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tv   Full Court Press  Current  May 25, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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not a celebrity. back to the drawing board. at this point kimberly disappeared and we didn't see her again. celebrities, is she with you? theme ♪♪ ♪ >> good morning, everybody. it's friday, may 25th. welcome to the full-court press here on current tv. good to see you this morning. thank you so much for joining us. lots to talk about as we head into the memorial day weekend. and let's start right here. you thought he went away? uh-uh. donald trump is back putting himself right in the middle of
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republican primary season. he now says he wants to start his own anti-obama super pack. he wants to give a prime time speech at the republican convention and he thinks he would be the best vice presidential candidate with mitt romney. yes, yes yes is all i have to say. i endorse donald trump for mitt romney's running mate. go, only doed. let's start out with our current news update. out in los angeles, we say good morning to jacki schechner. jacki, good morning. >> good morning, bill. good morning, everyone. mit romney has turned his attention from the economy to education to round out the week in his political report to venture into west philadelphia yesterday. one of his first attempts to campaign in an inner city fell flat as the audience of a charter school pushed back. >> schools the highest performing in the world, their
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classroom sizes are about the same as in the united states. so it's not the classroom size that's driving the success of those school systems. >> if you have small classes in those primary years, those most important years, that's what makes the difference. >> outside the venue philadelphia mayor mike wimer nutter criticized mit romt romney for being out of touch with inner city voters. the latest abc news poll took a look at the presidential race and found struggling middle class white voters chose romney when asked who would do more to add advance their familiar victories. non-white voters gave the president a lead. obama lost his -- excuse me -- constituency in 2008, kerry and gore had similar results in
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2000. last night mitt romney in a strangely tone-deaf move went back to his bain capital roots at the chocolate hill mals of john knaugaton who is a managing director of the equity firm. we will be right back with bill press a direct line to bill press. >>it's something i've been waiting for a long time. >>join the debate now. i have the most common type of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but my doctor put me on pradaxa instead to reduce my risk of stroke. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate) reduced stroke risk 35% better than warfarin. and unlike warfarin, with pradaxa, there's no need for regular blood tests.
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♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! ♪ vanguard: the documentary series that redefined tv journalism. >>we're going to places where few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! "vanguard" new episodes coming soon. only on current tv. ♪♪ >> broadcasting across the nation on your radio, and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> hey, what do you say, everybody? happy memorial day weekend. it is friday. ♪ halleal hallelujah. >> may 25th. >> alleluia. >> our favorite day around the bill press show ♪ alleluia. >> and the full court press and
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your favorite day, too. good soto see you. we have a lot going on here. heading into this memorial day weekend, we will end it with a bang and with a lot of important news stories to talk about before we get there. great to see you. thank you so much for joining us. the full court press on your local progressive talk radio station. god bless them. on sirius xm and your new morning show on current tv good to have you all together here this morning to talk about the issues of the day and what's happening here in our nation's capitol, around the country and around the globe and taking your calls, getting you involved in the conversation, giving you a chance to express your point of view at 866-55-press. 8665577377. good day today. and we have a whole team assembled here for one final show this week. >> this is it. this is the final show? >> this week.
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>> this week. i hear you. who knows. >> who knows. >> we might get that call later today and say it's the final show. >> it depends upon how crazy a memorial day the party is. >> that's true. hello, guys. have you been good? >> do we get to fire up the grill today? >> i think we should. >> do you want to fire up the grill? i am not sure. >> i am ready. i have brought in burgers. >> here is the thing. >> when you have a grill -- because i see it over there in the corner. you can't see it on the screen. maybe we can put a little lighter fluid on it a little bit. >> yeah. >> put a little more on there. >> yeah. >> because it's cool. >> yeah. it's the first one of the season. maybe a few more. >> yeah. >> do you have the matches? >> yeah. >> get the matches. got it. all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> yeah. still not working there? >> no. >> okay. hey, there we go. we got a fire going. >> happy memorial day.
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it's the inaugural lighting of the grill. we can now officially start. >> so funny. >> children. >> now, i have a question for you: what's your favorite zoo peter? >> my favorite zoo? the one in washington, d.c. is very nice. >> okay. >> the national zoo. >> not oxford maryland? >> no. >> cyprian, what's your favorite zoo. >> national zoo. >> sip ran's eyebrows burned off by the grill. >> you don't know zoos. if you want to know zoos, here is the thing. all right. so you get in a speaker -- former speaker of the house of representatives. you get in a former presidential candidate who is probably still a vice presidential candidate, one of the leading republicans in your country in your studio on your show to talk about the issues of the day, and what do you ask him about? here is chris matthews with newt
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gingrich last night in one of the most bizarre interviews ever on national television. >> i love the national world. i love animals whether they are, you know, out in the wild. i love animals in zoos. >> going to make news. best zoo in the country san diego. for big animals. if you take the wild animal park. it's huge. >> that's the best animal. favorite animal to go watch. >> favorite animal to watch? hard to say. maybe elephants. just remarkable. i show you a picture. do you like the reptile house? why do you like the reptile house? >> they are successful. they do it in a totally different way we do and they have been successful. >> favorite snake. >> sfafrt snake? >> probably a pythonfavorite snake? >> probably a python. >> a constrictor. >> you like the constrictor aspect of it?
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>> they eat cows whole. >> what about a mambo? they go 30 miles an hour, attack your nervous system. they attack like this. >> you have awe more ruthless approach than i do. >> like the black mamba. >> i thought he would like a sloth. >> welcome to mutual of omaha. i am your host chris matthews. >> you would have to say the monkey house has to be the favorite ort gorillas. >> the showstopper. >> nothing wrong with elephant did. elephants are smart creatures. >> compared to who? >> i am entertained by them. >> newt gingrich go watch the elephants. >> monkeys stop. >> throw stuff at each other, you know, and they look so much like us and an elephant does not look like us. >> well, i mean it depends upon who you are comparing it to. an elephant sort of looks like newt gingrich.
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>> there are certain similarities. >> so bizarre. those two deserve each other. chris matthews and newt gingrich. they look like each other. >> they are starting to look a lot alike. >> so do we have a cover today? first of al, daniel stone from the daily beast is going to be here as a friend of bill. we will also talk to one of the leaders of nasa because today is the day that space x hooks up. right. >> yeah. >> with the space station. as soon as that happens, we will is have one of the heads of nasa on the show this morning. we are also going to barbecue and beer before the end of the show. a brewmaster coming in with samples. >> assuming we don't burn the studio down with the grill. >> so if you are anywhere near the studio just come on in for a beer. >> all right. >> i wouldn't go that far. and some disturbing on the sirius necessary, disturbing new
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finding in the trayvon martin case but first: >> this is the full court press. >> well, on this friday some other headlines making news folks at the daily caller have pulled one out, a good one out if the from the department of bright ideas the conservative websites plans to give away a gun a week until election day. the atlantic reporting the contest doesn't target any specific issue, only that a large number of their readers love guns. they are giving away 23 9 mil midnight meter fmk pistols through november 6th. >> tucker carlson's worst idea, a gun nut. if one of those guns is used in commission of a crew krierm "the daily caller" is going to be up to their ass in law soots. tucker, you are out of your freaking month. >> ocho cinko took to youtube to
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rant after his car was broken into. his license, credit card and ipod were stolemen but more important was his starbucks gold card. it gets heated saying you know how many copies i have had to drink and lemon loaf? $220 in credits left on the card aol now reporting that starbucks saw the video and has offered the fwoobt player arrest free replacement card. >> what's the gold card. >> rewards program and you have to buy so many copies and lemon loafs to get>> what's the gold card. >> rewards program and you have to buy so many copies and lemon loafs to get to get the gold card, for their top-tier customers. what can you do with it? >> you get discounts over time. >> okay. >> i very seldom go into starbucks so i wouldn't know. >> you wouldn't want one. >> i don't want one. >> unless all theed lemon loaf. >> and another newspaper -- sounds delicious. >> another newspaper is making a
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big change to keep up with the times. the new orleans times picayune will now only blood pressure three days a week starting this fall. >> they might as well go out of business you don't want a daily paper every other day. >> it's ridiculous. >> >>. >> so what are you goat going to get? on wednesday? monday's? >> focus their contents online. >> they should shut down the print paper. >> that's where newspapers are going. >> my favorite part of this story. >> times picuyne. it's a great paper. >> my favorite part of the story sums up new orleans as a whole. there are a lot of pictures out online this morning after they got the news yesterday of the entire newspaper staff at the bars last night holding up the page that says times picayune shifting to a digital platform,
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drinking their asses off. >> let's go to bourbon street. >> thank you, dan. yes, indeed we talked a lot about the trayvon martin case but not for a long time. not since george zimmerman was brought into court and charged with second degree murder. he is out now awaiting trial, of course. but remember how shocked we all were when we heard the news about three weeks after it happened f trayvon martin's parents hadn't kept up the pressure and put up their website, we in never have heard about the 17-year-old kid coming home from a 7-11 with a bag of skittles for his little brother and with a can of ice tea and pursued by vigilante zellot george miller manalot
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george miller man. zimmerman says he did it in self defense. hardly worth believing but the cops believed it and did nothing until pressure built up. the justice department is investigating whether it's a hate crime and the state prosecutor took the indicates over from the from the sanford police department after the sanford police chief stepped down. they blew it. no doubt about it. but then, right after that happened, the right-wingers, fox news and others started coming up with this caca saying trayvon martin started this fight. george zimmerman was doing his job. oh, it must have been trayvon who stabbed george zimmerman because nobody who was a vigilante -- he had called the cops. so he had done his ignoring the fact that george zimmerman did call the police department for like the 50th time this year to
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report somebody he thought was suspicious, most being young black men overlooking the fact george zimmerman was told by the police department police department not to get out of his vehicle, not to pursue trayvon martin, that that was their job. they thanked him for the tip and said we will be on it. instead, he disobeyed police orders, got out of the car, had a gun, which he was not supposed to have as part of the neighborhood watch. you know, the facts remind me to put it in context as to what we know now and she hadding shedding some light -- shedding some light on maybe why the police department didn't act against george zimmerman. it turns out first of all, his father -- we knew this. his father was active in local law enforcement and was buddy-buddy with the police chief so george zimmerman was pretty well known. now we know that zimmerman, himself, even though he had a criminal record and was accused
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of felony assault including against a couple of women but including assaulting a police officer with a criminal record george zimmerman was taken outdo ride-along did with members of the sanford police department. >> that's bad enough. but then most shocking is a video that the orlando sentinel just got a hold of that shows george zimmerman at the sanford police department walking around inside just strolling around inside the police department. get this unescorted, on his own, three days after he shot and killed trayvon martin. sot this guy was like the pet of the police department. i mean you try. you try walking into a police department and just wander around from room to room. you know, say hello to people and everything. you wouldn't get to first base.
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zimmerman was able to do that because they knew that because he was their buddy-buddy. on top of that, four witnesses have now changed their story to say they thought they heard or they thought they saw trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman beating him up. now they have changed their story to say it was george zimmerman who was the agressor on top of trayvon martin it was just more and more evidence that george zimmerman acted and started this confrontation, more and more evidence particularly that the sanford police department did not do its job. and more and more evidence that george zimmerman had better spend a lot of time maybe the rest of his life, behind bars. 866-55-press. 866-557-7377. i think the facts in this case are obvious from the beginning. it just makes me so angry to
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hear all these defenders of george zimmerman saying, hey, you know, understand the stand your ground law, he knew what he was doing. he acted in self defense, only in self defense. trayvon martin attacked him because there was some marijuana in trayvon martin's blood. that proves he was up to no good. no, it doesn't. the more we learn about this case, the more guilty george zimmerman looks, which he is. we will talk about the latest, 866557377 on friday, may 25th. >> on your radio on t.v., the bill press show new on current tv. ♪ >>steve jobs was many things but he was not a politician.
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it's go time. >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the guys in the middle class the guys in the lower end got screwed again. >>i think you know which one we're talking about. the overwhelming majority of the country says"tax the rich, don't go to war." >>just wanted to clarify that. ♪
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>> this is the bill press show. >> all right. 25 minutes after the hour. how about this lathingest news? taking your calls in the trayvon martin case. this crossed on the wires this morning. there is a new show opening up at trump's international hotel in las vegas next tuesday. are you ready for this? >> yeah. >> appearing together donald trump, newt gingrich, and mitt romney, all three of them on stage together at trump's international -- neck tuesday. >> you are joking. >> no, i am not joking. in vegas honest to god. it's a new show called "the three losers". >> will it be a burlesque show? >> what is romney thinking to appear on the stage.
3:26 am
>> trump, i get. what is romney thinking? >> i don't know. the latest in the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman obviously a pal, a pet a buddy of the sanford police department, the latest convictedvideo shows walking around the police department inside the police department unescorted, just slowing around 3 days after he shot and killed trayvon martin. beverly calling. >> good morning. good morning, morning bill. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> about 22,000 registered watch groups nationwide and zimmerman is not -- i repeat -- not a registered member of the group. i want to know how come the media is not talking about that. i found that on abc's website. it says regardless of what vocation that they -- location
3:27 am
that they patrol, the message is, you never carry a gun. >> i know that. i made that point several times on the show, beverly. yeah, but first of all, he was a member of the sanford neighborhood watch. the police department works with them and told them you are not supposed to -- you are not to be armed. right? they give him a brochure that tells them all of the points that, you know, what you do, what you don't doe. it clearly says you are not to carry a weapon. he was going on rides with them. he was learning all of their tricks. and that's what he wanted. he saw himself, you know, as he was just a -- he was a law enforcement zealot. he went over the line out of
3:28 am
the way, carried a gun when he shouldn't have and attacked this kid when he shouldn't have. throw the book at him. >> this is the bill press show.
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♪♪ ♪ >> heard around the country and seen on current tv this is the bill press show. >> 33 minutes after the hour, friday may 25th, memorial day weekend starts today. this is the full court press coming to you live all across this grand land and brought to you by ulico incorporated serving the union workplace for more than 80 years, providing specialty insurance, investment
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products and services. to find out more go to their website, president obama out in des moines jed after he visited -- after he visited a solar manufacturing plant at -- in newton, iowa, went to des moines for a campaign stop where he really picked up the bain capital issue again and said look. here is the point. creating wealth for investors does not prepare you to be president of the united states. >> there may be value for that kind of experience, but it's not in the white house. >> no matter what cory booker said, he is not backing away from bain capital and all of the jobs that were lost when mit romney was head of bain capital. we wanted to find out more about it. and nobody knows better than people who work for the companies that mitt romney shut down. one of them was american pad and
3:34 am
paper, randy johnson, a former mpad employee who joins us on the news line this morning. randy, thanks for getting up early for us this morning. >> no problem, bill. glad to be on. >> so your plant was out in marion indiana. correct? >> that's correct. >> bane took over the plant or came in and put some money into the plant. and then what happened? >> well, let's back it up just a little bit. >> okay. >> bane purchased mpad. they made it a subsidiary of their whole network, so to speak. >> yeah. >> they bought that in 1992. they spent 5 million out of their pocket borrowed 35 million from banks, institutions, so forth, to launch this company or make it johninger. >> that's the way they always try to talk about it. what happened was they immediately started charging fees, one company to another, over $2 million the first year and then the second year, they did the same thing and then my plant was purchased in '94. they charged fees just to do
3:35 am
that. bane and so they are paying themselves the whole time and got their money back quickly. we ended up in a fight with them because they come in and fired all of the workers brought in guards, walked us out of the building. when they did hire people back it was reduced wages, benefits, threw out the retirement plan, a really hard time for the folks. they were forced to fight when they didn't know what was going to happen. >> how did workers filed out they lost their jobs? >> what happened first was on the bullet board we had a one-page note that said our employment was ending, there would be a meeting at 3:00 o'clock and we went straight there for the meeting, and that's when they brought in the security guards and said you will leave without your personal items. you will have to come back to get them another day. >> was the company like losing money? were you -- losing your customers? what justification for closing the plant and firing the workers? >> okay. well, what happened was, first of all, they were taking advantage of a situation.
3:36 am
we were owned by smith-corona at the time when they purchased us. smith-coronas, that was a business that was going down the tubes. we made office supply products, a profitable company the only thinking make making good money for them the only thing they could sell. they were desperate for cash and they sold us and kind of threw us to the wolves by giving us to bain capital, the whole deal. >> that's what happened basically. you come in there, and you think i am coming to work. we have been brought bought and sold previous times. you know, since we always made money. >> you say they brought some workers back for a while at least? but under different conditions? >> yes. i mean the wages were really slashed, over 20 something % cutting my wages. they took away our retirement
3:37 am
package and said we will give you a 401(k) except they did no match and cut our wages. we had no money to put in. >> your health benefits retirement benefits, gone? right? >> the health benefits went to 50% was what we would have to pay of all co-pays, of all premium costs. it was impossible for us to pay because we never paid that. >> how many workers at that particular plant? >> this is what's really interesting is we had 258 hourly workers but there was over 100 salary workers. nobody talks about the salary workers. you know, i still see their faces, too. those people were thrown to the street. they no longer needed people in the front office, the clerical people that come to work every day and was doing all of the records. they took all of that, files and everything out and moved it to dallas, texas, from mayorri on the n, indiana. >> have you seen this same pattern, randy with bane in our
3:38 am
companies. >> it's a consistent pattern and i heard yesterday they were talking like 20%. it's closer to 33% when mitt romney was there, of the companies went bankrupt and to be clear for folks -- >> wait a minute. i want to slow you down for just a second. >> sure. >> 33%, you are saying, of the companies that bane took over when he was there? >> uh-huh. >> ended up going south? >> going south and they always made money. they always, because here is how, like they did at ampad. they did an ipo in '96 and charged fees to launch the ipo. they held stock, sold their stock when the price went up. by the year 2000, the company went bankrupt because they loaded it with 400 million in debt but they had paid themselves over $100 million. >> yeah. >> they didn't care about the workers. there was nothing to do are the workers. >> all right. well, you know, president obama was criticized this week for --
3:39 am
by some leading democrats for talking about bain capital as part of his campaign and responding to mitt romney's claim that he is qualified to be president because he is a businessman and he can fix the economy and he know knows how to create jobs. do you think it's fair for president obama to talk about this? >> 0, absolutely. and not just because of campaigning. these are real lives and real people and not just the lives and folks that i worked with, but all of these companies, and how many communities and how many mom and pop shops and how many institutions loaned money? i mean what does that translate to being a president of the united states? if that's the way he runs his economics, where will it take the country? >> seems to be no doubt about the people he cares about helping the wealthy become wealthier. >> right. >> nothing about people like you or working class americans. >> right.
3:40 am
he's always been beholden to his investors, so the people that, uningly you know donate to his campaign, wouldn't he be bow holden to him? >> which is his head as head of job capitol, his job, he did a good job for his invest orders but screwed a lot of people in the process. >> dead on point. exactly. i give him credit. that was his job, and he did it. also, i think we shouldn't lump all private equity in this together because there are some good companies that i've actually seen where they have invested and grown plants and created middle class jobs which, in turn, create more middle class jobs. >> well, randys, listen, i'm sorry what you had to go through, but i really appreciate your sharing that story with our viewers and listeners this morning because i think it's important that people hear firsthand from om of the people who suffered under bain capital what it was about. the president is not making this stuff up. thanks, randys. thanks for joining us. >> i am glad to be on. >> randy johnson in marion
3:41 am
indiana, former employee of ampad and randy said 350 people losing their jobs in that one plant. we have been talking about the trayvon martin case and the latest out of sanford, florida kind of disturbing news about the cozy relationship george zimmerman had with the police department. from somerville, alabama here is stewart. >> good morning, your show is getting better every day. >> good man. thank you. >> have you ever met anyone that had a broken nose? yeah. the nose was all over their face. >> it was black and blew. >> yeah. >> more colors of the rainbow than anything else and that man's nose was not broken. i have been puzzled by that, too. i am so glad you raised that. i heard the doctors said like
3:42 am
people been in prize fights, their nose is halfway. >> flat as a flitter. >> exactly. that was bothus, man. >> yeah. >> the whole injury is both u.s. even if he had a little scratch on the back of his head or something, i mean i hope trayvon, if he was attacked by this guy. i hope he tried to defend himself. right? >> i wish he would have beat him a lot worse than he supposedly got beat. >> you wanted to make another point? >> your show is wonderful. keep it up. >> all right. okay, man. thank you for being with us. tell your friends. here we are with you on progressive radio and current tv on a friday, may 25th. how about it? ♪ >> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show.
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♪ (vo) she's a political trailblazer. >>republicans of course didn't let facts get in the way of spin. >>do it, for america.
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>>steve jobs was many things but he was not a politician.
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♪ >> listen and watch the bill press show on your favorite radio station and now on current tv. this is the bill press show. welcome to the spin room. >> about it? nirnts before the top of the hour on the full-court press. on our website bill press, the free podcast is our conversation yesterday with michael tomaski from newsweek
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the daily beast. daniel stone will be a friend of bill in the next hour here fromniques week daily beast. don't forget, also june 9th, all you people good friends in the chicago area, i am going to be out at darian illinois 2 to 4 at the frugal muse bookstore signing copies of the obama hate machine. talking about politics 2012, a good kick-back saturday an, you know, no price of admission. just come on by and say hello. it will be fun to you see you in chicago. i love chicago. every time we go out, we have a good crowd and a lot of fun. thanks to our good friends at wypt in chicago june 9th, darian illinois, frugal -- the frugal myself bookstore. page make it. i want to get back to your calls, but first, a good and important reminder. a lot of you i know, are suffering and having a hard time
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making ends meet at the end of the month. here is one way to maybe ease things a little bit with the good help of, america's leading work from home business rated a-plus for business ethics doing business in over 80 countries today. this is something you can do with a little help from them no matter age or experience, earn money from your laptop at your kitchen table and do it 24-7 with a little spare time an the coaching that they will give you. so if you are sick of living paycheck to paycheck, if you are worried about job homeland security or retirement, ready to make extra money at home check them out. they are adding my listeners in record numbers, giving away a thousandbucks today for checking them out. on the latest on george zimmerman, buddy-buddy with the sanford police department more
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than we ever realized. john calling from atlanta. hey, john, what do you say? >> hi, bill. how are you doing? >> i am doing good. thinks. >> i find you to be a hypocrite and a self-aiding cracker. two points. >> that's a good start to a conversation. okay. go ahead. >> how do you feel about, you know, i think nbc contaminated and doctored the whole case from the beginning by lying about -- you know, completely doctoring the 911. >> yeah. that was outrageous on the part of nbc. but that doesn't -- whoa. i agree with you on that but that doesn't change the facts of the case. >> what about the visuals, mr. press, are -- >> you can call me bill. >> that's all right, john. >> what about the angelic pictures of little trayvon. >> they were pictures of trayvon? are you saying they weren't trayvon? >> why would you put out pictures of him when he was in
3:50 am
the 5th, 6th grade when he was a strapping 17-year-old. >> most of the pictures i saw of him were pictures of him in his football uniform or pictures of him with a hoody when he was a teenager 16, 17 years old. so what are you saying, john? what are you saying? that george zimmerman had a right to shoot and kill this kid? >> the liberal media and your part of it is biased and you want to contaminate the case. >> how can you defend. no, don't attack me. defend george zimmerman. >> okay. i will defend him. i will defend him. >> let's hear it. >> first of all, i do not want to see -- if i have to let go a thousand guilty men before i would let one innocent man serve like you say life in prison and that goes against your eye deology -- idealogy. >> it seems to me the innocent man was trayvon martin walking home from a 7-11. what did he do wrong?
3:51 am
do you think he was wrong because he was black in a neighborhood where you don't think he belonged? >> he absolutely did not belong in that neighborhood. >> what do you mean? his father was -- his father's girlfriend lived there. why wouldn't he have a right to be in that neighborhood? >> bill, he should have been back in school. >> it was in the evening john. it was evening time john. >> he was out of school 10 days oss, out of school suspension for 10 days doing things he wasn't supposed to do. if he would have been doing -- >> at that time, john, he was walking home from a 7-11. he was with his father visiting his father's girlfriend. he was not supposed to be in school. john, i mean what's up with you dude? >> well, i would like to see the case go through. i would like to see the -- >> yeah. >> our -- >> there is going to be a trial. there is going to be a trial. >> and then we will see whether he should go to prison for the rest of his life, like you would like to see a white hispanic do that. and i am understand -- >> i don't care what color
3:52 am
george zimmerman is, but i will tell you been -- but i will tell you this if george zimmerman were black and trayvon martin were white, his ass would probably already be executed. there wouldn't have been a trial. >> that's exactly the problem with the system of justice in the sanford police department and it's the same thing that's the problem with people like you who are racist bigots to the bone. shame on you. ♪ >> heard around the country and seen on currents t.v. this is the bill press show.
3:53 am
3:54 am
vanguard: the documentary series that redefined tv journalism. >>we're going to places where few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! "vanguard" new episodes coming soon. only on current tv.
3:55 am
♪ >> taking your e-mails on any topic at any time, this is the bill press show, live on your radio and current tv. >> all right. man, lots of weird e-mails today. franky males in, the bill press is the no bamboozle zone. i like that, the opposite of bill o'reilly's no spin zone. >> doesn't have quite the ring but i like it. >> i like it, too. dan told us a story the other day about the new gay economic bookcometic book book. >> book. >> dc economicscomics. batman and robin two guys shacking out in wayne manner and the only female is harriet? of course bruce and dick are gay. we knew that all along.
3:56 am
>> of course. >> i have never been called a cracker before. >> i find that hard to believe. >> i am not a cracker? >> i figured you would have riled up enough people. >> elaine says stop this now. you are a bigot. admit it. you don't like anybody who makes money? do you? you know obama is as much illegally elected president as -- an illegally elected president as bush, even more so because obama's not even a real american and not born in the u.s. not only wasn't obama born in the u.s. he wasn't born in hawaii, either. he was born in kenya. she says if i ever come -- zimmerman is a great american hero and if i ever come to south florida, pembroke pines will outstanding your ground to the
3:57 am
test on you. oh, man. >> whoa. >> elaine, why don't you call john in atlanta? you two guys ought to get together. or take a picture of your license. it's an easy way to start a quote. watch this -- flo, can i see your license? no. well, all right. thanks. okay, here we go. whoa! no one said "cheese." progressive mobile -- insurance has never been easier. get a free quote today.
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♪♪ >> good morning, everybody. it is friday, may 25th. great to see you today. this is the full court press. i am bill press liberal and proud of it bringing you the big stories of the day. taking your calls. giving you a chance to weigh in at 866-55-press. house about this? looking for a good time? man, i got one for you. head to las vegas, a new show
3:59 am
opening up at the trump international hotel on stage together, donald trump himself, joined by -- get this -- newt gingrich and mitt romney. they ought to call that show "the three losers". i would love to be there. we will take he will that and a lot more here. first, let's go out tola and get the latest from jacki schechner. good morning, jacki. >> good morning, bill. good morning, everyone. if you are going to vision having avase vegas, i want to take a big. take to twitter, saying campaign ads naus "him and he didn't like the fact that mitt romney was going -- president obama was going after bain capital." after a week of interviews, booker is on twitter saying he is sorry. he made a mistake and sorry that 15 seconds on meet the press
4:00 am
wiped out 20 years of good work. he then follows up with another tweet saying that imperfections make us stronger. he reaps 1over a million people on twitter and switched his twitter subject to talk about newary jobs. geoff bark a county commissioner running in the democratic primary to faceoff against christie gnome in south dakota a 5 minute campaign video is nothing short of fabulous. we had an argument of which clip to show you. my producer wanted the one where he shoots a gun and this is is what i chose. >> i learned shots in iceland. i bicycled with my church youth group. those i was afraid of nuclear war. i have ridden an ostrich. others have daughters with straight teeth, college degrees,
4:01 am
husbands and grandchildren. he says he spent 31 years in telecom, climbing polls and digging holes, went to five grade schools, five high schools and four colleges. it's worth watching the whole thing. we will be right back after the break.
4:02 am
4:03 am
it's go time. >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the guys in the middle class the guys in the lower end got screwed again. >>i think you know which one we're talking about.
4:04 am
the overwhelming majority of the country says"tax the rich, don't go to war." >>just wanted to clarify that. notes ♪ >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> donald trump says i would be the best guy mitt romney could pick for vice president. i will be chair of the donald trump for vice presidential campaign. happy memorial day weekend. it is friday may 25th, the party starts right here on the
4:05 am
full-court press, coming to you live all the way across this great land of ours from our combination radio factory, t.v. and book factory. daniel stone, a good friend of the program covers the hill and covers the white house for newsweek daily beast joining us again today. hi, dan. >> good morning, sir. >> nice to have you with us a fob. >> friend of bill. >> for the whole hour. >> yeah. >> everything good? plans for memorial day weekend? >> no plans at all. exactly what i think the weekend was meant for. >> to hang back? >> everyone goes out. you plan a huge barbecue. it ends up becoming a lot more trouble. a relaxing weekend, maybe hiking should make it great. we don't have such a hard time.
4:06 am
>> i will come to your house. >> do you want to like the barbecue again? you can always light the grill again. peter okay burn, dan henning sip ran boulding. >> a little more, a little more. >> the fumes. >> dan, do you have matches? >> let me help you out. dan can strike it. here we go. one more here. oh. there we go. the grill is lit ladies and gentlemen: we are ready. how silly. hi, everybody. so dan, i don't know whether you heard last night, but on a serious note, this might be the most profound and historic interview ever on cable television with a national political figure. last night it newt gingrich meeting chris matthews. >> uh-huh. >> and you've got the former
4:07 am
speaker and the former presidential candidate one of the most powerful political dpiingz in the country. what would you ask him about? here is a little clip from hardball last night. >> i love the national world. i love animals whether they are out in the wild, animals in zoos. >> we will make news. best zoo in the country? >> san diego, big animals. take the wild animal park. it's huge. >> best animal favorite animal to go watch? >> favorite animal to watch? hard to say. maybe elephants they are just remarkable. >> i show you the picture. do you like the reptile house? why do you like the reptile house? >> most people are generally successful. they do it in a totally different way than we do. they have been successful for a very long time. >> favorite snake? >> probably a python. >> why? >> it's a constrictor.
4:08 am
you like the constrictor aspect of it? >> no. cows hole. >> what about a mambo? 30 miles an hour attack nervous system, 15 minutes to live. they attack like this. >> you have a more ruthless approach to politics than i do. >> dan what's your favorite snake. >> this man could have been in the? >> a python. he picked it right. >> north lawn. i like how long he entertained the discussion. >> the entire interview. favorite animals, favorite snake. you don't like the black mamba? how weird? they are both weird. in here with us as a friend of bill and we are also going to talk to one of the leading officials with nasa as soon as -- this is a historic day space x hooks up with the space
4:09 am
station. we will be talking to nasa about what it was about and how they did it and we will in the next hour, before we leave, we will be sampling our favorite beers for this memorial day. we have the celebration down. first, this is the full-court press. >> yes. only my mom calls me daniel. thank you for that. that usually means i am in trouble. >> yeah that's what levi calls you. he is broke. bristol palin's baby daddy moved back in with his mom in alaska. us weekly confirmed he made over a million dollars over the past couple of years but blew it on guns, boats and four-wheelers and he is reportedly not paid child support to bristol in over two years. >> he is such a lose her. >> newt gingrich and levi johnson, both mighty people who will have now fallen. >> i look putting them together.
4:10 am
he went to hollywood and fathered another baby. i love his excuse as to where his money went. boats and four-wheelers. >> and guns. >> and guns. >> president obama is hosting another medal of freedom ceremony at the whitehouse. recipients this time around, bob --an. former secretary of state madeline albright shimon peres and writer, toni morrison. >> that's going to be a great ceremony. i have applied to attend. >> for the medal of freedom. >> cool who gave it to brian lamb. >> a big day for solar energy enthusiasts in switzerland. i will never be on c-span again. >> peter said that, brian.
4:11 am
yes. yes. >> yes. a big day for solar energy enthusiasts in switzerland yesterday. the first intercontinental flight powered completely by the sun began its journey from switzerland to morocco. the plane, solar impulse, four electric engines and landed in madrid without a single drop of fuel. it will continue to morocco today weather permitting if it can't fly through clouds. needs sun to operate. flies over 60 miles an hour, has a 207 foot wing span wider than many boeing 747s but the plane holds one person. >> that's the pilot and the group behind the project hopes for a longer flight possibly across the at atlantaic. >> slow down. it goes 60 miles an hour? >> yeah. >> cruises at between 45 and 60 miles an hour. >> yeah. >> that's a great -- give it credit a plane that can't fly
4:12 am
through clouds seems to have prohibitive -- >> i am an alternative energy guy. we have a solar house. i will not get in a solar plano arpaio plane. >> a problem flying at night. >> a colossal waste of time. thanks, guys. >> dade stone, the last time i talked to you, you were a lot of politics. you were on the hill covering the big hearing this week on the secret service. >> sure. >> mark sullivan director of the secret service says this is a one-time event, an aberration that members of congress believe it? >> not really. he came in and he said -- he had his whole explanation planned out. he said, this happened once. we have conducted a thorough investigation. we are still interviewing people. we are trying to find out whether anything like this happened on any other trips. we haven't found anything.
4:13 am
and to that, people like joe lieberman and susan collins, the ranking member on that committee from maine says, how can you be sure? he had no answer. he said, well, we are looking but there is no indication. so they think that he has a much bigger problem on his hands, that this is buzz as usual, that on these trips, sort of what happens outside of the u.s. stays outside of the u.s. and it's this culture that's engrained that's much harder to get rid of. >> haven't son offices actually said that this was sort of accepted behavior on the part of secret service when they went to countries where prostitution is legal? >> right. that came up as a couple of questions from different senators saying, you know, and they quoted this washington post piece that ran on wednesday morning citing anonymous sources saying whenever we went on a foreign trip. >> yeah. >> maybe smoking marijuana was allowed or maybe prostitution was legal, these things were engaged in, sort of an off the
4:14 am
record. we don't talk about it. never comes back to the u.s. sort of basis. anonymous sources prpretty hard to fall back on. the senators found problem with that story, but, of course, there is no one to really inquire or ask about it. >> there were reports this week that the dea the drug enforcement agency, some officers from the dea were involved as well? >> right. >> are you seeing the ends. >> i think the story is closed. they have talked to all of the people involved. they have talked to some of the women down there that got caught up here. they are doing an investigation on other trips, you know, the secret service does a lot of foreign trips. they have done 200 trips so far this year foreign trips. >> really? >> not just for the president, president, vice president cabinet members. when foreign heads of state come to the united states, that doesn't come as count as a foreign trip but they do that protection as well. they have an enormous portfolio. i am sure a lot of this happens.
4:15 am
maybe it's not so prolific. sullivan said it is less than 1% of all of his agents. >> is sun value secure in his job? >> i think so. someone asked leiberman after the hearing. he said i think he is fine. i think he is set. jay carney has endorsed him from the podium several times. >> saying that the president has confidence in him? >> right. >> the other big political news of the day is donald trump -- you thought he we want away? >> wishful thinking. >> as presidentsed obama said we got rid of the biggest menace to this country greatest threat to the this country, having fun with donald trump but he is back with a vengeance this week in several fronts. first he announced yesterday he wants to start his own anti-obama super p.a.c. he is demanding a speaking
4:16 am
engagement in tampa. actually mitt romney has offered the donald up for dinner. the obama campaign has had like the george clooney dinner. they talk used it off and raise millions of dollars from people if they won, they got to go to the george clooney dinner. obama's now allingtion off a dinner with bill clinton. mitt romney is auctioning up a dinner. >> i will see you and raise you. >> then donald trump was asked yesterday good who would be mitt romney's best choice for vice president. here he is. >> well, i think you have a lot of very good candidates. chris cristsie a great guy a friend of mine, a factsastic guy. you have somebody good there. rob portman that i hear fantastic things about and certainly he has been very well vetted over the years. he is a professional who has been there a long time. he has been through it. he knows the game and he's a
4:17 am
very, very solid citizen. on a younger side, look at senator rubio who i think could help with hispanics but he is young, and i think he sort of doesn't want to go through it and it may be doesn't want to do it. they have a lot of very good people. there are a lot of people. probably the best comoos of all would be donald trump. >> i didn't know if he was going to go therehoice of all would be donald trump. >> i didn't know if he was going to go there. >> yeah. of course. me, me, me, me. yeah. trump on top of it. >> it sounded like he was going to give an objective endorsement. >> isn't the worst thing that could happen. >> for donald to inject himself? >> yeah. absolutely. to also insist publically that you get a slot at the republican convention is embarrassing. it makes nobody look good. it makes mitt romney look bullied if he gets a slot or donald trump look petty and narcicisstic which he occasionally often does. >> on top of this next tuesday
4:18 am
at the trump international hotel and tower on the strip on las vegas appearing together on stage, donald trump, newt gingrich and mitt romney. >> sounds like one of those has-been vegas shows. the supreme, the drifters. >> the supreme the drifters and the losers. >> right. >> we were talking about this earlier. why would romney do that? >> it's money. they are desperate for money. they are going to be desperate all year, same as the obama people. donald trump, say what you will about him but he could bring in donors. he could bring in people who want to see him. same with newt gingrich in getting them all three sort of, you know, tripled and it's exponential like how many want to see all three of them. i don't think there will be a repeat. i don't think they will make this a recurring series but if they can get a couple of million dollar, it's worth it.
4:19 am
>> yeah. the marx brothers. right? >> yeah. harpo, groucho and the other one. >> isn't that weird? >> yeah. >> it's generational. >> someone will correct us and let us know. >> right. i don't know whether they are going to charge admission or not. it's just amazing to me. so here is the deal. maybe chris matthews could moderate this exchange and ask each what their favorite snake is. >> i also want to ask you about bain capital. the president yesterday was out on the campaign trail. any thought that he was going to run away from bain capital because ed randel and cory booker said this is not fair? he is not? obama is convinced? >> this is a huge part of mitt romney's record, his reason for running for police department. it's his main argument for his knowledge of the economy.
4:20 am
>> and creating jobs. >> right. >> the notion that this would be off of the table that the president would just say this doesn't matter, we are going to talk about something else is bananas. >> absolutely. it is fair game. daniel stone in studio with us here and we will be glad to welcome you to the conversation. give us a call at 866-55-press. anything publishing political goes on this friday, memorial day weekend. we will be right back. >> this is the bill press show. ♪ >>steve jobs was many things but he was not a politician.
4:21 am
4:22 am
>>(narrator) the sheriff of wall street. >>the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) the former governor of new york, eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>somebody somewhere can listen,
4:23 am
record, track, gather this data. >>arrangements were made. >>(narrator) independent unflinching. >>there is a wild west quality to it that permits them to do whatever they wish. >>(narrator) and above all politically direct. >>facts are stubborn things. ♪ >> this is the full court press, the bill press show, live on your radio and on current tv.
4:24 am
>> 26 minutes after the hour, dan stone, senior reporter for newsweek/daily beast in studio with us. we were talking, dan, about -- welcome your calls at 866-55-press on this memorial day, friday, starting weekend. dan, talking about bane i wanted to mention, too, at our website,, you can find my latest column on bane. and making the point you just made that bane is fair game. it seems to me if mitt romney makes it the scepter piece, which he does. >> sure. >> of why he should be president because i am the businessman and i proved i know how to create jobs at bain capital then it's certainly pair for president obama to say let's look at the record of bain capital. >> absolutely. >> i don't know how often you get to watch t.v., but if you do watch lately you will hear something that sounds like this by a group calling itself the new majority agenda.
4:25 am
here is just a little bit of it. >> i always loved watching the kids play basketball. i still do even though things have changed. it's funny. they can't find jobs to get their careers started. >> the music turns ominous. >> i supported president obama because he spoke so beautifully. he promised change. things changed. >> you know where it's going. this whole thing i kept seeing this ad and it ends up by saying, contact president obama and tell him to support the new majority agenda. >> uh-huh. >> this is karl rove and crossroads. >> right. but what's interesting about this ad, part of after $25 million ad by 10 swing states. this is costing $10 million in these states. what they are trying to do is soften up the campaper take the attacks away which don't poll that well. doesn't work well with independents, pushing positive messaging.
4:26 am
what are they trying to achieve? >> all you know is it's karl rove and gilespie trying to destroy obama. >> this is the bill press show. ♪ >>(narrator) current tv presents the campaign ads that changed history, brought to you by spiriva handihaler. today's campaign ads accuse candidates of flip-flops, but back in 1952, the adlai stevenson campaign called it double-talk. >>yes...uh, i mean no. >>you're confused. >>you're confused >>(campaign ad narrator) don't you be confused! >>in a lot of campaigns since then we've seen this theme. the candidate said one thing and then did something else. >>(current narrator)flip-flop ads can pack a real punch when the candidate already has a reputation for changing his mind too often, like this 1972 nixon ad targeting george mcgovern. >>and that was effective because mcgovern changed his mind on his vice presidential candidate, and
4:27 am
that fed into this idea that he was prone to changing his mind. >>(narrator) the mcgovern campaign had lots of other problems, but the flip-flop ads certainly didn't help. richard nixon took every state except massachusetts and the district of columbia. >>current tv's look at campaign ads that changed history is brought to you by spiriva handihaler. if you have copd like i do you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free. spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens your throat or tongue swells you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine.
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>>(narrator) gavin newsom, lieutenant governor of california, and former mayor of san francisco is on current tv. >>every night on cable news networks everyone's focusing on what's wrong. i want this show to move past that. i love
4:30 am
creative people, and with all the vexing problems we have we need creative thinking. >>(narrator) with interviews with notables from silicon valley, hollywood, and beyond. >>at the end of the day this show's simple. it's about ideas. ideas are the best politics. ideas can bring us together. >>(narrator) the gavin newsom show. tonight at 11 eastern/8 pacific. only on current tv. >> current tv. >> how about it 33 minutes after the hour, coming out to you live coast to coast from our studio heightright here on capitol hill in washington, d.c. it's a it's busy place today. daniel stone, senior reporter hear this hour as a friend of bill. dan, we are joined now by the
4:31 am
senior editor, derrick thompson. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> so last friday a week from today, facebook. the ipo, much anticipated, high expectations, priced at $0.38 per share. what happened? >> $38. yeah. >> should have been $0.38. >> investors would have made more money. it's where we got the magnitude right and the direction of the corrector wrong. it's a huge story for the reasons that facebook did not want it to be a big story. now talking about the sec talking about the fact that in the days just before the ipo went public, facebook might have tipped off their big bank underwriters, morgan stanley, j.p. morgan, goldman sachs saying our second quarter earnings aren't what we thought they would be. those big banks tell their favorite institutional investors, hey facebook is not worth 40.
4:32 am
it's worth closer to 32. facebook's stock has that i hadded by the magic on the $32 line for the last three days. >> everything that could go wrong went wrong? the nasdaq computer crashed so a lot of people didn't know whether they bought, whether the sale went through. they didn't know what the price was, whether it was going up or down or whatever. that happened then some of the morgan stanley people anonymously said we told some investors that this might have been overpriced but we didn't tell all of the investors, of course, they didn't put that word out there. sec says it's going to investigation, congress will hold hearings and there are a group of investors suing now, morgan stanley and facebook. >> this is bad. this is not how you want the biggest most famous tech i po in history to go down. the interesting thing about the law behind what morgan stanley did is that it is not technically illegal, as i
4:33 am
understand it, for a bank pricing an ipo to talk to its institutional investors, its favorite investors and give their opinion about where that ipo price, where that price might go after shares are traded publically. this sort of stinks. i mean this is an insider training technically but it is information being shared by people that have access to it with favorite people so that people like you and me and daniel don't have a shot at knowing what the big guys know. >> you didn't get the early notice? >> no. i got the heads up. >> i saw the headline this morning, there is a zucker born every minute. not mine. original. >> this is like a black eye for facebook we can agree. it's been three days. it's been four days, you know, less than a week since this happened. i wonder, derek, how long you think this will last. is this a permanent black eye? will the stock price rebound? >> i think the most important thing to say about facebook
4:34 am
being priced a lot $38 a share, the ipo price and now it's 32, 33, is that that price was always a hope and a dream. it was always this idea that facebook would figure something out, that it was too wide, too deep, too addictive, too good at grabbing our attention, too obviously the biggest, most important company on the internet. >> uh-huh. >> to not be in terms of market cap the most valuable company on the internet even though they haven't figured out a business model. they don't know how to mon ties each individual user to the degree they have to, to make a 32 or $38 per share per price worth it. so nothing very has changed. what's changed is second quarter earnings might be a little lower than they were otherwise. we think they might not be going on fast enough. >> zuckerberg is no idiot. right? i mean obviously? right? with his years of wisdom, yeah. >> you are right. he is very smart.
4:35 am
he is very smart. >> so one would think that he's going to be able to grow this company and secure this company and continue to not just collapse? this company is going to grow and grow and be bigger and bigger. >> absolutely. i would say mark zuckerberg is a genius in building facebook to today. >> right. >> in a weird way, he has to be more genius to build facebook and fill the shoes that wall street and investors have picked out for them. he has to out-genius the genius that he has already done. >> that's quite a challenge. >> yeah. that is. could you imagine a world where we are talking about a $100 stock price? could it get to that point in your mind? do you see a path? >> you know we don't know what the business model of the social media companies is going to end up looking like. we know what google looks like. we know they have figured out something in terms of search ads.
4:36 am
but we don't know what social media advertising is going to look like. and so right now, you have a company that is addictive and feverishly beloved even if these people don't want to admit it by 900 million people around the world, by a continent-sized pool of consumers and audience. if -- >> think about that. 900 million people on facebook. right? >> yeah. >> they have got to be able to find a way to make money off of that. >> what you just said is what every, you know, the valuation experts i talked to. >> that's exactly what they said. there is no way that a 900 million person company can't find some way to make billions upon billions upon billions of dollars a year. right now, we know they can make 1 billion. in order to ma i can this valuation work they need to make closer to 4 billion, 5 billion, 6 billion. it really -- it needs to start quadrupling and sextupling. there is no indication that mark zuckerberg has on the table a
4:37 am
plan that's going to make that happen. we know here is a smart person hired other smart people devising a business strategies that could touch the lives of a billion. >> what about the suckers that we want out and bought this stock a week ago today? >> if they bought at 42, they have lost 25% of the money that they put in. and that's part of what sterns about this. >> i bought it at 38. ? >> okay. you lost whatever, whatever 6 into 38 is. >> guess what. i sold it at 32. i just said dump this turkey. i never deal in individual stocks. you know what i mean? but we talked about it last friday. my broker was watching. he called and he said, are you serious? do you really want some? i've got 200 shares. >> yeah. >> i said, i will take them. >> yeah. >> 38, boom. and then i talked to him last week. and i said, why did i do this? he said you wanted them. you got them. i said my advice is dump them.
4:38 am
32. >> so conservative of you. >> that's unlike you usually. >> i should have just stayed out of it to tell the truth but i wanted to go along for the ride you know, a dollar and a dream. >> that's what it's about. >> absolutely. >> here is my plan. my plan is i am going to buy it back at 20. >> okay. i don't know it's going to go to 20. how much information are we going to get on a quarter by quarter basis about the direction of the company? if the valuation is sort of inherently speculative, then information that comes out on a month by month basis shouldn't necessarily change the stock price that much. the only argument against that might be that you have basically a stack of cards. >> yeah. >> any little gust that comes along can blow it all down and people can just flee for the hills. >> derek thompson, senior editor and daniel stone 7 ario reporter for newsweek daily
4:39 am
beast. sort of transitioning to a related topic, what are we going to do about all of these evil private equity people in this country? is private equity an evil business run by evil men and women? >> i don't think it's an evil business. i don't -- no know enough of the men and women to make a judgment about their goodness and evilness. i doubt they are evil. >> i don't think president obama is saying it's an evil business either. >> no. i think mitt romney's private equity experience is fair game. this is a guy who is saying, i should be president based upon the quality of my business experience. so it's totally fair game to analyze his business experience and question whether or not it makes him fit to run the country. now, i happen to think that running a private equity firm, even fabulously successfully as mitt romney did is not indicative of the -- of -- is not in and of itself indicative
4:40 am
of whether or not someone is going to be a good president. i think it's more important to look at what he said he is going to do in the future than to look at his past. >> if you look at his past, i mean some companies did well, but a lot of them -- >> and that's the business of private equity. he is saying the economy under me is going to be better than its ever been. he said 6% unemployment is what we are going to have after my first term. that's quite a promise. so what's interesting with mitt romney that i find is that he is talking a lot about his bane and his private equity experience but not really much of his maschinenfabrik governorship experience. and that's a huge part of his governing ability and his governing experience that we haven't heard him talk about too much. >> let me tell you what i expect and i think is happening here i think it's a little rope a dope on the part of the obama campaign. they are slamming him with bain bain and he is complying about this is not fair with the help of cory booker and at some
4:41 am
point, the obama campaign is going to say, okay. then let's talk about your experience as governor of massachusetts. >> let's talk about healthcare. >> let's. >> what a pioneerier you were. >> let's talk about your record at massachusetts and then they are going to get into that and then it will be wide open. but i think we agree that bain capital is fair game if mitt romney talks about t obama can talk about it. you know damn well obama is going to talk about his record and mitt romney is going to say, 0, no. let's look at your record and he will talk about solendra or the secret service or the bad parts that he considers the bad parts of the record. it's all fair game. we will could not our conversation with derek thompson and daniel stone and all of you here on bain capital, private equity, facebook, if you are a sucker like me 866-55-press if you want to join the conversation. we will find room for you at the table. just give us a call. >> radio meets television, the bill press show now on current tv. above all, politically direct.
4:42 am
>>you just think there is no low they won't go to. oh, no. if al gore's watching today...
4:43 am
4:44 am
>>steve jobs was many things but he was not a politician.
4:45 am
♪ ♪ >> heard around country seen on current tv, the bill press show. >> we will be checking in with nasa at the top of the next hour on the mission of space x and whether they have succeeded in hooking up with the space station now joined in studio by derek thompson senior editor of the ett at atlantaic and. gentlemen, good to see you again. >> at least mark zuckerberg
4:46 am
stayed here in the united states after he made his money unlike his colleague, edwardo sav iran who madevaverin who made. who said you can shove your taxes. i am not going to pay them. is there a way to defend this guy? $67 million in american taxes, he escaped by going to singapore. >> any way to defend him? you know, male the part of his lawyer. you have a guy who is, i guess a bazillion -- >> -- he spends time in singapore singapore. he sees the ipo is coming up. he is a one man venture capitalist, has little projects. he wants the 67 million in order to invest in and of his own and says i am not going to be around in the states that much longer. then, of course, the citizenship, hang on singapore where i am anyway and keeps
4:47 am
$70 million. >> you don't believe any of that bs? do you? >> that's the argument to make. i think it looks really really bad. >> he is a tax cheat. >> it's not cheating but it certainly is. >> strategy. >> yeah. >> i liked his response when someone asked him about this. he said, no. no. no. it's not about taxes. it's about my plan for the future. it's about i want to invest in these companies. i practically live in singapore full-time any more. >> the politicians orrin hatch defending him saying this proves we need to reform the tax code. i'm sorry. no, it doesn't. it means people have to pay their freakin' share of taxes. he could pay $67 million and very long 3 billion to invest or whatever the number is. >> the number of people that have left the u.s. for tax reasons in the last 10 years has gone from something like 800 to something like 1900. so we are talking about the size of the smallest town in america. it's true we are losing, you
4:48 am
know, maybe a couple hundred million dollar in taxes due to these sort of games but the big thing is how do we tax people here? >> i don't know, ben. i would send the navy seals after him. >> it would cost a lot of money, taxpayer. >> 56 million is worth it. >> let's invite jr from indianapolis to join us. hello, jr. good morning. >> good morning, bill. how are you doing? >> all right. what's going on. thank you. ? >> well i just wanted to comment about romney is always saying how much his business experience could help this country out. >> yeah. >> i just wanted to remind folks, we've already had a businessman, george bush. look what he did with this country. >> we got it, why. r. he owned add pubesbaseball team.
4:49 am
>> i don't think it should be that businessmen are no good for the country they have experience. they know how the private sector works. >> that's key. they know supply and demand but to rest on that and say i know how to governor, that's a stretch, a stretch of an argument. >> i think you made that point earlier, derek, that if you look at mitt romney's experience as a very very successful in private equity and bain capital, that's nt necessarily the qualification you are looking for. >> that's the argument the president has been making in the presidency of the united states. the other thing about steve ratner president obama's auto czar in the beginning did an op-ed piece in "the new york times" where he pointed out an interesting thing about mitt romney with bain capital is he takes credit for jobs created at bain capital even after he left.
4:50 am
>> youuh-huh. >> like with the sports authority and staples but takes no responsibility for jobs that were lost while i was there and after he left, too. you know, it's like i will take the good but not the bad. >> i think it's important to be honest. the rule in the private equity firm is to seek and find value not to create jobs wealth for your investors. they were good at it. in about maybe a minute left. okay? economin in general continuing to improve? on the way up? >> yeah. >> what's your status. >> welcome. i think we saw a little bit of a boomlet, a lot was a result of weather. we had an early spring and now it's the real spring, and the economy is sort of settled a little bit and we are muddling through. things are getting better. they, i think, will continue to get through extremely slowly. >> i think we will see a downturn in the middle of the summer but things will perk back up in terms of employment, unemployment, the commodity
4:51 am
prices. i think it's good. >> all right gentlemen. happy memorial day weekend. great to see you. thanks for coming back in. >> daniel you will be here for nasa. >> that's great. i will tell you what the president and vice president are up to next. ♪ on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. fine, you try. [ strings breaking wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ ♪ what's in your...your... ♪
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>>the dominoes are starting to fall. (vo) former two term governor, jennifer granholm, is politically direct on current tv >> what should women be doing? >> electing women to office. ♪ >> this is the bill press show, live on your radio and current tv. >> hey three minutes now before the top of the hour. our memorial day celebration continues in the next hour.
4:54 am
we will be talking to one of the officials of nasa about space x hooking up with the space station and then we will be sampling beer. yeah, our favorite beers for the memorial day weekend with the representative -- the bar manager of belga cafe. the president, not much going on today. he gets a daily briefing at 11:00 o'clock this morning. >> that's it on his schedule. we thought we would check in with the vice president and see if he has a little busier schedule. "8:00 o'clock, vice president biden hosting the ambassador to italy for breakfast at his residence on mass avenue." he will be there with the president for the daily briefing of 11:00 o'clock and 11:45. the vice president and dr. jill biden will be addressing over at arlington national cemetery the surviving family members from iraq and aftering afghanistan.
4:55 am
on the for the latest on space and your favorite beers stay tuned. we will be right back. >> this is the bill press show. snoots
4:56 am
♪ hey, hello, everybody. good to see you. friday, may 25th. this is the full court press here on current tv. i am bill press, liberal and proud of it. welcome to the program this morning. we got lots to talk about as we begin our memorial day celebration and you thought he went away. didn't you? no. no. he is back and has injected himself right in the middle of this g.o.p. presidential primary
4:57 am
again. of course, i am talking about donald trump who announced yesterday he wants to start an anti-obama super p.a.c. he is demanding a prime time speech at the republican national convention and he has offered himself up, as he says, the best possible candidate for vice president. you know what? i agree. i endorse donald trump as mitt romney's running mate. go donald. talking about that and a whole lot more but let's get the latest with today's current news update out in los angeles, here is jacki schechner. hi, jacki. good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. looks like the senate is going to cut it close when it comes to stopping student loan rates from doubling this summer. >> that's if the two parties can come to any sort of agreement. both say they want to freeze the federal student loan interest rate at 3.4% but yesterday, in two separate votes, neither side could come up with a fix that they needed to move forward. democrats want to pay the $6 billion tab tab by ending a provision that let's some small
4:58 am
business executives avoid paying payroll taxes. republicans want to poll from a preventivehe healthcare fund from the prevention of obesity and the president said he would veto it if it advances. the issue is getting something done before july 1st. negotiations are not likely to kick up again until later next next month. the defense logistics agency is explaining why the military overpaid $750 million for contract food services in afghanistan. the house subcommittee? charge of national committee oversight is criticizing them and supreme food service questioning how they could overpay by so much considering the troops are being scaled back and budgets are so tight. a 2011 audit from the defense department inspector general showed that the dla didn't have enough oversight of its contract costs and failed to adhere to pentagon regulations.
4:59 am
la says it's found bloated billing, missing company documents. this isn't a new thing. in 2010, the gao found this way problems with excessive supplies ordered by the dla. we are back with more right after the break. stay with us. ♪ >>(narrator) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >>we're hogging all the sexy on our side. hello! i have the most common type of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but my doctor put me on pradaxa instead
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>>steve jobs was many things but he was not a politician. ♪ >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> hey it's memorial day weekend, fire up the barbecue. we will fire up this last hour of the bill press show the full court press. first, hello, everybody. welcome, welcome. good to see you today. thank you for joining us as we come out to you live from our nation's capitaltol.
5:03 am
on this great land of ours on your progressive talk station and on current tv. you are looking good today. thank you for being part of the program and get ready to join the conversation with your calls. welcome at any time at 866-55-press. we've got a lot going on this morning. daniel stone, friend of bill, having such a good time. he decided to hang around for another little while this morning. dan? nice to see you. >> you will have to kick me out. >> yeah. the only way we will get rid of you. >> he heard we had beer. >> not leaving. >> peter okay burn and dan henning and cyprian boulding, team press here we have a challenge for you. >> sure. >> daniel. and that is -- well yesterday was the geography beat. the three finalists got the final prize-winning question from alex tribeck. >> name the city located on the dan your river the legislative seat of the holy roman empire
5:04 am
from 1663 bc to 1806. >> munich. >> do you want to find out? >> no. >> is it wertzberg? >> not on the damian river. >> not on the dan ube river. >> i am shocked dan henning new more than dan stone. >> you were born on the danube river? >> it was not the capitol. >>. >> i have been rendered speech less. did you know this, dr. press? >> only because i heard the clip earlier. here is this smart-ass little kid. >> you have written down different responses. what did you write down? >> pasal. >> raul, what did you write down? >> rigensberg. >> one of you is correct.
5:05 am
>> rigensberg. >> deutschland. >> he didn't answer it in the form of a question. so maybe he should be disqualified. >> well, that kid deserved to win. >> he absolutely did. >> come on, peter. you didn't know that either. >> i didn't know that. getting the kid's lunch money. >> useless information. >> not so useless. he got catch out of that -- cash out of that. he got a couple of granted. >> we have alta talk about in this hour. space x will soon be hooking up with the space station. we will talk with phil mcalester, director of nasa's commercial space flight development at the top of the hour and we will be joined by the bar manager for the great belga cafe here in washington, d.c. to talk about the best beers for your memorial day weekend. but first: >> this is the full-court press. >> well, bill, as many thought as would, american idol posted
5:06 am
its lowest ratings for a finale ever on wednesday night. tells us it was a 30% drop in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic over last year. over all 21 and a half million people watched the program last year. 29 and a half million people watched the program. >> that's still a huge audience. >> massive audience but a massive drop. >> do we know why? >> just tired basically. >> eleven years now. >> getting old. >> could you name 11 winners? >> no. >> i could probably name 2. >> you point out, there is a lot of competition now. >> the show, the voice that came out is very popular. >> got tall he want, dancing with the stars. i didn't think it would take off. >> we have reached market saturation. >> the heat are hot nba action last night miami rolling over
5:07 am
thepatesers 105 to 93. 4 to 2. >> boo >> dwayne wade posted 41 points. lebron james put up 29. the heat will meet the boston celtics or the 76ers next week. they play game 7 tomorrow night of their series. >> they are tied up? right. >> tied up. >> tomorrow night is the last game? >> uh-huh. a new list of cities with the worst traffic congestion,la and new york are not in the top spot according to a research firm, honolulu, hawaii. >> no. wait. honolulu is not in the united states. >> it's in kenya. >> come on. i thought these were american cities. >> that's home to the worst traffic congestion drivers wasting 58 hours a year. >> honolulu? >> la is number 2 followed by san francisco. >> surf boards? who knew? >> new york and bridgeport,
5:08 am
connecticut was the top 5. >> is it time wasted when you are sitting in hawaii? >> yeah. >> i mean give me a break. >> if you are in a car on the freeway. >> true. >> on your way to the beach. >> dan thank you. yes, indeed, today is the day if everything goes right that dragon space x's capsule there will hook up with the space station station, a historic moment and joining us to bring us up to date, phil mcalester is the director of space flight development. thank you for joining us on a busy day. >> thank you. glad to be here. >> can you tell us where do things stand right now with this mission? >> yeah. everything is going very smoothly up until now. right now the dragon has entered
5:09 am
the keepout zone around the space station where no spacecraft is allowed to enter until after it's gone through a very rigorous safety process. >> that's what space d has been doing with the dragon for the last three days now, and they have met all of the safety checks and they are right now approaching the space station. at this point, we think the grapple will happen probably around 9, 10 eastern time but that is subject to change. we just got to wait and see. >> that's the current tomb line right now. >> just so i understand, is the dragon all -- are there any humans on the dragon? >> what i am asking. >> no. no. right now, this is just a cargo delivery run for the international space station and on dragon, we did put some cargo on this one just in case it did actually actually, there is some food, water, other crew provisions and actually some science experiments, 15 high school
5:10 am
student teams put together science experiments and they are in what's called a nano rack piece of hardware inside the dragon. those will be exchanged once we open the hatch. >> phil, this is dan stone here thank you so much for talking to us this morning, too. i wonder, you said you put some cargo in in case it docs. is there a likelihood that the two will not link up over the next couple of days? >> you know, that's a great question. this is a very ambitious mission. it's a test flight for space x, and it had a number of test objectives. actually, it was originally supposed to be two test flights and we allowed space x to try to do it all at once. it's a very ambitious mission. as a test flight, there is always something that can go wrong, a lot of firsts that are happening on this mission and if we see something that makes us concerned about the safety of the space station or either one of the spacecraft we will wave off and try again later. >> but you said earlier you expect it to happen and you
5:11 am
expect it to happen within the hour. right? >> yeah. as it goes right now, things are very close. but again, in the space business, we have learned you are never there unless you are actually there. as it stands right now, this mission has been very smooth. i am very internets with the space x team's performance. the majority of the test objectives have been metaphor this flight. the big one, the grappling and the birthing with the international space station they are in front of us. we still have to see how that goes. >> it is an amazing feet of technology. help us understand this whole, the fact that this is entirely automated with no humans there at the controls. can you tell talk to us about the historic nature of this mission and, you know, what this minesp means for the future of space flight? >> yeah. that's a great question. like i said, there are a number of firsts associated with this mission but stepping back, the big thing is that this will be the first time a private company has docked a spacecraft with the
5:12 am
international space station. >> that's something that only nations have done in the past. and it will actually bring cargo back down once they disembark from the space station if all things go smoothly they will disembark and bring cargo bang down. it will flash down in the pacific on or aboutsha off of the cost around may 31st. that way, we can bring experiments and specimens back down for the scientists to analyze and investigate. so that's a very important capability for us. so now that we have just -- what it means for space flight and the nation, that's also a very good question. we had just retired the space shuttle. they have all gone to museums around the nation and so that was a bittersweet moment for nasa. we were very proud of that program. but it's time to move into another direction. so we are currently, i would say, in transition in our space flight program. we are trying to move the more routine operations of cargo and eventually crew delivery to the
5:13 am
international space station to the private sector and the cross savings we will achieve by doing that, we can plow that money back into nasa's programs where we are in the process of developing a heavy-lift launch vehicle and a deep space capsule that will allow us to go beyond and the moon andad asteroids. this is a good strategy for nasa that the sector is doing the routine stuff. nasa continues to push the state of the arm the boundaries of someplace exploration. >> phil mcalester on this historic day of space x approaching the space station dan. >> phil, the president has put a lot of capital in his space policy into this union you are mentioning of the private sector working on some parts and nasa being freed up to develop the launch vehicle, like you said. you said this is a workable model. i wonder, you know, where will this take us? will people like bill and i and you be able to get up in space
5:14 am
within a couple of decades? >> you know, that is the hope that by doing this t the companies that own the themes and spacecraft can sell them toto to other customers. they can do it for everybody. it will be very expensive. so i don't know what kind of salary you guys make. >> daniel stone, are you kidding? at newsweek, they pay this guy buckets of money. >> but as long as you can pay, as long as you can pay the price, and are healthy enough obviously, we hope that in several years that you will be able to to do that with a u.s. company. there is a russian company that is providing commercial space flight to civilians and citizens. it's called the soluse capsule, what we use for transfer to the international space station. you can buy a picture on that. the availability of seats is extremely limited. you have to go to russia for about six months to train. >> yeah. >> so we are hoping that when the u.s. gets back in the business of transporting people
5:15 am
to space and current plans are that we, depend upon funding and technical progress, we could see that around 2017 and if we are successful with this partnership arrangement 2010 nasa and the private sector, you guys may be able to purchase a seat. >> make a reservation. phil, i am curious on the other side of this monetary equation if you will space exploration technology which developed the space x, how are they making any money out of this? right? they must have spent a gazillion dollars to develop this rocket. are we paying them, or is this entirely a commercial venture on their part? and what's their revenue stream? >> yeah. so there are two parts to that equation. the first part is actually the developing of the hardware the launch vehicle, the fall conley ix and nasa did provide to space x for the development of that
5:16 am
hardware we provided about $380 million. space x put in probably at least if not more than that of their own capital to develop these systems. and then once they become operational and this current test flight is the big test. right? >> right. >> so if they are successful, then they are going to start routine delivery runs to the international space station. we have a contract with space x for 12 flights over the next five years. we will pay them for each one of those flights. >> yeah. >> we pay them for the successful delivery of cargo. >> they are a subcontract or? right? to you? >> yes. they are a contractor with us and so it's a business for them. they hope to use the dragon capsule for other, you know, other uses and i am sure they are trying to sell that. they also have their falcon 9 launch vehicle that's -- that they use to deliver commercial communication satellites and that's a very good system.
5:17 am
they have sold a number of contracts for the falcon to do that. space x said they have been profitable for every year for the last several years and hopefully if this test run is successful, that would continue. we would like to see space x. it's good for them, good for us, good for the nation. >> phil, it seems like no matter how much success this mission has or space x has as a company making money, there is still a pretty sizeable role for the government in this process. moving forward, you said 12 missions, the government is going to underwrite for this private space partnership. is the government still the dominant major player? and will it remain that for the next couple of decades? >> you know, that's an interesting point. i think as i said before we are kind of in transition. we are going to see the private sector take a bigger role in space appearrations and exploration. it's a natural progression if you look back in the airline
5:18 am
industry when we had the first contracts were government air mail contracts that started that industry and then over time, you saw that shift to the private sector. and so prices came down and seats became better available. we hope to see that same sort of transition at a low-earth orbit over the next 5 or 10 years. nasa will be very much involved in pushing the state of the art pushing the boundaries of space exploration where it doesn't make sense for the private sector because there is really no customers for beyond lower orbit except nasa. right now, there is a lot of activity with the space station. space x can see and close their business case on that. for missions that we plan, nasa plans to asteroids and potentially the moon and other dest nations beyond the work orbit, that's pushing technology forward, pushing the state of the art. i don't really see a business case there. so i still see that very much as
5:19 am
nasa's area for the foreseeable future. i think that's a good partnership going forward. it means space will be more accessible to everybody. >> all right. phil, you have less than an hour before you think the two may hook up. we better let you get back to the control desk there. we don't want to be responsible for any goof-ups there in space. phil mcalester director of nasa commercial space flight development. congratulations. >> appreciate it. my pleasure. >> daniel stone, a historic day. right back here on friday. >> this is the bill press show. current's morning news block. >>you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. >>sharp tongue, quick whit and above all, politically direct. >>you just think there is no low they won't go to. oh, no. if al gore's watching today...
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♪ >> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> okay. we only have a couple of minutes before it's beer time here. miller time. no. it's not miller time. but beer on the bill press show. on this 30 seconds, exciting stuff. >> the private sector, public sector working together and they might do it within the next hour or two. >> i want you to know the long-term goal, stated goal of space x is the event annual -- eventually human settlements on mars. >> that's what they are -- their long-range goal is. >> why stop there? >> do you think we will get there in your lifetime or mine? >> absolutely. >> really? >> absolutely? to mars put a person on mars absolutely. >> settlements on mars? >> settlements? why would anyone want to live?
5:24 am
we have nothing to gain from that planet. >> have you ever been to time square? of course you want to go to mars. >> this is the bill press show. message created by a current tv viewer for allstate save 11 campaign. >>i was going to pick up my little brother from school today. >>i was actually going to clean my room today. >>my dad was finally going to make it to one of my basketball games. >>i was going to apply to college. >>i was going to go to work, on time. >>my mom was going to buy me a car. >>i was going to try out that new chinese restaurant. >>i was going to audition for the school play. >>today i was going to tell my girlfriend that i loved her. >>i was going to play cards with the guys.
5:25 am
>>i was supposed to turn 18 today. >>join the movement to help prevent teen driving deaths at
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♪♪ ♪ a woman ain't going to change the way i think. i think i just stay here and drink. ♪ >> this is the bill press show. >> stay here and drink. you've got to start off early in the morning, too. 33 minutes after the hour now. what the hell? it's memorial day weekend. starting today and it's time for a good barbecue and a good brew. >> that's what we decided to do
5:29 am
here with all of you in our segment this morning. if you ever get to washington, d.c., just down the street from our studio one of my favorite restaurants -- i have been there many, many times is called belga belga cafe the best mussles and french fries in the world. a lot of other good stuff on the menu, i might add. bart vandolet. >> vandolet. >> brush up on your belgian. >> i call him. frietz. >> the biggest selection of beer i have ever seen in any restaurant and the bar manager of belga cafe joins us jay traylor traylor. thank for coming in? >> thanks for having me. >> neighbor. i have been recommending belga to so many people. it's a great place. >> thanks. >> look at the election you have got for us this morning.
5:30 am
you have specialized in belgian beers? right? >> yes. we have about 150 beers and we have, you know, all varieties. there is a whole lot of different kind of belgian beers. i brought four that are good for summer, good for a barbecue, good for memorial day weekend. >> by the way, i also have to point out, i was surprised at belga the first time i went there that the friet are served with mayonnaise. >> that's the belgian way. >> it's delicious. >> it's great. >> no. >> so good. >> i never had -- i never use ketchup with my fries but mayonnaise, the friet actually is a bell jan invention, not french. >> the french would dispute it but it was invented by the belgians. they are put off. >> we should be calling tremble january fries. >> we should. >> not french fries. let's start. where are we going to start with these beers, stirkens?
5:31 am
>> a white beer. that one for you. that one for you. styrkins, they are known as wheat beers. in sxwraerm, called hepovisens. they are generallygermany, called hepovisens. they are generally very light, crisp with a wheaty flavor not too much hops and a sit russ note as well. >> so most people when they think of beer, they think of germany. not belgian. >> yes. >> belgian has the best beers in the world. >> they can lay claim to the best beers in the world. they have been making beer forever. they used to have -- bart tells the story there used to be about 2000 inhabitants in the country and they had over 100 breweries. >> as a native german i would like to dispute you there love my mother country. >> for my drinking dollar
5:32 am
right, i think belgian beers go with more things. i mean they go along with more meals. everybody likes a bell jan beer. they have light beers. they are darker beers so there is a little something for everybody there. >> cheers. we are going to try this right now. it's a light. i like a lighter beer. >> i like that. >> that's tafty. it's very light. it's good on a warm day. >> i could wear this as clone. >> it's very nicecologne. >> it's very nice. >> human outside. >> gorgeous. perfect. >> all right. i will take that one. all right. >> rodenbock. >> it happens to be my favorite. >> if you are lucky enough -- pardon me -- to live here. >> look. he's wasted. there he goes. >> and can get to belga cafe
5:33 am
these are all available. are these available around the country? >> most of these, i picked beers that are largely available to to -- i mean, they are not going to be in every supermarket but if you search them out almost anywhere in the country, you will be able to find a liquor store. >> these 4 will be listed at bill asks >> do we get a cut of all of the beer we sell? could you go online and& find these anywhere? is there any one distribute. >> different ones work northwest different parts of the country. there are still some legalities about different states being able to buy beer online. >> earthen okay. >> like i said, these are widely available all across the country. >> it's worth going out and can you go ing a hunt for finding good beer. you know what i mean? don't just settle for coors light. >> there you go. so tell us about the rodenbach? which one is it? >> rodenbock a so youer fleming
5:34 am
issue red beer or sour flanders red beer. it drinks like a wine or a cider. it's been made. this one comes from our chef's hometown. flanders reds have been made without hops. you are not going to get any hoppy flavor. you will get some tanins like in a red wine. it's an old style. flanders reds has been called the most refreshing beer in the world because they are the the sour like a lemon aid would. this is my favorite beer in the entirely world. >> really? >> whoa. >> i am intimately familiar with this beer. i have had many at bellga's before. >> there is no hops? correct me if i am wrong and i am no beer expert. >> it does taste like wine? >> i thought you had to have
5:35 am
hops in beer. >> you don't have to have it. the flanders reds are actually preserved with lactobacillicus which gives it the tanic flavor. >> that's excellent. >> isn't it? >> you are going to turn this guy into a beer drinker. >> i don't think i have ever seen bill drink beer. >> and enjoying it. >> i might have one beer a year. >> this is the beer i recommend to people who don't like beer. >> good way to put it. >> if you are a wine drinker any time someone comes into the bar they want to try a beer but they are typically a wine drinker, this is what i give hear them. >> when i go to belga, i will get a glass of chardonnay because there are so many beers i don't know beers and i don't know which one to pick. >> uh-huh. >> i mean seriously do you have 100? >> 148, i think at last count. >> 148. how do you know which one to get? now i know, right? i go to the rodenback.
5:36 am
>> i put a serious dent. i tried a lot of those. >> take that, liver. >> all right. i am happy with those two. what else you got? >> all right. then we have cezanne dupont is a farmhouse ale. an old style of beer. this one actually comes from farm -- farmhouse ale. i never heard that. >> this comes from the wilonia french speaking area of belgian. >> it's grassy. a lot describe it as yeasty. it's made to be drank in the summer. they typical -- cezanne means seasoned. it was to be drunk in the summer by the harm hands.
5:37 am
>> really? >> yeah. they wanted to make a buyer that was posttent enough that was happy but not so strong. >> i don't think the farm hands would get a lot of work done. >> they won't but they will think they will. >> cheers. cheers. peter peter, you have been drinking. >> i have been drinking since 6:00 a.m. >> i would have javvah. >> a lot of people describe it as a funky or yeasty quality which a lot of belgian beers will have. that differentiates it from the white beers. >> okay. >> these are so far ahead of any beer i have ever had before. >> this is not your bud light, bill. a differently story. >> you could get into this. >> yeah. >> the thing is when you go to one of these restaurants that has a massive beer list never be afraid to ask the waiter or bar tender for recommendations. they know this stuff.
5:38 am
>> i have to say that as a native of delaware, right, anything with dupont in it it's the dupont state. a little favorite there. >> that might be your adapings. >> now, the last. >> called quack. >> sounds delicious. quak. >> i am already quakked. >> this is a crowd pleaser beer. it's not too dark. it's not too light. it's going to go with anything: nobody that likes beer doesn't like quak. it's approachable for the american palat. some people deride it because it's not interesting or he is 0 terric enough. i think it's a perfectly balanced beers. you are going to get malt and
5:39 am
roasted flavors in the dark beers. in the light the hoppiness. this is both in perfect army. >> goes with any meat good grilling beer. >> exactly. >> i never grilled beer before. >> bottoms up. cheers. >> cheers. >> grilling beer is not that hard. you have to keep turning it. >> that's the key. right? >> this is fantastic. >> should be great. >> gorgeous. >> i hear what you saying the crowd pleasing beer. >> this is really good. >> you mean like everybody likes it? right? >> everybody likes it. it's balanced. it's approachable and, you know again, it's in thinking of cooking out for memorial day, hot weather. next time i come to belga, i am going to bring my list with me. but as dan was saying earlier, if i come into a restaurant like that or somebody else does and there are so many great beers available, what's the best thing to ask the waiter?
5:40 am
>> ask the waiter. ask the server. just say, you know, recommend me a beer. here is what -- you know, here is what i like. here is what i don't like. something lighter, something darker, something smooth something bitter. they will ask you questions like that and they are going to put you into a beer that you like. at least we will. >> i would take this rodenboch. >> that's mine. >> i am in charge of the beer for my party this weekend. tonight, actually, i am now getting rodenbock. >> jay traylor thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> your good work. we will see you soon at belga. >> we will be right back with the clips of the week. how are you ever going to solve the problem if you don't look at >> on your radio. on t.v. the bill press show. new on current tv. >>sharp tongue, quick whit and above all, politically direct. >>you just think there is no low they won't go to.
5:41 am
oh, no.
5:42 am
5:43 am
>>steve jobs was many things but he was not a politician. ♪
5:44 am
>> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> sane and sober here 13 minutes -- no. 11 minutes before the top of the hour on this memorial day friday. full-court press and as every friday, we -- i am telling you, that's good beer. >> delicious beer. >> really good beer. >> yeah. >> and i am not a beer drinker. now, i am. that says a lot about the beer. >> if you are not a beer drinker and you enjoy those, says a lot about the beer. >> throw all of the wine away. >> no more wine. >> our clips of the week, we start at the bottom and work our way to the top, favorite sound bytes of the week, we start off with cory booker on meet the press, stepping in it big time.
5:45 am
>> number 5. >> this kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides. it's nauseating to the american public. enough is enough. start attacking private equity, stop attacking jeremiah wright. this undermines to me what this country should be focused, a distraction. it's going to be a small cam campaign about this crap. >> come on, cory booker. you are wrong. you are a traitor. you are supposed to defend barack obama, not attacking him. pastor charles workey has the answer to same-sex marriage. here is what you do. >> a great big, large fence, 100-mile long, put all much the lesbian s in there. fly over and drop some food. do the same thing with the queers and the hom 0 sexuals. have that fence electrified. >> drop some food in there for
5:46 am
the queers. >> in "nar". >> john boehner says don't expect me to control this congress. >> that's harder than you know what. >> number 3. >> some say they are leading you. >> it's hard to keep 218 frogs in the wheelbarrow long enough to get a bill passed. >> quite an amimage. >> it is quite an image with all of those piece of paper frogs hopping out of the wheelbarrow. well, what happens if you, you know, you call 9-1-1. you know what you expect. you expect somebody to be there alert and ready to send help. >> that's not what this caller found. >> number 2. [snoring. >> could you send someone right now? >> i mean not even just dozing. just totally coveraged out.
5:47 am
>> hello. >> would you wake up? idiot? i need some help. >> last night, in perhaps the strangest interview ever on cable television of any politician, chris matthews and newt gingrich, of all of the important things they have to talk about how about snakes? >> number 1. >> i love the natural world. i love -- i love animals, whether they are, you know, out in the wild. i love animals in zoos. i. >> best zoo in the country? >> san diego. >> as for big animals and all kind of animals? >> the wild animal park. >> huge. >> best animal favorite animal to watch? >> favorite animal to watch? hard to say, maybe elephants. >> me, too. >> remarkable. >> i show you the picture. do you like the reptile house? >> yes. >> why do you like the reptile house? >> it's fantastic. they are successful. they do it in a different way than we do and they have been
5:48 am
successful for a long time. >> favorite snake? >> probably a python. >> why? it's a restrictor? >> you like the constrictor aspect? >> no. they are selective. >> eats cows whole. what about a ma'amba? 30 miles an hour, attack your nervous system, 15 minutes to live. they attack like this and they -- >> you have a more ruthless approach to politics than i do. >> i can't believe first of all, that they spend so -- this is only part of the interview. they spend all of this time talking about zoos and animals and they also can't believe that he asks your favorite snake. have you ever thought about a favorite snake? why would you think about a favorite snake? but then romney i mean -- mean -- yeah, newt had an answer. right? he had an answer to the question of your favorite snake. >> my seven-year-old. >> hes has thought about this.
5:49 am
yeah. so what is your 7-year-old's favorite snake. >> black mamba, of course. >> we will be back with a parting beer. i mean parting shot. >> this is the bill press show. what makes hershey's s'mores special? pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. pure hershey's.
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current tv, it's been all building up to this. >>bill shares his views, now it's your turn. >>i know you're going to want to weigh in on these issues. >>connect with "full court press with bill press" at
5:52 am
and on twitter at bpshow. >>i believe people are hungry for it. ♪ >> the parting shot with bill press. this is the bill press show. >> my parting shot for today, he's back. he never went away. donald trump has dominated this republican primary for president even more than mitt romney has.
5:53 am
remember he was the head of the pack in the very beginning and then, you know, he went away for a while, went back to television but his egowouldn't let him stay away from politics so now he is back in full force. just in the last couple of days donald trump has demanded a prime time speaking slot at the republican national convention. he announced he is starting his own anti-obama super p.a.c. he has offered a dinner with himself -- offered up himself to raise money for mitt romney and, yes, he has volunteered that he dodged trump, would be mitt romney's ideal pick as vice presidential running mate. forget about his hair. has there ever been an ego this bic in american politics? i hope he suckceedssucceeds. i want donald trump on the ticket. that would be the best thing that ever happened to barack obama and the worst thing that could happen to mit t romney. >> that's it. we go into the memorial day
5:54 am
weekend. have a great, great weekend. have a hell of a good time and come on back and see us right here on the radio and television on monday. >> this is the bill press show.
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