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tv   Full Court Press  Current  February 27, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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at spotting a tiger up close and in the wild knowing now that it could be the last chance i ever get. >>wait, right there. oh, my god. >>tiger. >>wow. oh my god. as soon as we saw him my heart started beating quickly. oh my god. this is amazing. it's unbelievable. there's nothing, nothing in the world like seeing a massive tiger in the wild.
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this is where they belong. [ music ]
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>> bill: good morning, friends and neighbors. a happy wednesday morning to you. it's wednesday february 27th. this is the full court press coming to you live from our studio in capitol hill and booming out to you live to current tv. thanks for joining us this morning. i am sure you want to know all of the big stories of the day. >> that's what we will bring you. i am sure you want to talk about them. >> that's the opportunity we give you by giving us a call a lot 866-55-press. and yes, just three days now away from the sequester kicking in. the federal government has startedsponding by releasing illegal immigrants from prison. isn't it time maybe for john boehner to get off of his ass and do something to prevent the sequester from kicking in? on other news chuck hagel has
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been confirmed as the next secretary of state. pat roberts warns there could be demons from the clothes you buy from thrift stores. watch out. all right. all of that's come up and a whole lot more but first the latest. here she is with today's current news update, our good friend lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hi, lisa. good morning to you. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. dc is unveiling a new statue of rosa parks today. : this will be the first full-size depiction of any african-american. the capitol does have busts of martin luther king, jr. and sew journer truth. congressional's leaders are saying it's a watershednent our history. the president is speaking and answering questions at the business council dinner in d.c. obama is voicing his opinion on
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chuck hagel's long-awaited confirmation saying the u.s. has the secretary that our troops deserve. it was close but lawmakers did confirm hagel 58 to 41. he is scheduled to be sworn in today. that means hagel now heads into office with a list of challenges ahead. first up, the sequester hits friday friday. without a deal, the defense department is facing about $46,000,000,000 in cuts before the end of september. that means hundreds of thousands of furloughed civilians and cuts that will affect military equipment and ness. hagel will also need to deal with getting the troops out of afghanistan and compromising with republicans. that last part won't come easy. texas senator john cornyn has made it clear hagel is taking office with the least amount of support as any defense secretary in modern history. we will be right back. 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are.
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[ music ] >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> bill: all right. sequester is already kicking in. they are letting illegal immigrants out of prison. it isn't it time for john boehner to get off of his ass to borrow a phrase? what do you say? hello, everybody. good morning. good morning. it is wednesday, february 27th. this is the full cot covered press. how about it? coming to you live from our nation's studio in capitol hill just down the street from the united states capitol building in the shadow of the capitol dome, we like to say where the senate is ready to act, the president is really to sign a big but john boehner says, what the hell?
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we passed a bill last year. we don't have to do another bill this year. john boehner and the republican caucus in the house. the only people standing in the way of avoiding this disasterous sequester, which will kick in friday unless they act. great do see you today. we've got lots and lots to talk about here across the board. we have a new secretary of defense, chuck hagle and we've got more warnings about -- more concern about horse meat in ikea's meatballs. they say they haven't found any in the united states yet is the key word, i believe. whatever it is, you are going to want to talk about it. you can do so by giving us a call. 866-55-press. you can join us by following us on twitter and give us your comments. we invite them @bpshow. and i can join us on facebook. become our friend on facebook.
3:10 am friends of the entire team, peter ogburn and dan henning. doing good? >> yes indeed. >> hump day. >> already. boy am i tired. >> and phil back we can's has the phones. sip ran on our video cam, of course, this morning. hell 0, cyprian. and, you know, i must say, i don't buy a lot of my clothes at thrift stores. >> no? >> you don't. not a lot. but i have been in them and i have looked around. yeah. >> i still have some stuff that i had at one time gotten at thrift stores when i was working at construction and painting. it's a great place to get stuff. >> i must say carol who dresses very well. she often will look in the thrift store, and she is very proud if we go out to some fancy deal and she is wearing
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something she bought at a thrift store. if she were on the red carpet and they said who are you wearing? she probably would say, goodwill. but when you bought those from the thrift store, did you have them exorcised first? did you splifrningel them with holy wat? >> >>. >> pat robertson says. he gets a letter to the 700 club, this woman said her mother told her that she had to make sure anything she brought bought at a thrift store was exorcised because demons could attach themselves to clothing in thrift stores. pat robertson doesn't deny it. >> can demonic spirits attach themselves to inanimate. i don't know that every sweater you get from goodwill has dem ons but your mother is being super cautious. hey, it doesn't hurt to rebuke
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any spirits that attach themselves to those clothes. >> bill: certifyably insane. >> what the hell is that? >> bill: it doesn't mean every sweater you buy has demons on it. but some of them could. >> some do >> bill: some do so it doesn't hurt, just bless them all. exorcise them all. pray on all of them. i wonder about what you buy at wal-mart. >> yeah, well. >> bill: or what you buy anywhere. why just thrift stores? >> people try on clothes. if someone was carrying a demonic spirit with them and they try on a sweater you could get that demon >> bill: i know pat robertson has been worried about a lot of things, gay marriage and gay pride praised but thrift stores? >> thrift stores >> bill: a new level. >> i am going to start praying over my clothes now. >> bill: coming up a little bit
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later in the program josh earnest, deputy press secretary from the white house will join us. jim wallace, the head of sew journers, one of our great religious leaders in our country will be in studio with us as well as representative from emily's list here to say: don't believe that chris christie is such a good guy after all. emily's list says they have a better candidate for governor but first. >> this is the full court press. >> on this wednesday, other headlines making news rapper lil wayne is calling himself the new tupak. many people have taken issue with that, including a member of the u.s. congress senator marco rubio of florida, well known for his taste in rap music told tmz that there is, quote, only one tupak and that he lived in a different time. he called tupak an entertainer who tried to inform implying lil wayne is known for a different brand of entertainment
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>> bill: this is rubio's claim to fame? >> this is the most interesting thing people could think of to ask marco rubio was about rap music. >> it was tmz. >> everybody asks him about it. it always comes up. >> he did the thing with buzzfeed. what did they talk about? >> this is the most interesting thing. god forbid they ask about his policies or why he voted against chuck hagel. >> why he voted against the violence against women act. >> i find that to be a lot more interesting than tupak and lil wayne. >> people who didn't like seth as host, he said no way via twitter to the question of would he ever host the academy schwarz again. but he did say he had a lot of fun doing it last week. >> i will never host again, as
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if they would ever ask him to host again. >> i want to make clear now that we have this public forum, i will never host the academy awards. i appreciate the offer. i appreciate the invite. >> bill: i am still open for it. i don't want to take myself out of the running yet. >> michelle obama is getting ready to celebrate the third anniversary of the "let's move," with rachel ray. telling abc's good morning america when she first went to the magnolia state, it was one of the most unhealthy states in the country. now, childhood obesity is down 13% there in recent years. robin roberts noted that had when she was a kid there if they could have fried water, they would have. >> you know what? yeah. i give credit to hailee barber. he set such a great example for being in good shape. >> think being frying water.
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there has to be a way. >> bill: where do we start the day? we start with the big guy. we start with chris christie in new jersey. he may a lot of news yesterday and a lot of news about himself and a lot of news about obamacare. very, very, very significant what happened in new jersey. chris christie remember -- well, he became the 8th governor, republican governor sorry. the 8th republican governor to embrace and to agree to the expansion of medicaid you under obamacare. chris christie and new jersey joining the governors of florida. that was a big switcher'. joining florida arizona michigan ohio, new mexico north dakota and nevada. now, there are eight republican governors who have said medicaid
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is so important, this is such a good deal for the states obamacare is such a good program that we want to be part of it. wow. what a difference that is from just a year ago when the house of representatives voted 33 times to re -- 33 times over the last two gears to repeal obamacare. remember, this is the key provision because the supreme court upheld obamacare as being constitution a.m. but they singled out this one provision: expansion of medicaid, and they said, no. you don't have to do that. >> that's up to the states. then states can opt in or out. all of the rhetoric has been you have heard it. we have talked about it. obamacare. it's socialized medicine. this is too much big government. we are going to repeal it. we are going to repeal it. that was what mitt romney ran
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on repealing obamacare. haven't heard them say that lately? have you? the republicans now realize it's a good deal. under this program -- and by the way, it's for anybody making -- for 138% of poverty or below which means $30,675 blow for a family of 4. anybody under that qualifies for medicare. expanding it to that level, the federal government for the first three years pays 100% of the freight. doesn't cost states a dime. then the federal government pays 90% forever after that. so this is a great deal for the states now these republicans are recognizing it, chris christie saying, hey, you know, for new jersey taxpayers, a win-win. >> expanding medicare will insure new jersey taxpayers they will see their dollars
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maximized. federal funding will cover 100% of the cost of this expansion for the first three years and then leveling off to 90% in 2020. >> bill: chris christie points out, so, really, you expand healthcare. you save money. it's a 2-fer. >> these federal resources will provide health insurance to tens of thousands of low-income new jerseyians and save money for new jersey taxpayers. in fact, taxpayers will safe approximately $227 million in fiscal year 2014 alone. >> bill: so first thing significant is obama kay is working. you are not going to hear republicans talking about repealing obamacare any more. they have bought into it and what has turned out is exactly what we said when they were first debating, when they first started debating obamacare, that this is the third big step, if you will or pillar of the
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safety net in this country and obama kay will be remembered as the third party of the safety net. social security, medicaid and obama care. social security, medicare medicaid and obamacare. they are all in place. the whole republican campaign against obama kay, repeal t never made any sense in the beginning. gone. now, even the republicans have abandoned it. >> that's big news love your comments on that. the second question is: what does this say about chris cristie? now that he has been out there with obama on hurricane sandy, now that he praised president obama and fem cismd for the great response opinion hurricane sandy, now that he has come out and embraced obamacare and the expansion of medicaid now that he's been rejected at the conservative political action committee, never invited by cpac
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to address them, does this mean as democrats we have to be behind chris cristie? emily's list said no yesterday. we will talk to them a little bit later about it because they point out that chris cristsie anti-choice, that chris christie is anti-marriage equality that chris christie is certainly anti-teacher and anti-public employee. on the other hand, he's proven to be a pretty moderate republican and that he is not afraid fobreak with his party and stand up with president obama when he think obama is doing the right thing. et cetera the only leading republican in the country today, i think, who does that. right? >> yeah. >> bill: not john boehner, not mitch mcconnell, not john freakin opinion mccain, not lipped see graham. you know, you name it. not john kasich. not scott -- rick scott. scott walker. >> there are a lot of reasons to not like chris christie but you have to sort of admit that he
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marches to the beat of his own drum. not lock step with the republicans. >> that's kind of refreshing. >> 866-55-press. the republicans admitting, that obamacare, it's pretty good after all, 866-55377. let's talk about it this wednesday morning. i want to hear from you. >> this is "the full court press: the bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv. [ music ] documentaries... on current tv. for true stories. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries... on current tv.
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>> heard around the country and seen on current tv this is "the
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bill press show" >> bill: 25 minutes after the hour here wednesday, february 27th. we have a new member of congress from chicago robin kelly, overwhelmingly winning last night. she is pro-gun control. she beat an nra candidate. well, a woman who had a top rating from the nra, debbie hal verson in the democratic primary. she won by 53% which is more than enough to catapult her into congress, no run-off required. robin kelly supported by mayor bloomberg bloomberg's pac. endorsing them. he won a big race out in california in november dove feeding incumbent joe bacca, with another democrat, joe bacca who also had a big nra rating. mayor bloomberg saying you can be pro-gun safety and get elected. peter peter, we are talking about chris christie yesterday
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embracing medicare. the 8th to do so. >> on twitter honeybear kelly says chris christie is pulling out all of the steps. no doubt he will be. he is bringing the money to new jersey. ryan says, as a new jerseyian, i am glad chris christie can be reasonable sometimes but i can't wait to vote against him this november. g callie offers this word of warning, he has full of g.o.p. idiots. >> barbara bone. au, we will hear more about her from emily's list. she is a good candidate and the thing about, i am sure with barbara boneau with emilyis list will make this argument. if you get her, you would get obamacare plus the good stuff plus pro-choice and pro-marriage equality. with christie, you get a couple
3:29 am
but not the whole package. but he's done amount to show he's not the john boehner kind of republican. mike is calling from atlanta, georgia. what do you say, mike? >> i have a lot of right-wing friends. they can live with him because socially, he is a conservative even though, you know, he is going to implement this obamacare thing. give him time. he will come around on marriage equality, too. you know, it's like some of our republican friends. aren't you time of being -- tired of being wrong all the time? >> bill: yeah, you know, i think you may be right, mike. i wouldn't be surprised. i appreciate the call. i wouldn't be surprised to see chris cristiffic come around. by the way, barack obama did. mary is in sunrise beach missouri. boy, i like that. >> the coast of missouri. >> bill: hi, mary. >> the midwest coast >> bill: are you on the lake? is that it? >> yeah, the lake of the ozarks
3:30 am
>> bill: good for you. thanks for joining us. what's your point? >> caller: well, i am, you know, very happy with mr. christie except for the fact that he cancelled that whole rebuild the highland tunnel thing. that's only been there for about 100 years. and why would he do that? i mean infrastructure is so important. and i am you know it just blows my mind that he would put that down >> bill: you know what, mary? i said at the time that was a stupid decision by his part. that was 100% -- maybe not 100%. there was a lot of federal money there, too for new jersey. i think christie in turn around on that one, too. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time
3:31 am
now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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[ music ]
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>> chatting with you live at this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: wednesday, february 22nd, '33 minutes after the hour. the full court press on current tv, on your local progressive talk radio station and on sirius xm this hour only. talking about chris christie surprising allotted of his fellow republicans coming out for the expansion of medicare embracing obama, just one more nail in the coffin of the republican opposition to obamacare which was stupid in the first place, wrong in the first place and now has proven be to be unacceptable even to republican governors. your comments welcome at 866-55-press.
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coming to you live from our nation's capitol brought to you today by the international brotherhood of teamsters the good men and women of the teamsters' union under president jim hoffa doing great work to employed a better america. check out their website at you would be surprised at all of the good stuff they are in to. they are not just truck drivers. they are office employees, all kind of -- doing all kind of work. check out the work another story. >> a story yesterday where everybody is talking these days about the horse meat that's being found in various food products, the latest with the horse meat is ikea and the meatballs. it goes farther than that. >> bill: they are not in -- >> not in america. not in america, but in other countries of the european union. but in south africa, they have found that it's not only horse but water buffalo, donkey and goat have turned up in foods that have been labeled as beef
3:37 am
burgers, ground beef and sausages. so what they are doing is they are using some beef or some pork and then they are sort of filling it out with water buffalo, donkey and goat. >> well, i am okay with a horse. but donkey? >> i mean i don't know what the difference is. i am not sure. i think a donkey might be tougher than a horse. in all of this talk about all of the horse meat and things like that, i am curious to actually try, knowingly try horse. i would eat horse. >> bill: yeah. >> i don't think you could buy it for consumption here >> bill: as i told you, i have. i am looking here online but i was during the break going through a couple of websites and one was saying my horse meat lunch. it's in paris and went to some of the butcher stores where they are serving openly, restaurants where they are serving and
3:38 am
market did where they are selling horse meat. >> as friends say. what's the big deal? right? >> yeah. i am curious. i would eathorse. >> you will have your chance maybe. >> yeah. >> go to ikea. chris christie up ends things. republicans are so upset even before they expanded medicaid, the cpac has not invited him to their big compound. they have invited sarah palin and mitt romney but not chris christie, so does this mean that we democrats now have to like chris cristie? paul from benton pennsylvania. what do you say, paul? >> caller: no, we don't have to like him at all. this guy is anti-union. he is anti-labor anti-minimum wage, and i think this just shows how far right the republicans have gone when we start considering a guy like christensenie a moderate.
3:39 am
then the democrats run to the -- running to the right to try to reach the center. >> bill: you are right. anti-union all the way. look what he did to the teachers' unions and the public employees in new jersey. right? >> caller: exactly like reagan did to the air traffic controllers. that was the beginning of the end. >> bill: right. yeah. absolutely. you know, paul, it's -- but you make a very good point that today, chris christie, as far right as he is, is considered a moderate, which tells you how far right the rest of the party has gone. correct? >> caller: oh, yeah. he is just not crazy like mineral bachmann >> bill: exactly. exactly you had in pennsylvania for a while arlen specter who then became a democrat. but spectre had a lot of support from theun present because he was pro-unions. he supported labor unions. i am not saying he was the best all the way around, but on labor, i know my friends in labor have always said they
3:40 am
were sticking with specter because he stubbling with them our roving ambassador and, in greensboro. >> you kill, me, too. >> about the horse meat? >> yes. who is going to grill some horse meat. >> you are from north carolina. you know they could probably barbecue that and put barbecue sauce on it. it would be okay. >> they would barbecue a water melon. >> barbecued water >> bill: arnold, i bet you you have had opposum. >> as a tarrant county i killed a few with my truck.
3:41 am
living in north carolina the governor and state legislature, it's like being in a movie, the night of the living dead, you know. these republicans, chris christie is just one of them. the only thing is the problem he suffers with dyslexia. he is a dislexic an o recollectionic -- anorexic . >> that's the only thing. >> bill: your governor of north carolina is not one who has embraced medicare >> caller: i am scared of that. these big hospitals like duke university and university of north carolina, i think they are going to force him to do that. they have vial hate red in their
3:42 am
heart. i will tell your listeners. these republicansred in their heart. i will tell your listeners. these republicans. this is like living in a nightmare. they have gone completely over the rail. >> bill: yeah. talk about extremists. we have never seen any party as extreme to the right as we have said with our last caller there when chris crist irving is the most moderate, the only kind of moderate governor out there, the rest has gone over the rail. the tea party has taken them over. greg is milville new jersey. what are we supposed to think about your governor here, greg? >> well, i like some of the things he's done but for the most part, i don't like him and i can't wait to vote him out. what took him so lom to accept medicaid for all of the families here in jersey who really need it, people who don't have no insurance whatsoever. >> bill: right. here is the question, though greg, why does he have a 74%
3:43 am
approval rating in new jersey? >> because he finally grabbed a hold of the pensions of the state workers and all and got that under control. i am not clear about exactly how that happened and all. >> uh-huh. but that's what most people are happy about. that and hurricane sandy. >> yeah. yeah. >> you know, i think he's got a style that people like in the sense of its an in-your-face style and they sort of think he is kind of like an average guy. i am glad you checked in greg. thank, from new jersey. but i will tell you one thing he will not be the last governor to embrace medicaid and you have to say kathleen sebilius has done a good job of selling this and say, we have a deal for you. you are nuts if you don't take it. i keep coming back to we talked about chris christie as a person
3:44 am
action mitch mcconnell and mitt romney, their whole number one agenda term. it was all bogus. it was totally misdirected. and it was wrong and bad for this country. now 10 republicans, they are not going to stand up and say we were wrong. >> right. >> but in effect, they have. >> they are. they are saying it. >> when you have a guy like christensenie, he is very conservative but he is an independent voice. he will break with his party. he is out there saying, it's law of the land. we are going to go with this jan
3:45 am
brewer? rick scott john kasich from ohio. extreme conservative right-wing says uh-uh. obama kay works. we want it for our state. big, big deal. eliot spitzer, our good friend former host here on current tv comes up next. >> this is "the bill press
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it's the little things that mean the most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started next. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. >> radio meets television, "the bill press show," now, on
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current tv. >> bill: all right. here we go 13 minutes before the top of the hour the reverend jim wallace, head of sew journsojourners will join us in the next hour. jim wallace and other religious leaders holding a news conference in washington, d.c. to talk about what they think is the immoral nature of letting the sequester go through and also, the moral question about extension of the voting rights act, which is now before the supreme court of the united states. we have been talking a lot about sequester, about obamacare, and we wanted to check in with our good friend, former host of "viewpoint" here on current tv. the good man eliot spitzer, former governor of new york. >> good morning. it's a pleasure to be with you. it is torrential rain, appropriate for sequester minus 1 >> bill: we have a drizzle here before we get to sequester.
3:50 am
this story, reuters reporting that the u.s. banking industry in 2012 recorded the highest earnings since 2006. their earnings -- this is banking industry -- up 19.3%? >> right. >> bill: over last year. i mean obama economics is working. what's going on? >> you have a problem? something against bankers? get with the program, bill >> bill: this is another sign that recovery is moving. right? >> look. here is what we all have been saying for a long time. we rebuilt the same banking system, a banking system that is enormously adept at making profits for itself. we are all for profits but we have also been saying the same structural problems that permit the banking system to do extraordinarily house was listed with the rest of the country doesn't do well remain. here is the thing.
3:51 am
bloomberg, harolddly -- this isn't "the nation," some left-wing group. bloomberg media calculated that the subsidy we give to the too big to fail banks each year, $83,000,000,000. where does that come from? because we guarantee their debt. they doughty need to pay as to borrow. that goes straight to the bottom line. we are paying because we rebuilt the same system. it doesn't make sense >> bill: they are making the profits but reforms haven't happened? >> they are pushing back vigorously against the voekel rule, the most important one not to get too gnarly. takes away direct deposits and the london wales, 2008. pushing back against mortgage reform and break breaking up the too big to fail institutions. even sandy wile has had to do that. banking is back.
3:52 am
the fact that they are making money is -- if they were losing money it would be worse for the economy at some level. they are making money when the rest of the economy isn't doing very well. >> bill: you and i have talked about this before. i still don't get it while wall street showing the biggest profits ever not just in banking. basically across the board but they are all against obama. they have never had it so good. they are all against obama. >> bill: >> now, you are in the world of psychology, not logic. beats me, bill. i have no idea. they should be singing his praises. >> bill: so sequester minus one. i mean all john boehner could add yesterday was the senate has to get off of its ass. we passed two bills last year. they seem determined to let it happen. right? is that how you read it? >> that's how i see it. i don't think the -- look. there is a group within the republican party that is saying, hey, this isn't so bad. we are finally getting budget cuts. they don't care if the non-defense discretionary spending stuff, which is really
3:53 am
important spending is being cut. they are even willing to tolerate the defense cuts right now because they don't want to come near any revenue increases. if so, this may be from their perspective not such a bad outcome. >> bill: the "new york times" reporting this monk, i think most people don't realize this how much we have actually cut the federal government over it's front-page story. i am sure. federal state and local governments employ 500,000 fewer workers than they did in 2007. this is the longest decline in government employment since world war ii. >> it is a fascinating thing. there is the sense out in the public at large that government spending is way up in the form of government workers. >> bill: yeah. >> deficit is up because revenue is down. but government employees, as you just stated, is down by half a million. the economy has come back to the extent that it has based upon private sector growth, which is you know, all wonderful, but if we had also had meaningful
3:54 am
government spending then employment numbers would be back where they should be revenue would be up. we wouldn't be running the deficits. everything would be much better. you know, we have been quietly participating in an austerity approach which we have seen as killed europe, largest macro economic experiment in history. it's not working there. we should spend more not less right now. >> bill: yeah i have seen a couple of articles. i wanted to get your take on it too, that the public, you know they don't support the sequester. at the same time they don't seem -- america is so worked up about it because we have gone from fiscal crisis to fiscal crisis to fiscal crisis that the cries of alabama don't seem to be, you know -- >> i think we are at crisis fatigue at this point. >> bill: yeah. >> i feel it. i have a hard time getting worked up. my goodness. here we go. we are going to have another debt ceiling crisis in three weeks. after that, they will have to do a continuing resolution. it's like, guys, you know, this isn't the soap opera. i am losing interest after sep
3:55 am
sewed 12. i just can't keep paying attention. >> that's why this time, the other thing that might happen if we have sequester starting tomorrow, next monday, people will wake up and say the sky didn't fall. maybe this isn't so terrible even though it will be a lot of pain and long-term, tick tick tick, of bad stuff happening. >> it won't happen on monday but maybe april 1st? >> right. it will happen gradually when a lot of people are furloughed, a lot of government programs start spending a lot less t benefits go down. basic research that we really need long-term at so many different levels. the president is out there it just seems to be -- >> bouncing off >> bill: bouncing off. eliot spitzer, we love talking to you on wednesday mornings? >> this rain is getting to me. >> bill: no jog today for eliot spitzer. ahead. we will be right back to you on
3:56 am
the full court press. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] people call me about this every day. my dishwasher must be broken. you know, it's not always the machine. it may be the detergent. add finish power up to boost your detergent and you'll see a huge difference. watch what it can do. look at that sparkle! now that's clean! cloudiness! spots! tough stains! even dishwasher build-up! gone! just like that! so don't give up. add finish power up. wow! see the difference! it's a must have!
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
3:59 am
>> taking your e-mails on any topic at any time, this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. >> in the next hour, the reverend jim wallace will be joining us again, head of sojourners talking about the sequester and also about the voting rights act up in front of the supreme court joins us a
4:00 am
little bit later. richard maxwell e-mails in hey bill, on the sequester, i am a 73-year-old veteran who served honorable with others in vietnam. now, my future what's left of it is jeopardize by a bigoted house speaker and appear few still wet-behind-the-ears and vulgarly disrespectful congressmen and senators. i am ashamed of them. jerry johnson says there is a simple way to avoid the sequester. why not just double charge people on taxes? i think there is a simple way to avoid the sequester, which is why doesn't the house just accept the senate plan of a combination spending cuts and new revenue? >> this is "the bill press show."
4:01 am
4:02 am
[ music ] >> bill: hey, good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, february 27th, great to see you today. thank you for joining us here on the "full-court press" on current tv, coming out to you coast to coast all the way across this great land of ours from our studio on capitol hill in washington, d.c. where we will let you know what's going on this morning. what you ought to care about and give you a chance to sound off about it at 866-55-press. that's our toll-free number. we are now two days away from sequester and as a sign of how deep those cuts are going to be the federal government has already started releasing some illegal immigrants. don't you thumping it's a sign of john boehner getting off of
4:03 am
his ass instead of just squawking. chuck hagel is our new defense secretary and pat robertson sarns there could be demons attached to clothes you buy at thrift stores. watch out. all of that and a whole lot more on the "full-court press" today but first, we get the latest. lisa ferguson standing by with today's current news update. >> hey, bill. good morning, everyone. it seems the impasse over the violence against women act could be over. last night, the house rules committee allowed for a change that would give a full up-or-down vote to the house's version and likely the senate. at the heart is authorized fund for lgbt native americans and undocumented women. the senate included it in their version of the bill. the house wanted to pass its own plan and go to a conference committee with the snaipt. last night, they decided instead the house will first get an up-or-down vote on its own bill. it's likely to fail. if it does, they will give an
4:04 am
up-or-down vote to the senate. the senate's plan is much more popular and is expected to pass meaning it could hit the president's desk as soon as tomorrow. colorado rep mike kaufman doing a complete turnaround on immigration. up until now, he embodied the g.o.p.'s hard line stanchion on the issue. a few years ago, he called the dream act a nightmare and signed an amicus brief in support of arizona's immigration bill. then colorado redrew lines meaning his 6th district now includes thousands more latinos. in light of that, he's decided to change his mind. kaufman just announced he does support immigration reform. he has proposed a bill allowing non-citizens to serve in the military. more bill press coming up live after the break. we are in our chat room. join us there,
4:05 am
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[ music ] >> broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv. this is "the bill press show." warning, pat robertson says there could be demons attached to the clothes you buy at thrift stores. if you believe pat robertson about anything, there he goes. hello, everybody. what do you say? good morning. good morning. it is wednesday wednesday, february 27th. this is the full court press. good to see you today. i am having a bad hair day. it was drizzly rainy and i came
4:09 am
in without an umbrella and a hat. sorry about that. we will start all over good en. we are coming to you live on our nation's capitol and our studio here, on your local progressive talk radio station, coming to you live on current tv and it's good to see you this wednesday. there is a lot going on. chuck hagel. we have a new secretary of defense. sequester. we are now one day away from when it would kick in and make it two if you want because we are early on this one. still looks like john boehner is digging in on his heels. his tea partyers want to happen and he refuses to do anything about it other than insult everybody else and telling other people to get off of his ass when he hasn't gotten off of his ass at all. everybody has come up with ideas how to avoid the sequester except john boehner who keeps saying spending cuts action spending cuts, spending cuts.
4:10 am
no willingness to compromise at all on new revenue. we will get into that and the voting, michelle obama at the top of the hour. a lot of republicans are saying, she is getting far too much exposure for a first lady. she is far too active for a first lady. we will talk your calls at 866-55-press. look forward to your comments on twitter @bp show and look forward to having you join us as our friends on facebook joining in the conversation at press show. peter ogburn and dan henning, guys. >> hey, hey, hey. everything good? >> everything great. phil back we can standing by to take your phone calls. cyprian boulding keeping us on camera camera. looking good on currents t.v. so, i have often said dick
4:11 am
cheney could go to hell, which is better than what he has told other people to do. >> yeah >> bill: what he told pat leahy to do on the floor of the united states senate. >> slightly different terms >> bill: i said what i said is better than what he told pat leahy, to committee the impossible act. i am not the only one now that says dick cheney ought to go to hell. walter jones, republican congressman from north carolina yesterday speaking out said lyndon johnson's probably already in hell and dick cheney will join him. lyndon johnson for vietnam and dick cheney for iraq. here is congressman jones. >> congress will not hold anyone to blame. lyndon johnson's probably rotting in hell right now because of the vietnam war. he probably needs to be for dick cheney. >> he probably should move over for dick cheney. dick cheney.
4:12 am
going straight to hell. >> that's not the only reason he is going straight to hell. he will talk sequester. jim wallace head of sojourners. in the morality or immorality of each and we will be talking with emily's list about why they think chris christie even though he cozzied up to president obama, they think they have a better candidate in new jersey. barbara. no. first. >>. >> known for several championship wins under his belt is engaging in a new. diplomacy, in north korea. espn reporting he is with the globetrotters and may meet dickator kim jong un a chicago
4:13 am
bulls fan. they are with a film crew. >> a bulls fan? >> bill: he doesn't know what the bulls are? >> he does. he is a long-time bulls fan: it will air here. >> i have to tell you if we wanted to send the weirdest american to meet the weirdest dictator, perfect imagine, centraltastic. >> an embarrassment for donald trump in the miss u.s.a. teen panelet that he owns melissa king was forced to resign her crown yesterday after a porn website released a video of her reportedly made last summer. >> uh-oh. >> starring in said porn film. she is 18 years old on monday. she absolutely denied that the girl in the video was her but
4:14 am
when you look at the video, it is invariably. >> have you seen it. >> i did my journalistic research. it is absolutely her. no question about it. >> i am going to look that up. >> she gave up her crown yesterday with no comment and miss teen u.s.a. is giving it to the runner up from last year's competition. >> bill: whoa my state of delaware. >> porn star. >> our delaware ♪ >> you will have something in common. sex tapes. i did appear in one porn movie. >> that's true. >> buy him a drink. he will tell you the story. >> maybe she and i ought to get together. >> is that budweiser you are drinking? >> bill: we have something in common. we are both from delaware. >> yeah, that, too. >> is that budweiser takesting water the down? the huffington post reports the big beer maker is being sued for water down budweiser, mickhelob
4:15 am
and other beers which on their labels say they contain 5% by volume but former employees who are part of the suit says the company cuts costs by lowering the alcohol contents anywhere from three to eight percent. anheuser says they will fight the charges. >> that's trouble. >> bill: there is trouble too, surrounding first lady, michelle obama that we wanted to talk about here at the top of the hour and get your comments as well. you know you can't miss the fact that lately, the first lady has been everywhere. everywhere. she has been out there on a lot of different issues. her number one issue is the military families and making sure that military families are
4:16 am
taken care of and making sure our veterans coming home from iraq and afghanistan have jobs. she has made this her passion. i have seen her in action and the president joining her, talking to companies and with great success of new-hires for these veterans who come home with all of these skills that they have gained through their military experience, skills that they can take in to american companies and make a contribution. she has been out there a lot with dr. jill biden on that issue. she made a great big issue. she is on the road down to mississippi on her "let's move" campaign to get kids to exercise and eat better. childhood obesity has been her second great passion. we have seen her pop up almost everywhere. she was on jimmy fallon doing a little dance number, ladies dance or whatever they call it. >> mom dance. it was good. it was fun to watch. >> jimmy fallon the other night.
4:17 am
she was in the white house kitchen the other day promoting -- this is the third anniversary of her "let's move" campaign. and kicking that off with big bird in the white house kitchen. >> hi. we are here in the white house kitchen looking for a healthy snack. big bird: i bet you could get anything you want in this kitchen. michelle i like to reach for juicy snacks and crunchy vegetables. >> then with robin roberts who is back now at gma. robert robin roberts said that she, coming out of her cancer -- can cancer treatment was going to wear a wig with bangs until she saw michelle obama debuting her bangs. >> you know, you forced me to go wigless wigless. in december, my wonderful stylist picked out a wig for me.
4:18 am
in december. you didn't debut this until january. look at this picture. >> 0 my goodness. that's cute. >> i know. i was going to do that. everybody thought i was copying you. >> you are so gorgeon. you are one of the women who can do whatever to your hair and you look great. >> thank you. >> mix it up. >> bill: she and robin roberts out there talking wigs. that aired just yesterday, i think it was, taped earlier. then, of course we know michelle obama made the surprise appearance. she shows up at the national governors' black tie dinner at the whitehouse in this gorgeous silver dress and then went off downstairs, i think, to the diplomatic room and popped up via satellite, of course, on the ausc-arizona -- oscars ceremony praising first of all the great selection of movies this year. >> this has been an exciting
4:19 am
year for movies. i want to congratulate all of the nominees on their tremendous work. these nine movies took us back in time and all around the world. they made us laugh. they made us weep. and they made us grip or arm rests just a little tighter. they taught us that love can endure against all odds and transform our lives in the most surprising ways. >> bill: and then, of course, she did her job. she ripped open the envelope. >> and now for the moment we have all been waiting for and the oscar goes to... "argo." >> bill: "argo." the first lady out there doing her job and yet here is the criticism come rolling in. on fox on drudge all over the place. republicans saying, no, this is too much. we are seeing too much of the first lady. she is doing -- she is out there
4:20 am
too much. she is getting too much publicity. this is not appropriate for her. her role is not to be you know, such a public figure. too much michelle obama in too many places criticizing the fact that she took over the oscars and they say muscled their way -- her way, the white house muscled their way into the oscars ceremony all kind of criticism for the first lady. i would like to know what you think. 866-55-press. i think they are jealous. i think they are dead wrong. i think she is the greatest first lady that we have had probably since certainly, i would say, since jackie kennedy and it may be even greater than jackie kennedy because jackie kennedy was beautiful and she spoke in a wis-parker county voice likely this and she gave a tour of the white house and a tour of the white house. what did she do? nothing.
4:21 am
i can't think of anything as a first lady that was her real passion. barbara bush was into literally. at least she was on to something. jackie kennedy was riding her horses. so -- visiting her rich friends. so back to michelle obama. i think she is terrific. she is smart. she is beautiful. she is strong and healthy. she is an amazon. i think she is tremendous and she is very persuasive and she's been very successful. remember, she was a money-maker in the obama family. obama wasn't making any money. >> you are right >> bill: as a social worker. right? or as an organizer or as a state senator. no. she was out there billing member of the chicago business community and head of the hospital board, i think it was before. so she's a very successful woman, businesswoman before first lady and tremendously
4:22 am
successful and the more i see of her the better as far as i am concerned. the things she is doing i think are all we can support. i don't know where this criticism is coming from except they are jealous because she makes laura bush look like a shrinking violet for sure. 866-55-press. nothing wrong with laura bush. i am just saying different style. different style. i don't want to get into an attack on laura bush but michelle obama, lay off her. she is doing a great job, i say. 866-55-press. what do you say? >> this is "the bill press show." converstion started next. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
4:23 am
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4:26 am
this show is about analyzing criticizing, and holding policy to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. staying in tough with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them, right? vo: the war room tonight at 6 eastern [ music ]
4:27 am
>> this is "the full court press: the bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv. >> bill: 25 minutes after the hour here on the "full-court press" this wednesday morning. yeah, republicans blasting the first lady saying she is out there too much. seeing too much of her. she is getting too much publicity, didn't belong on the oscars shows. they just wish they had somebody like michelle obama. linda hold on just a second. >> a couple of quick comments. you are not only taking your comments on twitter. press show allen mckinney says no way is she over exposed. she is outstanding. let her do her thing. betty ash says our first lady represents all of us. it's great to see what she is doing. >> bill: okay. we are going to hold it from linda and go through tim out in pittsburgh, pennsylvania.
4:28 am
what are you doing? >> i think your perception of republicans is harsh. as far as i think she kind of real issues in it. i think that's what they are saying. >> bill: do you think she is doing the right thing? >> i don't think she is doing anything other -- i don't know. politicians haven't done but at the same token, you know, what was what was the point behind the army or, you know whatever being behind her. >> bill: the guys from the -- at the ausc-arizonaoscars, men and women standing behind here? i am not sure at that point. they work at the whitehouse. if you go to any function at the whitehouse, they are assigned to the white house, and so they are part of the scene rethere. didn't --
4:29 am
>> this is the obama hate machine in effect. since since. since the election, it's the obama hate machine. honey, look, we are living in the 19th sent treat, not the 19th or 10th. we are in the 21st century. we need our figureheads out in front. you know addressing every day issues. she is a human. she represents the masses. what? i mean, really? >> bill: yeah, you know i love the fact that the phrase i should have used. right? the obama hate machine is the name of my latest book. it is. it was not just since the election. long-time before the election and, yes continuing since the election, and directed that hatred not only against the president but against now against the first lady. i come back to it. okay. what is she doing that's so wrong? right?
4:30 am
how can you disagree with her program to reduce child obesity in this country to get kids to exercise a under to heat healthier? how and how can you disagree with her campaign to find jobs for our veterans from iraq men and women coming home having served so honorabley and finding them jobs in the private sector here in this country. this is all good stuff that she is doing. how do you get the word out about those things? you don't sit in your library in the white house and never appear in public. you get out there and you promote these causes, which is exactly what she is doing. supreme court about to take up the voting rights act. reverend jim wallace will be here to tell us all about it. >> this is "the bill press show."
4:31 am
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4:35 am
>> chatting with you live at this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: thirty-three minutes after the hour here on wednesday, february 27th. good to see you today. we are coming to you live from our nation's capitol andon our studio on capitol hill brought to you today by the utility workers union of america. the good men and women of the utility workers union under president michael langford delivering vital services and a brighter future. you bet. for more information, go to their website on many of the issues we deal with on washington, not only the economic, the environmental, the socialtiously whatever impact
4:36 am
the moral impact one we don't talk perhaps enough about. yesterday, a group of religious leaders in this country raised that aspect of the sequester. it's a group callingthems circle of protection made up of many religious leaders representing many faiths around the country in large part organized by the founder and head of sojourners the reverend james wallace. >> good to see you. >> what was your message yesterday directed to congress and the president? >> it's interesting. i have been writing this book about the common good ancient idea that is so timely now it goes back in all of our traditions, religious and democratic, and it's interesting because the sequester shows how much the common good has utterly failed in our politics but the immigration shows how the common
4:37 am
good is working. republicans t mccain and graham went to the white house yesterday to talk about the president about immigration but not the sequester. on immigration, i see republicans and democrats rising above their politics and talking about the common good particularly 11 million people trapped here. >> uh-huh. >> when it comes to the sequester, i mean we are going to be cutting head start. we are going to be cutting education. we are going to be cutting houses and, of course, the most vulnerable. our letter was how this affects the most vulnerable. could we put our ideological battles about the size of government aside here and talk about making sure the religious principal is a nation is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable? >> what the bible says. so we have the salvation army sign, the catholic byrnes evangelicals we signed it and yet the politicians are just having a battle and not really
4:38 am
getting to the choices they ought to make. >> on your point, it is too bad that they do not -- they are not addressing the common good the same way on the sequester. >> yeah. >> if they showed the same kind of cooperation and just understanding. right? >> yeah. >> on the sequester. >> that's it. >> you wrote this letter directed to president john boehner? >> boehner mcconnell, read pelosi. >> across the board. >> across the board. >> i want to ask about. so what you are saying is there is sort of a moral imperative? we can use that line? >> yeah. >> to do the right thing and not let these cuts go forward? correct? >> well, the basic point was, the did he have sys has been reduced as you probably have been saying $2 trillion already. >> right. >> and i want to give them all credit. so far, no big cuts have been made to programs for low-income people. we say thank you for that. second, we say, we are praying
4:39 am
for you. third, we want bi-partisan dialogue and end to brinksmanship. they are playing chicken with the economy and our politics here. >> over and over and over? yeah, over and over again. these manufactured crises. this is not the way to have a sustained path to fiscal responsibility. it will take -- we take cuts savings and revenues. everyone believes we need a balanced approach here and. >> not everybody. >> you know, most people believe we need a balanced approach and those who say it can come only from cuts, that will really devastate low-income people just devastate. [any pastor. this group this group was not a bunch of democrats. they voted both ways in the election but they know poor people. right? they know poor families if you just do cuts how could we justify not doing tax loopholes for the wealthy and oil
4:40 am
subsidies and corporate jet subsidies and just cut food stamps? so food stamps are mostly for families working and have kids. it's a very effective program. so we are saying, make moral choices. and we are also saying, let's not just talk about cuts. let's talk about a recovery that includes low-income people. let's talk about replacing poverty. highest rate in 50 years with opportunity. republicans and democrats should both favor an economy of opportunity. >> yeah. >> absolutely. but what i wonder is these are people, and i don't want to make this too partisan but it's the republicans in the house and the republican caucus that has taken the position of spending cuts only.
4:41 am
john boehner said it again yesterday. he said president obama got his revenue last year. we are not going to give him any new revenue. so we know who is standing in the way of this. but these people are -- these members of congress are people who profess to be people of faith. they go to church. they wear their religion on their sleeve a lot of them. how can they then turn their backs on the poor and ignore your mention? >> well we -- 100 people signed this letter. as i say, it's the catholic byways, national association of evangel evangelcals. this is not a religious left group here now we are going to our pastors. bill, we are going to take back your questions. pastors will take it to their members of congress. >> okay. >> representative so-and-so, i am a pastor in your district. okay? i know what's happening to poor families. i may agree or disagree with you. lots of things but how we treat the poor the bible says is the fundamental political issue for
4:42 am
christians for people of faith. it's how we treat the other, the vulnerable. >> that's the test. and, you know, jesus says in matthew 25, the way you treat the hungry the homeless, that's the way you treat me. this is a big deal. and the immigration question, that's why they have changed on that because these immigrants really in the category of the stranger that's in that same text. jesus says the way you treat the stranger, i was a stranger, you know, and so we have members of congress. we have this i was a stranger campaign. you can find it on sojourners and we are having members of congress read scripture every day about what it says about the stranger, the immigrant, the undocumented. so we are changing minds and hearts by doing what people do. they read the bible. >> my only question would be, i guess, not the only one, is this is great that you are doing this. but the sequester kicks in on
4:43 am
friday. >> right. >> you sent this letter yesterday. you don't have time between now and friday to get all of these pastors, to get all of these members? right? >> we have been working for two years with these people. we have been in every office, met with the president, met with all of the leaders. they know us. they are saying this is our pastoral letter to you right now as you are going off of the edge here now, this is, as you know this will be going on probably for several weeks. >> right. >> the american people are going to get more and more frustrated. >> as they see more impact. >> leaders unable to -- unable to governor here this is an argument about government instead of governing. >> uh-huh. >> there are responsible conservatives who believe in limited -- i talked to one yesterday, famous conservative guy, limited but active government. he thinks some cuts kill. you cut hiv hayes and malaria you are going to kill people.
4:44 am
you can have different views of the role of government. but government needs to be active and in key places, particular protecting vulnerable people. i think as the sequester goes on, people get frustrated. hopefully there will be a desire for a moral voice here for some moral choices made. >> is it immoral to not dodo something about the sequester? is it being immoral to sit down and just let the sequester happen? >> well, i've always said a budget is a moral document because it shows what our priorities are. >> right. >> who is important, what's not. whether it's a country or a household budget. it shows what's important to us. so if we are not taking care of people, unemployment benefits headstart is going to be cut. we all know that pre-school really works for low-income kids. we are going to cut headstart. it's not going to all happy monday but it's going to start impacting over time. so if this -- i mean you
4:45 am
remember when we did the sequester, this want supposed to happen. >> it was supposed to be so bad. >> crazy. but they would not do this. >> nobody in their rideght mind. >> because they can't governor. they can't govern. they are arguing about government instead of goninge governing. you can have different views of government but still think government should be active in doing the critical things to protect our particularly vulnerable people. >> reverend jim wallis in studio caulk talking about the moral dimension of the sequester, another new level of argument to what's happening here in washington, d.c. one that you care about, i know. give us a call at 866-55-press. jim wallis is on line at silk of protection, find out more about it and what action you could take. you can also give us a call or send us your comments on
4:46 am
twitter @bp show. >> this is "the bill press show" live on your radio and current tv. gets that i actually mean it. michael shure: this show is about being up to date so a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. joy behar: you can say anything here. jerry springer: i spent a couple of hours with a hooker joy behar: your mistake was writing a check jerry springer: she never cashed it (vo) the day's events. four very unique points of view. tonight starting at 6 eastern.
4:47 am
4:48 am
current tv, it's been all building up to this. >>bill shares his views, now it's your turn. >>i know you're going to want to weigh in on these issues. >>connect with "full court press with bill press" at
4:49 am
and on twitter at bpshow. >>i believe people are hungry for it. >> heard around the country and seen on current tv, this is "the bill press show." >> bill: fifteen minutes before the top of the hour, reverend jim wallis from the sojourners in studio with us talking about the moral dimensions of the sequester as those cuts kick in and really destroy some of the programs helping the poor in this country. we will get back to your comments about that and our
4:50 am
conversation with reverend wallis. here is a troubling story out of wisconsin. a medical clinic had to notify 2400 of their clients that their identity may have been stolen, put them on warning because an outside cleaning company stole some documents that had all of that information on, their first and last names, date of birth, social security numbers, identity theft in the making. it's a serious problem friends. and you should be protected against it. i am with what's called lifelock ultimate, the most comp prehencei id theft protection ever made. even monitors your bank accounts. lifelock can't protect you or your bank account, of course, if you are not a member. call now. mention press 60. you will get 60 risk-free days of life-lock ultimate identity theft protection and here is the deal. if you are not happy with that, give them a call within another 60 days and you will get a full refund. so, see for details and make that telephone call at
4:51 am
1-800-356-5967. again, that number 1-800-356-5967. jim, before we go to calls, i want to ask you: so did you get any response from any of the leadership or any of the members that you talked to yesterday? >> well we sent the letter and we sent it by, you know via e-mail and formally. and i think we are kind of waiting to hear. they are all focused on what's going to happen in the in connection couple of days >> bill: this is another set of voices you don't novelly hear from -- normally hear from that may sway them. >> i got a thank you from the white house. they said they are thankful to this and going to take a serious look at it. so i think this would help them in some ways if a community could provide some space or some cover for them to okay let's get together and do the right thing here we've got people asking us to do better and they
4:52 am
are not just part of our base. these are faith leaders of both sides >> bill: right. >> can appeal to and we are coming to them from both sides >> bill: i am sure there were a lot of those republicans can some among those faith leaders. >> absolutely. >> on immigration, we have talked to both sides. they know us. we talked to both sides. on immigration, they say we are helping to change the game here because we are from both sides. you know so -- >> bill: if they listen to you on immigration, they ought to listen on the sec ester -- ester -- sequester too. ron is calling from elgin, illinois. >> good morning, bill. good morning, jim. i fully agree with jim. in fact, we have read a number of jim's book in our book discussion at church fully agree matthew 25 is the ultimate bottom line and to bill's frustration about republicans wearing their religion on their
4:53 am
sleeves, what i have been fond of saying is that these folks go to church one hour a week on sunday but then the other six hours -- or rather six days and 23 hours of the week forget about anything they were taught or learned on sunday morning. >> well, we need some more mund through friday christians for sure. this election year was kind of a discouraging year for watching politics. i took three months off, bill, to do a sabbatical to write this book. and my discipline was not to come on your show but watch it. it was depressing to watch >> bill: i am sure. >> the book is called "on god's side: what religion for guessed and politics hasn't learned about serving the common good." it's really a biblical theological, philosophical defense of the common good with a practical application to the economy, the role of government. i think we really can find
4:54 am
common ground for the common good. but you have to be open to getting out of your ideological traps. >> it's nice the jim wallis fan club. you make aban interesting point. shouldn't the proper role of government as well as faith be the common good? >> well, i -- >> bill: the focus should be on what is right? >> i have a whole chapter in the book about this controversial issue about the role of government. it's the wrong question of whether it's big or small. >> that's the wrong question. >> bill: yeah. >> what's the purpose of government? >> bill: right. >> so i look at what the bible says. what's the purpose? and when you get down to the purpose, it's supposed to you knew romans 13 talks about -- you know romans 13, you are supposed to defend against the evil and the danger and prom oat the good. it's the common good. it's a defense of the common good, to seek what the common good is and particularly protect the poor. so you could have a bigger or
4:55 am
small view of government. the purpose of government is what's clear here so i want to get into a discussion with conservatives and liberals about the role of government, not just the size. >> right. isn't that sort of revolutionary, that these -- these members of congress, right, they come here. what a revolutionary concept that they come here to serve the common -- the common good, not the good of their own political party. wow. how radical can you get? >> well, another chapter in the book is about how to redeem deck democracy. when you have got senators telling me literally that 24e6 to raise $20,000 per day to get re-elected. >> wow. >> who is. >> calls do you take? who do you have lunch with? they tell me that with a weary voice. they would rather read the bills they are working on and govern and not serve special interests. >> we are all so much better off
4:56 am
because of your voice and the voices of your fellow faith leaders and the circle of protection out there on many issues. jim wallis that you were for what you are doing. again, sojo sojo-o-j-os-o-j-o, dot net. check it out. >> on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show." it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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(vo) current tv gets the converstion started next. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. >> this is "the bill press show." >> bill: all right. president obama, first of all, at the top of the next hour, we will go right to the white house and talk to the deputy press secretary, josh earnest and
5:00 am
representative from emily's list to tell us about the democratic candidate for new jersey up against chris christie. obama gets a daily briefing and late this morning, he will come up here to capitol hill to speak at the unveiling of a statue of rosa parks at the whitehouse to celebrate her 100th birthday. this evening the president will deliver remarks at the business counsel diller and take some questions from business leaders at the park high "hotel at 7:30 tonight." jay carney has called his daily briefing for 11:00 a.m. down at the whitehouse. i am col down and find out what that's all about. back with josh earnest from the white house. >> this is "the bill press show."
5:01 am
5:02 am
[ music ] hey, good morning, everybody. happy wednesday, wednesday february 27th. good to see you today. welcome to the "full-court press" on current tv this wednesday morning. we'll not only at the you what's going on income of all of the news of the day the well give you a chance to talk about it give us a call at 866-55-press. we are two days away from the sequester. the federal government already responding by releasing some illegal immigrants from prison. don't you think it's time john boehner got off of his ass and did something. chuck hagel is our new secretary of defense confirmed by the senate yesterday. watch out. pat robertson warns -- bet you
5:03 am
didn't think about this. warns that there could be demons, demons attached to clothing that you buy from thrift stores, salvation army, good goodl, did you know they are demonic? that and more here. first, lisa ferguson standing by with today's current news update out at our studios out in los angeles. hi, lisa. good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. the first lady is kicking off her "let's move" tour focused on boosting physical activity and healthy eating in kids. this is year three of mrs. obama's campaign against childhood obesity and she is look to go highlight a pace gaining ground. the state's obesity rate is down he 13% but it is still one of the most obese states in the nation coming in at 38%. still, a new report shows childhood obesity has dropped below california's rate. thanks to man dates for physical
5:04 am
education and more fruits, vegetables and whole grains on school men yours. the first lady helped push for federal initiatives. robin kelly is to replace ex rep jesse jackson, jr. she won a primary election in chicago helped by some support from new york city mayo michael bloomberg. the district has long been dominated by democrats. i will know will hold a general election april 9th. senator marco rubio is courting wall street. politico is reporting the g.o.p. senator has recently met with high-finance execs including goldman sachs bar c.i.a.s, blackstone and kkr. more bill press coming up after the break. stay with us.
5:05 am
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13450uz broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show." >> pat robertson says, watch out for demons. demons that could be attached on the sweater you buy at a thrift store. never thought about that. did you? good morning. good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, february 27th. great to see you today. thank you for joining us. it is the full court press. we are coming to you live, coast to coast from our studio on capitol hill in washington, d.c. just down the street from the united states capitol building where president obama will be late this morning speaking at the unveiling of a statue of the great rosa parks. just down the street from the united states capitol where they
5:09 am
should be dealing with the sequesterw but they are not because republicans under john boehner refuse to budge. it is the full court press. look forward to hearing from you today by phone at 866-55-press, on twitter @bpshow or on facebook at join us to let us know what you think about these issues what you think about the sectioning quester, how it will -- the sequester and how it will impact you and your family. phil bang we can on the phones and cyprian boulding keeping us looking good on current tv. we go down to the white house today, very, very busy days josh earnest is the deputy press secretary stepping out of his busy duties this morning to say good morning. hey, josh. how are you? >> good morning, bill. how are you? >> bill: i am good. we have a briefing at 11 o'clock today. friday, we have a surprise guest with secretary of transportation
5:10 am
ray lahood. mopped we had a surprise guest with homeland execute secretary janet napalotano. who is the spies guest today? >> i don't want to make somebody else's news but we will have somebody just as exciting. every bit as exciting at the briefing today >> bill: i will be there. okay. we will leave it. >> your listeners can tune in at white asks >> i figured there had to be another surprise guest. we will find out. i have to ask you. the headline in "the new york times" was the headline on the major news last night. mass release of immigrants. these are illegal immigrants being held in federal prison being released. the immigration department says because of the sec est-- the sequester cuts.
5:11 am
are these cuts kicking in? what's going on? >> these are the kind of decisions people managing these agencies are going to be forced to make, given the signifcapital budget restraints placed on them by congress. it's my understanding, this was a decision that was made entirely at the agency level. those are the law enforcement folks on the front lines who are trying to fulfill the responsibility of their agency and if you will fill their mission at the same time that they deal with the -- with the budget constraints that congress has put in place. this is a fact of life. you know, these are some of the things ray lookahood and janet napolitano have been talking about. because of the nature of these across the board budget cuts, because of the looming impact of the -- of the continuing resolution that is up at the end of this month, congress has set in place a circumstance where agencies, basically the entire federal government is careening from crisis to crisis. >> that's no way to run a country, let alone the most
5:12 am
prosperous, most sophisticated country in the world. so we need to finally come together around some common sense principles for moving forward with these physical situations so we can have people at agencies who are making the best possible decisions for the strategy of their mission, not in a place where they are forced to, you know, to deal with these terrible budget constraints. >> we heard what secretary lahood said about air traffic, air travel. and we heard what janet napolitano said about national security. but a lot of republicans are still saying and i find members of the media saying this is just scare tactics, trying to scare republicans into accepting what the president wants. how do you respond? >> i would respond that the executive branch has a responsibility to commune tate to congress and to the american people about what the tangible sequences are for the pour budget decision making practices of the united states congress.
5:13 am
republicans in the house of representatives continue to insist that they can -- that we as a nation can cut our way out of a budget did i haveset, that we can cut our way out of our deficit problems, that we can cut our way to a stronger economy. there is no evidence for that. yet they are plowing full speed ahead with that kind of approach. it's important for them to understand as we are already starting to see that there are corn sequences for them to pursue, for them pursuing a cuts-only approach. the president believes we should adopt a balanced approach. we can do it in a strategic way. we will get savings from entitlement reforms and then we can close some loopholes and tax holes that the only the wealthy benefit from. we can do it in a balanced way that doesn't have the terrible consequences for the federal government in terms of the services they provide to middle class families and in terms of their ability to provide for the basic safety and security of the
5:14 am
american people. >> bill: you would think as we would get closer and closer to the deadline of friday there might be some signs of budging or movement. but john boehner speaking to reporters yesterday just sort of showed that he had dug in his heels. for our listeners and viewers, here is speaker obtain yesterday. >> for 15 months, the president has been going all over the country holding rallies instead of setitting down with senate leaders to try to forge a bill to move a bill. we have moved the bill in the house twice. we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off of their ass and begins to do something >> bill: if you guys would get off of your ass, josh you could stop this problem. >> i hope john boehner's mother was listening to his news conference. if i were to say that at a news conference on your show.
5:15 am
this was more of the most disingin with us we have heard in a disingenuous environment. when he says the house has passed two pieces >> bill: last year. >> it's not even relevant any more. it's a brand-new congress. it's composed of new people and no longer legislation that is active. it's dead. it died with the last congress. >> he is the one of who has not acted. there currently actually is movement in the senate to propose alan tentive to the sequester, to turn it off. it's something they are working on, both democrats and republicans over in the senate. there is something that the president has been actively engaged with the senate and others on to figure out a way forward. so the irony of somebody who hasn't actually done anything to come out into a news conference and tell the other side to get off of their rear end is pretty astounding. >> i am not sure everybody understands this. when you talk about a
5:16 am
combination of spending cuts and new revenue what are we talking about? are we talking about in terms of new revenue, that side of the equation, are we talking about higher taxes? what are the sources of new revenue? >> the sources of revenue principalply come from closing loopholes that only the wealthiest americans and the most well connected corporations benefit from. there are a number of proposals we have had on the table for quite some time closing tax benefits that were created for corporate jet owners. >> uh-huh. >> tax benefits for oil and gas companies. currently oil and gas companies in america are subsidized to the tune of about $4,000,000,000 a year. if anyone has gone to the gas station and filled up they recognize oil and gas companies are doing fine on their own. they don't need subsidies for americans struggling to pay. >> that's a loop hole we can close. we can limit deductions that are claimed by people who make more than half a million dollars a year. by doing that, we can raise enough revenue, coupled with
5:17 am
these entitlement reforms with some strategic cuts to government spending and reduce our deficit. here is the thing. last year, at the end of last year was not that long ago, two months ago, john boehner was running around washington, d.c. saying we don't need to raise rates. we can raise a bunch of revenue by closing loopholes on the wealthy and no one will notice and it won't have a bad impact on our economy. why don't we do that >> bill: adopt the boehner plan? >> absolutely. let's mobilize for the boehner plan. >> you can find out, one thing you ought to check is the white house released a report on how the sequester will impact every single state. it's all up at white state by state by state. click on your state and you will find out the cuts in your state. are there, josh, at this moment any -- is there any glimmer of hope? are there any ongoing talks with at least at the staff level with house and senate republicans?
5:18 am
>> our folks at the white house are in contact with them with rachel who represents a district that would be effectaffected in a negative way. he said he is willing to work with the president to close tax loopholes to make sure we can reduce our deficit in a balanced way and not with these across-the-board automatic spending cuts. >> that's one the president has talked to. he met with senator graham and mccain. immigration reform was the purpose of the meeting. i haven't talked to the president what he spoke to them about. i would be surprised if a sequester didn't come up. i know they are actively engaged in an effort to put together an alternative to the sec quester. there are things that are happening but at the same time i am not sure i would characterize myself as
5:19 am
optimistic. the one chance we have here is that there are people like senator graham and congressman riggell who are conservative republicans who had actually indicated that, you know what? the president makes a good point here, these across the board spending cuts are a bad idea. we can be more strategic asking those at the top of the income scale to do a little bit more, that we can reach a balanced approach, that there are republicans out there who are open to the president's approach hopefully hasan indication of things to come. we will see other republicans step forward and say, mr. president, this is a reasonable compromised approach. let's sit down and figure out a way we can do this so we don't deliver a terrible blow to the middle class so that we don't -- wiaren't in a situation where we are asking people responsible for the safety and security of americans to do more with less we can be reasonable and find a
5:20 am
compromise. >> josh earnest, we have two days left. we are counting on you. we will let you good get back and fix this whole here okay? big surprise at the whitehouse. >> see you in a couple of errors. >> all right. a great job as deputy secretary under jay carney. it doesn't sound like -- you know, keep hope alive. right? doesn't sound like they are going to be able to head it off. >> we are doing to have to figure out during the break who this is going to be at the briefing today what the big surprise guest is going to be? >> bill: it could be the president. >> it's big bird. >> it could be big bird. >> it could be the vice president. >> or one other cabinet secretary. it sounded like it was going to be big. >> could be obama. >> could be. >> we will be right back on the "full-court press." >> on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show."
5:21 am
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we have a big big hour and the iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
5:25 am
[ music ] >> this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. >> here we go, 23 minutes after the hour on a wednesday, wednesday february 27th. it's "full-court press." you've got it. i think the surprise guest at the whitehouse briefing today, we did. >> we did a lot of analysis during the break. >> bill: my money is going to be on chuck hagel, the new defense secretary who is going to talk about the cuts at the pentagon and military readiness and what that will mean. >> he is at the pentagon now moments away from being sworn
5:26 am
in. it could be kathleen seb i will sibilius. chuck hagel has my money. i will be there. if it's not chuck hagel, i will walk out. >> in protest? >> yeah. we wanted hagel. what's going on? >> quick story, public policy poling who we know ppp polled. they did a very, very important study, bill. they polled democrats and republicans to find out who their favorite fried chicken restaurant was. and they put it up against kfc. >> yeah. >> and chick-fil-a. >> popeye's. >> they just put it betweenthies two. i am with you. i say popeye's. popeye's keeps it real but kfc and democrats. democrats perform kfc while 48% of republicans chose chick-fil-a.
5:27 am
>> of course. they are homophobic anti-marriage equality. >> exactly. what i found even more interesting out of this pole pole se /* /* poll, 43% of republicans say the nasty it al y'all food restaurant is quote a quality source of authenticethnic food. 43% of republicans say olive guardn is a quality source of was ethnic food. >> that's like saying taco bell is the best mexican restaurant. >>ethnic food. >> i have eaten at taco bell: if you want to bring that up peter. >> you got it. >> we have been talking about with josh earnest on the white house about the sequester and the big news is today that the
5:28 am
fet federal government announced they have started responding and making cuts because they expect the sequester to kick in. the most dramatic of which were were hundreds of criminals. not criminals. prisoners, i should say, that they are non-violent prisoners, illegal i am grants being held in federal prisons were released yesterday because the federal government says they have to cut back. they don't have enough guards. this is just a little sample of what we are going to see across the board in terms of federal courts. corey is calling from aurora illinois. good morning. >> hi, bill. >> what's going on? two things, first, peter, don't be insolding the og. >> come on the og? >> come on. there are better places. the second thing is, bill any time we have a government official on and they tall talk
5:29 am
about entitlement reform, it's kind of incumbent on them to be challenged on, first, we don't have entitlements. we have earned benefits. >> bill: thank you. >> we pay into it. we earn it >> bill: yes. >> what do they mean about reform? chained cpi and raising the medicare eights? >> bill: you are right. when i heard the president and jay carney entitlement reforms it always makes me nervous. i want to say, keep your cotton picking hands off of social security and medicare and medicaid medicaid. they are not entitlements. we pay into them. we earned them. we deserve them. good point. concern out in portales, new mexico. >> love your show. >> thank you. >> i wanted to bring up a point. mr. boehner seems to overlook
5:30 am
and it's not new revenue. that simply came about with the expiration of the george w. bush tax cut. it was in 2012 there is a new congress. >> yeah. >> new slate. >> excellent point. these loopholes josh earnest pointed out are ones they have enjoyed for decades. they don't need them any more. all right. we will talk to emily's list next about the big governor's race in new jersey. i want to point out important political news, robin kelly, the next new member of congress elected in illinois last night in chicago with the help of mayor michael bloomberg. she is proceed gun safety. watch out, nra. we are going to win this one. >> this is the bill press show. [ music ]
5:31 am
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>> chatting with you live at this is "the bill press show" live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: hey, here we go. thirty-threw minutes after thirty-three minutes on wednesday, february 27th. coming in to the home stretch on the "full-court press" from our nation's capitol in washington, d.c. president obama appearing on capitol hill today to unveil a statue of the great rosa parks, 11:00 o'clock it morning, just down the street from us brought to you today by the american federation of teachers, the good men and women under the president randi weingarten. you can find out more about that good work at aft,
5:36 am
chris christie yesterday surprising a lot of people becoming the 8th republican governor to support the expansion of medicaid in his or her state. it's the second time chris christie has cozied up if you will to president obama. he did so afterlin sandy and is -- after hurricane sandy. he is saying, i like it as long as the federal government is paying the bill. emily's list, a great organization i have supported for many many years, elected some phenomenal people to the house andnate, most dynamic of which recently probably elizabeth warren from massachusetts. emily's list says, take a look at chris christie. he is not all he is cracked up to be. jess macintosh is a communecations director for emily's list? >> thank you for having me >> bill: you do great work. emily's list, a great organization. >> thanks. >> we love having stephanie in?
5:37 am
>> stephanie is our president. we are elected to -- committed to electing free-choice women. this is the focus of the governor. we had 38 governor seats up between 2013 and 2014. >> this year, too? >> yeah. there is virginia. >> they are 8? >> yes. >> clean sweep. >> right now we currently only have one democratic governor maggie hassen in new hampshire which was the first state to elect an all female delegation. we were psyched about that. we have to send her some reenforcements. >> i was talking with former senator by ron dorgan from north dakota who mentioned when he got to the senate, there was one female senator, barbara mccull ski from maryland. now there are 20. >> there are. >> great. >> sixteen democrats and four
5:38 am
republicans. >> twenty senators only one female governor. a lot of work to do here. >> yes. putting chris creveldic on notice. chris christie is the wrong choice for new jersey women and family. look a guy for pro-medicaid, traveled around with president obama. >> tells jokes,o sits on letterman's couch. he is far to the right of his state. i don't want to pretend to ignore current reality right now. his numbers are very high. >> 74%? >> governors in the wake of a disaster that, you know, that tends to happen. if you look deeper at those surveys of new jersey voters most, a plurality of them do not think that sandy is the most critical issue of the election. they think that jobs, the
5:39 am
economy and taxes are and in all three of those issues, chris kristi's numbers are upside down. he is underwater. they do not like the job he is doing, with very good reason. he has vetoed minimum wage increases, vetoed equal pay legislation many times. he called it a bycratic new answer is. he is probably anti-choice. this is a man far to the right of the state that he is trying to govern. there is no clear indication than what the democratic stat legislature has passed and he has vetoed. they are working on a veto of same-sex marriage right now. he is out of touch with the people he is trying to represent. >> you can't beat somebody with nobody. if you are go to beat, which is a big challenge and an uphill battle, going to beat chris christie you have to have somebody who can do it.
5:40 am
>> state senator barbara boneau a life-long new jersey resident. her dad was a butcher. her mom was a substitute teacher. she grew up as part of that populist, working class, middle class, the folks that chris christie has entirely left behind. new jersey is 48th in a nation for unemployment. this is not a record on jobs he should be proud of at all. barbara was the first woman to chair the appropriations committee. she cut the budget by $4,000,000,000. she was the first senate majority leader. she has six kids. she is somebody who gets the daily lives of new jersey families and is going to be in this for the right reason, not national ambition, not a desire to a higher. she is in there because she wants to do good by jersey women and families. >> is new jersey 13th or 14th? >> 13th. this one is coming up. >> this year?
5:41 am
does barbara bow know have a primary challenge? >> if she were running in a governor's race that didn't have the national agenda i think we would all know her name. >> what are you telling democrats in new jersey or telling voters in new jersey? >> we have to look at the issues. this is a governor's race. it is absolutely crut cal that we step back from this personality limelight seeking chris christie has been doing at the expense of his state and look at the matters that matter most. emily's list did polling of independent women voters and found that 78% of them ranked equal pay among the most critical issues that they could vote on up there with health care. so chris christie continually vetoes equal pay legislation and thinks it's not worth his time. these are the kind of issues
5:42 am
that, you know, as families sit around the table and try to figure out how to make things work look at what their government is doing and chris christie is not doing anything to help that situation. >> chris christie. is there less there that meets the eye. there is a lot that meets the eye? >> i am not laughing at that. let the record reflect. >> jess mcintyre is here from elie's list. we will take your comments on twitter @bpshow. while we are talking about candidates, jess, i want to ask you: there is a lot of buzz about kentucky and ashley judd. >> i thought you were going to ask about that. >> is she in touch? has she been to see you at emily's list to talk about running? >> this actually started back at the democratic national convention in charlotte where she and on a fabulous panel that emily's list convened about
5:43 am
women in politics and getting women to run. she was quite candid about her own political involvement. somebody in the audience asked, had she considered running? she said in a very hypothetical way, sort of yes, i have given that sot thought. spontaneous run, ashley run chants broke out. she impressed everything who was there. she came back to our inauguration brunch a couple of months ago. she is making her decision. i don't know what that's going to be. but i think republicans under estimate her at their peril. their strategy. at this point, she is a private citizen. her name has been floated. >> running against here? >> the opposition started already. >> with a strange strategy. i mean first mcconnell tries to pretend he wants to run against her because she would be easy to beat but then karl rove comes in and starts running attack ads and dropping opposition research on her.
5:44 am
i was confounded by the rogue strategy when he put out that web video attacking her. he we want on fox news and he said that he didn't want her to benefit from a short campaign like senator al franken had. i was on the senator al franken campaign. that was 21 months long without the recount. >> yeah. >> i understand karl rove stretches the truth on occasion about but if you are going to lie about the basis of your strategy, perhaps you don't have one. that seems to be what's happening in kentucky. mitch mcconnell is really up popular. of course they are worried >> bill: between us, just between us girls, are you en judging her to run? >> i think she wouldn't make a fantastic candidate . >> i am is emily's list encouraging her to run? >> i think emily's list would be excited to see that can democracy.
5:45 am
she will make her decision in her own time but whoever challenges mitch mcconnell will not run against themselves. they will run against one of the least liked men in america. he has let down voters time and time again and that will be a compelling story. >> i have never been to kentucky. i am going to kentucky. i am going to walk precincts if she is the candidate. getting rid of mitch mcconnell would be second only to getting rid of john boehner. let's get rid of both of them. jess mcintosh in studio with us, 866-555-press. chris christie ashley judd, women candidates in general. your state? let us hear about it here on the "full-court press." >> heard around the country and seen on current tv this is the bill press show. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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>> on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show." >> bill: yeah. >> thirteen minutes before the top of the hour visiting with jess mcintosh communications director for the great emily's list here in studio talking about new jersey, the governor's race this year barbara boneau democratic candidate up against chris christie. strongly of course backing endorsing, promoting encouraging voters in new jersey to vote for barbara boneau. before we go to your calls, jess, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> we mentioned earlier in the day chuck hagel was at the pentagon. it's official. he has been sworn in.
5:50 am
he is our new secretary of defense. as you said earlier, you're predicting it's going to be the one who will show up at the white white house press briefing. they told us somebody big will be there today. >> yeah. >> quick story, by the way a 114-year-old japanese woman is the daughter of a komodo maker, formally recognized as the world's oldest woman, 114 years young. >> japan. >> watch out. i am going to start on my mediterranean diet that we learned about yesterday. i may defy the odds. >> the oldest person is a 115-year-old man from japan >> you need to start now. >> bill: let's say hello, if we can, to a good resident of new jersey here sandy calling from colonia, new jersey. hey, sandy. >> >> caller: hey, bill. just went through the basics.
5:51 am
the first thing christie did was repeal the million dollars back which gave $3 million back to his friends. he is giving all kind of no-bid contracts to people that could be contributed to his campaign. i am tired of hearing him touted as the darling of the mottedderates. he is a wolfe in sheep's clothing. he accepted this medicaid expansion because the charity care costs are new jersey are astronomical. this will bring down those costs because it will be fade by the federal government instead of the state government. he will end up looking good like he did this wonderful, imaginemagical
5:52 am
job of balancing the budget. >> bill: got it, sandy. sandy is reinforcing your point? >> good points. kristi's kristi's tax issues have been skewed to the rich pretty hor rendously his entire tenure. he has ended tax credits that working and poor families rely on he can funnel more to the top end of the spectrum which is obviously a problem for new jersey families. as we spend more time and you can hear it from new jersey voters frankly. they are sick of the national at adulation while they are sitting in a state 48th in unemployment. kristi's pretty high right now. but i think that it's february. he's going to spend the next few months really missing february as people start digging into his record and asking some of these questions. so i urge all of your listeners to go to emily's and find out more about his record and, also, his fabulous challenger, barbara boneau who
5:53 am
will take the state and move it forward >> bill: emilyslist doc. 80 leading republicans signed a letter. i'm sorry. they signed an amicus brief to the supreme court saying, in effect we should support as a nation marriage equality same-sex marriage. leading republicans and yet, here is governor christie on the other side of an issue clearly out of step. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> i think where the american people are, too. >> for sure. he is on the wrong side of the american hist, the wrong side of new jersey. this is not a winning issue >> bill: i have to ask you about one other issue before we run out of time here. >> that's one that emily's list has been working very hard on and in leadership of is getting renewal of the violence against women act. it did pass the senate. >> it did. >> taking out the native american. yeah. no. >> a visa issue >> bill: pat leahy says he will
5:54 am
take care of. it's a pretty good bill out of the senate. >> it is. >> it has faced a road blocking in the house. what's the latest did? >> the 22 no's were republican. >> every woman? >> every republican woman voted for it. every democrat credit for it because, frankly, it's entirely non-controversial. ever since it was -- it started in 1994, this has not been an issue. this current republican party decided that it was going to dig its heels on protecting women from domestic violence. i don't know what the political strategy was, what the substantive strategy was that they decided this was going to be the hill that they made their stand on and they seem to have lost. house republicans are going to vote on their own version of it which had ah dramatically reduced versions and was unacceptable. they will vote on their own version and take up the senate
5:55 am
bill which is sort of -- it's a great victory because the sfait bill is bi-partisan and do a lot to help women. republicans let this bill lapse which means women have gone without protections that they need for it. i don't know why they were willing to play politics with women's safety. >> pissing off a lot of women and if you recaller enforcing their anti-women agenda. >> it's not going away in 2014. women pay a lot of attention to this they have a clear narrative that they are anti-woman and andy anti-family. it's like they can't help themselves >> bill: in new jersey, there is a choice, her name is barbara boneau
5:56 am
jess mcintosh thanks for coming in. come see us soon. >> i will. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis.
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(vo) current tv gets the converstion started next. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me.
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the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. >> the parting shot with bill press, this is "the bill press show." >> bill: hey, have you noticed, there is something missing from republican attacks on president obama these days. nobody is talking about repealing obamacare any more. you know why? because so many republican governors have now embraced it. yesterday, new jersey's chris cristiffic just became the 8th republican governor we were
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