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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  September 13, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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are no mitt mittens. from michigan! kathy from bloomfield, michigan. doesn't want to of time. good night everybody. >> welcome to the young turks. more of our embassies get attacked all over the world. in egypt it's not pretty. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. >> what do you do with a problem like egypt? that is a really good question we're going to try to answer in just a minute. we find out crazy new facts about the film maker that started this mess in the first place and the people supporting him. >> we are not stupid. i know, i understand. >> i talk to you about this movie, would you go out and kill anybody? >> no. >> would the vast majority of muslims do it? >> no. >> but he does have problems with muslims anyway.
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we're going to have a muslim representative on here and have a discretion about whether they should be upset. i'm not sure they should be. we'll talk about that plus governor jesse ventura is on the show. he might be more liberal than president obama. >> i've been water boarded. i got news for you. you would have confessed too, if you would have been water boarded 170 times. >> oh, damn, he's coming up a little later. you know what time it is, right? it's go time. >> well, what started in libya has caught literally on fire across the world. now our embassies are being attacked in egypt and in yemen as well, and not only the that,
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there are also protests in morocco and tunisia and these range to violent protests. >> we'll get to egypt in a second. libya might be a little different that you know realize. first, let me give you a report from nbc news. >> it was complex and preplanned likely for the anniversary of september 11. it was 10:00 at night in libya. heavily armed attackers began firing at the libyan security guards protecting the american consulate before setting the main building ablaze. inside ambassador stevens and others were trapped between the flames and gunfire. it was 12 hours before ambassador stevens body was returned by local libyans who had carried him to a hospital in
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an effort to save him. >> from the outside it looks like what happened in linea is the worst. four americans died, our ambassador died. it might give you the false appearance that they are the most anti american. that is not true. in eastern libya americans have a 60% approval rating, hard line muslims a 28 approval rating. in fact, a lot of the libyan security tried to protect our ambassador there unsuccessfully so. the president says this: >> there's no question about that. there were protests throughout libya today in favor of the americans. in fact, there were signs being held saying we apologize and we
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support americans and we're sorry for what happened to ambassador stevens whon s see qu ters inarrs libya is a hero. one of the issues is that our embassies are not properly protected. the state department is going to get $300 million less in 2012. states the state democratic, our embagses. the defense department by comparison gets way more than 10 times as much, $614 billion. gives you a sense of our priorities. now, meanwhile egypt it's actually a different situation and even though no one has gotten killed, that might be a tougher situation that we've got there. let's show you some of the protests there first again a report from abc news. >> protestors took to the streets of cairo again this morning. they broke through a barbed wire
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barricade. tensions ablaze over a trailer depicting the prophet muhammed as a womanizer and fraud. >> what president obama said to telemundo is more concerning. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. they are a new government that is trying to find its way. they were democraty elected. we're going to have to see how they respond to this incident. certainly in this situation we expect that they are responsive to our insistence that our embass is protected our personnel is protected and if they take actions to indicate they are not taking those responsibilities as all other countries do where we have embassies, i think that's going to be a real big problem.
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>> might they not be protecting our embassies? 48 hours after the event president mohamed morsi put out the statement: >> man it took him forever to say that. at the same time, mohamed morsi continues and says: >> it is no such thing. we will not put an end to that film, because we have a first amendment here. that would be chalked up as a sad day for you. mohamed morsi, of course knows that, but he's trying to appeal to his right wing base in his country. meanwhile, erin cunningham, the global post senior correspondent in cairo said:
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>> that's a very good question. matter bradley said they were withdrawn weeks ago. >> the egyptian response, tweet from the muslim botherhood says: that's what they're putting out there. they say muslim brotherhood leaders have called for a nationwide protest in cairo tomorrow against an anti islamic video posted on you tube. calling for more protests in the middle of this mess? that doesn't seem very helpful. our embassy puts out a statement saying hey, thanks, by the way have you checked out your own arabic feeds? i hope you know we read those too, meaning we know what you're
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up too. it's not like we can't read arabic. you're telling us everything's going to be all right as you egg on the protestors. that is not a good sign. let's bring on an expert here to figure out what to do with egypt. he has written the book engaging the muslim world. one of the top experts in the country on this issue professor cole, great to have you on the program. we want a democracy. we got this. jesus, what do we do? >> well, we just have to negotiate our way through. i mean, all of these things are happening because the region has opened up and there is now a more democratic set up. there's public opinion is in play and politicians are appealing to public opinion. mohamed morsi in egypt is trying to satisfactory his base on the religious right which is outraged by this film, and
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that's why he's dragging his feet in condemning the cairo embassy protests. in libya the red kells the jihadis who dreamed of a saudi type state in libya have been passed by. there were elections. women did well. seculars did well. they are trying to get back momentum by attacking the u.s. consulate. this comes from the opening of the region. when they were those old dictatorships, you didn't have these problems. >> having read your articles, i'm encouraged about libya in the long run. what happened in the short run was an absolute disaster, but the libyan government and people appear to be on our side. that's great. when i look at egypt be i am discouraged. muslim brotherhood won there as opposed to libya.
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here they seem to be egging them on saying yeah, go get those guys and protest. it looks like they might have removed the security from the embassy. those are horrible signs. what are we going to do with these guys? >> i don't think the egyptian government is going to let anything happen to the american embassy in cairo. the embassy is a kind of fortress and it wasn't actually invaded. the problem in bengazi is they were just using a rented house and it wasn't properly hardened. united states under mohamed morsi is not going to have the kind of cozy relationship it had with mubarak. he was a dictator getting money from the united states and probably he was being bribed by other forces in the region, as well. washington could pick up a phone and say do this and he would say yes, sir. mohamed morsi has a political base. he represents the oldest muslim
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religious institution in the country, political institution and he has a base to satisfactory, so he's not going to be taking any orders. i think that was what president obama was signaling is that we've got a new situation in egypt where we don't have a puppet. the united states had a puppet in egypt doesn't have one now. we've got somebody who might not do what we want them to do under certain circumstances and we're going to have to negotiate with them. >> professor cole is the long term answer here, we've got to ride these wavy waters. it's not going to be as easy as the past as telling the dictator who was our ally do this. are you optimistic in the long run, they're democracy will work out and we'll get some sort of secular government? i don't know i hope that's the case but i'm not sure that we will so if that -- or do we just accept hey, you know what, we got a democracy, that's what we asked for and it turns out
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their people are not aligned with our interests sad day for us. >> democracy does not imply secularism. we may get democracy aligned with muslim themes. secularism and democracy are not the same thing. >> thank you for joining us. if people want to find out more, read his blog. it really does fill you with great detail. thank you so much. when we come back, so much more for you guys. romney is figuring out oh how to react to this. he bungled it yesterday. some are rallying to his side, but he's also dealing with hecklers. >> so i would offer a moment of silence, but one gentleman doesn't want to be silent so we're going to keep going. >> bank robbers in l.a. throw money out the car as they're being chased by the cops.
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are they robin hood or the bad guys? >> several hundred people chancing things like we wants money and others pocketing some. >> we need the money because i'm broke. [ laughter ] >> we want
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>> always outspoken, now unleached: joy behar. >>tonight, hanna rosin discusses her new book. it's called "the end of men". oh my god, whos going to kill the big bugs in the bedroom? only on current tv. >> now mitt romney's team bungled how he handled this situation in libya and egypt. he came out even on 9/11 and said the president's actions were disgraceful before he knew the facts. mitt romney got the facts wrong and went as far as saying that
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the president sympathized with the attackers which is just an atorsion thing to say. he simply will not back down from that. here's what he said today. >> the world needs american leadership. i intend to provide the leadership americans respect. >> conservatives attacked him saying he went way too far. some again today peggy noonan saying that he had his richard nixon moment, it did not look good. today, some decided hey, you know what, this is just the right amount of vicious for us. let's rally. so here's a collection of all those guys backing mitt romney now. >> the statement was very clear. it just said the american government ought not to be issuing an apology. >> mitt romney's team was smart in coming out strong and saying we should never apologize when these things go down. >> romney looks like he's the
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only adult in the room. >> i think what mitt romney was doing was recognizing that this is an administration whose foreign policy is collapsing in many parts around the world. >> the mainstream media is really trying to make the story about mitt romney, not what is happening. >> the issue is mitt romney who they fear now has an opening. >> romney is the only guy today looking presidential. >> looking presidential because he had all the facts wrong and viciously attacked the president on things that were not true, but hey if you're a right winger, you go yeah, now we're in business. john kyle decided that he's going to 1-up them saying: >> now pause and think about that for a second. now, both senator kyle and mitt romney attacked our own embassy for putting out a statement which they put out before they got attacked saying by the way
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we think that religious bigotry is a bad thing. does senator kyle think religious bigotry is a great thing? they are attacking our embass. mitt romney is saying you put out the wrong note. wouldn't that be somebody telling the woman who got raped hey, you know what? it's your fault because of the note you put out, because of what you said. that's an atrocious analogy to begin with. >> you know what, maybe this is a good opportunity for romney to lie and pretend president obama doesn't know what he's doing bill kristol saying:
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>> all right. well a lot of political ramification here's, no question that romney lost the first day but now that the conservatives have rallied to his side, is it a closer issue? let's bring in our own epic politics man to tell us about the ramifications here. do they rally? can they turn this around? >> turning this around i think is about cauterizing the wound. they cannot turn it around. it will not be a victory for romney. they want to stop the bleeding. maybe they have done that. >> if you're looking at it from a conservative perspective put aside what he said, can they turn around and go our embassies are being attacked all over the world, it must be the president's fault. just like last night. >> that's what they're trying to do and they're going to try to make it seem like he's carter. the president is the president
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and is coming out there. one of the things that is interesting about the way mitt romney has done this, he has not received the national security briefings that the president gets everyday and that candidates themselves are entitled to. the campaign traditionally, i spoke to the obama campaign who in 2008 said as soon as the conventions were over said president obama is getting national security briefings. it is customary. some of the people in the romney campaign have asked for them and are now getting them. >> they got them a little late to be fair. that might have hurt him big time because he got his facts wrong. >> he came out there as if he had his security council briefings, saying that he had the facts. >> that goes to the heart of his foreign policy problem. he relies on idiot neocons. they go yeah, let's be an
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antagonistic, blame president obama, our own embassy. >> i think it goes deeper. i think there's a sense of entitlement that mitt romney has. i think he feels he's entitled to step up there with two flags behind him. enwants to cut entitlements but is the most beliefing he deserves entitlement. >> some say he has a smug reaction when things go wrong. >> romney asked the crowd for a moment of silence for the americans killed in libya. what a tragedy to lose such a wonderful -- wonderful -- wonderful people. >> but he was interrupted by a heckler. >> why do you politicizing libya? >> one gentleman doesn't want to be silent. >> to add to that, people found
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these pictures. let's go to b6. b.6 is romney walking off of his press conference. he seems to be smirking. sometimes pictures lie. they have a juxtaposition of mitt romney and president obama in the same situation. >> not sure it's fair. it's the self satisfaction of someone i came off the stage and i was almost the president there for a moment. that's what people are reading in. it's just a photograph. if mitt romney wants to be smug now, it's the wrong time. polls show him down seven in ohio down five in virginia, down five also in the state of florida. this is bad news for romney. this is nbc wall street journal poll. he has nothing to be smug about. >> he's hurt, dog and maybe that's why he's desperate and doing more and more vicious
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attacks. when we come back, the man who was behind this outrageous movie in the first place we found out his identity. he might end up in jail. none the less, i'm going to defend him. >> the most offensive lines were dubbed into their mouths by other voices after the shoot. >> he was supposed to be displaying a film of how life was 2,000 years ago. >> there's going to be lots of twists and turns in that story. that's next. >> later in the program, rush limbaugh has the craziest conspiracy theory i've heard yet. did al-qaeda want us to get bin laden. >> what if al-qaeda leaders gave up osama bin laden for the express purpose of making obama (vo) current tv presents, a one hour political comedy special.
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lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools and disaster relief efforts. when you use lysol at home, you'll know you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit cc >> welcome back to the young turks. the movie that started all these problems is called innocence of muslims. behind it is supposed to be sam bacile. he is not anything that he said he was. >> just who made the movie remains a mystery. it is credited to a shadowy
10:27 pm
figure named sam bacile. he tells the press he managed the production. >> i think they got him. the associated press tracked him down. when he showed them his driver's license, his name is nicula bacile nicula. he has other aliases. it's him! by the way this guy in 2010 got caught for federal bank fraud charges, $790,000 in restitution. he paid 21 months in prison. he's not allowed to use a computer or the internet for the next five years according to his probation. he definitely used the internet, so authorities might want to look at that. he might actually be going back to prison.
10:28 pm
that's fascinating. we'll see if they do anything about that. more from a local fox story about his home. >> the media hoping out here hoping that he will come out here and speak to them and give his version of this story growing evidence that he is that same person. if you take a look at that you tube video it appears that some portions of that movie were filmed or shot inside this home. >> fail. speaking of fail, steve cline said he would help promote the movie. he is an extremist right wing christian here in the united states. >> if i talked to you about this movie would you go out and kill anybody? >> no. >> would the vast major city of muslims do it? >> no. would the genomes would they go out and do it? yeah. >> do i have blood on my hands? >> no. >> what you didn't see there was
10:29 pm
throughout the rest of the interview, he was drinking a beer. classy. second of all you don't have blood on your hands. you said yesterday: >> well, did you know it was going to happen or did you not know it was going to happen? so that's very interesting, as well. meanwhile, here's who didn't know what was going to happen. it's the actors, because apparently they weren't told what was happening at all. here's another report from at-bats. >> raise him as one of your slaves if you must. >> what shall i call him? to what name should i attribute him? >> his name is muhammed. >> they dubbed it in. they didn't tell the actors you're part of a scam movie where we're going to insult muhammed. the actors are concerned, did this endanger us? why did you lie to us. everybody got. >>ed here. the movie is hideous.
10:30 pm
you can't even call it a movie. if you can it's the worst one ever made. that binges, all these attacks over our embassies are still a million% unjustifiable. i got news for the muslim world. i know some fundamentalist muslims don't like it, but we have freedom of speech here. sad day for you. we get to say whatever we want about your religion. if you don't like it, too bad! it's just that simple. oh, your feelings are hurt. i don't really care. maybe that makes me super harsh. i wouldn't have done it the way this movie did it. it was meant to be offensive and cause a reaction. that binges, if you insult christianty, as an american, you've got every right to do that. i'm going to bring in corey sailor. i know that you guys obviously have condemned the attacks. that's obvious right and i know that you're not a big fan
10:31 pm
of that movie. that's obvious because it's a terrible, terrible movie. everybody recognizes that it's meant to be offensive. having said that, one can we also agree that he's got every right to make that movie. >> absolutely. the first amendment says you can and that's what allows us to have a healthy dialogue in this country. >> i know your group projects positive images of muslims in this country. people say when we're attacked, none of the muslims ever speak up. that's not true, you're group speaks up all the time. >> frequently. >> having said that, can you explain to me why muslims get so bent out of shape? i'm a former muslim, my family's muslim. but why do muslims get so bent out of shape when somebody disagrees with their religion? so what. >> i think it's natural for
10:32 pm
somebody to get upset when they hold someone in high esteem. i got upset with the temptation of the christ. the line gets crossed when you act on those emotions in a violent fashion. let's be very frank here. the greater insult to islam is the violence that we see not the movie. the movie is trash but it should be ignored not brought into the lime light. >> we're looking at live pictures of egypt there by the way. there's, you know, you and i again agree on the attacks on the embassies whether it's egypt, yemen morocco tunisis is unacceptable. here's something i never understood. the picture of muhammed, i studied it be grew up in the religion. depiction of muhammed is not allowed. it is not allowed for muslims why aren't the danish or
10:33 pm
americans allowed to do it? >> well, they are allowed to do it. that's the reality. it's the reaction that is a concern. muslims are familiar with a story where muhammed went to preach islam near mecca attacked and beaten and later offered the opportunity to destroy that town and he declined. he inside. that's the kind of response we need to see here. the violence is unacceptable. it has the affect of making islam look like a bad faith in many people's eyes. >> i'm going to go one step further here. i of course, 90% of muslims are peaceful. i don't think the majority of muslims think if you trash muhammed the prophet that's ok, turn the other cheek. i think they think that is a grave offense to must have grave consequences. >> here in the united states, we
10:34 pm
see violence. somebody walks into a movie theater starts shooting people. somebody opens fire on former coworkers in new york. what doesn't happen is nobody goes oh, all americans are going to be addicted to gun violence because of that. that's a ridiculous notion. we have 1.6 billion muslims in the world. the violence we see is coming from an extremely small minority. they need to learn to express themselves in a non-violent fashion and yes we as muslims recognize that that is on our shoulders, but i don't think the entirety of our faith should be swept under that banner just because a few people decide to act that way. >> all right. fair enough. thank you so much for joining us on the young turks. >> thanks for giving me a chance to talk. >> no problem at all. >> when we come back, we've got another character ready to talk. jesse ventura. did you know he is probably more
10:35 pm
liberal than president obama? wait until you find out his policies. the seals that are going after obama, ventura is going after them. >> i say to those seals isn't obama your
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it's like chicken and crunchy stuff got married! i only use french's french fried onions on my crunchy onion chicken because it's america's number one brand. just minutes to make, then bake! >> all right. earlier today, i talked to jesse ventura. he's of course a former wrestler former talk show host, former new york times best seller and navy seal. by wait, former governor of minnesota. he's an independent and he doesn't like the democrats and the republicans. he thinks they are dominating the cycle and not for the benefit of the american people. in fact, his new book i go called demo crips and rebloodicans. he viewed both parties as very harmful to our system. i asked him about that.
10:39 pm
he confirmed it and said the biggest problem is money both those parties are hooked on money. it's not a bad argument. we started talking about libertarian candidate gary johnson. >> if gary johnson asked you to be his v.p., would you have accepted? >> i don't think so. not at this point in time. i don't desire to go out in public service at this time again. he has a good choice with him already. i certainly would consider it. i did make public that i said if ron paul would quit the republican party and run as an independent, i would run with him. >> if gary johnson wins, i know that's a giant if and he wants you to be secretary of defense are you in? >> absolutely. >> ok. >> because i would cut defense. i would follow right what congressman paul said, close our foreign bases bring our men and women home, and i would stop
10:40 pm
building this empire that we have around the world. we're following right down the same path as the roman empire, and we all know what happened to rome. >> let me ask you about the swift boat seals going after president obama. now, you're a former navy seal, these guys saying president obama shouldn't take credit for the bin laden raid. i don't know where you stand on that. what's your thoughts? >> why shouldn't he? he was president when it happened. it happened on -- you telling me george bush wouldn't have taken credit for it or dick cheney? absolutely they would have. no. and as far as this seal writing the book, i have no problem with that. it's after the fact. the mission's over. here's my argument. the navy seals our entire military and everything is paid by my tax dollars. i have every right to know what they're doing with my tax money. >> right so the navy seal is part of the operation of writing
10:41 pm
the book, the seals are a different book going after president obama saying he shouldn't get credit is ridiculous. >> we all know they did it. we know the military did it. excuse me, i say this to those seals. isn't obama your commander-in-chief? >> well, there you go. >> you know, on the same side, you should also hold the penalty to blame. if you're going to give him credit for certain things, then he also has to on the flip side accept the blame for certain things like why hasn't he closed gitmo? why hasn't there been one person from the 9/11 on trial so we can hear some evidence? i believe they won't put them on trial because they have no evidence. >> well, that's an interesting hypothesis and finally something i disagree with you on. i agree they should be brought to justice and to where they did the crime, new york city, and we should bring justice to those guys who did this grotesque
10:42 pm
crime against the american people. >> remember, who is the main guy, khalid sheik muhammed. they water boarded him. i've been water boarded. i got news for you, you would confess too if you were water boarded 178 times. >> 187 times. >> i was light by 17. put it this way you'd confess after about a seven times. >> oh, a dozen are you kidding me? i don't know if i'd last two. i'm going to force you to tell me something nice about two parties. what's your favorite part with the republican party and your favorite part with the democratic party. >> you know what, i don't have an answer for that. >> you got to have one thing. >> i don't know if there's anything nice about them. i had to deal with these two parties when i was governor. again, they've created a system that's based completely on bribery.
10:43 pm
if we bribe people in the private sector, we go to jail, yet we have an entire political system that's based upon bribery. i don't know what i could say nice about either one of the parties. >> how about president obama? i mean, look, i know you've got a lot of bones to pick with him and on a lot of those issues i agree with you the warrantless wiretapping, et cetera, but the supreme court justice have been generally on the right side of issues. couldn't you say that about him? >> yeah, may be so. you do pick judges and judges ultimately are your legacy. when i was governor of minnesota, i named 73 judges to the bench in minnesota. that's truly a legacy. i think president obama truly is a nice guy. you know, that i'll say about him. he seems to be a very nice guy and he's very likable and he's very presidential in many ways with the way he acts and carries himself, so i guess that's the best compliment i could give him. >> now, i really want to you
10:44 pm
watch the whole interview because this guy's a character and you're not going to believe how progressive he is. go to youngtucker. he talks about surviving in mexico without electricity. >> number one should a professor be breastfeeding her baby in the middle of class. >> number two bank robbers throw the money out the window when they're fleeing from police. >> there were a lot of money shots in this pursuit that started at 10:00 a.m. worked it's way to south l.a. it looked like manna from heaven. >> that was robininininininininininininininininininininininin
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>> we got two interesting cases with the supreme court today. a couple of bank robbers rob a bank of america they start getting chased by the cops, do a couple of stops, one to drop or two of them, one to drop another one of them and another to throw money out the window. look at the report. this is fun. >> get away car, four guys held up a bank armed with a knife and gun driving a stolen car. the cops were on their tails. a chase at times topped 100 miles per hour. then bundles and greenbacks tossed from the back seat of that s.u.v. that's cash thrown from the
10:49 pm
moving vehicle. >> local news had a field day with this. this is fun. let's see the reaction of the locals here. >> that was some robinhood man take from the rich and get to the poor. >> we rushed and got money. >> i wish i would have been able to find that money. >> we need the money because i'm broke. >> we want money! >> you saw the money being thrown out and grabbed some of it. >> we just screamed at them hey throw some over here. he said all right just reached out and throw money. it was man. >> what did you do? >> ran and take the money. >> how much did you pick up? >> 20 bucks. >> dude, don't admit that on air. fox news was covering this. when the guy got stopped the crowd started applauding. they go i wonder if they're applauding the cops. they're not applauding the cops. are they more guilty for throwing out the money and
10:50 pm
possibly causing people to get in the streets or maybe get hurt or less guilty because they shared? >> i don't think it changes their guilty, but they did the right thing considering the circumstances. it's not like they were going to be able to keep the money. it's like let's help a brother out. >> they could give it back to bank of america. >> yeah, because they definitely need it. >> guilty or not guilty. >> definitely guilty. they can't say obama was a part of redistributing the wealth. >> that's coming. >> don't give them ideas. >> don't give them ideas. >> of course they're guilty of the bank robbery but throwing the money out good or bad idea? >> good idea, got people out in traffic. in a way, it was terrible for them because they got caught because of all the attention they were getting. it was, you know, they're bank robbers, everybody's out applauding them. they held up a bank. what have we come to?
10:51 pm
literally, i can't believe that's what it is. we're all applauding bank robbers. >> there's something telling about society in this. er l,'meray sg noingunotyguty man for throwing out the money. i'm the bad guy, of course they should return it to the bank, but outside of that, hey they weren't going to get away with the money anyway. >> some people turned it in. >> some turned it in. bless their hearts. now on the second issue we've got a professor named adrien who in who teaches sex gender and culture at american university. she had a sick kid. she decided well, i'm going to take the kid in. the kid's crying. what does she do? she breastfeeds the kid in class. some students flipped out and thought it was unacceptable. >> breastfeeding in class guilty or not guilty? >> what annoys me is that she had a sick baby in class the baby was playing with the electrical outlet. it was distracting.
10:52 pm
he or she had a paper clip in the mouth. it was a huge distraction. the people who are just freaking out about the breastfeeding are ridiculous. it's natural. it's an anthropology class where they're learning about sex and culture, come on. >> anna's a huge dork, if you distract from her studies come on now! >> guilty or not guilty. >> she's not guilty. it's true, bringing a sick baby, worse for the baby than the people. >> the school said it was a terrible idea, because you brought a sick baby into the class, there be possibly making everybody else sick. >> what about the baby, forget about everybody else. >> we know that ok, breastfeeding in public, it's a beautiful thing. it's a child. if you have a problem don't look she should look, this is a public situation you have students and they to have pay
10:53 pm
attention to you. >> you're saying they're forced to look at the breastfeeding. >> it's just a personal thing. if you're having a sex ed class doesn't mean the teacher should show you how to have sex. let's shoot a porn. >> i'll be honest, i had a sex ed class in college and they did show us porn. >> they didn't demonstrate it in front of you. >> we move on. eliot spitzer does a serious show, unlike this one. he is next. what do you have for us? >> no joking matter, we're starting tonight with a conversation about the middle east. it's hard to know what will come next obviously with the death of foreamerican diplomats this is something we are deeply troubled by. we'll be having a fascinating conversation. barney frank i had a great chat with him yesterday. john lewis, one of the iconic
10:54 pm
voices in our civil rights movement. both of them will be on the show tonight. >> thank you eliot appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. >> when we come back, rush limbaugh's x-raysestlimbauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauau
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
>> always outspoken, now unleached: joy behar. >>tonight, hanna rosin discusses her new book. it's called "the end of men". oh my god, whos going to kill the big bugs in the bedroom? only on current tv. >> cenk: do you think you've heard all of the crazy things rush limbaugh said? you haven't heard anything yet! wait until you get a load of this crap! >> what do the militant islamists want more than anything in the world? israel gone is right. what if amman al-zawahiri and
10:57 pm
other al-qaeda leaders gave up osama bin laden? do you think that militant islamists will be as hopeful of getting rid of israel with a republican president? or with a democrat president? >> cenk: so they purposely gave up bin laden to help president obama? cuckoo cuckoo. this man is a full-blown lunatic. you know what? one republican official after another goes on his show and bows down and says oh, rush, you're so right. by the way what is the actual defense minister of president obama think? watch this. >> they should tell you honestly that this administration and president obama is doing in regard to our security more than anything that i can remember in the past. >> cenk: that is a
10:58 pm
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