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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  July 5, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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[♪ theme music ♪] good morning. it's a the "stephanie miller show." this is john fugelsang, filling in for steph yet again. welcome, we're glad you are going to be spending your thursday morning with us. mitt romney has finally achieved the quintuple flip flop on health care. but first jacki schechner. >> what is that flip flop? is that 6.8? 7.2 difficulty?
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>> what is that? >> the flip flop. >> it's amazing. mitt has managed to contradict his advisor while sigh mull contain lousily agrees with the republicans and the supreme court. >> all right. good morning. everybody. president obama is launching his bus tour today. he is going to be in northern ohio, and western pennsylvania. it's an effort to reach out to blue color man. manufacturing is down, but a preliminary reports about jobs numbers out tomorrow show they will be decent. they are also not going to move the unemployment rate too much. but the good news for the president is that ohio and pennsylvania both have unemployment numbers lower than the national average. ohio in particular its rate has
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dropped 3 points since president obama took office. senator rob portman and robby [ inaudible ] is going to be on a bus tour of their own following the president on this tour. no matter how bummed you are about having to go back to work today, it could be a lot worse. you could be the guy in charge of the fireworks in san diego last night. the entire 18-minute display went off in 15 seconds. take a look. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! >> woe! >> it wasn't the finally. in that was just the whole
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of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ muse it's time to feel good hey, all right now ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show"! coming to you on this gorgeous friday morning -- oh i'm in a rush. thursday morning.
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thank you, tony. yeah, well it's early for me. and i am on east coast time. happy 5th of july. if you are mitt romney's money, happy 6th of jewel, because i think bermuda is a time zone ahead of us. what a show we have today. we'll have craig schumaker, rob delaney, and now mitt romney has managed to have, i think four to five different positions on the same exact issue which is of course the supreme court ruling. eric fehrnstrom said it is not a tax, but mitt romney says is a tax, but it wasn't when he did it and he sides with the majority, and supreme court. and now i'm ready to welcome a
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special guest. this is the one the only from bullfight strategies, karl frisch. ♪ >> karl frisch ♪ so inviting to me ♪ >> good morning, karl. good morning, john how are you? >> great. welcome to the show. it was a pleasure to see you at the sexy liberal tour in boston last month. >> i had a blast -- i encourage anybody who has never been to a sexy liberal show they need to get their tickets. because it was a lot of fun. >> so i had you had a great 4th of july. >> i did. i'm in black mountain north carolina, and got to see lots of fireworks. >> that's a beautiful part of the country. are you finding a lot of people in north carolina who are really
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enthusiastic about voting for mitt romney. >> i don't think there is such a thing. >> are you finding anybody who is excited about management over labor? >> i think are people who have been brain watched here but they are not necessarily enthusiastic about mitt romney. it's august in tampa, mitt romney. that's not the most appealing menu of options for republicans coming up this summer. >> i have so much to ask me about, and you are one of my favorite guests on stephanie's show. but i want to start off by were you surprised by the supreme court? >> i was surprised in that i didn't expect them to do the right thing, and ultimately i did not expect it to be roberts doing the right thing. so i assumed maybe what would happen is it would be 5-4 and
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then roberts would be 6-3, so he could write the opinion. >> right. >> so i assumed that might happen, but to see him jump in and be the deciding vote was a unique thing. i -- i hope that his decision to look at the text and history of the constitution in making his findings is not just a solo act, one time incident and only has to do with health care reform and immigration reform. i hope that that will start to bleed into his decisions about corporations being people too, my friends. >> it has been really fun to listen to right-wing hate radio ever since. they have got all of the power over roberts! and romney sent my old etch-a-sketch mr. fehrnstrom
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out, and he said it is not a tax. and then the "wall street journal" wrote the most scathing editorial about how mitt romney has thrown the entire republican party under the tracks and we see governor romney coming out yesterday saying it is a tax, not when i did it but and cited with the supreme court minority but agrees with the majority. >> what is a guy supposed to do when the date he has been pursuing this whole time really doesn't like him. they are stuck with him -- >> although in fairness myth's great grandfather miles p romney moved to mexico because he
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wanted to wear a lot of the corsages at the same time. >> exactly. and then we helped him out by bringing him back to the united states. but mitt romney cannot articulate a clear vision because it flies in the face of his own record. fehrnstrom, i think was honest. it is right. it is a penalty. and even if it is a tax it's a tax that there's no penalty for not paying. >> can you explain that please. >> in order for democrats to get this through -- to convince other democrats and maybe sway a republican, which didn't end up happening, they had to make the penalty, which say they is going to impact 2 to 5% of the american people, but there's no mechanism for enforcement on this penalty. nobody can swoop you off to jail or dock your pay --
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>> true, but it is not deducted from your tax refund? >> no. >> then it doesn't seem like it will be an easily enforceable penalty, and this affected less than 1% of all households in massachusetts -- >> what people don't realize is ultimately people want health care, and when you open the market up that much to new people, it finds ways to cover nearly everyone. >> and what a tragedy that was. >> i was posting for tom hartman yesterday, and conserving were calling in and saying those homeless people blah blah blah how are they going to pay? the homeless people or the extremely pour that are going to be getting fined they will get coverage because of the fact that they are extremely pour.
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it's those who can afford it that are choosing not to buy it that will be paying the fines. >> they have to call it a tax so thigh can call the president a liar, right? the president also made a promise to raise taxes on the wealthy. he doesn't done that yet, but we don't hear republicans upset about that yet. it's only the 10th largest tax increase in america since 1950 and then they are saying he broke his promise, which is called a grotesque exaggeration since the penalty tax would only be paid by those who refuse to buy insurance, which is maybe 2% of the people. >> if only there was a penalty
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for lying through your teeth to get an election. >> ex actually. >> by debating with republican friends you with win over the bystanders. >> occasionally what you usually find is people tune off to it. liberals tend to want to educate people into supporting them. and conservatives make you feel like you want to support them. so you have to explain why it's wrong, but yet connect on an emotional level, you know, from personal experience or -- or something like that. in order to knock these myths down, a component for the movement needs to be holding the media accountable and pushing them. the republicans have been playing the refs in that regard for decades now. so it's extremely important that they continue to stand up and
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say, when a story is reported wrong that it is wrong. >> very true. >> people can't just let mitt romney come on one sunday show two weeks ago, and call it a day. he hasn't been on those sunday shows for going on years. he needs to answer serious questions from serious journalists. >> and that will be interesting to see if mitt romney can avoid talking to anybody but fox. he has been doing it so far, and i'm really looking forward to seeing these debates. i thought mitt romney mopped the floor with all of the other gop debaters, but it was pretty easy. >> right. >> it will be really interesting seeing him have to play hardball. we're asking all of the listeners to please call in with what is the one piece of advice you would give the obama campaign? what is the one talking point
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you would tell them to have the president hammer home time and time again? and i'm wondering if you had to pick one big of advice you would give the campaign what would it be? >> be aggressive be-be aggressive. he doesn't necessarily have to govern as a big bold progressive. he certainly hasn't in his first term. but that's how he is going to get people ren guised in -- re-energized in his campaign lest he getting a -- aggressive. and you continue to be involved in his campaign and give money.
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>> yes i agree. this goes out to all of you who are disappointed in the president. all i have to say you is ruth ginsburg is 109 years old. >> yeah otherwise, citizens united will look like the foreplay of what is to come. >> we agree. mitt romney will hammer the president on the economy. and when you try to bring it to foreign policy he brings it back to the economy. and he is still hammering this president, because this president is to be blamed for 30 years of failed trickle down reagan-omics that still has not worked. >> i don't think he is necessarily weak on the economy. i think it's worth pointing out mitt's record and then pivoting back to his own record.
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had we had no government sector jobs losted to this country in the last three years, we would be sitting pretty right now, and we would need a lot more jobs but that accounts for millions right there. >> right. >> mitt romney was a horrible failure as governor and a horrible failure at bain. if he wants to run on the olympics that's fine. >> hang on. horrible as governor. i can see. but he did deliver health care to the people and that is the one thing that is positive. >> yeah and that's the one thing he won't talk about because he know it separates him from his base. those who think it is in their best interest to not implement -- you know, fully, obamacare. it's ridiculous. therefore, romney is going to pick a running mate that is
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extremely, extremely conservative. he is going to not talk about his best assets. and he was a fairly moderate guy when he fist got in there -- >> he was fighting for civil unions for gay couples. he supported abortion rights. he gave money to planned parenthood. >> and now he is verse evolving which is not surprising because the republicans don't believe in evolution anyway. mitt romney doesn't support marriage equality civil unions domestic partnerships. he might let you visit a loved one in the hospital if they get beat up. but this is reverse with romney. >> uh-huh. and he has already had four different positions on civil unions. karl frisch how can the folks
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follow you? >> on twitter and online. >> what a pleasure. always great to talk to you, karl, thank you so much for calling in today. >> thanks john. >> like i said we want to hear what you think at 1-800-steph-1-2. >> oh, my god, i am already having a fantastic time! >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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if you missed joy behar one week only... >>hey, time flies when you're having fun. >>don't worry because she'll be back. >>where are the lefties besides on current tv? >>joy behar is getting her own show coming to current tv this fall. ♪ ♪ oh liked to fill my whole world around you darling ♪
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>> right? right? it's the "stephanie miller show." i'm john fugelsang, filling in for stephanie all week while she takes a well-deserved vacation. tony, do you like marvin gay? >> i'm okay with it yeah. i'm more of a sam cook or otis redding fan. >> i look them as well. but this is a terrific one, "if i could build my whole world around you." but i do like otis redding. but this is great. cameron crow told me a great story about this. he said the label wanted to drop tammy, and marvin gay wouldn't do it. he said he wouldn't release the album, unless they paid tammy to
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come in and do the vocals. >> wow. >> we are asking people a couple of big questions, because today mitt romney has now had four positions in 36 hours on the affordable care act, which i admire as a man who inspires to assume as my positions as possible. but mitt romney came out and said that he agreed with the minority, but the majority was right. we want to know what you think. and we are asking the beautifully brilliant, evolved and painfully sexual fans of the "stephanie miller show" to give us a call at 1-800-steph-1-2, and tell us what piece of advice would you give the obama campaign? what should they say to convince
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republicans that this administration speaks for them a lot more than fox news does. now mark is calling. good morning, mark in semi valley. hi. >> hi, i'm a first time caller. i'm a vietnam veteran. >> thank you for your service. >> oh, thank you. but one of the things the right-wing is so e -- so involved in is mitt romney ducked military service and went to france. they could line up a lot of veterans -- >> uh-huh.
6:28 am
general clark. >> yeah, clark. and just start using that -- that argument to show what a distasteful character he is for the president's -- >> i'm honored that you would make this call and make this point as a vietnam veteran yourself. not only did he avoid serving, but he is the only one protested at stanford in favor of the draft and then avoided going, and his missionary consisted of living in a castle in bordeaux. you were really there in vietnam. it's a honor to take your call. call us at 1-800-steph-1-2. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> obama: the point is teachers
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matter. a great teacher can change the course of a child's life. so the last thing our country needs is to have fewer teachers in our schools. >> those greedy teachers, cops and firemen, clearly. that's the problem, according to mitt romney. >> people who rushed in on the world trade center on 9/11. >> gotcha. >> stephanie: i've said this until i'm blue in the face. but this whole debate so rankles me. this is not union people being
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♪ it's the "stephanie miller show." this is a very cool rare recording. this is u-2 redoing "where the streets have no name" with the gospel choir of south africa together. and it is pretty dynamite. bono sings the hell out of this. and i'm such a u-2 nerd.
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i'm john fugelsang filling in for stephanie miller. we are so thrilled you with are us. and we're take your calls all morning at 1-800-steph-1-2. we are celebrating the fact that mitt romney has found a way to have two different positions on the same interview on the affordable health care act. and we want to know what is the theme that the obama campaign needs to take up. we have great guests coming up comedian greg schumaker, and then comedian rob delaney. they'll both be joining us later today. and so we want to know your thoughts. give us a ring. and let's go to cynthia in minneapolis. good morning cynthia. >> hi john. the one thing i think is
6:35 am
important to note about the individual mandate is an idea that dates to the 1980s coming at of the heritage foundation -- >> early '90s, i think. >> but it was promoted by the republican party and remains the only thing really about the affordable care act that is unpopular. >> isn't it amazing that republicans are furious that a republican-appoints supreme court would make a republican law and a democratic president pulled that off? >> yes. but the affordable care act, the media narrative is this remains an unpopular act. it is really not. republican support didn't come but people are unhappy with the
6:36 am
overact because of this one -- you know, republican part. >> you are exactly right. and may i point out, and this always get die-hard obama fans angry, but when he was running he did come out against a mandate, and made a brilliant point to forcing people to buy health is like horsing homeless people to buy homes. and yet he did at adopt this portion of the bill as an attempt to reach across the aisle. >> exactly. and as for the theme of the show today, i think it's important -- the narrative goes we have a divided nation blah blah, blah, but if you look at polling data over the last 40 years, there is an incredible
6:37 am
amount of commonality in the american people. and i think they should note that, you know, these people are the radical -- you know that these are the ones with the radical ideas that are unpopular, and just like this thing with the affordable care act demonstrates. everything else about the bill are very popular among the american people except this one republican -- >> exactly. people in the republican party like everything about obamacare except the whole obama part. you are tweet me on this. sheldon says call his lies lies. tape says romney said he violently opposed the supreme court ruling is he going to do
6:38 am
it? cut robert's hair. and bob ray says that my suits look a like hand me downs from my dad. so let us know what you think. and derrick is calling from pittsburgh. good morning, derrick. >> yeah, this is derrick from pittsburgh. >> what is up? >> what i'm thinking is the health for our nation is just like infrastructure. just like bridges. >> right? exactly. >> it's like this is a public service just like cops. >> exactly. it's like having an army. keep your citizens alive. >> yeah, or if you want healthy armed forces start from the ground up with healthy kids. >> amen. i think you are right. it is completely tied into long-term conservative planning for your country's well-being. >> also, just as important as that bridge in indianapolis was
6:39 am
to the health of -- health of -- minneapolis's citizens is the same thing is the health of the people. >> yeah. >> it's no different. it's infrastructure. >> amen. and i thank you for the call. lisa is calling from washington, d.c. what advise would you give to the president and his campaign? >> i would urge them to refrain the affordable care act into what it should be called, the patient protection act. >> now why is that? >> because the bottom line is it is patient protection to get care that is affordable the purpose is to protect our people. >> uh-huh. >> affordable care is -- i almost think a republican-type framing, and too often they -- they generate the narrative by calling something a phrase that's not going to ring true across the board. >> that's what obamacare is,
6:40 am
right? i mean that's their framing. we are going to try to get it called the affordable care act, and maybe we should start calling it the patient care act. >> as a nurse, i am an educator i try to call it the patient care act and the bottom line is you can always talk about affordable care, but the true point is the protection of our people, protection of the public. >> i think you are very smart. >> and that's what he republicans would not want obama to be referring to when they are talking about affordable care. oh, yeah we are paying for those pour people. they are masters at getting people to vote against their own welfare. >> yes, they are. >> twist words into what works for them. >> you are exactly right. and i thank you for your call and being a nurse, i thank you for your service.
6:41 am
my mom was a nurse as well. tony it is all about framing the issue. if the white house had called it health insurance reform. everyone likes their health care. they don't like their insurance. >> yeah, i completely agree it's -- yeah. >> and if they are going to call it obamacare, then we have to call their campaign the republicanic can't care less. linda is calling from florida. where are you from? >> deer beach. we saw your show. >> i hope we come back soon. >> come in the winter. because that's the best time to come. >> you are telling me. >> back in april and march they
6:42 am
had a beautiful write-up about obama's top 50 accomplishments. and i think that's what they ought to go on. he turned around the auto industry passed healthcare passed the stimulus, it just goes on and on and on. and it tells you what he did and what he is continuing to harp on. and do we want to go back to the bush days? >> exactly right. what mitt romney wants to do -- and what i was amazed by in the gop campaign, every single one of the republicans running for president with the exception of ron paul, all came forward and said let's do exactly what george w. bush did and call it something different. and it seems to me the
6:43 am
republican party at this point are only good at two things redistribution of wealth to the top 2% and convincing social conservatives that this is a good thing. suzannea is calling us from illinois. good morning. >> hi. i have advise for david axelrod. i live in illinois and i have had robo calls saying terrible things about the president. if my son would have answered the phone, you know, he loves the president. they talk about it in school. my 9-year-old school -- >> can i ask what terrible things the robo calls were saying? >> i have had normal things before, but this is like obama is a traitor, he's coming to get
6:44 am
you. and i blame the republican party for getting calls like that. i think it's public harassment. >> i agree. but citizens united you are going to see a lot more of that especially in the swing states. and if mitt romney gets to have donald trump doing robo calls for him, then we get to call it what it is, which is racism. >> yeah. and i have a friend who i can't even talk politics with her because show is too mad because of the robo calls. and people against scott walker got robo calls saying if you have signed the petition, you don't have to go vote. >> yep. >> and she lives, like i said in wisconsin, and i -- i consider -- to me if my -- i'm pretty mad about it, but if my 9-year-old son would have picked
6:45 am
up the call and heard the robo call, you can't stop it, and i think it's a real abuse of the public and our kids. >> exactly. i have to go but you have to arm your children with the facts as well, and that doesn't mean that you have to brainwash your kids, but we're trying to get our children and our neighbors know what the facts are and the facts are this guy has undone a lot of what the bush administration has done, but there is a lot more to go. i hear he wants to go back to a clinton era tax code where the rich play closer to their fair share, and now this exciting news we heard this week that he wants to revisit the drug war and the amount of money we spend wasting on this terrible policy, gives me a lot of hope. we'll be taking your calls all
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morning. i'm john fugelsang. and we will be right back. ♪ >> it's from witches and strange creatures of the night. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> thank you . >> stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour. we'll be back as we close "the stephanie miller show." >> on "the stephanie miller show" in suburban america this morning. >> it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer
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teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
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you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct
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ahead. play some of it. this is pretty good. i think "mashed up" is the last frontier for people who don't want to make original music. we're taking your calls at phone 1-800-steph-1-2. so much to talk about. mitt romney agrees with the minor and the majority. he has alienated every republican of note. it is beautiful. "wall street journal" wrote a scathing editorial telling romney to get in line, and he answered his marching calls and got in line. so give us a call folks. and visit my website, john and i want you to visit a
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special event. >> this is a special call out to all of your progressives out there. the stephanie miller sec sex comedy tour is coming back to hollywood, california. >> holy hollywood! >> on saturday july 28th the world-famous theater are host our generation's greatest comedy trio. tickets are currently available online at at the box office, or by calling. that's the stephanie miller sexy liberal comedy tour july 28th at the pantagous theater.
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>> come on down the sexy liberal show still alive and kicking. and gregory is calling from houston, in the great state of texas. the home of the george bush library, i believe. good morning, gregory. >> hello. how are you this morning? >> delightful. thank you for calling us. >> i think they really need to address how mitt romney continues to flip flop on so many different issues and purchased so many companies and then he turns around and sells them -- >> uh-huh. >> and puts so many people out of work. >> yes. >> and one of the things we don't need at this time is more unemployment. he is helping the unemployment rate. >> i agree. >> instead of trying to do things to put people to work. he is putting people out of work, and i think that's wrong. >> i agree with you, and i to thank you for the call. we have to hammer home to our republican or anti-evil friends
6:54 am
which is number 1, yes, romney flips like a crack house mattress, he believed in climate change, and now disagrees with it -- the guy just changes positions like a very confused porn star. but bain capital was never about creating jobs for workers. they were about creating profit for investors, so they would walk into a company, and some workers would called in and told they were all fired and could
6:55 am
reapply for their jobs with no benefits the next day if they wanted to. if they created jobs in staples, but lost thousands of jobs elsewhere, that's just how it was. it was never about people, and it never has been about people, because mitt romney is not people my friends. mitt romney is a vulcan robot. steve in california. good morning. welcome to the "stephanie miller show." >> good morning. >> hi. >> good morning, how are you, john? >> i'm delightful. thank you. thank you for calling us. >> i think lisa in new hampshire made a great point, and she basically took what i was going to say, but i think the democrats have to frame the message in short concise, kind of bumper sticker messages like the republicans do. >> couldn't agree more. >> because the respects basically tell what they are trying to say to their people and they -- i mean they are so
6:56 am
inaccurate and they lie, and they exaggerate and i'm not saying the democrats need to do that, but i think they need to focus that message into tight -- tight messages that people will walk away with and remember like bumper stickers that once you see them you carry them with you forever -- >> where is an area where the democrats need to do that sir? >> i don't know if that is exactly making the point, but i hate the word obamacare. because republicans coined that phrase in an effort to -- not only to criticize the president, but they use it against him, and it really made me angry that the democrats started picking up that phrase and using it. >> i agree. >> they shouldn't be using it. >> i agree. call it the affordable care act or the patient protection act. >> i think the patient
6:57 am
protection act is a great idea. but it's not the advertising phrase, if you know what i'm saying. >> i think you are right steve. and i do thank you for the call. and i can't hammer this home enough. i have said this before in the show. if you are going to call it obamacare, fine. but then you better call social security fdr care and tax cuts for rich people who do not need tax cuts w care or ronnie care. let it straight. tell the truth to people. i'm john fugelsang thrilled to be filling in for "stephanie miller show." and we're taking your calls all morning at 1-800-steph-1-2. we collided. >> woe. >> stephanie: ann coulter. >> an enormous enter fries and a midas touch man comes in and turns around the government money, it is not just bain.
6:58 am
it is everything he touches. >> stephanie: yes, or the touches turns to gold .rr [♪ theme music ♪] 45%, 45% of respondents either didn't know that the supreme court -- what they had done or thought the court has rejected most of the provisions of the law. there is way too much ignorance out there in america. i need a brilliant gorgeous dynamic, fearless journalist to help me sense of it. could this be jacki schechner? >> i think this could be.
6:59 am
how are you? >> are you there, jacki. >> can you hear me? >> the vaughn trap family singers. good morning, jacki. >> good morning, i'm here. >> sorry. i will be firing the trolls. didn't you hear this >> it doesn't surprise me, because it's in line with all of the polling where people said they hated the affordable care act but didn't know what was in it, and then liked the benefits. >> exactly right. citizens united is pouring money into robo calls? the six states that will decide this election. and it's up to fearless journalists like yourself. >> i do my best. obama campaign asked people do you have an off-shore account?
7:00 am
♪ >> we needs to come clean about where that money is and why it's there. >> i don't have a problem with people making tons of money, but there are questions about why are you keeping your money offshore. >> the olympics are getting competitive in the political ad race. restore our future tells cnn it is going to run ten days of ads in 11 states, july 31st. it's going into michigan and wisconsin for the very first time. the obama campaign is going to spend $6.5 million during the olympics and during the opening ceremonies. and ann romney is telling cbs the complain is talking about a
7:01 am
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7:04 am
>> announcer: radio meets the "bill press show." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm talking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show"! i'm john fugelsang here filling in for steph in 4th of july week while she enjoyed a much-deserved vacation. we'll be joined very very shortly by craig schumaker. the love master.
7:05 am
he's trying to figure out the parking system here. it is pretty pretty awful. fran tarkenton was supposed to be a guest back in 1979 and he is still lost down there. i always wanted to do a show called "that's interesting." i'm excited about this next guest. he is a public speaker, writer a news commentator on islam. he is the one muslim that bill o'reilly is not afraid to talk to. and he is also the spokesperson of the oldest muslim organization in the us. harris, welcome to the "stephanie miller show." good morning. >> good morning, john. how are you? >> great. how are you? >> i'm doing very well.
7:06 am
it's great to talk to you, again. >> it's good to talk. this is the first election in many years where it is not taughting islam fear. >> you are right. in the republican primaries we heard a little more, but people like ron paul and mitt romney kind of stood clear from some of the more abrasive comments. so it has been refreshing that the campaign now is not about who should we fear or who is about to get us? there is still some mud slinging going on but i hope it becomes more about the issues and not about the, quote unquote other side of the equation. >> do you think this is because
7:07 am
americans have realized that muslims are not their enemy? >> you know, what i honestly think -- i'm not sure if we have turned that corner just yet, but i have never been too concerned with islamaphobia, because i know this is what we do in this country, fortunately. everything that was said about muslims over the past couple of years, where they can't be trusted, we are foreign, our allegiance is with another country, everything like that has been said about jews in this country, catholics, mormons, even quakers in this country. so in times of economic distress unfortunately that's kind of what we do here. we choose this group and define
7:08 am
ourselves as being americans -- as not them. and eventually we would turn the corner and look at the same people with the same type of duration as we now look at anti-semites, the anti-catholic bigots, so i don't know if we turned the corner yet, but i'm looking for the new group, the italians, maybe. >> how about the belgians. the birtherism is a different form of racism. and it's all about what you say, casting the president as the other. yet i don't see this happening, really with mitt romney and his mormon faith, and i guess this is a good sign. democrats -- people make jokes about it, and they make jokes
7:09 am
about all religions, but harry reid one of the most famous democrats is a mormon and the gop which was so hell bent against electing a catholic has been supportive of mitt romney and his mormon religion. are we getting more acceptable? >> somewhat but not enough. people are say vote for president obama because he is christian enough. >> it is a slight against non-christians in general, because you don't have to be a christian to be a great chief executive. >> exactly. rick santorum said he does not believe in absolute separation
7:10 am
of church and state, and that the church should and can have an influence in the way a president can govern a nation. there's no way a jew or muslim would get away with saying something like that. >> that's true. >> i think people still look at the candidate's religion and decide who to vote for as a result. >> harris, tell me what you are working on right now? >> i'm still on an bus, because i just came back from an 11-day trip on the east coast [ inaudible ] made a historic visit to the united states. and to our knowledge that is the largest single muslim community in the world. he came here to meet with thousands of muslims as well as government leaders. he spoke to congress on capitol
7:11 am
hill last wednesday in which the democratic leader nancy pelosi was there, and they were all speaking about his holiness's efforts toward peace and reconciliation reconciliation. it provides fresh voice against concerted efforts. he was here. it was a remarkable visit. he -- and one of the things he was [ inaudible ] on a letter he wrote barack obama, the israeli president, stating they need to act up to avoid a third world war. >> and that's another great
7:12 am
reason to vote against mitt romney, as fondly as he talks about bombing iran. the majority of people in iran don't want war. but you mentioned how he was speaking out against violence and main streamism. it's only when a muslim talks about violence does the american main stream media pay at attention to it? >> i was asked by the community to head up a lot of our media efforts. and it was remarkable how many nos or uninterested i got. i'm not trying to throw them under the bus, but it was remarkable that even though that are the larger papers or outlets that are even local to the d.c. area, he was still decided they would rather focus on the
7:13 am
religious aspects of the campaign, that this muslim pope coming to america and leading the largest group of muslims in the world, that his talk was not news worthy enough. it was frustrating, but that's kind of the situation we're in right now, so we continue forward with what our voice is and we believe we provide an unparalleled muslim voice. and there's authenticity in our community, because we walk the walk. >> uh-huh. >> we know his message is important, but we continue to push forward on this -- this message of moderation and restraint. >> my theory is when people say religion is responsible with all
7:14 am
of the war and violence and oppression of people in the world, i always say no it's the extreme. people who want violence are the extreme religion christian conservatives over here and the extreme religious muslims over there. and the more extreme, the more women are put down the more violence, and the more you have sex hang ups. the more to the right they are, the more they share those traits in common. and these are the guys causing all of the problems in the world. >> that's true. and when we refer to ourselves as reforming the muslim world,
7:15 am
this is part of the reform that as you said all religions need which is not to go to the extreme right or left. and when you go to the extreme left, at least people don't die, but on the right when you start judging others and saying others are wrong. i'm right. i have the ultimate path or truth, that's very dangerous. and that's the message we're trying to spread. nobody has a monopoly over the truth, or over heaven then you need to strengthen your faith because obviously it is very shallow. if you agree with homosexuality or not, it doesn't matter. they are still human beings.
7:16 am
to say i don't agree with your lifestyle, but i respect you as a human being. and that's where we want to get everybody to a position saying we can disagree but still love each other as human beings. >> harris where can people find more about you and your work. they can find us on line, on twitter, we're looking for any like-minded people working towards peace. >> and you welcome non-muslims into muslims for peace, right? >> oh, absolutely. even at this convention we attended, there were 12,000 people there, but there were non-muslims there as well. >> harris thank you so much for the call. and god bless the st. atheists.
7:17 am
because i never hear about them blowing up a bank. we're taking your call at 1-800-steph-1-2. >> announcer: highbrow low brow unibrow. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
7:20 am
if you missed joy behar one week only... >>hey, time flies when you're having fun. >>don't worry because she'll be back. >>where are the lefties besides on current tv? >>joy behar is getting her own show coming to current tv this fall. ♪ ♪ god's been good to me ♪ >> this is dr. john from his new album locked up with the song
7:21 am
"god so good." this is the best gospel song i have heard in aging. this is one of the most amazing records you'll hear all year. and this is the "stephanie miller show." i'm john fugelsang filling in for steph all week. taking your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. we are on current tv. get hip to the amazing program that is happening over there. and i'm very pleased to introduce one of my favorite comedians in all of america. this guy has done films, and opened for ray charles -- >> wow. i haven't heard that in a while. >> that is one of the hippest things i have heard -- >> is it? i'm going to put it back on my
7:22 am
resume. >> i have to find the applause. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> you are not going to with one of those button people -- >> here we go. [ applause ] >> i told my wife i'm going to have such a great time because it will be real conversation without buttons. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> i have buttons. i promise that this week i was going to try to use the box. because it is programmed with so many delicious sounds. >> that's the great thing about being a comedian is you get to keep that total adolescence for your entire life. >> that's true. to bring back ray charles, he felt me up like my entire body -- >> when we first met. >> when we first met, he shakes
7:23 am
your hand and the other hand is feeling your whole body. and he goes you are a strapping young man. and i just thought -- that's such a cool thing. >> i got to see him live a bunch of times. >> did you really? >> i sure did. i saw him at lincoln center and a couple of times in new york. i feel like when you have people live that are living legends -- i seem have mccarthy many times. >> i just need to follow you on twitter and i feel like i'm sitting in every dillon convert -- >> i used to love working with vh-1 because i did specials, but the problem is people love music, they love tv and they
7:24 am
don't love music on tv. and as a consequence, vh-1 is the most washed up station. but the fact that you got to work with this guy -- >> have you ever met him in >> no. >> the manager that was featured in the film he really did control him to the point of -- the way he dressed him. >> when we -- when i first met you, i was saying i wish ray charles would fire his management. like does he know how they roo dressing him? >> i wanted to whisper that to him when i met him. you got to get a new wardrobe. and the other thing they would do is have -- the band would do an hour set before he would come out. >> yeah. always. but that's a traditional thing,
7:25 am
you know? >> it is. >> cab callaway did that -- >> not that long, though. >> no, that was pretty long. >> i used to tour with kenny loggens, and we were doing broadway. and i was so excited. my name is on lights on broadway. >> that's amazing. and then he goes craig i'm freaking out, [ inaudible ] is sick. can you sing base. and i was like oh sure. i was so nervous it was mickey mouse on helium. i learned the baseline over dinner, and it was really weird. so i did my set. meanwhile my drunken friends came up for the show from philadelphia.
7:26 am
yo, shoe tell them about the time you wet your pants -- and then one wakes up and says shoe is playing with kenny loggens. >> i once played bongo drums backing up -- >> no way. >> yeah, we're glad you are here, because we are asking callers to call up and say what is the one piece of advise you would give barack obama in his campaign. >> what would you whisper in his ear? >> exactly. >> i'm john fugelsang, and we will be right back. ♪ a moderate but i look at a lot of conservative thoughts and ideals. i'm almost 60 years old. >> stephanie: we'll continue
7:27 am
after the break. 29 minutes after the hour. "the stephanie miller show." truth seekers. >>every night we will drill down on the day's top stories in search of facts that inform. >>we are the rule breakers. >>be afraid, be very afraid. >>the investigators. >>our system is fundamentally broken. in a time that we're supposed to be worried to death about defecits, they're considering lowering corporate taxes. (vo) we are independent. >>a new scientific study shows conservatives hold science in contempt. that's a shocker. >>we are fearless. >> you who are pragmatic, you who are progressive, you who are impatient, uncle sam needs you.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
♪ it's the "stephanie miller show." broadcasting live from burbank, california. do yourself a favor, kids and pick this up. if you are a lame honky like me and you want to have a cool hip
7:32 am
hop album i would recommend this. >> i was surprised to hear you are not political. >> not at all. >> but i am extremely. >> i have always respected that. >> but i don't put it into the stage. >> and i go there. politics and religion is in my head, and the trick is so you can spin it so you can be true to yourself and not make republicans feel ostracized. >> right. >> i make fun of the unconscious? >> what to you mean? >> the unconscious people. that's what is going on with our
7:33 am
country. >> and that's what is going on. >> exactly. we were talking off of the air about ever since i have become a father that has really developed in me. >> yeah. >> and i don't even like the words liberal and conservatives. >> i think those words are developed by the top 1% to keep us fighting. >> exactly. >> they want us fighting each other. >> that is exactly right. i used to think the world evict meant move when i was a kid. [ laughter ] >> and this is what formed me, and -- it forms my opinions and my feelings -- >> i -- i -- yeah. >> i believe we should all become one on the planet. and that's my politics. >> that's me.
7:34 am
i'm hippie jesus. my act to be an attack ad against appthy. >> right. >> we're going to talk politics and fatherhood. and people are like are you less political now that you are father? and i'm like no i'm more political. >> and we care about our planet as well, and people put that into politics. >> right. >> i'm just trying to open up the dialogue. that's what comics do. we are critical thinkers. >> i want to open up the dialogue by bringing on the brilliant mr. david bender. are you there, david? >> yes, i am. good morning. >> good morning. we had you on briefly the other day, but i really wanted to get
7:35 am
you back to get your reaction to mitt romney's flip flopping. how are you sir? >> i am good. i thought we banned the term flip flop if john kerry could wind surf that at least was an activity. romney flip flops simply by getting up in the mornings. >> that's really true. the man changes positions like a yoga teacher on crystal meth. >> we could bring back waffling. >> yeah, the belgians ruined that. i call him reversible mittens, david. [ laughter ] >> that works. i still hope that we do get willard out there as much as possible -- >> if they are going to say humane. we got to say willard. >> willard is the new hussein. and what will we all wear?
7:36 am
black. >> exactly. >> look, the campaign -- it really doesn't matter what anyone says. the most important thing is the expression people like to say. pundits say if the election were held today it would be held in new hampshire. but when you hear the phrase if the election was held today, it never is. remember herman cain? >> please, we're come meetians. >> does he get the same kind of laughs that he used to >> yeah, with his new website. >> you can say nine, nine, nine now and it is not as funny as it was four months ago. >> but herman cain almost became
7:37 am
the first black man to get another black man elected president. >> i'm glad i can keep feeding your material. but my point is he is no longer relevant to the debate in any way, and for a time he was always anybody was talking about. anyone who talks as if they understand the rhythms of politics in america, but never does -- there is no rhythm method here. okay? >> uh-huh. >> the way in which it works is we're going to get 30 to 45 days out from the election. it will be the middle of september, and then there is not going to be a wave not a surge, a tsunami of spending. something this country has never seen before. if you want to look at the [ inaudible ] report look at wisconsin. look at what just happened with scott walker.
7:38 am
and the amount of money that was spent by independent groups to destroy -- not just to win but to destroy tom barrett, and destroy the union movement in that state. >> so you think these super pacs are holding back their gazillions of dollars until just before the election to hammer it home? i believe they are just waiting to have robo calls and a non-stop barrage of barack obama wants to ate your children ads? >> you are exactly right. and now we're talking about how politics in america actually works. the candidates, if they go to those states at all between now and then they will raise money, but there will be minimal spending except in six to eight states.
7:39 am
let's do this exercise for ten seconds. if the states that john mccain care rid one of the worst candidates since, i don't know alf landon. alf landon was a better man. if in fact john mccain stands in support of mitt romney that already adds six votes. if you go with that premise that romney can do that -- remember obama was the high water mark four years ago. and that would leave romney with needing about 90 electoral votes. you need 207 of them to win, and a lot of them are in florida, a place where anyone who even
7:40 am
looked like they might vote for obama don't have a voting card. >> including world war ii vets. >> exactly. and if your name is gonzalez good luck. >> right. >> because if one gonzalez committed a felony in florida, all of them are now on the respected felony poll. >> i dated a gonzalez by the way. >> was it speedy gonzalez? or was she not that fast? >> no, she took her time. if romney wins ohio and florida. let's just they. but if he picks portman as a running mate and that helps, and the governor down in florida can hide the ballot boxes, what
7:41 am
happens then? can the president still win recollection if romney wins those two states? >> yes but only narrowly. north carolina was one by a point and a half. >> yeah. >> yesterday we talked about the fact that we lost probably the asset that gave north carolina which was the beloved anthy griffith. who helped them and purdue win in north carolina. probably the best democrat north carolina has is sadly no longer with us, and we mourn his passing. >> yes i would love to see the campaign rerun andy griffith's promos. >> that's right. in support of the health care act and his thought for barack obama helped enormously. >> exactly. >> north carolina is now, i have to say, in gave jeopardy.
7:42 am
indiana, that -- indiana hadn't been carried by a democrat since lyndon johnson and the president carried it four years ago. that is not going to happen again. that is almost as many votes as north carolina. when you start adding those up, you are almost to the number. it is five states that are very much in [ inaudible ], virginia is another one. and it will be tough. and then you down to one state. and as it could be as little as new hampshire's four votes, which right now is tied. here is the kicker folks, the kicker is that there is no way -- and this i will predict. i'll go out on a big limb year. no matter what barack obama is going to win the popular vote.
7:43 am
>> okay. >> probably by 8 million votes. >> uh-huh. >> the only way he loses is it will be in the electoral college. we're looking at a 19th century device to decide a 21st century election.already. >> it happened with gore. >> well, it happened with gore but that assumes he didn't win florida, and i am not saying i'm willing to stipulate. >> that's right. david so far this is more depressing than the star wars sequences combined -- >> i brought in just the buzz kill of the morning, but everyone has a job. >> no. no. no. but what can ordinary voters do?
7:44 am
i think the more americans get to know mitt romney they are going to say, oh i like the president. but what can people do david? >> both of the things that you said they can contribute to obama's campaign or to the obama super pac. all of which is helpful, and in small dollars taken in large sums can -- if they can't form a tsunami they can form a very big firewall against it. and any other thing is to pay attention to what mitt romney stands for. he has embraced the right-wing conservative that makes george w. bush look moderate. >> i agree. >> i'm encouraging everyone i know to move to florida for the
7:45 am
summer. >> yeah. >> who has obama's ear? you know what i would tell him that would really endear him to the public. take all of that money and give it to them. >> to whom? >> to the people -- the causes. >> give it to the causes? >> exactly. how would he look. now it's the corporations and the greedy against the common man and that's where he comes from anyway. he needs to make clear on that. that's how -- >> david in fairness obama did stand up and decried citizens united, and now he is forced to use it. could we do something radical like that, saying super pacs are so evil, that i'll dedicate half of it to disabled veterans. [ laughter ] >> you know it's like taking off your sandals on the way to the
7:46 am
crucifix. [ laughter ] >> if -- if -- it's a lovely gesture, but in fact if you get -- go back to wisconsin and look at the template it doesn't matter. no one will know he did it. >> because the people who watch fox will never know. >> it's anyone who breathes in the state of north carolina will think he gave the money to reverend wright. >> that's true. because reverend wright is a vietnam veteran unlike mitt romney. >> always a pleasure. will you join me in moving to florida. >> my mom is already there, and i'm trying to move it out. i got to say i spent a lot of
7:47 am
time there, and i love florida, and there's a lot of really great, wonderful progressive, smart decent people in florida, and i hope they get to vote this year. >> again, florida, florida, florida. if we carry florida, then barack obama is elected. >> it's true. and if you are listening in florida, get out there, if you are a senior and you can't do volunteer work, you can use the internet. >> and good luck in santa fe. >> that's what we are told. david bender always a pleasure. craig are you going to hang out with me for a while? >> absolutely. >> and you callers we're going
7:48 am
to get to you. 1-800-steph-1-2. >> what the hell was that? >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪
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7:51 am
this week, failing is good and wall street is bad. what else does vc billionaire vinod khosla think?
7:52 am
♪ ♪ if i ask no questions, i get no lies ♪ ♪ ain't nothing going to get to my and myself ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show." this is little jackie. if phil specter did a hip hop girl group it would sound just
7:53 am
like this. this is called "the world should revolve around me." it sounds like a great old town girl group. >> you are really turning me on to some good music. >> i'm a gig nerd. >> i'm going to be hip to my son. by the way you can't use the word hip anymore. >> or dope. do you call your kid a snob when he pulls that up on there. say i'll say whatever i want. if a word fits it fits i like the english language. craig schumaker, the love master is joining us here on the "stephanie miller show." what a thrill to have you. i think i found my applause.
7:54 am
[ buzzer ] >> no, that's not it. >> i'm transitioning to the master of love -- >> that sounds like s&m -- >> if that's where you go. i was going with the more divine love. >> brilliant. riley has been on the phone for a long time. riley you are calling from florida what advise would you give president obama to hammer mitt romney in this campaign. >> thanks for having me on. >> thank you for calling in. >> what i would tell the president but glass-steagall, i believe they have about as low of approval rating as congress does right now. and maybe challenge them to pass the jobs bill and build infrastructure in the united states before the election and then go after the throats of the bankers. because if he does that before the election that might not be a good idea, but once he gets to
7:55 am
four years then go ahead. >> that's a very fair point. glass spiegel is what occupy wall street should be about. that was the wall that came up after the great depression. it was repealed and then look what happened, the banks turned into casinos. look at baseball if you bet on your own team to fail you are banned. but if you are a bank and you bet on your own mortgages to fail, you are bailed out. this is a brief segment. we'll be back at the top of the hour with jacki schechner. job delaney is going to be calling in. you are going to stick around? >> i'm sticking around just for that. >> indeed. this is john fugelsang, he is craig shoe maker.
7:56 am
you are watching or listening to the "stephanie miller show." 1- [♪ theme music ♪] it's the "stephanie miller show." i'm john fugelsang, filling in for steph while she is on our vacation. you are stuck with me for one more day after today. we're joined by the great craig shoemaker shoemaker, one of the great american comedians of all time. >> american? >> yeah. >> so there are more -- >> i was standing in line in
7:57 am
whole foods behind [ inaudible ]. and now it is time to go to the fabulous jacki schechner. >> good morning. the president heads to ohio to start his two-day bus trip today. we'll focus on the economy and specifically what he has done to help the auto industry. he will emphasize that message by announcing that the administration has just failed an unfair trade act against china. it imposed on new duties on u.s. made cars. the goal is to provide a level playing field in a global economy. and countrywide financial, used discount loans to buy congressional influence on behalf of fannie mae. the report details a vip loan program, and names of members of
7:58 am
congress and staffers who allegedly benefit from special rates. none of the names mentioned in the reports are new, however, and all lawmakers who are mentioned deny getting any special treatment. what would be worse than botching your run for president, ruining your political career and failing to get on the ballot for your own rerecollection. how about starring in a ron chi reality show. mccarter says the work was quote unfinished and given to a reporter without his permission. he said he didn't write it on the taxpayer dime and he said it was deliberately designed to be a train wreck.
7:59 am
what is it they say about writing about what you know. we're back after the break. we'll see you on the other side. ♪
8:00 am
. what happened to george prescott bush. >> no, he was jeb bush's son. >> oh, that one. >> the ricky martin look-alike yeah. >> going in another direction. the direction away from his father.
8:01 am
what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller"
8:02 am
at and on twitter at smshow. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show"! broadcasting live from gorgeous downtown burbank. i'm john fugelsang, filling in for steph all week joined by tony in the chris lavoie seat and my special guest for the day, the love master himself
8:03 am
mr. craig shoemaker. and i have been advising craig if you don't want your teenage son -- because i have a baby. now that i have been a father for three months -- >> i have a 14 year old, and yet you are giving me advice. >> the pants drooping an the ankle. that tradition began in prison for prags know the dominant know that he is available. >> i love that you have a beautiful intellectual approach to this. as opposed to my fatherly advice of get a belt. >> my parents -- you have got to do what i do which is humiliation. >> i had a rented white mini van
8:04 am
once, and loaded the entire family to pick them up at school -- >> oh, wow. did you wear a fannie pack to boot. >> i rolled down the window and said, hi girls i'm here to pick justin up. >> i promised i would never have kids, but now we have one, but i love talking to comedians that are smarter than me and have more experience and that's why i'm happy to welcome this man. i met him a couple of years back and we hit it off and became good friends and that was before i knew how disgustingly funny rob delaney really is. hello, good morning. thanks for coming on the air. >> pleasure to be here. i didn't know that about a guy
8:05 am
showing their butts. i knew there was something more fundamentally wrong with it but i didn't know it was to say, hey, this butt is for you. >> exactly. >> so pull your child's diaper up right now. >> yeah, if they have droopy diapers then they are going to join baby gangs. how are you? >> i'm good. my teeth is now pushing out like 11 teeth. so he needs extra tlc right now. >> or thc for painkillers. [ laughter ] >> i do not recommending medical marijuana for babies. i want to go on the record for that. >> not before they hit tweenhood. >> unless it comes through the breast milk.
8:06 am
>> exactly. rob i notice a real political bend on a lot of your stuff. you are one of the guys that can really walk the line while being political while a -- appealing to the main stream. >> when i do stand up i don't talk about political parties or anything, although i may talk about race massageny, homophobia stuff, but on twitter i will get political, because i think twitter is a lesser form of comedy than live standup. >> yes, i agree. >> and when i do stand up, i want to do the funniest stuff that i possibly can, since people have worked hard to get money to guy these tickets.
8:07 am
so to many politics aren't the funniest things in the world. they are certainly funny, but not the funniest thing in the world. the funniest thing in the world is men and women writhing and trying to figure out life and the crazy stuff that can happen and i do sort of -- i allows myself to get nakedly political on twitter because it's silly, plus it riles people up. and so i want to do that. >> there's people on twitter who enjoy being riled up? >> yeah they are hard to fine. [ laughter ] >> there's also no cover charge. they can't ask for their cover back. >> this is true. >> when i anger them. say this isn't what i want for my comedy. i say you didn't pay for this. >> we used to try out material in clubs and if it worked then
8:08 am
we would do it on tv. and now we true it out on twitter and if it works we do it in the clubs. >> exactly. >> comedically do you find romney a worthy source of material? >> oh, yeah he like even more of the other republican candidates and even george w. bush before him all of those people almost had things that they felt and believed, so even if you disagreed with it you can be like oh, well he does feel that way. >> you mean like convictions? >> exactly. so mitt romney is an amazing -- he's like the ryan seacrest of candidates. he is an inflatable as a used car lot salesman. >> he is a giant inflatable hollow man outside of a used car dealership? >> exactly.
8:09 am
are things about obama like for example obama on gay marriage, before he had his coming out party -- well, support, there were two options he either was lying, which was terrible or really felt gay people shouldn't get married, which is also awful. >> when bill clinton signed the defensive marriage back in 1996 he was worrying about being beaten in office. so don't they have to walk these lines sometimes? >> what is the word have mean? do you want to sit down and say to your kid, i had to triangulate, and they are like what does that mean? and they are going to be correct. so there are different categories of lying. they are all bad. some of them are explainable.
8:10 am
some of them i have done in my own life and will likely continue to do because i'm not a saint. however, it doesn't mean i won't for obama, not cause i drink the kool-aid and wear obama t-shirts and stuff, because i don't. and i didn't vote for him last time, i voted for nader. >> i voted for nader in '96. but i think you make a really great point. i say even if you have problems with barack obama, ruth ginsberg is 200 years old. you can say the guy has caved so many times there are minors trapped inside of him. i get it. but politics is about the art of compromise -- >> it's also a long-term plan.
8:11 am
when susie gets his second term it is a house party. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> the play is actually available for house parties. >> i know right? if play -- [ inaudible ] if he came back as vp or covp with biden, because i liked biden a lot with that haircut the kid would just breeze into the white house. >> and he is very funny too. >> he did the music for bill maher. >> i want obama to win a second term as much as he himself does and david axelrod does for the supreme court and the affordable care act. and i would like to see what he would do for education. >> exactly. and the drug war problem. >> absolutely. >> i have to ask you this.
8:12 am
you are the first person i talked to in the world who went third-party in the 2008 election and is now going to vote for barack obama. what made you switch your vote? >> basically i'm just going to vote for barack obama symbolically. i voted for vader last time because i understand unlike a lot of people how the electoral college works and i knew obama would win the state. >> exactly. health care reform in this nation as mitt romney knows -- also that he must have from pretending to hate obamacare, he has an obamacare body pillow that he tailored? [ laughter ] >> he must be exploding -- he just be taking anti-aneurysm pills every day so parts of him
8:13 am
don't explode out of his body and on to the wall. [ laughter ] >> but, yeah we need -- health care. i want the guys is that helped design -- or rather sat down and played tidellie winks -- but >> okay. i think the hilary and obama's plans were a bit different going into it. but john edwards went with the most progressive plan in 2008 but we found out that was because he was dating a new-age hippy girl. >> right. >> your vote? all 50 states is more than one vote. because you have an amazing twitter following. >> possibly. possibly. >> of course. >> i talk with my wife about it.
8:14 am
because i'm as negative as michelle malcolm sometimes. >> but it's dirtier when she does it. >> i know. should i really -- you know i'm kind of pulling back the curtain here. is it useful for me to go after mitt so hard. comedically i can't help it. but i'm saying should i resist the metaphorical super pac dollars that my twitter fan base affords me. >> your evil plan of the night. >> yeah. >> we're having a tenner moment here, but i don't know. why do we do what we do? >> exactly. and that's always political. the personal is political, and inherent human craziness is always good for a laugh. >> right.
8:15 am
>> where are you appearing and how can people follow you? >> friday and saturday -- friday i'm in tucson and saturday i'm in phoenix. so you can get tickets for that and i have a stand-up special which i recorded in may. so that's my first hour stand-up special coming out. and of course on twitter way too many times each day -- >> you are one of the five or ten people who really make twitter funny for me every day, and i thank you for it rob. >> you too guys. >> i want to see your stand up. because i have only followed you on twitter. i'm going to check it out. >> that's great. >> are you in l.a. at all -- >> i live in l.a.? >> i mean perform? >> yeah, i have a monthly show
8:16 am
at the [ inaudible ] every third thursday. however, this month it's the 12th, so i'll be at the l.a. citizens brigade theater. with dave holmes. >> love him. good guy. rob thank you so much. i'm so glad you joined us today. >> i sincerely appreciate it. >> i haven't learned how to find the right buttons on steph's box. [ applause ] >> didn't we just have that clip? >> i'm like is this it -- and believe or not i'm having the -- >> on steph's box. >> yeah, a lot of guys have that problem. 1-800-steph-1-2. we are taking your calls when we return. it's the "stephanie miller show"!
8:17 am
>> [ whistling ] that's a lot of zeros! >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:18 am
of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
8:19 am
this week, failing is good and wall street is bad. what else does vc billionaire vinod khosla think?
8:20 am
♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show." i'm john fugelsang, filling in for stephanie. you are looking to the tones of peter buren and john. and we are coming at you with the star of craig >> that's a good way to put the
8:21 am
website up there. theview won't put the website up. you have to say my name is craig >> i do that as well but known can spell fugelsang. >> yeah, i just had it on ktla the other day and she is a fan, she said i'm here with craig schumaker. >> if i put an umlot on my name it would sound like a sex move. where are you playing? >> i'm in florida next week. >> i just played fort lauderdale last month. i have had a pleasure of doing
8:22 am
shows with this man both here and in canada. >> we used to work a lot together. and you did bring something different to the audience that they are used to. they are used to mirth monkeys over here, and you maid them -- >> yes, i would throw glassware on the stage. all right. let's take some calls. michael from the great state of iowa. >> good morning. how are you? >> great. how are you? >> i'm doing very well thank you. anything i have to say or think about the president is infused with my perception of him as a compassionate man, or as my mother said, he has kind eyes kind of a refined hippy jesus. >> not like mitt romney his eyes are dead like a doll's
8:23 am
eyes. >> they are. seriously. i mean yeah. so i think that that would be wise to point out even more, and while i -- i agree with david bender when he said that donation of some pac money to charity -- >> that was craig shoemaker's idea actually. >> okay. great, but david bender's response was that was a lovely gesture, but then it seemed to be a reason to dismiss it as a possible strategy i guess. but americans are charitable for good or bad, and i think -- and what is more of a lovely gesture than endorsing marriage equality. >> so what advise would you give to the president? we only have a minute left. >> yes, thank you. i have a question. i wonder if coming out in favor or endorsing medical american would be a wise october surprise
8:24 am
for him. if that would bring in more voters. >> that's a great question and i thank you for the call michael. it certainly seems it could help. you will see in every g&a he does he always gets the medical american question. >> yeah, and he skirts it. >> no, he says no. he says i don't believe it. i don't think it is the right sometime for it. he is stanchly against it. it is a losing deal for democrats. a republican could do it but maybe in the second term. >> he should watch my movie. it's all about finding -- what do you tell your children about marijuana. and we did the research -- >> i saw the film. i can't recall it right now, but yes. we only have two seconds. >> we'll be back. >> 1-800-steph-1-2 with the "stephanie miller show."
8:25 am
♪ >> in a bar. >> stephanie: straight parents. >> it wasn't quite a baby. >> stephanie: she was eight. >> eight. >> stephanie: prime minister david cameron accidently left his daughter in a bar. >> there is a difference. >> stephanie: that's a mix up. >>we talk a lot about the influence of money in politics. it is the defining issue of this era. the candidate with the most money, does win. this is a national crisis.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ somebody to love ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show." you are listening to the late great queen song. "american idol" hasn't ruined this one for me yet [ laughter ] >> we're taking your calls all morning at 1-800-steph-1-2. the big thing with mitt romney now is he came out and said that -- that the affordable act is a tax. first off he wants you to believe it wasn't a tax when he did it in massachusetts. there was a penalty. and then eric fehrnstrom came
8:30 am
out two days ago and said silt not a tax. and the "wall street journal" reigned fire and brimstone on mitt romney for a day. and mitt got his marching orders. so mitt comes out yes, completely refutes his own campaign, says it is a tax, and says he agreed with the majority opinion, even though he supported the minority opinion. mitt romney has now had four different positions in 36 hours. >> that could be good for mrs. romney. >> i think if you are going to mary mitt romney you better really like missionary because
8:31 am
that's what he did. >> i would like to say mitt romney doesn't have a backbone. >> yes. >> and we do not want karl rove or the koch brothers for president again. >> uh-huh. >> you know what i mean right? >> i know exactly what you mean. >> and another thing i would like to say, so what if we -- you know obamacare. they -- the republicans make it seem like it's a bad thing. >> that he cares, yeah? >> it's not a bad thing. he just puts obamacares. we should have a bumper sticker that says obamacares. >> that is brilliant. >> my politics are very -- i -- i just look at it like -- just take a pause and just look at the landscape.
8:32 am
just look at who the person is. see where he came from, and see where romney comes from. >> exactly. and i have nothing against rich folks there are lots of millionaires at birth who are millionaire millionaires. >> that's true. >> the problem is people who were millionaires at birth who have had power all their life and that no appreciation for their power. i don't want to say he is a bad guy. but it's just -- it's so disgusting i have never in my lifetime -- and the british press is picking on this more than american i have never seen
8:33 am
a american nominee who lies so easily and stupidly. check out how many pants on fire mitt romney has. it's just easily disproved, stupid lies, and how republicans can stand it is beyond me. because the man is not a conservative. i don't even know what he is. he will say, do and believe anything to be elected. >> but it worked for george bush. >> george bush had more convictions than this guy. >> and he stayed with his convictions. >> he stayed with his horrible stupid convictions that cost us % dearly. but at least we get to blame the black guy now. >> you have a guy who drove you off the cliff, and do you want
8:34 am
the same tie who taught you driver's ed. >> exactly. liberals you are allowed to criticize the president, but you have to fight for his recollection twice as hard. we're not blind followers. but get the man elected because if you are just going to sit there like my friend on twitter who all he does is attack barack obama, and what you are doing is getting mitt romney elected. jim in new mexico you have been on hold for a long time. good morning. turn down your radio please. >> sure john. it is a pleasure to talk to you. i have a friend who is self
8:35 am
employed but he does make over $200,000 a year. will he will subsidized? >> that's a good question. i don't believe he will be. and i thank you for the call if you don't buy the health insurance, then you will get this penalty fee, which will as far as i underwill be deducted from your tax return. and a lot of people are saying this is the gateway to health care in america. so -- but i can't actually answer that question. i -- i do not know but your friend will have to purchase private insurance and that's why a lot of liberals don't like the mandate. but it is a step closer to
8:36 am
taking care of each other. i think that's american christian, conservative, and sane. >> uh-huh. >> that's my preachy moment. >> mike in virginia good morning. >> that won't be the only moment. >> i know. it's terrible. >> don't judge it. this is who you are. >> if you say so. i do say so. i think it's wonderful what you are doing. >> my agent also sees me from afar. he feels 10% of my anguish. >> hi, mike, how are ya? >> great, how are you? >> good. thanks for calling. >> thank you for taking my issue here. i think the main issue that president obama has is they need to get out in front of this negative information that is being perpetuated out there. we all know perception is
8:37 am
everything, his slogan right now is forward. and i have a few one, four-real. the lilly ledbetter law. >> right. >> health care affordability. he killed osama bin laden, and had the jobs bill out there. and these are the things we need to stress out there in the public. i saw after the supreme court upheld the healthcare deal all of a sudden the negativity out on every station, i think even from our state, the legislator said i'm going to pass something on july 11th to overturn this law. >> yeah. >> watch how fast they we
8:38 am
reacted. but look at how long it took them to act on for student loans >> amen. but i think the gop only cares about deficits when there is a republican in office. who was the last republican to balance the budget even once. >> you know the last gop with a surplus? >> eisenhower. >> that's correct. so do not trust your money with the republican party. they have proven they are all talk. ari is calling us from chicago. >> hello. >> hi, what is up. >> i think two things. one we should stop 2k3w58ing the gop anything except greedy 1 3rs
8:39 am
1%ers. >> nice. >> and what if we buy all of our christmas stamps now -- at the post office we all buy 100 bucks worth of forever stamps and save the post office? >> i think that's a great idea. the bush administration made them pay for all of their pensions in advance. the post office gets by with no tax dollars. >> while they were fighting back -- >> don't piss off the post office, man. do you remember the '80s? >> it is funny, we were talking before about this. you are a dad. i'm new to the club and i am
8:40 am
appalled by it. i only wanted a child because i wanted to be the first one to board the plane. >> it does have advantages. you get to places and say, listen, you are six now. and then you get to the window and you buy a ticket and they are saying no, daddy, i'm 20. >> my kid is only three-month-old and is like 20 pounds. he is huge. i feel like finally i can be a lack who talks about diapers and make money on cruise ships. >> you keep saying pontificating and hack and off of that, take it out. you are a brilliantly funny guy -- >> i'm a catholic. >> i think i'm here for your
8:41 am
intervention -- >> no, listen -- >> when you have a child all that crap goes out the win i do anyway. >> but if you are going to attack other people you have to be ready to do it yourself. >> and you do really good at it. did you home or hospital birth? >> oh, hospital birth. >> what do you mean oh hospital birth. >> my brother did home birth in brooklyn. >> we did a home birth. the baby wouldn't come out for 21 hours. the midwife turns to me and said you are going to have to do to your wife to get the baby in there. and i said get her drunk. and she said no have sex with her. >> during labor? [ laughter ]
8:42 am
>> yeah, and that's -- it was a wild ride. i pulled the baby out, and i have no regrets. >> wow. wow. >> first two was hospital and this was full on in the water. >> we did a csection and they discourage you from doing that at home. >> you did a c-section. >> yeah. >> i'm trying to tell you it is political to talk -- because your children give it purpose. >> yeah. >> because there is that old saying what do our children know. and now you can say it with meaning. >> i know i'm so used to not caring about your kids but now i have to. i want to bring more love and compassion in the world, and be part of a society that takes care of its sick poor and convicts. so i find more than ever i want
8:43 am
my tax dollars to help people here and not blow them up over there. do we have time for another call tony in >> my purpose with my children is when they go to therapy some day, they can blame me for everything. [ laughter ] >> exactly. we'll be back for the final minutes right after this. >> you commie loving sons a gun. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, answers. we're here because we're independent. >>only on current tv. >>this show will be unique because we will not settle for
8:44 am
the easy answers. >>the former governor of new york eliot spitzer joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform.
8:45 am
of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
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don't chance it, resolve it. see a resolve difference or it's free. if you missed joy behar one week only... >>hey, time flies when you're having fun. >>don't worry because she'll be back. >>where are the lefties besides on current tv? >>joy behar is getting her own show coming to current tv this fall. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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it's the "stephanie miller show"! i'm john fugelsang sitting in for stephanie who is galavanting around europe on a bicycle. joined by craig shoemaker. this is a song called "my body." and they are kind of like -- a lot cooler than what cold play is doing right now. if you like those sensitive pow ballads. has this show made you more determined than ever to reflect the president? >> i'm very very activetive in the take a pause party.
8:49 am
allow us comics to expose what is behind the curtain because that's what thing repossess. a lot of scare crow going on. >> that's why i'll be in santa fe on friday night. i go back east for a couple of weeks and then back here again. almost sold out. so it's a big thrill to play a place like that. at the risk of being like allan combs. i'm going to put you all on the air give you five to ten seconds to state your opinion and then hang up. elaine in texas. hi. >> hi. my thing is that the
8:50 am
republicans, that greedy 1% want you to buy gold and horde it rather than putting money in the economy, which would help all of us. >>est aboutly right. the money is too concentrated in a few hands and we have got to keep it circulating. >> that's a sustainable society. >> clint in washington. >> hi. i'm hanging on the line to your come [ inaudible ] why go back? as a bumper sticker. >> indeed. why go back. >> i loved you the last two weeks. >> oh, thank you so much. it has been a real honor. i love current tv. >> why go back period. >> yeah, we want our country back. >> it's human evolution. it's evolving -- >> but if you think the 50s was just like it was in jesus's day.
8:51 am
>> just individually -- >> it's moving forward. >> liberate your soul. >> that's what the world means, man. >> don't be confined by the man. >> exactly. sandy in colorado. >> hi, there. >> hi. >> i'm thinking that the eagle represents our country, and the center of the bird has both republicans and democrats just normal sane people and then you have the wings on both side. the right-wings live in the land of do as i say, not as i do the left lives in the land of unintended consequences. but the 1% is corporation. we need to make a line between private sector and corporate sector, because the corporate
8:52 am
sector, all they do is create wealth out of air. they pump it up exponentially, turn it into wealth. >> you are exactly right. >> and if one wing dominates the other, the bird flies in a circle. >> i really wanted to see a debate where a moderator said can you name one time in your career you sited with labor? i really want to know these basic questions that moderators appear to be afraid. but she makes a great point. we all know lots of wonderful, wonderful, positive rich people, but it all comes down to mitt romney have you ever sided with labor overmanagement? craig when can people see you? >> craig i'm in ventura this weekend, and
8:53 am
next weekend i'm in fort lauderdale on the improve and then i vacation at the jersey shore. >> i don't even know what that is. >> come visit our house. bring the baby. >> i will. >> and we'll talk fatherhood. >> i know. for tomorrow's show, i'm really thrilled about our guest lineup. we'll have katherine who wrote that blow the roof off of the house of what fast and furious was really about. she has agreed to call in tomorrow. wayne powell is a democrat running against eric cantor. shelley wright and governor jennifer grandholm. that's all the on tomorrow's show. thank you for spending your morning with us. i'm john fugelsang. follow me at john, and we will see you tomorrow. peace. ♪ >> oh god, no. >> stephanie: no. >> i left my wife--well, they've
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