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tv   Full Court Press  Current  April 13, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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f ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers.
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>>we're here because we're independent. ♪ >> what i think about michelle had to do, when i think about my own mom, a single mother raising me and my sister, that's work. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: yeah, well, with all due respect, mr. president, your mom had a lot tougher than ann romney did but mitt romney says when i want to get in touch with average americans, who keeps me in touch with average american
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working class, working families, my wife, ann romney. she knows it all. no, she doesn't have a clue. bob is calling from new hampshire. what do you say, bob? >> caller: good morning. i've been watching your thing and just a quick note on the ann romney thing. i would personally love to find somebody here in northern new hampshire that's trying to raise five kids the way she did. i would personally be willing to pay for a couple of nannies and a housekeeper for a month to show the stark contrast. the point that i would like to make is that the democrats are missing the boat in how they campaign. we need, in the democratic party, the equivalent of a karl rove. they were smart enough to know that republicans are only reached by appealing to them through their emotions and democrats appeal to voters through their intellect. and when emotions come into play and hatred and a new term i invented called lie-gic, take a
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lie and make it sound logical. >> bill: we don't have that message machine. this, for them is a huge distraction from the fact that the republicans had been waging a real war on women in the workplace and in their healthcare. right? and basic rights for years. >> caller: the problem is in making their appeal to voters, they make their arguments sound logical. they take a lie and make it sound logical and the democrats have to learn how to fight hatred with hatred. i think in disney world at one time, they said there was a show you have to learn how to hate. very famous person -- >> bill: bob got a lot more calls, gotta run. i appreciate your call. i'm just -- i'm -- i would draw the line at the hate. we're not talking about hatred. we're talking about good, political messaging. when the democrats ran away from an opportunity to point out that ann romney and mitt mitt romney are
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both out of touch and have no idea what you have to put up with to make ends meet, i think they miss a point. mark in hearns ferry. >> caller: i couldn't agree more. this is a case of poorly-chosen words. i think if she had used the term ann romney has not spent much time in the work force i think it would have carried a little more strength. i also think the republicans have been looking for an opportunity to spin this. they know they've got a gender issue. they've got a problem with women. they saw this as their opportunity to flip it back on the democrats and i think that we have really been remiss in not taking this opportunity to back hillary up on this and allow her to clarify exactly what she was trying to do. >> bill: amen, mark. hey, great call. thank you. when we come back, we'll get some numbers. we'll get some numbers from think progress on mitt romney and women. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show."
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the ted conference held here every year in southern california is an event designed to bring the brightest minds in the world together to share their most powerful, influential and creative ideas. the speakers share a common goal, making the world a better, smarter place through innovation, technology and the power of big ideas. peter diamendes is the co-founder of the singularity university, an academic institution which strives to address one issue. computers are getting really smart really quickly. so, what are us flesh and blood types going to do about it? human brains haven't gotten all that much smarter in hundreds of thousands of years. computers by contrast, in the last half century, have doubled
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their computational power every two years. a future where computers can no longer be controlled by us could be pretty dark for humanity. or, it can bring untold breakthroughs. some futurists beleive that humans will be able to achieve immortality by downloading our brains into machine bodies like files on a hard drive. either way, diamandes says he'll be ready. scion: what moves you.
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>> announcer: listen and watch the "bill press show" on your favorite radio station and now on current tv. this is the "bill press show." welcome to the spin room. >> bill: all right 33 minutes after the hour. friday, april 13th. lots of you want to weigh in here on this -- the republican attacks on hilary rosen. she's apologized. i don't think she should have to apologize for her comments on ann romney. all she was was telling the truth saying ann romney never had to worry about a thing in her entire life. which is true.
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yes, she raised five kids. a lot of people have raised kids. they didn't have it as comfortable as ann romney did. why not admit it. we'll get back to your calls in a second. first, we jump into the spin room. we're also going to get more facts in this case from think progress on exactly what mitt romney is talking about. first, into the spin room. yesterday, in the trayvon martin case, george zimmerman in court for the first time represented by his new defense attorney, mark omara who met afterwards with reporters and again pleaded for us to feel so sorry for poor georgie boy. >> he's tired. he's stressed. again, he has, in effect, been isolated for several weeks. that's gotta take a toll. there are a lot of people that focus on him negatively. it has to wear on you as a 28-year-old. >> bill: that must really, really, really be tough.
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yeah mm-hmm. we have to feel so sorry for him. at least he's alive! trayvon martin is dead in his grave. so, that's the spin for the day. now, so, just -- a little more background here to, i think, which shows that hilary rosen was absolutely right on target with what she said. mitt romney has made the claim that there's no war on women. there's no republican war on women. republicans aren't making war on women. oh, no, no, no, no no, no. the real war on women romney says is president obama waging war on women through his mishandling of the economy. what's the truth here? nobody has looked -- written better about this man alec who is with think progress joining us on our line this morning. thanks, alex. thanks for getting up early for us. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: mitt romney says the
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real war on women is quoting him now, over 92% he said of the jobs lost under this president were lost by women. true or false? >> it is technically true if you look at it through a narrow lenz but it is incredibly misleading this has debunked by the nbc fact checker and even the daily caller -- >> bill: really? >> yeah. one of the most rapidly conservative outlets out there. the problem with this figure to begin with is they're accusing obama or they're assigning job losses to obama that began before he even took office. >> bill: of course. >> that's fair right? >> bill: typical of them. go ahead. sorry. >> they started january 1, 2009 of but of course wasn't sworn in
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until the end of january. that was the single worth month for job losses, you know, in this entire recession. but more importantly the big problem with this claim is that women are overwhelmingly represented in public sector areas and that's where all of these job losses have come from because men actually were much more affected by the recession than women but they all lost their jobs earlier on. they work in construction and industries like that. so, it's actually the republicans attacks on the public sector unions and public sector employment, that's a big reason for a lot of this. these job loss among women 2/3 of them are from public sector. it is the policies that romney is supporting that have led to this very thing he's accusing obama of doing. >> bill: by the way, i would throw in here the votes of republicans in the house and in the senate president obama's jobs bill provided that -- first of all the stimulus provided money to cities and counties to keep teachers, firefighters,
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public employees on the job. republicans opposed it right? and then he came back with his jobs bill after the stimulus funds ran out to put more money into the public sector to keep these public employees on the -- and the republicans shot at them right? killed that bill. >> yeah, that's exactly right. you have people like chris christie in new jersey who is a big romney surrogate the governor there, big romney backer who, just this week, was at the george w. bush dinner praising, touting how many jobs he cut in the public sector saying what a good job he's done because he eliminated all of these jobs. but these are jobs that were on the local government level vastly overrepresented 60%. these are what get affected by the g.o.p. budgeting. >> bill: it is classic republican double talk so they kill the bill that would keep women on the job.
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in other words, they basically throw women out the door, right. then they turn around and blame it on president obama right? it was because it happened during his administration. now, somebody else pointed out so romney -- lately, he's been having news conference after news conference with these republican women standing up saying, you know there's no war on women. and we're here to tell you that. and these are women who have consistently voted against their own gender as members of congress like the lilly ledbetter act and other things, correct? >> that's correct. yesterday he held a whole series of conference calls to capitalize on this rosen thing. he put forward his four congresswomen who had all voted against the lilly ledbetter pay act of 2009 which was of course, the first law that president obama signed after he came into office. a law that had been blocked by
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republicans the year before and that was almost uniformly blocked by republicans that year. and to help them decrease the gender pay gap. and then when romney's campaign was asked about it, what romney himself thought when he's putting out all of the surrogates who voted against it, they said let me get back to you on that. finally, half a day later romney spokesmen come back and gives a total hedge on it. she says of course he supports gender pay but is not looking to overturn current law. basically, a classic romney -- not taking a stance on anything. >> bill: alex, you mentioned that point. our friend sam stein from huff post mentioned that question. listen to the awkward silence on the part of the romney people who don't have a clue, again as to where mitt romney stands on
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the lilly ledbetter act on pay equity for women. here's sam's question and the response. >> our next question will come from sam stein from "huffington post." please go ahead. >> does governor romney support the lilly ledbetter act? >> bill: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> we'll get back to you on that. [ laughter ] >> bill: i mean, that was not a trick question right? it should not have been. >> you would think that they would see that one coming. >> bill: you would think so, too. this is good stuff alex. check it out at think talk to again soon alex. >> thanks so much, bill. >> bill: so, this is all the background in which hilary rosen was making her comments and again, she is just responding to a comment that ann romney says of course i keep in touch with working women around this country. i just ask my wife what they think. you think she has any idea?
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terry is in indiana. good morning. >> caller: good morning. what do you think? >> caller: i want to make a comment. i'm a mother. i have five children. i work full time as a registered nurse. i home school my kids. i have two in college. and as busy as i am, i'm sure ann romney does not have a clue as to what the average american goes through in trying to do laundry, cook supper, balance budgets and things like that. i'm sure she has a myriad of servants to help her out along the way. >> bill: five homes two cadillacs, i don't know how many austrian warm blood horses and yeah, five sons. how many housekeepers, nannies chauffeurs, all of that do you think -- gardeners they've had over the years? >> caller: well, i know they hired a bunch of illegal hispanics because he was running for president a few years ago. you couldn't have them on his
3:42 am
property. i'm sure he had plenty more in the offkeeping there were legal quote-unquote. i think the romneys are completely out of touch and mitt romney is a flip-flopper. so, he's wrong for our country. >> bill: teri, if mitt romney wants to get in touch with working women and know what it is like to raise five kids maybe he ought to give you a call instead of talking to ann. more calls coming up, 866-55-press. >> announcer: heard around the country and seen on current tv, this is the "bill press show." and above all, politically direct. is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor.
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>>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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>>just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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♪ >> announcer: the latest from the world of politics, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: 13 minutes before the top of the hour. so, hilary rosen democratic strategist, cnn contributor says ann romney never had to work a day in her life. happens to be true. and yet she's been thrown under the bus by the president of the united states, the first lady, who else, democratic national chair, the head of jim messina president obama's campaign manager, david axelrod the president's political supporter. why? hilary rosen is right. ann romney never had to work and never had to worry. we'll get back to your calls at 866-55-press. but first, just a note and a reminder to you, if you're thinking about new blinds, new
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absolutely crush home improvement store prices. is the place. for blinds, drapes, shutters one footnote on hilary rosen thing, before we get back to your calls, of course, the catholic church, which is the bishop's part of waging this war on women they jumped into it and said hilary rosen is not a real mom. she does have kids. she raised her kids but that doesn't count because she's a lesbian. they actually said that. bill donahue head of the catholic mom said she's not a real mom because she's a lesbian. leave it to them to throw their homophobia into the whole thing. as far as i know, it is as hard raising your kid if you're a gay man or lesbian as if you're straight. good morning rich. >> caller: i agree with you.
3:49 am
this whole thing is ridiculous. a perfect way to hit the romneys is ask this question. when was the last time governor romney or mrs. romney had to count nickels and dimes to see if they had enough money to buy a pound of hamburger for supper? >> bill: exactly. total lack of connection to middle class families, struggling families out there. but he says -- that was so outrageous. he's in touch. he just talks to his wife as if she's anymore in touch than he is. >> caller: they've got more moun than who knows what. they know what a woman or man working three minimum wage jobs is going through. give me a break! >> bill: well, you know, she's only got two cadillacs rich. she can't be that wealthy. >> if one of those cadillacs breaks down, she always has a dressage horse to ride.
3:50 am
>> bill: she does. only has two cadillacs and five homes. joe out in seattle washington. good morning. >> caller: good morning bill. one of the things that really annoyed me was every time ann romney said freedom of choice because that's the one thing they're trying so desperately to take away from american women. >> bill: good point. >> caller: how many times did she say it? a dozen? i kept screaming every time until i was hoarse. >> bill: right. this was my choice my choice. again -- >> caller: freedom. she said freedom of choice. >> bill: again shifting the subject to wait, i raised five kids and it is hard work. that was not the point at all right? >> caller: well, i don't believe -- until she gets out there and sweeps out the car elevator, i'm not impressed. >> bill: or washes one of her own cadillacs. jim is in nashville tennessee. jim, welcome to "full court
3:51 am
press." >> caller: thank you bill. first of all, i love hilary rosen for saying what she said. she hits the nail on the head. the response from the right wing, same old thing. they always do whatever their weakness is, they will put their weakness on their opposition and that's what they're doing here. frank lunts and karl rove, this is their way of political battle. >> bill: they're good at it. they know how to turn it around. in this case, jim always good to hear from you. in this case, what gets me is that the democrats just fell over, you know. they just -- boom, collapsed and said okay, you're right you're right, throw hilary under the bus instead of standing up and saying here's what she was saying and mitt romney, it is true. because president obama is talking about income and
3:52 am
equality and if there's anybody who is the poster child for income and equality, it is mitt romney with his wife, ann. let's go down to ft. lauderdale, florida and say hello to lee. hey, lee. what do you say? >> caller: good morning. bill, what really infuriates me is how quickly the democrats eat their own. still waiting for repudiation for west. still waiting for repudiation of limbaugh from a mainstream republican. i tell ya. >> bill: i'm so glad you said that lee. here's alan west who says there are 80 known communists in the house of representatives. he ought to be run out of the house of representatives for making a remark like that. >> caller: not a peep from boehner or romney. we just turn on our own so quickly. >> bill: you're so right. they may have defended alan west but they didn't throw him under the bus the way every top
3:53 am
democrat did yesterday. well dammit, i'm here to defend hilary rosen and so glad so many of you are too. >> announcer: this is the "full court press," the "bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv.
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er granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct.
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♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: hey, it is 25 minutes after the hour. we're going to be talking apps, the latest apps, talking about apps. i'm still reeling from the facebook buying insta gram for a billion dollars. whoa! these apps are worth knowing about. we'll get into that after the break. right now, we're talking all things political with juana summers were we haven't talked about newt. so, the latest flap is that newt, who is just a nonentity now in the race, wouldn't you agree? >> he's not much of a factor. >> bill: no. now, the latest, he lashed out at fox.
4:23 am
even getting a paycheck from fox not so long ago. he says that cnn is less biased than fox. what's he doing? trying to get a job at cnn? >> someone at fox i think made that argument the other day. it is really fascinating. he and rick santorum picked up that fox is clearly on the tank for mitt romney. it is fascinating from two guys both on the fox payroll and two guys who are very conservative and fox should be a natural home ground for them. i think it is hilarious and interesting that's their new punching bag of late. >> bill: now out on the trail and seeing these -- this crowd of adoring supporters for santorum and those evangelicals, they were behind him. are they going to switch now to mitt romney? are they going to embrace romney? >> rick santorum said he would do anything -- >> bill: he didn't. >> i didn't say his name once
4:24 am
when he said he was going to leave the race. i don't think it will be a natural switch. from what i've heard among conservatives, there is still a little wariness about mitt romney and where he stands on some social issues when you have a guy like rick santorum who is so far right self-professing and socially conservative. you have the massachusetts moderate label that's kind of followed mitt romney around, it might not be a natural switch. i do think at the end of the day, social conservatives and all conservatives want to see barack obama be a one-term president. i would expect them to make the move, though not as quickly as the romney camp would like. >> bill: one thing this surprised me about santorum was after saying that and getting into that little tassel with "the new york times" but after saying mitt romney was the worst person in the country to run for republicans, to put up against president obama and in that speech, he did not say on healthcare. maybe that's what he meant to say. that's not what he said.
4:25 am
after saying that, a day later or so, he said that he would consider being on the ticket with mitt romney. i mean there is no way that mitt romney wants rick santorum on the ticket. >> i would find it very hard, if you listen to what rick santorum has said on the stump he said mitt romney is uniquely unqualified to be president based on the healthcare issue. democrats would with have a field day with that if there is a romney/santorum ticket. i think that's a tough road to go down. that's -- i don't know that that's the kind of thing you want to be focused on in the general election. >> bill: i don't think mitt romney wants to be talking about birth control in october. >> simply not. >> bill: juana summers thanks for coming in the studio today. hope you'll come back and see us soon. >> thank you. >> bill:, great source, the number one source for political news here. according to the "bill press show." please check it out -- we check it out two or three times a day. we'll be back and talk apps on
4:26 am
the "full court press." >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." the ted conference held here every year in southern california is an event designed to bring the brightest minds in the world together to share their most powerful, influential and creative ideas. the speakers share a common goal, making the world a better, smarter place through innovation, technology and the power of big ideas. peter diamendes is the co-founder of the singularity university, an academic institution which strives to address one issue. computers are getting really smart really quickly. so, what are us flesh and blood types going to do about it? human brains haven't gotten all that much smarter in hundreds of thousands of years.
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computers by contrast, in the last half century, have doubled their computational power every two years. a future where computers can no longer be controlled by us could be pretty dark for humanity. or, it can bring untold breakthroughs. some futurists beleive that humans will be able to achieve immortality by downloading our brains into machine bodies like files on a hard drive. either way, diamandes says he'll be ready. scion: what moves you.
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>> announcer: this is the "full court press," the "bill press show" live on your radio and on current tv. >> bill: 33 minutes after the hour. happy friday. even though it is friday the 13th. good to see you today. thank you for joining us here on the "full court press." so let's talk apps. let's talk technology. and boy, i'm not the one to ask but in studio with us, technology reporter for "the washington post," haley you can --
4:31 am
>> that's right. >> bill: instagram is bought by facebook for a billion dollars. >> it is astonishing. i think it is a nine-person company with a great idea. and you know they managed to tap into this kind of social, viral feeling that with photo sharing a lot of people wanted. and that facebook kind of needed in its platform. >> bill: there's -- people who -- you see these apps advertised and they're -- i don't know how many new apps every day. any idea how many apps are out there? >> that's a tough thing to estimate because like you say, there are so many people working independently on projects. it is tough to say how many. >> bill: so where does the money come from. a lot of them are free. you don't have to pay for them. >> sure. so, a lot of people do in app payment. you get a little something for free but if you want to upgrade
4:32 am
to get an extra feature, you can do that. some people, they just want the recognition so that maybe they'll get snapped up by a facebook or a google or something like that. >> bill: we've got -- we picked some we wanted to talk about that are fairly new or at least i didn't have until we got in touch with you. let's start with this one. npr music. okay. what's that all about and why do you recommend it? >> npr music -- >> bill: is it free? first of all? >> i believe so. >> it is. i have it and i love it. it is great. >> good. >> bill: all right. >> it is just a great tool for music discovery if you want to find out -- they have live events. you can pick to listen to any of npr's music stations and they'll recommend artists for you based on what you've -- what you've listened to in the past. for someone like me who, you know, i like music but i tend to get a little set in my ways, it
4:33 am
is a great way to discover new artists. >> bill: so -- but what's the difference between this and like itunes? >> well, with itunes -- yes they give you recommendations but i feel like you don't get as much -- you get the music journalism out of this app as well. so, you don't get as much context. itunes is just a list of songs and you kind of have to pick. i just really like this app and i think it is very well-designed. >> bill: okay. and so peter, you use this all the time? >> i do. i'm a total music snob. but it is tool to learn about new stuff and they do write about music that you don't necessarily hear about on the billboard top 100 you know. you can get a lot of different bands on there. >> bill: i can't get this one. >> you're going to try to listen to music on it? >> i was.
4:34 am
>> might not be a good idea. ♪ >> you get some of their music pieces. >> bill: i'm not sure i picked the best one. it is a whole selection of music, all kinds of different choice. all right. stop it. all right. good. so, i can get back to -- let's try another one here. so npr music is one you would recommend. >> i like it a lot. >> bill: so does peter right? >> i give it my thumbs up. >> bill: all right good. what is draw some? >> draw something is an app by this company called omg pop and they were recently acquired by zingo, a huge mobile social gaming company. it is essentially like pictionary but with pictionary, you can play with anybody across the country. so, my sister lives in california. and we play pictionary as kids. so if you fire up draw something, it will tell you -- you know, you're given a word to
4:35 am
draw and then you have to draw it and then the person, you know, they can pick it up whenever they want and they can draw the next round so they can guess -- >> bill: all right so -- >> this is someone guessing what someone has drawn previously. >> bill: oh -- >> so you can play with anybody. i started a game on my ipad there with somebody who's drawing a picture and you have to try to guess that, bill and if you screw up my game that i have going on, this is my eighth turn. this is a new record, i will be very upset with you. so, can you guess what he just drew there? >> bill: saturn. >> yeah. >> so type in the letters. they give you letters to choose from. try to type it out. if you get it, then you get another turn. >> there you go! >> bill: i feel like a 4-year-old. >> the streak is alive. >> so my sister and i -- >> bill: is this for adult or kids? >> my sister and i are now up to round 44.
4:36 am
>> bill: what! >> because we're sisters. we think alike. >> i'm going to find you on there. >> bill: oh, my god. i thought these were serious apps. >> hey, that could be worth a billion dollars, bill! >> bill: that's right. when i see all of these people so intent on -- working on their ipads i wonder what they're doing. they're not playing solitaire. they're doing kids drawings. >> that's the great thing about apps. they can be very serious. i just downloaded an app yet that was -- product recalls for parents who are looking for information on that. but it can also be some things like this like playing pictionary with my sister. >> bill: while we're into kids games, the latest angry birds. >> it is not a kids game. how dare you! >> bill: sorry. is angry birds in space. is that what it is? >> angry birds space. yes, indeed. don't forget, you actually have
4:37 am
to do a radio show so don't get sucked in playing too much angry birds. >> bill: you know, that looks like that -- mine is like the -- north korean missile. [ laughter ] i totally missed my target on that. totally. crashed and burned. whoa. i love the graphics on that, too. >> yeah, it looks great. >> bill: so, hayley is our guest here. she works at the "washington post" so, of course, one of the ones you're recommending here is wash post politics. >> yes. >> bill: wp politics. >> yes. >> bill: where do you find it? >> on the app store or on the post web site. >> bill: what's good about it? >> well, it just -- >> bill: careful, you're going to have to pay for this plug. >> i know. it is a good curation of our content and just -- if people -- there is always a lot of information floating around out there about candidates, right? so, you can look up the latest
4:38 am
information on races or on polls and then i think in our premium version, you can look up you know, information based on candidates that you're interested in. >> bill: premium version which you have to pay more for. >> yes. >> bill: criticism of ann romney reunites the mominee wars. trail mix. he claims obama raised tax on millions of americans. >> we have a fact checker one of the most popular things on our site. you can get it too. >> bill: here it is. romney claims obama raised tax on millions of americans. and -- >> you can read some analysis. >> bill: glen kessler says -- i just want to get to the bottom, true or false. the pinocchio test meaning two pinocchios. >> kind of true but kind of not. >> bill: sounds to me like it is somewhat of a lie. two pinocchios, right?
4:39 am
a lie. a couple of others we don't have on here, sparrow. >> sparrow is a clean and simple mail app. if you like the mail app that's already on. >> bill: mail? >> for e-mail. >> don't put a stamp on your iphone and try to put it in the mail. >> bill: i was thinking male versus female. >> yeah, for e-mail. i'm not a huge fan of the kind of standard e-mail client that comes on the ipad. i find it a little difficult to sort through. sparrow makes it really easy to kind of look through and swipe and manage your e-mail which is something i spend a lot of time on in my day. >> bill: right. so, it is a different e-mail server. >> correct. >> bill: and clear. >> clear is another simple app. so, to do app and you can just kind of -- it is just also -- has a really simple user face, really easy to add to dos and categorize them. it makes me much more productive if i can list everything.
4:40 am
>> bill: so, it is an organizing tool? kind of? >> mm-hmm. >> bill: this is not the one you would use at the airport to get through more quickly? >> no. i think that's a tsa app. >> bill: right. we'll have to talk about that sometimes. because i see people with their iphones where they have -- their boarding pass on their iphones. >> yeah. >> bill: that's obviously not clear. one more. infinity blade two. >> infinity blade two is another game but it is more for serious gamers than casual gamers so it is not quite as cute is i. it takes full advantage of the graphics and particularly on the new ipad. they've also released a new feature where you can play, they call it like a mob kind of level. so you can do quick missions with people from all over the country and you all kind of collaborate to take on one really big enemy.
4:41 am
>> bill: so, let me get this straight. is your job to play with your ipad all day? >> that's a part of my job for sure. >> bill: you're trying out new apps and then writing about them. >> but i also look into issues of privacy and security. >> that's just a cover to play angry birds. >> i enjoy both parts of my job. this is pretty hard to complain about. >> bill: all right. if you were always wondering how you could get a job and get paid for playing angry birds here she is. with the answer. hayley at the "washington post." people can find you at the "washington post"? in the technology section. >> bill: thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> bill: i'll think of you every time i play that. listen to some good music too. >> great. >> bill: here we are friday, april 13th. this is the "full court press" from washington, d.c. our nation's capital.
4:42 am
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it's completely inappropriate for television.
4:45 am
>> bill: i'm going to have to spend the weekend playing with the new apps now. i don't know about that drawing something though. >> it is a time waster, let's be honest. it is a time waster but if you
4:46 am
have a friend that lives -- for me, i have a friend who lives in los angeles and we talk but then every now and then, it is a nice little -- don't look at me like i'm crazy. don't look at me like that. >> bill: you can play bridge with your friend online or something. >> you could. you could. >> bill: or chess. something that requires a little brainpower. >> you're just an elitist. go ride your dressage horses. [ laughter ] >> bill: saddle up! well, "full court press." it is 11 minutes before the top of the hour. it is friday. what we do every friday is we always look back at some of the favorite clips, sound bytes of the week that we enjoy. hope you did too. and bring you our top five. we start at the bottom, work our way up to the top. newt gingrich was quick to jump when rick santorum bowed out. rick and newt says hey now there's only me. number five. >> i think it makes it clearer
4:47 am
that there is a conservative in newt gingrich and there's mitt romney. i think that it clears the space out and it also means that people gotta come to some decisions. >> bill: yeah. they came -- it is me me, me, me, me, they came to a decision about you, newt. the decision is get outta here! we don't take you seriously anymore. monday was easter egg roll at the white house. and president obama, after walking around shaking hands he sat down and read to the kids from "where the wild things are." he really got into it. >> he came to the place where the wild things are they roared their terrible roars [kids roaring] >> bill: the pictures of president obama reading from that book, he was -- he was really, really acting if out man. >> he was enjoying himself. >> bill: he was enjoying it. the first lady right alongside of him with the first dog bo.
4:48 am
yes, rick santorum bowing out this week. and if you ask him he didn't lose. he was the big winner. >> number three. >> at a time when over and over again, we were told forget it, you can't win. we were winning. we were winning in a very different way. >> bill: they were winning in a very, very different way. rick santorum winning by losing. but that's the spin. and moving right along mitt romney, don't ever say that mitt romney is out of touch with average americans. i mean you know, he's just shooting the crap there with sean hannity before he goes on to fox news for the formal interview and so you know, what would mitt romney talk about? the weather? no. let's talk about his horses. >> number two. >> so, she's like okay, i've gone four straight weeks. we've not been home in four
4:49 am
weeks. christmas was the last time we were home. she said i've got to get some time on the horse. >> what kind of horses you got? >> she has austrian warm bloods. which are -- >> bill: by the way more than one. warm bloods. >> me, i have a missouri foxtrotter. mine is like a quarter horse. just a much better gait. it moves very fast. and doesn't tire. and it is easy to ride meaning it is not boom boom, boom, it is very smooth. >> bill: a smooth ride. if you're going to buy a missouri quarter horse -- foxtrotter, you need to get one with a smooth gait. >> right at the top of the list. >> bill: i would like to know how many horses -- do you think she has more horses than cadillacs? he said she has warm bloods. >> you're right. >> bill: and i want to know what they paid for those horses.
4:50 am
you know what? i suspect there is a tax deduction there somewhere. they figured it out. he is -- he is claiming those horses as a tax deduction. and finally the biggest political news of the week. rick santorum, this is why he dropped out. it is not because he ran out of money. he lost the support of the porn industry. >> number one. >> together, we can enfranchise ourselves to the power of masturbation. >> maybe it is me and the bike you're bargaining. >> or us. >> me on top. [ bleep ] >> on my pool table. >> so, vote romney. >> romney. >> wait, romney is a republican, too. >> so, santorum. >> because if he wins primary he would definitely get crushed by obama. and obama would never try to stop the porn industry. >> santorum, it is the long game. >> bill: all right, so the porn stars announcing no way they could support santorum or mitt romney.
4:51 am
there you go. that's why rick santorum dropped out. you heard it here first. >> announcer: on your radio and on current tv, this is the "bill press show."
4:52 am
eliot spitzer joins the new news network. >>we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious and not based on simplistic answers.
4:53 am
♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: politically direct. the "full court press" here on current tv. and your local progressive radio talk station. good to be with you here on this friday. president obama on the road again. he will be leaving the white house about 10 minutes to 10:00 going out to andrews air force base and hopping on air force i down to tampa florida. first stop on a long trip today.
4:54 am
in tampa florida, he will tour the port of tampa and then give a major address down there about the importance of trade with latin america and what we're doing to expand trade to latin america then he goes off down to the summit of the americas in cartagena, colombia, arriving there tonight, taking part, meeting with all of the leaders of latin america. with the exception of the president of ecuador who said he would not attend if cuba were not invited. raoul castro is not going to be there because he said he didn't want to go anyway. so, he wasn't invited but he wasn't going to try to show up. there will be the summit there all weekend. the president kicking off with a leadership dinner tonight. no briefing today. jay carney will be on air force i. he will gangel with reporters on air force i. senator sheldon whitehouse from rhode island. he leads the next hour of the "full court press." >> announcer: this is the "bill
4:55 am
press show."
4:56 am
>> bill: hey, watch out. it is april 13th. good morning everybody. good to see you today. welcome to the "full court press." the "bill press show." your new morning show on current tv. where we tackle all the big stories of the day from our nation's capital, from around the country and around the globe. here's the one that's really got me worked up this morning. why is everybody dumping on hilary rosen for the comments that she made about ann romney when all she did was tell the truth? look, it is true that ann romney raised five kids but it is also
4:57 am
true that unlike millions of american women, she never had to go out and get a job to help make ends meet at the end of the month. that's all that hilary rosen said. so, we'll jump into that story and a lot of others here. but first, let's get all of the latest, current tv news update. we go out to los angeles and say hello to jacki schechner. hey, jacki, good morning. >> good morning, bill and everyone. this there is big money in politics and then there's huge money in politics. "the new york times" reporting today we're looking at what could possibly be the most expensive election in u.s. history. both president obama and mitt romney are likely to forgo public funding. obama did raise four times as much money as john mccain pulling in $750 million. his fund-raisers say he plans to match and/or exceed that this year. mitt romney's fund-raisers are saying that he should pull in at least $600 million. of course, the conservative
4:58 am
super pacs will add to that tally. interesting to note even though they could not coordinate with the candidate legally, they can coordinate with each other. look up everything rick santorum ever said bad about mitt romney online, you'll have to find something else to do. literally, there is nothing to see there. sam stein of "the huffington post" reports that he has scrubbed all antiromney replacing the pages with access denied. he points out that santorum is not the first one to do this. that when john dropped out of the race in january, did he the same thing and then proceeded to endorse mitt romney. >> a republican national convention is planning to go high tech. they've partnered up with google and youtube naming them the official social platform and live stream provider of the republican national convention of 2012. the goal is to make the event more participatory and interactive. this is just the latest move by google to reach out to the g.o.p. we'll be right back after the
4:59 am
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5:01 am
is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent
5:02 am
and above all, politically direct. >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: he profiled trayvon martin, he pursued him, he confronted him, he shot and killed him is what the prosecutors say about george zimmerman. so much for the myth of self-defense. hello, everybody and good morning! it is friday, april 13. great to see you today. you're looking good! on the "full court press" here, the "bill press show" coming to you live coast-to-coast from our radio factory tv factory and book factory here on capitol hill in washington, d.c.
5:03 am
bringing you up to date on the latest stories of the day and of course taking your calls at 866-55-press. great to hear from you from every corner of the country. and sometimes even calls from other parts of the globe. feel free to give us a call. we invite you to join us at the table at 866-55-press. and here they are. peter ogborn, dan henning and cyprian bolling team press joining in this morning. >> hi there. >> happy friday. >> here we are. >> into the weekend we go. big plans? >> is it friday? >> i had no idea. >> bill: yeah, right. we start chomping at the bit about wednesday. >> yeah, right. >> bill: come on for the weekend. just a kick back weekend for me. no particular big plans. >> cool. >> hey, the nationals are in the middle of their home opener. >> bill: the nationals are -- the national league east! i know that. >> amazing. when i say that's amazing i'm
5:04 am
amazed you know something about sports. good for you! >> they beat the reds in ten innings last night. yesterday afternoon. fantastic. first home game. >> bill: nats calling in. >> that's ryan zimmerman calling in. >> bill: sheldon whitehouse, the senator from rhode island who is the author of the buffett bill then a little bit later we'll be joined by craig crawford, a democratic strategist and a regular feature on current tv. but first -- >> this is the "full court press." >> well, bill, on this friday, other headlines. john mellencamp is call out wisconsin governor for using his music on the campaign trail. the ap reporting the rock star sent a letter to the embattled republican not asking him to stop using his song small town but just to remind him he is indeed very liberal, supports a living wage and union worker's
5:05 am
rights. he just wanted walker to be aware of that when he is playing his music at his campaign stops. >> bill: yeah. well, he ought to stop playing the music. >> why didn't he say stop playing the music? >> bill: that's what most artists do. >> mellencamp doesn't know. hey, i'm a liberal. that's what you're standing for when you're playing my song. >> bill: walker is such a loser. >> guns n roses is being inducted into the rock n' roll hall of fame tomorrow. axl rose will not be there. the group's leading vocalist does not feel respected by the hall of fame and no one is allowed to accept the induction on his behalf though other band members will be in cleveland for the ceremony tomorrow. other acts also being inducted rather -- induced -- >> the beastie boys, the red hot chili peppers laura donovan and rod stewart. >> bill: the whole gang inducted?
5:06 am
>> this is the first time in a long time, i actually really like every band that's going in. >> bill: red hot chili peppers. so, let's go to cleveland for the weekend! >> finally j.k. rowling known for the harry potter series has announced a story line for her first book for adults. the novel is called the casual vacancy. a comic read about a town ripped apart by a council election. it will be published for adults, not for kids of course. you know, she made a lot of money off of harry potter, nearly $1 billion is what she pocketed from that book series. >> bill: i have to say. i know a lot of adults who really got into the harry potter books. they were not just for kids. >> no, they're not. but this is not a book meant for kids. >> i think it is a good idea to establish yourself being really popular at one thing and then doing something totally different. what could possibly go wrong? it is like us. we were really good at radio. we decided to do tv.
5:07 am
>> bill: what could possibly go wrong? >> have a good weekend. >> bill: we made it through three weeks. >> almost. almost! >> bill: they haven't pulled the plug. >> one hour to go. >> bill: haven't pulled the plug yet. indeed. the president speaking again at the white house yesterday. every chance he can, he had four regional tv anchors in to talk about the buffett rule. and the importance of this big vote coming up monday in the united states senate. the author of that -- president's been talking about but now is in legislation. the author of the legislation in the united states senate from the state of rhode island. good senator sheldon whitehouse. good to have you with us this morning. >> thank you bill. >> bill: you know, we've talked about this. i spend a little time in the summer up in rhode island. so, i'm glad -- >> best place to be.
5:08 am
>> bill: glad you're taking care of that state. the undiscovered beaches of rhode island. may they remain undiscovered as far as i'm concerned but they're beautiful. really. so, tell us, senator what's the prospects look like -- first of all, how many cosponsors do you have? >> i think we've got a dozen at this point. >> bill: are they all democrats? >> oh, yes. >> bill: any sign at all that we can -- so first of all this vote -- so our listeners understand, this vote on monday is not a vote on the bill itself right? it is that -- cloture. >> it is cloture on the notion proceed to the bill. >> bill: it requires 60 votes? >> correct. >> bill: do we have any indication that any republicans will at least vote to allow a vote on the bill? >> not at this point. >> bill: is that coming from mcconnell, do you think? has he put the word out, in other words? >> i don't know how much he needs to. i think that this is a very,
5:09 am
very big special interest bill in washington. it's got a lot of attention. you can imagine if you're making like the top 400 taxpayers did more than a quarter of a billion dollars a year and paying say 15% in taxes which is about what some of these folks pay and suddenly it will be 30%, do you the math. they've got a lot at stake to fight this. and i think that it's going to be a real battle and the only way that it gets won is if the american public realizes that they're on the short end of the stick here when it comes to tax rates compared to these ultra high income earners and they start to get on the phone and call in and say what are you thinking? and so this is going to be a first opportunity for people to see where folks are so that they can realize oh my gosh, my senator voted in favor of a lower tax rate for a multibillionaires and i better get on the phone.
5:10 am
i think that's the process we're going to have to take. it is a process that involves the public and i hope that folks will go to which is the place where you can register your citizens vote on this. >> bill: give us that again. >> two fs, two ts. >> bill: let's back up, senator. why is this legislation so important? is it to raise money or to level the playing field? what is your -- >> i think it is important for three reasons. first of all, it will raise somewhere between $47 billion and $160 billion depending on where the bush tax cuts come out. and that's always good. we need it either for the deficit or for the decrepit infrastructure or however we need it. and the second is that it remedies a real unfairness in the tax code.
5:11 am
it is ridiculous for the people who live in the hemsley building in new york which is a very prestigious address for very successful and high-income people live to be paying lower income tax rates out of that building than their doorman and their janitor and security folks pay. the third thing which i think is the most important of all in some ways is that this is a chance for washington to send a message that washington is not just beholden to the special interest. that we can take something that is slam dunk simple, obvious and fair that benefits the middle class and we can do it. and it is like a test. this is the test of the emergency broadcast system. you remember that? the test of the washington special interest relief system. >> bill: well, it is interesting you call it a test because senator mcconnell and others have called it a gimmick.
5:12 am
this is nothing but a gimmick they say. an election year gimmick to try to embarrass republicans on this issue. >> well, there's absolutely no need for them to be embarrassed. they can join with us on it and help do all of these three good things. their decision to embarrass themselves on it is theirs and theirs alone. >> bill: you know, also, it seems to me, these are people, a lot of them who are going to have to face the electorate this year, if not this year in a couple of years and they're going to have to explain right why they voted the way they did which is to continue this inequity where a warren buffett pays a lower rate of income taxes than his secretary. what are they telling you? how do they defend that? >> they don't. they change the subject. they say well, this bill won't create a single job. which, of course, it would if you took the $47 billion and put it toward an infrastructure bank to rebuild roads and bridges but
5:13 am
on its own they say well, it won't create a single job. they say it is not going to lower the price of gas. well, i suppose it would if you took the $47 billion and put it toward regulation of the speculators who are driving up the cost of gas but on its own no, it doesn't lower the cost of gas nor does it bring world peace nor does it save the whales nor does it cure the common cold. but i mean it is a sign when you have no argument on it that you want to change the subject. and i think that's an important signal that you know, this is something that's really indefensible. >> bill: senator sheldon whitehouse from rhode island. our guest here on this friday edition of the "bill press show." the big test comes in the united states senate on monday. and scheduled for monday. at any rate. if you want to weigh in and try to influence the vote and get a positive vote on this, again senator recommends going to
5:14 am so senator if you get the votes or to get to 60, this will proceed to a big debate on the floor. if you don't does that mean this idea is dead for this year? >> no, i hope that we -- there are two ways to do this. one is to just continue to bring it up. call that the jericho method. because if you remember correctly when joshua in the bible led the israelites around jericho blowing their rams horns, the walls didn't come tumbling down the first time. >> bill: right. >> they had to go around and around with the wall street reform, too, they beat us on a filibuster over and over and harry was persistent and the public called in and said what are you thinking? we've just done tarp. we've just been clobbered by wall street. we want this wall street reform and they collapsed but it took awhile. and the other route is to wait until the end of the year when the bush tax cuts expire and there is a major piece of
5:15 am
legislation involving taxes and the budget and simply force it into that equation. so, there are a couple of ways to get this done but getting off to a strong start and making sure that the public is aware of it is key to either strategy. >> bill: i have to tell you we had in studio with us yesterday, a man from virginia by the name of charlie fink. he's one of the patriotic millionaires and i gotta tell you, i thought they were very effective, senator. these are guys real people and said we've done very well and we think we ought to be paying more in taxes and we're ready to do so. >> there's the other kind. the millionaires who truly are paying more in taxes who don't have these loopholes. and there are a bunch of folks looking over people making about the same amount as they are but paying half the taxes and saying what's up with them? why aren't they paying the same taxes i am? we not only have patriotic millionaires out there but we've got some millionaires who are a little bit resentful for
5:16 am
everybody. >> bill: so, are you thinking of changing the name from the buffett rule to the reagan rule as president obama suggested the other day? >> well, you know, there is that wonderful clip of president reagan condemning this and condemning it for an interesting reason. he condemns it because he says i don't have the quote in front of me but people need to believe the tax code is fair. people need to believe they get a straight deal in this country. people need to believe that it is not just all for the benefit of the special interests and you could take those words verbatim and apply them to this debate in washington and i'm sure we will. >> bill: okay, senator sheldon whitehouse, great work. great leadership on this issue. thanks so much for your time this morning senator. we'll be encouraging our listeners and viewers to go to and hopefully we bring you some help for monday. thank you. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: senator sheldon whitehouse buffettrulebill let's put a link up on our web
5:17 am
site this is, this is a real test and i don't care if -- republicans may call it a gimmick. they're afraid to vote on it because everybody will know did members of the house voted for the ryan bill and members of the senate that voted against the buffett rule. >> announcer: heard around the country and seen on current tv, this is the "bill press show."
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it's completely inappropriate for television. ♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: hey 25 minutes after
5:21 am
the hour now. "full court press" here. coming to you live all the way across this great land of ours. from our radio studio, tv studio and book factory here on capitol hill in washington, d.c. and lo and behold, look who the cat dragged in here. [ laughter ] >> i actually made the drive across town. >> bill: all of a sudden popping up. greg crawford columnist for the congressional quarterly. >> well, actually i don't do that anymore. >> bill: you don't? you are online at >> that's my baby. my blog is my baby. >> bill: i see you on current tv doing prime time shows. thanks for your first visit to our studio. >> mom in orlando, florida is marching at your fine tan -- is marveling at your fine tan. she wants to know how you got your tan. >> you don't want to know. >> he gets tan the same way john boehner gets his tan. >> bill: you don't have to be
5:22 am
in florida to have a tan. i want you floridians to know. >> see, we notice those things. >> bill: you do come from orlando, florida. what are people in orlando florida, feeling about this trayvon martin case? >> sanford is a bedroom community of orlando. it is one big meggopolis. >> bill: this is the latest black eye. >> after the casey anthony the 2000 countdown. one thing about the area, i grew up there before disney. when all we had was cattle and orange trees and mosquitoes. and didn't have crime in those days, you know. as it has grown up, there's just some bizarre crime in that area. every time i go down to my parents, i watch the local news, i can't believe some of the stories. >> bill: so, yesterday george
5:23 am
zimmerman in court. the prosecution filed an affidavit saying he profiled trayvon martin, pursued him and shot and killed him. >> of course these prove it. there weren't a lot of ultimate facts. presumably, she can support them. that's the key. but you know what was interesting to me about that sort of the visuals of that, one reason they got that attorney is he's so tall because zimmerman looked like a little kid standing next to his attorney. i think that was one advantage for hiring that particular attorney. and then he they had some ominous looking police around him and that photo that visual right there, he looked like the least threatening guy in the room. i don't think that makes a big difference. but he did not look as threatening. >> bill: when we come back, i want to play you the clip from the attorney, how he wants us to feel sorry for him. we're just getting started here with craig crawford. hang around. we've got a lot more coming up.
5:24 am
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>> announcer: this is the "bill press show" live on your radio and tv. >> bill: it is 33 minutes after the hour. this is friday april 13. it is the "full court press." the "bill press show" brought to you today by the united steel workers and their international president, leo girard. good men and women of the steelworkers union. north america's largest industrial union representing 1.2 million active and retired members and you can find out more about their good work at their web site, in studio with us, political
5:29 am
commentator craig crawford. his paperback book is just out called "the politics of life." we've been talking about first the trayvon martin case. by the way again craig is here. we've got an empty chair. your calls. you fill the chair. just give us a call at 866-55-press. we'll get you involved in the conversation. so, we mention that zimmerman goes into court yesterday. two previous defense attorneys quit. >> that was weird. >> bill: mark o'mara, guy has a great reputation. steps up. says i'll represent him for nothing. yesterday, after he finally met his client and came out he told reporters, we feel sorry for this guy. >> he's tired. he's stressed. again, he has, in effect, been isolated several weeks. that's gotta take a toll. there have been a lot of people that focus on him negatively. that has to wear on you as a
5:30 am
28-year-old. >> bill: he said the day before, the guy can't go out to a 7-eleven without being recognized. >> like you pointed out earlier this morning but he is alive! >> bill: yeah! the fact that he would say that, i mean come on. i understand he's got a right -- zimmerman, right to a trial right to make his case and have the best attorney he can afford, right or get. but i don't want this attorney to make us think we're going to feel sorry for george zimmerman. >> he will play the game of building up the guy's image. and settling all -- settling down all of the craziness around the case and trying to get focused on the facts. that's what i'm waiting for. i want to see what this prosecutor's got. that's going to come out. >> bill: tell me again as a floridian, what do people think about this angela corey? >> my cousin is a federal prosecutor and said she's one of the best in the business. >> bill: she looks like it.
5:31 am
>> great reputation. would not have charged the second-degree murder. i know a lot of people think it was overcharging. that's always a danger for prosecutors that happened in the casey anthony case. that was overcharged. that jury just could not get to a death penalty. what they were asking for. and if you don't have a really solid lockdown case and you charge too high -- and in this case, what i worry about is everybody has their view of the facts but at the end of the day an objective jury is going to be asked to more or less guess about a lot -- a lot of facts to guess from. but when you charge too high and you're asking the jury to do that much guessing, it can be hard. >> bill: she took her time and you have to figure, you know, she doesn't want to get egg on her face in this thing. her reputation is on the line, too. i wouldn't be surprised if she comes out of this and runs for governor if she wins it.
5:32 am
>> the problem is this law. if it this were any normal state, didn't have a stupid law like this, it would be a no-brainer to convict. >> bill: that's what i wanted to get to. will there be now a second look that the stand your ground law? florida? >> this has been a long-running battle in florida. the gun lobby so strong there. republicans own the legislature. the governor's mansion. and there are several laws that were passed, concealed weapon. you can carry a pistol into the grocery store and then this law which is -- came later. jeb bush signed it. we've been arguing this in florida for a long time. it is unstoppable. >> bill: again coming from there, there were warnings at the time right when this thing was debated. >> i wrote about it. i followed some of the debate in the legislature because i've always been interested in this issue. and the democrats who fought this bill stood up and gave speeches describing all of these
5:33 am
scenarios, many of which were very similar to this case. years ago they were saying this. republicans were poo-pooing that as that's liberals going crazy. this is what's happened. now a lot of republicans are saying wait a minute, maybe we did go too far. romney is speaking to the nra today. i think it would be interesting if somebody could get a question to him if that's even possible anymore about this case and gun control. >> bill: at the white house briefing yesterday, there were two of us, a rx i shapiro from npr -- what has the president done about guns, gun control and i asked specifically about the assault weapons ban. and do we have that clip, peter? well, you'll hear in the question.
5:34 am
this came up and to me, when president calderon of mexico raised it last week, the assault weapons ban. here's our exchange. >> last week in the rose garden, president cold rone said the gun violence in mexico started to escalate. you can trace it to 2004 when the assault weapons ban in the united states expired. so, does the president support renewing, extending that ban and what has he done about it? >> bill: there's jay. >> the need for common sense measures that protect second amendment rights but ensure those who should not have guns under existing law -- i don't recall -- i certainly didn't discuss with him president calderone's comments so i don't have updates for you. >> expired in 2004. has the president taken a stand on extending that? >> i'll have to get back to you on that. >> bill: that's exactly like
5:35 am
the romney on the conference call. >> about the equal pay. we'll get back to you on that. democrats have always been spooked on this issue. but here's what's interesting to me about romney is on guns is his governorship was very progun control and he had huge fights with the nra and there are many quotes of him dissing the nra. he did become a born again second amendment guy like pro-choice and pro-life. he has very poor credentials with that crowd. he really is going to have a tough time, you know, demagoguing that issue like republicans usually do. >> bill: dan is calling from chantilly. hello, dan. welcome. >> caller: hello. good morning, gentlemen. >> bill: good morning. yes. what's your point? >> caller: as an african-american, this has been -- all my life, i've seen where we've gone through the streets and protests and tried to get things moving but to me,
5:36 am
i've learned a lot about this zimmerman case because now i understand when you go to the street and you bring in the racial element especially toward zimmerman, now you take something back. 90% of america with are with you on the objective facts. what was the police department supposed to do right? they didn't do it. so, that's what you talk about. but once you put race in it, now it is subjective. i've got my opinion. now, everybody else has their opinion and now zimmerman the possibility of saying, by releasing the 911 tape, right that we heard the objective facts. we heard him getting out of the car, accusing the kid on site of some crime. he doesn't say what crime. then we hear, we don't need you to follow him.
5:37 am
that prejudice the case. so, george zimmerman besides the stand your ground law has a way of getting out of it by saying -- >> bill: yeah, but then -- dan, i appreciate the call but that's what the trial is all about. and i thought it was instructive that angela corey in her news conference said you know, this is just the facts right? this is based on the facts and you know they have poured over all of the 911 calls and there is always the possibility -- and his girlfriend's call. >> you could go federal as a hate crime. if those tapes can prove that. that investigation is still going on. that's going on. we should remember that. that's out there too. >> bill: absolutely. i think the more facts that come out in this case, the weaker -- at least at this point george zimmerman's defense is the idea that he was the victim, right somehow.
5:38 am
and that trayvon martin -- >> the sad thing is he's the only one going to be telling the story. trayvon is not here to tell his side. we have to guess so much about his side of the story. >> bill: we haven't seen the girlfriend who was supposedly on the phone with trayvon. the prosecutors had to have talked with her and debriefed her. they must feel she's telling the truth and that she was the last one other than zimmerman. >> i hope they've got phone records that prove that call was happening. they surely won't have a recording of it but they'll be able to get records to prove they were on the phone. >> bill: craig crawford is in studio with us. 866-55-press if you want to join the conversation. craig, the biggest political flop. we've gotta touch on this. hilary rosen, your friend, my friend. >> is a friend of mine. >> bill: thrown under the bus yesterday by the president the first lady, the chair of the democratic national committee. the head of obama's campaign. all for something that she said about ann romney. did she do anything other than
5:39 am
tell the truth. we'll get into that. when we come back here on the "full court press." >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." find out more at it takes people with real knowledge to build and maintain a race car. polymers, hydo-carbons, thermal plastics, math and science? you bet it is. many kids don't understand how important these subjects can be that's why time warner cable developed connect a million minds. to introduce kids in our communities to the opportunities that inspire them to develop these important skills. how can my car go faster? maybe your child will figure it out. find out more at
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eliot spitzer joins the new news network. >>we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious and not based on simplistic answers.
5:42 am
♪ >> announcer: on your radio and on current tv, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: all right. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. craig crawford is in studio with us. so craig, hilary rosen goes on cnn and we're going to play what she said. afterwards, shae attacked by the romney campaign, by the g.o.p. hate machine but she's also thrown under the bus by the president himself the first
5:43 am
lady, the head of the democratic national committee. so, let's first of all remember that hilary was asked about a comment mitt romney made where basically, aren't you kind of out of touch with average americans and he said oh no, no, no no, my wife, i talk to my wife and she tells me particularly what women are concerned about and hillary rosen has asked about that. here's what she says. you tell me what's wrong with it. >> what you have is mitt romney running around the country saying well, my wife tells me that what women care about are economic issues and when i listen to my wife, that's what i'm hearing. guess what. his wife is actually never worked a day in her life. she's never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and how do we -- why we worry about their future. i think it is -- yes, it is about the positions and yes --
5:44 am
>> bill: what she's really saying is she never had to worry or work. >> whether women should work at home or work outside the home. it is not about that. the issue is women don't have the choice that she has to be stay at home or in her case, stay at homes mom. >> bill: yeah, exactly. thank you. five kids. five homes. five cadillacs, five horses. whatever. >> i can see -- i was really stunned by the velocity and ferocity of the democratic response and the white house response. in many ways, i thought yesterday, they were driving the story because at each half hour on cnn, it would be michelle's tweeted this and biden said that and the president -- they were driving -- they were the lead of the story keeping it alive. i can see two things that motivated them.
5:45 am
one is they're afraid of ann romney. the democrats are. that she is a key to the women's vote for mitt but i think they overplayed this response but they are afraid of her. and the other is and i think this is one of these false equivalency deals, they were concerned that since the president beat up on rush limbaugh that it would seem contradiction if they didn't say something about the liberals. but making that equal with hilary rosen said and rush limbaugh is ridiculous. that's kind of what they did to her. >> bill: i think hilary told the truth. sam stein from huff post asked are democrats going to run out of buses to throw hilary under? let's ask -- get word here from kathy out in des moines, iowa. hi, kathy. thanks for joining us. good morning. >> caller: good morning, bill. good morning craig. i understand the on-going
5:46 am
trayvon story just because there are so many angles. as a matter of fact your npr angle this morning was very interesting. but what i don't understand is how long this hilary incident cycle goes on as we're coming into the weekend. can you tell me if monday i'm going to have to listen to it all next week again? >> there will be another fake outrage next week i think. >> bill: you know, kathy hillary did apologize yesterday. >> caller: that's fine. let's move on. >> bill: i think that's kind of put an end to it. >> i'm on the e-mail list for the romney campaign just to keep up with them. within minutes it seemed like they had an e-mail, the democratic war on moms. they're so insecure about the war on women, the democrats. >> bill: the fact that the catholic league immediately got involved and said well, hilary may be a mother which she is.
5:47 am
she has two kids but that doesn't count because she's a lesbian. >> i don't know if you saw hilary -- i saw hilary say it originally live on anderson cooper. it crossed my mind, why have said it quite like that. but i got her point. i was kind of amazed. but then what was amazing yesterday, i don't know if you saw wolf blitzer just beat her up. he was like a prosecutor with a criminal defendant. he was just badgering her almost. and of course, she works for cnn. david axelrod made a great point with john king when he was trying to make it obama's fault that she said this and axelrod said she's your employee, not ours. >> bill: she doesn't work for the campaign or the white house. she has no connection there at all. let's say hello to mary from indiana. hi mary. >> caller: hi, good morning. >> bill: good morning. >> caller: i think i'm angriest at the democrats for tasing in on this again because everybody
5:48 am
is so scared of hurting the whittle feelings of the romneys. i mean good god! these super rich people are so thin-skinned. >> bill: hey mary, good to hear from you. you know, they caved in on this just like they did on van jones craig. >> i mean this is just an oldú democrat -- whether it is guns or this kind of stuff or they're just so -- they're just so skittish about some of these issues that they don't really just stand up and kick it back. i tell you what, i think the president should have said the same thing -- make it almost a joke. say the same thing that romney said about rush limbaugh. oh, why have chosen those words. that would have been a great response. >> bill: people can find craig crawford online at trail mix and on twitter, you can follow craig >> craig underscore crawford.
5:49 am
>> bill: i never saw an underscore in a twitter handle but that's yours. craig, great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> great show, love it. >> bill: come back soon. >> i love jacki schechner. we worked together 12 years ago. >> bill: jacki is great. i'll be back with a quick parting shot. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." hey, he's right man. [ dennis ] only allstate puts their money where their mouth is. yup. [ dennis ] claim service so good, it's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can always count on them. unlike randy over there. that's one dumb dude. ♪ ♪ the new claim satisfaction guarantee. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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it's completely inappropriate for television. >> announcer: the parting shot with bill press. this is the "bill press show." >> bill: on this friday, april 13, one more time, my parting shot for today. i want to say a word in support of my friend, hilary rosen.
5:52 am
we've been talking about her getting in trouble for the remarks she made about ann romney which she has since apologized for. i wish she hadn't apologized because all she did was tell the truth. nobody was with saying raising kids isn't hard work. it is. nobody knows that better than hilary rosen herself who has two of her own but that's not the same as those millions of american women who have to work outside the home in addition to raising their kids just to make -- to help make ends meet. that is something that ann romney has never had to do! she never had to work or worry and you can bet she didn't raise those kids all by herself. she had plenty of hired help. so, thank you hilary for telling the truth! mitt romney can't relate to everyday americans. and neither can his wife, ann romney. hey, folks, have a great weekend! make the most of it. come back and see us on monday. have a good one.
5:53 am
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