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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  June 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." the republicans hold the attorney general in contempt. >> 23 ayes, 17 nos. >> the ayes have it. >> cenk: they do, indeed. that's a disaster. we'll talk about who is at fault, what are the implications, and what is the white house doing to react to it. all that coming up in just a second. do you remember this awkward interview or meeting that mitt romney had with a gay veteran. >> i think at the time that the constitution was written it was clear, that marriage is between a man and a woman. and i don't think the supreme court has changed that. >> cenk: do you know what is more awkward mitt romney disspieddespite the fact that he has
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a terrible record on gay rights. on "the young turks." do not miss that conversation. and the tragic story about the shocking number of rapes in the military. >> is this like a joke to you? what do you mean? you're the third girl to report rape this week. are you all in cahoots? >> cenk: that's an amazing story. go time. >> cenk: the white house has invoked executive privilege. eric holder has some documents relate together fast and furious, that program where we were supposed to track weapons but we didn't. it ended up in the hands of the drug cartels.
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but darrell is a and the republicans in the oversight committee say they're hiding something, and there might be something in the cover up. there have been heated exchanges back and forth. >> you leave the committee no choice but to seek contempt for your failure to deliver or cite a constitutional exemption: >> down mitchell responded that way. >> think about that. at some point as they say in the mccarthy hairings, at some point have you no shame. >> mr. attorney general you're not a good witness. a good witness answers the questions asked. >> 140,000 documents, how many documents are with responsive that you're withholding at this time. >> we produced 7600. >> i don't want to hear about the 7600. >> i would beg to allow-- >> the lady is out of order. >> mr. chairman. >> i got to tell you mr. chairman sitting with a
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meeting with you can be rough. i mean, in a heated moment. >> yeah, yesterday i didn't think it was particularly heated. >> you thought it wasn't heated. i did. it was very heat canada this whole thing has been heated but my favorite part is, you're not a good witness. you've been a bad bad naughty witness. last night there was a press congress how they might hold the attorney general in contempt. >> we're not looking to hold people responsible. we're looking for document production. the attorney general is the custodian of the documents we wish to see and that's why the contempt cites him. we would hope that the president would ask his attorney general to be more cooperative. >> cenk: well, that's not the way it went down. they could not get an agreement so for the first time barack obama has used his executive privilege here about these documents. as you can see, it is the only time he has used it.
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george w. bush useed it six tiles, bill clinton 14, george h. w. bush once, and reagan, four times. they had a hearing in the house to see if they would hold the attorney general in contempt, oh my god i'm on the edge of my seat. which way did this go? let's find out. >> the clerk will call the role. >> there isa. >> aye. >> mr. isa votes aye. mr. burton votes aye. mr. cummings. >> no. >> mr. cummings votes know. mr. towns. >> no. >> mr. towns votes know. >> 23 ayes, 17 nos. >> the ayes have it. and a contempt report is ordered reported to the house. >> cenk: shocking. it turns out in committee controlled by republicans, the ayes have it: it's not a done deal.
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it goes to the full house and we'll see if they take that to the next level. that very rarely happens but you very rarely have a congress filled with republicans like this. let's go to joe williams, correspondent for politico. it's great to have you on. it's been awhile. >> yeah, i appreciate it. thanks a lot for the invite. >> cenk: absolutely. let's start with the white house first. they did the executive privilege in the morning. does that mean that they knew the contempt was coming and they didn't have a deal and they wanted to get out ahead of it. >> it's obviously between holders, holders people and isa and isa's people they weren't going to cut a deal. every was looking for a way out except isa. and it seemed as though this was the preordained or pre-destined kind of move that they expected. so to have president obama do executive privilege ruling order, it was pretty much a surprise for some in the the press
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corps, but given the fact that it progressed to this degree, it was a surprise but not a shock. >> cenk: any sense where they pull the move that they do, where go in with negotiations and in this case, which documents to release. and they go, this is it. i want 100% or nothing. i don't know, do they do that in this case, any sense of that? or no? >> all of our reporting indicates that, yes, holder went in with a motive to try to throw this thing back a little bit. as you showed in your clip there were nasty exchanges back and forth. isa was very determined. the democrats on the committee could not do a whole lot to defend holder, so holder tried to do what he could. he tried to broke arrest deal. they had turned over 70,000 documents, a whole stack worth and nothing had come of it. at that meeting last night the reporting shows holder came and said look, can't we work this out? isa said, sure, we can work it
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out if you give me what i want. that's not necessarily the end of it. at the end of the day isa wanted to keep his options open. holder wanted to keep what he could without giving away the store. neither could come to a compromise. things moved ahead and we are where we are. >> cenk: i want to bring michael shure, our political correspondent. michael, how unprecedented or not unprecedent wood this be? >> well, it would be unprecedented if any kind of prosecution happened because it's never happened before. actually in 1983 rita labelle the epa administrate center the reagan white house was held in contempt. charges were not brought and she was later indicted for a separate perjury charge that had nothing to do with it. so it's unusual. but it's will also part of the heckling that is going on right now. it's not too farfetched to say that they are not taking this president seriously. the idea that they're going after this president is another
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way of disrespecting him. it's called executive privilege because it is just that. >> cenk: i hear you, but on the other hand it's really hard to know you know, whose right and who's wrong as to what kind of documents they have, joe. how is the public supposed to judge whether eric holder really has turned over as much as he can? or he's holding on to something because it might be incriminating, how do we know? >> that's the question, isn't it? certainly we have eric holder saying look, i've given you everything you've asked for. i've given you most of what you've asked for. i've given you documents that is very embarrassing to the justice department. we've owned up to it and we have our own investigation that will be fair, swift and will spare no one if it leads that way. what more do you want? isa has the privilege saying, i'm ranking member, and we have oversight. you have to do what we ask because we're the watchdogs here.
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it's very difficult to know exactly who is right and who has the final say because we've never been here before as well. it got really close with harriet meyers and josh bolton with the firings of attorneys when bush was ready to leave office. that got as far as the dc circuit court. bush left office and the case was never decided. it looked as though the jim was going to rule that there was no way that the two sides could not work it out. there was no legal precedent to determine who was going to be the winner there. >> what joe said is true, in the case of the u.s. attorneys they've got meyers and bolton in trouble, the same thing happened. and people on the democratic side said wait a second we need transparency. you know why congress is frustrated. >> cenk: quick guys, michael steele, former rnc chief this morning saying it might be worse
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for republicans. any sense that might be the case? i don't know if i believe that. >> well, i don't--i mean, it would mean that michael steele is right for the first time in his life. [ laughing ] i don't see how in the world this is bad for republicans. >> cenk: joe is this an advantage to the republicans politically? >> there is probably a wash. i would say ultimately it's a wash. first because you have the image of--and this is something that a lot of people on the left have raised--you have an image of mostly right panel harassing the first african-american attorney general. but beyond that you have republicans squabbling and look like they're conducting overreach with a guy who appeared to try to cooperate. they're not talking about economy, they're not hammering on jobs, and they're doing the people's business as far as fixing the which and economy and getting people back to work that thanks. great work. i'm literally shocked by the
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amount of rape in the military. i didn't expect it in our military. there is a movie out on about it, and shows amazing details. we're going to talk to a lawyer in that case when we return. >> as bad as it was being raped what was as bad if not worse was to receive professional retaliation in their chosen career merely because they were raped.
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>> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." there is a new movie called "the invisible war." it's a documentary on rape in the military and it will be released on friday. it is jarring. you don't expect it. here are the stories of some of the women featured in the mirror. >> you could lose your rank, your school if you filed a false report. so do you want to file a report? [ chuckling ] >> even with the rape kit and everything and the my friend catching him raping me, they still didn't believe me. >> i reported it two different times to my squad leader, and he told me there was nothing he could do about it because he didn't have any proof. >> they actually did charge me
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with adultery. i wasn't married. he was. >> they took me before my absolutely commander. he said, do you think this is funny? i said what do you mean? he said, is this all a joke to you? i said what do you mean? he said, you're the third girl to report rape this week. are you all in cahoots. do you think it's a game? >> cenk: it's one amazing story after another and it get more horrifying as you watch. the marines are supposed to be anan elite unity and two of the plaintiffs against the military are feature. >> i told him, don't wear any makeup, the marines will think you want to sleep with them. i thought that's just ridiculous. >> the atmosphere off the bat in
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the marine barracks in washington was horrible. people asked me what sexual favors had i performed to get my orders there. >> there was a senior officer in my command who said, the marines here are nothing but objects for the marines to. [ bleep ] >> cenk: whew, and when you talk about the overall cases the numbers are huge. in 2011, according to the department of defense there were 19,000 cases. only 14% were reported. that's such a low number. so many of it unfortunately people get away with it and less than 6% convicted. leon panetta realized the scope of the problem and here's what he said. >> the first policy gives victims who report a sexual assault an option to quickly transfer from their unit or installation. we will also require the retention of written reports of sexual assault to law
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enforcement to be retained for a period of 50 years. the reason for that is to have these records available so that it will make it easier for veterans to file a claim with the department of veterans affairs at a later date. >> cenk: so some new rules there. in april he announced even more rules, saying quite sexual assault complaints must be handled by more senior officers, colonels or navy captains rather than you want commanders. but the problem unfortunately is still very very large within the military. now to talk with us we're going to bring new susan burke, a civil rights attorney representing some of the plaintiffs in this case. susan, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> cenk: yes so as i've said three times i'm stunned by how much this is part of the culture culture. what happened in the military. how did we get to this culture where rape is so prevalent?
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>> well, what you have is a systemic lack of attention to the problem. this is not new. you'll remember "tail hook," the scandal at the air force academy. we have this issue popping up to media attention to the attention of the executive branch. the problem however is that rather than having congress engage in the type of reform that we need, where we just take this out of the hands of the commanders we just have these kind of minor--these minor reforms that are trotted out each time there is attention to it. then what happens is everybody goes about their business and before you know it, five years later you've got the same situation again. so we really have to address this head on and say enough is enough here. >> cenk: i don't know if you have answered this, but how do we compare to other militaries? is this a warrior culture that bleeds into this horrible side-effect? or is this just our military
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here that unfortunately is more afflicted? >> the problem is with our military. the reason is we have not taken the logical step that the united kingdom, australia and canada those contributes have all said in order to properly prosecute and stop rape and sexual assault in our militaries we need to modernize and take it completely out of the chain of command and put it in a judiciary process. nobody wants to have their rape allegations adjudicated by their boss or their boss' boss and who knows them and the perpetrator. rather a civilian is used to go into the court system where there is an impartiality, they don't know the judge, they don't know the jury. they have modernized their forces. they said we're not going to have a chain of command involved in the prosecution of
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these. the reality is most of these rapes and sexual assaults are done by just a handful of sexual predators. as i'm sure if you watched the movie, the average number of victims for a sexual predator is 300 victims. >> cenk: wow. >> you can clean up the problem. it's huge, isn't it? it surprised me when i first began to study this issue. >> cenk: a fourth time i'm stunned by this. they never get punished. you're never going to get to 300. >> exactly, that's why the problem can be solved relatively easily by appropriate prosecutions and incarcerations. and i do--i'm very hopeful with the incredible work which kirby dick and amy zering with this game. changing of a movie that you and others will focus on the issue. that will lead to congress stepping up. this is a problem that congress has got to solve. >> susan burke, attorney for the
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plaintiffs, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> cenk: all right, when we come back, mitt romney not exactly in favor of gay rights, but gay conservative organization says they're going to endorse him any way. we'reit should be a spirited conversation. check out mitt romney on gay rights. >> when you say i'm in favor of gay rights, you're not. you're in favor-- >> well, what happened--the gay community changed their perspective as to what they wanted. >>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it.
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>> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." now president obama has done many things on the issue of gay right. he has repealed don't can don't ask don't tell. hehe asked not to defend the anti-marriage act and he famously said this. >> for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> cenk: that statement has done a world of good for gay rights in north carolina, maine and other states who are moving in the right direction saying the president is right gay america should be allowed to get married. mitt romney his opponent agrees. in 1994 he said, i'm nor convinced than ever that as we seek to establish full equality for america's gay and lesbian citizens i'll provide more effective leadership than my opponent.
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his opponent at the time was senator ted kennedy. at the time he was saying i'm more gay rights friendly than kennedy. that was then. now mitt romney's position has devolved as the president's position has evolved on gay marriage. take a look at the set of clips from 2003 on where mitt romney is not quite as friendly to gay rights. >> marriage is an institution between a man and a woman. i will support an amendment to the massachusetts constitution to make that expressly clear. >> states are able to make decisions regardeds to domestic partnership benefits such as hospital visitation rights. >> it's all in how you feel, you do not believe that everyone is entitled to their constitutional. >> right i think the time that the constitution was written it was clear that marriage was between a man and a woman and i don't believe the supreme court has changed that. >> you're not in favor of gay rights. >> the gay community changed
4:26 pm
their perspective as to what they wanted. >> many gay couples are able to adopt ching, that's fine. but my preference is to encourage the marriage between a man and a woman. >> my favorite part was that the gay community changed their mind. that's just comical. nonetheless, "go proud," a gay conservative organization, has decided to enthusiastically endorse might might. he said he's, quote light years better than president obama. for fascinating we have jimmy lasalvia on. first question, are you kidding? >> you know we're not kidding. we're like most americans and most americans do not base their vote on a single issue. we have a lot of issues facing our country. the truth of the matter is we have a failed president on our hands. it's up to all of us to replace
4:27 pm
him. all americans are living in this obama economy, and that includes gay americans. >> cenk: so jimmy here's the problem with that, right? i hear you. of course, everyone has a range of issues and just because you have happen to be of ethnicity or gender group you're not all going to vote one way. everybody gets that. but this candidate is going out of his way saying i don't want to give you the rights as everyone else, marriage, etc. if someone told me, hey you know what i got a great progressive guy. you'll like him on all these issues war budget, he just happens to hate turkish people and won't let you get married to non-turks in america. i would say it's hard to endorse that guy. don't you see that? >> i don't see the comparison. >> cenk: you don't? >> i do disagree with mitt romney on the federal marriage amendment, for example. and that is somewhere we don't see eye-to-eye. but on every other issue as we
4:28 pm
put every issue on the table particularly the fundamental view of government, and we came down on the side of mitt romney-- >> cenk: jimmy, i get it. as a conservative you agree with him on budget, etc. and we could have an awesome debate about that. but this is not a minor issue. this goes to be--hold on. it's kind of like someone who is an african-american during the civil war saying, hey you know, what the confederacy has a slavery issue but i really like their tax proposals. >> let me tell you that simply because anyone in america, a person is not there on same-sex marriage yet does not make them anti-gay or some sort of bigot. let's make that clear. >> cenk: really? jimmy-- >> if they don't believe in same-sex marriage. >> cenk: that doesn't bother you? >> look, i have a different
4:29 pm
opinion. we're having a long national conversation about that issue, and there are people on both sides that are discussing it. i want to continue those discussions. i happen to think as i think you happen to think we're going to end up in a place where we have marriage in this country. >> cenk: but you're not going to end up there with president romney. that's the thing jimmy you're willing to with this endorsement set back the gay rights cause at the very least four years. you say it's different but you know mitt romney has explicitly promised he'll set your cause back. >> i know-- >> cenk: it's if you have the same rights as other americans. it's no, not a minor thing. it's not like regulation on the epa. >> i know you want to talk about this issue. the president wants to talk about this issue because the president's record on jobs and the economy and the debt crisis is indefensible. i know that's why all the liberals in washington and across the country want to talk
4:30 pm
about issues like gay marriage, contraception and everything else and divert the attention from the issues that are facing us all. i have to tell you when--i don't have a curby job at current tv. just like everyone else i'm worried about my job just like everybody else in america. we're all wondering what is going to happen, and where are we going to end up and the crisis we're in. >> cenk: look, i already acknowledge of course as a gay american black american, turk--you could be conservative, liberal, all over over the board. everybody gets that. we're having a disagreement about something that is monumentally different. richard grenell agreed with obama, and a neo-con. he wants to start more wars, who
4:31 pm
cares? the romney people care. they got rid of him. there was all this pressure because no matter how much they agree with him they don't like you, jimmy, they hate you. so they kicked him out. >> no, no, no, wait a second. now i happen to know rick and i know the situation. i know that the situation wasn't handled well, but let me just tell you that the truth is mitt romney has a long record of dealing with gay people. in his life, and in his career. he has demonstrated that he believes that we are a part of america. we have a disagreement on marriage. >> cenk: you're part of america but not his campaign. here is a guy who trusted on national security you're telling me if there was any other reason why richard grenell was pushed out of the campaign, you know it
4:32 pm
was because he was gay. >> i don't know that he was pushed out of the campaign. it's been widely reported and widely agreed that he was asked to stay. that situation was not handled correctly. without question. but let me just say, we have a problem. we have a failed president. and that is something that most americans agree on. >> cenk: that's not what most americans agree on. >> and absolutely things are not going well in this country. >> cenk: he's beating mitt romney by 30%. i get it. you want lower taxes. gay americans can be as greedy as straight americans. >> no, and create more jobs and have job. >> cenk: ii know, gay job creators. >> that's how jobs are created. not the government. >> cenk: one more thing, you who enthusiastically endorse mitt romney went to work for mitt romney they wouldn't have you. because they would have--
4:33 pm
>> that's not true. >> cenk: they would have the same pressure that richard grenell had and the family values guys, they wouldn't hire you because you're gay. how in the world do you get beyond that. >> that is just absolutely absurd. >> cenk: try it. try to work for them and see what happens. >> well, i have had great conversations with them, and i'm working with them. >> cenk: are they paying you? >> no, they're not paying me. >> cenk: have they come out of their closet with their relationship with you? >> out of the closet about us? i don't know what that means. look we're living in 2012. >> cenk: the rest of us are u but the republican isn't. >> everybody knows and has gay people in their lives. no, that's not true. there are gay people everywhere. in the conservative movement and the republican party. you choose to take the narrative
4:34 pm
of a very few. there are very few people in this country and very few in the conservative movement who just don't like gay people. unfortunately, they're really loud, and they make big noise. >> cenk: but they dominate your party. >> i'm telling knew that's a different planet if you don't think that they dominate the republican party. you don't believe that, cut it out. cut it out. >> no, i'm talking about my experience as a gay conservative has been overwhelmingly positive. now i'll tell you what, i'll tell what you some of them have made it difficult, no question, but i know that our country is going to be better off with mitt romney as president and that's the bottom line here, that's why we endorsed him. >> cenk: jimmy i'm going to let you have the last word. thanks for coming on. >> thanks. >> cenk: now when we come back a
4:35 pm
political move, was it right to seek asylum in ecuador. >> hold up in ecuador's embassy in london. he faces arrest if he leaves the building. >>forget it. [[vo]]that will never happen on current. >>try to be a little more conservative tonight. [[vo]]joy behar is on current tv for one week only until the fall. what happens if you ask her to tone down her opinions? >>sorry, i can't hear you. what?
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>> current tv, on the roll. (vo)followed by humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>ah, thank you. >>it really is incredible. (vo)bill press and stephanie miller, current's morning news block. weekdays six to noon. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right our power panel is megan the reporter for raw story in new york city, and had great to have you guys here. first question is do the american people believe that president obama is a lesser of two evils? now why does that come up? interesting new bloomberg poll. he's up by 13 points. i hope that's true. but i'm worried that's an outlier. look at the trends. one, is the u.s. headed in the
4:39 pm
right direction? 62% say we're on the wrong track. but who has the better vision for the economy? interesting enough president obama winds that 49% to 33%. let me start with you, it seems that the country is saying we're on the wrong track but romney would put us on a worse track. so what do we got to do? we have to vote for obama is that a fair assessment of the poll? >> i think that's a fair assessment of the poll and obama is the lesser of two evils. that's really unfortunate these days right? when you think about what is less evil. less evil is a president who chooses to giving days in court and leaking information. it's a scary place. yes, americans see that president obama wants to invest in the future and he cares about
4:40 pm
investing in infrastructure, education, and social programs, and that's not where mitt romney wants to take it. it's still very, very highly disappointing that here's a guy that, you know, at the same time can't get his justice department to scrounge up enough evidence to go after the biggest white-collar criminals in history, and that's kind of what we have to deal with. i don't want to have to choose between the lessers of two evils. i want a good president. >> cenk: is that a fair assessment? or no, president obama has done a lot. we'll take it. it's not the lesser of two evils. it's actually quite good. >> i think there are certainly a number of democrats that believe that obama's presidency has been really good. but there are disaffected democrats, and disaffected voters who expected certain things to happen in this administration. and given the time and majority in both houses of congress. the lesser of two evils is almost a way of saying that a
4:41 pm
lot of people who were really excited after yes we can and hope and change didn't get everything that they were looking for. >> cenk: more of the civil liberties. i think this has to do with the economy. the problem is president obama has gone a little in the right wing direction, if you ask me. and people are saying, go the other way. don't go towards romney. go the other way. we have oh to move onto the other question. julian assange the high court in the u.k. said we have to extradite him in sweden where he might face charges. meanwhile he has decided to try to seek asylum in the embassy in ecuador in london. we have a report on that. >> wikileaks founder julian assange is hole you had in an ecuador embassy in london. he battles extradition to
4:42 pm
sweden. it's not clear whether assange's decision to' peel to ecuador to appeal to he can ecuador studio is he right to seek asylum ecuador. >> i don't blame him. i don't know what it comes to when it comes to the sexual allegation. if you look at the history of sweden and u.s. they have extradited a lot of people. it's fair that he would be concerned about it. ecuador is an interesting point but it makes sense. he interviewed garea. and what did he do? he kicked out of the u.s. military base that we had there. he kicked out the u.s. u.s.
4:43 pm
ambassador so he's sympathetic to the wikileaks cause. the thing whether julian assange was to be extradited to sweden is that it's not a very transparent process. he hasn't actually been charged with anything. he just might get locked up. who knows how long it would take. if he got sent to the u.s. and they were to try to charge him if the reports are were true under the espionage act convening in alexandria virginia. that's scary. first of all he's not an u.s. citizen. and that raises questions for freedom of the press. they have not proven that any of the leaks have caused damage. and as we look at the bradley manning, they knew if he put this information online, they could see it. well get what, they can see everything on the internet including "times" articles.
4:44 pm
>> cenk: do you consider assange agonallist and should he have the same protection. >> these charge are whether or not he's a journalist but if's rapist. the swedish government said they plan to charge him when he returns and try him if the evidence bears that out. he's fleeing because he's worried about what the united states would do, reportedly, but what he's facing in sweden are serious charges that have not been given a thorough investigation and whose investigation he has stymied. >> cenk: that's interesting. two different perspectives and two important perspectives. that you. when we come back, a genius idea a fourth meal. >> the new taco. get one for your fourth meal.
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>> cenk: decriminalizing marijuana has gotten popular over america. it's gotten so popular that texas democrats have put it part of their party platform. and the governor of new york, andrew cuomo is also looking to decriminalize small amounts of pot possession. but the republicans, of course, thwarted him and they could not get it through this session. part of the reason they want him to do that is the outrageous stop and frisk policies. they did over 685,000 stop and frisks. 88% of the people were innocent. 53% plaque. 34% latino. only 9% white. i mean, look at those outrageous
4:49 pm
percentages. i wonder if they're targeting racial groups. unfortunately, they'll continue to do it until next year. now you should be against marijuana or you should be for marijuana decriminalization if you care about the stop and frisk program in new york, if you care about sense and any kind of justice in this country. and there is one other group that is in favor or should be in favor of decriminalization, that should be taco bell. how is this as a transition. ana. >> cenk, you're right. let's look at young brand foods. young brand foods is the biggest fast-food restaurant operator, and they're known for pitching marketing ideas to fast-food restaurants like taco bell. what they decided to do was make portion sizessed a large as possible to sell more of their product. to give you an example. the portion size that is we're eating now at fast-food
4:50 pm
restaurants are four time larges largers than what they were in the 1950s. but people cannot eat that much food in one sitting. they decided to market the idea of a fourth meal. let's watch. >> only taco bell can take real cheese doritos and turn them into a shelf a nacho supreme. how good does that sunday like after midnight. get one for fourth meal. >> you know, cenk, it's incredible. i've seen that commercial a billion times on television and i never realized they're marketing an entirely new meal. fast-food restaurant should be in favor of legalization or at least decriminalization because they're marketing scooby snacks at midnight. >> cenk: this is ingenius in 18 different ways. they're marketing how fast we could get and americans could get even fatter.
4:51 pm
look, if you're a food company and fast food company you want them having another meal and having it at midnight, 4:20, all the time. >> what's incredible about taco bell is they try to make obesity look like a cool thing. some of their slogans include everyone is a fourth mealer. some just don't know it yet. another one sometimes the best dinner is after dinner. >> cenk: sometimes the better dinner is the dinner after the dinner after the dinner on your 18th meal. >> i don't want to give fast-food restaurants more marketing ideas and i don't want to make americans bigger than what we already are but at the same time it would totally mick sense for them to be in favor of marijuana legalization. it totally opens up your appetite. you want to eat more. >> cenk: are you kidding? my understanding from friends no, it really is from friends they love chips like doritos and
4:52 pm
quick snacks like tacos. taco bell has the dorito taco. they would sell out immediately if they decriminalize marijuana across the country. >> and it's so loco, sell the fourth meal. >> cenk: michelle obama has to be steaming mad about this. i'm trying to grow a garden here okay! can you help me out here, taco bell, stop with all the meals. >> by the way one last thing. in the doritos taco loco, or whatever its called, it's doing really well. they're thinking of making the taco shell with the cool ranch flavor next. >> cenk: that sounds really good. thank you, ana. when we come back, i'm going to rant a little bit. that should be fun. look apparently americans are under the impression that republicans give a dam about our healthcare. i got to change your mind about that when we come back. >> chanting: we love obama-care. ♪ sign sealed ♪ delivered i'm yours ♪
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[ nervous ] i hope no one recognizes us... think these disguises will... no. [ male announcer ] salty. sweet. and impossible to resist. >>you couldn't say it any more powerfully than that. >>it really is incredible. ?ñ theorem >> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." you know that the supreme court is about to rule on president obama's healthcare proposal. well american people are mixed on that. but they're very clear on something else. the new poll coming out saying that if the supreme court or the republicans at some point through political reasons repeal president obama's healthcare proposal, 77% of americans say
4:56 pm
they want a new overhaul of healthcare and only 19% are satisfied with the system as we have it and say we do not need to replace it with anything. so think about that. leaving the healthcare system as it is is deeply, massively unpopular. but do you really think that the republicans are going to do anything about it? that's the thing that drives me crazy. that's why we're in the rage cage. it really makes me so angry. there is this misinformation out there. that the republican party would do a replacement? they never proposed any fix fix--they didn't do it under reagan bush or the second bush. it's not as if they don't have enough time. they don't want to do it. any time healthcare reform is proposed the republicans knock it down. they're not in favor of it. to me it's so frustrated for the media to pretend well, i guess the republicans would also want healthcare reform.
4:57 pm
and does the public actually care if we get rid of obama-care obama-care? i have issues with the law but a lot of it is really good. if we take it away are we going to get something better right now? you go got to be crazy to think that. that's not going to happen. if the republicans win and they repeal obama-care, they're going to put in romney care? they're not going to put in anything. i've read articles this week where they say their new strategy oh we promised voters in 2010, the repeal. we'll drop the repeal part. they're not going to do it. they're not going to do it in the future and be realistic and let the american people know. if you're in favor of this repeal proposal, you're going to end up with no reform.
4:58 pm
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