos down the line, but santorum does not have a path any more. >> in 2008 with the democrats there was a particular focus on the turnout in the primaries and no matter what the damage would seemingly would have been inflicted by that race on the presidential nominee that the turnout was indicative of great excitement and excellent chances in the general election whether or not one caused the other is
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not proven in the election, but there seems to have been a sequential series of events. is there any events of excitement leading to improvement of chances and in that context what does 24% turnout in illinois mean. >> one thing that we do know, the turn out at midterm does not predict the turn out at elections. just because you have excitement in 2010 does not prove how how they'll behave in 2012. when romney is their nominee there will be a lot of publicity to get incumbent barack obama out of office. that's a pretty motivating force. i think if the campaign is going bad for romney, you may see people hold out as a protest and that might allow obama to run up the score. but in a close election
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competent campaigners can get the voters the majority of the time. >> the exits yesterday romney took 60% of the primary votest voters who thought he had the best chance of those who decided to vote, he had the best chance of beating the president. is that the bottom line that you can ascertain statistically from the republican race. >> the electability edge may overcome voters about his conservatism. without that, and santorum is probably closer to the average republican voter on most issues. the irony is that romney when you look at his favorability ratings or head-to-head rates they're pretty mediocre. his campaign has been competent but it has had flaws. but the problem with rick santorum, instead of with that message you go and talk about
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contraception or something else. you don't have a lot of visors. you don't have surrogates backing you up. it's hard for him to drive a message on that. at some point as you get closer to the convention and it's harder for anybody else to win i think we have romney or chaos and they may not like romney but that's a good reason not to vote for santorum or gingrich. >> last question, does not pertain to illinois in particular but it's the most interesting number i've heard in the last week. the polling that suggested that obama was beating each of the republican contenders by sizable numbers. was this a surprise? did it an outlier? interpret it for me. >> you should be careful looking at polls in individual states. you want to look at the president's approval rating, right now it's the 50/50 proposition, maybe a little bit better. you want to look at the economy and maybe look towards candidate favorability ratings. i think to go into the state by state math is a little too soon for that. michigan will be a difficult state for romney because of the
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stance you take one state off the map, that could make a fair amount of difference. but which states will lied to the best paths we don't know and we won't know for the next several months. >> we'll check in with you before the election. nate silver, "the new york times," as always a pleasure. >> thank you chief. >> we did not shortchange the adviser where he said romney is like an etch-a-sketch. in-depth on that later in the hour and we're glad he didn't make a reference to winky dink. sanford, brought to you by advil. make the switch to advil now. i'm keith baraka and i'm a firefighter. and it's very physically demanding. if i'm sore i'm not at my best. advil® is my go-to. it's my number one pain reliever. [ male announcer ] make the switch.
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first the no confidence vote in sanford, florida. the president of the rounds out current's new morning news block. >>it's completely inappropriate for television. what's up? >>hi! >>how ya doing? >>good. >>what you got there? >>a u.v. light lunch box. >>wow! how does it work? >>you put the fruit in, you turn it on, you wait for ten seconds, you take it out. it's a healthy apple to eat. >>that's big. if you sell as manny of those as we sold records, one day i'm going to be going to your house. >>got a cool idea of your own? enter it now at four finalist will have the chance to pitch their idea to one winner may see their invention idea brought to life.
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>> the deet of trayvon martin has reached as far afield as new york city. the council city has passed a no confidence vote on its own police chief. george zimmerman's formerfian say had filed a petition against him for ladies and gentlemenly pushedladies andallegedly pushed her andhe had open hand smacked her in the mouth and the year over that, groped her over her objection. the demand for zimmerman who while on neighbor watch in a florida neighborhood shot martin. martin's parents were in in attendance there. his mother broke openly this morning. >> my heart hurts because this guy has not been arrested. >> the entirety of that guy george zimmerman's call to 911
8:20 pm
before he killed martin has been made public. just before the dispatcher warned zimmerman not to follow the young man something is mumbled by zimmerman. >> sanford city commission passing that no confidence vote, city manager after the 3-2 vote expected to decide whether police chief lee will be fired or asked to resign. unclear when either of those options will happen. but to add to the pain of this case an article has since been scrubbed. glenn beck's website identified trayvon martin as the aggressor and assumes that reports from the young man being suspended from school for ten days for
8:21 pm
armed robbery, arson hate crime, kidnapping, possession of explosives and sexual battery. back to reality. i'm honored to be joined by president and ceo of naacp benjamin jealous. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you keith. >> you've been calling for the resignation of this police chief based on his handling of this case and other cases that preceded it. what does this vote mean in terms that have? >> what it means is that the council is listening to the people of the community. the city commission has heard the city saying loud and clear too many of us have lost faith in this chief and he has just got to go. with that said, we're saying there has got to be a top to bottom bottom to top investigation of the actions of this deputy in--in this department in this case and many other cases. >> what are the preceding cases and what is the theme you've
8:22 pm
seen in them? >> 2005, two men security guards with connections to this police department one a weekend volunteer police officer, the other one, family member is on the force killed an unarmed black man and get away with murder. then in 2010, caught on videotape, a lieutenant on this force jumps a black homeless man man, beats him up, and serves no jail time. now this neighborhood watch captain, who had spoken to the police called the police 46 times in 56 days, has walked the streets for weeks and has been allowing to free for weeks even though he stalked assaulted and murdered a black man in cold blood. there is a theme that is emerging here, a black man's life in this town has less value than it should, and that people who have a connection to this police department be it social
8:23 pm
or formal, have been given wide attitude to absurdly interpret a law when you read this law. when somebody stalks you attacks you you have the right to use equal opposite force. the only person in this case with that experience is trayvon martin. >> is there a legitimate reason that george zimmerman has yet to be arrested or dialing it back a notch, at least having his concealed gun permit taken away, which also has not happened. >> no, and there's no reason why the evidence at the scene wasn't gathered, why they didn't check his hands for powder residue or confiscate the clothes he was wearing for dna evidence why they didn't check trayvon's corpse for drug or alcohol content. a man who shoots a boy in cold blood is put in jail.
8:24 pm
as somebody said in jail in this pack to the rafters town hall, many said in sanford if you kill a dog you end up in jail the next day. trayvon martin was killed. a beautiful boy was killed, and his killer has been allowed to walk the streets for weeks. >> we know the fbi and the defendant. justice in your assessment combine with this vote on this no confidence vote on the police chief, is all this enough and is it fast enough? >> right now action has to be taken to get rid of this chief. in reality we're looking at weeks and maybe months for both investigations to come to a close. this grand jury is set for 20 days. we've seen similar investigations by the d.o.j. take months. and the people of sanford deserve to know, and their leaders are taking action to be sure they can go to sleep at night and wake up the next day
8:25 pm
that amen of their children, regardless of their color, will be respected and protected by the cops in this town. and not saying that mr. zimmerman is a racist or not a racist, but what we are saying too many men of color have just been treated unfairly. when they have been killed it has not been taken as seriously as it should. >> you can reduce it from that if you got a guy running around with a gun claiming to be on the neighborhood watch shooting citizens in his town to be found completely innocent, there is an elemental level which it doesn't matter color race, it doesn't matter gender, it's a fundamental issue. you don't want people pretending to be cops and shooting unarmed citizens. >> that's right. this case exists in a racial context but the case, it rises
8:26 pm
far above specific racial concerns. it's hard to look attaboy as beautiful, as poised and athletic as sort of just a shining clearly well loved as trayvon martin, i don't care what color you are it's hard as a parent and as a human being to imagine sitting still while somebody was allowed to hunt your child and kill them simply because they adopted the title neighborhood watch captain. >> naacp president benjamin jealous thank you for your time. >> thank you keith. >> add etch-a-sketch to the canon of gas. this was the most
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>> from the craziest state in the union. making women watch an abortion. before they can legally have one. in michigan, and today's youth of america. attempting to break the record for most full chair reclines in 30 seconds. set the timer right there on the screen in case you want to keep this professional. certainly people sit in an easy chair so they don't have to do sit-ups. i think the real championship champion is the
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chair. traveling to columbia for the president obama look-alike competition. escorted by what i presume is a secret service look-alike competition. the judges decide who is the most convincing commander in chief. this year's price going to carlos alberto perez in a related story donald trump has just added, he was not born in columbia. finally the win with a glass of wine. nothing likely at the end of the day like a glass of bordeaux. but who wants to go to the hassle of pouring your glass. now with this handy contraption. turn the crank for several minutes and before you know it you're enjoying a glass of wine. and it comes with the added bonus of making your home look like a medieval torture chamber.
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speaking of medieval torture claimers, there is the state of arizona making women watch (vo) question: how do you say "500" in italian? stay tuned for the answer. brought to you by the 2012 fiat 500. visit
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>> the statement is direct and kurt. quote, i would like to make a law mandates a woman watch an abortion being performed before undergoing one. that was written by a woman state representative and it's the latest shot on the war on women. the most disturbing twist, it was written by a woman.
8:35 pm
terri proud to express per opposition to the so-called fetal pain bill. personally i would like to make a law that main dates a woman watch an abortion being performed prior to having a surgical procedure. if it's not a life, it doesn't matter. if it doesn't matter she shouldn't care. and unless she says she doesn't feel any pain, i will be voting yes. also states debby lesko's bill that insists anyone getting birth control prove that they're not using to keep from
8:36 pm
pregnancy. >> it suggests that it should turn into a spectator sport was disgusting to me. that's been the reaction from all the democratic colleagues in the legislature as well as the vast majority of constituents that i've talked to, democrats republicans and independents. >> are there implications about the e-mail itself and the fact that it was sent from a state account? is there anything that is
8:37 pm
amplified by where she wrote it from. >> lack of taste and public decorum is problematic. but it's an extreme e-mail written by an extreme agenda. so there is not much we can do in use of the legislative female who writes that type of message from the the constituent. but the constituent herself and other constituents can make the choice and that's where we need to turn around and take arizona back to where it was a few years ago. >> the idea of the suggestion being made, it's seems as if, forgive me for tarring the state with one brush, with you but it seems to be okay in arizona for conservative that is a woman must witness an abortion before having one. but it seems extraordinary to
8:38 pm
propose this. >> i agree with you completely. let there be no doubt that in arizona in particular, it's full of hypocrisy. we could talk about a whole litany of bills that are hypocritehypocritical that are impacting people's lives on a daily basis in immensely negative ways. >> i asked this question two years ago and it has been free prefaced but what is happening in state government in arizona. it's as though they're meeting out in the sun every day and they're going crazier faster than others were. >> not all of us are meeting out in the sun every day. i want to make sure that that's clear. not to make light of it, but i was watching the segment about the guy in the recliner chair
8:39 pm
he's more productive than the g.o.p.-led legislature in arrested. the problem with the state we've been taken over by extremist. and the party promoting small government has taken government in an overreach to a whole new level. they're invading people's bedrooms. they're invading the relationship between a doctor and a patient. and it's unfortunate. but i really truly believe that people are going to start pushing back. just the conversations i've had over the last 24 hours i think people are starting to wake up from what is going on in this state. >> i don't why this has dawned on me, if you can force people to watch an abortion, you're forcing some woman to have an abortion while they watched. maybe that's more nefarious. >> that's a great point. >> good luck in trying to stem
8:40 pm
this tide, the arizona state representative and house minority leader chad campbell. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> the etch-a-sketch and late breaking news that tim tebow has capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. show us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card. up to 100,000 miles! hawaii, here we come. claim your miles at today! what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no.
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>> according to the cam pain staff he'll bet $100,000, and his good friends are nascar owners and he drives a couple of cadillacs but she doesn't consider himself wealthy and he's unemployed and the presidency campaign is like an etch-a-sketch. and tim tebow traded or not traded.
8:43 pm
every weeknight if you're only you're missing two hours of our political lineup. >>it's our job to bring you stories that other people aren't bringing you. >>unlimited, unfettered. >>check out "the young turks" with cenk uygur. >>you can't beat that, it's such a winning issue. >>step into "the war room" with jennifer granholm. >>never ending enertainment. >>the young turks at seven countdown with keith olbermann at eight and the war room at nine. current tv's prime-time lineup weeknights starting at seven-six central. only on current tv. >> 13 months after he led the new orleans saints to the super
8:44 pm
bowl. the head coach is being suspended without pay. our number two story it comes the same day as tim tebow is traded to the inch jets or the jaguars or he isn't. it was found that the new orleans program were given cash incentives to injure opposingmembers of the opposing team. the organize was fined a $500,000 and lose two second-round draft picks but the harshest discipline was given to greg williams who was suspended indefinitely without pay and they'll see if he'll be reinstated: then there was a trade of well-known and
8:45 pm
sometimes controversial quarterback who was put out of work yesterday when payton manning signed with the denver broncos. 2007 heisman trophy winner, tim tebow, brought denver into the playoffs last year. but after manning signed with his team he was traded to the new york jets with the seventh round pick for the fourth round pick and sixth round pick. only then did the jets realize that broken co-s had broncos had paid tebow $5,000 and they wanted that amount back. now with that confusing information behind us let's bring in tim burke. thanks for your time tonight tim. >> hi, keith. it's good to be here again with you. >> what the hell is going on with tim tebow. is this the shortest tenture as the new york jets since bell
8:46 pm
belichick. >> this is unbelievable, keith. and like our colleague from the nation put it earlier today, the new york jets are not a football franchise they are a reality show. now it seems that this reality show as in this trade with denver in messing up the details of the trade and now opening it up for him to go to his hometown of jacksonville. >> so it was tweeted in the last half hour two seemingly contradictory things. tebow can pick the team jets or jacksonville, and then denver will do what is best for its franchise, jets or jags. what is this or are they mutually exclusive. >> tim tebow is already the most polarizing player in the nfl.
8:47 pm
that filters down to the team support he has in which you have this wide gap of supporters in jacksonville who really want tebow to come, and then a lot of people who think they have the best interest of the team, that isn't to sea that they want the jags to win who were unbelievably excited and now tragically befallen hearing that the trade deal with the jets has gone through. if tebow chooses, if he's allowed to choose, if we know that that's the case, if he chooses jacksonville that will bolster the case of the people who want him to be here. if for some reason he chooses the jets, he suddenly turns his back on his hometown. and we have all this drama that that is built in, which is completely contrary to the standard nfl-- >> i interrupt you to say that he's going to burn his back on his own town because it's tweeted denver has agreed to trade tim tebow for new york's fourth round pick and sixth
8:48 pm
round pick and he doesn't say anything else about the cash payment to make up for the $5 million that they gave him in advance. having thoroughly confused everyone, i'm confused by this. it seems to me, and it's been two years since i've done the pre-game show for nbc, but back in my day was not the purpose of every play was to have two guys hit each other? were the saints ever accused of being especially dirty players? what are they being punished technically for? >> well, in what seems like a really simple but harsh punishment for this offensive bounty system, it's more complicated and more nuanced. the nfl is in a really bad place with its veterans and despite all the hugs and happiness that came when the lockout ended the nfl is still not on the best of
8:49 pm
terms with the union. they're doing their best to show that they really care about player safety. what is the best way to do that but to drop the biggest punishment on the bounty system that became public, and lay it out on the coach, the public faith of the franchise and that's sean payton. >> what's the difference in bounties if you get past the idea that they're not alloweddible. what is the difference between giving the raise putting quarterbacks on their backs as much as possible? >> i think a lot of this is, again, dealing with some of the lawsuit that have come from the former players, and the nfl doing it's best to come up there and say, we're not going to stand for any of this. even though joe horn just said earlier today that the bounty system exists in every single nfl locker room. it's just that this specific case that greg williams as a
8:50 pm
member of the management was helping to fund and organize the bounty system that i think roger goodell in his efforts to be sergeant of arms of everybody's eyes in the nfl has really taken this upon himself to let everybody know that any of this sort of activity is not going to be tolerated. even if it in reality it is in every single every nfl club. >> unless you're going to change the rules that you get fined if you cause somebody else to get injured i don't know where they're going with this. the hot story about this was the player who let the nfl know about this, who snitched, was probably the least justice-oriented players in the nfl in the last ten years. was jeremy shocky in this equation? >> i'm not--whether or not i knew that, keith, i'm not necessarily sure. i'd be happy to share it simply because i don't necessarily know
8:51 pm
if a culture that is specifically dealing with intent to your people should be--should be targeted that way as a snitch. >> tim burke of the seminoles website. thanks, tim. >> thank you, keith. >> if that mid moment prayer thing is called tebowing, do we call a gaffe romneying? el endless supply next. to go everywhere. think of it as a search engine helping you browse the real world. this march, get no extra charge third-row seating plus 0% financing on dodge journey.
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[ female announcer ] with the all-new e-trade 360 investing dashboard free streaming quotes, all your investments positions, and even your trade ticket are all on one customizable page. see the all-new 360 investing dashboard at e-trade. >> some political statements are offensive, some dumb, some part of a pattern, and some are all of the above. tonight we add the etch-a-sketch in the gaffes by mitt romney's family and campaign staff. >> i tem you what, $10,000. >> i'm also unemployed. >> i like being able to fire people. >> i have a mustang and a chevy pickup truck and ann drives a cadillac. >> i don't consider myself wealthy.
8:54 pm
>> i have great friends who are nascar team owners. [sighing] >> and we can add seamus as letterman added the tie to the roof. romney's adviser decided to compare the campaign to a children's toy. >> you hit the reset button for the campaign. it's like an etch-a-sketch. shake it up and we start all over again. >> with an etch-a-sketch romney's opponents immediately pounced. >> imagine had mitt romney been around the time we drafted our constitution. he just would have shaken it after and we would have to rewrite it. >> this is a spare etch-a-sketch so i'll give it to you guys to play with, do you want it? she's ready. [applause]
8:55 pm
she could now be a presidential candidate. >> luckily mr. santorum, they didn't have etch-a-sketch in 1777. we have michael musto thank you for your time, age. >> hi. >> is etch-a-sketch the best toy analogy for the romney campaign? >> no, the yo-yo. he's a total ptts, but a yo-yo comes up once in a while and yo-yo is fun and that's for gay marriage so maybe not. >> is this a gaffe? do we get insight that even romney's advisers think of his campaign as toys. >> romney is a conservative like everyone else. they probably think of it in systems of sex toys. but it's awful of the adviser to say this is a campaign of giant dildos, so he went to the etch-a-sketch motif. it was way more family friendly. >> i think you missed a
8:56 pm
researching to two adult toys there and i'm grateful. what children agency toy, and let me emphasize children's toy would best describe the campaign of rick santorum? >> i would say a chatty kathy doll. really anointing spin top. all those toys you hated. all the toys you would give to children less fortunate than yourself in a very patronizing way. >> and the same question for the newt gringrich campaign. >> mr. potato head. and mr. potato head is a veggie version of an etch-a-sketch. you shake it up, eat it or turn it into vodka. >> do we think this last comment about the etch-a-sketch is going to have more life to it than even seamus the dog story? as i mentioned letterman did a whole segment on it last night. he has been doing a joke a night. 35% of the people polled said it
8:57 pm
would make them less likely to vote for romney. i mean, we like our--we love our dogs in this country. do we immortalize our etch-a-sketches or the other way around. >> i tried to draw an etch-a-sketch picture of an expensive car with a dog but i couldn't do it. and that was a homage to the national lampoons vacation when they strapped granny to the hood of the car. so i think mitt is more known as the etch-a-sketch candidate and his slogans are going to be do you want to come up and watch my etch-a-sketch things or do you want to play with my two nobodies or shake it up baby and let's start over again. >> and romney is an etch-a-sketch. >> they're working on the gorge w bush sketch but at least they get to plain with the intern.
8:58 pm
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