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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  April 11, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ [ theme music ] ♪ oh why hello -- did i look like i wasn't prepared current tv fans. that's ridiculous. i'm always prepared. look it's sexy liberal hal sparks. >> none of the cameras are pointed at me. and i think that's wise. >> chris lavoie and jim ward is here. it's a big news day i think our frothanol worked. we have no morrick rick. >> i wouldn't bet on that.
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>> really? well that was a tease, hal sparks. >> and mike in raleigh has a little bit about that too. >> george's lawyers quit. >> that was shocking. >> what a catty wompus day we have for news. jan schakowsky will join us. and jacki schechner is in the current news center. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. rick santorum you just dropped out of the race for president. what are you doing now? i'm going to sleep. that's what he told james dobson last night. dobson is one conservative that mitt romney is going to have to now win over. he is going to have to figure out how to court evangelicals and strong conservatives.
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santorum hasn't said exactly why he dropped out of the race, but it is probably a combination of several factors, one is his daughters illness and another is he couldn't overcome the loss of delegates. and he didn't have a lot of money. newt gingrich and ron paul are celebrating the fact that santorum is out of the race calling thens the last conservatives standing. but newt gingrich is making news today for more money woes. his campaign bounced a $500 check in utah and now the huffington post is reporting that many of the small vendors are afraid they are not going to get paid. they keep calling the campaign to find out where the money is and they keep hearing, quote, the check is in the mail. president obama is still talking about the buffet rule.
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join us in chat slash stephanie miller. we'll be right back.
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we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on
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simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey, all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 6 minutes after the hour 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. now that we're on tv i can't pretend i'm not looking out of the corner of my eye and
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seeing -- >> announcer: stephanie -- >> what is that heavy breathing i here, could it be? hump days with hal sparks? ♪ >> yes a heaping helping of white hot liberal stud meat. good morning, hal sparks. >> hi-a. big, big change for all of us. >> yeah. >> almost nothing speaks to how magical it is when the inevitable happens after a long drawn out theater in the other direction. >> sure, after surging and coming from behind over and over, santorum has finally found an exit. [ laughter ] >> what? >> and he left in many ways the way people thought he could? >> before he got an embarrassing grubbing in his home state. >> like wolf blitzer said he
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came in spurts. >> yes. >> i think somebody fed that into his ear. >> laughing their ass off in the control room. >> like bill o'reilly doesn't know what he is saying until he reads it off of the teleprompter. >> jack mayhoffer spring -- >> dick pinch. >> i'm sorry. >> dick pinch iowa. >> he is hanging out with ip freely. >> i'm sorry. mike who is calling? oh, hunt. sure. kids let's say thanks, because for the froth think -- >> this is dennis with the
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national mental health warning system. the warning issued previously has been lifted. ♪ thanks for the froththiness where college kids are snobs, and africans are blobs, where people make sweater vests all still have a job ♪ ♪ how froththy it was ♪ ♪ thanks for the froththiness, it really was a blast, but you are living in the past ♪ ♪ we'd like to feel some sympathy but you're such a horse's ass ♪ ♪ how froththy it was ♪ >> thank you, mike in raleigh. [ applause ] >> that lawnny anderson can sing. >> i don't know how in the world -- how am i supposed to
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get my ump up to have sex with animal now? >> yeah. >> there are so many gay people out there, and that's apparently all the motivation anybody would need to have sex with an animal. >> yeah. and now it's dog on car. >> yeah. >> somebody think about the dog. >> and the horses. >> man on dog on car. >> literally, we're almost like man on dog to horse on poor person. with i have a little foxtroter that i like riding fascinating escaping the hordes of poor people. >> the other thing that has been great is now we're getting visual insults which is awesome. somebody called jim, that little guy yesterday. >> i have a short chair --
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>> yeah. >> jim is actually 5'10" >> ♪ resent the stephanie show, the stephanie show ♪ ♪ and in the statement of the stephanie show we want to introduce you to munchkin jim ♪ [ singing in munchkin voice ] [ applause ] >> i have an 8 year old -- >> you have an 8 year old? >> yes, i guess that's breaking news isn't it? >> yes. >> my friend's grandson is coming to meet hal. i now have an 8-year-old using
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me to get to hal. >> it is even odd for disney. there was a 6 year old who wanted to meet me on the set. and they are like, um we're not quite sure how to handle this actually. this child things you are neat. would you take a picture with him? and i'm like of course not. >> i had easter dinner, and he's like can i meet hal. and i'm like, hal, hal, hal. >> uh-huh. quite different than the fans you got about eight years ago. >> yeah. but that group has a lot of kids this age. and it is nice to do a show for them as well. >> >> yeah. >> the hal sparks kids channel. and the other breaking new we
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were talking about what a cattywompus news day. george zimmerman's attorney quit and he called shawn hannety first. >> shall we go to commercial. >> and then he calls the prosecutor himself. >> yeah, zimmerman. >> yeah. >> you know what you should do about my case? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> what a dufus. and now people are worried he is a flight risk. >> he is far away from florida. >> yeah what is this an easter egg hunt? no, no no. you are cold. look a lot farther. >> it's like playing marco polo. >> marco? >> rubio? >> no, not him. >> they can't find him, and they never spoke to him in person. >> right. >> no.
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>> and then they were never his lawyers. they were his advisors. because he didn't sign the contract. >> yeah. and he of course has a website asking for your money, and he says to trust him that he'll just use it for legal expenses and living expenses. just trust like you did his original story. >> yeah, trust me you don't know where i am. i may not even be in the country. it's just simply so i can withdraw funds out of an unmarked account. >> yeah and i promise i won't shoot anybody right away. >> he uses on the one section, somebody graffitis the black cultural center in ohio state -- >> yeah. >> they graffitied it across >> uh-huh. >> and he puts it on there -- >> as a sign of support for him? >> yeah, and claim there is
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nothing racial about this case. >> and his friend goes on television to defend the use of his racial slur instead of denying it. >> this is the weirdest case i have ever -- and what was the last thing? they said he had shaken baby syndrome? >> what? >> he is not a baby first of all. something happened to me a long time ago -- >> this guy has some sort of mommy issues -- [ baby crying ] >> a guy with mommy issue has to overly machoize his life. >> and his lawyer said george can't even go out and buy a diet coke. [ baby crying ] >> judging by the pictures he
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could use a diet coke. >> easy. >> you know his friend oliver he is apparently told zimmerman, you are making a lot of bad decisions right now. >> i quit my job to be your convenient black best friend. >> i wonder if he would have been sitting in the car next to him when the 911 operator told him to not follow the guy. if his friend would have said you are making a lot of bad decisions right now then? >> yeah, that might have been a good idea. >> yeah, worse decisions than he is making now. >> by the way, chris i did have it confirmed from my black best friend [ inaudible ] tyler, she will be available to vouch for me. >> will she at least make the rounds her all doe or something?
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>> oh, sure. >> will she be wearing a hoodie at the time? >> i feel threatened because you are wearing a hoodie! >> and one of your springs is uneven which is a gang sign! >> yeah. >> 17 minutes after the hour. we have a great writer for the advocate, lucas grindley. >> ed grimly is going to be on the show? >> ed grimly is going to be on the show. >> oh, wouldn't that be lovely. >> here is the part where i say it's 17 minutes after the hour. shhhhh. kids we use go to meeting with hd faces because you can see everybody in person and crystal clear quality. better news for some of us than others, but still. you can use it on the road.
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and i can do it right from my ipad, boom one click i'm in the same meeting with everyone. you can collaborate in group hd video, see your attendees eye-to-eye. you can all see what you are talking about. >> i believe that's how you approved the designs for the sexy liberal swag. >> yes, exactly. how am i going to see that? we have people in new york -- god knows where hal sparks is. he is like the zimmerman of this show. >> i'm on tour the entire month of may. >> you can download go to meeting with the free app. my listeners can go to go to meeting free for 30 days. click on the try free button and type in the promo code "stephanie." >> we'll be right back.
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>> might include loss of breath rug burn and sore abdominal muscles. what in the world is up? >> announcer: stephanie miller -- it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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>>just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller -- ♪ do you remember when it was the 9th of september, doesn't change the mind, while chasing the clouds away ♪ >> look at that. you guys don't care enough to stand up and dance look at him he just chair dances. >> i forgot to bring my
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polyester leisure suit. >> jim was standing. that joke about him was true. we put a chair prop behind him. make it look like something behind his back -- >> he is standing. all right. it is the "stephanie miller show." hump day with hal sparks. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. or, we just announced that monday hal sparks august 18th show. now at 70% capacity, only ten vip tickets left. there are some $20 seats, because we care. that's cheaper than titanic three. >> he actually posed for the hang in there poster. >> a lot of steph heads coming. mark show you at the opera house, great show.
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not able to make chicago but i have front row vip to columbus. >> hey columbus we have got the cure for makes you k-sick. >> i just threw up in my mouth a little bit. >> stephanie miller and her sexy crew, join comedic geniuses hal sparks, john, and talk radio goddess stephanie miller. >> this is the most action i have had in i don't know how long. >> as they help columbus rediscover its funny bone. tickets are available at, at the ticket office, or by calling 800-745-3000. this is truly the show that will put the oh ah, back in ohio. coming to the capitol theater.
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buckeye state you are going to love our nuts. >> you are going to love my nuts. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> all right. thank you mike in raleigh. all right. so we have been talk -- news breaking -- right. santorum dropped out yesterday. >> and there was a bear roaming the l.a. hills. >> i know. >> coincidence, i think not. [ laughter ] >> okay. that's a game i always play with my great pirneez. >> i imagine squinting as you walk outside, did you get dirty. i thought it was max! i thought it was max! >> i made hal take them for a walk for me one time in the winter, or as he called it the
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iditarod. >> it wasn't as hard for me as everyone else in central park. >> i rassle with them. >> yeah. [ screaming ] >> sarah palin could not shoot them from a helicopter because helicopters actually can't fly at an altitude high enough to clear the backs of your dogs. >> she would crash in a snow drift. he would have to seat the soccer players, the whole thing. >> i think it was rugby players. >> no, soccer. pretty much every was edible. >> yeah. all right, former zimmerman attorney? >> yeah -- well -- >> they never really -- >> former --
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>> zimmerman told his real attorney sean hannity -- >> maybe talked about maybe somewhat representing somebody in the future -- >> he said these are just my legal advisors. >> we are withdrawing as counsel for mr. zimmerman. we have lost contact with him. he has gone on his own. i'm not sure what he is doing or who he is talking to but at this point we're withdrawing as counsel. >> is he going to keep calling various talk show hosts for legal advice. >> eventually he'll get around to us. >> you think? >> yes. >> it's the weirdest story. why? to promote his website? >> i don't know. >> as he gotten down to the b-hosts like fox business or
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something? >> mark levin is at least a lawyer. >> judge noplatono presumably was a judge at one point. >> right. why would you pick kennedy? >> because he is the smartest guy he knows. >> star jones? a lawyer. >> nancy grace. >> nancy grace would be very soothing. >> except there's not a missing nancy grace -- you really have to have a missing 8-year-old white girl. she covers others -- but if you want her full attention you want to be a missing 8-year-old white girl. >> that would be pretty white girl. >> yeah. >> 20 minutes after hour. jan schakowsky is next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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i don't just talk about politics, i've lived politics. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>bringing you exactly what's happening in politics today by people who know what they're talking about. >>d.c. columnist and four time emmy winner bill press joins current's morning news block. >>i know what i'm talking about and i love it and i try to bring that to the show.
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and
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above all, politically direct. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller -- >> sometimes i look cool. >> on planet douche-a-lon. >> the president was out talking about the buffet rule. jan schakowsky joining us to talk about that. good morning. >> hi, steph. i heard we're on television. i'm all dressed up. >> wait we figure out this skype thing, missy, you are going to have to get dressed up.
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>> uh-oh. >> let's talk about the breaking news rick santorum -- i think which have known it is going to be romney right? >> we have known it for months. but didn't we like it when rick santorum was in the race? >> remember back then -- >> remember -- oh thanks for the memories. but, you know, mitt romney is almost central casting for you know the top 1%. >> he is the poster child, yes, he is. >> president obama repeated his urging for tax fairness. he is calling on congress to enact the buffet rule. he said i have told you where i stand now it's time for members of congress to do the same. what do you think? >> i think most people would think it's absolutely fair to ask the wealthiest people to pay, you know, at least as much as their secretaries, and -- and
6:35 am
a bit more. this is not about punishment. this is about math. it's about equity. it's about all of us being in this thing together, and not just trying to outdo one another on how little we pay. this is about the lowest tax rate -- taxes that the wealthiest people have paid in the last 50 years. so it's an absolute myth that somehow the rich people are paying the most. well, you know they should pay more, they -- they make more. and i guess the president is having a group of multi-millionaires and their secretaries at the white house today to make that point. >> yes. what you just said. it is not a matter of debate. right now the amount of share going to the top 1% is the highest since the '20s. >> we're talking about the top
6:36 am
1% controlling more wealth than the bottom 90%. i mean, that's how the -- the divide in our country has really grown over the last, really starting in about 1980 when ronald reagan came in -- and this is not an act of nature or some sort of tsunami or something. this is deliberate economic policy of our country, including tax policy and, you know, we were -- we were booming along when taxes were even you know -- during the reagan years, taxes were 50% on the highest income earners. >> you know i thought the president made such a good point yesterday. we always get called you bleeding heart liberals he actually talked about how it makes economic sense. when we guarantee basic security
6:37 am
for the elderly or sick. that doesn't make us weak. what drugs down our entire economy is the growing gap between the ultra rich and everyone else. >> just came back from brazil which is a country steaming along, and their consensus, economic strategy is to reduce income inequality. and this isn't because they are nicer than us. this is because they understand that they have been able to reduce poverty by half over the last ten years, and now people can buy stuff. >> that is the historical perspective the president put it in our country. he said in this country prosperity has always come from a stronger-growing middle class. and that's why he generation went to college, and why henry ford made a point to pay his
6:38 am
workers enough so they could buy the cars that they made. >> when we have that kind of philosophy, then everybody has a kind of patriotic pride in our country that we're all doing well. we're in it together. we're optimistic about the future. our kids are going to have opportunities, and -- and we're all growing together. and right now, the republicans accuse -- i just heard romney talking about class war fair once again. but it's -- it's absolutely the opposite. it is when you see all of the growth and productivity, all of the growth in income going to the top, that people feel, you know, disillusioned and angry and depressed and just mad about -- about things, and we see a lot of americans feeling this fundamental unfairness.
6:39 am
we don't exactly always know where to put their anger, but it's the fact that they are working harder -- everybody in the family is working, and they are still not able to afford the things that, you know, a generation ago were taken for granted. >> yeah. representative, i know whenever i'm in a mess i want to ask the person who got me into the mess to talk about it. >> if the goal is private sector growth, you got to recognize the best way to create that growth is to leave capital in the treasuries of the job creators. >> like i have been doing overseas. >> they are doing this new titanic memorial cruise -- [ laughter ] >> they can say it over and over again -- >> let's do it exactly the same thing we did it. >> he should have a mission accomplished banner on the
6:40 am
titanic to represent the economy. >> really. isn't it remarkable about -- let's go back to the good old days when the economy crashed. really? >> don't you wish that was a press conference and somebody could have asked him if those policies were so great why were we losing 700,000 jobs a month. >> and why doesn't he want to call them the bush tax cuts anymore? >> yeah. >> yeah, it doesn't work, and the buffet rule is a good start, but even capital gains and dividend -- we should be taxing those as regular income too. why is that money more precious than the money of someone you know, who is working at it hours a day, 40 hours a week. >> people like george bush have never been able to answer that
6:41 am
question. they have had your tax cuts for this many years, why are we losing 700,000 jobs a month. >> it's called the clinton/gore recession. >> and let me have the audacity so say that actually if the republicans hadn't been so insistent on cutting public sector jobs reducing government, our unemployment rate would be the 7s someplace. we are bleeding public sector jobs and municipalities, firefighters, police officers, and teacher are losing -- losing their jobs and that's where -- >> and when did those become bad jobs, by the way? when did those become not worthy jobs? >> remember on sesame street who are the people in your neighborhood? >> yeah. >> i hated that -- how do we get rid of those people -- >> socialists. >> yeah. now they want to destroy the post office.
6:42 am
>> jim i missed the clear speech of george w. bush. he said we believe one of the clearest expressions of freedom is the aggregate demand of the citizens determine that which is produced. >> what? >> what? >> yeah. >> i'm sorry that is so over my head. >> is he quoting sarah palin? >> i know. >> the word salad shaker. he put it in his head again. ultimately there is no logic to it. he just came out at the wrong time for the romney campaign. because now he is officially lashing his policies to them. he can move away from them or stick with them. and he is going to stick with them. >> i bet romney yesterday was going this not good timing. >> yeah zip him up. >> i must strap him to the roof of my car.
6:43 am
>> there you go. and now romney is trying to make himself well with women, because the real answer is the economy is not working for women. well, you know, when public-sector jobs -- women at the beginning of this recession were doing better than men, but when we started bleeding all of these public sector jobs that's when women really began to -- and minorities began to really lose many more jobs in our economy. he so doesn't get it when it comes to the men in the economy -- >> isn't it ironic that he is using that as an example of obama's failures of creating jobs. but there was an active push by republican governors and senator to gut public sector jobs and some would argue to intensionally put the economy in arrears for a time to make obama look bad, but also because they
6:44 am
don't believe in public sector jobs in the first place. >> no, they don't. and the governor of wisconsin, scott walker quietly signed a bill that would prevent women from suing for job -- for pay discrimination at the workplace. this is the direction that the republicans are going in that is going to really strangle the economy for ordinary working people. >> that's why hal and i are going there saturday to madison and some of the proceeds are going to the recall of scott walker. >> yeah. a bit of the hair of the dog that bit me. >> you know, it really is -- in state after state -- look at the -- jim, what was the poll we saw yesterday how much the president is ahead -- >> 19%. >> 20%. >> yeah. >> but how is he doing with
6:45 am
caterpillars. >> right. this isn't some talking point this is policies in state after state that women are not stupid. there absolutely is a war on women. >> there is. it is really frightening. it is about rolling back the clock on the economy to the guilded age when barons were allowed to just milk the economy, when women, you know, had no rights to even control their own bodies, or to prosper in the economy, so i -- i just -- i -- i think this is a -- going to be rejected and it's going to be really hard for mitt romney this gazillionary to make the case that rich people shouldn't pay anymore. how does he do that? >> i agree. congress woman always great talking to you. we'll talk again real soon. representative jan schakowsky of the great state of illinois.
6:46 am
i think all women can all agree we only hal sparks to control our body. >> i wouldn't control it -- i would just magnetically pull it in the right direction. offer incentives -- >> like in minority reports. >> exactly. >> 46 minutes after the hour. right back. >> that sounded great on the radio, i'm sure. >> yeah. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: i got her number off of the men's room stall, 1-800-steph-1-2. ♪ >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent.
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current covers: brought to you by the new scion iq. the ted conference brings together the brightest minds to transform the world through big ideas and innovation. to learn more go to scion: what moves you. ♪ ♪ i got one hand in my pocket and the other one is -- >> announcer: stephanie
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miller -- ♪ >> one hand in your pocket. >> yeah. thinking of you jim. cameron writes can you tell jim not to fret it romney thinks he is just the right height. >> i used to have a 1955 jim ward when i was a kid, and now i couldn't tell one jim ward from another, because i have so many of them. >> this hour brought to you by go to meeting. go to, and type in the promo code stephanie. hi, scott in missouri. >> hi, stephanie. i'm calling you from the depth of rush limbaugh land. >> yikes. >> wow. >> this is a place where liberals have to walk small.
6:52 am
if you even mention you are a liberal or a liberal at your employment your advances are done. >> wow. >> i just discovered you a couple of weeks ago, i didn't know you existed before -- >> i didn't exist. i'm like nicole kidman -- >> it's the power of tv. >> yeah, exactly. we were talking -- we were just talking about george bush giving us advice on what to do with this economy. >> here is what you got to do -- you got -- you got all of the surplus here. you got to get rid of it. you are paying too much tax. >> does anybody think the titanic reunion cruise not such a good idea. >> i want to have a cod piece and stand on the deck and say i'm king of the world again. >> king of the world.
6:53 am
>> is the titanic memorial cruise doomed. >> yeah, it had to turn around. >> big word for -- >> yeah. i'm like you are going to do it the exact same way. >> i'm looking forward to think lusatainia memorial cruise. >> they have been delayed for hours because of dangerously choppy waters. they had to turn around because of a medical emergency. someone had to be air lifted. this just doesn't people like such a great idea. it's scheduled to last 12 days. they are going to feature meals from the actual titanic menu. >> it's not to fresh, it is? >> no. >> eat from the menu yes.
6:54 am
>> the five-piece band will recreate the actual soundtrack -- remember when it won't down -- they are going to wear costumes -- >> my god to thee they are going to play that? oh god. isn't that the song that the string quartet was playing as the ship went down? >> yeah. >> charlie pierce called him yesterday, the captain of the uss [ censor bleep ]. good morning, camille. >> i'm your sister from another mother. >> thank you. >> i'll tell you why santorum had to get out it is because he said god told him to run. later he look it back and said my wife told me that god said --
6:55 am
>> oh. >> told her -- >> well, that's like a game of telephone. oh, honey you got the message -- >> for the record that's how we got in this mess all together because originally god told a woman something -- >> right. >> and she didn't listen and she listened to somebody else, and then there was an apple that was eaten. it wasn't his fault he ate the apple. it was his wife's suggestion. >> froththy yesterday. >> against all odds we won 11 states. millions of voters. it was a love affair for me going from state-to-state and seeing the differences, but the wonderful, wonderful people of this country who cared deeply about where this country is going in the future cared deeply about those who are out there paddling alone who are feeling left behind and in some respects feeling hopeless -- >> paddling?
6:56 am
>> -- and want to do something. ♪ you are the only one who really knew me at all ♪ >> okay. ♪ how can you just walk away from me ♪ >> sorry chick movie he said against all odds. >> isn't it jeff bridges in this. >> and sheila ward >> rachel ward. >> i need a flowing white shirt. ♪ so take a look at me now ♪ >> sorry. that was in my car in 1988. >> yeah. donna in oklahoma. >> hi stephanie. i had a question. i wanted to know if you could ever see yourself in a mixed relation relationship? man on dog. >> no dating a conservative or
6:57 am
republican girl. [ dramatic music ] >> oh, my god! my mom would be so happy. >> could you do it? >> what is wrong with that nice laura ingram? >> oh! [ dramatic music ] >> she likes her hair being pulled we know that much. >> we haven't done the laura ingram orgasm yet on television. [ mumbling ] >> no, not yet. >> she likes it to right. that's all we know. >> do you think that that madeline relationship is a be it odd? because i find it like the whilely coyote and the sheep dog, we chase each overall day and bark but we really don't care. >> all right. we'll continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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♪ [ theme music ] ♪ hello, current tv fans. why look at the incredibly physical hal sparks. now that we're on the tv. he is dancing, doing action scenes, he's -- all right. he is a human action figure. >> yeah. >> we have -- oh dear god. my actor boys. [ laughter ] >> we play with motorcycles and toys and stuff. >> i know, right. >> i want to kick all of the boys out of the forts sometime,
6:59 am
you know what i'm saying? >> uh-huh. >> we have ed grimley coming up to talk about santorum's exit. >> hum? >> and then we'll get to more of the details of george zimmerman's lawyer quitting and if he has talked to any more talk show hosts. >> we're still waiting for his call. >> i'm here, george. in the meantime to break it all down for you it's jacki schechner. >> hi, stephanie. good morning, everybody. now that rick santorum is out of the race, the president's recollection campaign has a clear path to attack mitt romney, and they have a new video out today they are calling romney's greatest misses. >> corporations are people my friend. i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> the two-minute video weighs
7:00 am
in on everything from iraq to even getting detroit go bankrupt. the president is giving an statement in about an hour from now on the buffet rule. and he will emfrom size that mitt romney paid 13.9% on his taxes in 2010. now mitt romney has got to create a sense of urgency on fund-raising. and he has to reconnect with voters as the every man rather than the ultra rich mitt romney. talking points memo did a list of themselves talking about what obama has too do. he has got to grab santorum's supporters obviously create some unity within the republican party, keep the gas in check, reach out to women and hispanic voters. join us in chat live on line
7:01 am we'll be right back. ♪ while you're out catching a movie. [ growls ] lucky for me your friends showed up with this awesome bone. hey! you guys are great. and if you got your home insurance where you got your cut rate car insurance, it might not replace all this. [ electricity crackling ] [ gasping ] so get allstate. you could save money and be better protected from mayhem like me. [ dennis ] dollar for dollar, nobody protects you from mayhem like allstate.
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i don't just talk about politics, i've lived politics. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>bringing you exactly what's happening in politics today by people who know what they're talking about. >>d.c. columnist and four time emmy winner bill press joins current's morning news block. >>i know what i'm talking about and i love it and i try to bring that to the show.
7:04 am
♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the stephanie miller! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on shun shine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey, all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> uh-huh. it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 6 minutes after the hour. he is so animated today. >> yeah. >> it's hump days with hal sparks.
7:05 am you can email there. momma you have ruined my life. i can see you on current tv and i am like a drunk zombie watching your show. [ eerie music ] >> must have vodka. >> totally useless. awesome. >> ironically on our side we don't actually look for zombies in that sense. that's fox and that's what they want. >> but you can join us if you would like to. rich, i ordered tickets to the sexy liberal for me and my wife she liked hal on the show with kat deally. >> yeah. >> and mike in raleigh sends me
7:06 am
one there are over 300 bottles of wine in this store that are better than any of the republican nominees president. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> all right. and now we are post-santorum, which is very sad. >> do you think he was over the course -- >> speaking of adult beverages? >> really? >> no. [ buzzer sounds ] >> do you think he was looking at some of that huckaby money that huckaby has made by being the same kind of candidate last time around. he may have a long time to explain why gay people getting married and committing to themselves for life would be equal to or lead to a man having intercourse with his pet. >> yeah. i like that newt gingrich is the
7:07 am
soul arbiter of family values you. >> vote for me. >> lucas grindley is editor of the he joins us now. good morning lucas. >> good morning. >> it is titled "the real meaning of santorum." >> oh, yeah. >> you said you can knock me over with a drop of santorum. i'm completely blown over by this. >> he was a little surprised. >> yeah. it started as a joke and you think -- the fact that he did so well is what your article is about. >> yeah, all of the gay activists thought for sure that we were past this. we had republicans on our side. dick cheney was on our side in maryland. for sure we are past this. and then santorum won iowa and
7:08 am
ten more states and then people this is not just a joke anymore. >> imagine how women felt considering suffrage was thought to have been handled in the late 1800s. >> yeah, he went further than any other candidate campaigning against lgbt rights. >> yeah. and he said i want to annul all of the marriages of gay people. and they didn't call him out and say that's not a good idea. instead they took up the banner and started talking more on it about how they thought there was a war on religion. he likes to talk about the difference between god-given rights, and government-given rights. and he believes that the gay people have just been given rights by barack obama and all
7:09 am
of these crazy democrats. that god didn't allow you the right to get married or not get fired in that. or the don't ask don't tell back in the military. >> why did this hate rhetoric work as well as it did? >> the question is -- i mean, if you look at the exit polls, in every state where evangelicals and born-again christians were the majority of voters, mitt romney lost that state. so he has a lot of support still left among that group of people and that group of people still has power in the party. it's still out there, and it's still going strong. >> i have to say you know, you raids a good point. it's -- you know, not just social issues but as we keep saying social issues we thought were decided in the 50s. as you say we're having this
7:10 am
progressive march on gay rights and, you know, this -- >> it's not even that they are trying to stem the tide. they are literally trying to move it back intentionally. even when the public quite frankly has moved on or is actually for it in an active sense. >> the human rights campaign warned that this is permanently impacted mitt romney. that rick santorum has moved mitt romney so far to the right that it is going to hurt him in the general election. and rick santorum didn't really have to worry about the general election. now they are talking about his spokesman on cable television yesterday talking about how we have maybe thought about 2016. >> right. >> he won just as many states has the mitt romney did in 2008 and he could come back in 2016 if mitt romney loses. >> if mitt romney loses that's almost their secondary plan. >> but he writes a good point.
7:11 am
here mitt romney is governor of massachusetts as we know is going to be more pro gay rights than ted kennedy is what he said, and the party has moved, and santorum in particular has moved him so far to the right on this issue among others right? >> yeah, he is going to have to think about the conservative voters he couldn't get. and the human rights campaign was also saying they were warning after iowa when he only won one state that rick santorum could be a good pick for vice president, because mitt romney has this weakness among evangelicals evangelicals. >> now there is majority support for marriage equality in the country, and hal and i are going to madison this weekend, and scott walker to prevent gay
7:12 am
couples hospital visitation rights. even people that disagree with homosexuality don't agree with that, do you? >> the american lobbyists in new york and maryland they take the case that the tide is turning, and it's a losing issue in the future. but that doesn't necessarily work with our republican primaries and republican voters. >> what do you think rick santorum is going to do next? >> i think if he really wants to run in 2016 the best gig to get a fox news gig. >> absolutely. >> oh, god. good god. >> raise some money. >> the plan has sort of always been if the conservatives win, then the economic conservatives, you know, will run next time, and vice versa, so they are just swapping out. romney is going to lose.
7:13 am
they will blame it on his type of republican -- >> moderation right. >> and they will run santorum with extra vigor next time thinking if we had only run harder on going against the tide of american history, then we'll win. and i hope so because that's a stupid way to run. >> he has been saying i'm the true conservative, if you run this moderate you'll lose. >> and rob reiner was just in here a couple of days ago, as he is behind this whole marriage equality movement, and he said we will win at the supreme court. he said it is the civil rights fight of our lifetime and we'll look back on this like we did a lot of other social issues. time is against rick santorum right? when you look at the polling, even on gay rights issues among younger and younger people.
7:14 am
>> it definitely shows a swing especially among younger people. even in north carolina where they have a ballot initiative up to ban not only same-session marriage but their rights. >> my 89-year-old republican mom said if i promise to marry a republican woman, she will support that. okay. we'll talk to you again real soon, lucas. >> all right. >> yay. >> hooray! >> brian in dallas you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, brian. >> hey, how is it going? >> good. go ahead. >> good. good. congratulations on the show, we're all extremely thrilled for you. >> thank you, brian. hal is giving you the cheesy thumbs up. >> i looked up and there was a
7:15 am
camera pointed right at me -- >> he is giving you the cheesy didn't i meet you at a party one time. >> it's top of the hour 98.7 at k-steph. >> wow. >> my brothers and i will call each other, and i'll say, thank you, and welcome to movie phone. [ laughter ] >> anyway you wanted to say something about the titanic cruise? >> well, i just -- that's weird. it's -- can you just imagine. it's like having this wonderful cruise for the first two days everyone is all frolicking and happy, and we ate the same thing that jack ate before he floated on a door, and all of a sudden you hear ladies and gentlemen, to your right is exactly where
7:16 am
2,000 people perished. >> yeah buzz kill. >> many were never recovered. free shrimp buffet on the lito deck. >> i thought it was the greatest chick movie ever because she was like okay, get off the board. >> or where she threw the necklace into the water. oh, well. yeah, blah blah blah get off of my wood. >> it should say titanic in 3-d for the first time since it actually happened. >> well, the'sburg was in 2-d that's why they missed it. >> that's right. >> i degrade women and beavers. >> we're still up on the -- >> oh, my god! >> yeah!
7:17 am
[ recorded show playing in the background ] [ laughter ] [ mumbling ] >> it looks like the rain may have let up a little bit. ♪ here comes the rain again ♪ >> oh, dear.
7:18 am
7:19 am
m0 >>this is outrageous! we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here.
7:20 am
[ recorded show playing in the background ] [ mumbling ] [ indiscernible conversation ] >> my mom's jaw like unhinged on
7:21 am
their honeymoon. she said it was at dinner, but i wasn't there. [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ it's all right, it's all right, it's all right ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller -- ♪ moves in mysterious ways ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller show." 24 minutes after the hour. i was ripping a piece of meat with my teeth. [ applause ] >> i think you just live in a dog pack all the time. [ howling ] >> you asked me if we had a knife, and i said we really don't eat steak for breakfast all that often. >> that's just i don't pay you enough. >> i eat pink slime. >> all the cottage cheese you
7:22 am
can eat. >> yeah. >> i have got -- >> somebody left this in my frig. mike huckabee's radio show debuted -- >> yeah, and the first caller was really great in their praise. turns out it was an executive from the radio company. >> yeah. >> very embarrassing. >> that's funny. let's take bob on line 4. hi, bob. >> hello, stephanie. this is bob from alberta, canada. >> uh-huh. >> i just want to congratulate you on your show and whoever is in charge there at current tv must be a genius -- you are not buying this are you? >> no. >> al gore called in and he said my impression was somewhere between uncanny and canny.
7:23 am
[ laughter ] >> tushay, al gore. >> it's a real call. wendy in chicago. >> good morning, first i would like to preface my comment by saying i hope rebecca got a big fat raise. >> no, i need to gnaw on meat every day. like a high-strung yorke. >> and she did not put me up to that. my santorum comment, i with glee was so happy to hear that he dropped out last night. i'm the mother of an lbgt teen and when i heard somehow in chicago he was given cart blanche so speak to a public high school of over 2,000 kids unbridled, i thought there is protest that needs to happen so me and a couple of other parents and people in the community staged a protest in front of the
7:24 am
high school. it was small because of course it was 2:00 pm, however, the street in front of the high school -- when his motorcade arrived, there was a bit of traffic, so the motorcade had to slow down, and sure enough i was able to see the profile that i new was santorum's face and he got to see my signs, article -- arlington heights mom against santorum and mom of an lbgt teen. >> wow. >> these messive mega churches all over the west side of chicago -- >> yeah. >> they have just cropped up, but you have got them coming into your public school systems, and like santorum bigwig in the area, he was able to get his guy into to speak. >> hal and i when we do sexy
7:25 am
liberal here in l.a., some of the proceeds go to the trevor project, and you are right in this day and age when there are gay kids killing themselves and still being bullied, i think giving them that message is very dangerous. >> you notice this in sort of the christian world. they -- the republican ideals have had the same effect on that crowd that they have had on governmental and economic issues, that it's now an upper 1%, which is your mega churches and then these strip mall churches, which is nothing. and all of the middle class churches are gone. the church people grew up in the kind they get married in, those are all buddies appearing. >> oddly, strip malls where you can get the best sushi. >> no. >> japan is where you can get
7:26 am
the best sushi. >> hamasaki is in a little strip mall. >> yeah. lois in louisiana, you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi lois. >> hi, stephanie. >> i love you, i love your crew, and i love your republican mom. because your republican mom produced you. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> i wish santorum could have stayed in, for the reason to show americans how dumb and idiotic these republicans are. >> yep. yep. that's true. he was doing a good job of that. he shall be missed. 29 minutes after the hour back with more hump days with hal sparks on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. current tv. a former two-term governor.
7:27 am
>>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
7:28 am
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we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent. ♪
7:31 am
>> announcer: stephanie miller -- >> all right. i get it. you're cool. you are not main stream. >> uh-huh. it is the "stephanie miller show." 34 minutes after the hour. hump days with hal sparks. the president speaking live about the buffet rule. >> bus driver was paying 10% of his salary. >> according to reagan. >> that wild-eyed class warrior, was ronald reagan. he thought in america the wealthiest should pay their fair
7:32 am
share and he said so. i know that might disqualify him from the republican primaries these days but what ronald reagan was calling for then is the same thing we're calling for now. a return to equality and fairness. and if it will help convince folks in congress to make the right choice, we could call it the reagan rule instead of the buffet rule. [ laughter ] >> but this vote is coming up i'm asking every american who agrees with me so call your members of congress, email them tweet them, tell them to start asking everybody to do their fair share and play by the same rules, so that every american who is willing to work hard has a chance at similar success so that we're making the investments that help this
7:33 am
economy grow so that we're able to bring down our deficits in a fair and balanced and sensible way. tell them to pass the buffet rule. i'm going to keep on making this case across the country because i believe that this rule is consistent with those principals and those values that have helped make us this remarkable place where everybody has opportunity. >> edison, south carolina is against the buffet rule. why do you hate reagan and america so much, dennis? >> we'll do this buffet rule if we go back to reagan budget, how about that? >> the exploding military budget for example? >> the exploding deficit -- >> the $1.2 trillion. >> if jimmy carter in had put us in an eight-year war and region
7:34 am
had to add that to his budget do you his budgets would have looked the same? did we pay for the afghanistan and iraq war on bucket or with emergency supplementals? was it in the budget during the bush years. >> let me answer. >> first of all please don't cut me off. because you normally cut me off pretty quick -- >> you are not going to answer my question -- >> let me make my point because you guys will cut me off -- >> go ahead, dennis. >> the constructional tax office -- his own congressional tax office only brings in a little more than $4 billion a year he is running a $1.42 trillion deficit each and every year. it's a talking point. a divider. a good campaign speech -- >> but hal's point the way we got there were two wars and these tax cuts for the rich --
7:35 am
>> you keep talking about the wars -- >> we're talking about both. >> the bush tax cuts add $4 trillion to the debt over the next ten years, $4 trillion your grand kids are going to have to pay for. $40,000 they are going to owe the course of their lives because you wanted to give this tax cut which doesn't add revenue to the country -- >> dennis do you think george bush did a good job on the economy? >> yeah, considering he had a 5.3% unemployment rate average for eight years. >> i see, so he didn't inherit any prosperity or anything like that? >> yeah. >> he didn't inherit a surplus -- >> george bush has a recession -- >> no, he did not. >> he inherited a massive surplus which he couldn't wait to spend on tax cuts for his rich buddies.
7:36 am
>> now he is right. i cut him off. >> he never answered my question -- >> of course, not. george bush yesterday. >> they are probably less likely to be raised -- >> let's name them the romney tax cuts and keep it that way. and i like obama's point let's call this the reagan rule now. >> yes. >> we believe one of the clearest expressions of freedom is at the aggregate demand of the citizens determine that which is produced uf we trust people to spend our money, and so should the government. thank you. [ applause ] >> i'm a citizen i'll spend your money. >> i don't know what that meant. >> he didn't either. the important thing is to propel
7:37 am
the propaganda. he words don't have to be in the right order. >> all righty. rick santorum out of the race. he said the game is a long, long, long way from over. no, it's over for you. game over, man. game over. [ applause ] >> obviously a lot of people saying it's because he was going to lose in his home state and be embarrassed again. he didn't mention romney at all in his little speech -- >> we made the decision to get into this race at our kitchen table against all odds and we made a decision over the weekend that while this presidential race for us is over, for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today -- >> yeah. kelly in florida, you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, kelly. >> hi, steph how are you? >> good. go ahead. >> all of you guys are great. >> thank ya. >> here in florida i get to talk with rush on the radio, so now
7:38 am
that you are on tv i don't get anything done. >> yay for lower productivity. >> please go to your next question tube type in ronald reagan's name and everything that man ever did is right there. >> that's right. >> not our liberal words. his words. >> the president made the point we have made he could not get through a republican primary today. you look at cutting taxes -- or excuse me, raising taxes 11 times, uh-huh -- >> as you said, did you see this clip yesterday talking about the bus driver. he is making the exact same point president obama is make. >> i did not like reagan, and i think -- my husband who is a republican by the way in name only, because he does vote democrat now because i threatened to divorce him. >> good job. >> i did. i did. and he used to be a ronald
7:39 am
reagan person. he is not anymore. he is fed up with this republican party trying to tell him how his wife should live her life. >> exactly. >> he doesn't understand why they can. he can't tell me what to do why can they? >> exactly. not all y'all are the boss of us. >> yeah. >> rick santorum yesterday. >> we are not done fighting -- >> yes, you are. >> -- we are going to continue to fight for those voices and the americans who stood up and gave us that air under our wings -- >> air [ fart noise ] >> to allow us to continue to fight -- >> we need to fight for the flat earth society. >> that's too sappy songs -- >> he gained ground because he was getting a increasing percentage of a shrinking number
7:40 am
of people. fewer and fewer people are identifying as republican because of their embarrassment over the bush era, and a larger percentage are hard core religious fan at theics or anti-gay or anti-women and they are still white knuckling themselves to the white elephant -- >> to victor the victory elephant? >> rick santorum yesterday. >> this race was an improbable as any race you will ever see for president -- >> yes, indeed. man on dog man? -- in a sweater vest. >> we are going to continue to go out there and fight to make sure we defeat president obama, that we win the house back, and we take the united states senate, and we stand for the values that make us americans.
7:41 am
and make this the greatest country in the world that shining country on the hill. >> blah blah blah blah. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you. thanks for the froththiness. >> this is dennis with the national health warning system. the santorum warning issued previously has been lifted. ♪ thanks for the froththiness where college kids are snobs, and africans are blobs and people who make sweater vests all still have a job ♪ ♪ how froththy it was ♪ ♪ thanks for the froththiness, it really was a blast, but you are living in the past we would like to feel some sympathy but
7:42 am
you such a horse's ass ♪ ♪ how froththy it was ♪ >> ahhhhh. >> bye. >> bye! >> 45 minutes after the hour. back for more hump days with hal on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: for a good time call, 1-800-steph-1-2. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller -- ♪ [ mumbling ]
7:47 am
>> apparently lucy has that booty. >> 49 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. if you could have just seen the 8 year old's face when he saw hal sparks. >> it was magical. >> it just -- his eyes got like saucers. >> he did what every 8-year-old boy did trying to stay cool. hey, my mom drove me all the way up here to get a picture, but i'm cool. >> yeah, fist pound? >> fist pound? >> fist bump. >> if you going to get a fist go to the pound -- santorum dropped out and everybody loses. >> what i get excited about a
7:48 am
governor grandholm -- [ screaming ] . >> -- on the show tomorrow. >> that's right. >> 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. we talked about santorum dropping out. obama has now worked to paint romney as a reach elitist. you know why that is going to work? because he is an elitist who only won the nomination because he was able to bury all of the other candidates -- >> when people were saying things -- that's embarrassing the let that piece of news get out about the additions to his house. this guy is got an elevator for his cars -- >> and you were talking about that -- he was talking about horses -- he didn't call it he or she. he is like it's a smooth ride.
7:49 am
>> it's annoying when an animal moves like an animal. it's him talking about the horses that he owns and that he bought for his wife and i think it is great that she has got available to her horses to use because she has ms and she uses that as therapy and that's amazing and terrific. but the way he talks about his quarter horse is the embarrassing part. because he talks about it like it is a machine. it is not an animal, it has no heart -- >> and that is so surprising coming from him. >> i'm thinking about strapping my dog to the top of the horse. >> obama said neither he nor his special interest allyies will be able to by mitt romney with his attacks. >> i had the chance to speak with rick santorum this morning.
7:50 am
we exchanged our thoughts about going forward, and we both have a great deal of interest in seeing the country taken in a different path -- >> from each other. >> -- he has made an important contribution to the political process. >> we exchanged our thoughts -- >> why didn't you get out earlier! >> i hate you! slam! >> who is on the phone? rick -- oh, rick can you get my shoes from the dry cleaner. oh, rick santorum who is he? >> he is one of the other people running for office. there are other people running for office? >> newt gingrich insists he is still going to stay in. >> there is one conservative voice in the race, and then there's the moderate. i think it makes it easier to articulate and focus on the platform issues. >> articulate my -- my speech when i declare -- i didn't do
7:51 am
it. >> go newt. >> this is a more open convention than people think. governor romney has this huge weight of money, but he also has distinct liabilities and ideas, and a distinct liability in people raising questions about him. frankly, on values and conservatism, i'm much closer to rick santorum. >> did you see newt gingrich's check to get on the ballot bounced in utah. >> $500 check. >> and he wants to use his conservative credentials to run the country. >> by the way did you see he did not endorse romney santorum. >> oh, know. they are probably working out deals for delegates and all of
7:52 am
that. >> but did you hear him tap dance about what he was saying. we talked about how we want to carry this country in a different language. all of this genera language. >> not as close as the angry gay sex discussion between -- but still. >> this close to broke back mountain the time he touched him. okay. [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> ron paul is still in the race. i thought i would let you know that. >> really? poor little guy. >> he said he is the last real alternative to romney. >> isn't that just what gingrich just said? >> yeah. >> >> is that now the talking point. it worked for santorum for a while. at this point it is sort of a last-man standing on that side of things to -- you know and it might be that they are trying to push let's do a united ticket,
7:53 am
whoever can stand it the longest might end up being the vice president. >> ken in pennsylvania you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, ken. >> yeah, stephanie you liberals make up falsehoods and keep repeating them over and over -- >> just like george w. bush. >> just like the quote on what the cost of the war was for iraq and afghanistan. >> uh-huh. >> over ten years the combined cost was $1.5 trillion. that's $150 billion a year. obama's deficit is running 1.6 -- $1.5 trillion a year. >> as if by the way the only cost of the war are the actual physical cost of bombs dropped and soldiers paid. and you are not counting the accumulating costs of being in war -- >> obama -- >> obama what? >> obama has spent as much money
7:54 am
in three and a half years as george bush did in eight years. >> you mean -- you mean recovering from the bush recession? >> 20 -- to about 25%, he put cronies in there so he could suck up their dues money -- >> so crony labor -- yeah. >> okay. ken it is just math -- >> money laundering scheme you have got here. >> you are accusing the president of money laundering. >> just like you obamacare will never raise the deficit -- >> it doesn't. >> did gorge wbush who just spoke yesterday, did he come into office with a surplus? [ crickets chirping ] >> yes, he did. [ dial tone ] >> we have ourselveses a
7:55 am
surplus. we're going to get rid of that. >> you see what happens when i fit them with my stun gun. >> it's like a river that you come to up and go okay i'm going to put an obstruction in the middle and they just go another direction. >> instead of answering it. >> and -- but here -- no -- but -- labor -- >> if i let him say on what would have happened is there's ah -- a silence and there it's a completely different subject. >> speaking of those guys -- who knows what he is spending that money on. >> he is a money launderer. >> back with more hump day with hal sparks on the stephanie miller ♪
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