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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  October 25, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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welcome to the young turks. here's a possibility. president obama could win the electoral college and lose the popular vote. my god, what would be the republican reaction? do we even want that? maybe! i'm not sure, but i'll give you the facts on it. and the president talks to brian williams. >> 62% of voters said they would expect major changes in the second obama term. would you be prepared to enact truly major changes? >> we'll show you the president's response to that. was it a good one? we'll find out. >> we have put together an ad that the democrats should be running against republicans on the nature of abortions. >> one of these two convicted rapists raped again and gets a woman pregnant, she'll be forced to carry the baby to term. >> we're hitting hard. you don't want to miss that. >> are they hitting too hard in my school? some want to ban high school
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football now. >> we have a moral imperative to at least begin the process of ending this game. >> the surprising proposal popped up at a school board meeting. >> it's in jeopardy. >> they'll probably want to end elbows from the sky next. come on, we have those on the show either way. it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> hello virginia. hello, colorado. good morning kansas. >> my voice sounds a little horse. >> i'll be voting for he and vice president joe biden. >> we are pulling and all nigher. no sleep. >> i am not always in agreement with everything that's written in the republican platform about issues. >> the pot wants to talk about protecting characters on sesame street.
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>> you don't appear to like each other. >> i don't think that any relationship with me and mitt romney is different from previous presidential campaigns. >> what's the thing between trump and you. >> this all dates to when we were growing up together in kenya. [ laughter ] >> that's funny. you know what happened today? the president voted. what's going on? >> no, it's early voting. he wants to encourage those to do likewise. >> this is really convenient. i can't tell you who i voted for. [ laughter ] >> but i very much appreciate every here and it's good to be home back in the neighborhood. >> he's a democratic. you never know. he might have voted for a republican. ok. probably voted for himself. now, he's been all over the campaign trail t.v., on the stub. in many states. we've encapsulated that whole time in one minute, the last 24 hours. >> hello colorado.
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>> we are pulling an all-nigher. no sleep. my plan will actually cut the deficit, unlike governor romney's. >> please welcome the 44th 44th president of the united states, barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] >> rape is rape. it is a crime. this is exactly why you don't want a bunch of politicians mostly male making decisions about women's health care decisions. >> good morning, tampa. we just came from iowa, nevada, colorado, we're going to virginia. you may notice that my voice sounds a little hoarse. you heard governor romney's sales pitch. no no, don't boo vote. >> virginia, i believe in you. i'm asking you to continue believing in me. if you're willing to roll up your sleeves with me, we'll win the commonwealths of virginia
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again, we'll win the election and finish what we started. >> he might win virginia and a lot of the swing states. he's got a really good chance of losing the popular vote. let me show you the combination of polls as they stand. 47.2% to 47.1%. doesn't get any closer than that. unless there is a change within the next 24 hours, 24 hours ago mitt romney was winning by 4.2%. when you look at the averages right now, president obama is projected to get 290.8 and mitt romney 247.2. of course, they don't get fractions, all he needs is 270 he is projected to get 290. could you imagine if barack obama won the electoral college became president of the united states again, and he had not won the popular vote? republican reaction would probably go something like this.
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[ explosion sound ] >> oh, my god! four more years. he didn't win the popular vote. what do you think they'd do? >> they'd lose their minds. but as you said, that's not too bad a thing to see heads explode when it's something affecting them. when something affects a certain group of people when it comes to health care, sending your husband off to war no one cares exactly what is happening until it affects them. what war are they going to? my wife is going to this june that's a really interesting point. there is no way that we're going to change the electoral college in my the republicans lose an election because of the electoral college. we already had the democrats lose an incredibly important one. it's all in the electoral college, it's constitutional. wait if it's reversed.
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the electoral college is a wash. i don't want it, though. i really don't want it, because they're going to go ballistic and it's going to be a nightmare, so let's hope president obama wins both. keeping it real. so now, you know who i also he is keeping it real? the unions. they are running some ads. their worker's voices are now running this ad, calling mitt romney, it's not in the video you're about to see but the title of the ad is economic traitor. wow. watch. >> mitt romney is bain capital created it, made a fortune from it remains invested in it. right now bain is shipping jobs to china and forcing workers to train their chinese replacements. >> the week before they came, they took the american flag down and the week they left, put it back up like we're supposed to be ashamed to be americans. >> taking down the american
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flag, mitt romney wants to hide from the truth. >> that's a hard-hitting ad. imagine if president obama or any company associated with him had taken down the american flag to respect the chinese ooh inside america. ooh, that's all you'd ever heard about. funny, i haven't heard about that on fox news channel. i'm sure they'll get to it any second now. >> brian williams asked the president a very interesting question that had an interesting answer. this goes to one of the problems the president has and why he's nearly tied on the popular vote at this point. >> 4% have voters said they would like a first term like the second, 62% of voters would expect major changes in a second obama term. would you be prepared to enact truly major changes. >> the plan that i put forward with education with making college and job training accessible to people to ensure
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that our manufacturing base is right back here in the united states as opposed to overseas, building on the work we've done, not only increasing oil and gas production but also clean energy putting americans back to work including our veterans rebuilding roads and bridges all those things are designed to make sure that we have even more robust growth in the future. >> look, our job here is to keep it real, and that was not a good answer. ok? so major changes. like we'll fix some roads and bridges and invest a little more in education. invest a little bit more in education. that's what every single presidential candidate has said in my lifetime. that is not a major change. that's the problem with the president. there's an underlying bigger problem, which is what is his real plan? the thing that gets him excited is the grand bargain cuts social security, medicaid, et cetera. they would also cut corporate taxes. it's a terrible plan, a
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republican plan. that's why he can't tell you. i think he's much better man romney i hope you vote for him but his major plan for the second term is not a progressi one. how do we know? in a hundred different ways. he said it again, he said he thought he was off the record, later they put it on the record. here's what he said: >> in other words, we are going to reduce the deficit by cutting all that spending that the republicans want and theoretically getting some tax increases, but i'm telling you right now that is not the plan. the simpson-bowles plan that he backs does not increase taxes. i in a lot of ways it cuts taxes. it's a disaster. if he's proud of it, why isn't he campaigning on it. he's hiding and knows it's not a
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winning strategy. why not actually be a progressi. let's bring in michael shure. he has a lot for us. just real quick on the grand bargain. you're not as sure as i am that he's going to do it. look at that, how many times does he of his to say it for to believe that he is going to do it. >> a bargain that is struck before a new congress comes in is often rely gated to moot status. they're going to have different agendas. the president will have already been elected presuming that we're talking about this. i don't think it's as sure a thing as you are. >> they're going to do it. the republicans have waved the white flag on it, and that's what he's referring to. >> the people oh supporting the president of being defensive as you are sometimes. we don't want anything that romney does, we're going to suffer some of of the things we
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don't want that obama does. >> the more you talk, the angrier i get about how conservative obama is. he's a right winger. >> he's not a right winger. >> he's a right winger! >> he's not a right winger. there's nothing that he has done that you can walk away from -- >> i just gave the tax cuts to the rich again! how did that happen? drone strikes on innocent people how did that happen. i wanted to stay in iraq and afghanistan longer. >> he's arguing with the congress like you. >> please, are you kidding me? i'm 100 times more progressive than obama. >> the ground game is really important. i'm going to skip ahead. romney was supposed to be a genius and now how to handle women. this helps their ground game immensely in those swing states. they've got to find the one advantage on staffers, 3,000
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versus 601. >> they've been organizing, they've remained organized. one of the great anecdotes during the primaries where those republicans camped there for almost two years obama still had more offices. they've kept the money going and staffing going and managed their money better. that's what it speaks to. also the pac presidents, you can go on air with a lot more pac money. >> thank you michael. and by the way let me just guarantee you guys something. you come after the election you watch, they're going to do the grand bargain. social security, maybe that's more of an open question. bet your bottom color on it, that this president after he gets elected will cut medicare and will cut mid cade. absolutely. and cut corporate taxes.
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where do i know that? because he's already promised it. we'll see how that turns out. when we come back, let's turn around and show you this hole that we're stuck in, because the republicans of a million times worse. on the issue of abortion, are you kidding me? wait until you see what we got on that. >> romney-ryan making father's day a nightmare for millions of american women. >> wait until you see that ad. we're coming for them. also in massachusetts where you're supposed to have a great record romney? nonsense, we're going to show you what a terrible governor he was. >> he knew that he wasn't going to make a lifetime or a career out of being governor. (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed. joy behar. >> on my next show, actress, activist, and flyest of the fly girls, rosie perez, generates so much heat, al gore will have to look into it.
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(vo) john fugelsang sees what happens. i like mitt romney but i'm sorry. they guy has flipped more than a crack house mattress. (vo) so we gave him a weekly show. >> thank you. >> life is a gift from god and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> how many times have we told you about the republican position on rape? but if it wasn't clear enough to you, and if what mourdoch said in indiana wasn't clear enough, we're going to show you all the different republican quotes on rape. i can't believe that any woman or man after seeing this would want to vote for any republican. this is their party. let's go to rick santorum first. he apparently agrees with richard mourdoch, saying:
10:17 pm
>> that's the gift from god rape. what other kinds of rape do republicans believe in? they also believe in the legitimate rape, of course. you remember todd akin: >> what other kinds of rape do republicans believe in? they believe in honest rape. ron paul: >> i have no idea what that would do, but i do know that there is no such thing as honest or dishonest rape. what other kind of rape do republicans believe in? emergency rape. here's linda mcmahon in connecticut: >> are there non-emergency rapes? this whole party is in sane. what other kind of rapes do they believe in? easy rapes. well, you remember this guy
10:18 pm
roger rivard, republican state representative? >> what other kinds of rape? how about forcible rape, this is legislation that was co sponsored: >> in other words there's forcible rape and what, there's non-forcible rape? and that we should have different rules for that. and if you remember, one of the guys who started all this was the republicans back from 1990 had one other kind of rape, and that was enjoyable rape. this was clayton williams, a republican gubernatorial candidate. if it's inevidentable just relax and enjoy it. that's what he said.
10:19 pm
and yet people continue to vote for these animals. if i was running the republican party, i think i'd run it in a totally different way. one thing i would tell people is you don't get it! they're going to outlaw all oh borings. mid rom doesn't get to decide what kind of abortion. he nominates a supreme court justice, all they need is one 5-4 get rid of roe v. wade, it becomes illegal. if that's the case, why not tell the american people? i would run an ad like this. >> republicans on reproductive rights. >> life is a gift from god even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape. >> i'm supporting richard mourdoch for senate. >> they want all abortions to be illegal. if one of these convicted rapists rapes again and gets a woman pregnant, she'll be forced to carry the baby to term and in 31 states, she'll be allowed the
10:20 pm
same custody and visitation rights as the mother. romney-ryan. making father's day a nightmare for millions of american women. >> now we put that ad together. does that look harsh? you bet you because it's reality. 31 states. that woman after she's been raped and forced to keep the rapist's child would have to have to rapist come by once a week to see his kid. are you kidding me? who in their right mind would vote for these neanderthals, these animals? now, if you think well, come on, it's -- they're not -- if you outlaw abortion, they're not going to injury the lives of women, are they? get a load of what happened in the dominican republic. >> the teenage girl died from complications of leukemia according to the authorities in the hospital where she was being treated. doctors were hesitant to give
10:21 pm
her chemotherapy because such treatment could terminate the pregnancy, a violation of the law which violation abortion. twenty days passed before she began receiving the therapy that could have saved her life. her condition worsened thursday evening. she suffered a miscarriage friday morning followed by cardiac arrest. her body rejected a blood transfusion and she died a few hours later. >> that's what happens when you ignore science ignore the life of the mother. next thing you know, both her and the fetus are dead anyway. that's reality! it happens when you ban abortion. ironically, these are the guys talking about death panels. remember all this nonsense? >> there's a faceless bureaucratic panel. >> death panels. >> death panels. >> death panels. >> death panels. >> death panels. >> death panels. so-called death panels. >> death panels. >> death panels. >> death panels. >> death panels. >> hurry up and die.
10:22 pm
>> the death panels. that's not the word i'd use to describe it. >> except the rest of you all have used that word and you fear mongered on that. there were no death panels inside obamacare. but you know what, if mitt romney gets his way let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say you are going to tell the supreme court make an exception for rape and incest. who's going to determine if you get that exception? i guess you would need a rape panel and a woman would have to go in front of a panel or judge or bureaucrat, unelected bureaucrat and tell them her story and say you know what, maybe here's my court order but wait a minute, how can you get a conviction before you can get the abortion? do you have to wait for the conviction? if you don't have to wait for the conviction if the guy gets acquitted later will they then put you in jail for getting that abortion? and you say come on, there are not going to do rape panels. they're not going to judge j if you gotapap o ootot
10:23 pm
are u e ddu gin me? m they'rthal'radal doingyoi it. they're trying to fix it and put it into the law anyway. led me show you a house bill in pennsylvania and what it says. watch this and tell me if they're judging women or forcing them to prove it or not: >> in other words, you got to fill out the forms. you claim you got raped. you claim you suffered incest.
10:24 pm
who was the person? where's all the bureaucratic things you need to do. we're going to judge you to figure out whether you got raped or not. come in front of our rape panel see if you can get an exception. these are the guys who say they are for small good afternoon? this is gigantic government. you would have to be mental as a woman in this country to vote for that and have them strip you of your rights and put you in front of panels like these. i can't believe you would vote for sick guys like this who want to take your rights away. luckily, most of you are not going to make that mistake and that's why they're going to lose that election. all right, now when we come back romney claims he has got to great record of governor when he was massachusetts. we're going to show you the real numbers. it was a disaster. >> when he left the state at the
10:25 pm
end of just one term, he couldn't possibly be reelected. the state's infrastructure was a wreck. >> we'll show you the in connection. i haven't even delivered the elbow of the day yet. who's it current tv encourages you to vote on november 6th but just as importantly to take the time to learn about each candidate's stance on the issues that matter to you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an informed electorate.
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>> one of the things mitt romney constant libration about is his record as governor of
10:28 pm
massachusetts. in fact, he's got an ad. >> most americans believe we're heading in the wrong direction higher deficits, chronic unemployment, a president who admits he can't work with congress. >> you can't change washington from the inside. >> all mitt romney needed was four years he turned massachusetts around cut the unemployment, turn the deficit into a rainy day fund all with a 85% democratic legislature. >> i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. >> that's fascinating. look at all the you wonderful things i did in four years is his contention. we'll get to that in a minute. the current governor of massachusetts, deval patrick. here's what he said:
10:29 pm
>> now, is that true? do the voters of massachusetts say no how long that mitt romney? right now absolutely right. new poll out 56-36 not even close. twenty points. massachusetts also is the state that elected mitt romney as their governor. apparently not happy with what they got. so now another former governor of massachusetts michael dukakis had more criticism. >> when he left the state at the end of just one term, he couldn't possibly have been reelected. the states infrastructure was a wreck. that's the only way you can describe it, rusting bridges pothole roads couldn't get anything done, and everybody knows that if you can't build and maintain a first rate transportation infrastructure, you can't create jobs, so the romney record in massachusetts was frankly pathetic. >> who's right? well, let's show you the numbers and find out.
10:30 pm
where did moss moss rank? you know this is my favorite number, 47 out of the 50 in job creation during romney's term. that is disastrous. third from the bottom! how do you brag about that? >> well, when you dive into the numbers, it gets worse for mitt romney. do you know how many jobbed were added at a time when the nation was adding many jobs? just 31,000 jobs in massachusetts in four years. that's less than 1%, and to compare it to the national average, the national average at that time was 5%. he had it atlas than 1%. that's a terrible record. in fact, it was such a mess that people were leaving the state literally, 233,000 people left the state while mitt rom was in charge. you know how people say i'm moving to canada, i'm getting the hell out of here. 3.5% of the population left during romney's reign. these were economic good times. remember that, ok? now he brags about i balanced
10:31 pm
the budget. he did cut 15% of spending in aid to cities and towns. he did cut 4% of the budget for local schools. congratulations, you cut local education. winner! but here's what he doesn't tell you, so all those local cities and towns had to make up the money somehow. what do they do? they raise property taxes. on average they went up 24% under romney's just his four year reign. why? they had to get the money from somewhere. that's $700 a year out of the packet of all the people in massachusetts that owned a home. he doesn't tell you about that, does he? >> how about that famed bipartisanship he brags about? do you know how many times he issued vetoes? 844 vetoes. jesus! what happened to bipartisan ship? >> when you ask the president of
10:32 pm
the senate at the time, well, here's what he says about that. >> he truly didn't have an understanding of how valuable the political personal component of the business would be as he went forward with implementing the political rhetoric into political policy. >> and then even senior advisor to mitt romney himself said this. >> the governor came in as an outsider. four years later he left as an outsider. he knew that he wasn't going to make a lifetime or a career out of being governor. >> oh, what happened to bipartisan ship, yeah, that's what i think of democrats, 844 vetoes. local long time reporter for number andy hiller said this: >> you could argue that he
10:33 pm
didn't run the state government, because he couldn't run the state government, because he didn't have the votes of support, and therefore that he was a republican island in a democratic sea. >> well, when you find out the facts, doesn't fit so well for mitt romney, which is not unusual. that's how it usually goes for every single issue when you look under that rock of mitt romney said claims. we're going to bring you ben adler, thank you for joining us. can you tell me about mitt romney's regular flip-flopping did that also start in massachusetts? >> yeah, bevel mitt romney ran for governor as moderate and did some things, work on the greenhouse gas initiative and smart growth policies. he was pro choice, pro gay
10:34 pm
rights initially. then when he started -- when he realized that he wasn't going to get reelected as governor of massachusetts and instead was going to run for president in 2008 as a republican, he began to appeal to the right wing in the national republican party. he spent all his time traveling out of state. he spent more time out of state than in the state his last year in office, making fun of liberal massachusetts, which probably didn't help in terms of attracting outside investment. might be part of the reason his job numbers are so bad and he flip-flopped on some issues. he flip-flopped on abortion right, vetoed a stem cell research bill and remade himself as a conservative. he pulled out of the regional gas house initiative and let the smart growth projects wither on the vine. >> this guy oozes political opportunityism. every single thing he does, he
10:35 pm
critics say he couldn't get reelected. what's the truth? >> well, certainly by the time he left office, he wouldn't have been able to get reelected. he left office with a 34% approval rating and you can't win reelection with those numbers. you know, and to say he didn't want to be a life long politician is ridiculous, because he's been running for president ever since he left office. he also as you pointed out had really bad job growth numbers. he lower unemployment, which is true because so many people left the state so there's a lower denominator there. unemployment went down in the whole country.
10:36 pm
in fairness to him you can't totally answer the counter factual if in 2005 he had decided to stay a moderate and run for reelection in massachusetts, could he have won, because he presumably would have been more popular than he was by the time he left office, because it had taken a toll on that his popularity. >> i think that says it all. if he had flip-flopped for the third time, we don't know what would have really happened and we know that he has no principles so god knows how many times he could have flip-flopped if he ran for reelection. this guy is a fraud in every way. thank you for your input. we appreciate the information that you brought and appreciate your fun twitter handle, badler. that's cool. >> when we get into the senate races, who is winning who is losing. can the democrats build on that their advantage in the senate?
10:37 pm
what's happening in wisconsin? we'll tell you that. >> he had the opportunity to vote to honor the victims of 9/11 and she voted against it. >> you voted against victims for 9/11. how do you explain that? >> god man the republicans are did he say spial. that ad is grotesque. and then in nebraska: >> scissors, and a (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed. joy behar. >> on my next show, actress, activist, and flyest of the fly girls, rosie perez, generates so much heat, al gore will have to look into it.
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>> on the u. block, you asked us
10:41 pm
to keep track of the senate races and we're bringing in mike sell sure again. michael, this week or today we have wisconsin what's the state of the race? >> wisconsin former governor tommie thomson is running against the incumbent. recently between the walker election and walker recall, with feingold losing there it's a tight race. thomson keeps putting his foot in his mouth. here he is talking about medicaid earlier. >> who better than me who have already set up one of the programs, doing away with medicaid and medicare. >> man see, i can't believe a guy saying who better to me than to end.
10:42 pm
>> can you imagine an american politician out on the stump in 2008 saying i want to end medicare and medicaid. he was up by a handful of points. his son is helping matters earth. his son this is his son i think it's jason is his name, jason thompson talking about barack obama. >> we have the opportunity to send president obama back to chicago. [ applause ] >> if you heard that, he said or kenya. >> or kenya. >> they run deceptive ads and have a tremendous amount of money to run them. for example, here's the one they ran against baldwin. >> tammy baldwin had the opportunity to vote to honor the victims of 9/11, and she voted against it. >> it's a slap in the face to every one of their families and anyone who has ever served in the united states military,
10:43 pm
tammy baldwin's exsupreme approach is an insult to the company. >> the ad is ugly. tammy baldwin voted nine out of 10 times to support first responders. as a matter of fact, first responders have come out and said this is ridiculous, we supported tammy baldwin. one was attached to bush agenda as well, at the time. those ads are pretty ugly. >> they don't care about the facts. they load up a bill about isn't bush great about everything. you see that, she's against 9/11. forget about how we told you we want to end medicare and medicaid. vote on this issue instead. >> i think she's going to win in wisconsin. that's one that they're going to hold. moving on to the state of nebraska, bob kerry going back from new york to nebraska to run against deb fisher who won a tight primary there a tea party candidate. she had quite a big lead, up to,
10:44 pm
today within two points. that is huge ground he has made up there with the help of old hollywood friends like steve martin. >> cut it in like this, take out the one and put this on there like this. now you're almost done, use your last little paper clip. >> that's fun. it's old steve martin doing a little distract be humor. >> if democrats win in nebraska, then it's a political blood bath. >> and a democratic, you're right and if a democratic wins in nebraska, it will be a real democratic not the one they're replacing. >> should we end high school football? some actually want to do that and they've got some facts behind them. >> the beloved high school team
10:45 pm
the green waves have to go. >> let me make this clear this is a dangerous game for children to be playing. >> the u. block is brought to you by
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(vo) john fugelsang sees what happens. i like mitt romney but i'm sorry. they guy has flipped more than a crack house mattress. (vo) so we gave him a weekly show. >> thank you. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> all right we've got a fascinating supreme court decision today. should high school football be banned? or actually, suggesting we've got a good morning america trotter give you the details. >> high school football, an
10:49 pm
american institution as right field time and again by hollywood. when this mild mannered school board member at a sparsely attended meeting in new hampshire advanced a radical idea. >> we have a moral imperative to at least begin the process of ending this game. >> it sparked an instant uproar. >> today we have the usually garrett jackson and michael shure and rick, let me me start with you. is it crazy? >> i think it's totally crazy. in many cases in many communities, it rallies that community. in those communities, it keeps a lot of those kids off the streets. now, i think one of the biggest problems are the coaches because in one segment i saw an espn, they were teaching kids to lead with their head. >> that's terrible. >> the technique is part of it and the coaches are a big part,
10:50 pm
as well. >> there's more on this. here's a doctor explaining his case. >> this is a dangerous game for children to be playing a game that uses the head as a battering ram is not a smart game to allow a youngster to play. >> all right. let me skip ahead to rush limbaugh. >> butler has his critics including the school board chairman local paper and rush limbaugh describes critics of football. >> panty waists who want to try to take the risk out of everything in life. >> so, j.r., are you going to be a panty waist or are you going to agree with rush limbaugh. >> this is the way it works. everyone has seen that commercial where the nfl teaches them the correct way to tackle. the culture exchange with the way it happens, of course injuries are still going to
10:51 pm
happen. if you see your kid's leg go backward, you might freak out anyway. there's always those risks. maybe if you change the resulture of it and not worry about stupid things rush limbaugh has to say. >> i'm curious what michael shure is going to say about inc. let's go to e.11 here. >>espn sports science says big blows can be the equivalent of taking a sledgehammer to the head. it's not just pro football. new studies show kids playing high school and pee wee league football are also exposing themselves to the dangers of head trauma. >> what do you say michael? >> play football, absolutely play football. >> would you let your kids? >> it's a safer sport. he plays flag football, so definitely let your kid play flag football. first of all they're making it safer. there are laws in states that say as soon as there's any sign of any kind of head trauma, mild
10:52 pm
concussion or not that kid comes out of the game until the doctor says he can come back in the next game or the next week. they're going to military type helmets. >> i hear you guys. surprisingly, i'm going to put the brakes on a little bit. i played football from eighth grade to the end of high school right? and look at me! exhibit a. you going to allow this to happen? >> can i change my vote. [ laughter ] >> there was a pop warner league on the other day and five kids got concussions in one game. i wouldn't let my son play pee wee football, i'm not sure about high school. >> i understand what you're saying but also in that same game should have been the mercy rule when it was 28-0. the officials and coaches kept letting them play for no reason at all so one of those concussions should have never happened. the problem, again, is the coaches. i think the coaches -- >> to be fair, three out of the five concussions happened in the
10:53 pm
first quarter right? and so, you know, and kids have large heads seriously like in proportion to their body. >> their brains haven't fully developed. >> there is no way i'd let my kids play football. >> you can't tell everyone else what to do. education is the best way to do things. what happens in football? you can make decisions my son isn't playing football. my son isn't playing football, but i'm not going to tell john's kid down the street, hey your kid can't play football. >> have you learned nothing from the republicans? whatever your personal opinion is should be law for everybody. i hear you on that. of course i wouldn't want to ban football altogether, but as a personal choice for me, no pee wee football and high school. >> you'll say no to your kid. >> no pop warner or pee wee. when we get to, jr. high or high school, we need to have a conversation, after the brain is fully formed, then we can have a conversation about whether he should play football. thank you so much.
10:54 pm
when we come back, we still have the elbow of the day. who's it going to be on? who's it going to be fun. actuallylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylyly (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed. joy behar. >> on my next show, actress, activist, and flyest of the fly girls, rosie perez, generates so much heat, al gore will have to look into it.
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>> cenk: president obama was talking to douglas brinkley when executive editor eric bates said he had asked his 6-year-old daughter hey, what would you want to say to the president. she said you know, tell him you can do it! so when they asked the president about that, this was his response. he said "you know, kids have good instincts. they look at the other guy and say well, that's a bull -- i can
10:57 pm
tell." so all of a sudden look what he's calling romney. my own personal sound effects. then when asked about paul ryan and his belief in ayn rand, the libertarian radical, he had a great quote for that, too. said ayn rand is one of those things that a lot of us, when we were 17 or 18 and feeling misunderstood, we would's pick up. i love that. put him in the ring. that's what happened. all right. i love that. that's exactly what i said about ayn rand. when you're a kid you're like that sounds interesting. that's all of the time we >> joy: tonight on "say anything" senate hopeful richard murdoch
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