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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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all right. welcome to "the young turks." donald trump the clown show goes on and mitt romney is backing him 100% so far. but today wolf blitzer houses the donald. >> donald you're beginning to sound a little ridiculous. >> no, i think you are wolf. >> i don't agree with all of the people that support me and my guess is they don't believe with everything i believe in. >> and unfortunately president obama has a kill list. >> every day inside pakistan the cia pumps and kills. >> but the civilian casualties is not a good point, and the way they target people is really troubling. i'm going to tell you about that later in the show and then finally crazy justice.
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>> if you let some of them run loose, what are you going to do with the rest of them? let them go too. a little stay in the jail is not enough. >> wow, but the person he put in jail it's an unbelievable story. has no business in jail whatsoever. we'll tell you about her as well. it's go time. ♪ >> now we all knew donald trump was clown of the earth but he is trying to out do himself today. and mitt romney has wrapped himself completely around him. they are doing a fund raiser and hoping to raise about $2 million. even wolf blitzer got
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temperature on donald trump. >> if the state of hawaii says this is official why do you deny that? >> a lot of people do not think it is authenticate. >> why did the state of hawaii authorize that live birth certificate? are they part of this conspiracy as well? >> your democratic governor was the one who was really leading it. >> you know the governor of hawaii who authorized the reloose of this birth certificate is not a democrat but a republican. >> i don't know anything about it all i know is there are many many questions from all sides. >> i don't know anything about it perfectly exemplifies what donald trump is about. then why are you talking? zip it. but he is out there anyway. oh, it's a republican oops. it was linda lingle who originally authorized the lease
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of the birth certificate. and then we got the short form and then we got the long form, and none of it was enough. and now the ones saying wait a minute if we just got the college transcripts of president obama. here is the donald talking about that nonsense. >> a lot of people are questioning his birth certificate. a lot of people want to see his college transcripts. they are not looking at his marks or grades. they want to see what does he say about place of birth. those transcripts have disappeared. he just doesn't want to give those transcripts. so what does he say at columbia and harvard and his other college where he supposedly did not have good marks and got into columbia. these are just questions. >> what did he get in
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kindergarten. who gave them those grades, and what did he write? was it a horse sticker or a heart sticker ore maybe even a rainbow. people are just asking questions. did you know he said we don't care about his grades, but later said i don't know how he got into columbia, i heard he had bad grades. perhaps you are just assuming that because he's a black man. this whole birtherism is he's another. his dad is from kenya and he is so black. and now you are going to say how did he get into columbia. it's not a dog whistle anymore. humans can hear it. how is mitt romney going to react to having a guy like this
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be a surrogate. this guy is a surrogate. he is raising money with him. so romney i'm sure is going to say, woe no more of this, right? not by a mile. watch. >> i don't agree with all of the people who support me. and they disagree with some of what i believe in. but i need 51% or more and i'm appreciative to have the help of a lot of people. >> that's the whole point of mitt romney. give me the money, give me the money. i don't give a damn who you are. now let's watch. >> we're squared of an obama presidency. i have to tell you, he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared as president of the united states. >> i have read about him. he is an arab. >> no ma'am, he is a decent
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family man, citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with. ♪ >> why doesn't he show a birth certificate? he may have one, but there is something on there, maybe religion, maybe it says he is a muslim -- >> why is mitt romney throwing a party with donald trump to raise money. >> as i said -- you know, mitt romney has made it clear that this is not an issue for him. >> a candidate can't be responsible for everything that their supporters say. >> i really became friendly with mitt romney . . . ♪ >> you're fired. >> that's what mitt romney should be telling donald trump, but he is not. you saw the comparison to mccain who was classy in the 2008 campaign. donald trump tweeted out:
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oh, okay. donald. so the question is, is it good politics or bad politics for mitt romney to be going down this road. to help us answer that question we're bring in two excellent guests. first of all, we have lizz winstead in the house. hi. >> great to have you here. and this gentlemen over here, michael shure seems to be in "the war room" for some reason. could you be hosting "the war room" tonight? >> it turns out that i'm hosting "the war room" tonight. so everybody should watch "the war room" tonight after viewpoint, after "the young turks." >> i couldn't agree more. michael let me start with you. how does the politics of this play out? is it not a big deal sitterable for him, or it is an advantage to him.
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>> he is associating himself who is a bankruptcy judge away from being an infomercial. it's better for donald trump to be on the sidelines away, and the only way to keep him away is to allow him to endorse him. >> that's a fascinating ironic take on this. you heard my hilary rosen point, lizz -- >> yes. >> now this is an actual surrogate for the romney campaign. it is fair to say by surrogate property you believe everything that donald trump believes. >> i guess you could say that. but the one thing that donald trump has become is not a businessman -- because we know romney runs away from his job as
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governor, and trump brings nothing to the party except this loud annoying birther issue and the media loves to focus on morons, whether it's palin or trump. so the more they focus on trump and his wild ride the less credibility romney has. it's not a bunch of bloggers who have no minds who have tinfoil hats on. it's donal trump and every time he opens his mouth these people run to see what is coming out of it. >> michael was in las vegas last time the trump was there, and asked him a question that was perfectly relevant to what you were just saying. >> what do you say to your constituency -- >> people are tired of watching this nation get ripped off, and that's a lot of people. i bring a lot of people with me.
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if you look at my twitter, if you look at my anything -- >> yeah, you know what they are concerned about, the president's birth certificate. i was born one day after barack obama. and i was born in minnesota and my birth certificate looks exactly -- it has the exact same information on it that obama's has on it. >> who doctored yours? >> clearly your. my says question mark female. >> when i run for president, we'll have to doctor mine. that was the trump plane next to the romney plane. the imagery is terrible. we are massively out of time. everybody check out michael
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shure in the "war room" tonight. and when we come back a really serious story about syria. what can we do about it? we'll bring in one of the top foreign policy advisors in the country to talk about that. >> 49 children were killed in this massacre, many at close range. ♪ >> we're not through just yet, mr. vice president. >> they're swimming against the tides. (vo) brought to you by pradaxa.
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hula how la.
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♪ all right. we're back on "the young turks." over the weekend there was a horrible massacre in syria. there's a lot to say about it. let's show you a quick abc news report about it. >> reporter: images show that many were killed at close range. activists say after an initial art illry and tank assault the government went from house to house, creating a tsunami of
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lives. >> the death toll is horrible 108 killed overall in the houla massacre, 49 children among the dead and 34 women killed. let me tell you about the children real quick there was a video we could have shown you, and i decided not to show you because you might be watching with your kids. it is literally the most gruesome video i have ever seen. it's stomach churning and you watch that and you want to go after him yourself. the question is what are we going to do about this? it's a whole new world, in the past his father could have done the same massacre, in fact did and got away with it. but now the whole world sees it and how are they going to react. by the way this is not the only thing that of course has happened in terms of the
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killings. this is just the latest massacre. overall according to the afp, 13,000 have been killed since the uprising began. and the countries that are now throwing out their ambassadors from syria are united states britain, canada australia, germany, spain bulgaria netherlands, and now the reaction is strong across the world. the russians were their top allies, but even they are getting skittish now. the foreign minister says the government bares the main responsibility. the russians should say more. they are not admitting that the kids were shot at close range, executed. and france says despite all of these outrageous and the fact
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that france strongly condemns it, quote, no state is ready to plan a ground operation. so i'm not sure that help is on the way, so of course everybody turns to the united states, and here is white house spokesperson jay carney. >> we're working very closely with our allies, with our partners supporting the opposition, helping it stand itself up, helping it unify, providing military and humanitarian assistance, and working together to further pressure -- further isolate and put pressure on the regime. >> of course the real question is what does that mean? does that mean that we're going to provide arms for the people fighting against the regime? are we going to do any fighting
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ourselves? are we going to provide assistance that might help them? to help us answer that we're bringing in larry korb. all right. larry great to have you here on the program. first question we have is what is the united states to the best of your knowledge doing behind the scenes to try to alleviate this situation? >> well, we're drawing up the financial assets of syria presenting them from importing goods that -- goods that they need, and we're working with the united nations to continue to condemn them. at some point, he can no longer go on like this. if you can't trade, you can't get access to materials that you need for day-to-day life, the people in your country are going to turn -- turn against you. and the other thing we're trying
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to do is work with the russians to broker a deal so that he can step aside. it's not a perfect solution, but if you look, there's no better way to do it. there's no way in which you could do it that wouldn't cause more harm, because the rebels are not united, we know al-qaeda is in there. it could turn in to another iraq if we tried to get rid of the regime. >> the end solution is not great for the people at home as you briefly alluded to there. but it gets rid of the top guy but keeps the same power structure. which it's not like he is the only one responsible for those massacres. now having said that, my question is why couldn't we do the libya solution? >> well, in libya there was one
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rebel group, and there was one government group, and they each had different geographic areas. you don't have that in syria. so if you wanted to go in who would you attack? who would you arm. and it has also been infiltrated as i mentioned by al-qaeda. you probably have elements of iran in there, so who would you be helping? and it's horrible but there are a lot of horrible things that go on. adjust came home from uganda that leader killed 300,000 people and we allowed him to live his later years in saudi arabia in order to stop the killing. >> yeah, i understand that. as long as things change -- so if we got rid of the leader and things changes, i might be willing to do that.
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but i'm not sure that is the answer. but, look, finally, you know, i want to get to the other huge disparity here. when i look on american media, all i see iran, iran iran iran, it's so dangerous. they are a fraudulent government they didn't really win the election. but there is all this warmongering around iran. how does everybody say we could go to war against iran and that would be lovely but we couldn't possibly do anything against syria. >> iran has 80 million people. a first-class military. they are capable of taking very very strong action, and the cost would be much greater than all benefits you are getting. that's why all people are saying this is not something you want
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to do. the joint chiefs of staff was on fox this weekend and he said wars are easy to start, but you never know what is going to happen once you get going. so the idea that using military force as a quick and easy solution very rarely ever works. when i was working in the reagan administration, we had to leave lebanon because we were causing more harm than good. >> all right. larry korb thanks so enough for joining us tonight and trying to figure this mess out. >> thanks for having me. >> speaking of causing more harm than good that's exactly what president obama's new kill list might be doing. >> we are very careful in terms of how it has been applied. i think there's this perception that we're sending in a whole bunch of strikes willie nilly.
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(vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time.
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[ train whistle blows ] [ ball hitting paddle ] [ orbit girl ] don't let food hang around. yeah! [ orbit trumpet ] clean it up with orbit! [ orbit glint ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling. ♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! ♪ >> we're not through just yet, mr. vice president. >> they're swimming against the tides. we back on "the young turks." i understand in the chat room you guys are really split on whether he should know the sirrian video. i didn't know it on the tv show because anybody could be watching. but online we did show it so you can opt in if you want to.
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it really is the most gruesome thing i have ever seen but then you get to see the horrors of war. it's on "young turks." just be careful. "new york times" had a huge story this morning from joe becker and scott shane about president obama's kill list and what he is doing with civil liberties in general. here is a quote from the article: so that is not good news. that is not the change that we were hoping for. he has found a way to keep all of those bush-er are programs. now when it comes to the kill list that we have created for
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our drone strikes, the news is only worse. here is one piece of the article: do you understand that? if you are a muslim person in one of these countries, you are presumed guilty. and you can only be proven innocent after we have already killed you. that's why they pretend we have almost no civilian casualties. we assumed all of the males were terrorists and combatants and since no one proved us otherwise, we killed the
4:28 pm
civilians. it's a horrible story. >> reporter: u.s. official say remote controlled drones are highly accurate. >> for the past year there hasn't been a single collateral death. >> what a crock. it's not even close to true, and he had to back pedal from that. the left over from the bush administration who was also renowned for torture. president obama was doing q&a on google and he also tried to play this down. >> drones have not caused a huge number of civilian casualties. they have been very precise precision strikes against al-qaeda and their affiliates. and we are very careful in terms of how it has been applied. >> i don't believe the president is correct in saying that, and i'm being very kind by phrasing
4:29 pm
it that. independent journalists say there have been a number of civilian casualties. in these countries we often do signature strikes which means we don't even know who we are bombing. those are called personality strike. signature strike is, i don't know, it looks like they are doing something wrong down there. this is a horrible policy. this isn't off to. this is stupid. and it hurts us in yemen and pakistan. there is a reason they are doing it, and it might have to do with politics. now dennis blair who was fired later because he objected to some of these programs. he says:
4:30 pm
that is a devastating assessment of the drone strikes and then finally, one sense of how political this is is after the christmas day bomber, at least that was averted, there was a scare at the white house, and after that david axelrod started showing up at these meetings. the "new york times" say, quote: in other words, i got to look tough on national security. so whoever we got to kill well,
4:31 pm
we'll sort them out later. i voted against a guy like that twice. and i thought it was getting something different this time. and it's sickening to find i didn't. let's bring in michael hastings. michael you covered these drone strikes before. you know how -- how right is dennis blair in pointing out that this is really the politically expedient thing to do and that might have a role to play here? >> yeah, of course he is right. and, you know, the outrage should be very, very high on this. they have been keeping this program as secret as possible, trying to put up walls against any reporter who is trying to figure out what is going on. and five months before the election, they roll out this story of obama as commander in chief about how he is killing
4:32 pm
the bad guys to make him look as good as possible. but this idea that they are not being up front with how many civilian casualty, just doesn't sit with me. >> the obama -- dozens of officials cooperated. they wanted a story out there to show how tough they were, right? >> yeah, and here is the other thing, whenever the drone program has been challenged in court, the government's response is you have no right to know because it's top secret then all of a sudden, they decide to open the doors and reveal the program's most secretive measures. look i'm very happy that we now know much more about the drone program because of this incredible investigator work that the "new york times" has done, but the way they shaped it
4:33 pm
as this is a very manly thing to drop these drones on people is troubling, and should be troubling for anybody who voted about president obama in 2008. >> i remember president obama complained that president bush would not release the legal documents surrounding the torture. but we live in a democracy, don't we? >> what is amazing is -- so the former top lawyer at the cia, who was in trouble for all of the renditions and enhanced interrogation has come out and said hey, wait a minute isn't it funny that you can get away with killing people with no controversy but not for locking them up and torturing.
4:34 pm
i mean the fact that they have tried tt keep this thing secret. now they are putting it out there in the election year, and what is actually happening on a terror tuesday meeting. you have these government become becomes and officials looking through a list and making these life and death decisions how good is the quality of intelligence they are really working after, and why won't they cop to it when they made very serious mistakes in the past. >> they have teenagers on the list, they have a 17-year-old girl that they were considering on the list, and on top of that they have americans on the list and those americans have not received a trial. so isn't this literally a death panel? yet the republicans don't say a word about it? >> yeah, that's the thing. this is a kill list. it's a death panel. it's somewhat unprecedented the
4:35 pm
fact that these decisions are being made from the situation room from the white house itself. if this was president bush, i know this is a cliche point, but if this was president bush and karl rove was in the room with him, and it was an election year, and they were planning who they were going to kill, there would be outrage. republicans support it, so there won't be outrage, and democrats support the president, so they are not going to cry out against it. all right. one show is definitely not celebrating, and that's this show. it's not right when a democrat or republican does it. and get your political advisor out of these meetings when we are deciding who we are going to execute. and the republicans are worrying
4:36 pm
about how they are going to rig the florida elections. including kicking out u.s. citizens from voting like this 91 year old. >> >> reporter: he was shocked to get a letter saying he has been identified of being a non-u.s. citizen and was in jeopardy of being unable to vote.
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♪ great power panel for you as always. peter morici is here. i always enjoy his perspective. and lizz winstead, author of the new book "lizz free or die." look at this lovely book. got to check this out. in fact if you are in portland oregon, you can check it out this weekend where lizz will be. let's talk about florida and voter fraud. is it a valid issue?
4:40 pm
between 2008 and 2011 voting fraud in florida was nearly nonexistent, in fact there were literally more shark attacks than voting-fraud cases. 16 voter fraud cases, 28 shark attacks and that's true in three out of the four years. 72 shark attacks and 49 cases of voter fraud. undeterred rick scott the governor of florida got a list. they sent out letters to 2600 people. and a lot of those people were totally citizens in colluding this veteran. >> i was amazed when i got the letter. i have been voting since i was 18 years old or whatever it was. i don't remember. and i never had any trouble. >> we contacted rick scott's
4:41 pm
press secretary and here is the message that we got: >> that's fascinating. now of course in miami/dade alone, over 1200 people did not respond. is it fair to assume they didn't respond because they were non-citizens? all of them? who knows. >> peter morici help me out here. it doesn't look like voter fraud is running amuck in florida, yeah we have what seems to be an overreaction. could this possibly be political. >> absolutely is political. southern republicans don't want to appreciate how much this is going to hurt mitt romney among swing voters. this makes republicans look
4:42 pm
terribly bad. this 91 year old veteran could be a poster child. >> good independent analysis there. lizz on the other hand it could help them, because they could literally remove more voters. >> they have until june 9th. that's it. your have to respond to this letter by june 9th. and 300-and-some people have said i'm actually staten. and what does the envelope look like? i would be curious to see it, because i bet you it looks like junk that you don't want. >> yeah, i hardly read my mail because it's inundated with junk. how about that you have 90 days, and then you have to say
4:43 pm
they hey, i want to come in to prove in person that i am a pen. >> that's an absolute stretch. how many folks between the ages of 80 and 95 can put their hands on their birth certificate all that easily. and the burden of proof is on them. this runs totally contrary to the principal that you are guilty until proven innocent. now you are not a citizen if the secretary of state of florida points a finger at you, you have to prove that you are this is surreal. >> wouldn't that even hold up constitutionally that you actually have a law that says, you have to prove you are a citizen. >> right. these days lizz you have to understand, due process is not
4:44 pm
necessarily judicial process -- oh, wait that's for when we're killing people abroad. lizz, let me ask you. isn't it fair for republicans to say wait a minute, there has got to be a process in which i can make sure that non-citizens can vote. >> maybe? i don't know that there is a whole scourge of non-citizens that are voting. is the massive voter flawed is happening all over the place? it isn't. again, it is a red herring that drums up people to be frightened. >> so, yeah and the numbers back you up like .000009% of the voters have committed voter fraud. so it's really manufactured. all right. i want to thank both of you,
4:45 pm
peter morici thank you for your principal position there, and lizz winstead will be in organ today. everybody check out "lizz free or die." when we come back we have a young woman who is trying to take care of her family and she gets thrown in jail. we'll tell you why when we come back. >> reporter: 17-year-old diane tran has a heavy load at willis high.
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on the next gavin newsom show: google's sergey brin and anne wojcicki give gavin a hands on look at google's glasses. >>that's facinating. ♪ all right. we're back on "the young turks."
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there is this student in texas diane tran and she has been doing a terrific job under difficult circumstances taking ap courses, has two different jobs, and goes in front of judge lanny moriarty, and he decided to throw her in jail. why? ana kasparian is here to tell us why. >> you would assume if a student spends a night in jail he or she must deserve to be there. but tran is quite studious. >> reporter: 17-year-old diane tran has a heavy load at willis high. >> college algebra, spanish 4 ap -- >> and she has a heavy load in life since her parents divorced and moved away leaving her to help provide with a brother at texas a&m and a little sister in
4:50 pm
houston. >> i always thought our family was happy -- >> [ indiscernible ]. they are just trying to make a point and diane got caught in the middle of it. >> she is a hard-working student, taking advanced classes, working a part-time job and full-time job. so why did he is judge throw her in jail at night? because she had too many truancies. she is so tired sometimes she misses an entire day of classes. >> a little stay in the jail for one night is not a death sentence. >> we explained the particulars of tran's situation to him. judge do you think if the case were a little bit of justice temperaturered with mercy? >> probably so yes, ma'am. >> can anything be done to revoke this? >> it probably could. >> later on the judge said he didn't want to revoke his
4:51 pm
decision, because he didn't want to seem too soft. so in the meantime tran will have to spend a hundred dollars on a fine, and have this jail sentence on her record. this is a serious issue that the aclu has drone a great job talking about. it is known as the school to prison talk line. students are accused of these non-violent offenses and get sent to jail and they have this on their pertinent record. children as young as five are being lead out of the classroom in handcuffs for acting out. and of course whenever we talk about injustice in this country, there is somehow a racial angle. 70% of the students affected by the school to prison pipeline are minority students. 42% are black students 29 are
4:52 pm
hispanics. when it comes to arrest 35% are black and 37% are hispanic. and you could assume violence is up, but the aclu makes sure to note when 1992 and 2000, school violence actually dropped by half. >> ana i don't think that this is a race issue as much as it is a power issue. if you are a rich parent, and your kid had to miss school for ten years -- earlier today i was telling you when i was growing up, and rich kids would always miss ten days out in the switzerland or the caribbean or somewhere, right? >> uh-huh. >> but if you don't have a lawyer, and with have to shuffle more kids into the classrooms who cares. >> you are right, the poor are
4:53 pm
definitely affected by the situation, but this is also the result of underfunding. they are stretched so thin and they don't have time to discipline students, so instead of using their desources to discipline these students, they have a knee jerk reaction and say let's get these kids out of here. >> in this country, prison is the answer for everything. >> right. >> ana great story. now "viewpoint" with eliot spitzer is up next. what do you have for us? >> i'm wondering why on the very day that mitt romney becomes the official candidate and he going together with donald trump. and why the obama administration is sitting flat footed on syria.
4:54 pm
simon johnson one of the smartest economies i know on how to reconfigure our financial services regulatory structure so we don't have another disaster. >> i hope simon figures it out. >> somebody has got to. >> yeah, somebody has got to have an answer. thanks, el lee at. when we come back we have a crying congressman who is now crying for his gun. there is a great twist to that story. >> i will continue to cooperate with the government's ongoing investigation the best of my ability. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, just $14.99. start with soup, salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits followed by your choice of one of 7 entrees. like new coconut and pineapple shrimp or shrimp and scallops alfredo. then finish with something sweet. all four courses just $14.99. [ reza ] it's so much food for such a good value.
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[ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade. ?ñ?ñm0 all right back on "the young turks." you remember congressman randy duke cunningham he got sentenced to more than eight years in prison because he admitted to taking money illegally.
4:57 pm
remember how he cried when he was sentenced? watch? >> i know i will forfeit my freedom, my reputation, my worldly possessions, most importantly . . . the trust of my friends and family. >> that sounds touching right? right before that press conference we found later, he had taken a laundry basket full of cash and tossed it out his window as he drove by his wife's house. now he is asking for his rights back. why? he tells the judge: he has got to protect himself. he also says: he is obviously not going to earn that money by writing
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