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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  April 20, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ >> welcome to "the young turks." george zimmerman was in court today, then there is this. >> exclusive new photo of zimmerman from the night of the shooting. it appears to show the back of zimmerman's head, bloody. >> i have an explanation for that. plus we'll tell you why he's set to be released from prison. plus today is earth day and it's the anniversary of the two years of the bp oil spill. earth day coming up in a couple of days, and there is an amazing new documentary of how big oil covered up the oil spill in the
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gulf. >> they were in many cases cheap hookers. >> i got a lot to say about that. plus it's 4/20. >> this is the hugest day of the year. we have 12,000,. >> it was just the year, man. we have a full legalization law enforcement on the show tonight to debate that issue. don't miss it. it's go time. all right, george zimmerman was in court and circuit judge kenneth lester set the bond at
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$120,000. which is where they normally set it for these types of charges. while he was in court there was a surprising moment when the defense put him on the stand to make an apology. let's watch. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am. i did not know if he was armed or not. >> you're not doing that for the court. you're doing that here for the victim's family, that is correct? >> they are here in the court, yes. >> i understand, but i thought you were going to address your honor, judge lester. that's really addressed to the family and where the media happens to be correct mr. zimmerman? >> no, to the father and mother. >> there is disagreement between the two sides attorneys on why he made that apology today. let's watch both of their sides. >> he makes this self-serveing
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apology in court 50 days later. the real george zimmerman website, and you all have reviewed it, never once did he say he was sorry. why today? >> since my involvement he always wanted to acknowledge what happened that day in the death of trayvon martin. i was hopeful that that could be accomplished in a more private way, and that wasn't--we weren't afforded that opportunity. >> he was hopeful to have done it all those 50 years that he didn't do it. it just happened to happen when there was all the media and the tv cameras around. just a wild coincidence. that's how it came down. at least it's an apology, way, way too late in a lot of ways, but at least it happened. the judge set some conditions, including gps monitoring. let's listen to some of the other conditions on his release. >> there is to be no contact directly or indirectly with the
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victim's family or through an intermediary in any way. there is to be no possession of firearms, be they rifles, shotguns handguns, pistols revolvers, any type of firearm or destructive device. there is to be no consumption of alcohol. there is a curfew. >> oh, there is going to be no firearms. thanks to god as my mod would say. of course there should be no firearms. "abc news" has obtained some things that they claim are pictures taken three minutes after the incident. if you're squeamish about blood don't watch it. i hope not because i want you to keep watching. >> "abc news" has obtained a exclusive new photograph of zimmerman. it appears to show the back of zimmerman's head, bloody it was supposed to have been taken moments after he allegedly shot
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trayvon martin. he said that the shooting was in self defense and martin repeatedly bashed his head in the sidewalk. data shows that is it was taken by an iphone just three minutes after. >> i had a rock thrown at my head and i bled profusely. i didn't need stitches. it was a small cut. it happened. now the family's attorney, benjamin crump, he has questions. he says, how bad could it have been if they didn't take him to the hospital and didn't stitch him up. the special prosecutor has seen all the evidence and still believes that george zimmerman murdered trayvon martin. so that's an interesting point. look here is another point for you. this is a little goofy but it's part of my experience growing up watching wrestling. as a kid i was amazed sometimes they would get head with a chair and then they were bleeding
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profusing like that. then i learned that they get a tiny cut and then the sweat has it pouring down their face as if they're in mortal danger. all those wrestlers you're looking at were not in mortal danger. those were tiny cuts. i know a lot of people look at that and say oh my god there is blood! there's blood exam! i know, nobody disputed--i didn't dispute there was a scuffle, but it doesn't justify anybody being shot in the chest. they didn't even take him to the hospital so martin's attorney is clearly right about that. his father testified over the phone, george zimmerman's father did, he said, i've never known him to be violent unless he was provoked and then he would turn the other check.
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yeah, except when he shot somebody in the chest. i know you're his dad but you don't get to make the argument that he turns the other cheek when he shoots someone in the chest. you know where i'm coming from, here we have an attorney who represented michael jackson robert blake so obviously an expert in this issue. i got a couple of questions for you, tom. why did george zimmerman even take the stand here. that seems unusual. >> it was very creative by the defense lawyer, great hayes requires strategies. his thought was i want to humanize him and start the process now while the public is rivetted to the television set while he's humble. it was a good idea, controversial and risky but a good idea in terms of trying to humanize his client. >> normally when a guy takes the stand to defend himself he
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opens himself up to question to the prosecution. here the questions were limited why? >> generally speaking, the scope of cross-examination is limited by the scope of direct examination. that's a general principles. different judges have different views of how they handle that. in this case it was a bail hearing. the questions under direct examination were exclusively related to the apology, and the defense lawyer was successful in getting the judge to severely restrict prosecution cross-examination. >> i would imagine they would argue if you're apologizing to the act what are you apologizing to. they were limited in the scope. >> it was definitely a good move by the defense and the judge did help them out in that respect. >> now the investigators steps up and he didn't expect to be testifying either. one, why didn't he expect to be
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testifying, and two did he help the defense. >> i think he helped the defense tremendously. the defense lawyer went step by step, line by line through the probable cause affidavit. nailed this witness who was not prepared for cross-examination to statements that will haunt him down the line. i think it was a very clever, crafty smart move by the defense attorney. he's doing a good job so far. >> the investigators seemed to say did he not evidence as to who started the fight. but he also designedded there was a witness that they had who saw--it appeared from what they were saying zimmerman chasing down martin. so is that the prosecutor holding on to that to see what the details are of that for the trial? >> i think he will, but this statement made specific statements. he may try to change them later on by suggesting that the further investigation led to different conclusions and factual patterns. but it was clever by the attorney. he took it beyond the scope of
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typical bail hearing and set the tone for the trial. very smart move. >> how smart are the pictures of the blood he had. >> i don't know. they'll have to be examined by a medical expert. as you said, one can bleed profusely from a wound that is not deep or serious. again, the question is pro provoked the fight. if trayvon martin was defending himself and protecting his own life and ended up on top he's not going to be penalized for that. the prosecution will not be penalized for that. if zimmerman provoked this fight he cannot stand his ground and use fatal force. it's not as bad a case for the prosecution as many people think despite the stand your ground law. >> i agree. overall the prosecution believes it's a strong case and according to the lead investigator
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zimmerman changes the account numerous times as he's talking to the police. that's pretty damning. professor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you cenk. >> when we come back, we'll get into politics. there is literally attacks relateed to the dog. we'll debate and discuss that. >> the campaign is not going to be about vision. it will be about division. he's going to be focusing on different americans and trying to scapegoat other people for his own failures. you're about to watch an ad message created a current tv viewer for hershey's air delight. >>how's college life, honey? >>its great, but i'm already getting homesick. >>i've left something for you in your suitcase.
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>>thanks mom. it's perfect. if i can't be at home, at least i can have a taste of it. >>hershey's air delight milk chocolate, a lighter, airier meltier hershey's happiness. in 2012 alone. go to our website, up next it's out to the campaign trail. a surprising new poll, and that's next right here inside "the war room."
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dude those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade. we're the idea nobody wants to hear. until the truth reveals itself. and there's only one place you'll find us. ♪ >> back on "the young turks." now, mitt romney, of course, is going to attack president obama in 18 different ways. we're gearing up for the general
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election. that's normal. but the way he has done it is under some question. let's watch a recent speech that he just gave. >> the campaign is not going to be about vision. it's going to be about division. he's going to be focusing on different americans and trying to scapegoat other people for his own failures. you will see him attack success day in and day outen one thing you know if you attack success you're going to have less of it. >> all right, so if he says president obama is trying to divide the country well, that's interesting on two different fronts. first, this is what mitt romney has said before about welfare. he saidhe said, welfare without work erodes the spirit and the sense of self-worth of the recipient and it conditions the children of non-working parents to an indolen and unproductive life. apparently dividing the country is okay if you blame all the problems on the poor. but if you blame it on the rich--by the way president obama is not even doing.
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he's saying can they pay their fair share of taxes. it's just the lazy bums on welfare that's the problem. people are wondering whether it's racial. look at the barn behind him. it says obama isn't working. that was on his podium. there is a website that says obama isn't working. on one level it's obvious. they're saying the policies are not working the economy isn't working. people in the country are not working. i get it. but some people are wondering if that is an attack that goes to the stereo types of african-americans? implying, oh he's lazy, shiftless, all of these stereotypes that people have made in the past. some people say boy that's a stretch. they wonder why you would go in that direction. the polls are why you would go in that direction. look at this. while president obama lost while males to john mccain significantly, 57% to 41% back
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in 2008. he won males overall but white males he lost. now it's only got worse for him. in the poll, mitt romney has a 21-point lead on him 55 hers to 34%. in the pew survey it's a 26% lead. and in less educated white males the gap is even wider. some wonder if it helps with less educated white males if you keep stroking those fires. just the banner alone i'm not so sure. but it seems like there is a theme that fox news and mitt romney are working on. oh, president obama doesn't really go to work. here is sean hannity saying all he does is play golf all the time. >> the leisurely life of the president, the man no doubt who will set the records of the
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number of rounds of golf played while in office. he has played 70 more rounds than his predecessor. >> when you put those two together, it becomes more questionable. o he doesn't work. you know how things are. now that could be considered subtle. some other republicans have been less subtle. leading in that category would be michelle bachmann. >> this is just about the tar baby here and saying something is else is the problem. i haven't seen a more irresponsible president who is infantile to diagnose the problem and then address the problem. it's always somebody else's fault. he wants to blame people who are buying oil futures. is anybody for obama for obama.
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that's where we need to call him out. >> my favorite line is the last line. with all due respect after i've called him every name in the book, including waving tar baby. even if you don't mean it in a racial situation, it's a sticky situation. you don't wave it around. one, she makes no sense. two, come on, by this time you don't know that tar baby was used as an offensive term against african-americans. whoops, did that come out? i hope while males vote for us. and they're not alone as trying to categorize problem categorize president obama. he said when he was six or seven years old his father had given him dog meat, snake meat. oh he ate dog. i can see everybody in the country e-mailing that around. now we have a case where this
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guy is weird and they're off target. and john mccain jumped in on this. he sent out a tweet saying, good ipc of my son jimmy's bulldog apollo. sorry, mr. president,'s not on the menu. too much. i'll bring in two voices to give me some perspective on this. ben mankiewicz and trisha rose professor at brown university. great to have you both here. i'm not sure what your take is on this, and i'm i'm not settled that it's an intended racial attack professor, what you think? >> it seems to me the way to be sure is to look backwards and think how many times any republicans figure versus used tar baby before obama's presidency. i have not done that research but i think that would be the kind of thing that would give us evidence. realistically it's clear that
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there is a constant subtle indirect use of racial stereotypes. there is no question as you pointed out that this dog whistle is going to working class, particularly white men who are having economic issues largely because of the bush administration policies, but that they blame obama and there is this kind of ability to con injuryconconjer these images. and i think it's a subtle and effective strategy. >> the late tony snow used tar baby when he was press secretary for bush and got himself in some trouble. but you would think that they would know by now. doug lamborn used it in march 21, 2011. let's look at that. >> even when people say the republicans should have do this or should have done that, they will hold the president
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responsible. i don't want to have to be associated with him. it's like touching a tar baby, and you get you're stuck and a part of the problem now. >> he later did apologize to the president for saying that. apparently michelle bachmann happened to miss that memo. what is your take? let me talk to ben for a second. >> um, yeah, that one is indefensible. let's not kid ourselves. michelle bachmann says so many really poorly thought-out things that it's possible that she would just misspeak because she doesn't know what she's talking about. keep in mind when michelle bachmann said this, who she was defending was oil speculateors. a surprising position, i would think anybody in this economy defending gas in this day. but she did apologize. she respects all human life, all races and it had nothing to do with race.
7:23 pm
>> yeah, yeah. >> michelle bachmann is guilty, but i'm nor interested in mitt romney. go ahead. >> right, look, you have to put all this together. i mean it's absurd to think that this is not part of a coordinated republican strategy. let's look at all the language just used. first tar baby which we've already discussed it. then she used the word infantile. she also said that he never takes responsibility. that's another racial stereotype. that some how black people don't take responsibility and some how white take responsibility. they could say they don't like his policies. then describe what policies they're talking about. but that requires serious engagement. this is about painting a bush that makes people consciously and unconsciously uncomfortable about obama and the dog thing is that he eats dog he's so different.
7:24 pm
he's so foreign to emphasize this moment of foreignness. when you look at these strategies and the repetition of phrases like tar babies, there is no question this is racial no question. >> i think tar baby--michelle bachmann did it on purpose. i'm not excusing that for a second. i'm not believing her apology. the dog thing makes me feel uncomfortable to my gut. he's foreigner etc. i got problems with that. but mitt romney, do you think he's part of this or no. >> you should have asked me before trisha because she made such a powerful argument i might have changed my mind. mitt romney, if you take it directly he's lifting margaret thatcher's 1978 campaign. happen persuaded me otherwise about romney, that's about labor, and romney is not saying democrats are not working. it's personal about obama.
7:25 pm
that's what republicans do, make it possible. the golf thing is persuasive. it comes not only one day after the hannity clip, but one day after romney talking about the president easily sure. i'm persuaded a little. what is possible is that the romney people missed this. i don't think these are terribly bright guys politically. >> ben. >> they have made the exact same mistake from the beginning of the campaign on. they've done nothing to rectify the situation. it's possible that they're not racist but just dim. >> i vote against that. we're out of time, unfortunately. believe me, professor rose, i got a sense that you voted against that. >> yes, yes. >> we'll leave it right there. you make the call as well. all right now when we come back, we had a bit of an oil spill in the gulf two years ago.
7:26 pm
did you notice that? it turns out it's all gone. everything is fine. how did they get the government to play along? that's a really interesting question. one we're going to address when we come back. >> you say this is all that is leaking? it doesn't seem tha
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>> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now. ♪ >> all right, we're back on "the young turks." two years ago today the bp boil disaster happened. it was agy began tick spill over 85 days, 206 million gallons of
7:29 pm
oil spilled out immediately. but it's gone, don't look at that, it's gone, right? well, they did say we've got $7.8 billion and $20 billion to resolve claims and then $20 billion to that they promised to president obama and the administration. they paid out the claims and they said, leave us alone. we got this on lockdown. there is a new movie called "the big fix" that says not so much. let's give you a taste of that. ♪ >> you say this is about all that is leaking each day? this little bottle. >> that's all. >> it doesn't seem that bad honestly.
7:30 pm
>> they lied. it was bull [bleep] >> the lobby came to us with money in their hands and said take it. they were prostitutes, and not high-priced call girls but many times cheap hookers. >> how did they buy off the politician? between 1998 1998 to 2011 this is how much they meant lobby spent on lobbying. it turns out some of the fish in the area might become mutants. >> we have some evidence of de deformed shrimp. that shrimp's grandmother was exposed to oil while the mother
7:31 pm
was developing, but it was the grand child of the shrimp grows up with no eyes. >> perhaps not entirely true that the gulf is entirely fine. let's bring in rebecca and josh. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> tell me what is happening in the gulf. what is the reality today. >> the reality in a the gulf right now today as you reported shrimp are coming in with no eyes tumors, lesions oil in their guts. not just the fish but people are also getting sick. women are having a high rate of miscarriages. they linked one woman's mall formed baby. and oil is still leaking and washing ashore today. that's some things that most people don't know. >> that is interesting. rebecca, on the chemical dispersants on the oil which is
7:32 pm
more dangerous. >> they're both toxic. i was exposed to it. my skin was exposed to it. now for the rest of my life i cannot expose the skin on my neck and chest to the sun. >> josh, why would the government go along with covering this up? >> well, you have to imagine bp is the largest supplier of oil and gas products to the u.s. department of defense. so you have the pentagon's largest energy contractor, very much in bed with the government, very much calling the shots on whether or not we have tanks that roll and ships that go. when you've got that much power combined with the numbers that you showed. by the way those numbers are sans citizens united. if you look at that case it does not reflect non-lobbying dollars spent on marketing outside of reported numbers. realistically those numbers that you see for what the oil
7:33 pm
industry spent lobbying, that's a drop in the overall bucket. >> a lot of people would say if it's under bush i get it. but it's under president obama. 's democrat. he's progressive. why would he cover up with the oil company. >> this is not personal to obama. this is about a system that is so rigged that you could put a good person in charge, but the forces of power are so much larger that that person does not have a lot of leeway. >> rebecca, let me ask you do you think this is contained in the oil industry and the gulf or do you think this is systemic to all politics on all issues. >> certainly to all issues. it's the large corporations who get to run the show. the more money they put in undisclosed nobody has to know where the money is coming from, how much they actually put in, similar situations happened recently fukishima for instance. >> i heard there were no
7:34 pm
radiation problems. >> there was no meltdown. >> the movie "the big fix," and it's very interesting and informative. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. >> now when we come back we'll have a big debate. we're going to have somebody from law enforcement formerly from law enforcement who wants to legalize this, and one who wants to keep it illegal. i don't just talk about politics, i've lived politics. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>bringing you exactly what's happening in politics today by people who know what they're talking about. >>d.c. columnist and four time emmy winner bill press joins current's morning news block.
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>>i know what i'm talking about and i love it and i try to bring that to the show. [ male announcer ] cookies with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. ♪ >> well, we've got a special pot
7:38 pm
power panel at 4:20, and here task almost at 4:20 we missed it by a little bit. great panel for you guys. sean dunagan speaker of the law enforcement against prohibition a former bell against research specialist at the dea. that's interesting. and author of "eternal battle against evil." combat veteran from iraq and swerved as an intelligence officer. both with great records. in colorado, apparently they have a bit of a famous smoke outgoing on. let's watch the latest. >> i love bolder. >> yes. >> this is boulder. around here this is the hugest day of the year. literally 12,000 people on the
7:39 pm
hill. it's insane. it's almost like a religious pot experience. [guitar music] [ >> right now we're being persecuted and made even more criminals, and i have to promise to show up to court dates that i guarantee i won't show up. >> that was from last year. this year they're trying to shut it down, and in fact they said that nobody who is not a student cannot enter the campus, and they put down smelly fertilizer so the kids don't go to that area and they talk about handing out tickets. in colorado there is support for legalization 49% of people support, and and say legalize it. and harvard professor said we'll
7:40 pm
say $8.7 billion a year and also $8.7 billion a year in tax revenue. paul, tell me why we shouldn't legalize it. >> as a law enforcement officer we'll say most people who are part of leaf are not law enforcement officers. they take anybody and everybody. we don't want your viewers to be misguided thinking that cops are coming out in and joining them. they're not it's a fringe group. drug usage today is half of what it was a generation ago. the money we spend is in prevention, treatment and enforcement. we have more kids in drug rehab for marijuana than any other drug combined. about 33% more potent linked to
7:41 pm
cancer schizophrenia depression and we don't need to go down to that road again. >> sean, i'll let you respond to that. >> leap has many officers who are members. we are not a fringe group. we do realize that the war on drugs, we've been fighting it the same way for 40 years and the drug problem is not getting better. yes, there has been a reduction overall in some drug use but there has been an equal reduction in tobacco use. and to accomplish that we didn't have to put anybody in jail and we didn't fund the civil war in mexico to accomplish that. i really disgrunt with disagree with that. i don't think paul is taking a good look at the drug war. >> i'm honest with you guys and
7:42 pm
the audience what my perspective is. i think we should legalize it. just so you know where i'm coming from. my question to you is when do we win the war on drugs? do you think that a couple of years from now that's it, mission accomplished, we win. >> cenk, great question. when i was 12 years old i went through rehab for marijuana and i've been working withed a addicts for 25 years. we already have alcohol and prescription drugs, look at what we have-- >> would you have them be illegal. >> they're already illegal for unauthorized use but we regulate prescription drugs and look at the increase that we have amongst our use today. let me address the drawing war. we don't call it a drug war. leap does. the sensational folks in the media. we have to treat this program. my argument is we'll never eliminate 100% of the drugs off
7:43 pm
the streets just like we won't eliminate crime off the streets of l.a. you don't say take the cops off because they're not winning the war on crime. it's not like that. we have to treat this like a cancer but we can't have fringe groups like leap taking anybody and everybody marching down the streets. it's shapeful, and this guy is not even a cop. he never carried a gun. >> paul, i'll let sean answer the charge you have brought against him. but it's not a fringe. you're in the minority. let's be clear. you have great credentials but you're not in the majority. you are in the minority of people. >> cenk, i've got staff to reverse what you just told me on those numbers. >> all right, you have stats and i have gallup polling. >> i have my own study in california. >> that's right.
7:44 pm
gallop poll found that it's acceptable. and it's not a fringe position. regarding what paul went through, that's great. my colleagues who have gone in for treatment for alcohol abuse. i'm not a pro drug spokesman. what i'm say something that the drug war has not been effective. it has done more damage than good. to say that we don't call it a drug war any more. you can call it whatever you want, but i spent two years from 2008 to 2010 in northeast mexico and it sure as heck is a war there. >> paul, listen, you know, we've tried this keeping it illegal for a long time. as we've tried it with alcohol it didn't work. folks still take the damn thing, whether we think it's a good idea or bad idea, so it seems like what it has done in mexico to sean is saying, 50,000 dead! it makes me sick to think about
7:45 pm
that. don't you get that making it illegal creates these gangs just like it did with alcohol and al capone. >> you're wrong. prohibition worked. and the women's movement got fed up with their husbands coming home drunk. prohibition came out a generation before the government came cracking down. to think if we legalize drug will make cartel gas away is nonsense. it's not about drugs. it's about the money. look at my home state of california. 200 cities now have banned marijuana dispensaries because they're sick and tired of the nonsense. the few cities that allow them g to san francisco, who are in the parks now? people shooting up, smoking dope. parents don't take their kids to the parks any more. i'm a dad that's the bottom
7:46 pm
line. that's the fight we should be fighting every day to keep america great. >> part of the reasons the dispensaries are gone is because problem own bath to break george bush's record foraying dispensaries. it's not that people are sick of them but the federal government's crackdown. you presented your opinions with it on clearly. if you're with paul, and you think pro hi bashan on alcohol worked continue the pro the prohibition continues on marijuana and see how that works out. we have a documentary we want to show you and again the influence of politician, money, etc. and it's a fascinating story. come right back. >> there, there is not that mucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucuc
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>> welcome back to "the young
7:50 pm
turks." the award show that has wrecked the accurate depiction of substance abuse mental illness and dvd and comic book entertainment and guess what happened vanguard has won. documentary newsmagazine biographical program with their wonderful documentaries "sex, lies and cigarettes." let's watch a piece of that right now. >> i wanted to hear how companies like philip morris really talk about selling cigarettes when they're behind closed doors. >> there are a lot of smoker here's, and there isn't that much regulation. >> no, this is a perfect setting. >> the market here, one of the few growing markets in the world. >> do you smoke? >> i used to, a long time ago. everybody ought to quit smoking. i will be the first to tell you. but if you're going to smoke you might as well smoke the best.
7:51 pm
>> award winning legendary kristof joins us. >> thanks. >> did you give a speech last night. >> i did. >> did you thank your mom and your agent. >> i thanked my agent. my mom i'll thank her right now. >> there you go, talk to me about the movie. why is philip morris going to nations like indonesia. >> basically people are not smoking as many cigarettes in the united states and europe as they used to. they've gone overseas where they don't have nearly the tobacco regulation like we have here. they can market to children and sell to children because there are no regulations against it. >> do they do it brazenly? do they target the kids. >> then they bring american music artists over. we went to a flo-rider concert. they brought over the black eyed peas, slash, all kinds of stuff
7:52 pm
where they bring kids in and outside of the concerts not only are they playing cigarette ads throughout the concert but then afterwards all these cigarettes are being handed out. >> i got a big idea for them, thomas the train he's puffing all the time. >> they would be all about it. philip morris is running the game. they have moved in. they bought the largest tobacco company for $5 billion, and are diversifying and finding a whole new market share. >> that's the interesting part, the governments are letting them do that. is that the main advantage? >> absolutely. the government is very much involved. this is a big tax revenue for them. they really like taking in all the money and they really--they really sell this whole--it's very indonesia. it's part of our culture. we've always smoke: what people don't know is it's actually an american company that is selling all of their significant. >> he is one more quick thing.
7:53 pm
we assume that everybody knows that cigarettes are harmful for you, do they know that? >> no. there are no health ads. there is nothing about the dangerous ofdangers of smoking. we're around in l.a. and you can't smoke, but we're constantly being warned on the cigarette passage billboards. it's one of the countries in the world in indonesia where you can have ads on tv. our documentary went viral because it was one of the first pieces of information about what tobacco was doing over there. they had no idea how much they were being manipulated. >> that's fantastic. no wonder why you won an award. if i hang around current long enough i'll win one too. >> you'll win one.
7:54 pm
>> when we come back, the secret service versus sarah palin. >> check this out. bodyguard, you're fired and i hope his wife kicks his from silver screens... to flat screens... twizzlerize your entertainment everyday with twizzlers the twist you can't resist. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ ♪ you can spell.
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(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. eliot spitzer joins the new news network. >>this show will be unique because we will not settle for the easy answers. we're here because we're independent. ♪ >> so, david cheney is one of thsecret service supervisors ousted because of the colombian prostitution scandal. but it turns out this was not the first time that mr. cheney was checking out women.
7:57 pm
it turns out he was part of the security detail for sarah palin back in 2008. and he put up these pictures of her and him during the proceedings back then, and you can see he was checking her out. he was the one putting this up on facebook. then he says in the comments, i was really checking her out if you know what i mean. yeah, moron, we know what you mean. keep your eyes on the crowd. you're supposed to be protecting her, not checking out her backside. unreal. so sarah palin just fired angry. she goes on fox news. >> this agent who was ridiculous in posting pictures and comments of checking someone out. check this out. you're fired and i hope his wife kicks his okole and puts him in the dog house. it's embarrassing. when you consider what is going on in the state of our government and look who is running the show. >> oh, we were going to support you. we agreed with
7:58 pm
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