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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  June 4, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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us. it's going to be a great show. we will see you then. thanks, you guys, for joining us. injury. >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." the wisconsin recall race gets ugly. >> tom barrett is willing to cover up hundreds of violent crimes in milwaukee. what else is he hiding. >> if you don't show up and vote they'll say, see, we got them now. >> cenk: if walker wins does that mean you can buy our democracy? it's a really important election and our own david schuster has more breaking news on that in just a little bit. don't miss that. also a leading progressive journalist says what president obama is doing is murder. >> it's mass murder. when you say we're going to bomb this area because we believe there are terrorists there, and you know that there are women and children in the area? >> cenk: is it fair to call it murder? those are hard words.
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one man is fearless enough to take on the bankers. ♪ >> cenk: look at that. something good coming out of germany. we'll tell you why that is and why he's doing it. >> cenk: all right, we have an incredibly important recall race in wisconsin tomorrow. but do you know a year ago when they did polling on hypothetical match up between tom barrett who is now the mayor of milwaukee, and scott walker who is the union-breaking govern of wisconsin, barrett had a significant lead. he had 550% to 43% lead.
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things have changed, but we'll talk about why they have changed. an enormous amount of our money a record-breaking amount of our money is poured in this race, $63.5 million spent by the candidates and independent groups breaking all records in wisconsin for a single election. where is it all the money go? let's break it down for you guys. campaign donations to walker $30.5 million. two-thirds that have is from out of the state. money is pouring in from rich folks across the country to walker. for barrett, it's only $4 million, and only 26% out of the state. mainly in-state donations for the democrat here. and walker has out-raised barrett 7.5 to 1, 30 to 4. there is also outside money on both sides but that is an enormous advantage to governor
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walker. what has he bought with that? he has butt these kinds of vicious attack ads against the mayor. >> finding mayor tom barrett failed to report as many as 1300 violent crimes in the city. confirming that barrett was not being truthful when he claimed that violent crime was falling in milwaukee. and a prominent criminologist said it raises the question whether the crimes have been properly reported. if he is covering up crimes in milwaukee what else is he hiding hiding. >> cenk: classic attack ads. is it a good idea? conservatives would say it's a good idea because we need to save money for the budget. but it has nothing to do with tom barrett, what else is he
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wrong? of course, because they wanted to smear him and make the issues about tom barrett rather than scott walker. that's the whole point of these ads. and guess what happened? they have worked. now new poll walker up 50% to 47%. that is a 10- to 14-point swing in the span of a year. why? they inundate the market with giant amounts of political ads, a lot of it, as we showed you coming from out of state, and from billionaires. now, does scott walker do the bidding of those billionaires? you betcha. do you remember when there was the protest, a comedian by the name of ian murphy, editor of the buffalo beast, made a call to the koch brothers. and scott walker is doing his marching orders saying yes, sir.
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>> 30 years ago ronald reagan had one of the most defining moments of his political career not just his presidency when he fired the air traffic controllers. he said this may not have broad world implications but wigs which is history i said, this is our moment. this is our time to change the course of history. >> wow, i tell you what scott, once you cross these bastards i'll fly you out to cali and i'll show you a good time. >> that would be outstanding. thanks for the support and helping us move the cause forward. >> cenk: it would be outstanding to be flown out to cali after i've done your bidding for you. the whole part about reagan is an important part because he's saying to the koch brothers, listen, i'm going to break the unions like reagan did. i promise i'm going to break all
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the unions. he said this is not just about private unions but just state employees. what did he tell another billionaire, giving him $500,000 to break the unions. a documentary happened to catch it on tape. brad lictenstein. >> any chance we'll get to be a completely red state? what can we do to help you? >> we're going is to start in a couple of weeks with the budget. the first step is we're going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employee unions and we'll use divide and conquer conquer. >> cenk: use divide and conquer. first go after the public employees and then the private employees. why does she want to give all that money to scott walker?
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because she runs one of the companies. she makes--she has $2.8 million. is that enough for measure? no, no she's going to take more money out of the pockets of the people working for her and put it in her pocket. and she'll share it with scott walker, the phoney whose job it is to protect the billionaires. i can't believe anyone in wisconsin voting for scott walker. do you think he represents you? he only represents the koch brothers and hendrix. one guy who was there to point it out, and tom barrett made an ad out of it. >> all those people who have poured all this money in wisconsin. if you don't show up and vote they'll say, we got them now. we'll break every union in america. we're going to break every government in america. we will break middle class. divide and conquer works. you tell them no. you tell them wisconsin was
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never about that. never will be about that by electing tom barrett governor thank you. >> cenk: god, he's good, and more importantly in this case he's absolutely right. this is the election to decide whether billionaires can simply buy our government, buy our deposit, or if you're going to make a stand in wisconsin saying no matter how much money you spend we will not be deceived. we'll vote for the middle class as well. we'll find out what happens and let's bring in the man who knows politics. ♪ >> cenk: all right michael, thank you for joining us. of course michael shure is our epic politician man. if barrett loses, and the polls have him down a little bit here, if he loses whose fault is it? >> you talked about it earlier in the segment. it's all about the money that
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was spent. it's a little bit about fatigue. it's about tom barrett who got the nomination. it goes back to the money, 6-to-1 at least. >> cenk: if they would have picked the guy who the unions are more in favor, do you think there would have been more of an upswell. >> there are so few people who are decided in this race but in terms of get out the vote it may have helped. when they see scott walker it doesn't matter who is running against them. they want this person to beat scott walker. >> cenk: russ feingold believes barrett is going to win because more people are motivated on the democratic side and voter turnout is critical. clinton seems to have done a very good job on friday, although they're at a sunday razor tonight, but obama did nothing. is that, you know--
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>> johnjohn bonjon bon jovi is having the fundraiser. barack obama did not take a stand when all those union protests were happening in the capitol. a lot of people are saying if obama comes in and it's a loss, it's bad for the president. i think wisconsin does not want him there as badly as he doesn't want to go. he does not want his record on the economy and his down poll numbers to resonate there, which is a very interesting political story. >> cenk: i don't know how it came out. we don't know whether they asked for president obama to show up and he didn't, or they told him not to come. it will be interesting. another interesting point brought to us by david schuster. correspondent for current television. david, you broke the news with michael on "the young turks" about scott walker being a target of an investigation. tell us about that.
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what does that mean? >> first of all, the investigation began two years ago when walker was leaving office as milwaukee county executive. there were allegations of corruption and embezzlement among his staff. money that was supposed to go to a veteran's organization, and it was used for personal use, a wedding and things like that. all the stuff would conduct political business on government property and not have anybody find out about it, so the investigation begins two years ago. walker claimed at the time that he wanted the investigation. the allegations were horrible and he wanted prosecutors to take a look. there was a court document filed last week that shows walker there is testimony that walker and his staff stone walled the investigation early on, which is why the investigation became known as the john doe investigation. a secret investigation. the fbi got involved and carried
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out one of the raids to walker's top chief of staff. in the course of taking some of the reporting that has been here in wisconsin, for example that walker transferred $160,000 from his campaign fund to a legal defense fund which normally requires you to be notified when you're target of an investigation, i ran it by prosecutors in washington who have some connection to the case prosecutors i've known for over 20 years. they confirmed that walker is the target of the investigation. what does that mean? when you're in the orbit of an investigation or a subject or witness or target, they believe that in fact a crime was committed, and that they're moving the investigation to a new phase where they're trying to determine if they can put together the evidence and the lace law to actually indict and then convict. what they'll do in the course of the phase is they'll write a prosecution memo summarizing the evidence and the strengths and
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weaknesses and send that to the main department in washington, but usually cenk, there is a 50% chance or better when you're the target of a federal investigation, more than 50% of the time that does lead to criminal charges. people of the monica lewinsky investigation were given a target letter, on and on. people are saying why is this coming out now? the fact the matter the people that i got this information from, they don't care what happens in the recall. they have no horse in this race. again, they're pointing out that scott walker and his legal team have been asking to be cleared by the justice department for the past five or six weeks. under justice department guidelines if someone is mentioned in an investigation like this and they're a public official and they're facing an election the justice department have guidelines that require prosecutors that provide that clearance to the public
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official. scott walker has been asking for that public clearance for five or six weeks. the prosecutors have said no. they said the reason why we're not going to give you that cover is because you're a target of that investigation and you may be indicted. >> cenk: david schuster, we'll leave it right there, thank you so much correspondent for current television. when we come back, we have the president saying everything is going to be just all right. mitt romney on the attack, but is it working? we'll tell you about it when we come back. >> all this is just to say one thing. the only poll that really matters is election day. we can't pay attention to anything else, good or bad.
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for the energy to keep you going. who wouldn't want to be a part of that? payday. the sweet taste of energy. >> cenk: all right, we're back back on "the young turks." we had bad news about the jobs
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69,000 jobs created, not as high as people wanted. don't worry, jim messina for the obama campaign says everything is going to be just fine. >> we knew that once mitt romney locked up the nomination republicans would get behind him and this race would be tight just like we always knew it would be. we're ahead of where we were last time around. if the election were held today we would win 243 of the 270 electoral votes we need to win. all this is just to say one thing. the only poll that really matters is november 6th, election day. we can't pay attention to anything else, good or bad. >> cenk: i know that's trying to put a happy face on it but if they want 253 electoral votes they would lose. that was not very clear as far as messaging is concerned. and poll numbers for mitt romney's favorability are going way up. 41% up 6% from the "abc news"."
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cnn poll he's up 48% up 14. and gallup has him up 50% and up 11 points. that's due to two things. nothing having to do with mitt romney. one, president bush president obama is not doing anything for the economy and then taking it out on him. and saying oh the opponent must be doing well, and then this false impression that romney is a moderate. all of his opponents called him a moderate. >> the difference between the values of conservatism and the vault of a moderate. >> i don't want to pull attention from his time as governor as being a moderate governor in massachusetts. >> romney is not a conservative. he's not folks. >> not a conservative of convenience that romney is. >> here is a massachusetts moderate.
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>> he speaks french, too. [speaking french] >> but he's still a massachusetts moderate. >> cenk: that's hilarious. he's nowhere near a moderate. he's on the right of george bush on almost every issue. tax cuts for the wealthy minimum wage medicare immigration, campaign finance and global warming, you name it, and mitt romney is right of george bush. romney thinks that george w. bush was too liberal. this is nothing moderate about mitt romney at all. when they ask spokesperson alexander fransici about this she was honest. when asked, how different is that concept from what were the police of the bush administration? is this a different program or is this a program just updated?
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she replied, i think it's that program just updated. meaning, bush updated. is that what we want as a country? i don't think so. i don't think my next guest wants to think so. our next guest is tim ryan, also author of "a mindful nation," and recapture the american spirit. well, i would love to recapture the american spirit. congressman, greet to have you here. >> great to be back. >> cenk: great to have you on "the young turks" as usual. talk to me about mitt romney, the idea that he's a moderate. is there anything to substantiate it or is he to the right of barry goldwater. >> it's interesting that we're sitting here thinking that george w. bush was the moderate in the current day republican party, which just shows how far of a lurch there has been to the
7:21 pm
right. he's against the dream act. the tax cuts he wants to implement are a greater portion go to the top .1% of the people in the country. when you look at all these issues on education, investments that we make taxes, the dream act, any of these things, it's clear mitt romney is way more conservative than george bush was or probably ever will be and its framing it up for president obama to capture the middle independent voter. >> cenk: congressman, it's interesting, mitt romney's tax plan would quadruple the amount that we add to the deficit. the bush tax plan was draconian. mitt romney's plan would ahead $10 million to the deficit. these guys are never going to balance the budget.
7:22 pm
if you want to balance the budget, the last person in the world you want to elect is mitt romney. >> we need to hammer that point where you had all the candidates running for president. the question was if there was $1 in tax increases to the top 1 persian and $10 in tax cuts would they be able to support it? they all said they would not be able to support it. a balanced plan that will ask everyone to make some sacrifice, especially those who income has grown 200 to 300 times over the last few years, hammer that home and the equity. >> cenk: do you think president obama has done a good enough job on that yet. >> in ohio, for example the message clearly is the auto industry and bringing
7:23 pm
manufacturing back which obama has done a very good job. one out of every eight jobs in ohio is auto. if it weren't for barack obama there would not be an american auto industry. president obama has put tariffs on chinese steel coming in tires coming in from china. he has played tough on manufacturing, which is key in a state like ohio. >> cenk: we have a poll on ohio and president obama is still holding on to a sizable lead, 48 hers48% over 42%. if obama wins ohio then romney's chance becomes greatly diminished. the question, one, is ohio critical, and then two, whose side is romney on? with the scott walker thing we
7:24 pm
did in the first segment i can't believe there are any americans who say, mitt romney, he's for me. [laughing] >> cenk: should that be the framing? who side is mitt romney on? would that appeal to voters in ohio? yeah, i can see how this guy is for the rich. he certainly ain't for me. >> the argument for president obama to say i'm on your side whether it's pell grants, student loan interest rates yes, we're on your side. but we have a trump card in ohio. mitt romney came to ohio during the big collective bargaining debate and sided with govern john casick, and it was not just teachers, state and county and city workers, it was also police and fire. so that's why we beat that down with 62%. here comes mitt romney. here comes lynn cheney. here comes karl rove, the groups who were just telling all the police, fire and teachers last year that they were the problem in america are now coming in
7:25 pm
campaigning for mitt romney. our folks don't forget that and we'll continue to remind them. >> cenk: one last quick question for you. i know in your book you're very hopeful about recapturing the american spirit. i'm less hopeful. i thick we can do it but i think it will be a long, heard fight. i think our politics are fundamentally broken, they can pour in all this money, and it's the disadvantage. what am i missing. >> you need to buy the book "a mindful nation." i think the slight of hand that we can pull in ohio is the people who are spending the money this year are the same money who are spending the money last year and hopefully we can shake this national virus that we have and get back to the business of making investments for the country, valueing science and education and the the intruck
7:26 pm
structure. >> cenk: when we come back, i don't know if the justice department is fighting the bankers, but i know one boss who is. i can't wait to talk about that. [singing] >> we're not through just yet, mr. vice president. >> they're swimming against the tides. (vo) brought to you by pradaxa. i have the most common type of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin,
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home of the brave. ♪ ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above. this is the land of giants. ♪ ♪ guts. glory. ram. ♪ >> cenk: all right, we are back
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on "the young turks"." and gretchen from "the new york times" has a terrific article today about how the bank of america executives deceived their shareholders when they were acquireing merrill lynch. it was a $50 million purchase and they did not tell them the real merrill lynch numbers. the then treasury secretary said wait a minute, this could be a criminal offense that we're not sharing the real numbers with the shareholders. in other words the owners of the company. the next time we could be talking through a glass wall over a telephone meaning, of course, in prison. that's not all. ken lewis, the ceo at the time has admitted in an indictment earlier this year, i'm sorry, in deposition earlier this year that hey, yes, i did not give the same numbers as i had internally to the shareholders when they were voting on whether to approve that merger with merrill lynch. on top of that, the general
7:30 pm
counsel wanted to object to this as well. when he found out about the numbers, he was immediately fired and escorted from the building. he could not even clear out his papers. that appears to be fraud. are they going to do anything about it? was the treasurer right in saying, hey wait a minute this could be criminal. the obama administration hardly does anything about it. let me show you the numbers behind it. there is your graph showing since 1999 prosecutions of banks and bankers have gone steadily down. an in the obama years they are at a record low. and there is a record of being soft on the bankers. that is even misleading because that is not even from the top banking executives. there is one guy fighting back he is not in the government but he is the boss. listen to what bruce springsteen had to say in germany.
7:31 pm
>> cenk: it's kind of sad the one guy we have fighting back for us is a singer and performer, and he does a hell of a job at it, and no one else in the government does. let's bring on bruce springsteen expert ben mankiewicz. >> yes i'm the bruce correspondent. >> you were in europe during that concert tour when he made news over the weekend. >> there was talk from berlin, but he has been talking about that before he plays that song "jack-of-all-trades" attacking the bankers attacking the economic inequality throughout. i was in the first show in europe and he talks about the precursor to occupy wall street. and he always speaks in the native language. and he spoke spank in sevia, and
7:32 pm
then german in germany. it's impressive. >> cenk: i actually think it's thethe album with the revolution, but it's that strong and there is strong language about the bankers. >> yes, as he gives that little speech before "jack-of-all-trades," a bunch of songs take on the bankers. "jack of all trades," you'll hear guitar from rob, who has been on "the young turks"" and listen to "jack-of-all-trades." this is c-12. ♪ the working man grows thin ♪ it's all happened before ♪ and it will again ♪ >> cenk: now he says the banker
7:33 pm
man grows fat. in that song later there is--no in "death to my hometown" there is a shotgun and there is lyrics. >> yes, it says i'll shoot him on site. that's from a frustrateed person who you get the impression he has lost his union job. >> cenk: talk about "death of my hometown." >> and here in it is played with rob morilo. here are the lyrics, but more angrier ♪ now get yourself a song ♪ to sing and sing ♪ it till you're done ♪ and sing it hard ♪ and sing it well ♪ and send the robber baron's ♪ straight to hell ♪ and greedy thieves ♪ that come around
7:34 pm
♪ and ate the flesh ♪ of everything they've found ♪ whose crimes ♪ have gone unpunished now ♪ walk the streets ♪ as free men now ♪ >> cenk: brought death to our hometown. >> what you talk about are crimes that have gone unpunished who walk the streets as free men now. >> cenk: here is the point of all this now. this really resonates with a lot of people. not just democrats, but we were talking internally here in the production meeting republicans were like, bruce, go get 'em. what are the democrats doing wrong that they can't capitalize on this gut feeling that the whole country has that bruce explaining here through this music? >> i think that goes to your point, that maybe they don't really believe. maybe it's the same people he's criticizing. back in 2008 bruce is such a huge advocate for barack obama. played in his inauguralweek
7:35 pm
in 2009 in january. and then when he's talking to jon stewart in the press conference he says he still supports the president, and he points out that president obama got the healthcare passed but he says, although i wish there had been a public option that didn't leave the citizens victims of the insurance companies. >> cenk: it's campaign finances, really one of the best articles i've ever read on campaign finances. jesus, man, he nailed it. >> we have a quote from back in december. it's as good a thing you can read on the "huffington post" there is. he talks about buckley in 1976. he said, the ruling makes the extraordinary decision that money is protected by the first amendment presumably chief justice gordon gekko presiding. he said that they decided that
7:36 pm
spending money is the equivalent of free speech. you might wonder why no one in that smart room stood up and said wait a minute if money is speech is the lack of money speech? it's not just bruce but the whole band. >> cenk: and it's going back to buckley, the core of the problem. >> he said one of the worst three decisions of the supreme court history. >> cenk: this band has nailed it. the gut feeling in the country for what is wrong here. unfortunately, neither one of our pretties is representing that point of view there's that resonates so strong in the country. >> being in europe and seeing spaniards react to him the way they do they're reacting to the idea of america. they're reacting to the best that america has to offer. that's what they see in bruce. >> cenk: yeah, absolutely. and it doesn't just resonate in this country, but it resonates all across the world to all the
7:37 pm
guy who were screwed by the bankers. thank you ben. >> yes. >> cenk: when we come back, why the republicans trying to kill the electric car. they did it to the prius. now they're doing it to the volt. i'll show you the spectacular failure in that regard. >> know blow. >> it is sleek it is also broken.
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7:40 pm
today alone. theit is reported the c.i.a.'s drone campaign in pakistan is doing what is basically called the double tap. we explain in a homeland security report the favorite tactic of hamas the double tap a device is set off when the police and other first responders arrive. a second larger device is set off to inflict more casualties and spread panic. is that what we should be doing the same tactics that hamas and others groups use? one that jeremy scahill addressed over the weekend, but he put it in harsh terms. >> those people were murdered by president obama on his orders. because the belief that there is somebody in al-qaida in that area. when you say we are going to bomb this area because you believe there is a terrorist there, and you know there are women and children the president of the united states has an obligation to
7:41 pm
investigate. >> cenk: those are really strong words. paul waldmann, you're a progressive. what do you think of jeremy's point there? >> well, i think we shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that the technology necessarily gives us an entirely different set of moral questions. if it's wrong to kill civilians it's wronged to it from the air from an unmanned aircraft or manned aircraft. it's the same. what is troubling about some of the things that we've learned recently about how these processes are under taken within the administration, and the kill lists and things like that you know, you start with something that someone like osama bin laden and you say, of course if we have information where he is, we should go ahead and pull the trigger. then you move down that list to lower and lower people and acome accommodate more and more
7:42 pm
casualties. what if these kinds of tools were in the hands of the political leaders that i dislike the most welcome what it president sarah palin was the one making those decision abouts that kill list and how many casualties she thought were acceptable to get someone who is this week's al-qaida number 3 or number 4? when you ask the question in those terms, the answers seem a lot less clear. >> cenk: well, no, they're very clear to me. i don't think he should do it. now james you come at it from a libertarian perspective, and i'm curious to hear what your thoughts are. >> jeremy is a smart guy. he was pushed on the show to say that dwight eisenhower was a murderer too. the president might make different decisions and we don't want the person we're opposed to having this executive power. but i would say that the real drone is the bureaucracy making these decisions. >> cenk: we all get it.
7:43 pm
we've killed civilians in wars before. i think that's why you're saying that jeremy's comments are too harsh as it applies to eisenhower and, etc. but on the other hand can we get an agreement across the political spectrum that if it's an american citizen we should indict them in court before we execute them? >> i don't know if we're going to get that agagreement. it would be a nice thing at the minimum and the constitution thing to do. but given the fact that we want to fight wars on the cheap and keep people out of way, it's understandable in its way but something that people are ready to lose the thread on and let it go where it goes unfortunately. >> cenk: paul, indict american citizens before we execute them? can i get that much? >> absolutely. people will accept it not based on abstract principle but based on what we're talking about is bad guys, quote/unquote. that's one of the legacies of
7:44 pm
the september 11th attack now everywhere we find someone we don't like that person can be called a bad guy and then the american public will say yeah sure, go ahead it doesn't matter if he's an american citizen, go ahead and kill him. it's one thing when you're talking about someone who is most certainly involved in terrorism, but if that next president decides there are some american ex-pat living in amsterdam, maybe we'll send a drone to kill him because the battlefield is everywhere. if he's going against american policy then he's a combatant. that's why--that's why these kinds of things are troubling. they're removed from any kind of--any kind of legal process with real oversight. so future presidents, no president is going to give up powers that he or she inherited from prior presidents. the powers will just keep expanding. >> cenk: paul, i'll go one step
7:45 pm
further. i'm not worried about future presidents. i'm worried about this one. i care deeply about what future president also do, but i don't trust our government. i know that is sacrilegious to say on television, but by the way another american citizen we killed is the 16-year-old son of anwar al-alwaki. no you're not supposed to trust your government. we're supposed to be a country of rule of law, and we've lost track of that, no matter what you call it. james and paul i really appreciate you joining us. we'll be back with the billionaires that are funding mitt romney's campaign. >> the melaleuca customers know better. safety is the driving force
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you for joining >> cenk: all right we're back, and we'll talk to tim dickinson. he wrote about the billionaires behind mitt romney. he said these guys make romney look like a middle class. 16 donors gave over $1 million to romney. the median wealth of those donors is $1 billion an you'll be shocked to know that they're mostly white. i'll bring in tim dickinson next. we'll talk about who they are and who they are all collectively. we have william koch, the other koch brothers, not charles or david. he's 72. his fortune is $4 billion and he
7:50 pm
has given $2 million to romney's super pac. then you have the marriotts richard and bill junior the marriott fortune. $1.7 billion and $1.6 billion and $1 million to romney's pac. is this a representative of those who are in that category and why are they doing it? why are they giving insa numbers to romney. >> they're all billionaire. $1 million is little insane to them. they all have real financial stakes. mitt romney is talking about getting rid of the inheritance taxes, preserving the bush tax cuts preserveing the carried loop hole it's in their commonality to get this guy elected. >> cenk: is it just taxes or other interests to help that helps
7:51 pm
them financially to get mitt romney elected. >> jim davis the ceo of new balance. new balance wants a defense contract. they make shoes in the united states currently. soldiers are given a stipend. they can get their nikes made in korea. new balance wants to be the shoe of the military and he and romney goes back in days of boston. he was on romney's gubernatorial transition team. there is a relationship there. >> cenk: then there are the kochs, and those who would like to pollute a little bit more and relax regulation. they are powerful not only with the money they give to romney but the message they push out through think tanks. tell me about van der sloot. who is he and whats is his story. >> he runs a pyramid firm. they sell off-brand hammer
7:52 pm
pharmaceuticals and these kinds of things. he has clashed with the fda for making unwarranted claims about thinks products. he runs into trouble with the law quite frequently. he's also a major landowner. the 86th largest land owner in the nation. he has angus cattle and quarter horses, which is mitt romney's favorite mount, which may be their connection. he is also an anti-gay crusader. >> i'm the ones where they have the deregulation and they get to do the questionable stuff. thank you for the report. >> thanks a lot. >> cenk: and mark mckinnon pointed out that the koch brothers will give more money alone in this election than john
7:53 pm
mccain had in his whole election in 2008. that's amazing. eliot spitzer is next for "viewpoint." what do you have for us? >> eliot: i have to say that was an amazing report. i'm going to stop buying new balance sneakers. i useed to wear them when i ran. i'll switch. consumers should do that. we have wisconsin coming up, an obviously a big day for that. we're watching that. and we'll talk about the politics of the moment and the arc of the history community and individualism in american politics. bill cohen about the latest outrages on wall street. good show. >> cenk: i thought the same thing about new balance sneakers. >> eliot: i didn't know you were a runner. >> cenk: i am, actually, it doesn't look like it. >> eliot: i didn't say that. >> cenk: when we come back, republicans are running away from electric cars. we'll tell you why. for a good clean feeling.
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>>the gavin newsom show is a search engine for solutions, and that's the focus. we want to focus on solutions and ways of bringing people together. that's the only way we're going to solve the world's great vexing problems. >>(narrator) the gavin newsom show friday at 11 eastern/8 pacific on current tv. >> cenk: do you remember in the year 2000 when the prius was first released? the conservatives attacked saying, oh my god, hybrids, they'll never work. they said quote not what the public wants. it will never deliver a profit. and demand has been weak. in fact all the way into 2004 after theafter the prius started doing well they had someone saying america does not want hybrids. 13 years later they're still selling cars. bloomberg news had a report on it. >> we've known for years how popular the corolla is. ford focus has really shot up
7:57 pm
but the the prius selling 30,000 units less than the focus. could anyone have predicted that the prius would be doing this well. >> cenk: yeah, progressives. the conservatives were saying, it would never work. they're doing the same thing about the chevy volt as we speak speak. >> it's sold to people who believe in theo op enronmt.nmt. w>> is hoins in tobuy acar for $47,00$4th00th etet tttt ndndwhwh t tre are other oer ch cech cenon emarket.. >> who h>>ashohaso veve it mmeefor free and i'd roller skate backwards in the lincoln tunnel than drive that. >> cenk: give it to me for free--ha, ha, ha. what happened? the volt is doing better today than the prius did at the same time when compared with their launch, right? so they're in a better trajectory. the americans do want it. the conservatives work for
7:58 pm
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