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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  February 7, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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you're such a big part of the show. whatever you need, you just come by and let me know. >> thanks. >> all right. >> what a monster. ♪ goodbye ♪ gov ♪ with love ♪ with love ♪ with love ♪ [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> oh, that great is so nice. i just want you all to know this has been a fabulous experience for me, a fabulous year. i want to introduce you to the scrappy team that has made it happen. our goal this year was to elect a president. check. and to have fun. check. so this may be called "the war room" with jennifer granholm, but this has been a group effort. i'm honored to be part of this remarkable team. every single one of them. and i thank them. and you this dear viewers for this journey, and mark is
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handing me flowers. "the war room" is going to be in great hands. good night everybody. love you all. love you all. [applause] these are beautiful! >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." we've got a powerful show for you tonight. the host of the war room, michael shure will be on the show later. hearings on brennan he got
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heckled by the protestors. >> you don't know who they are,ive a list of all the names. >> all right we're going to halt the hearing. i'm going to ask that the room be cleared. >> cenk: we have the former chief prosecutor at gitmo to talk about the drone strike. really fascinating guest don't miss that. then, speaking of interesting jesus, have you seen what's happening in l.a.? there's an unbelievable manhunt for a guy who's shooting lapd cops. they're shooting back, unfortunately not hitting him but a couple of bystanders. >> it is an all-out manhunt. >> the city mourns the deaths of monica quan, keith lawrence and our brave riverside police officer. >> cenk: the killer has a
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manifesto with some interesting points in it. it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." let's start with john brennan the top counter terrorism administrator for president obama. president obama want to nominate him to the head of the c.i.a. he was known to have been aware of or part of the torture. president obama insisted on renaming him head of the c.i.a. anyway. he said over the last four years, the american people have gotten used to how right wing i am, so will go along with my pick. the question is will the senate.
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>> we'll ask the police to please remove this woman. if you would remove that individual please, as quickly as you can. thank you. >> kathy and my brother, tom. >> i speak for the mothers -- >> all right, we will stop again. all right. >> pakistan, somalia. if you don't know who they are i have a list of all the names. >> we're going to halt the hearing. i'm going to ask that the room be cleared and that they not be permitted to come back in. >> cenk: way to get them. senator feinstein spent a lot of the hearing defending john brennan, talking about the so-called american citizen al awlkai. he was a u.s. citizen you. might not like the guy but he was a u.s. citizen.
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feinstein said it's no big deal that we killed them and if you knew what we know. yeah, why don't you share. why don't you ask john bran anyone who's in front of you going to be the next head of the c.i.a. if you vote for him, what evidence did you have to kill awlkai and his 16-year-old son in a different strike, who is also a u.s. citizen. there are no coincidences. we killed him and another u.s. citizenual with him in a separate strike, we accidentally happened to kill someone else in his family, a 16-year-old, also a u.s. citizen. those questions didn't get asked. asked who made the decision to execute a 16-year-old u.s. citizen, was it you or someone else? >> weirdly the u.s. senators were polite and did not ask.
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they asked interesting questions including this question. >> i never believe it's better the to kill a terrorist than to detain him. we want to detain as many terrorists as possible to elicit the intelligence from them to stop terrorist attacks. we only use these authorities and capabilities as a last resort. >> cenk: oh, yeah. you wanted to retain him but haven't been able to detain almost any of them. meanwhile, there's been over 370 drone hits where we did not detain them, we blew them to smithareens. the reason they don't detain them is they say they don't know where to detain them, so they blow them up instead. i don't believe him at all.
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angus king did a good job. he was asked about the enhanced interrogation programs that he knew about when he was part of the bush administration. >> i did not take steps to stop the u.s.a. techniques. in served at deputy executive director at the time. in have a responsibility for overseeing the management of the agency and all of its various functions, and i was aware of the program. i was c.c.ed on some of those documents, but i had no oversight that was involved in its creation. >> when he was at the c.i.a. before under the bush bush add administration, he was like this, i don't see the torture. i don't believe john brennan. now we go to the senator from michigan. >> the team torture has implications. it is something that should have
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never taken place in my view and therefore if i were to go to the c.i.a. it would never be brought back. >> do you have a personal opinion as to whether waterboarding is torture. >> i have a opinion that it is reprehensible and something that should not be done. i am not a lawyer and can't address that question. >> cenk: so, of course, he never answered the question on whether he thinks it's legally torture or not. later, john brennan said oh, taking this to court before we execute people that would be outrageous that my legal opinion is this should not go to the judiciary at all. i should be the only one making the decision along with president obama and a couple of other buddies in the executive branch. that by the way if you're not aware of how washington works he is incredibly likely to be confirmed anyway. next, colonel davis is not only a professor at harvard university school of law, but
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was chief prosecutor at gitmo from 2005-2007. great of you to join us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> so, first of all, let me start with the drone program. what do you make of this? do you believe that it is legal to execute u.s. citizens without going to the judiciary indicting them, trying them in any way shape or form? >> that is shocking. if you want to confiscate his house, you have to go to court and have a judge issue an order that you can kill him just on the whim of the president. if the government can decide to kill you without a trial then we're in trouble. >> cenk: yeah, it seems so, right, but you know, colonel there's a recent poll where the american people say if the government calls them suspected terrorists we agree that they should drone strike them.
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what's happening with the american people where we seem to be, you know, killing democracy to oh thunderous applause? >> we used to be the land of the free and home of the brave and since 9/11, we've been the constrained and the courtly where we'll give up our liberty warrantless wiretapping t.s.a. used to if you went to the airport 15 years ago and somebody felt you up, it was called a sexual assault not preboarding. from that to the kill list to indefinite detention liberty's gone by the wayside. ben franklin said anyone that would trade their liberty for their security deserves neither and here we are now. >> cenk: here we are indeed. a lot of colonels that worked under the bush administration are speaking out. look, you were a prosecutor, he was actually part of the political branch, and he's saying obama's even further right wing than bush, which colonel wilkerson objected to.
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i want to show you a clip where he talks about brennan. >> i think we ought to have a really, really hard discussion about what he represents and what he because he represents it will probably take to the director ship of the c.i.a. you can't get through the brennamans, the clappers, the hillary clinton's you can't get through the bob gates and leon panettas and penetrate that bubble and say do you understand what you're doing both to american civil liberties and rest of the world's appreciation with america with these increased drone strikes that seem to have an endless visit at a for future. >> that brings up a bunch of questions. first, do you think president obama is in that bubble that colonel wilkerson is talking about? >> it seems to be. i can tell you, i was extraordinary disappointed. i campaigned for president obama and voted for him again this
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time, because he was the lesser of the two evils it seemed. with president bush, you could look at him and say he doesn't know any better. president obama knows better, but despite his losty rhetoric about restoring america's reputation and upholding the rule of law there's been little effort in that reward. >> john brennan was aware of the c.i.a. program. president obama wanted him to oh be head right away. he loved this had guy from the get go. but every time brennan was asked, oh, my god, you know, the drone program we do it with great agony. it pains me to have executed all those u.s. citizens and others and by the way over 200 civilian kids in those drone strikes that were killed, but i did it anyway. what do we make of brennan? does he take this stuff
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seriously and as nice over it or does he seem cowboyish in the way he keeps wanting to do all these things outside the bounds of the law? >> in this town, it's hard to believe anybody. i remember president obama in 2009 signing the order and staying i'm going to close guantanamo and it's still open. actions speak louder than yours. i was shocked when he was asked if waterboarding was torture and he said i'm not a lawyer, i can't make that kind of decision, yet if confirmed he'll have the power to decide whether someone is killed or not. another fallacy with this program, the cia is not part of that organization, there's no international authority that says a civilian agency can go over seas and kill people. >> cenk: map we have gone down
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this rabbit hole and we're in big trouble and it doesn't appear that anybody's doing a damn thing about it. colonel davis if you'd stick around for one more segment, i want to bring in -- >> sure. >> cenk: great i want to bring in michael hastings to talk about these drone strikes. you can care about america you've got to listen to what colonel davis is saying. he wrote a lot of bad things about america. i don't know if that deserves death, but it's not about him. it's about who we are. i want to keep talking about that with colonel divings and michael hastings when we come back. commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar.
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(vo) later tonight current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." we're talking to colonel davis and michael hastings joins us, as well, a current tributer, correspondent for buzz feed,
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editor for roll stone. we call him the notebook. it's always a long intro with michael. all right, both of you gentlemen, i want to show you the question of john brennan talking about the casualties of the drone strikes. >> examine the executive branch makes a mistake and kills the wrong person for a group of the wrong people, how should the government acknowledge that. >> there are certain circumstances where there are considerations to be taken into account, but far as i'm concerned, if there is this type of action that takes place in the interests of transparency, i believe the united states government should acknowledge it. >> cenk: michael, do you believe him that he has any interest in transparency? >> look, i mean, his most famous brennan said most famous quote up until this point where
4:19 pm
he said there is not a single in to answer of a civilian casualty for collateral damage in a drone strike that the u.s. has launched in pakistan. that's false. the numbers that we have have been produced by very credible humanists and human rights activists. we know in the past they have not acknowledged any of their mistakes. this new york times story that revealed the secret drone base in saudi arabia opens with a story of a seemingly peaceful cleric in yemen who goes and meets an al-qaeda guy to talk out their dispute and while they meet they blow them all up. that's not what you want to be doing, killing religious figures who want to oh talk about over disputes rather than going to violence. i think if there was a mechanism in place where they said look, if the people in pakistan or somalia or yemen feel they have been wronged that we should go do that, but that's nowhere in the laws or policies that i've
4:20 pm
seen or any of the discussions i've heard. >> cenk: i want to read you the quote that michael is referring to. he said "there hasn't been a single collateral death because of the exceptional proficiency precision of the capabilities that we've been ail to develop." he now at the time that wasn't anywhere near true, there had been hundreds of civilian deaths including children under the age of 18. are we surprised that the guy as the head of the c.i.a. is going to be a proficient and professional liar? >> the part that seemed ingenious to me, if you look back the at the torture cases like the canadian citizen we sent to yemen for 18 months to
4:21 pm
torture there. the government has asserted state secrets and qualified immunity to have the cases dismissed. i can't imagine we're going to apologize for people that we kill. >> glenn green old said look, these senators keep talking about don't worry if we're bombing them, they're suspected terrorists, so we're not going to make mistakes, but didn't we release over 600 people from guantanamo who we said were the most dangerous terrorists no the world, so isn't it quite possible that we make mistakes quite often? >> yeah, we were told the 779 men at guantanamo were all the worst of the worst and 80% have been released. there's a group of about 30 the government wants to prosecute but that's less than 5% of the total. take our world for it and believe us, we've got a pretty
4:22 pm
good track record showing that's a fool's errand. >> michael, hold on one second. you were the gitmo prosecutor, colonel, so you i presume saw some of the evidence. i assume some of the evidence we had an detainees is incredibly solid. one, is that true and number two, when you saw evidence on some of the others, were that up surprised at how little we had? >> yeah, i mean, i think it's important to keep in mind that there really are some of the worst of the worst at guantanamo but it's a small percentage, not all 779. remember we were told they're the kind of men that would use hydraulic lines to kill americans. the vast majority we've already cleared for release and sent back home. that this notion, about you buy the notion that we're always right, then this whole premise of engaging in torture would be
4:23 pm
more palatable but we're not always right. >> two problems, one we release 80% of the problem like guantanamo, but we can't release you if we've already killed you. if you're a u.s. citizen aren't we supposed to hold a trial to figure out whether you're guilty or not. >> we know we made at least one mistake. the son was a 16-year-old born in denver, over in yemen to see his father, was around, i guess the government claims he was around the wrong group of people and they killed him. now did the white house know that the 16-year-old was there? did they not care? when they were asked a comment about it publicly, the former white house spokesperson said he should have had a better father. this is his response to the
4:24 pm
death of the 16-year-old american citizen. so, we know we have made mistakes. this argument is it going to be this precise targeting even the name target killing gives it a legitimacy that it probably doesn't justify. >> cenk: i refuse to call it that. some in the audience might think they had it coming. i trust the government, if they need to execute someone, i will them. don't delude yourself. >> how do you feel about high government officials saying we should punish the sons for the sins of the father? >> well, it's just not very american, is it? we like to say that we're the
4:25 pm
shining city on the hill and others ought to follow. when ambassador steven's body came back and president obama came out to andrews he talked about how we're a light unto the world. the last decade, we've been a warning light, not a guiding light. i think we need to stop and think about what is it we stand for. if it's not our values and principles, i'm not sure why i spent 25 years in the military. >> cenk: i chose to become a citizen of this country and i'm incredibly proud of it. i believe it's a shining light and a shining city on a hill. it got that way by championing how many rights and bringing us together through the united nations and saying we don't torture and making sure we follow the laws of war. that's why we love this country. i saw a couple of greek coms tortured a couple of kids. they called it a guantanamo
4:26 pm
style torturing. is that what we stand for now is this colonel, thank you for fighting back against that, michael, i appreciate you joining us, too. i hope to have you both on again. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> cenk: we've got an incredible manhunt in l.a. for a guy who shot not just cops. he's on a vengeance. he used to be an lapd officer. he is shooting cops and also their families. then the cops are shooting back, but not necessarily at him. it's an absolute mess. we'll tell you about it when we come back. >> one killing passage from the internet posting reads i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own i'm terminating yours. >> we are considering him armed and dangerous. a mission for health.
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>> police are on a manhunt this morning for a former l.a. cop bent on revenge. >> christopher domier is wanted for crimes. >> he's a former l.a. police officer and u.s. navy reservist. >> he is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> he has a multi-page manifesto where he implicates himself in the slayings. >> this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. >> his whereabouts are unknown. we are considering him armed and dangerous. >> this christopher domier story is amazing if you watch t.v. at all or turned on the internet today, you've probably seen news about it. he has shot and killed three people not only lapd, but some of their family members.
4:31 pm
we've got more. >> police in southern california are on high alert as the manhunt continues for christopher domier accused of gang down fellow officers and their families in revenge killings. >> officer shot multiple times. >> seen here in his facebook profile, he shot two officers in riverside this morning, killing one minutes earlier in corona, another shooting. a bullet grazed an officer's head as domier sped away. he claims he was fired by lapd in 2008 for reporting abuses. he blames retired captain randy quan. domier was honorably discharged from the navy last week and his former lapd badge was found near the navy base. >> he did some of the shootings in the los angeles area.
4:32 pm
they just found his truck burnt out in big bear, which is, you know another couple of hours away from here, so here we go. anybody knows where he is, they're not sure. cops now starting to shoot and they did this morning, at vehicles that resemble his. they've already hit a couple of innocent women. man, they are on oh edge. now you understand, because he's shooting at cops and their families, but that's not the right way to handle it. domier has all these reasons why in his manifesto. >> it lists the names of a dozen officers threatening to find and attack officers' homes their spouses work places, and their children's schools, one killing passage reads i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours. >> he had such a big heart it's like why take this from all of
4:33 pm
us. >> cenk: we have lewis great the to have you again. first of all domier talks about how the lapd that screwed him over. he said he saw another officer abusing someone they had detained. he reported her and they chose her side and not his side. is that believable? >> it's possible. it's very, very possible. there was a very strong detailed paper trail indicating which way that went. >> quan, the guy he targeted and killed his daughter seems to have been his defender, but i guess he believed that he railroaded him, i guess and so, he thinks that the lapd's entirely corrupt and he's in his own mind, going after them.
4:34 pm
everybody agrees, of course, going after them in this way it's hideous hideous. killing that 27-year-old girl, he'll kill anybody. does he have a point to make about the lapd. >> that's his number one point. quan was his advocate and doing everything he could to help him get his job back. that didn't happen. why he felt he had to go after quan's family, i've never seen this in 30 years. to go after an officer we've seen that in the past, that goes with the territory, but threaten a carry it out and go after the daughter, family members and actually carrying it out is something at a whole different level. >> here's the thing right? it's an incredible he news story. you've got to figure out why he's doing it to try to stop him, et cetera. we read the manifesto. i'm con plighted. the guy says he's against assault weapons, on the other hand, he kills people with
4:35 pm
weapons, right and we don't know if they were assault weaponnors not. on the other hand, he said he can't wait to vote for government christy the governor for president. should we not report on the machine festo? >> the manifesto is a tool, a possible lead. you have to look at it and dissect it very carefully but he could put things in there that aren't true to get law enforcement to look the other way. you have to look at it. >> that makes sense. are we going to get him? my answer is almost obviously yes, you would think, you would imagine, but how kicky. he seems really well trained. he was in the navy, he was a cop, but his face is on every t.v., every computer, you would imagine in the country let alone in this area. how quickly do you think they're
4:36 pm
going to get him? >> i guarantee they're going to get him. it just can't be soon thank you very much. he turned himself into a domestic terrorist overnight. he is probably literally the most dangerous man in the u.s. right now. they will get him. >> cenk: isn't that interesting? we're always worried about the foreign terrorists, oh, my god they're going to come, but we have shootings and mass shootings and a great number of people killed here in the u.s. by domestic terrorist. doesn't that seem to be much more of a real threat? >> in the last few days, it has been absolutely. >> cenk: you've done the whistle blower cases before. is it right to go back and say let's go get this guy first, no question, but go back and look at his case and see if he was a whistle blower or he shot people, i don't give a damn when he says. >> right i think priorities fits one need to get this gentlemen in custody first. >> of course.
4:37 pm
>> after that's settled you have to go back, you have to, because there's a level of protection there? it's a fascinating case. cops early this morning suiting at trucks that looked like his truck, hit a couple of women and shot up several different trucks. that sounds like that's an absolute panic. that's a little out of control isn't it? >> it very well sounds like it, you know, but i saw a very good analogy to individuals driving up on check points in having a and iraq, you're ordered to turn around you're on edge for whatever reason, justified and i've never seen that. i've never seen anything like this, it doesn't make any sense but that helps the investigator, also. >> cenk: we're seeing a lot of
4:38 pm
cases we've never seen before. for the first time, they put out a blue alert. i think what it is this man is going after cops. they want to protect us, and i'm not taking anything away from them but when it's their families whoa, blue alert time, so we've got that issue. thank you so much for joining us again. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> cenk: we've got the legendary new host of the war room, michael shure to talk about karl rove versus the tea party. >> let me start by correcting you. this is not to protect incumbent republicans.
4:39 pm
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>> cenk: we are back on "the young turks." karl rove has been taking on right wing republicans, tea
4:42 pm
party republicans because he thinks their costing them important seats in the senate. the tea party is not happy about that, and charging that rove is trying to protect incumbent establishment republicans. rove went on of all place, fox news channel to protect himself. >> this is not to protect incumbent republicans. it's to get them in raises where it's important to have a winning candidate, it's to try to find the most conservative candidate to win the so-called buckley rule. if some think the best we can do is todd akin and richard mourdoch, they're wrong. we need better conservative candidates to win. >> cenk: this seems to be an epic battle between rove and the tea party. i believe we have to bring in a political correspondent just as epic.
4:43 pm
♪ >> cenk: i guess that will be the last time we play that, epic politics man, also new title the new host of the war room. >> yeah, i'm going to fly up there with my cape. it's very exciting. i hate to see that role for the very last time. >> cenk: yeah, yeah, no, i know, it's very touching. let's talk about karl rove here. terry jeffery editor of c.n.s. news has written an article saying karl rove is not a conservative. i know the battle lines and why they're doing this, but what do you think is rove really putting himself out there here and might he get damaged badly in this? >> karl rove, you think if he would have been damaged badly it would have happened in this
4:44 pm
most recent election. his pack backed eight candidates, seven of whom lost. todd akin was a religious conservative congressman from missouri who rove would have seen happy elected to the senate. he goofed, said those horrible things and blew the campaign apart. it's a little bit of a slippery slope for him because he was fine with what was going on there. karl rove is motivated by money. we all know that. >> cenk: really? >> we always have to remember about karl rove, he was a recount in florida away, a supreme court justice away from being one of the biggest political morons in history. if he had gotten, if george bush had last, we wouldn't be talking about him today. he would be some anonymous name. >> cenk: that's really interesting. he does have the purse strings now, getting a lot of donors to contribute to his super pac.
4:45 pm
>> just before you go to whatever clip you're going to go to, the idea is that he now has access to more money because what he can do is say all right it didn't work there but we need more money, because this is our new initiative. he'll say this is how we're going to rescue the party. >> his argument appears to be i'm a better liar, step a side and let me handle this, because the todd akin problem because rove said it, we don't have candidates with discipline, meaning shut up about your real ideas and positions. we trick people into voting for us. >> if we win william f. buckley basically said listen, we have to support whoever the viable candidate is who's the most conservative but has the best chance of also winning. that's essentially what rove is saying here.
4:46 pm
this in-fighting has gone on in the republican party for a really long time. they've done i forever. >> cenk: another thing interesting about our political landscape, about rove, in his article complaining why he's not conservative enough: >> cenk: hes wrong on all those counts because he was too liberal. when they were running the country, we were losing our minds on how radical they were. now the right wing considers them too soft, too liberal. >> that's what's amazing. that's what's happened since teddy roosevelt ran against president taft. there was another senator in that same race. they've been going at this since 1912. they see one side of the party as always being too liberal.
4:47 pm
that costs them stills and sometimes that's the secret. >> cenk: i often said ronald reagan couldn't win in this day and age. i don't believe he could win in a democratic primary. i'm now beginning to win if gengas khan could win. >> i think republicans are going to look at who the viable people are. if they have control it helps all republicans, and they know that the rising tied lift all boats. >> cenk: correct the money wins every time. >> it does. >> cenk: michael you'll be back in the next segment stay right here. what else is in the next segment? bill o'reilly was a massive epic fail you heard anything nbc
4:48 pm
about the drones. >> you haven't heard anything over there about this, and neither have i.
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
>> we're back on "the young turks"/"war room." michael shure, the host of the "war room" is here. what do you have for us today? >> we have the new outrage over the old details. some conserve actives are mixed on which way to go. bill o'reilly has to draw a line between fox and nbc news. >> nbc news, i thought they were going to meltdown over there. you heard about the drones over there? >> not yet. >> you haven't heard anything over there about this and neither have i. we haven't heard anything, but we heard a lot about waterboarding. >> my.
4:52 pm
is that everybody should focus on it. >> why aren't they? >> i don't know. i have no idea. >> you know why? >> why? >> because they're protecting the president. >> how do you deal with the dishonesty of this liberal media is the question. >> cenk: if there's one thing that doesn't happen on the o'reilly show, it's spin. can you refresh my recollection, who broke the drone story? >> nbc news. in the memo: >> because that's what news organizations do, they say i broke it i broke it. >> cenk: look, i know this is go-to, but the liberal media
4:53 pm
they're just trying to protect obama. actually there's a colonel of truth in that. they're going to leak to someone who's friendly. i think the obama administration was more likely to leak to nbc news. i'm just keeping i did real on that front but this is a massive fail and say they haven't covered it at all. >> it's not like the people we think of as friendly are friendly to the president on this subject. in fact, it may have been one of the cases where he had to leak it to somebody who wasn't nbc. >> he's a great reporter, did a great job getting this story. >> when you try to disparage other networks, you forget the main focus of the story. you get blinders on. because of this, fox news has dropped in the past few years.
4:54 pm
in 2010, they're question was do you trust fox news, 499% said yes, now 41%. >> cenk: couple of things. >> this poll was taken before dick morris was fired though, so it could have changed the outcome. >> bill o'reilly also talks about how his producers check. they're so used to lying on a regular basis, that breaks down. a lot of conservatives got burned by fox news saying don't worry, romney's going to win and they were shell shocked. i know conservatives who say man, i don't know about this fox news, they used to swear by it. >> are you going to roll the apology? >> cenk: not yet.
4:55 pm
he'll probably blame nbc for his mistake. i understand wall street journal has an interesting parody. >> we know the popular or maybe unpopular superbowl commercial, god made a farmer. there was a god made a banker parody made from it. >> so god made a farmer. it had to be someday who would plow deep and straight and not cut corners somebody who would bail a family together with the soft, strong bonds of sharing who would laugh and then sigh and then reply with smiling eyes when his -- >> cenk: that's the god made a farmer. >> the parody said:
4:56 pm
>> cenk: so god made a banker. >> god also had a make a congressman to make that happen too. >> cenk: my opinion on the farmer ad, it's all commercial farming, but there was something visceral appealing about that. >> the narration, it was beautiful, sounded beautiful looked beautiful but of course, you can criticize it. it was nothing but white farmers, for instance, talking about god during the superbowl that definitely turns people off. >> it was paul harveys voice which makes everything sound good. >> cenk: along those lines, you know, we needed a political analysis, it needed to be epic, so god made a michael shure, and accordingly, wait, wait, as i go
4:57 pm
here, because of that, we would like to celebrate by giving you a cake! [ cheering ] >> wow look at that! >> cenk: by the way i almost spilled it as i was bringing it up. it says make love, not war room. although you'll have to make the war room, because you're the new host. >> thank you everybody here. thank you to all of you. >> now you're going to your beloved san francisco. >> but i leave my beloved behind here, but i'll visit a lot. >> cenk: we're coming right back. we have one final important point about a very important website, when we come back. for true stories. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries... on current tv.
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