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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 24, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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's choice and that he will be looking to do something, say -- i was astonished when he said the other day that he thought dick cheney was a good model. >> interesting stuff. i am telling you. i'm sorry. we have to go. what a delight it has been having you onset. vice president al gore, thank you for spending an hour. thanks to all of you for coming inside the war room. we will see you tomorrow night. ♪ [ theme music ] ♪ >> welcome to "the young turks." guess what we have. of course, new zimmerman tapes. >> this new video showing zimmerman a bandage on his head walking in the police station. >> but that story is a little bit more complicated than you might realize. things going in both directions in that case.
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we'll tell you all about it. and african american hitting the miami beach over the weekend. maybe as many as 350,000. the cops want to head them right into prison. >> they have a plan on how they are going to tackle this weekend, and the kinds of things that they are going to do. >> is there a quota to arrest 2,000 people over the weekend? we'll talk about that too. that's a really interesting charge. and finally what hand if a country does the exact opposite of the u.s. education system. >> the 11-year-old, french is not their second, but their third language. >> that story is amazing. wait until you find out what they are doing, who they are and where they finish. it's go time! ♪
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all right. oh it's a new day in america so of course we have a new zimmerman tape. this one is three days after he is arrested. it's a little amazing about how he seems to be lollygagging through police headquarters. he is taking a stroll unescorted. the attorney for martin's family shows that he has a cozy and comfortable relationship with the police. there you see the bandage on his head. that's fascinating, but wait. it takes twists and turns. george zimmerman had done a ride-along with the cops. right afterwards he came out and strongly criticized them. that's interesting. let's tin to that. >> i also have had the
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opportunity to take ride alongs with the police department, and what i saw was disgusting. the officer showed me his favorite hiding spots for taking naps explained to me he doesn't carry a long gun in his vehicle, because in his words anything that requires a long gun, requires a lot of paperwork and you are going to find me far away from it. >> the way he describes it being a cop over there sounds pretty fun. but that's not the only time the zimmerman criticized the local police in sanford. there was an incident in december of 2010 where a homeless man was beat up by the police chief's son. there is a tape of that on youtube, watch it. [ censor bleep ] [ shouting ]
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[ censor bleep ] >> what are you doing? >> stop it! >> now since he was the police chief's son, shockingly enough he was not arrested for weeks on end. but george zimmerman apparently was very upset about that and went to local black churches and put up fliers about a community meeting. and we have audio from that as well. >> would just like to stay that the law is written in black and white, it should not and cannot be enforced in the gray for those that are in the thin blue line. i would like to know what action the commission intends on making in order to repeal mr. tooley's pension. i believe that he has already forfeited his pension by his illegal cover up and corruption
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in what happened in his department. >> that's some pretty harsh criticism, but that police chief wound up stepping down because of that controversy, and we got a new one in bill lee. and it turns out that bill lee was teaching at the same community college that george zimmerman was taking classes. he said he had no contact with george zimmerman, but now we have an email where zimmerman actually wrote into them. i have high hopes for and restored faith in your administration and the sanford police department in his entirety. there his relationship seems to be much, much better, and bill lee is the one that made the decision not to arrest zimmerman in the first place. was race involved in we're not sure, but there is another story in florida today where it appears that race is most certainly involved.
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there is this event called urban beach week where about 300 to 350,000 african american is expected to show up and the police chief put out a quota to his local cops saying you must arrest 2,000 people this weekend. they haven't even done anything wrong yet. >> the details come from the police department saying there will be an arrest of 2000 people. >> the police chief can deny it, but i have seen it in writing. they have a plan on how they are going to tackle this weekend and the kinds of things that they are going to do. >> and some say what they are going to do, shutting down streets, swarming the beach with patrols, showing zero tolerance
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for alcohol. the aclu has sent this letter to the chief and city, saying: >> you bet it does if you plan to arrest people before they even did anything wrong yeah that's got constitutional problems. even if you ignore the race element it has normal constitutional problems. professional tricia rose from brown university joins us now to talk about this case. >> thank you for joining me. professor rose is there a pattern here or is this two separate cases or is it like when it's the trayvon martin case the assumption was even though the victim was black let's do the criminal background check on him, and then the same
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with south beach. >> there are huge distinctions between these two cases, but there are profound continuities. the continuities are that police forces around the country have for a very long time now been criminalizing particularly young black communities. that is not in any way an exception. you have new york unprecedented stop and frisk policies, where in a neighbor like brownsville brooklyn 93 -- every 93 out of a hundred residents have been stopped and frisked. there are unbelievable kinds of additional surveillance and unconstitutional stops but this also means that it -- it produces the idea that blacks are simply more criminal. so if you were to arrest as many white college students as sort
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of poor black urban commune tease you would find just as much pot and what you find is that targeting supports the idea that blacks are criminals. there are huge distinctions between these two cases but that practice is a significant continuity. >> isn't this miami beach case a perfect example, that of course the head of police is denying it, but the union said, hey, our guys got notices, the union was also complaining because it is not fair to the cops that you make them arrest people when they don't know that they have done anything wrong. but isn't that the perfect case in other weekends it is not necessarily quotas, it's an urban beach weekend and all of a sudden there is a quota. >> yes i'm on the one hand happy that they are willing to expose this, although this can't
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be the first time there has been this kind of thing and i would like the police unions to be much more responsible in coming forth, but this is is a little bit of a beef between the union and the administration, and the city. but there's no question -- >> that's interesting. >> yeah, all of a sudden the police are worried about justice for african american citizens, i mean -- in florida? not exactly a long history of evidence for that. >> all right. that's interesting. all right. well we'll have to see how it develops. my guess is they are going to be a little bit lighter on the touch now. >> honestly i think it will be similar. i think what they will do is reduce this idea of numbers, but once you have the kind of presence they are talking about, and the type of anxiety, frustration, and history i think you will see very similar numbers. >> all right. professor rose, thank you.
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>> thank you cenk. >> president obama has quite often agreed with the republicans on issues. how has that worked out for him? we'll show you. >> this represents the kind of bipartisan action we should be taking in washington. >> now there >>(narrator) don't miss this week's the gavin newsom show with special guest guy kawasaki and dylan ratigan. >>steve jobs was many things but he was not a politician.
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the characters that are actually living these stories. >>the award winning series "vanguard" new episodes coming soon. only on current tv. ♪ all right. we are back on "the young turks." you know president obama has an inclination to want to appear by partisan quite often. one of the times he did that was to reach out to the republicans and say we should do more offshore oil drilling. remember this? >> today we're announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration, but in ways that balance the need to harness domestic energy resources and the need to protect america's natural resources.
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we'll employ new technologies that reduce the impacted of oil exploration. we'll protect areas that are vital to tourism, the environment, and our national protection. that's why my administration will consider potentials of areas in the mid- and south atlantic and then the gulf of mexico. >> then what happened? >> this happened? >> coast guard workers spent the day searching for oil workers have a huge explosion happened. it came out of nowhere and left several workers critically injured. and the vigil is on again tonight. >> after he agreed with the republicans we have teletransocean disaster, and all of a sudden he is responsible.
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now recently on april 5th they signed the jobs act. this was also so bipartisan. it passed the house 390 to 23. and the senate vote was -- >> this bill represents the kind of bipartisan action we should be taking in washington to help our economy. the true creation of jobs is the private sector, not the government. our job is to help our companies grow and hire. that's why i pushed for this bill and why i know the bipartisan group of legislatures here pushed for this bill, that's why i have cut taxes for small businesses over 17 times. that's why every day i'm fighting to make sure america is the best place on earth to do business. >> so what did the jobs act do? it deregulated ipos.
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less than two months later this happened. >> the massachusetts attorney general has issued a subpoena as to what one analyst might have been telling the institutional clients at morgan stanley about the prospects for facebook. >> oh, it turns out deregulating ipos not a good idea. in this case it doesn't apply to facebook, because it was for ipo under a billion dollars, but if they ran scams on that public situation, and yesterday we told you how they are being sued by massachusetts, and the sec is looking into it and they are being sued by all of these shareholders and morgan stanley might have made over a million dollars betting against its own stack. you think they won't do it when no one is looking?
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this whole idea of regulating yourself is ridiculous. the federal reserve in about a thousand times that it has taken action when the banks have done something wrong, it -- only seven of those instances did they do it without the bank's consent. that means overwhelming number of times the banks are like, you want us to get a slap on the wrist. fine we consent. they are not really challenging them. by the way the banks own the federal reserve they are on the board of the federal reserve, but we have a bipartisan agreement we should leave the system alone. now when you look at federal reserve general counsel and his explanation, i love this, he says quote:
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in other words they don't even have to say we did anything wrong. they just give a tiny percentage of the money that they took in that scam and give it back to the feds and pat them on the head. no formal admission or anything else. but we have by partisan agreement that that is a wonderful system. when jpmorgan had this $2 billion loss which now turns out might be a $7 billion loss he is like we told you should be regulating these guys, not deregulating them. and jamie dimon sits on the board of the new york federal reserve. what kind of sense does that make. i love this quote by him. asking for dimon to be removed. he says how do you sit on a board which approves $390 billion of low-interest loans to yourself. who in america thinks that makes
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sense. well i have an answer for you. both of the political parties. they are doing the right thing trying to stop that. but the new york federal reserve is all made up of bankers. should we lend ourselves billions and trillions of dollars worth of money at low interest? agreed. but the economy crashes in 2008 but everybody else is fine. speaking of agreement, i love these two facts. so, you know, the jpmorgan is a disaster, as i just told you. don't worry, the senate is investigating it. and there is a staff director who is in charge of the senate banking committee. his name happens to be dwight fetting. you know what he used to do? he was a jpmorgan lobbyist.
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you know how much he made? $448,225 a year before. he is getting paid nearly a half million dollars by jpmorgan to be their lobbyist and he goes in to investigate them. but we have bipartisan agreement that these guys have done nothing wrong. and you have spencer baucus. he is the head of the finance commit fee for the republicans. he said their job is to serve the banks. at least he is honest about it. he also said you know what this loss -- i believe they are one of the most profitable financial institutions in the country, and unless the facts with different franchise from what we have heard there is no risk to depositors or taxpayers, they remain a very profitable, viable institution. don't worry everybody, the republicans and the democrats agree, jpmorgan rocks! especially when they are
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gambling with your money. do you know that? the depositors, that's the money they take and gamble with. they lost $2 billion, and then it turns out it might be $7 billion maybe even more. but don't worry the tax players will safe us. but the republicans and democrats agree, this system is awesome. don't worry about a thing. when you hear bipartisanship you hear the rest of the media praising it. when i hear it, i think oh, no, watch out for your wallet. they are coming for it. and when we come back we are always told our system is number 1 in education, and mitt romney has an fromming plan to fix our education, by the way by doing nothing, but we'll tell you what might be the best educational system in the world. >> kids are getting a third-world education. and america's minority children
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suffer the most. this is the civil right's issue of our erarararararararararararararararararararararararararararararara >>(narrator) eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>you just have to conclude that the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) independent unflinching, and above all politically direct.
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>>the gavin newsom show is a search engine for solutions, and that's the focus. we want to focus on solutions and ways of bringing people together. that's the only way we're going to solve the world's great vexing problems. >>(narrator) the gavin newsom show friday at 11 eastern/8 pacific on current tv. ♪ >> we're back on "the young turks." mitt romney thinks that he has got an answer to our education problems. in fact he says that he is very concerned about the education system.
7:26 pm
let's watch. >> here we are the most prosperous nation on earth but millions of our kids are getting a third-world education, and america's minority children suffer the most. this is the civil rights issue of our era. >> oh, please, give me your cock crocodile tears. he claiming to be caring a lot about the minority children in this country. what was his plan for education anyhow? he told -- at a fund raiser done fors in florida quote perhaps i would take the department of education a heck of a lot smaller. he is saying education is so important, he told funders, yeah i might not get rid of it entirely but i'm going to hack away at the department of
7:27 pm
education. but he does have a plan. shockingly. >> i'm going to give the parents of every low-income, and special needs student the chance to choose where their child goes to school. for the first time in history, federal education funds will be linked to the student so that parents can second their child to any public or charter school of their choice. >> now this is an old republican trick. if we just prioritize everything would be great. the problem is the public schools, et cetera. but there is actually a study done of math and signs according to the organization for economic development, and we didn't do so well but another country did. let me show you china and korea number 1 and two, finland is number 2. usa is number 24.
7:28 pm
normally we say we're number 1! saying we're number 24! is not that great. and then math one, china two finland again, three korea. number 32 is usa. come on science. we'll kick ass in science. no. we are ranked number 30. once again 30 is not a great chant. a lot of people might not be surprised to see china and korea there, but the one country that kept popping up that might surprise people is finland. they don't allow any private schools. all of the kids, rich or poor or in the middle have to go to public schools. interesting. here is a report from the bbc on the finish system. >> to the 11 year olds french is
7:29 pm
not their second but their third language and when they are 13 they must know four. their effortless ease is achieving education students here spend the least hours in the classroom per week. their system success is build upon the idea of less can be more. when you have relaxed schools free from politicians when nobody gets left behind. >> the story of the finish schools is amazing. and here is anu partanen, he is wrote about it for the atlantic which i thought was a brilliant article. let's see what finland did so change the system in the 1970s? >> when finland started, there
7:30 pm
was a long debate in finland on how to reform the system and before that it didn't produce great results. and what finland decided to do is have one unified school system for everyone and the aim of the finish reform was to build a school that would even out social inequalities, so it wasn't really talking about excellent achievement it was more how can we build a school that will give all of the children the same opportunities regardless of where they live or how wealthy their parents are, and one of the ways to do it was to build a school system that is the same everywhere, that has teachers that all have been educated well in finland you have to have a master's degree to be able to teach in schools, so all of these teachers have gone through the same education,
7:31 pm
and finland felt that the school should be looked at as a whole not just a place where you put information into students heads so it created a system around the schools which includes free meals, psychologist, help like that, inside the school. and there's an extensive tutoring system inside the school. the idea is all kids get the same help. >> i thought i am an american i can't help it. i'm like of course there has to be competition in the system and go for excellence and have rigorous testing and many hours of studying. in finland they don't even test the kids. how in the world as you are going for equality, how did you
7:32 pm
wind up getting an excellent anyway? >> i think in finland it really starts with the teachers. i'm often quite amazed around the discussion of teachers in america. in finland the thinking is first of all you have to select the right teachers to become a teacher. after that they are highly trained, and once they come out of the university system then you just get out of their way which in finland results to the fact that the schools are very independent, the teachers are very independent, the government doesn't watch over their shoulder the way they do here in america. it's not that hard to be a teacher in certain states as i understand it. in texas you can take a three-month online course to become a teacher. but afterwards there is a lot of money spent on keeping teachers accountable.
7:33 pm
finland does test the children. we're not complete hippies. but the tests are created by the teacher. so the idea is that there are no standardized tests that would be the same for everyone and pushed on the school from the outside, the school itself created the tests and values the students. >> so now -- yeah i'm glad you corrected that. i meant standardized testing. and you would be surprised how easy it is to get any job in texas. you should see who they hand their governor ship to. i have one theory on this, my sense is when you put everybody in the same classes, poor, rich et cetera and you don't allow them to -- an escape hatch to go to private schools et cetera that everybody gets invested in the system and they all have to pull it up everything.
7:34 pm
if you had bill gate's and everybody's kids in the same system they would pour a lot of money into the public system. >> absolutely. and that's the advantage that they see different kinds of students in a classroom and get to know them. >> all right, anu partanen thank you so much for joining us on "the young turks." really appreciate it. >> thank you. when we come back republicans are trying to reach out to latino voters. good luck with that. but we'll talk to a conservative who might have a different opinion on it. but also latinos are running an ad saying, we're not buying it.
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we have an excellent power panel for you guys. but katrina on twitter wrote in about finland's education system she made a point that many people make it's easy for finland because they have a home genius society. but right next to them is norway they developed the privatize and competition model that we have disastrous. they are near the bottom. so i just wanted everybody to be clear on that. now i'm going to bring in my excellent the nationally syndicated political talk radio and tv program "the david pakman show" . furthermore, commentator for a number of
7:39 pm
newspapers and websites, including aol and "the root magazine." it's great to have both of you guys here. i want to start with the issue of can the gop make a case for latinos? i'm going to wish them luck on that. right now they are getting hammered obama 61 romny 27. and there's a new super pac that is called pac-plus it's a pro latinos super pac running this ad against mitt romney in arizona. let's watch. >> great businessman, good guy. ♪ >> publicly i'm here to endorse mitt romney. >> focus on the very poor, that's not my purpose. >> that's a pretty powerful ad
7:40 pm
right now romney has a 50-43 lead in arizona. we'll see how that turns out. let me start with you it appears for republicans to make a case we're really pro latinos given the harsh rhetoric out there on immigration? >> they are going to have to move away from looking at illegal immigration and the imhumane they are dealing with the issue and focus on the economy and education when it comes to latino voters. if they can stick with that, they can perhaps show how innovators can get back into the work house and reform from the states down and not necessarily from the top down can help make a difference from these latino families. if they are focused on inlegal immigration and the imhumane
7:41 pm
ways of dealing with immigration, they are going to stay stuck in this rut. >> i agree. david can there be a case more we're going to bring more jobs to latinos? >> yeah, well the point lennie is making about jobs if the job creation wasn't based on lower taxes for the rich and mitt romney's so-called success at bain capital. the only latino vote that will consider voting for romney is cubans. >> all right. is nancy pelosi too conservative? it seems like a funny thing to say, but in reality she has just proposed legislation saying -- make the tax cut
7:42 pm
permanent for everybody earning under a million dollars. david let me start with you on this one. i look at it and go my god i don't want to do that. that costs 43% of revenue. >> you can make under that proposal $975,000 a year about 23 times the average per capita income in the us. if you make 23 times the average per capita, you are not going to buy 23 times as much food, buy 23 times as many houses. it's not stimulus spending. it's not a good idea. >> i feel the political spectrum has moved so far to the right, i can't believe we have nancy pelosi making the argument that we should have permanent tax
7:43 pm
cuts for people makes $999,000 a year. >> this is something that may be constituency driven. she went out of her way to get the concessions for obamacare as well. however, in 2012 the presidency is on the line, both side unfortunately are playing politics to try to trap the other into sound bites that can be used in the election season. i don't know if this is necessarily a real strategy or something that can be used for fodder once we get to the conventions. >> all right. you are absolutely right that there are politics involved here. and she is trying to get boehner to vote against middle class tack cuts. but if we extend the bush tax cuts again it cost us $850 billion. >> it's kind of hard to do
7:44 pm
unless you can show a way where those tax cuts will go back into the economy and create jobs. if you can't do that, then it is a lot about tax cuts for the rich. they have to be reinvested repatrioted and move forward from here. >> and you know that that can't be done, cenk. giving tax cuts to the rich creates no demand. >> we tried it for ten years and lost about a million jobs. all right. thank you guys for joining us. >> thanks cenk god bless. >> you too. as we get closer to memorial day, there are scams about veterans. an unbelievable story about that when we return. >> m&ms sent one veteran's group more than 11,000 of these bags,
7:45 pm
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♪ all right. we are back on "the young turks." i want to tell you about something rare that the senator is doing right the chair of the finance committee for the democrats, as you can tell oftentimes i don't agree with him. but here he is doing god's work. he is looking into the disabled veteran's national foundation. this group has received $55.9 million in donations. you want to know how much went to direct help for veterans? $0.00. it's shocking. there is a long-standing group called the disabled american veterans. these guys started in 2007 and
7:49 pm
in order to -- you know, do this veneer of legitimacy, they send like 2600 bags of cough drops to veterans 11,000520 bags of coconut m&ms. the worst is they would send used blankets. whatever they get for free they are willing to send over but the rest they keep. it's really a very disturbing story. mary is a retired english professor. let's listen to her. >> when you are talking about millions of dollars that people are doing by grabbing money from people who don't have it. >> reporter: who believe out of the goodness out of their own heart that they are giving money
7:50 pm
to -- >> a worthy cause. >> charity watch gives this group an f. and cnn actually did a very good investigation on this story and they found the head of the organization and this amusing interaction ensued. >> you are the ones from cnn -- this is for veterans of foreign wars i didn't believe you would do something like this. >> none of the money has gone to any veterans. ma'am? >> what she said was not true. they tried to track her down over and over. we called her, emailed her, and through the organization today and shockingly enough no response. didn't see that coming. now we're going to bring on dan yell who is the president of charity watch and his job is to
7:51 pm
track these folks. let me ask you about this particular group. is this as bad as it gets? >> yeah, it's pretty bad. there are other groups that behave like this but i want to comment on that piece. because she is the president of the organization. she should be wanting to sing from the mountain tops the praises of the charity she is president of. she doesn't even want to talk about it. that tells you something, right? >> yeah, the old blankets told me enough. >> yeah. >> the $0 going to veterans told me enough. >> yeah, they get stuff distributed for -- they get it for free and then give it out and then put it on their finances to look good so people think that they are doing something, and what makes it really hard for the public is the finances look like they are okay, but if you drill down on
7:52 pm
it, you can see that it is not. they are wasting our charitable dollars. >> so daniel is this a common thing for veterans groups? >> yeah. it's very popular to wrap yourself in the american flag, and say you want to help needy veterans. we all care about needy veterans even if we are against the wars. it's easy pick. like in a disastrous scenario everyone wants to throw money at the red cross, and if somebody presends to be with the red cross and raises money, they can go to jail for six months. but with veteran's groups you can get away with it. it's a national disgrace because it's hundreds of millions of dollars that could go to help needy veterans is being wasted and squandered by
7:53 pm
these charities. >> and it makes people more reluctant to donate to veteran's groups or other groups. so how do people find out if the group is reputable. >> at we have our top rated charities, and we go to great length to scrutinize their finances. we give ratings just like in school, a to f. and you really got to find out what is going on when you give because unfortunately you could be wasting your charitable money. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> sure. >> john fugelsang is up next with "viewpoint." john what is on the program tonight? >> good evening, cenk we're talk about governor romney
7:54 pm
because the only man who could not beat obama is the man who could not beat obama in 2008. >> i loved the way you framed that. >> his campaign is so exciting i'm going to buy a pair of khakis without pleats. >> woe! >> we have some great guests coming on the show. >> all right. fantastic, everybody check that out next. when we come back the online comedians decided to fight back against a republican politician in texas. i love that. who is going to
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
>>(narrator) eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>you just have to conclude that the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) independent unflinching, and above all politically direct. all right.
7:57 pm
we're back on the ublock. congress messed with the net and now the internet is messing with them back. people have formed the test pac and they decided they are going to run an ad against the sponsor of sopa. >> when you were sworn in you were entrusted to represent the people of texas, instead we are watching you attempt to censor the internet. we are the voting majority and now we will vote against you, mr. smith, this the republican primary. >> test pac read it internet you go get 'em! but they are not alone. fight for our future has taken out this billboard. get it like don't mess with texas. we're coming for you
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