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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  June 11, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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being brought in. this is a yellow dog democrat button from susan kennedy and others keep coming. please feel free to send it in. help decorate the war room. thank you for joining us here in the war room. we will see you tomorrow night. [ music ] >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." gaffe game. did the president say something wrong. news. >> the [ music ] >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." gaffe game. did the president say something wrong. >> the may jobs report came out and the numbers are not good . >> obama: the private sector is doing fine. >> cenk: how could you say that, expect for the fact that he's kind of right. we'll show you the actual facts. then we have a win in washington state on gay rights. >> i think to myself how could i did my anyone
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deny anyone the right to have that incredible bond with another individual in life. >> cenk: that's a republican--except wait. it gets pulled back. the guy who pulls it back. who wants the referendum in washington to take away gay rights on the program today. how's that for interesting. he's coming. i'm coming. everybody's coming, including our clown of the day. >> breaking her silence, that's the girlfriend of the man called the cause way cannibal. >> i'm speaking speaking out with her attorney, gloria allred by her side. >> cenk: why is she the crown of the day? only one way to find out. it's go-time. >> cenk: now i want to warn you guys. last friday president obama said
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something outrageous. something so hideous. hide the children, here's what he said. >> obama: we created 4.3 million jobs over the last 24 months. over 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. where we're seeing weakness in our economy has to do with state and local government. oftentimes cuts initiateed by you know, governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help that they've gotten in the past from the federal government. >> cenk: oh, my god! how could you say that? the humanity! the private sector is doing fine. i want to rip my eyeballs out.
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mitt romney already has an odd out adout on him today. >> the worse jobs numbers in the year. >> the may jobs report came out, and the numbers are not good. >> just a bat bad number . >> obama: the private sector is doing fine. where we're seeing weakness in our economy have to do with state and local government. the private sector is doing fine. >> cenk: i love the ominous music. [ singing ] the private sector, how could he say that. [ sobbing ] we'll show you that in a second. john mccain is the perfect guy to ask. john mccain said something similar in 2008. except back then the economy was
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in the middle of of an explosion. that's when we lost all the jobs in the first place. how could you be outraged by this but not outraged by what you said, john mccain. >> mccain: the economies are strong. >> you're the perfect person to ask about in this morning. >> back then we had just had a terrible stock market crash a, and the people were very nervous, and i wanted to assure people that the fundamentals of our economy is good. >> maybe that's what he was doing. >> the private sector is doing fine. i would like to show him these small business owns and these closed businesses. it shows the philosophy of the president of the united states. he believes that having state, federal and local governments hire more people. that's the way out.
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mitt romney believes business creates job. >> cenk: can anybody see what happened in 2008 and what happened now? i didn't see the distinction now. you show the close the businesses. when did they close? under bush's collapse that you were a part of, and then said it was no big deal. on to president obama. was he right or was he wrong? let's take a look at the facts. i'll show you public sector growth under george w. bush. hey, that's solid. it's growing at a 4% rate. obama must be off the chart--what? it turns out the public sector actually went found under president obama. in fact, they cut a lot of jobs. i thought they said it was the opposite. now what about the private sector. bush right there, we can see it's going down. under president obama, well look at that, going up. so, in fact, the private sector looks like it did pretty well,
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and the public sector did poorly. just like president obama said. in fact, did you know that this is august of 2008, and again right around where the collapse began to happen, 662,000 jobs were lost in the public sector local, state and federal government. now they're saying it's too much. but we've been shedding government jobs at the clip of hundreds of thousands. how about the private sector. they're not doing fine at all, right? i would love for them to be doing better, but the reality is we've had 27 months of months job creation. and so was president obama right? largely speaking he was right. of course being right is a big big crime in washington so everyone is abuzz about it. now let's turn to mitt romney. he had a gaffe of his own.
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>> he wants to hire more government workers. he wants to hire more teachers firefighters, police, did he not get the from the american people? wisconsin did. >> cenk: in wisconsin, we hate cops, firemen and teachers, yes, fire them all! is that the message? i hope that's not the message that romney got? president obama will respond with an ad about this. [ music ] >> turn governor romney's tenure was cut dramatically. we lost firefighters and teachers at rapid rates. cities were less safe, not as clean. larger class sizes. >> all the basic services that we rely on are the poorer for mitt romney's administration. >> the man did not care. he didn't care what was going on
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in our communities. >> by the time that romney left office we were 47th in the nation in jobs terms of job growth. >> cenk: all right, now i love the ominous music on that one, too, but at least it's backed up with more reality. do we need more firemen? take a look at a video here. this is the state of colorado. in flames right now. 20,000 acres. they're using four helicopters two air tankers, and you know how many firefighters we have fighting that? 250. then by the way new mexico is also on fire. all these firemen, obama, didn't you learn from wisconsin? we don't need any of those stinkin' firemen. let's bring in michael hastings. he's contributing editor for rolling stone. which gaffe is worse, obama's or
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romney 's? >> i think firing teachers and fire american firemen is worse than saying the economy is fine. saying the economy is fine, i really think that this is almost an entirely media-driven narrative. i was a little baffled by it. >> cenk: but is president obama making a mistake? instead of pack backpedaling shouldn't he come out with these giant charts like we did, public sector, down, private sector added 4.3 million jobs and here is a 12-ounce cup of shut-up juice and say media, report this. >> this is the fine line that the obama campaign is trying to walk here. on the one hand president obama as commander in chief has to go out, insure the market, build confidence with statements like that.
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on the other hand they have to manage expectations. if they say the economy is great and then three months from now close to the election and the economy does not look so good, they'll be called on it. i think it was a mistake to back away and clarify those comments. it shows weakness and the republicans pounced on it. >> i'm not saying that the economy is doing great. i don't think that by any stretch of the imagination. i don'te think that the president had the right strategy. i think he should have done--helped homeowners more than he helped the bankers and that would have stimulated the economy more. but i'm talking about the president saying, hey listen the republicans had the plans to fire all the government workers. but now instead of creating 800,000 government jobs which we normally would under normal growth pattern, we lost jobs and that hurts the private sector. so the republican idea is wrong. isn't that the more important message, to use the opportunity
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to push out? >> yes, i think that you just made the case more effectively than the obama campaign did over the weekend. that's exactly the argument they should be pushing. part of the problem with these crazy media cycles we're in is that the president says that immediately the media jumps on it and says it's a gaffe. then they get back into he said-she said business when it could have been an opportunity like you said to layout the principle and philosophical case of why president obama's vision of governor something superior to candidate romney. >> cenk: you got to layout your case. that's what the presidential election is all about. on thdresn e ll ist, michael hast, one guy coveri i t riw abtght. al ng thank you so much, wae boapprec iathte tu k l itst. we l >>break thankou. dow >> cenk: now whahetn hweole com e barrck speaking of the media getting it all wrong, there is this whole hubbub about who leaked what on the drones in the kill list, etc. how about talking about the actual kill list.
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we'll break down that whole terror for you when we come back. >> my white house would steiglitz to discuss the growing despairisparity between haves and have-nots. the millennial generation could roark the world in november. only if they show up and voted. it's in the war room, and it's only on c urrent tv. innovation matters now more than ever.
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come back, our clown of the day, who is it going to be and why? this is awesome.
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everybody's hatred on guy people to take away their rights. >> i'm not sure why you needed me on this program. you are making my arguments for me. >> cenk: mission accomplished. thank you for join us but i don't want to thank you for the hateful referendum that you're putting forward in washington that is hatred. that should be apparent. >> watch as a man who plays jennifer granholm is politically direct on current tv. >>the dominoes are starting to fall. (vo) granholm is live in the war room. >> what should women be doing? >> electing women to office. trailblazer. >>republicans of course didn't let facts get in the way of spin. >>do it, for america.
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[ music ] >> cenk: now recently there has been a number of leaks from washington about some of our top-secret programs including our cyberattacks or nuclear program, the double agent who foiled an al-qaeda attack, and the secret terrorist kill list. >> this is so sensitive and so damaging to our relationships overseas. first of all, it raises to the level of a serious crime, and it is really harming the united states' national security. we all ought to be outraged about this mccain: regardless of how useless these leaks may have been to the president these have to stop.
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the leaks have got to stop. >> cenk: outrage. my god, that would never have happened under an republican. john mccain takes it one step further mccain: our intelligence leaders under the administration say this is the worst breach that has ever seen. that's the really offensive. >> cenk: the worst breach ever seen. during the bush administration they leaked valerie's plam's name. i'm sure john mccain was just as upset about that? here's what he said at the time. i do believe that every american has the right of presumption of innocence until proven guilty approximating. karl rove has stated he did not do anything wrong and break any law. i take him at his word. hmm, not quite as outraged when there was an
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leak that endangered somebody's life. under the bush administration they had countless leaks. cybersecurity plan? wait a minute, i thought that was classified. and then the book "bush at war," there were a thousand leaks. it was leaking like a sive. but that's okay. that's to their benefit. and then "against all enemies," richard clark's book. but when republicans do it, it's totally fine. when democrats do it, what! there are leaks in washington? i find it deeply offensive. now, at the same time, are the democrats being honest with you when they say, oh, well, leaks? here's the president, watch . >> obama: the notion that my white house would
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purposely release classified national security information is offensive. >> cenk: deeply offendsive. everybody is offended. come on, if they didn't get it from the obama administration, who did they get it from? of course they got it from the obama administration. "new york times" said one official after another, it's clearly their source. axelrod said no. >> someone in the room with the president was giving out some of this information or discussing classified information. >> i think the authors of all of this work has said the white house is not the source of this information. >> cenk: oh, of course not. it was the underlings we gave it to. if it's not come from the white house, where is it coming from and why would it be in the middle of an article that praises obama for being so tough.
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and then comments to george stephanopoulos. >> we've been tougher on leaks and we've been criticized for that. it's the right thing to do because of the very issue raised. we want to make sure that the people we assign to these very difficult tasks are safe or safe as they can be and we want these missions to be successful. >> cenk: that's true. they have been tough on whistle blowers. that is of course if they're leaking stuff that the administration doesn't like. recallremember what they did to bradley manning . he was stripped naked at night. only to degrade him. he was kept in two years in military confinement. with no charges against hip. not even a conviction and no charges against him. they charged him way later. now he faces life in prison saying he aided the enemy. if we find out that axelrod or anyone else leaked that to the publications, are we going to
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strip them naked? god for bid and do this solitary confinement and degrading treatment? of course not. they're part of washington. you only punish whistle blower who is are exposing what the government is doing. in fact, do you know that president obama has broken the record for six wrestle blow whistle blowers talking to the media. espionage act, that's the toughest charge you can charge these people.
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then we are going to see real turmoil. >> spain was not sufficient because it was the spanish bank? >> the problem was that money went into the the airplanes are going to get from one part of the country to the other without any air traffic controllers. i mean this is ridiculous and mitt romney ought to know better. i stand with our public employees and cops and firefighters and their teachers?
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>> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now. ♪ >> cenk: now we're back on "the young turks." the issue of gay rights has been trending in the right direction
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in a nationwide poll of cnn that they showed that the majority of americans are in favor of same same-sex marriage. 54-42. that's terrific. other numbers, hey, do you know someone who is gay or lesbian? in 2010, it was 59-50. and finally, can homosexuals change orientation? back in 1998 they thought, no, yes, 51% could change orientation, and 36% saying no it's how you're born. now it's 58% saying it's how you're born, there's nothing you can do about it. but in washington state they had a debate and gay marriage won.
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there was a moving speech given. >> and so i just--i think to myself how could i deny anyone the right to have that incredible bond with another individual in life? to me it seems almost cruel. my daughter came out of the closet a couple of years ago and you know what i thought i was just going to agonize about that. nothing is difference. she's still a fabulous human being, and she's met a person that she loves very much, and some day, by god, i want to throw a wedding for that kid. >> cenk: it was great. it was a terrific speech. it helped open a lot of paths in washington, mission accomplished, but wait! it was blocked because opponents have filed 200,000 signatures calling for a referendum instead. a local affiliate explains. >> opponents of same-sex
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marriage needed 120,000 signatures to put the law on hold and force the vote. they submitted twice that men, 241,000. >> this is exclusively about defending and preserving marriage as we have known it. >> we are now the policymakers. the legislature gave their input but now the people are the policy make sneezer thepolicymakers. >> cenk: the man you just saw is going to join us. they want to do this referendum to make sure there is no gay marriage. james, welcome to the program. hold on, apparently he's going to join us in a second. i can't wait to sigh what his rationale is. i would love to see if he thought that marriage could be denied for other reasons whether you're born black or jewish, muslim, it's interesting. well, before we talked to him, actually, let me give you
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representative maureen wall walsh again. >> speaking against the vocal majority on behalf of the rights of the minority . to me its incumbent upon us as ledge legislation ledge legislation fors in this state. all of that as we continue the program. >> wildfire instead of burning out of control is expected to get even worse today. >> we don't have streets. we have a river. steiglitz to discuss the growing despairisparity between haves and have-nots. the millennial generation could roark the world in november. only if they show up and voted.
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>>(narrator) the sheriff of wall street. >>the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) the former governor of new york, eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>somebody somewhere can listen, record, track, gather this data. >>arrangements were made. >>(narrator) independent unflinching. >>there is a wild west quality to it that permits them to do whatever they wish. >>(narrator) and above all politically direct. >>facts are stubborn things. [ music ] >> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." well, we hoped to have two debates. one is on environmental issues. for that i'll bring in jack burkman, founding president of
7:34 pm
the burke, burkman associates. good to have you back. look at this, james west has watch out, jack. here comes james west, a climate reporter. this should be interesting. first let me tell what you is happening. we have fires in new mexico. we have fires in colorado. and we've got floods in florida. let's show you some of the news. >> it was an epic soaking. some places inundated with over three inches of rain in just an hour. just south of mobile, alabama, a foot and a half of rain. look at this map, flood warnings and watches from louisiana all the way through the florida panhandle . >> firefighters are trying to control a fire that is expected to get worse today. in new mexico strong winds
7:35 pm
spread the flames quickly and grounded the aircraft trying to battle the flames. >> cenk: is this relateed to climate change. the majority of americans 69% agree that the global warming is expecting the u.s. weather, and the number you're looking at is extreme weather event. you see how it has skyrocketed over the last set of years? is it coincidence? jack, let's go to you first. is this all a wild coincidence? >> this is one of my favorite topics, as you may know over the years. it's kind of like the killer bees. do you remember the killer bees they were coming to get us. they were broadcasting night after night, but they never made it. when someone talks about the climate change when there is snow on the ground, if anybody does one hearing on it in the dead of winter i'll believe in it.
7:36 pm
i've made that pledge to liberals. here's the reality. you know this. you have maybe a dozen or more organizations inside the beltway. another dozen outside of the you have a whole cottage industry of thousands of people who he were their living from this issue. that tells you that the issue will never go away. it's politics and money that drives it. it's a silly issue. the beach in florida, 1,000 years from now will probably be something like one-inch different. we've had fires and floods in the united states going back a million years. >> cenk: i'll let james respond, but i have to jump in. in winter if they ever talk about it, but this winter it was 80 degrees in chicago. in march we broke 1500 weather records. there it is. do you know concede? >> no, it's anecdotal. you're providing snippets here and there. this is all anecdotal. i remember five years ago one of
7:37 pm
my favorite george will columns in the end of 2007 there was this expedition up in the arctic of people looking to prove climate change. it had to be canceled everything was so cold everything froze over. you know what he said? he said, well, this proves our case because it proves our absolutely unpredictable global climate change can be. i hung that on the wall. that's hanging. i blew it up and hung it on the wall. >> cenk: it's called fluctuation based on climate change. we'll let james, expert, come in. he says it's anecdotal , james. >> look, we've heard this arguments before. if you put your hand outside it's raining, and all of a sudden its raining all over the world and we make these connections between weather and climate. if you talk to the scientists themselves they say let's look
7:38 pm
at the big picture here. let's look at trends observed over many, many years and in many, many different reports that show the increase of temperatures around the world. this isn't an inside the beltway conspiracy that we're talking about here. this is the evidence has been mounting for many, many years that this is going on. let's take the case of today's fire in colorado. we spoke to scientists today who are themselves weary of connecting these to global climate change. they do look at these fires as evidence that they look at in the increasing videos over the next couple of years that will actually be looking at, increase veerty and frequency of fires. i feel like we've heard all of these arguments before. >> cenk: jack, i got to ask you one last question. these are all weather events. if there is a fire, it does not proof global warming.
7:39 pm
i think everybody knows that. i think everybody knows that. but when you see it in totality 247 extreme climate events. you see the pattern going up and you still don't believe the numbers? >> let me ask you this, this could go on for 12 hours. you believe in it and i don't. even if it is true, so what? there is nothing that we can do about it any way. the chinese and the indians will never change. we're just a speck in terms of the pollution. there is nothing we can ever do. and technology will improve in the future. if we're 100 years from now to confront something terrible with floods in florida, new york, and wherever else we'll have the technology to deal with it, even if it's all true. it still doesn't make sense to change in. you guys are amaze ing.
7:40 pm
i love this quote, so what. as usual, he delivers. switching gears let's go to joseph with preserve marriage in washington, he wants to overturn the law passed in washington in favor of gay marriage. joseph, do you think we can vote on everybody's marriage? we can just have a popular vote. for example, in dearborn michigan, if they're majority muslim. guess what the qur'an law goes. it's about what is the definition of marriage. what is that with the recognition of lots of people. here in washington and most places you can't marry someone who is under 18. you can't marry someone who is already matter. >> cenk: we already passed the law on this.
7:41 pm
now you want to overturn that law . >> correct. >> cenk: but you're trying to block a law that the legislature legislators, and could we say a referendum that says black people cannot marry chinese people any more. >> well, here in washington the people have the power of authority, and we have the power of referendum. >> cenk: so the voters in
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[ music ] no all >> cenk: all right, the government official in california is in a good deal of trouble because a neighbor caught him whipping his stepson. >> it's the video that puts a sadistic twist on america's pastime. watch as a man plays catch with his stepson. the boy drops the ball. the stepfather approaches him and hits him with his belt. finally the neighbor. so angry and yells for him to stop. that's enough. i have a problem because he
7:50 pm
won't catch the damn ball. >> you know my son. >> i don't know your son but i'm watching. i'm a. [ bleep ] father, too. why don't you come over and teach me. >> cenk: damn, that neighbor is really mad. that was water director anthony sánchez weather was doing the whipping. and you saw the video there if you want to call that whipping. that's the question. is this really a felony. i'm going to bring in the supreme court. we have ana, and chief justice and our producer hermila. >> there are unknown variables and the negative reaction is to punishment in germ. if someone is growing up being physically punished from time to time, i understand that it's usually done out of love. i don't know what is going on in this video. i think it's unclear and i think
7:51 pm
people are jumping to conclusions fast, and it's not a felony. >> cenk: the belt does not seem out of love. i'm not sure about that part. i know in california if you spank a kid on the bottom with the clothes on, that is not illegal. but here he's using a belt. >> things need to change. maybe it's not a felony. maybe it's a misdemeanor, but maybe there are things that it goes to a felony. maybe this is just the way it used to be. things need to change. there are things that people got messed up in their brains. we end up fine, some of us, we don't know if that's why we ended up fine. there is stuff that needs to be different here. if we get in everyone's life we're on the verge of this conclusion. you can't go and just beat kids and think that's fine. this is another human life. this is not yours. you don't own them. >> cenk: guilty or not guilty. >> it's hard on this particular case.
7:52 pm
you can't see on this one video that's guilty but it's something that you would look into. if he's beating his kid with a belt because he can't catch a ball, he's probably getting a whooping for something else. >> cenk: this is for dropping the ball. he probably doesn't want to play catch any more. ana, do we all agree we can't come to an conclusion but it should be looked into. i think an investigation is in order. and based on what we've seen it might be smart to maybe make him take a few parenting classes to show that hitting your kids is usually not an effective way of disciplining them. that's more important. i hate how we always want to throw people in jail. let's not throw them in prison. that's not going to help the situation. >> cenk: i think people would disagree. looking at that video that would piss a lot of people off, and they would like to see him in jail. mainly i'm with jayar that it's
7:53 pm
time for a change. let's put the belts away. let's a agree to that. coming up next is "viewpoint" with eliot spitzer. eliot, what have you got for us? >> eliot: we're talking about a different type of force, drones with katrina van den hoofen. does it work military taylor does it work institutionally. keith ellison in after effort to overturn citizens united and great conversation we're going to have. and then zach walls a powerful voice out of iowa about same-sex couples.
7:54 pm
and get elected if they don't on back to the middle. david catanese, political reporter at politico. and mcday coppins, political reporter for buzzfeed.
7:55 pm
when we come back, gay rights seemed to have a victory in washington. it was pulled back. the guy who pulled it back. the guy who is against gay marriage will be on the program. we will have an interesting conversation when we return. >> speaking against the vocal
7:56 pm
(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time.
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