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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  June 21, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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i'm john fugelsang proud to be filling in for the governor jennifer granholm. this is the war room and it's only on currents it. v. we'll see you tomorrow and i thank you so much for joining us tonight. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." you've got all those huge donors who are giving to the republicans. what do they want any way? well, it might have something to do with this. >> 24 millions of bribery at its mexico. >> if these allegations are true, it is not a reflection of who you are or what we stand for. >> cenk: well, we'll have to see about that it will it turns out there are a lot of donors who would like a "get out of jail free" card. plus zimmerman comes out with new tapes or his defense does of him explaining the day after the shooting what happens. we'll brake break it down for. >> you he reached like his arm going down to my side. i grabbed it, and i grab my firearm and shot him one time. >> cenk: we've got an
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investigator in studio who is going to tell what you part of that makes sense and what part doesn't make sense. don't miss that, either. finally, one of the worst cases of bullying you've ever seen. >> oh my gosh, you're so nat. >> kind of shut them out. >> cenk: that poor woman was subjected to some of the worst abuse you've seen. that story has a really happy ending. don't miss that. it it's go time. >> cenk: all right, so mitt romney has been doing a great job of fundraising because he knows a lot of rich people. this month he beat president obama's take--unfortunately this isthisis what our politics has
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devolved into, the race in who can get more money in and who can real tickcally tickcally--realistically in, romney raidses $76.8 million. and obama raised $60 million. they're meeting up in utah, a huge meeting of all the fundraisers of very important republicans. how many people are coming? 100 fundraisers who have all given $150,000 a piece. now, when you give that much money, you think there might be something in return that you're expecting? let me answer that for you. of course! of course they're expecting something. oftentimes there are tax breaks. sometimes it's deregulation so they can steal a little more on wall street or pollute more in your hometown, etc. there is something else as well. a lot of these donors are facing corruption charges.
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wouldn't it be pleasant if those went away. for example, you got meg whitman and her husband. they've given $200,000 to mitt romney's super pac. it turns out that the pro romney super pac, of course, and it turns out that there are investigations into her time at hewlett-packard and her times going to russia and there might be bribes involved. that would be the foreign corruption act. and if you give $200,000 to the guy who would be president perhaps those charges don't come. when you look at the waltons the family that started walmart. jim and alice walton, two people who benefited that from that, including jim who is still on the board, well, they have given $200,000 to romney's super pac as well. what are they looking for in turn? >> the company under fire after
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a "new york times" article claimed that the company stymied an internal investigation into thedation of $24 million of bribery at its mexico units. if true it could be in violation of u.s. law that for bids bribes of foreign officials. >> if these allegations are true, it's not a reflection of who we are and what we stand for for. >> cenk: but if case it is, we bought one of the presidential candidates and we should be a-okay. the walton family gives a tremendous amount to politicians. they got their state tax lowered by giving 10s of millions of dollars. they guys know what they're getting. and maybe not just money but getting out of charges that could be hurtful to them. going to the koch brothers. they've given tremendous amount of money already. do you know how much they're
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pledging to this election alone? $400 million. man. what are they looking for? turns out they also have an issue with foreign corruption practices act. how many of these guys could there be, gee number. >> the questions about koch's overseas business goes beyond iran. documents that reveal for the first time that employees at koch france made illicit payments to try to win business from private-and government-owned business in morocco, nigeria and saudi saudi arabia from 2002 to 2008. a more racka moroccoen company receiving a cash. >> cenk: you know, this is three-for-three of companies
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paying off foreign companies. if you give $400 million to the winning candidate believe me, you ain't being held accountable. speaking of a tremendous amount of money given the republican. shelden adelson. remember he's the sugar daddy of newt gringrich in the past. he gave him $10 million. mitt romney? that is his best buddy. $10 million already. he says he might give up to $71 million. a source in the adelson camp says the amount adelson might give is--limitless. limitless. we'll come back to that in a second. they claim it's two things. no fries is too high to protect the u.s. were what he sees as obama's socialization of america as well as securing the safety of israel.
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do you know who made the most amount of money during obama's term? sheldon adelson. number one in the world for most profits during obama's term. is it enough? no maybe obama might not be corrupt enough. he's used to bribing people, apparently according to the charge in china. and sheldon adelson facing foreign policy corruption act charges in china. if you're willing to give limmas amount of money then all of a sudden those charge go away. they're not an issue any more. you don't want to pay more money, you don't want to pay more taxes plus you don't want to go to jail. isn't this amazing our democracy is up for sale. i'll buy this, i'll buy that, and i got a lot of this money by the bribery i did in other countries, so why don't i bribe you here in the u.s. and then i won't have to go to jail for it.
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by the way the money that adelson made, most of it was abroad from his casinos in china. what if he was chinese can the chinese bring in their own money and say i would like to buy the u.s. president. our democracy is up for sale at a goddamn casino. this is ridiculous. you think these people are going to get charged if mitt romney wins after giving limitless money? of course not. it's happening right in front of our eyes. it's amazing. our reports mitt romney is winning. he's getting more money this month. that must mean he's really good. no he's corruptible. he takes more bribes. this is outrageous. there is a guy who is outraged by it. and there is fun twist to this. senator john mccain who ran
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against senator obama the last time around. >> am i concerned about the incredible amount of money washing around? >> the money from the foreign casino you say it's tantamount of foreign money going into the campaign. >> the fact is the system is broken. i predict there will be scandals, and i predict there will be reform again. >> cenk: yes, there are already scandals. we're in the middle of a scandal but no one is noticing. they're giving a huge amount of money to one of the candidates. that's a huge scandal. so now let's go back to mitt romney and his 150,000 donors who are going to utah. who are they going to meet with. these are the lovely politicians they can buy. baker, mary matalin. karl rove, he should not be coordinating with romney.
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condoleezza rice. would you look at that, john mccain. he's also on the list. will you look at that, meg whitman, she's also on the list. and then paul ryan, woody johnson, bob corker. everybody that they could possibly want. donors meet the guys--would they do an auction? would they have swimsuits and dinner wear? would you like to buy a senator just a congressman or perhaps the president? that's how our system is these days. insanely and thoroughly corrupt. we've got to change it. we got to get money out of politics. now when we come back president obama has some done some very good things. including the affordable care act that has a rule that you might not know about it that will put literally $1 million back in our pockets. of course the republicans are
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trying to block it. why you might be getting $1 billion when we come back. >> i need a pace maker. [ screaming ] >> president obama again throwing seniors off the cliff. [[vo]]joy behar is on current tv for one week only until the fall. what happens if you ask her to tone down her opinions? >>sorry, i can't hear you. what? [[vo]]or tell her she has to stick to a script? >>forget it. [[vo]]that will never happen on current. >>try to be a little more conservative tonight. [ train whistle blows ] [ ball hitting paddle ] [ orbit girl ] don't let food hang around. yeah! [ orbit trumpet ] clean it up with orbit! [ orbit glint ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling. ♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! ♪
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>>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." did you know that there are 13 million of you might be getting a rebate check in the mail from your insurance company because of the affordable care act passed by president obama on the healthcare reform act. to the tune of $1.1 billion. a lot of people might not know that because there has been an uneven battlefield in terms of information about this law. we have the poll numbers that we do. there is a cbs news "new york times" poll that says 41%overpercent want to overturn the entire law. 27% want to overturn the mandate. and they have spent $235 million in attack ads against the
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proposal. there has only been $69 million in ads in favor of it. but it actually gets worse. the ads that are in favor of it are kind of bland. the ads that are attacking the law are nowhere near bland bland. in fact, we'll show you examples. here is one ad from the department of health and human services are trying to educate people what is in the plan. >> the affordable care act will help give all americans more control over their health care. >> and give more people access to care and security that insurance company provides. >> so they won't have to fear being able to get or afford the care they need. >> it helps you keep your health plan while adding important new consumer benefits. >> the new affordable care act will expand access of quality healthcare to millions of americans. >> particularly those who have not been able to qualify for or
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afford insurance. >> and make insurance accountable to people. >> cenk: now you want to see the attack ads. >> my doctor told me this pace maker will save my life. oh be careful mr. president. there is a cliff here. >> maybe this isn't going to help. maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the pain killer. >> mr. president we're not just talking about my pain. we're talking about my life. no no, i need a pace maker. [ screaming ] >> president obama began throwing seniors off the cliff when they voted to cut medicare by $575 billion. >> please, join us at american dollars for truth. >> cenk: then they label it
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"doctors for truth." there are no bounds of decency or honestcy and they ran $250 million worth of those ads and then i wonder why the american people are misinformed about the law. persons making under $35,000. she doesn't have to pay for the mandate. she gets a subsidy. the law is there to help her. but she thinks the opposite. who ran these ads? u.s. chamber of commerce. crossroads gps, karl rove's group. america action network and that's run by another republican hatchet man. they spread these lice throughout the country so people with misinformed about it. you might benefit a tremendous amount from the law. now to talk about that we'll bring in jacki schechner. she was also the national
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communication director for healthcare for american now which was the largest pro healthcare reform coalition in the country. great to have you here jacki. >> my pleasure. >> how are people going to get their $1 billion back, and what is the 80/20 rule. >> the 80/20 rule says the insurance companies have to spend 80% of your premium dollars on actual healthcare. oh 20% on sales advertising marketing, salaries, but 80% of the money you give them on actual medical care. it's called the medical loss ratio standard. >> in the old days if they could get away with it, they would charge more and put more in the pockets of the executives. but now there is an actual law. even if they abide by the law they didn't go bankrupt. they still made plenty of profits. it turns out they could have given the $1 billion back to us. >> they're forced to spend this amount of money. a lot of claim healthcare reform
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was being debated that they could not afford that and it was too high. they tid to brang the ratio down. but it was proven not only can they do it in the 80% but they'll owe money back and they'll be fined if they haven't met that standard. >> cenk: forget the billion dollars. it's $1.1 billion but it goes to 12.8 million americans and $151 for each family. that's a significant amount. let me ask you something. if they repeal this, i know in future years you won't get the money back. is it possible that they could take this $1 billion back or no. >> it depends on what kind of answer we get from the supreme court next week. we're going to get a ruling on the affordable care act. exceptionally if they rule on the affordable care act them that they strike down the buyer law. it's possible that they this hasn't happened. >> oh, no, put it in our pocket, that's it. >> the deadline for this is august first. it's all happening in a very tight time frame but they say
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you cannot force us to act on a law that has been found constitutional. >> cenk: now that you put it that way, they'll definitely make that argument. it's really--the whole thing is sick. let me ask you about one thing. i don't know if you know the answer to this, but part of the deal that the obama administration made with the drug companies was that they were supposed to spend $150 million in advertising in favor of it. i don't see that. what the hell happened to it? >> they did spend that money in favor of it, but it was so bland and sort of blanket--y for lack of a better word. they said it was healthcare. the idea hyped this deal was to take that money and instead of using it to attack healthcare reform. put it in to supporting reform but it did not require them to say anything in particular.
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it was diverted but not toward any figure advocacy. >> cenk: i'm going to ask you an unanswerable question. how's that for fun? how do we fight back? there is no regulation to make them stop lying about it. when you look at it that way there are parts of the bill that i don't agree with, but it's a minor miracle that it was passed. >> be informed. do your reading do your research be informed. heres the law. we're going to require the insurance company to spend 80% of your money on care. no less than that. would you have an objection to that? no. and if you don't do it, they'll give your money back. but i take this, and i put it under the umbrella of obama-care and they use words like socialized medicine and rationing and everybody freaks out and panics. >> cenk: the conservative groups spread a lie that natasha richardson died in a ski
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accident and she died in canada because of rationing like obama-care. it's a lie. >> if you have insurance now they ration. how many times do you pay for some sort of treatment and they come back to you and say why they're not going to cover it. then you have to go through this tree of people that is intentionally in lace to make you not want to deal and pay the bill and give up. >> cenk: they flip the truth on its head. it's the private insurance company that do the rationing and then they say no, no, the government is going to ration. it's sick. the whole government is dominated by money. >> yes. >> cenk: jacki, thank you so much for clarifying. >> i infuriated. >> cenk: no, no, it happens every day. i'm going to be put in the rage cage later. now when we come back, zimmerman tapes come out. this is a day after the shooting where he tries to justify it. we've got an investigator who break down the tape for you and we'll get to the truth as best
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we can when we come back. >> he looked at it and he said, you're going to die tonight. (vo) joy behar is on current for one week only, until the fall. >> because republicans get to do whatever they want. >>where are the lefties, besides on current tv?
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everybody's hatred on guy people to take away their rights. >> i'm not sure why you needed me on this program. you are making my arguments for me. >> cenk: mission accomplished. thank you for join us but i don't want to thank you for the hateful referendum that you're putting forward in washington that is hatred. that should be apparent. >> watch as a man who plays
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what makes hershey's s'mores special? pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. pure hershey's. en [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: george zimmerman's defense team has released tapes of zimmerman walking the area the day after the shooting. he gives his side of the story. >> in this video shot by investigators just one day after 17-year-old trayvon martin's death, george zimmerman is
7:26 pm
brought back to the scene of the incident to reenact what happened. >> my head was on the cement. >> zimmerman said he feared for his life. >> i thought my head was going to explode and i was going to lose consciousness. >> he described how the fight began. blow by blow, the aggressor martin. >> he said, do you have a problem? i said, i don't have a problem. >> cenk: he was the man who was chasing him down with a gun. no there's no problem. i just chased you down with a gun. there is no problem. we would like to have trayvon martin's version, but he's dead. zimmerman youth weighed out weighed him and "good morning america" has more.
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>> i fell down. he got on top of me. >> he says he screams for help. >> he put his hand on my nose and the other hand on my mouth and says. [ bleep ] >> he tells investigators that martin is winning the struggle and at that moment martin spots his gun. he. >> he looked at it and he reached for it. he reached--i felt his arm going down to my side. i grabbed it, i grabbed my firearm and i shot him. >> cenk: now the original lead investigator in the case did not believe zimmerman's version of events and of course later he was overruled by the police chief and the police chief was recently fired. you know how that went down, and now we're at a trial. also that reenactment had several problems. let's bring in our own expert. louis with a 30 year career with law enforcement including
7:28 pm
riverside da office and now leads an investigation team. thank you for joining us. now first of all, have you done these kind of investigations where you bring the guy in and they reenact them for you. >> absolutely. i've been involved with a dozen of them. >> they follow proper protocol here or not. >> not any protocol that i aim i am aware of in california. it was extremely short. they had one bite at at that apple and they didn't take a full bite. >> cenk: what happened. >> you'll see a significant amount of time difference. they seemed to rush through it. i want detail. detail upon detail. they didn't ask more than a dozen questions. did he most of the talking. it again they may have had a
7:29 pm
reason for doing that. i would want someone playing the part of zimmerman and someone playing the part of martin. show exactly how you're sitting on him. how the hands were, how they're transitioning from one position to near. >> cenk: is there a reason why do you that? it you might find more discrepancies if they show you literally what happened? >> you could do a verbal interview in the station. for someone to volunteer probably without authorization of his attorney, to go out and do a video reenactment of the crime, very rare. >> cenk: let's go back to the tape we just saw. i want to you look at it and comment on it. >> i felt like my body was on the grass and my head was on the cement. he kept slamming it and slamming it.
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i kept yelling hope. he put his hand on my nose and the other hand on my mouth and said shut the. [ bleep ] up there is something weird about that. why would the guy who is chasing him down want him to shut up. what is your take on what is happening? >> i agree with you. it appears mr. zimmerman is making himself out to be a victim to a major degree. he claims that he--mr. martin had him on the ground, slamming his head on the concrete over and over again. he claims that mr. martin had his hand over his mouth and nose attempting to suffocate him. he is an in danger. he's trying to make himself look like the victim. >> cenk: is he saying that to
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establish a defense there? i thought my life was in danger because he's suffocating me? >> it sounds like's coached. >> cenk: i've never seen someone in a fight trying to put the hand over the mouth and nose. is that something that is common. >> i've never seen that. especially with the size difference. it doesn't make any sense. >> cenk: to that point they do this the day after the shooting. i don't know if that's normal or not, is that normal? >> two or tee days afterward the sooner the better. >> cenk: that's fine. but in this case zimmerman's dad is a judge. wouldn't he talk to his dad before he goes and does the reenactment? and his dad would say, this is what you need to prove so say this and this. >> you better believe that happened. at least his dad pointed him in the direction of a attorney. >> cenk: that's another huge problem. let's take a look at another piece of tape that we showed you. watch. >> that's when my jacket moved up and i had my firearm on my
7:32 pm
right side hip. my jacket moved up, and he saw it. i feel like he saw it. he looked at it and he said, you're going to die tonight [bleep]. he reached for it. i felt his arm going down to my side. i grabbed it, and i shot him one time. >> so what is your take on that luis. >> he's trying to make it look good. he believes that he had the fire on him and it all became a battle about the firearm. did he what he needed to do to save his own life. >> cenk: did you get a sense as you were saying earlier that he looks too coached. can you tell that when you're doing the investigation? is there a point in the investigation where you say that's not how a real person breaks it down. like he's presenting a case almost. >> that seems to be what is going on. there is always the exception but my guess is he was coached.
7:33 pm
>> cenk: that's interesting. how do you determine if you leave him or not? ultimately look, the jury is going to look at this and i got to make sure this guy is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. that's tough because he's the only side of the story that we have because the other guy is dead. if you're the investigator there, how do you challenge him to make sure that he's telling the truth or not. >> we compare the interview here with the interview given at the station. that will be a good two- three-hour interview, it's got to be. there will be holes in that. >> and the jacket, he didn't have a jacket there. he did that night. does that make a big difference? >> i would love to have him do that reenactment with the jacket on. he points to where somebody was yelling at him he raises his arm, indicating that's when the weapon was exposed. i had i'd like to know if that's even possible. >> cenk: right, there you see him with the red jacket, of course. i guess we won't found out
7:34 pm
because that's not how they did. luis, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> cenk: when we come back, some rich folks are trying to buy our schools. not just the high schools junior highs but the college level. a professor quit over it and a conservative making the case that the president of the school should have been fired. really interesting issue. don't miss it when we come back. >> 100 100 pe turn their backs on uva rotunda in a symbolic gesture. their silence saiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiai and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash.
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oh, no. if al gore's watching today... [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: the president of the university of virginia was recently fired. and it caused a tremendous controversy. what is more interesting is why they fired her and the reasoning and the money behind it. michael shure has more on the story. >> yes kemp, for full cenk, i'm a proud graduate of the school. and for those who go there and currently goes there, i was incensed over what happened at the university of virginia over the past two weeks. the board of regents decided that the director decided to
7:38 pm
fire teresa sullivan. there are a lot of questions as to why that happened. none of them have been answered. but paul attituder jones who gave to the school a stadium in his father's name, who has pledged $12 million to build a concontemplative center, his wife is into yoga, so a free-thinking area at uva enat this mated that he wanted a change at the university of virginia. the uva was not advancing quickly enough. he wanted it run as a business rather than as a school. you can see the reaction that was engendered here by that firing. >> i mean people say this is going on at a lot of universities. a lot of public institutions. guess what this is uva and we have a sense of community and a sense of pride. that stuff about jefferson it does get instilled in us. >> thomas jefferson the founder of the school. i want to show this graphic to
7:39 pm
show you about who paul attituder jones was. he's a hedge fund manager. his worth $3.4 billion. 106th richest man in america and he has given all this money to the university. there are questions as to how in fact, something like this could have happened at the school. it's a public institution. people are furious over the fact that it's run--they want it run like a business. >> cenk: thank you, michael. look, we're going to talk to someone here who has a different take on it. but it's amazing the amount of influence money seems to have. here we go again right? this time it's not government, but it's a university. professor petr just wrote about it this. he thinks that the firing was justified. professor, welcome back to the show. i have to be honest, i read your op-ed and there were four or five reasons and i couldn't put my finger on why you thought she should be fired. >> first as a professor at the
7:40 pm
university of maryland. we view a strong university of virginia a strong thing for us and we wish they would resolve this and move on. american universities are in crisis. they cost too much and the best universities have become too selective. they simply cannot service enough students, and we're turning too many extraordinaryily qualified people away. tough decisions have to be made about how we do things at universities. i know you don't like this word, but our business model our way of doing things has to change. it didn't seem to me that president sullivan fully grasped that when challenged by the board she submitted a planning memorandum and it seemed to be more of the same. people become presidents of universities by making people like me happy catering to the faculty's desire.
7:41 pm
my feeling she's a very good administrator. she's cape capable of pulling faculty together but not having the vision necessary to make it effective. >> cenk: i got to be honest, i still don't under. what do you mean competitive? there seems there is another agenda here. she's good with the faculty. does she not raise enough money? what do you want her to do. you talk about online education. i don't understand how that applies to uva? i don't get it. >> no, i don't want them to privatize the university of virginia, but i want the university of georgia and the university of maryland to find ways to deliver services to their students without skyrocketing tuition. too many students are turned away because of space and too many students are not going because they can't afford to go. >> cenk: isn't the problem the
7:42 pm
state pulling more and more funding away from the president? >> the state universityies have done a very effective job of raising private money and the cost structures get bigger and bigger. whether you're talking about public universities or private universities the costs are skyrocketing out of sight. this president seems to think she can tough it out with the board and given today's decision to reexamine her reinstatement, the university of maryland like other universities suffers from the problem i'm talking about. >> it's michael shure again. wouldn't you agree and just so you know, the board of visitors have agreed to meet next tuesday and they may have the vote toss reinstate her. but running the university with incremental change is much more
7:43 pm
important than running it like a business where they can have quick change and massive quick changes at the drop of a hat, unlike the college or university. >> i never advocated running an university like a business, not at all. but that is often the straw man that is put up to debunk what i'm saying. we're not talking about incremental change at the university of virginia, maryland or any other university. >> they're talking about incremental change. that's one of the frustrations that the board said this they had with teresa sullivan. >> one the basic tenants is to make the faculty happy and the students happy. she service the states that sponsor them and service the communities, and increasingly the universities provide people who don't have the skills that they need to cope in the world forget about what businesses want. they're simply too expensive. there seems to be this attitude one way or another we can find
7:44 pm
more money and society has to keep coughing up for tuition that is too outrageous for any person to pay. >> cenk: we're out of time, and i'm confused as to what the real agenda is. thank you for bringing us your perspective. we appreciate it. >> take care. >> cenk: there is this huge funder giving money to and he's holding it over their head unless they get writ of the president. why do they want her fired? it seems to me that they have a privatization angle here. but they won't spit it out. it should not be done at the behest of the funder but it should be up to the university. their main goal should be not the funder but to educate the kids. this next story has a terrific ending don't miss this story. >> you're crying.
7:45 pm
>> cruel and j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j >>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it.
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desk top, lab top, ipad. iphone. >> pleasant your hearts. >> the big one. >> stephanie: all i know, the little flower is there and it means go to meeting. i love go to meeting.
7:48 pm
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: we're back on "the young turks"." this story has a good ending but first it gets really ugly. it's a story about karen huff klein. a 68-year-old who has been acting as a bus monitor on a beaus in greece, new york. the kids on that bus were vicious to her, as you're about to see. they call her dumb ass, it was as s and every other name you can imagine. here's the video.
7:49 pm
>> you're so fat. >> ii know. >> your fat. >> you're so fat. you take the whole dang seat. >> oh, my god your glasses you fat ass. put your glasses back on. >> we're going to turn into patrol. >> tell her to put her sunglasses back on. you look like a troll. >> cenk: that went on for ten brutal minutes. they said you're so ugly, nobody would want to be near you. that's probably why everybody in your family killed themselves. something along those lines. it turns out one of her sons committed suicide. it's devastating horrible. the local administrator, the the assistant superintendent had this to say. >> we were able to confirm that
7:50 pm
the woman featured is a greece district employee. we would investigate and contact the greece police department to conduct their own investigation. >> cenk: look, i don't know if the police should get involved in this story but it is wrenching. a blogger decided we should raise some money for her. maybe a goal of $5,000 to get her a vacation. you know how much hundred they raised so far for her? $340,000. and it looks like she'll be able to retire now. the internet for the win. the only justice we seem to get seems to be on the internet. that part of the story makes us feel good. ana is here with more numbers on bullying. >> it's incredible to see that these students feel like they can do this and get away with it. i think a lot of it has to do with administrators teachers not understanding what bullying is. what is bullying?
7:51 pm
unwanted aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power embalance. the behavior is repeated or has the potential to be repeated over time. clemson university did a study and found one in four students say they've been bullied at some point. one in six reported they are bullied two or three times a month or more. and 35% of middle school and high school students would bully others. >> cenk: anybody who has kids is worried about it. >> the reason why this continues to happen is because the teachers and the minute straighters aren't doing anything about it. the same students that were surveyed for this study say 30% of the boys in grades three through five and 60% of the boys in grades 9 through 12 say that their teacher had done little or nothing to reduce the bullying. >> cenk: that's part of the thing that i don't understand. this is a grown woman but especially in the case of kids, why wouldn't the administrator
7:52 pm
want to protect them? it seems obvious. i don't know if it's laziness or i don't know what it is. >> i don't know if it's athey're afraid to do something or laziness or ignorance that they don't know what is bullying. they need to do something about it. this is going to sound harsh but i stand by what i say. if there is constant bullying going on at your school. and you as ad minute straighter or teacher look away, you should be fired. >> cenk: now, i don't think that sounds particularly harsh but do you think the bliss should have gotten involved? i think that's out of bounds. >> i don't think it's crazy for the police to get involved. we have harassment laws in the united states. we have variations of harassment laws in states. they protect adults, and prosecutor against adults attacking other adults. if these children are this issues to an elderly woman why should they not be investigated by police? i don't think it's crazy. >> cenk: i hear you but i
7:53 pm
disagree. they should be suspended. this is unacceptable behavior. i don't want to criminalize this. bringing the police is a whole another level but the internet has give justice to some degree. thank you ana. >> cenk: now when we come back, well i'm going to go back in the rage cage that we had last night. i'm mad. bush got all that credit for 9/11. whisperwhich is preposterous. >> i don't know where he is. i repeat what i said, i truly am not that concerned about him. sir... excuse me, excuse me... can i get you to sign off on the johnson case... ♪ we built this city! ♪ don't let food hang around. ♪ on rock & roll! ♪ [ orbit trumpet plays ] clean it up with orbit! [ ding! ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling... eat. drink. chew orbit. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah you --
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(vo) joy behar is on current for one week only, until the fall. >> because republicans get to do whatever they want. >>where are the lefties, besides on current tv?
7:56 pm
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: back on "the young turks." 120 documents from the c.i.a. have been released to the national security archives. they're about '9 and what happened beforehand well the guys who told us well, nobody could have seen it, there was nothing we could do about it were full of crap. that's not true at all. they gave seven detailed briefings to president bush saying they are coming. apparently we had osama bin laden in our sights twice within the year before 9/11. we did not take the shot. c.i.a. asked for funding to go after bin laden. bush said no. when they tried to reach him, he was as described by the c.i.a. he was on leave. he took the longest vacation in texas in the month before september 11th. this is what the nsa fellly who edited these files said. i don't think the push
7:57 pm
administration would want to see these released because they paint the picture of the c.i.a. knowing something would happen before 9/11 but they did not get the institutional support that they needed. now you want to see what was in the seven al-qaeda members inclusion some u.s. citizens have resided in or traveled in the u.s. for years. it was clear that they were already here. more they said bin laden determined to strike the u.s. that's when we already knew--that was the headline. they were like pleases pay attention. bush said, ah, you covered your ass, go home. more bin laden and associates making near-term threats. then someone whose name has been redacted expectses owe he sam bin laden to launch multiple attacks over the coming days. they didn't do anything. they should have acted. they should have protected us.
7:58 pm
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