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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  July 3, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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[♪ theme music ♪] >> it's a the "stephanie miller show." good morning, this is john fugelsang, with mr. hal sparks joining you this morning for the full three hours, in lieu of steph. we hope you are doing well. we have great guests today. >> yeah. in and out of studio. >> david bender will be calling in. come media dean obadalla and alonso bodden who is the winner
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of last comic standing will be joining us. >> he did a charity event for motorcycle safety. >> he will be joining us. and it will be a lot of fun, but not as much fun as spending your morning for a few moments with jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody, drug maker galaxosmithkline is set to pay $3 billion in what is the largest health care fraud settlement in us history. they failed to report possible problems with a diabetes drug. a cardiologist was one of the first to discover the link. between avandia, and an
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increased risk of heart attack. $1 billion will pay off criminal fines and the other $2 billion pays for civil and other charges. mitt romney's campaign said it raised $4.6 million in the first 24 hours after the supreme court ruled on health care reform. and the obama campaign said his has raised more than that. saturday was its best small done or fund-raising event ever. it says it took in close to 65,000 donations with the average contribution of $35. we told you they were launching a phone call campaign in ten districts where it thinks republicans are vulnerable. they are going after those republican representatives on their opposition to the healthcare reform. a new pew research poll shows
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that 75% approve or disappoint but only 25% say they know what the supreme court decided on health care. is bad. but how does vinod khosla really feel? it's like chicken and crunchy stuff got married! i only use french's french fried onions on my crunchy onion chicken because it's america's number one brand. just minutes to make, then bake!
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if you missed joy behar one week only... >>hey, time flies when you're having fun. >>don't worry because she'll be back. >>where are the lefties besides
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on current tv? >>joy behar is getting her own show coming to current tv this fall. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's this "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good, hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show"! coming to you from beautiful downtown burbank california. i am john fugelsang filling in for stephanie miller in spite of all of your angry tweets and emails and that very very
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passionate letter from the church of scientology. joined by tony and the man, the myth, the ayatollah of rock and/or rolea. we are talking about the one and only mr. hal sparks. >> thank you. you can follow me on tweeter and hop into the chat room today and we'll be running that at my website, >> you would think on a week where everybody is on vacation there wouldn't be that much to talk about but that's wrong. >> it's beautiful. they don't even know how to take the pause for a crap news cycle. it's the day before 4th of july. and then you have mitch mcconnell and john boehner, and mitt -- we'll talk about what
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mitt's advisor said -- >> we will. >> but just completely blowing it. >> yeah, it was like we had so much news last week that it's exploiting the tragic and preventable death of the border agent, which the republicans keep saying over and over again. we had health care ruling we had congress save student loans. >> right. >> turning out they can do something useful. >> and the highway bill. we're going to get to everything today. >> here is today's theme mr. sparks. there are three themes today. number 1 is of course you and i have a new tour launching this weekend. >> yes. psr tour on twitter. the politics sex and religion tour.
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that's all we think about. that's all that is in the room. and the other theme today is what we began yesterday and didn't get to finish is the theme of the week really is what your favorite lying anti-obama right-wing theme and how do you refruit it? and finally our number three theme today, tell us why you are proud of america. >> yeah. >> it is our 4th of july show. >> yeah. >> we were talking about the jeff danielest monologue from the news room, but we want to be positive and show that patriotism is something you wear in your heart. so if you call up i'm going to make you tell us what you love
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about america. so that's the problem you face today -- >> challenge. >> yes. >> let's begin with eric fehrnstrom. >> the man by the way that you -- i thought had ruined his career. i mean, of all of the stupid things to say that -- creating the perfect analogy for your crap candidate, because flip floppers play it out, quite frankly the holding up flip flops -- >> done. >> but eric fehrnstrom is mitt romney's communication's director. >> yeah, this is the guy that mitt romney -- the type of person we would hire to communicate his message to others. >> and he is a nice guy. he has a soul. >> which is why he is working for the wrong type of candidate.
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>> indeed. that's the problem when you go to work for guys with 1% hipness. >> i thought his career was over after that. that is going to go up as the classic top blunders of all time. >> we should elaborate. i was on the cnn morning show. and he was a guest, and soledad turned to me and gave me the -- hum, ask the question? and i asked him is mitt romney too conservative in a very polite way. and he had this etch-a-sketch metaphor. >> yeah, i can imagine he's like -- that goofy kind of
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down-homey, yeah, we had an etch when i was a kid. it's perfect for your thumbs. >> we would never strap an etch-a-sketch to the roof of the car. so then the entire right-wing comes down on eric fehrnstrom and the media does give governor romney a bit of a free ride. >> it has gone beyond free ride -- >> yeah, the lies he gets away with. to obama is attacking business to obama apologizes for america. i'm like dude joseph smith's story doesn't check out either. and hal, you were wrong he wasn't fired, and i was kind of surprised. but there is loyalty. however, yesterday -- >> strike two. >> yeah two days ago rupert murdoch tweeted that romney has
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to fire the guys around him. he said he is going to have to get some real pros on his team. >> i love chicago represents gangster. >> i know. >> like people remember al capone. >> that's the chicago way! >> right. exactly. and jim ward is having a heart attack hearing my crappy sean connery right now. yesterday mr. fehrnstrom is on with chuck todd. we have that sound bite. >> what did you call it massachusetts? were you calling it a tax or penalty? >> it was a penalty. and the governor had all of the authority he needed under our state constitution to put in place the reforms that he did put in place. >> let's talk about why this is news. john roberts the chief justice
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of the supreme court did a masterful piece of legislation last week. we managed to save his legacy by not having it be a completely right-wing hack court, he had to say that the affordable care act is constitutional. but he did it by saying it uses a tax -- it's a tax. >> right. >> and he did that as a peace of red meat for his old friends. >> right. >> now all of the gops hate john roberts. they are so furious after all he has done for them after citizens united, after all of the 1% shilling he has done he has betrayed them forever. and they are furious at president bush too. >> right. right. >> so they are furious at him. he gives them this beautiful bit of triangulation saying it is a
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tax. and we saw all of the pundits say they forgot the word mandate, and it became a tax. and limbaugh lied and said it was one of the biggest taxes in history -- >> no, less than 2%. >> tax on the working class! tax on the working class! never mind when governor romney did this it affected less than 2% of the people. >> right. >> it's a free-loader fine. >> yeah, exactly. but if you heard that a piece of legislation had worked its way through, and what they were calling it was a freeloader tax, who do you think would have floated that? >> who did it in the first place? >> i know. totally. i can imagine we allen wests of the world putting the freeloader tax through the thing. america is about bootstrapers and in my combo anti-immigrant,
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welfare mom queen -- i'm going to wipe them out with one bill freeloader tax. >> i think the president's two biggest missteps and i'll say this, number one -- on health care, number 1 calling it health care reform instead of health insurance reform. number 2 he should have made it all about it is a pull yourself up by your bootstraps fee. the heritage foundation invented this. it's republican all the way. it's hey you lay about we're tired of paying for your health care. >> yeah, you wait the longest, you don't have insurance, and that raises everybody else's which affects commerce on an interstate level. so that's why the other four justices who did side with the
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mandate said it actually does qualify under the commerce clause. the dissent ultimately was like a mini dissent from those in the court who believed it is constitutional. >> yeah, at the end of the day is semantics. >> exactly. >> and mr. fehrnstrom comes out and said what we just heard. what can he say? he can't admit it is a tax. it's a tax when i do it, but not when you do it. and now today, everyone hates romney. the republicans are all so mad at him. and they are also furious for eric fehrnstrom for the second time because he told the truth.
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you have got -- after all of the dishonesties that governor romney put forward, go to politifact and check it out. >> look at how much money the corporations are sitting on. if you are going to lie, i understand political campaigns do a lot of maneuvering. but don't by any stretch believe for a second that you could blatantly lie about something that you were videotaped saying or the other campaign doesn't even have to throw your way. >> exactly. mitt romney is finally catching hell. and the two things he has caught the most hell on is for telling the truth. we want to know your thoughts at 1-800-steph-1-2. it's the 4th of july-eve party, my friends. we'll be taking your calls after
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the break. that's my crap fireworks. >> oh, god, that feels weird and good all at once. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪
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you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save
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america now: current television. >>join the debate now. ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show" coming to you from los angeles, john fugelsang here with mr. hal sparks tony on the mic, and mr. bruce springsteen. his new record by the way, recking ball is one of the best
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of the year, and his career. >> i like how it starts out with wwe, moves to like stripper dj and then into calm pr. >> thank you very much. that's hitting for the cycle. and then i have my douchy morning zoo boys -- >> i am standing outside, i have my underwear on my head i'm going to run into the sony store and see if they notice. >> do you like bruce springsteen? >> yes, of course. >> i highly recommend wrecking ball. we are taking your calls today at 1-800-steph-1-2. why don't we go to jim in nashville. good morning, jim. >> good morning, john. >> great to have you calling us from nashville. thank you. >> yes, sir, this is a liberal strong hold here. it's very well-kept secret.
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>> we had a fella say that yesterday. >> yeah, that was me. >> oh, welcome back. >> the thing i like about america is our freedom to move around the country without having to get permission from the government. i do these music tours and it is just one of the greatest things and our ability and freedom to fail or be a success in this nation without too much hindrance from the united states government is a great thing. and one other thing i would like to ask, is that hal sparks -- is that fella really from louisville, kentucky. >> it's from pets mill outside of frankfort. i lived in louisville when i was two, three years old. i went one year at -- like my preschool teacher lived there. >> pete's mill i know exactly where that is. i parked there many times with girlfriends. >> absolutely.
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>> i grew up in frankfort. >> yeah, and i drove past the sour mash plants every single day, and that's one of the reasons i don't drink. now you know why fish swim sideways. >> thank you so much for the call, jim. by the way if you went through with a lot of girls at the park there, they are not going to feel special anymore. i met willie nelson in louisville. >> louisville is becoming like the austin of kentucky. >> good comparison. >> we have the labowskifest. a big pot state. it makes the rand paul vote make
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a lot of sense. and the mcconnell vote a mystery and a lie. >> dana is calling us from maryland. good morning, dana. >> good morning. how is everybody. >> spectacular. >> hi, hal, how are you? >> i'm good. >> good special tuesday treat. >> i know. >> i just saw bruce springsteen for my 90th time. >> how do you like the e street horns? >> i have been such a fan for all of my life and it was amazing. do you want to hear what i like about america first? >> yeah. yeah. >> i -- i love that we get to vote. >> yeah. >> i just think voting is the most amazing thing; that your vote counts. it counts whether you win or
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lose your vote counts and i think that's truly, truly special, and, you know, what is special about america is just getting out there and our right to vote. >> amen. >> amen. >> go ahead. >> go ahead, hal. >> i was saying that one of the interesting things is that people will either let the national election drive to the polls and/or keep them away. >> right. >> which is unfortunate. because the tiers of the government that make massive change in your life are often many of the subtle localized elections, and people will either blow off paying attention to those, or not show up to pay attention to those, because bob dole is running and whatever -- >> right. biggest mistake you can make as an american. >> i read every single proposition, every single law. i want to make sure that i'm getting all of the information. >> yeah.
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>> this segues into my point, what is going on in mississippi. >> really quick. >> these guys shutting down the last abortion clinic in the state. they did get a small ten-day state, but they want to turn the build going a museum for the babies are killed. that's so disgusting that a woman doesn't have a safe haven to make her choice. >> exactly. >> we got to do something about this. >> you are 52% of the electorate my dear. dana we got to go. but i thank you so much for the call, and we'll be talking more about this especially because only one candidate has made money off of disposal of aborted fetuses. you are listening to the "stephanie miller show." 1-800-steph-1-2.
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we'll be right back. ♪ very, very excited about that and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning. >>liberal and proud of it.
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he's certifiably insane! and just signs a deal for $100 million and people listen to that crap! i just can't believe it. 1-866-55-press. your latest on glenn beck. let's talk about it. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio and current
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tv. [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ you left my heart empty as a vacant lot ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show" coming to you from burbank, california. >> you can just picture a lot of slow-motion gun pulling. >> i love garbage. >> the drummer does all of their sound, and is that producer. >> uh-huh. butch was their engineer on the nirvana album.
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duke the base player came to our very first sexy liberal tour. this is a cover of this super cool song. turn it up a little bit -- you know this song. and her voice is perfect for it. >> and they dade a bond song garbage. >> uh-huh. >> which was my favorite pierce brosnan. >> more so than golden -- >> uh-huh. >> first of all, put sophie -- >> submarine -- >> he wasn't even the bad guy, she was. spoiler alert.
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>> i'm a daniel [ inaudible ] fan. >> that's true. but he is becoming bond. he started as the bond identity. >> yes. fair enough. fair enough. let's take your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. again, john fugelsang with the great hal sparks here. we have a tour that is kicking off this weekend. the politics sex and religion tour. we're asking you to call in with what you love about america, and what your favorite right wing lie is about obama, and how you refute it. and we have calling us from the great city of new york where i live, ken. good morning, ken. >> well, close enough. [ inaudible ], new york. like the fort. so five hours up the road -- >> that anti-colonnyist act that america committed. >> hey guys thanks for holding
6:36 am
down the fort while steph is pedalling her ass around -- somewhere -- >> because steph really needs to be in shape. she has let herself go. >> number one anti-obama talking point. on the stimulus. the stimulus didn't work. well, actually it did. what you can do is ask questions. and the first question asked is well the problem is half of it was tax cuts. >> exactly. it was not a true stimulus. >> the tax cuts were put in there to buy republican votes, which we didn't get a single one of. so they negotiated in bad faith. they cut down the size of the stimulus, and then cut it in half for tax cuts, and then
6:37 am
complained it didn't work. >> you are paul krugman calling in in disgrace, right? >> it was actually to salvage some blue dog democrat votes. >> yeah. i loved the fact -- and i agree the stimulus was way too small, and my two biggest arguments is we very losing 750,000 jobs a month until the stimulus went into play. and the stimulus was the turniquit. so when our friends say we need
6:38 am
tax cuts to stimulate the economy -- >> they don't work. >> you can't worship jesus and aian rand at the same time. >> or your hair will go really weird. >> rand, paul, ryan and ringo. >> every time i see mitt and donald trump together, i'm like oh, my god, it is the ying and yang of hair styles. good morning. >> good morning. i have been hearing in the last couple of days the term freeloader in connection with people that don't get health care -- >> no it is used in terms of people who go to the emergency room for care without having insurance -- >> and who can afford it. this is about 2% of people.
6:39 am
this is not about the working pour who can't afford. this is about people who can afford it, but sit back and don't do it, and then when they get sick or in an accident shove that cost on everybody else. >> i think it's dangerous to use that. it sounds mean-spirited and something like the republicans would say. i think most people that sit in emergency rooms for six hours with a sick child or whatever they are there for is not just because don't want to pay for health insurance -- >> honestly no one is saying this applies to everybody who has to go to the emergency room for care because they don't have insurance. >> yeah. >> that's why when they call at it tax and freak out it is the largest tax on the middle class ever, and that nonsense. actually this penalty would affect less than 2% of people. >> exactly.
6:40 am
>> and the working pour unfortunately in this country is not 2%. >> what is the percentage of people that can afford health insurance and just don't get it? >> that's it. that's about 2%. >> yeah. and that's what it applies to. and speaker pelosi herself used the term freeloader tax. and we're not talking about poor families, which will hopefully get covered by medicaid. you have rick scott and the others saying we don't want your medicaid money. suzanne can you tell us what you are most proud of as an american? >> that we can elect barack obama as president. and they say we get the president we deserve, well i think we deserved barack obama. i hope to got we don't deserve
6:41 am
mitt romney. >> yeah. >> if you look at -- >> they do keep their mitt romney. >> well, we don't. >> steven hayes from -- writer -- senior writer for the weekly standard, and one of the right-wing super pals who sits on his bed with his knees crossed up writing in his diary with his official gop party pen on his shirt. he says the official considered opinion of the romny campaign is that the tax isn't a tax? that makes no sense. that's how he ends his tweet. that makes no sense. >> and the guy who did it first, disagrees with me, and that makes no sense. >> right. and that's his level of criticism. >> and here we have,
6:42 am
they have in little tiny letters, team romney passes on calling obamacare a tax. and then romney gets tough on bain attacks. dad aledgedly kicks son in face at disney world. that's higher print than the fact that mitt romney admitted it's not a tax. >> right. >> and this plays into my theory that rupert murdoch wants the president reelected. he does not want mitt romney in the white house. >> but on what money? taxes were based on a percentage of income, and fox is an anti obama machine. everybody turns the station. >> fox news began as the hate bill clinton network. wasn't that great when bill clinton's budget was going to
6:43 am
destroy us. then it become the we love george bush network. and iraq will greet us as liberators. then it became the hate obama network. and we pointed out yesterday that the week barack obama was sworn in, both sean hannity and bill o'reilly were given four-year contracts. i am telling you, they are going to take a dive throw the fight and try to put a real heavy hitter up in 2016. >> i totally agree. romney is the least sacrificed candidate -- like they go if we're going to waste a candidate in that roll of lifesavers we have -- on our way to pineapple, there is a lime that comes along, and they are like let's just give him the lime. they are not going to miss him.
6:44 am
unfortunately with mccain still being a senator and having had a history in -- in the senate, it's a little harder to kind of move away from your support of him. mitt romney is one of those guys where if he wins we'll make him do what we want. if he loses we'll pretend we never knew the guy. >> no republican could win following bush. >> yeah and he may take bush's senior economic advisors as his running mate. that's a great idea. >> let's go to pam in new hampshire. good morning, pam. >> good morning, john and hal. >> hi. >> hi. >> john i called in last week very upset over the ruling and
6:45 am
you gave me a hug on the phone. i thank you for that. >> are you going to give john roberts a call too? >> not really. i think it was just a pass. >> here is the thing. when you are a gop and growing fur trees, you know that fur trees only grow after a wildfire, you are bringing matches. so while letting this through affected how he can use the commerce clause, which will affect a lot of other things. >> i just wanted to thank you for that hal. and then the other thing is is that -- what i'm happy for is the first amendment, because the tea party just overrode governor lynch's voter id law. and that will affect the military and the college kids.
6:46 am
>> yes. >> so i'm glad i have the first amendment, because i'm be damned if anyone tells me i can't vote. and one more thing if i make it quick, john? >> please do. >> if we have to pay the senate and the house's insurance and their pension and retirements and they are government workers, then they need to take a pay cut, and they make enough money where they can buy their own insurance and i don't want to fit the bills for theirs. >> if they get socialized universal health care the rest of us should too. >> for the record they did get this through collective bargaining. >> yeah, they did. and thank you so much for the call, pam. if you are a young female gold digger, and you want to be set for life try to be the second
6:47 am
or third spouse of an aged senator or congress. because you will get paid their congressional pension for decades and decades after they pass. let's say you married thurman when he was a thousand years old, when he dies you will be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the rest of your life. >> wow. >> if american people ever truly knew what the congressional pension system was like they would storm the building with pitch forks. again, if you have it fine but give it to us too. we have to take a break. it's the 4th of july eve hal sparks, it's a great time to be an american. >> i know. >> alonzo bodden winner of "last
6:48 am
comic standing" will join us. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ you are welcome to join our conversation at 866-55-press. we will be right back. >> this is the bill press show. >> romney you can take it. >> a new ad we will play for you when we come back here with lynn sweet, chicago sun times methderr death shiner from row call and bill cress part full-court press. you are welcome to join our septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door
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so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at
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the real world and politics collide on "the gavin newsom show." this week the experts are wrong. failing is good and wall street is bad. but how does vinod khosla really feel?
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♪ ♪ color me your color, baby ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show"! this is frans ferdinand covering blonde. >> i think it was the doors. when they covered blonde. >> yeah. that was amazing. these are the guys that sang "take me out."
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>> oedipus, who is oedipus band on twitter, they do "call me" live. >> right on. >> and they are just off the chain. >> see when stephanie is not here, you get the rock nerds. >> yeah. >> i said yesterday we need to get some extra small shirts to match chris lavoie. >> we have got some great guests coming up later on in the show. charlie pierce will be calling in as alonzo bodden. and boy there is so much to talk about this morning. one thing i want to play if we have the chance is a tea party candidate who made a very unfortunate comparison.
6:54 am
>> nine years our country has move more and more and more to a specialist-lead country. and i will not allow a number of maxists, or harvard law professors lead us without a fight. we need to know our history. know and understand what our founders truly wanted. we need to look at what these ideas of socialism, marksism and all of these other so-called revolutionary [ inaudible ] have brought to the rest of the world. they brought you communist russia germany, and all of these people who were giving you all of this type of government to oppress our freedom. [ laughter ] >> i tried to let it -- >> wasn't that great?
6:55 am
i'm going to play that all day. that is tom smith. that was at the blare county tea party freedomfest 2012. >> freedomfest 2012! >> if you don't like our freedom, go to canada or belgium. >> yeah. >> my favorite is when they say the leftist or just like communist russia and nazi germany. they didn't get along all that well. >> no actually fought to the death. >> uh-huh. >> basically every able-bodied man in the country was murdered. >> and there is nothing funnier when right-wing politicians -- >> he may or may not be drunk. >> when right-wing politicians compare non-rite-wing barack obama to nazi germany.
6:56 am
>> and i -- uh -- where am i? here it is. i puked a little on it. okay. >> we are celebrating the 4th of july here on the "stephanie miller show." we're trying to get to all of your calls and aaron is calling us from new york. >> good morning, guys. i want to say how awesome it is to talk to my personal here rose. >> i didn't realize that adam west and william shatner could actually be on the same show. >> thank you. >> and the trick is you have to be the liberal, which means you got to love them be the nice
6:57 am
guy, get angry and you can't call names. >> the cool thing about that just on a side note is -- you know, my dad is so-so closed minded that he'll call me the next day and say i looked it up, and you are right. i'm really angry at hal for making me home sick. i'm originally from kentucky. >> okay. really quick aaron. >> the thing that makes me so proud of living in america is the fact that i have the right to dissent. >> that's is right.
6:58 am
got to go. and we'll be back after the break. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." [♪ theme music ♪] it's a great time to be american. it's the eve of the 4th of july. >> uh-huh. >> and people who can't stand a health care tax are going to vote for mitt romney. just beautiful. you know who i need to make sense of all of this? >> who? >> i think i need an incredibly hot l.a.-based journalist. >> we have one of those. >> good morning, jacki schechner. >> good morning, i see you are
6:59 am
trying to be nice to me even though i made a joke last hour and failed miserably. >> i didn't hear it because my head phones weren't working. by the way great appear on the cenk uygur show last week. >> thanks. all right. let's get on with some news. >> whatever. >> senator claire mchascall made some small waves when she said she would not be going to the democratic convention this fall and now she says president obama agrees with her. she recognizes how important it is that she be home. a new abc "washington post" poll is the latest to take a look at
7:00 am
public opinion in the aftermath of the ruling on health care form. more are for it than against it. but only 30% of people have a favorable view on mitt romney's health care plan. 40% see them negatively. is it or isn't it a tax. republicans themselves are now confused about where they and mitt romney stand on the issue. the gop has gone on the offensive, saying that it is a tax, and the largest tax in american history. but mitt romney's senior advisor eric fehrnstrom said yesterday mitt romney believes it is a penalty, not a tax. forward to this morning on cnn, prebus says it is a tax.
7:01 am
anyway chris christie has the best answer saying it is both a penalty and a tax. go figure. we'll be back after the break. is bad. but how does vinod khosla really feel?
7:02 am
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it's go time! >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>overwhelming majority of the county says: "tax the rich don't go to war."
7:04 am
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show"! i'm nick nolty. i'm your host this morning. i'm john fugelsang joined by the one and only hal sparks. tony is on the mic, and you are
7:05 am
with us for the next two hours at 1-800-steph-1-2. a little over a year ago, something called the sexy liberal comedy tour was born. >> i have heard of that. >> just a dream of a couple of kids. are anti-evil people out there, and folks who are abraid to have a barack obama bumper sticker on their car. there are people out there who know they are not the only sane person out there. we brought the sexy liberal tour out there. and broke all records. we had the right-wing trying to shut us down. we had the first political cd to every reach number 1. and people kept saying we want more. we want more. the problem is stephanie miller he is a busy woman.
7:06 am
so hal sparks are keeping the dream alive. >> yes. >> comedy stars of film television, and radio, john fugelsang, and hal sparks are thrilled to announce the kick off of their politics sex -- >> mitt romney makes al gore look like david lee roth. >> then -- >> do you ever wish you could go back and find the first person you ever had sex with, and do it again so they can see how good you are now. >> tickets are available at the box office and online. come be part of the kickoff to this political season's wildest political tour. >> it's the liberal political correct line of death. you are going to have a long night, kids if that upsets you,
7:07 am
all right? >> that's friday july 6th. >> promo by shaneo. youtube did a reggae sort of style cover for that for an amnesty international tribute album. >> i have a chip on my shoulder about white bands doing ira -- >> it's not reggae -- we'll play it later in the show -- >> instant karma is one of john lennon's best songs. >> yeah. >> yeah we're going to have a whole different audio mix for the walk-in. i'm putting it together now. >> yeah, we have got to blend. >> yeah. >> if it's all hip and metal stuff, i don't know. >> that's not true.
7:08 am
>> you have to throw a few of my classic rock nerd songs in there. >> the assumption that i am narrow minded -- >> is there our first fight? >> no. the official romney campaign -- it's not a tax. it's a tax. it doesn't make sense. >> if y'all in santa fe didn't get to see the power and glory -- and i'm talking to y'all in albuquerque too. >> we have more time -- >> yes normally on sexy liberal you see hal sparks and i do 20 minutes or maybe 25. and i believe richard hunter is going to open for us.
7:09 am
>> yes from the richard hunter show on u-stream. >> he is great. come on, man. don't complain there is nothing good to do. what are you going to do? see another spiderman break. >> but i have to find out how he became spiderman. >> good lord folks. i'm sure it was great. >> that was the problem with batman for a while. it's like, i killed your dad. no, wait i know the guy who killed your dad, and i made you do it. maybe it's not about my dad. maybe i'm just fighting crime because it's the right thing to do. >> dean obeidallah is a brilliant guy. you have seen him on cnn. he was on "young turks" last week, and he is part of the muslims are coming comedy tour.
7:10 am
and they dent into the deep american south. and they filmed it. dean who writes some great columns on has a terrific one right now. taxing the super pacs. dean obeidallah you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> thanks, john. good morning, hal. good to see you guys. i have been watching you on current tv. and you guys are great. >> thank you. i saw you on cenk uygur' show last week. >> that's great. i think every home mandated current tv all the time. >> current tv has such great real estate -- like when you look at shows like what governor spitzer is doing, which i hosted last week, and you were brilliant by the way. >> thank you. >> and then governor grandholm,
7:11 am
i mean brilliant, moral, passionate, too bad about her looks -- i mean she is the whole package. >> yes, she is. >> and stephanie in the morning. and bill press. that show is fantastic. >> and dean thank for starting a new republican conspiracy meem. if you reelect barack obama, he is going to put current tv. >> it's the most honest network. i mean, i think current -- and i'm on cenk's -- i think "young turks" and elliot's show they are -- and you guys -- are very very honest. it's more beholden to principals of being progressives and that's what is important. sometimes i think cenk is a
7:12 am
little bit too hard on obama. but i know what he is about. he is about we have to be about being progressive. it's not about electoral victories or not. and fighting for that even if it means going against the democratic party. >> you are right. and when we do criticize the democratic party, i think our friends have proven that blind loyalty to one party is not good for your party or your image. >> and this is a good example of where democrats have been in the past. >> yes. >> and so right now, if you look at this sniping back and forth about what is going on about the romney campaign's tax flub, they literally vacillate between holding him up as a god and
7:13 am
totally decimating him. which is something quite frankly we have been doing with obama for the last three years. >> yeah. >> oh, that's a great save, oh but he is just -- drones. but -- and everything seems to be this -- there's no mediation in that. we are either hypercritical or not at all. and there has to be room to go this is a deep conversation about this one issue. i'm not going to pick one side and pretend that is how it plays out. >> we'll keep talking about the supreme court health care ruling, but in your piece you talked about how they released a decision that could affect even more people. >> last week they had a chance to revisit citizens united. everyone knows what super pacs are. corporations give money to these
7:14 am
committees to support or oppose a candidate. >> uh-huh. >> so on monday -- last monday, the court had a chance to consider a montana state law, which did restrict corporations giving money to these independent campaigns. and they struck that down. so now the congress can't do it. and now states can't restrict it either. and it's -- it's shocking to me because -- we all know how hyperpartisan america is. yet 70% of the people say super pacs should be illegal. that means democrats and republicans are both saying it. >> john mccain did go away at a weekend at romneys two weeks ago. and karl rove and mitt romney were in the same event, even though mitt romney is not supposed to concert with super
7:15 am
pac leaders, john mccain went there anyway. >> all right. mccain is dead to me. move on. >> okay. >> we'll find someone else out there. >> there has got be a republican who cares about this issue. and we have to pull republicans into the light and show them that citizens united hurts them too. but what is your idea? >> the super pacs gets these millions of dollars of contributions, and they don't pay a penny because it is deemed a gift. if you get $10 million -- a gift is a tie or bouquet of flowers. there's money everywhere and it is going to lead to corruption. so i say super pacs are businesses. >> they are. >> they are not lobbying for the people who want the laws to be changed, they help their financial interest, the
7:16 am
corporation or rich individual. these companies should be taxed as a corporation, and i say there should be a super tax. there should be a 50% tax. who am i? i don't know. but that's what i wrote in my article. they first have the freedom of speech -- >> and they have a lot more than the rest of us. >> that's the ironic part. if the supreme court is saying that money equals speech some people are born with more money than other people -- >> meaning they are born with more speech. >> right. that means that they are legally born with more money. if you held up a law supporting that, it would arguably be supporting monarchy. if your family had money to start with then you are born
7:17 am
with more speech than someone else. we're back to thievedom, and surfdom. >> but, dean could this happen? >> it could happen. it can work. there's no doubt -- but i really think the courts are very differential to congress on taxes. and there is a way of doing it. the other option on citizens united is amend the constitution or stop paying the supreme court justices. which i'm a crazy person so you can't do that. no one has come around to that ingenius -- amend the constitution, it will take years. you need two-thirds of congress
7:18 am
and then through all of the states. good luck with that. >> think about it though -- if you think the system is rigged. if you think only the rich and powerful are going to control our system, like the old days -- >> i get that -- but those people will stay home out of despair and as a consequence they won't vote in their state and local elections, which we talk about is even more important. state and local matter even more to you. >> to every woman within earshot it is the local judges who are establishing these stupid rules that you have to jump through for your own reproduction -- we got to take a break. >> yeah. but dean where can follow you. >> dean of >> dean obeidallah thank you so
7:19 am
much. we'll be right back, 1-800-steph-1-2. it is the "stephanie miller show." >> this is all very strange. >> i agree. something is not right. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system.
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if you missed joy behar one week only... >>hey, time flies when you're having fun. >>don't worry because she'll be back. >>where are the lefties besides on current tv? >>joy behar is getting her own show coming to current tv this fall.
7:22 am
♪ ♪ [ inaudible ] going to get you, going to knock you right on the head ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show"! this isn't really reggae. it is sort of reggae-inspired. u-2 doing john lennon.
7:23 am
i'm joined by hal sparks. how are you doing? >> i'm great. there is a great chat, we have great callers. we have great stories of communication implosion. while he is riding on the back of his wife's seado. which is kind of genius. mitt romney is sitting on the back of the seado. >> that's because mitt romney is not a class traitor, that's why. >> i just think it's funny -- here is the thing the republican party has been running this concept of machismo for some time, not only does -- >> i want to have a beer with
7:24 am
the man who doesn't drink. >> yeah, w bush was a dry drunk. they floated it on the fact that i would like to have a beer with that man. well, he can't. and now you have the scrub brush -- >> that house was bought for his campaign. it was a set. mitt romney dodged vietnam to go be a missionary. and he tried to get people living in bordeaux to give up wine to become mormons. but mitt also supported the draft, and picketed supporting the draft. the irony thing if you read the
7:25 am
bible, jesus is the leading cause of wine at parties. tracy has been on hold for a long time. tracy happy 4th of july. >> hi, tracy. >> thank you. and happy 4th of july to you guys. the tea party basically robbed the theme of revolution and it just gets me because i'm a liberal who's great grandmother's great grandfathers and brothers all fight at the battle of king's mountain. and they gave us the freedom to worship whomever they want. and the freedom of choice in health care. >> those radical anti-colonial revolutionaries. >> amen. the militia, and these were the
7:26 am
men of my family. and i am an oregonian now. and enjoy one of the most progressive states in the nation. and god bless america. >> god bless you, tracy, and if you are an atheist, nobody bless you. >> i will be up there in about three weeks. it's a great city and a smart crowd. >> it is a sad day in america, we lost andy griffith folks. a great actor, and a great patriot. but we're going to be having lots of laughs and taking your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. it's the "stephanie miller show." we're proud to be here. we're proud you are listening. we're proud of america.
7:27 am
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♪ ♪ don't hold back ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller show." i'm john fugelsang filling in for steph. along with the talented mr. hal sparks. >> hi there. >> we are really excited to be here on the day before 4th of july. the day we lost john adams, and the say calvin coolidge was born. right now i'm going to tell you who's call we are going to take. this man makes living in america that much better. this man is journalist
7:32 am
extrordanaire charlie pierce. good morning sir. >> hi, kids. how is everybody? >> good, charlie, how are ya? >> good. this is a new cluster of geniuses. >> i don't write for the globe anymore. >> i know. i'm sorry, but there are so many great pieces you wrote -- >> they are like naked pictures out there -- >> when i want to smart to say, i google charlie pierce and the globe, and then i'll be set. >> oh, you are too kind. you did a great job filling in for governor grandholm last week. >> thank you. >> last time i went to the super bowl governor grandholm served cherry juice. >> it sounds like heaven to me.
7:33 am
charlie you are calling us during a week that has exploded into a very busy news week. >> eric fehrnstrom is an old friend of mine. he does go on tv and make the mistake of telling the truth occasionally. and that of course everyone tackles. >> first etch-a-sketch and now that it is not a tax. i'm the guy that asked him the question, so i'm still getting hate mail from right-wing guys who pretend to respect mitt romney. >> that's the thing. there are a lot of republicans who are willing to let mitt romney and the campaign twist in the wind like this. they are coalescing around the
7:34 am
theme let mitt die. >> yes. i believe rupert murdoch doesn't want mitt romney to be elected. and then you have the other guys who is pouring money into this guy's campaign. and six states may decide the election. >> i think the corporate wing of the party is pretty much behind him. >> yes. >> he is one of them. they understand him. they are not particularly attached to the craze-oid right. although they will answer it. how much -- how much the real -- you know wing nut wing of the party -- whether or not they need to have that many is still up in the air, i think. >> uh-huh. are they going to agree we're all going to fake it for mitt
7:35 am
for the next four months? >> i think it will be close. especially if they get real active over the summer and he maintains his distance. if mitt doesn't show up then he has a little bit of a problem with him. but i still think enough of them will get behind him to make this a close race. >> the wild-card seems to be all of the money being poured into the six states that will decide this. barack obama doesn't seem to be worried? >> well, he doesn't seem to ever be worried about anything. but i'm sure there are geniuses upon geniuses crunching numbers at this point. i heard seven commercials for mitt romney on one radio
7:36 am
station. >> wow. >> the money is the only story this year. everything else is a puppet show. >> mitt romney seems like the dole of the year. he may well will unelectable and nobody is that excited about him. >> the other thing about the money, watch states that have elected judiciaries. look at what is happening to sharon brown. the fact that he is ahead still -- the guy he is running against must play with his toes in the oatmeal. how can they possibly spend that much month money, and have brown be eight points ahead. >> are people paying attention? >> i think people in ohio are. >> yeah that guy gets the emails out. >> yeah, and, you know, i think that's where you really have to look for the money.
7:37 am
it out in wisconsin the week before the recall and there was an astonishing amount of money being spent. are places that will be able to live for decades on the money they raised for that. >> uh-huh. which brings us back to eric fehrnstrom. do you think that that was really bad for romney? are folks going to come back from vacation next week, really annoyed with romney? >> the two problems he has as a candidate that i think dove tail pretty well are his inconsistency on the issues, and his incoherent message. >> the tax has affected less
7:38 am
than 1% of the state. >> we like it here. he did one thing as governor here. >> and he is running away from everything good he did. the health care bill was the best thing he did for the state. he won't own it. when he ran the olympics, he got millions and millions in help so he can't mention that. >> and this is a guy who literally has to complain on his success as a governor without bringing up his greatest success as a governor. he has to talk about his business success without mentioning the company the worked for and directed. and talk about his faith without mentioning actually what it is. >> that's -- and
7:39 am
that's -- that's the bingo moment for all of us. 68% of the people in massachusetts love the health care reform. >> wow. >> almost everybody is happy. and the only reason he did it was because he was running for president in 2008. >> right. >> charlie who is your topic for mitt romney's running mate? who do you think he should pick and who do you think he will pick. >> i think he's going to pick portman. he is the least objectionable. >> is it because it is a swing state or because he looks like mitt romney look like little wayne. >> it's because it makes mitt romney look like little wayne. mitch daniels is never going to be vice president. >> right. people know about mitch
7:40 am
daniels -- >> yeah and the other thing is nobody knows who he is. a they are look at the last time they went off of the reservation, and said, no no we're never doing that again. >> now everyone i talk to just say it that rubio's candidacy is dead in the water for vp. >> yeah, i'm wondering about that too. because i'm wondering if something popped in the vetting process. >> they weren't vetting him. they had -- like maybe looked over some -- his twitter feed or something. but it wasn't a serious vetting. somebody leaked that there was ant serious vetting going on. >> yeah. >> and who benefited from that leak? marco rubio who got a big bump
7:41 am
and support and had the entire campaign kowtowering to him. and one of the people in his campaign floated it on purpose, and it forced them to vet him is what ruined his chances of being vp. >> good point. >> i think that that's the dynamic behind what happened when they leaked what they leaked. i think they did vet him and they found something. >> i think so -- >> because it's insane not to have him on the list. his candidacy for vice president went from top of the list to dead in the water almost overnight. >> yeah. >> now he is touring a book. >> he is totally auditioning it even harder than chris christie. >> yeah, i think it was based on the machinations of the rubio
7:42 am
campaign. >> charlie were you surprised that it was john roberts and non-anthony kennedy that gave down on the side of giving health care to poor kids last week? >> immediately it was. and then i thought -- anyone who predicts what anthony kennedy is going to do is out of their minds, first of all. but now -- you will never see leaks like this from the supreme court again. this is incredible. >> it really is. >> you have conservative law clerks flowing spit balls at the chief justice. and that has never happened. >> but are they working as proxies? >> i think it's kennedy's people myself. i think he was all set to be the decider again. and roberts pulled out the rug. i haven't read the decision as closely as i probably should. i think part of it was roberts -- he already has one
7:43 am
dread scott on his tenure -- >> yeah. >> i don't think he wanted another 5-4 decision that was so obviously political in an election year. i think a couple of those guys i don't know if it is kennedy and certainly not scalia but i think some of these guys are looking at what citizens united has brought and they are thinking oh, my lord. >> here is what i say charlie for all of our liberal friends who are disappointed with the president. ginsberg is 117 years old -- i'm exaggerating slightly. >> right. but i'm fairly certain they rise from their coffins every night and consume fresh souls just to stay alive. >> whatever your problem with
7:44 am
the president's policies the supreme court alone is the reason why we need to come back into the panic. >> look at how close this was. and you cannot look at that. and what is coming down the track next, there is a constitutional challenge in texas to the dodd-frank act. pretty much the same as health care. and now because conservatives have salted the bench for the last 25 years. >> exactly right. charlie we're asking everyone who calls in why they are proud to be an american. and of all the means about president obama what is -- >> right wing means -- >> oh, right-wing? >> right-wing. >> i think the whole socialist
7:45 am
thing has really been amusing to me. suddenly anything you take from the government -- anything that the government gives including that which you take is socialism. >> yes, you didn't realize how many fox viewers don't know what socialism is. >> i got to know the last socialist major of a major american city. he is one of the people alice cooper refers to in "wane's world." >> that's right. he was the last of two. he said when i got elected socialism was having a freaking fire department. >> right. >> it was filling the potholes. >> right. >> and at this point we're slid all the way back to that. they are saying they don't need public libraries in louisiana. when did we start needing public
7:46 am
libraries. >> bobby is allowing vouchers so children can go to school -- >> i also like the charter school that has a gym but no library. >> and what makes you most proud to be an american in 2012? >> i think the bill of rights is a [ inaudible ] -- >> uh-huh. >> i think when you go to see that and the phrase congress shall make [ inaudible ]. i don't think anybody ever stated those principals more clearly and better than those guys were. they were some smart people considering they wore wigs and knee pants. >> charlie pierce always a pleasure. >> you too. >> coming up we'll have the great david bender joining us. it's the "stephanie miller show." >> that happened and we all let it happen. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show."
7:47 am
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what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
7:51 am
♪ when we go on we go odd ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show"! i'm john fugelsang. and this is jay-z with santa gold. and dynamite stuff. brooklyn go hard. >> she was amazing. >> so you follow -- >> no [ inaudible ] gold. >> yeah, a british dance singer. >> yeah. >> we are joined by the one and only hal sparks. and my goodness, who is on the
7:52 am
phone, could it possibly be activist and radio show host david bender? ♪ return to bender ♪ >> hey! [ applause ] >> i love it when the damn intro is longer than your segment. hey, guys. >> hi ya. how is it going? >> what do you love about america? >> i love the federal credit union system. >> that is a great thing to love about america. john? >> i love driving across this country, hopefully at least once a year, because you need to do it to remind yourself of our natural beauty. >> yes. >> what i love about america is that we are still able to have an open discussion about politics, sex, and religion.
7:53 am
when is that going to be happen? >> friday night. i'm glad you asked. >> yes, in santa fe new mexico >> and that is legal in america? >> it's kind of like bath salts. they don't know it should be illegal yet. >> we will be burning berkas on stage. >> i will be home drinking bath salts and eating my organs. [ laughter ] >> you broke some very very sad news john, that andy griffith has passed. >> yes, a great actor a great advocate for seniors and the star of the best film ever made about american media.
7:54 am
>> a face in the crowd, from 1957, which if anyone loves not only the film but loves america and history, needs to see that movie to understand what we have become. because truly that film anticipated -- and andy shows what can happen when a media funded by corporations takes over our political system. and this is 1957. >> uh-huh >> and if you want to pay tribute to andy griffith go watch this music. >> uh-huh. and if all you know of andy griffith is sheriff taylor and matlock, you don't know andy griffith. >> let's remember that ronnie howard -- ron howard -- little
7:55 am
oppi went to andy griffith four years ago and got him to star in their ad video. and that had a huge impact. >> you are right. >> and we don't have that going into this election, and the obama campaign is going to miss it. it is going to miss it in north carolina. >> uh-huh. >> celebrities are not turning out. david i'm sorry it is such a brief segment. call me back later in the week will you sir? >> absolutely. >> alonzo bodden is going to join us after the break. we are going to get to your calls. we are glad you are here for the 4th of july eve, and we're on current tv.
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til we get answers that are truthful, serious, not based on simplistic answers. >>only on current tv.
8:16 am
♪ >> this song 25 years old this year. it's peter gabriel with sledge hammer, and it still sounds fantastic. >> one of my first comedy impersonations, is this song would come on and i would do the claymation face.
8:17 am
i also did the progressive voices crews, and he was a guest on that. >> in case you didn't know alonzo, hal and i did the sexy liberal tour -- >> i knew that. >> and now we're launching our own show this friday. >> congratulations. >> we'll being american haters and sexy liberal haters. >> that's a given. but we knew that before the tour started. >> you don't have to wait until we speak to hate what we say, and that is true freedom -- >> this is america, and if we want control -- you need to close those computers and stop all of that reading. we'll tell you what you need to know. >> sean hannity hold me not to trust what other people say. >> yeah and especially about mitt romney's off-shore
8:18 am
accounts. >> i'm glad you brought that up. we learned yesterday that bain invested a lot of money off of a medical waste company that disposed of aborted fetuses, and now we found out, yeah offshoring is also where he is keeping all of his real money. >> he can't fit all of his real money on shore. his money needs air to breathe -- >> and sun itself apparently. >> yeah. this is just about to trickle down -- he is just getting all of this money ready, and it is going to trickle down on the average american -- >> any minute. >> any minute. as soon as we get the laws where you can actually own an american, we'll be happy to
8:19 am
trickle down -- >> what they said is it is not going to trickle down until it has gushed up. >> the thing i always loved about the trickle-down theory, is it just goes against human nature. it's like let me get this straight, you are going to get super rich, and one day you are going to wake up and decide to give the money away to pour people. >> uh-huh. and they need one more tax cut. never mind that they created a lot more jobs under clinton than eisenhower, and now the rich need a little more money to make them work harder and the pour need a little less money to make them work harder. joe williams got fired this week. he casually made a comment about
8:20 am
mitt romney not being comfortable -- >> non-whites. >> honky americans i think is the term he uses. and glenn beck said barack obama had a deep-seeded hatred of white people, and kept his job for another two years. but this guy gets fired. is that a fair thing to do or is it just politico covering their butt. >> oh, yeah, they are covering their butt. you can't say things that are true. mitt romney -- that is not even a outlandish statement. when has mitt romney been around black people latin people anyone who is not white and rich? so to say he's not comfortable, it's like, yeah that would be
8:21 am
true, it's just like if you took some guy from compton, he might be a little nervous. if you took me and through me in mitt romney's country club, i would be like what -- what am i doing here -- >> if you through me in mitt romney's country club i would be uncomfortable. because poor white folks and poor black folks have more in common. >> yeah. but you can't say something that is obviously true because they are somehow outraged. >> and it is fair if you mention my failures as a human being. >> if you ask mitt romney about black people. he could name his black friends all three of them. >> uh-huh. and two would be employees. right? >> yeah. everyone around him is an
8:22 am
employee -- >> or everyone around him is a soon to be outsourced employee. >> that's one of the raps on mitt romney is he is not comfortable around people. and this is one of the critiques that we hear about president obama. that he is not that relaxed. he is cast as a nerd and kind of stiff -- >> by people who are either on the fence about his policies ordy met tryly opposed. it's like we had a meeting with the president and he seemed uncomfortable. that's because you are bashed him and then you expect him to be relaxed -- >> i would submit to you that barack obama is a lot more comfortable around a lot more people than mitt romney. >> well-being born in kenya and
8:23 am
sneaking into hawaii you meet a lot of people. those hawaiian coyotes. you had to get along in the van. >> absolutely. >> it's not that he is a black president, but that he is half white. and i think that drives them really nuts. >> and the other thing they hate is that people like him. you know what i mean? he can go on the late night talk show and chill out and joke and laugh, and romney can't do that like they have the inability to do that. when he sang al green, they were like we need kryptonite there's nothing he can't do. he does the -- you know political reporter's dinner and he is the funniest guy on the
8:24 am
show. that kills them. when bush would try to tell one joke, and then -- and then the boy -- how does it go again? [ laughter ] >> where is my bicycle? i'm going for a ride. >> my bicycle. >> fool me -- fool me once -- won't get fooled again. >> yeah uh which is the door. >> he had two great accomplishments number one was making his father look like sock row tease and the other was not dying in office. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:25 am
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> mia, paper planes. i'm john fugelsang. this is the "stephanie miller show" joined by the heroic hal sparks, and alonzo bodden. it's like comedy olympics for me. let's take a call. crystal you have been on hold for over an hour. >> hi, how are you doing? >> great. how are you? >> great. happy 4th of july. [ inaudible ] troops. >> you entertain the troops all of the time? >> yeah, i have been to iraq a couple of times.
8:30 am
and i have been in germany. the fun was being in germany entertaining them on the way home. because they can't drink in iraq. i did that show with los lobos. it is like where are you from? texas. texas sucks. it was a fun party. >> how are you crystal. what is on your mind? >> i'm doing great. my mom karla and her husband are huge fans and they are the ones that got me into your show. >> thanks to them. >> and one other thing you guys were asking was your favorite thing about america, and one of my favorite things is our freedom of speech, and because of that you guys can do what you do, and let others speak their mind and more importantly their
8:31 am
opinions, where in some dictatorship governments, you would be in prison or worse for doing what you guys do so i think it's great. >> right on. thank you. crystal in idaho that's awesome. she is right. a lot of our analyst allies enjoy freedom of speech but americans are really good at pushing it. >> speaking of that friday night -- >> i'm glad you mentioned it. can we play a promo tony? >> it's the dance remix -- >> okay why don't we save that. >> no, here we go. >> john fugelsang and hal sparks are thrilled to announce the kickoff of their nationwide live show at the lensick theater on july 6th featuring politics --
8:32 am
>> mitt romney makesal gore look like david lee roth. >> then -- >> you ever want to go back and fine the first person you had sex with and then do it again so you can prove how good you are now. >> tickets are available at the box office and online. be part of this season's wildest political tour. >> oh it's the liberal political correct line of death. >> that's the psr tour. live friday july 6th at the lensic theater. >> let's cut the crap tea partiers are confederates. is that fair to say? using states rights to cloak
8:33 am
questionable morality? >> well -- >> they have been doing that for a long time. state's rights is like -- i have always said the conservatives love america they just hate the united states part because it ruined all of their plans to create these thievedoms. they want to impose their thoughts on anybody within a 500-mile radius. like at the very least i should not have to drive anywhere past my grandparents house a see people who don't agree with me on every issue. >> john, i'm going to talk to you, because hal is going to hell. >> i agree.
8:34 am
>> i live about the promo piece about the fish. because it was technically a while. >> that's right. although i think the bible says a beast. >> yeah. [ inaudible ] is translated to the world yome which means a period of time of time which could be 24 hours or a trillion gazillion years. >> it couldn't be a trillion gazillion years because we haven't be there that long. >> that's true. [ overlapping speakers ] >> the whole thing about the freedom and this and that what you said earlier is poor white
8:35 am
people and poor black people have more in common. you have the joe the plumber mentality that i'm broke now, but three weeks from now, i'm going to be worth a hundred million dollars, and you got to keep them black people out of the way and them mexicans -- >> people with no wealth. >> it's a strategy that works. >> rich people say fox people to make middle class people blame poor people. richard in texas joins us. >> greetings from the libertarian paradise of texas. ron paul was one of my neighbors. >> nice guy? >> he is a nice guy.
8:36 am
but he is really warped. >> nice guy, creepy friends. >> yeah. >> what you said about voting in our local elections, it is so true. where i live in texas, the democrats haven't even fielded candidates for many of these judge positions, and just so many positions that they don't even fill the candidate, because people don't vote. >> yeah. yeah. well of course, and then they complain anyway. >> that's true. that's true. >> what do you like about america? >> oh, i can tell you exactly what i like. freedom of speech is the greatest thing we have got, but my absolute favorite thing is, no matter how bad it gets americans always think it is going to get better. >> true. >> that's my favorite thing. [ overlapping speakers ] >> your favorite right-wing talking point. if you substitute any racial -- derogatory racial slur
8:37 am
for the world socialism, you have george wallace in 1965 and that's the republican platform now. >> that's true. well, thank you very much for the call richard and good luck with the giant brood of children you have in the room with you. mitt romney actually compared barack obama to a merchant putting his thumb on the scales. when he said that a year ago -- and then calling him arrogant. because arrogant if you didn't know is the new uppity. and it has to take a whole new cloaking language. it's like birtherism. donald trump's voice is now like a dog whistle that the. s and the main stream media can hear. >> it was a certificate of live
8:38 am
birth. it was the exact same form that barack obama showed. it's the same thing his state gives you when you need a birth certificate is a certificate of live birth -- >> uh-huh. >> that's what it is called. >> that's not good enough. >> the thing about trump is the birther thing gives the idiot something to do. we have all cooked thanksgiving dinner or something like that. and you have the cousin you can't trust with the sharp knife, so you give him a spoon and say mash the potatoes. that's what they have done with donald trump. >> i think you are right. because we're hearing a lot about him now. do you think mitt romney is going to be seen with donal trump until october? no way. >> he talks about his business experience without the business he was involved in. they have one picture of him
8:39 am
going to church. he is crossing the street between cars -- >> why is this? listen, republicans could be religious bigots against kennedy as a catholic because he was a democrat, mitt romney could be a gay undocumented mexican muslim running for office and they would still circle the wagons around him. >> i think the democrat party obviously does not have a problem with mormons -- >> harry reid is a mormon. >> yes, and orrin hatch is a mormon at well. i think i have heard more about harry reid and the fact that he is a mormon in this process -- >> they don't talk about it because if you go into the deep south and the bible belt the idea that he is a mormon keeps them from voting. >> do you really think that republicans would not vote for their guy because of that? >> yes.
8:40 am
i'm talking about the hard core bible belt. that's no choice at all. >> i think he should have make mike huckabee be the running mate -- >> there was, santorum. >> but third-party. >> we know jeb bush is running. that was very very smart. jeb bush has one mission in life, preserve the legacy. it seems like mitt is going to hit a brick wall and nominate me -- >> they are too scared of that name. >> you wait and see. >> i know there's a group of people who want that --
8:41 am
>> sure. can i weigh in on another topic. you know what my favorite thing about america -- >> i want to hear. >> that we created barack obama and sarah palin at the same time. >> right? >> honestly when you think of the diversity it takes to do that -- because they are about the same age. so as a nation we created both of them at the same time and i don't know any other country in the world that could do that. i love the fact that you can turn on like boomberg tv and watch these wall street geniuses. and they are geniuses. >> i agree. handball lekter was a genius. >> and then you can temperature
8:42 am
the channel and watch swamp people -- >> i love that in america time travel is actually possible and all you have to do is get on a greyhound bus. [ laughter ] >> let's -- let's take another call. do we have time tony? we're going to break? okay. irene we're coming to you right after this. alonzo bodden, and hal sparks in the same damn studio! again. >> yeah, with no motorcycles. >> that's right. ♪ >>liberal and proud of it.
8:43 am
very, very excited about that and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning. >>liberal and proud of it. unwrap your paradise. soft, sweet coconut covered in rich, creamy chocolate. almond joy and mounds. unwrap paradise.
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the real world and politics collide on "the gavin newsom show." this week the experts are wrong. failing is good and wall street is bad. but how does vinod khosla really feel? ♪
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♪ the simple bear necessities ♪ ♪ forget about your worries and strife ♪ ♪ the bare necessities, mother nature's -- >> that would be los lobos. >> i had a 45 of the original from the movie -- >> from jungle book? >> and i burned it -- i had that and yet. those were my two 45s at my grandmother's house. >> was that your first 45? >> no, my first was a comedy 45 that my dad had of a shelley berman sketch, with a couple of
8:48 am
other things on it that was like a sampler from people on the label that was comedy pieces. >> kids have no idea what a 45 do they? >> no. well, yeah they do. i'll bust a cap in you with a 45. >> this is the "stephanie miller show." it has been so great having you both here. we do still have a couple of minutes left in the show. what is going to happen alonso. do you think that mitt romney is really -- if you asked me two months ago i would say no way. now that we see these super pacs funneling money into his campaign, like beer into a hazed frat boys mouth -- >> well i think battle is -- it's not so much romney
8:49 am
it's that we hate obama. they want you this think about how much you hate obama. and i think the problem with obama supporters, especially in like california liberal states and they don't understand how deep that hatred runs. they don't understand how much people hate obama. first of all there is the racist element, which is 20% of the votes gone just based on that. obama could show up next to jesus, and they would be like, now i can't talk about jesus anymore -- >> and jesus was brown too -- >> hey hey, hey! >> a blond hair blue-eyed child blends so well in egypt. >> it's obama versus we hate
8:50 am
obama. what some people are saying when the debates come obama will shine so brightly because he -- he's so much better at it. and the other thing, though the democrats don't know how to get dirty or brag. you got bin laden -- >> i think the president is ready to flex on that. >> i hope so. >> you saved general motors. you saved 400,000 american jobs building american cars in america rather than in canada and mexico. and if a republican had signed the order to kill the number one terrorist in the world, saved the number one car maker in the world, there wouldn't even be an election -- >> they would have suck his head on a strike game style -- >> so should he be president?
8:51 am
yes. has he achieved a lot? yes. and that's with a congress that says no. but you have to brag and let people know. >> i think you have to wait until closer to the election, because of how short our attention span is. because as much as we're going to see negative ads from the romney campaign, we're also going to see the list roll out maybe three weeks from the election. >> yeah. >> a lot of folks who are going to vote for romney haven't actually heard of romney too. >> yeah. i think the toughest position will be for obama is the young people. >> yeah. i want to go to irene really quick. thank you for calling in happy 4th of july. >> happy 4th of july to you also. my favorite thing that -- the
8:52 am
reason why i love america is because they offer social security for senior citizens. >> right on. fdr care. >> i can't imagine what people did before they started that. >> uh-huh. >> a lot of them just died. >> evidently. >> yeah. >> and my favorite talking point that they use against obama is everything he do positive, they try to take credit for it like the car bailout, and if it wasn't for bush he would not have been able to get bin laden. >> exactly right. irene i thank you for the call. clinton caused 9/11 bush got bin laden, and mitt romney had everything to do with the auto bailout, and i think that's just because he looks like a used car
8:53 am
salesman. >> exactly. >> alonso where can we see you? >> on twitter, and the pod show cast. the news is great and hilarious. >> rock on. it's such a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you. >> hal, you and me friday. >> friday night, are you listening albuquerque santa fe? we want to see you and freak out your momma bring her too. i'm sorry to all of the callers who didn't get through, i wish all of you a beautiful, happy and healthy 4th of july. i'll be back here on thursday with the "stephanie miller show" on your radio, computer and on current tv. peace. ♪ republican party. he went through the same process as most americans are in right now, interacting with a lot of gay people and recognizing that everybody should be treated fairly under the law. yeah.
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