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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 8, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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love to decorate. have a great evening, everybody. ♪ ♪ coming up on "the young turks" today. you are never going to believe this. actually, you are going to deliver this. mitt romney rewrites history. >> i pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy, and when that was done and help was given the companies got back on their feet. so i'll take a lot of credit. >> we're going to hip check that theory. and we are going to show you breaking us in on these bomb plots are our drone attacks actually creates more terrorists. >> the drone attack over the weekend that was unsuccessful and foiling this plot.
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and cenk uygur is back at the playboy mansion with hef. >> hue hefner is a huge civil rights activist. >> that is why i have always loved hugh hefner. because he is a civil rights pioneer. ♪ you know if you talk about the auto industry in america, thank god for mitt romney. my god, where would we be without mitt romney saying let's let detroit go bankrupt. but now romney is out here -- now that gm is the number one auto company in the world, he is saying it is all because of me basically. >> my own view by the way was that the companies needed to go through bankruptcy before
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government help and frankly that's what the president finally did. that was the right course. it was the uaw, and the president that delayed the idea of bankruptcy. i pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy, and finally when that was done and help was given the companies got back on their feet. so i'll take a lot of credit for that. >> did you hear what he just said? the man who said let detroit go bankrupt? what did he just say? >> i'll take a lot of credit -- i'll take a lot of credit -- i'll take a lot of credit -- >> you can take all of the credit you want but the united auto workers have said you are trying to take credit card for something you opposed with every fiber of your being. and then steve ratner. >> people were terrified.
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the stock market was hitting new lows every day until march of 2009 and there was simply no private capital that had any interest in coming in and financing these companies, whether it was inside bankruptcy, or the dip financing through bankruptcy. there just was not any money. and i would suggest that if governor romney theres there was money, he should give us an idea of where it was, because i never saw it. >> once the laughter must have subsided at the white house, they had this to say. this is ben labolt responding to romney. >> i told you. i told cenk anyway that the etch-a-sketch would not go away as long as mitt romney is a
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candidate and nominee, the etch-a-sketch will remain. there is more from labolt: >> and later tonight, jennifer grandholm will be hosting "the war room" here on current tv. she was a former governor of michigan. i can't think of anybody who would be more expert on talking about this than jennifer grandholm. so you should watch "the war room" today. speaking of experts we have one to my left and right. we'll start with michael hastings of rolling stone magazine. michael, tell us what is going on in the world of the drones today? >> huge -- this is a wild story that is coming out of the cia right now. the bomb plot that was uncovered -- the guy who got the bomb was in fact a double agent working for the cia and saudi
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intelligence he convinced al-qaeda to give him a bomb that allegedly hi was going to put on a plane and then they busted hum, but it wasn't really a bust because he was our guy all along. there was another big drone strike this past weekend that representative peter king tied it together, and i think we have the tape of that. >> was told by the white house that they are connected. they are part of the same organization, and they have one goal in mind and that's destroy western civilization particularly the united states. we can have all of the drones we want and that are so effective, the fact is, though al-qaeda will find other ways and we have to constantly stay with them and ahead of them. >> this is a story we have all been talking about over the weekend. does this mean this was all a
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fiction, and these bad guys were really bad guys and we just got in there? >> we'll see how it all plays out. right now it seems like it was one of those -- almost entrapment plots. the key will be two came up with the idea to bomb the plane. i think the larger question here is drones is that this is going to be used as justification as to why we need explan the drone program in yesmen. we were looking at the numbers today about the u.s. drone fumbles. there were a few individuals, those first two gentlemen we claimed we killed a number of times, and that last guy -- we would say we killed the guy, but we didn't know what we were talking about, but now we killed
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them. that last guy was a politician who was tragically killed because we thought he was a talbna person. >> the idea that it -- is there a better way to do this? we have looked back and seen the disasters of the carpet bombings in iraq and other places and this seems somewhat surgical doesn't it? >> yeah it seems like an intelligence mission that succeeded to some level. right? >> right. >> the guy they killed on sunday was involved in the uss coal coming earlier. so perhaps this was a success, but i think if you look at the failures versus success ratio,
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that's where you really get into trouble. we ran the numbers today on the number of civilian deaths from these drones. total strikes, 133 at the high end, 322 innocent civilians in pakistan and also the upward estimate of 820 civilians for one possible bad guy. >> michael hastings thank you very much. and we move now to our other expert tricia rose. there was more breaking news on a different vote which is the republicans in the senate blocked a bill that would keep student loans -- keep student loans down, the interest rates. >> yeah. >> tell me about that. >> this is really a disaster for students and frankly their families. the republicans in the senate blocked the bill to extend the low-interest rate for federally
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subsidized loans for one more year. let's take a look at the senate floor making this vote now. >> on this vote the yays are 52 the nays are 45, with one senator announcing present. the motion is not agreed to. >> mr. president? >> majority leader. >> enter a motion that we consider a vote by which [ inaudible ] was not in vote. >> the motion is entered. under the previous order the senate stands in recess until 2:15 p.m. >> this is going to affect over $7 million students with that casual display there of what seems like just a routine situation is really going to cripple the families and students who have all of these loans. mind you, these are the same republicans who were willing to
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create much, much more debt with the bush tax loans in order to -- on top of the students. so let's take a look quickly at the distinction. the cost is too high. they don't want to increase taxes on corporations but let's look at the differences in the costs. the loans for the student will only cost $6 billion, whereas the bush tax cuts already a year ago cost $2.5 trillion. >> 6 billion, and 2.5 trillion. >> right. so the claim that they won't allow the student loans to be uncleared for what the expenses are, they don't have any way to pay for this either. this is really against young people trying to do their best. the ones who want to stay in school. this is a good thing. >> tricia rose thank you so very much for that. we're going to bring in another
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expert molly, how are you? >> good how are you doing? >> good. i'm very well. i want to ask you a little bit about today's vote. i know you delivered petitions and petitions calling on the senate to actctually do this. but is there any political currency to actually having lost? that the democrats can say look the republicans are voting against students. >> oh yeah, of course. it is just insulting to students, and students across the country, parents, grandparents, like you guys were saying, should totally feel insulted babb that because it is ridiculous we placed thousands of calls to senate offices, to mitch mcconnell's office, we have told stories, written letters to the editor
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and apparently they are not taking it seriously. >> 600,000 people in a coalition of a number of groups what is your response from your perspective? you have seen this as a really big loss and what are your next steps? >> it is not a loss yet. we have until july 1st s to do this, and we're going to keep pushing. that's what we have to do and just keep piling on the pressure because it's crazy. >> and molly, legislatively what is the next step then? >> we're kind of working that -- rebuild the dream we do more of the grassroots organized end of that so we're just going to try to keep mobilizing people. >> thank you so much for the good work and for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> when we come back on "the young turks." we have north carolina controversy, the ban on gay
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marriage and should they move the convention if this happens. >> this is about taking away rights of people. jennifer granholm is politically direct on current tv. >>the dominoes are starting to fall. (vo) granholm is live in the war room. >> what should women be doing? >> electing women to office. (vo) she's a political trailblazer. >>republicans of course didn't let facts get in the way of spin. >>do it, for america.
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>>our system is not working. >>there are always some risks. >>i don't think it's that back and white. the science is not there. >>only on current tv. ♪ so we do have some news for you. mitt romney has won -- and this is very dramatic. he has won the state of indiana. the primary in the state of indiana. i know you have all be waiting to hear that. but all of the attention in the world is in the south right now, in the political world. because in north carolina today there is a new amendment to bangay marriage in the state and it's going -- all of the polling indicates it will win or lose, depending on what you think of it. it goes even deeper to take rights away from any kind of
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domestic partner. i was put on republicans in north carolina who were afraid the judges -- god forbid the courts should decide something, they were afraid the judges would overturn there. north carolina is a focal point in november so a lot of people are wondering whether, a, it should be and b, where the democrats should boycott it or move the convention out of the state. here is bev purdue on it. >> we have a clear statute on the books that defiance marriage in north carolina as being between a man and a woman, so today's vote though some of the extremist have labeled it a marriage act, it's about taking away civil rights. >> today she of course not the only person getting involved. it is a national issue. and former president bill
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clinton, number 42 was also chiming in with his own set of robo calls on the issue. >> the real effect of the law will be to hurt families and drive away jobs. >> and polling on this issue shows that 55% -- the most recent -- 55% were in favor of the ban, and 39% were against it. but the most important part of this conversation is that the democrats are holding their convention there in september in the state of north carolina in charlotte, and the fact that that is happening, makes you wonder whether or not if this does happen in north carolina, the democrats should either pull out or they should say all right. we're going to boycott this convention. the convention is taking place at the banc of america stadium, which is really incredible. it's hard to find a stadium that isn't named after a bank or big company anyway but when you
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know everything that happened with the banks, that the democrats will be marching in and listening to president obama give a speech there in september is amazing. brad miller said: and so when you see -- there is just nothing but problems in the state of california. and for -- the state of north carolina. there are problems in california, though i promise you. we bring in eleanor clift of news week. is the focus on north carolina justified both from the standpoint of is this a winnable state for the democrats and is this a disaster staring them in the face? >> i think it is a swing state, and i think they would make at it bigger disaster if they
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walked away. the voters in north carolina are broodly against gay marriage but i don't think they have a good idea of what they are voting for. they already have a law that bans gay marriage in the state, this would make that it much harder to repeal but i don't think the obama campaign or democrats particularly want this election to be a referendum on whether you support gay marriage or not. in some states it's a winner and in some states it is not. and the president is valiantly trying to finesse it. i don't think he will be able to finesse the issue, but i think stamping his feet and taking the convention out of north carolina would only make what is right now an embarrassment and a difficult issue -- i think it would just make it that much bigger, and he doesn't want to fight an election over social issues. leave that to the republicans.
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>> when you say he is trying to finesse it and he is not going to be able to. what does that mean? >> i think he is going to continue to try to hold his position that he supports legal equality, or as -- former virginia governor tim cain put it today, relationship equality. that's kind of the fig leafs that democrats who you kind of suspect they are for gay marriage, but you don't want to say it before the elections, because they remember how it can energize the other side. but before they get to north carolina there is going to be a party platform. and it's hard to damage the democrats not having a platform that broodly endorses gay marriage. maybe they'll be able to come up with some other phraseology, but the republicans don't support it at all.
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so if thehe is democrats starting fights over terms that will only hurt them. >> you called at it swing state. do you think it really is a swing state? >> i think north carolina indiana, and virginia are three states that the obama won last time that we would dearly love to win this time. i think romney will take indiana, and they will take north carolina but i don't think that -- that obama is at the point now of throwing in the towel with north carolina. so i think it's probably more red than blue but i don't think it's time to walk away just yet. >> eleanor this is tricia rose. i hear what you are saying and i think i agree with you, but i get a little bit worried about the accumulation. because we have an anti union
7:23 pm
state, the second class citizenship, this isn't just about gay marriage. this is about no civil unions no matter what your orientation is. this is a reinstitution of second-class citizenship. i worry about the morale on pro obama supporters given this context. >> i here what you are saying too. but i would hope it would make pro obama voters want to fight harder. and north carolina has a demmic governor. and i don't think there has been enough education around -- about it. and the fact that they already have a gay ban in place. this is basically republican mischief, and in 2004 the fact that there was gay marriage on the ballot in a number of
7:24 pm
places including ohio a lot of democrats think that kerry would have won ohio if that gay marriage issue wasn't there. this issue can burn. i don't think it can burn as much as it did in '04, but in selective places it is very important to people and i think that if -- if the president gets out too far in front, it hurts him with swing voters with african-americans, with hispanics. they are not as far out on this issue as a lot of us urban dwellers. >> richard lugar has lost in his primary to richard murdoch. if you can tell us the impact of that and really the tea party side of it. >> the tea party has lost a lot -- lot of its strength i think but it can still be powerful in a lot of places --
7:25 pm
>> and richard lugar was the longest-serving republican -- >> yeah and you could make the argument that he is 80 years old, he hasn't maintained a resident in the state for so long, but he did defriend barack obama center in washington. he has been the go-to guy on a lot of foreign policy initiatives. the start treaty i don't think would have been ratified without him. and you look at mr. murdoch, and you are getting tea party politics. >> right. and that's what could stain the tea party there. eleanor we'll see you a little bit later in the show. thank you. coming up next we are going back to the mansion. cenk uygur talking to hugh
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hefner he has a lot of things t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t the gavin newsom show is a search engine for solutions and that's the focus. we want to focus on solutions and ways of bringing people together. collective action is the only way we're going to solve the world's great vexing problems.
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>> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now. ♪ we're back. michael shure with michael hastings and tricia rose. cenk uygur went to the play boyfriend mansion and met with hugh hefner. and if you thought that it was all dead-serious sit down talk
7:29 pm
to hef about issues we'll give you a little look of cenk having some fun at the playboy mansion. >> "young turks" young at the playboy mansion with hugh hefner. go time. here you go big time. the floor is curby. i don't know why. hefner is actually a huge civil rights activist. >> tell us about that era. >> for me it was not a radical point of view. it was raised that way. you have to be taught to be a by got. i think because of the sexual revolution and my part in it and because of the center fold that kind of hides or gets all of the attention and kind of
7:30 pm
hides the other parts of what i'm all about. [ applause ] >> sammy davis, jr., jesse jackson, mohammed ali they used to come to the club how did t that start? >> i was a night person and most of my friends were entertainers. and i came from chicago. i helped in the launch of the rain coalition. >> an interesting story about how they would face discrimination sometimes at your clubs, and what you did to react to that. >> well the first playboy club in -- was open february 1960 in chicago, and we owned that. the next two clubs were franchises, and they were from the south.
7:31 pm
new orleans was the second club but the first franchise club and miami. and they didn't let our black key holders in and i said you can't do that. these are members of a private club. it's against the state laws and i saidhis is ridiculous so we live in a democracy here and these are members of our clubs, and you have to let them in. so we repurchased at a loss both in new orleans and miami, so we could open up to all of the members. >> that's -- you know you get the reputation you know, of being obviously on the right side of that issue. that's an interesting juxtaposition, because he won the civil rights movement and the sexual revolution movement but i seems like we are
7:32 pm
constantly we living that issue. so how do we win for good? >> i have no answer for that but i do think if we were having this conversation a month ago, i would have believed it. the thing that makes this noteworthy is the subject came up during the debate of the four or five primary presidential candidates for the gop. >> we wonder why in the world is contraception -- why is it going there? we found out, when barack obama continued his attack on religious conscious. >> and they all managed to find ways to get sexual oppression into their bid, and it reflects very badly on not only them but also on the republicans. >> you know, as you look back, you have got all of your civil rights advocacy you have the media empire all of the women you have been with of all of
7:33 pm
those, what are you most proud of when you look back? >> i think i'm proudest of the fact that i played some significant part in changing the sexual values of this time. >> i think that's why a lot of people react strongly against you. [ laughter ] >> what do you think should be our sexual values? to what degree should we be open? do you believe in marriage. obviously you have been married a couple of times. >> i tried it. [ laughter ] >> after trying at it couple of times, are you still an advocate? >> i'm an advocate but it doesn't work for everybody. >> would you do it again? >> probably not. >> a decidedly different side of hugh hefner now. tricia rose how do you like him now? >> i didn't like him yesterday.
7:34 pm
but i think we also have to keep in mind that the gender issues that the playboy mansion is still responsible for. it's a bittersweet sensation. >> my fiance cheated on me right before i got married, and i do thing that was the most devastating experience of my life. >> on tonight's show -- and stay tuned for that tomorrow. on tonight's show coming back we'll be talking about this campaign coming up. is it going to be the most boring presidential election ever? [ cheers and applause ] >> there were not the overflow crowds promised by team obama. we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill
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down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent.
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♪ and we are back with our power panel. alona and eleanor clift rejoins us of news week magazine. dismight what you may have heard about what you may have heard about what is going on in politics, and mitt romney marching towards tampa, there is still somebody out there causing problems for mitt romney. mitt romney has 856 of the committed delegates so far. ron paul with 94. there is a big gap, and he only needs 1144 to get the nomination. and there were delegates today actually for a total of 131 delegates today. but ron paul is still out there. he is still getting delegates in
7:39 pm
nevada, maine, and iowa. and why? to know how this works, you have to look at the entire delegate process of going back and taking committed delegates and uncommitted delegates, and the point is is ron paul going to shake up or cause problems at the convention. i'll start with you. is there any reason to think that ron paul will be a thorn in the side of mitt romney? >> i hope he is. and i hope he shakes up this convention, because that's what -- on one hand is obviously going to work for democrats because the republican party right now really needs to put out a united front, and make it look like they like mitt romney which we know nobody does. but the republican party needs to be shaken up a little bit. i don't like ron paul's policies, but it's good to actually have somebody there that might be able to bring different ideas.
7:40 pm
might be able to bring some real thought to foreign policy especially considering that mitt romney doesn't really have a foreign policy but it is using these weird arcane rules, see if they can get him a better slot when it comes to speaking at the convention, and i'm kind of excited to see what he might bring to the table. >> does any of that matter? yeah, we can make a little bit of noise at the convention. it seems like at every convention there is somebody like this who does this. will he have any effect? >> during the debates, ron paul acted in tandem with mitt romney so much that some of the commentators called him mitt romney's wing man. and i think ron paul is an asset for romney because he brings a
7:41 pm
college campus cohort doesn't like war, and romney certainly doesn't appeal to him. and ron paul has his son's future in mind. so i think he is a positive for mitt romney, and i don't think he will be much of a star athe convention. he'll probably get a speech in -- if not prime time close to prime time, but that's about it. >> does that matter though a speech in prime time? we all know what ron paul has to say. >> it matters to one's ego, to one's ancestors, and he'll have bragging privileges for a good long while, and he can say he was the runner up in the primaries in 2012. >> right. >> but that's about it. >> that's where it stops. well, if that is about it i go to our next topic here which is that we talk about this election, where all of us -- maybe three of us glued to
7:42 pm
this election but -- there was a piece in rolling stone that calls this possibly the most boring presidential election ever. he says: is there -- i mean are we looking at this for -- with -- you know trying to hype something up that deserves no hype? i want you to look at some of the media coverage of this. ♪ >> well we had some big news from the campaign trail last hour. a new bloomberg poll shows mitt romney well ahead of president obama. >> it's six months from election day, and the battleground is shaping up. >> is all of this hype really warranted? >> i think if there is a number
7:43 pm
of ways to actually approach this kind of question. on one hand i hate the horse race political coverage that we see coming from the main stream media, but i hate it because i think that they choose to focus on the wrong things and they choose to focus on these polls that come out every day, and act like there is such a huge dichotomy, and such a huge difference between these candidates, and there isn't that much of a difference between these two candidates. and no one will come in on the white horse that will save us and wrap up these wars. i don't think it is boring. yes the media hypes it up but hype up the wrong stuff, and campaign coverage is easy and cheap. and then boom you are filling a bunch of air time. but to me it's actually kind of
7:44 pm
scary. you have two candidates that look more and more alike. you will always have the wedge issues on which they have difference or tax items which they will be different, so when you think about who is funding these politicians, it is all the same people. both the democrats and republicans are bought by wall street. mitt romney just has a couple of more dollars in the bank. so to me that's scary. >> understood. thank you both for joining us tonight in "the young turks." >> thank you. >> and when we come back noah wyle will be joining us right after this.
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♪ >> welcome back to "the young
7:48 pm
turks." noah wyle the actor on "falling skies" on tnt right now, also well-known for being on "er," slightly less known for being arrested. he was arrested with a group that protested in washington against medicaid cuts. noah wyle describes the whole experience as slightly surreal and i can only imagine that being arrested in washington for an "er" star is just something that is part of the norm since george clooney does it himself. thanks for being here with us. >> it's great to be here. >> tell us what brought you to washington in the first place? >> it started about a year ago with a conversation i had with a friend of mine who is part of the chicago chapter of adapt. he invited me to participate in the fund run they were having in d.c., which is subterfuge for
7:49 pm
the actions that usually take place the following day. so i said i would come and agreed to stand beside them and try to bring some attention to what is usually a very unsexy kind of issue. in this organization and the actions that they stage, usually don't garner that much media coverage either. >> did you know you were going to be arrested when you showed up? >> you know there is a strong possibility that you will be occupied the area and asked to leave, and you have a choice to leave, and you are given several choices to leave. and after the third warning, it was clear we weren't leaving. >> as you said it's not a sexy sort of fund-raising and appeal pic. i wonder if you could speak to what people said to you. these are a lot of vulnerable americans. >> sure. >> for a variety of reasons.
7:50 pm
>> sure. sometimes it's hard to fight your own fight. i looked at it and i said this isn't really a medical issue, this is a civil right's issue, because thee fight that they are fighting is for everybody who was planning on getting old, which applies to just about all of us. >> whether you plan or not. >> and it speaks to the largest question, what kind of social safety net do we want to provide? are we going to be the nation that forces them because of financial states into being institutionalized against their will. removing them from their loved ones and opportunities to contribute to society and hold jobs and everything else these people can do or figure out the other path which is allowing people to live in integrated accessible affordable housing, be part of their community and requiring home health care aid assistance a few hours a day,
7:51 pm
and lead totally functioning normal lives. >> and that is the work of adapt from start to finish. >> yes. >> what was in the ivs on the yard, because george clooney goes to washington he is there getting arrested with his dad, and now you go to washington. what should we expect next? >> i give george all of the credit in the world. he is an unbelievable human being, and walks the walk and talks the talk and he has my undying respect for that. but that being a medical drama, and dealing with issues that most americans were facing on a daily basis, we are constantly inundated by charities to try to lend support. so we all got politicized early on. not just george but -- anthony
7:52 pm
edwards has done huge work on behalf of an organization called cure autism now. all of us have done whatever we could do in the past especially if we knew somebody personally. >> you played steve jobs in a cult classic. did steve jobs have an influence on you as well? do you have any fun steve jobs stories to share. >> i only have one. which is i got to meet him after the movie aired. he called me up and asked me to impersonate him at a convention and i did. and it was a perfect sense of his style. he could have totally disavowed the movie and said he didn't like it and he didn't like it. [ laughter ] >> but if he brought me in as his own, he would benefit more
7:53 pm
from it. but he took me to dinner with his design team. and that was very cool. >> now i want t check in with eliot spitzer. you're not going to outguess me tonight, governor. >> you are right. tough competition tonight. we are going to be talking the ott of austerity. what happens, voters do not like the austerity of the far-right politicians and hopefully that will transplait into better economic policies as well. plus james fallows giving us commentary about 2012 and economic issues from around the world. >> governor sounds like a really great show. bernie sanders is always entertaining. everybody should be watching "viewpoint" right after "the young turks" tonight at 8:00 eastern time. when we come back rick
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santorum's midnight letter with his endorsement of mitt romney. ♪ you're all i have ever wanted my arms are open wide ♪ ♪
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