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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  November 9, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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a great night and fantastic weekend. we'll see you here on monday. ♪ >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." down goes petraeus. down goes petraeus! was it because of the affair? >> in is just a stunner. there are officials in the pentagon that are just stunned. >> cenk: all right everybody is stunned. but we'll talk about whether it was about the affair or not and the title of the book of the mistress is awesome. that's coming up in just a little bit. then after the election the president actually broke down a little bit with his staff. >> cenk: what a baby. i'm playing i'm playing. we'll talk about it later.
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and then after, of course, president obama won, what happened? it got racial again. >> you don't see democrats and republicans having these types of events on other campuses. yeah sadly. >> cenk: we already have republicans talking about it. fun for everybody. and then elbow of the day? republican crying, once again awesome. go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right welcome everybody. have you heard about general david petraeus? of course you have, of course
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you have. you might be wondering why did he step down? andrea mitchell broke the story and talked about the official resignation letter. she read it. >> after being married over 37 years i showed poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. this afternoon the president graciously accepted my resignation. >> cenk: so is there a story behind the story? first let's find out who he was having the affair with, whether that's relevant is something we'll discuss in a second. it was his biographer. we know who she is because she was on a daily show. >> a research and ph.d candidate her book is called "all in." paula broadwell.
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[applause] >> cenk: "all in: the education of general david petraeus"? i did not make it up. i'll bring my crew in, michael shure, lovely ana kasparian do you do you know that he was an award winner for writing an producing and jayar jackson. i've got more stuff to show you guys. let's find out a little bit about paula broadwell and what is in the book. >> is he running for president at some level at some time? he's long-term strategic thinker. >> no, he's not. my husband wants me to say he is because it will sell more books. sorry, honey i couldn't do it.
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[ laughing ] >> honey, i can't. i just can't do it. so integrity is running in the whole family, i guess. >> cenk: oh, boy. not so much. awkward in a lot of different ways. >> sorry honey. >> cenk: she knew that he was not a long-term strategic thinker, for other reasons possibly. in the middle of this awkward story is the best time to bring an united states congressman in. with us on the show, congressman steve cohen from tennessee. love to have you on the show every time, congressman. let's backpedal a little bit and tell a little bit on the general petraeus story. head of c.i.a. and accomplished germ so it's also a sad story. some are speculating now that, hey, you know, did this have something to do with his--how he handled ben mankiewicz bengahzi.
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do you anything on that. >> general petraeus has done a lot of for our country. i was told that he once had political aspirations and wanted to run for president. i'm surprised they didn't choose him, and i'm pleased they didn't. he might have won. this takes him out of public service. he was a great american. >> cenk: michael, let me turn to you now on that issue. it's interesting center feinstein said that she wished the president had not accept his resignation. but the president did accept his resignation. does that make you think this is more than an fair an affair. >> i don't know anything more of it. i usually think it's just an affair. thinkspeaking of what congressman
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cohen just said, now that he put his glasses on, i don't know if he wants to change his answer now. but he was a general. he was an exceptional american. that's probably why dianne feinstein doesn't want him to resign. he was doing a good job in her estimation at the c.i.a. it is quizcal timing. he probably waited for the election. >> cenk: and he'll be testifying about benghazi in a couple of days. >> which he will not do. >> cenk: ana, i know in the military you're not supposed to have an affair. i get why they did the investigation, but taking everything else out, do you think he should resign over an affair? >> absolutely not. unfortunately, i think when it comes to sexual affairs, it's the only thing that is simple simple
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simplistic enough for everyone to understand. when it comes to a sex scandal everyone knows what's happening an we demonize politicians for it. i don't think it affects the way he does his job. >> can i add to what ana is saying. feinstein may want him to testify on benghazi, and that's why she may be upset that the president accepted it. it could be that. we want to hear from this man about bengahzi. i think that's an interesting topic. >> cenk: go ahead, congressman. >> i think there is a certain puritanicallism in america. where someone has an affair an they immediately have to resign or whatever. but it does make someone questionable somebody could question them an have something on them. when you're head of the c.i.a.
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you have to have a life that you can't be held hostage by someone's threat to reveal an affair. an that does make you vulnerable. that's the rob problem with it. the fair in itself is not the problem. it's the subject of being used and threatened by somebody who might reveal it. >> cenk: i hear you. that's why the fbi investigated it and had to investigate it. i understand that. but just divorcing it from politics or anything else, to have it affect somebody's career career. >> in puritanism, as you suggest. but when you add in other factors and variables it's a shame that once again a great man is brought down by this. >> all of this broke today. who knew this and when? we keep talking about if he had run for president did he know this was on the surface? there was an e-mail
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investigation. maybe he already knew this could ruin a presidential nomination if this comes out. look at john edward. >> cenk: i want people to understand that there are reporters speculating that general petraeus might have given some of the information to the white house that might have been misleading about benghazi. that's why there might be speculation about his testimony at benghazi question about when did we know about the' fair and if they're related. >> there is a story within the story. jayar is right. the managing of this release this information as you say was probably anticipated a few days ago, maybe longer than that. as you suggest, cenk, if it's indeed, the case that he who bears some of the responsibility of benghazi, then wow that is a layered tail. >> cenk: one last thing. look, it's funny what our morality is in this country. the c.i.a. offers
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offers--responsibility is up and down the executive branch, right? but congressman cohen some of those drone strikes are necessary. they're against our enemies. we know who some of them are etc. some of them are signature strikes which to me sounds fundamentally unprogressive. signature strikes, we don't know who we're hitting. that's never been an issue politically, whether general david petraeus is doing it or whoever is doing it. but you have an affair, that's considered so immoral you have to step down. >> well, it does show kind of a puritanical part of our culture and not looking at things in reality. what is more serious? you could be subject to blackmail, and i think that's what it's about. >> cenk: we'll leave it right there. they'll stay with us throughout the show. i love these fun panel shows. when we come back, you want to talk about fun? there are a lot of things going on. the republicans are fighting amongst each other.
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apparently they were shellshocked, and then president obama got emotional as well at the end of all this. [applause] >> cenk: we have got republicans on republican. the elbows are fantastic. see if you can guess who hit who on @tytoncurrent.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." after the election president obama and mitt romney were crying but for different reasons. president obama got emotional when talking to his staff and how hard they had worked. let's watch that. >> obama: even before last night's results, i felt that the work that i had done in running for office had come full circle. because what you guys have done means that the work that i'm doing is important.
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and i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you. [applause] >> cenk: that's obviously staged. what a politician. i'm kidding. i'm kidding okay. then mitt romney was of course crying for over reasons. but what is amazing is that apparently they didn't see it coming. they really thought they were going to win. there's a report out from cbs. let me give you a quote. says, we went into the evening one of the top advisers said, confident that we had a good path of victory. i don't think there was one person who saw this coming. that's amazing! at best it was going to be an incredibly close victory for the romney campaign. how could no one anticipate that they might possibly lose. that's unbelievable! let's bring everybody back in
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here. ana, michael mark thompson, mr. emmy winner, and jayar jackson, congressman steve cohen, by the way won a squeaker only got 75% of the vote. and someone else is here seema mehta political writer for "the l.a. times." you covered the romney campaigns. did they really think that they were going to win. >> they really did. i covered john mccain four years ago. four years ago going into election day the writing was on the wall. this time they really did believe that they--they believed their polling. they believed the crowd sizes they were seeing. they were stunned. >> cenk: let me oh follow up on that. again, it was a close popular vote. it wind up being 2.5% thinking that you're going to win. being confident. no problem with that. not understanding the possibility that you might lose especially when you're down in the polls is insanity. this is another quote from the
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article. running mate paul ryan seemed genuinely shocked. ryan's wife jana also was shaken and cried softly. shocked? do they live in a bubble? do they live in an alternate reality where they are right all the time, and they're not attached to actual reality? >> they had the model of the electorate where independents would come their way. and there was a base election. everything they bought into, they didn't see it on election day. also people were not satisfied with president obama backers. even those who were not thrilled for the last four years they came out for the president. >> you followed the campaign. were you surprised? >> i expected it to be closer in the electorate college, but it was a close race.
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>> cenk: congressman cohen i see politician who is want to win and have overconfidence, but have you seen anything of this magnitude where someone is clearly down in the polls going in and then literally--one adviser said he was shellshocked that he lost. >> that's hard to fathom, but it does show that they live in a bubble. there is that movie "jumpygrumpy old men." this is grumpy old white men." they think if they throw out red meat about gays, guns, and god they can coop people who are not of the 1%, and they have rebeen using that for years and have been successful in getting people, but they weren't successful with it this time. they lost the women. akin and mourdock showed where the republicans were. ryan too. they had no conception--bad
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choice of words i guess--about these issues. but they didn't. and they lost women. they lost african-americans latinos, the young. they lost everything but the country club membership and the white males. and clip eastwood. he's still looking at that chair. >> cenk: well, it turned out that chair didn't have president obama. it had their voters. they didn't show up. guys, it sounds like they were high on their own supply. but obviously i was never in favor of romney, and we dodged a bullet in 18 different ways, but this makes me think that we dodged a bullet in a different way. what if these people who believed in an alternate reality were in charge of the white house. what decision do you make if it you got the wrong facts. >> i know we have the sound on this of mitt romney hadn't written a concession speech yet. i get the confidence, but at
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least maybe have some bullets points. things i want to cover just in case. if you're in the race like representative cohen you don't write one. but let me be prepared for my last harrah. >> i think that he just got this extreme swagger after the first debate. he thought, you know what, i really nailed it in the first debate, an i have, you know, the public supporting me. then you have people like joe scarborough saying that romney is probably going to win. >> they got drunk on their own pub on that. no question. you're right, cenk they're thinking from a legislative standpoint where we're going to get the country back where it should be, and you know. >> something we talked about on the show all election long, from the primaries, the early debates
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to right now. the sense of entitlement that mitt romney had. i think that's what informed this feeling that we're reading about and speaking about. >> i think he and the sorters and his family think he is the right man for the nation, an they don't under how nobody else can see it that way. >> i got the feeling that he didn't want bothered by anybody. >> there was frustration in the campaign like really, these are the people challenging me. >> cenk: and ann richards said he was born on third base and deserved a triple. he's think acting like, why are they playing defense. if you've been handed something your whole lifetime after time
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after time maybe that's the expectation that you have. >> if you teal like that with everything you're doing think about if you have a real situation as president. you don't have a contingency plan. what if this goes wrong, what if i made a plan a b c. my plan is going to work no matter what. with that approach, you're going to fail. >> cenk: that's a great point. congressman, if this guy doesn't have contingency plans. remember what he said in campaign. when i get in charge china is going to do what i tell them to do on trade. iran is going to do what i tell them to do. what happens if this guy comes into office with a hardcore reality that the rest of the world does not work on mitt romney's world. >> it may be why he's not president. the first debate he did do well. but when it go the to foreign affairs he showed his lack of experience and it was just i'll see your arab spring and i'll
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raise you one. it's whatever the president said, but i'll do it better. he really didn't have any positions he doesn't understand about russia, so many spots england. his lack of foreign affairs reality, and the expectation that he would be in charge did hurt him. there are so many things that hurt him. he had gigantic crowds in the end, but it looked like the republican convention. it was just all white people. and he thought with those big crowds, he thought he was going to win. tom brokaw said, i think it's going to be a good day for mitt romney. the american public saw through the lies and saw that mitt romney didn't have a psychic anchor at hunter thompson used to talk about. it was life blazing saddles we're so smart and they're so
4:23 pm
dumb. they're falling for it. and i'm going to be able to pull this etch-a-sketch on them, and he was wrong. the american people were so much smarter than all of those advertisements. what had he done to become the republican nominee? you look at how rick perry handled himself, newt gringrich all of them. he didn't beat any men of stature. it was embarrassing to watch. >> cenk: yes yes, no question it was a weak division. we got to leave it right there. when we come back we have much more for you. first, we have some unrest on campuses, racial unrest, unfortunately, after president president obama wins. >> there were racial slurs thrown out on both sides. >> there is always the under current that pops up occasionally. >> cenk: well, they burned an obama sign. that's a little overt. then later in the program.
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?d [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right, back on "the young turks." after president obama was declared the winner of the election, we have some ugly moments, and one was on the campus of ole miss. >> 400 students took part and two arrests were made. one for public intoxication and the other for failure to comply with police orders. the university police department responded quickly returning students to resident halls following racial slurs. >> cenk: there was racial slurs and a burning of a poster.
4:27 pm
mitt romneymitt romney election day is tomorrow. obama will probably grab after the rest of us get off to work. and then a second one. we get it. the people who support obama don't work at all. because you know who they are. they did it again. they sent another one. obama grab the lead early until republicans get off the work. that became an e-card. once again you know what is really cleverly, thee cards sent around by right-wingers. then tweet number two. it's quitting time at work. romney supporters are about to flood the polls. wrong again, bob. so that didn't work out for you. then finally obama fans can party all night. they don't have to work in the morning, any morning. you know, here's what is ironic. mitt romney doesn't have to work in the morning. because he lost. finally, we've got peter
4:28 pm
morrison who has taken it to a different level. he's treasurer of the hardin county republicans. an amblean amicable divorce. why should vermont and texas live under the same government. let each go her own way. now i remember the last time that we had that conversation this happened. >> how many hundreds of people have died under the administration. >> congress must never declare equal those who god created unequal. >> read the constitution alone. >> we're on the world stage now. the fate of human dignity in our hands. this moment now, now now. >> cenk: so apparently conservatives of the south looked at that and they thought let's do that again. that's the movie "lincoln"
4:29 pm
coming out tonight. congressman cohen steve cohen from tennessee. i say have at it, hoss, but then we would lose you. that would be a shame. >> rick perry talked about some sort of secession. that's loose talk and people don't believe it. it's ironic. the people who fly the american flag and gloat about it the most are people who are the most conservative in the south. i don't think they really want to have secession. what happened at ole miss down the interstate is regrettable and it was only a few young people but there are a few pockets of racism that exist in this country. an unfortunately it's a little bit more in the south than other parts of the nation. we've always been a little slower to catching up to things like decriminalization or medical marijuana. arkansas only failed 52-48. close but no leaders would come out and support it.
4:30 pm
other issues in the south social issues have always been slow to happen. i would like to say this about that situation down at ole miss. if any perspective football player or attractive co-ed saw that and consider going to ole miss. don't. come to the university of memphis. [laughter] >> cenk: that's very clear as usual, congressman cohen. let me just throw it out there. this kind of foolishness keeps coming back over and over again. who thinks that the south has the north beat on economic progress, and boy, they would be much better off without the north it seems like crazy talk. >> a lot of it has-- >> i think the people who said this are crazy. the people who said this, whoever that guy was he's crazy. >> 's totally muts. >> i think it has a lot to do with a lot of social conservatives. those are the issues that they really focused on. a lot of them have been co-oped
4:31 pm
by republicans who convince them that their fiscal policy makes a lot of sense. a lot of these people who want to secede want to do it for social reasons. but they don't realize if they do secede, the fiscal policies that they want to implement would be disaster, and they would be destroyed. >> the tea leaves they're reading, if you're rich hardin. >> peter morris from hardin county. >> reading the tea leaves. you're in a state that is going to be the majority will be hispanic pretty soon. >> cenk: the upside, if we let them secede. >> are those the tea party tea leaves. >> totally different.
4:32 pm
the marijuana pot leaves in arkansas. >> cenk: congressman cohen if we lose tennessee we'll give you a pathway to citizenship up to the north if you need it. >> i appreciate that. >> cenk: no problem. any time. let me ask a serious question. some of the people around this table are ethnic. when they asked the question, public policy pollock which turned out to be the most accurate polling in the election. they asked interracial marriage, are you in favor. a quarter of the people in mississippi and over 20% in alabama said interracial marriage should be illegal which blew me away. i could be cynical at times, but i didn't know it was that bad. it made me think that i don't know i will want to raise my kids in an environment where not everybody, of course, but some significant chunk of the population has that racial issue. >> it's regrettable what happened down the road at ole miss. how many years does something
4:33 pm
regrettable have to be happening at ole miss. >> and it wasn't just a handful of students. 400 students were gathered, saying and doing these horrible things because of a biracial president was re-elected. that's very symbolic, and we should probably focus on race issues in this country. a lot of times we brush it under the rug and precedent that it doesn't exist. dr. laura, she used the "n" world multiple times in a broadcast while talking to one of her black listeners. she said, i can use it as many times i want. why do you argue about racism. we elected a black president. what resulted because of us having elected a black president. let's stop pretending that it doesn't exist. >> cenk: the irony you always talk about race. we're not the one who went down and burned the banner. we were not doing the racial slurs.
4:34 pm
we're the messenger. >> these are people who are being marginalized. when you look at the numbers university wide it reflects the percentages that you're talking about. that will become narrower and narrower. they're getting bred out of the population. >> they are. but it takes time. >> exactly. >> it takes time. this is ole miss just elected an african-american student as their homecoming queen or miss ole miss. that's a step. there are steps being taken and there is progress on the campus. this was just--i think it's unfortunately a large enough number of people to hurt the university's image, but things are getting better everywhere. when i drove over here, i had a conversation, and it takes time, but its happening. the south has been slow to change but has changed in a lot of ways. when i passed the lottery in
4:35 pm
tennessee i had to fight the same people who are against gay marriage who are against overruling love versus virginia but the people in arkansas aren't so out of touch. they weren't that much different from colorado or washington, they just didn't have the leadership. i think the south is doing better in getting to the 21st century, and the younger population certainly is. there are some older people who just have to die off. >> they're going to elect a jewish congressman in tennessee. >> what we need in this country is a discussion about race. we need a national discussion. i tried to promote that when i passed my apology for slavery and jim crow back in 2008. president obama didn't really want to take it on because it was one of those issues that
4:36 pm
he's avoided because he didn't want to bring race for people to say, oh, he's the black president. he is not, and he is a moderate, but hopefully in the second term he will take it on, and bill clinton is the person to lead that discussion in this nation on a discussion on race. we need to have it. it's still a major issue in this country. there is still racism and we need to move forward and that's something that president clinton should be in charge of. >> cenk: appealing to that narrower and narrower group of people who are obsessed with race. the same hardin guy asians and latinos, they're voting based on their own race. but they're not black. it's obviously he is voting to his own race, and he's projecting on to them. there is good news.
4:37 pm
sean hannity has turned around. >> i think on the immigration issue which i think turned out to be very important and probably some issues about women, too some mixed messages were sent. we find the best sweetest crab for red lobster that we can find. [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's crabfest! the only time of year you can savor 5 succulent crab entrees all under 20 dollars. like a half-pound of tender snow crab paired with savory grilled shrimp, just 12.99. or our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. [ forsythe ] if i wouldn't put it on my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: we're here with our whole group, anna, michael, jayar. mark thompson, and seema mehta. let me throw this out for everybody. sean hannity all of a sudden let me tell you guys, too. you're part of this conversation. all of a sudden he had a change of heart about immigration! unbelievable. let's listen. >> we got to get rid of the immigration issue all together. it's simple for me to fix it. i think you control the border first. create a pathway for people who are here. you don't say you gotta go home.
4:41 pm
that is an position that i've evolved on. because you know what, it just it's got to be resolved. >> cenk: well, well, amen of a sudden they believe in evolution evolution. >> no matter who won he was going to say that. >> cenk: right. seema is this a political move you've ever seen? >> i was stunned when i saw that statement. but even if it is a political move the republican party has to deal with the changing demographics. if you look at a state like colorado unless they want to be marginalized, if they want to be opposition party that has not in power they have to deal with this issue. >> cenk: i didn't think they would do it this quick. congressman cohen it sound like a joke, doesn't it? two days after the election all of a sudden--he was saying amnesty is unacceptable, and now it's a brilliant idea. let's go for it.
4:42 pm
>> well, obviously they've seen why they lost and it's the future and the latino support was important and they didn't have it. when you had the president showing his emotions and crying, when i saw that i thought he was channeling john boehner, and maybe the two of them could have a good cry together when we approach the fiscal cliff, and in the the midst of tears they can solve this problem. >> cenk: now that you brought that up, i want to go off topic for one second. if they passed the grand bargain it's going to be us who is crying unfortunately. i'm curious what your opinion is on the grand bargain. >> well, i don't know. i think something is going to happen. i think the republicans don't have president obama to beat any more. number two, president obama doesn't have an election in front of him. number three i think the republicans more than the president know that they were hurt by not working on the other
4:43 pm
side. the gridlock in washington is the fault of the republicans. they need to come forth and not be the instructionists. boehner could be the real leader. all we're asking is revenue cuts. we know we have to have cuts. i think there is going to be something done in this lame duck session, and i think john boehner will step up and we'll move forward to the 21st century. >> cenk: some are worried that the grand bargaining is not progressive. more spending cuts than we have now even though there is sequestration. if this pore ports spending cuts. >> i'm not sure what you mean by the grand bargain.
4:44 pm
>> cenk: president obama proposed $3 in spending cuts for 1 dollar in tax revenue. >> you know, it depends on where the $3 come from. he wants to cut defense to some extent, maybe not as much as i would like to see it cut. it will hurt some of my constituents, but we have to deal with the deficit. that is a reality. if we can get revenue an get it together, i think there will be some pain but the country needs to have it for overall fiscal security. >> cenk: we do have to balance the budget. i wish we wouldn't do it that way. >> not necessarily--not necessarily balanced, but you have to cut the deficit. the deficit is too great. you're not going to balance it necessarily. >> cenk: all right, thank you everybody, i appreciate it. and we got to take a break. it was great talking to all of you. when we come back we're going to talk to someone who the congressman cohen mentioned the war on drugs. you can't believe the devastation, an amazing story.
4:45 pm
we'll tell you about it when we come back. >> you're rushing to get there before the police investigator show up, tape off the area and block your entrance. [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ ♪ guts. glory. ram.
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>> cenk: that's from "witness juarez"." the photographer involved in that join us now. one of the reasons why i'm against the war on drugs is because of what is happening down in mexico.
4:49 pm
the incredible death an destruction that has reaped on mexico is something that most americans are not familiar with. can you telephone us the level of violence we have in mexico? >> yes, well the level of violence is just tremendous over the last several years. it's not just from executions in the street. it's terror tactics. you'll come across headless bodies over bridges people dissolved in acid. it's extreme. >> cenk: you have a perspective that is many americans don't have because you've seen it. does that make all the difference? if people in america saw what you have seen would they have a different view, for example the war on drugs? >> certainly. the level of violence alone is pretty stagger. but also just basically how the
4:50 pm
mexicans keep on with their daily lives is pretty impressive. but until you see the actual bodies in the streets, i think they just remain as statistics. so it is difficult i think to understand without seeing it. >> cenk: now you've been all over the world taking the pictures and letting us witness it through you including afghanistan. when you compare those situations, it was triggered by what you said--my question--which is how do they carry on? in the middle of a war whether it's syria afghanistan whatever it might be, in mexico, how do people just go about their business? >> well, i think people don't have a choice. when conflicts erupt in a places that than been peaceful, there is a period of shock. but people understand, hey, i have to go to my job or i have to get water, firewood whatever it is.
4:51 pm
it is circumstantial. people are forced into living their lives as they need to. >> cenk: when you go back to mexico, and i don't know if you have a sense of time and perspective there, but it certainly appears that it got much worse. did you see that? and why do you think it got so much worse? why do you think people are thrown in vats of acid, etc.? >> you know, over the last four or five years the violence has increased dramatically. i think a lot of that had to do with the militarization of the country. you know basically have federal police and military forces deployed to cities all over the country, and it heated up the area. now you have another group of armed actors contributing to the violence. certainly the police-- >> cenk: if we legalized drugs would that under cut some of the
4:52 pm
violence because gangs would have less to fight over? >> it would under cut some of the violence but not the root problem, which is in my opinion the desire for dominance. people are going to get their money one way or another. if they can't make it from drug profits, they're going oh to make it from kidnapping or ape other form of organized crime. >> cenk: you know, violence breeds violence, and crime breeds crime. it wasn't anywhere near this bad in mexico before they redoubled their effort on the war on drugs. that's my take. but it was incredible it see your pictures of what is happening there on the ground. eros hoagland. thank you. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> cenk: when we come back, speaking of crime this is a little more fun. this is republican on republican who is gettin' it? who is givin' it? we'll show you when we come back. being one of the first veterans program, i had the opportunity
4:53 pm
to talk to a lot of veterans. i know a couple of them personally and they now own a store or two so it's really been a great thing for me and i think that's it's been a great program for little caesars.
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>> cenk: house speaker john bainer was talking about drawing the line with the president. he also tried to draw the line with fellow republicans. see what he said when diane sawyer asked him about paul ryan. >> congressman paul ryan, is he leader of the republicans now? >> i wouldn't think so.
4:57 pm
paul ryan is a policy wonk. he's trying to bring agenda to america and trying to do this in a fiscally responsible way. >> cenk: that was funny. paul ryan? are we talking about paul ryan? the policy wonk? that guy is a nerd. i don't know what you're talking about. put him in the ring and see how it turned out for him. paul ryan, oh, "who's the boss," "who's the boss." who is the speaker of the house paul, do it again. this is going to be fantastic. now, you will have all this drama between cantor, boehner paul ryan. i beseech the president use this as leverage against them. don't help them by agreeing with them. set them against one another. some old school politics. now, you're going to hear a lot about i grand bargaining as we go forward. that's why i'm saying all of this. they're weak now. we can beat them. let's go
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