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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  April 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> michael: thanks for watching "the war room" tonight where i broadcast from tyt rebel headquarters and i'll hand it over to cenk uygur who will bring you "the young turks." >> cenk: look at this war room, rebel headquarters. jesus, that's strong. all right we've got a strong show for you tonight on "the young turks" first it's a very emotional move that they do, the gun control advocates where they reedread the names of people who have been killed since new town. >> december 14, 2012, nu newtown connecticut.
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>> victoria. age 27. >> cenk: that's her sister. that's an amazing scene. we'll tell you about that in a little bit. then later on a fun story, jay-z versus jc as in jay corny. >> you don't need this on the beach. >> i guess nothing rhymes with treasurer. >> cenk: and more on the drama between mitch mcconnell and ashashley judd. >> she's emotionally unbalanced. >> cenk: we know who made the tapes. we know. we're going to share it with you. it's go time. cenk: all right, welcome to "the young turks." now, boy the gun control
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advocates did such an amazing vigil last night into this morning. they brought family members of victims of gun shootings and they had them read the 3300 names of people who have been killed since newtown. now, it took all night. it was called filibuster the filibuster to counter the filibuster the republicans were doing on gun control legislation. we got to the sister of elementary school vicky soto. this is what happened. >> grace mcdonald, age seven. december 14, 2012, newtown connecticut. >> victoria soto, age 27,
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december 14, 2012, newtown connecticut. rachel davino, age 29, december 14, 2012, newtown connecticut. lauren russo age 30, december 14, 2012, newtown connecticut... cenk: all right that was laurie haas helping her. they kept on reading. for this segment you'll continue to see that. laurie haas, who's daughter emily survived being shot at virginia tech, obviously when julia soto got to her sister, she got very emotional alleged couldn't read her name, so very powerful moment there. among other things, this vigil helped in actually defeating the filibuster.
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two democrats joined the republican filibuster, but they did not have enough votes to block the debate in the first place. abc news has more on that. all right. we had a report, it's ok, the vote was 68-31. they are proceeding to a debate. don't get them wrong the bill hasn't passed. the big hurdle we had to get through was should we even discuss it. that's the state that we're in now. the n.r.a., even though there is a compromise now between a republican and democratic, i think it's an incredibly weak compromise. the n.r.a. said no, no, no, not good enough, should it fail to do so, the nra will make an exception to our standard policy of not scoring procedural votes and strongly oppose to cloture
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motion. they're saying that not only are we opposed to this, even though it's an incredibly watered down compromise if they do not filibuster it at the end of the debate, then we will count that against them. so, as the democrats reach out and reach out and reach out constantly all the n.r.a. does is slap their olive branch away and meet it with all their weapons. all right now we're going to bring in a panel to discuss all this. they're going to be with us throughout the show. let me introduce editor of i can't lieu news, and we have lee fang, and joe williams.
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great to have you all here. guys leme also read you president obama's quote here, so you get a contrast between the n.r.a. and president obama: cenk: so, joe let me start with you on this one. it looks like president obama as usual says ok, it's incredibly weak and watered down, but i'll take it. later on, he seemed to say that he would champion it whereas the n.r.a. says great, we got you to water it down completely, we till won't take it. isn't this a microcosm of what's been happening between conservatives and progressives for at least the last 12 years? >> well, and even more acutely over the last four to eight years, or four to six years so far, because every time a
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compromise gets proposed that would move legislation forward to actually what the people want, not so much what democrats or progressives want, but what the people want, it seems the forces on the right manage to throw sand in the gears, water things down, monkey it up and what we're left with is not even half a loaf. at this point i guess president obama is reading the handwriting on the wall in that this is probably a lot further than many people expected him to get. remember, even as recently as a few weeks ago people were questions whether or not a bill would even go forward whether we'd even get to talk about this. at this point, youth probably have to call it something of a victory, even though hollow at best and it does do something that gets the camel's nose in the door to strengthen this lawsuit on. cenk: but lee, there's a huge exception here, right? so everybody's clear on this, the gun show loophole will go away theoretically on-line sales of guns will go away,
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exempt you could still have private sales. if you're at a gun show and say listen, i can't sell it to you here it's an organized place according to law but if you want to meet in the backpackerring lot, i can sell it to you as a private citizen. isn't that a loop home so gigantic that it briefs a mack truck through it? >> of course it is. there's two dib mix here. a lot of it is politics. look at the republican senators who are proceeding with this bill. they're up for reelection next year and the next mid term election. kelly a.m. ote mark kirk. they're in blue states. they don't want to piss off the nra and other constituency groups. this doesn't interrupt the gun sales of the big gun manufacturers. if you look at ruger strum and
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crowe, they were worried about an assault weapons ban, because when that was implemented in the early 1990s that affected gun sales. these policies that we're talking about now won't have a big effect. cenk: ben i want to show you a clip of joe biden. first, lets look at the vice president here. >> the public is to far ahead of the elected officials. i mean, so far ahead. you saw it in immigration, you saw it in marriage issues, you're seeing it now. the public has moved to a different place. cenk: so, beth, that gets to the $64,000 question. why? if the public is at 91% and in favor of background checks and we can't even get a real background check legislation through and we're celebrating that it didn't get filibustered before we heard it, what's wrong with the system? >> well, what's wrong is that
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the senate has very strange rules, of course and the filibuster was a real problem and something that they could only get through with a much watered down bill. there's a more positive way to look at this. we're seeing evidence of compromise in the senate. for so many years since president obama came in, absolute hard and fast positions, little compromise between democrats and republicans on capitol hill. it's been deadlocked. public opinion on the place that soured badly. you're seeing progress, particularly in the senate, you're seeing this by partisan, albeit weakened, but nonetheless fairly significant step on gun control. the so-called gang of eight is coming out with immigration reform next week. these are things nobody thought was possible many months ago. why guns? the n.r.a. is probably the most powerful lobby in washington. there are members of congress that will not thwart them under
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think circumstances. this step was a pretty significant victory. cenk: but beth, real quick let me talk about the soft budgetary of low expectations. doesn't the system reward object 16 net republicans. they say we will not under any circumstances. isn't that the correct political path for republicans? >> president obama said when he first introduced gun legislation in january, he said the only way this is going to work is if there's a substantial outcry from the public on behalf of these measures. we haven't really seen that, to be honest with you. the clip that you showed of the families reading the names was extremely powerful, but where's the million person march for this in washington? where is the incredible uproar among constituents saying you guys have to play ball here?
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we're not seeing that with guns. we're seeing that with other things gay marriage and immigration, but not guns. >> that binges, you do have public pressure cranked up. obama has been out there pitching on this, the first lady said that she was there the day of pendleton that that was her life. that sort of thing resonates not necessarily in the types of things that will bring millions to the mal but results in the souls of the congress people to calls for legislation. indeed, the n.r.a. is going to be back in the corner here. it will be interesting to see what happens in 2014 to those republicans who voted yes on the bill. cenk: stay right there. i want to come back and talk to you. before we leave this, i want you again to look at the vigil here. i thought it was incredibly powerful and helped a little bit at least. this is on tape from yesterday. he's the head of the brady campaign. listen to all these names, 3300
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names since newtown all killed by guns. >> he was killed on january 12, 2013 in phoenix arizona. theodore curly deserves a voluntarily. jacob michael leone was 18 years old, died january 12, 2013 to a gun unsouth tucson, arizona. jacob michael leone deserves a vote. cenk: all right when we come back, we're going to switch topics and talk about unchained c.p.a. we've got a republican who's attacking president obama from the left. well that's unique. we'll talk about that, too. >> i thought it very intriguing in that his budget lays out kind of a shocking attack on seniors if you will.
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now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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cenk: we're back on "the young turks" with our panel. joe williams is with us as usual. we've got fouhy who's the senior politics and national cover editor for yahoo news and lee fang. we're going to be talking about president obama's efforts to cut social security. he would like to cut it through chain c.p.i. he says he has got to do it because the republicans want it. represent from oregon said not really, i think it's a bad idea. let's watch. >> i thought it very intriguing in that his budget really lays out kind of a a shocking attack on seniors if you will. we haven't seen all the detail yet, so we'll look at it. when you're going after seniors the way he has done on obamacare, taking $700 million out of medicare to put into obamacare and comes at seniors
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again, i think you're crossing the line to denying seniors access to health care. cenk: he hasn't gotten his talking points yet. boehner wanted to straighten him out, saying wait, wait, we love cutting social security the. >> i made it clear that i disagree with what chairman walden said. this is the least we must do to begin to solve the problems of social security. cenk: all right let me go to my panel here. lee, i thought that before the i elections, everybody talked about how they're the ones that are going to protect social security and medicare. what's fascinating is after the elections, most of them seem to agree, no, no, no, we were just kidding or lying let's slash social security and medicare. cenk: president obama was
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explicit in protecting medicare and social security, making it a campaign theme in 2008 and 2012, so there's huge hypocrisy there. i want to push back on the claims by a lot of progressives that speaker boehner is going to enforce ideological unit here. republicans are going to say that democrats are going after seniors, going to hurt grandma kill grandpa, and it's going to be a boon for republicans and depress the progressive base. cenk: so, beth, is that an interesting strategy by president obama to jump out ahead of the republicans and say no no, i'll offer to cut social security first because look what they did to him on medicare, as lee points out. what's he doing here? is there some set of third level of chess that i'm missing or is he making the same mistake over
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and over again? >> no, i think third level of chess is exactly what's going on. number one let's face it, president obama is a pretty pragmatic democratic. he's not a lefty liberal democratic. he's talked for years about entitlement reform and that these programs have to be changed in some manner to survive for the long term. it's not like this is coming out of nowhere for him. by putting it on the table now though, just exactly what you say, it's going to cause disarray among republicans some saying this is the right thing to do. the ryan budget on the republican side goes far further in cutting entitlements, but it's going to challenge republicans who are up in 2014 to say no, no, we want to protect medicare. as we've just said in 2010 the republicans used the medicare issue against democrats and president obama effectively in that mid term election because of the alleged cuts to medicare that were going to come out of
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obamacare and everybody's head was spinning. everyone was saying wait a minute republicans want to cut entitlements. i think president obama he stayed pretty true to what he's always said, these programs need to be refolder, but he's also throwing a bit of a curveball into the republican unit on this. i think that's kind of smart. cenk: i want to go back to leon that. there's an irony here that the president is throwing a curveball to republicans by agreeing with them, but ok, nonetheless, he's agreed with them. around they getting their way? >> look, at the end of the day for the 24 news hour cycle it's very interesting making these stories, that, you know, are claiming that republicans are in disarray there's a civil war within the party. the attack ads are what matter. look at 2010, how they used the medicare issue against departments. for years, republicans were angry about medicare fraud and
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what did obamacare do? he cut the most wasteful programs in medicare, added investigators to get rid of fraud in medicare. how did he get rewarded by that from republicans and attack ad groups? they spent 10s of millions of dollars claiming that democrats want to go after granny. that's again what we're going to see in the next mid term election. that's how politics works. it's unfortunate that obama instead of strengthen social security by lifting the payroll cap is actually hurting it in adding basically a tax on seniors. cenk: republican ryan has a clip i want to read to you. president obama said chain c.p.i. was the number one thing he wanted. now paul ryan says: in other words, i don't care, not a big deal not enough.
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number one isn't this horrible negotiation strategy, give them what they want and they immediately turn around and go great, i already have it, now i want more, more, more, more. >> it's also an interesting political dynamic here in that yes, this is -- how many times have we seen this? we've seen it over and over again through the budget negotiations we've seen it through the debt ceiling where president obama is moving in their direction and it's still never enough. it's never going to be enough. interestingly here to beth's point, you have a potential strategy here where president obama is demonstrating yet again another object lesson that the republicans are intransigent, not willing to do anything he propose's -- cenk: i got to ask you though, you're all right beth's right joe's right, he's proving over and over republicans are intransigent, but then gives
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republicans when they wanted and gives it to them again and again. where's the brilliant strategy on policy? isn't he getting his ass kicked? start with joe and move on down. >> it depends on how big a picture you're looking at. certainly in 2012 when we talked about the negotiations over the debt ceiling. what president obama got was an extension of unemployment benefits an extension of the painful tax holiday. cenk: whoop-to-doo! >> for someone at the end of the level, that four or five weeks made a big difference. it also mattered in the fact that it did not detrimentally affect the economy with that we're talking then. now we're talking about something that necessarily is going to have to have some sweeteners in it and even still
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he might not have anything from the republicans. you have to look very very carefully to figure out if the big get is not worth some of the other things. cenk: not worth it at all. if you remember from kentucky, bunting proposed to cut unemployment, even the republicans called him radical. what we got was they extended unemployment, which even the republicans admitted not extending it was radical. beth i want to give you last word here, because i know lee agrees with me. go ahead. >> i would say you got to look at it for the long term. president obama has extracted a few things out of republicans that nobody thought was possible. out of the fiscal cliff deal, he got them to raise taxes on high earners after they said no way. cenk: that's nothing. >> no, that's not nothing. cenk: i got to interrupt. >> don't interrupt you've been talking and talking. they got that. there's a little bit of a
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movement. cenk: i like her strength. go ahead. >> when was the last time we saw any gun legislation come out of washington? these are things that happened under this pot who is looking like he's giving it all away, but he is getting things back that nobody ever thought he would. cenk: i got to answer this. if we did nothing on the fiscal cliff deal, we would have gotten so much more tax increases trillions in tax increases. what he did was he reduced the tax increases. he reduced the tax increases. he kept at least 80% of bush's tax cuts. he gave the republicans what they couldn't have imagined. he made -- in fact, if you do it based on revenue over 90% of the bush tax cuts were made permanent, which even bush couldn't do! he got nothing! ok. >> if they'd gone over the fiscal cliff it could have been an economic calamity, crashed
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the markets. i've got to go to break. when we come back, jay-z versus jay c. >> i think there's going to be a lot of questions for the administration as to how these two high profile, very well connected individuals got to spend their anniversary in havana.
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>> there they are, mr. and mrs. carter looking like ordinary tourists in cuba, jay-z in his shorts holding his cigar beyonce hold are her camera. they were mobbed by fans excited to see this flash of hollywood on the streets of old havana. cenk: now, of course, how dare you go to cuba.
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a couple of cuban american legislators lost it. you can get an exception from the treasury department if you're doing treasury or culture ales changes. of course, the republicans thought aha this is a conspiracy from the white house. jay-z wrote a song about it, of course, which was called "open letter." and jay carney was asked about it and quoted the rope song which is nothing but fun, so let's take a look at that. >> i turned havana into atlanta boy from the hood, i got white house clearance. obama said chill you gonna get me i am speeched. you don't need this anyway, chill with me on the beach. >> i guess nothing rhymes with treasury. because treasury offers and
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gives licenses for travel, as you know, and the white house has nothing to do with it. cenk: all right now we go to our panel joe williams, fouhy from yahoo news and lee fang from the nation. lee, i saw your tweets earlier today. what's happening here, who's guilty and who's innocent? >> this is silly season. it came out yesterday a california assemblyman politician went on break to cuba, as well. i'm waiting for marco rubio and other florida republicans to ask for an investigation into that trip, as well. this is just, i don't understand the cuba politics. you know these republicans talk a good game about free markets free trade. whatever happened to that? why don't we have normalized relations with cuba. look at vietnam. we have regular trade agreements with that country and look at
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it it's liberalizing, a strong american ally. we should do the same with cuba. cenk: to be fair, we've only given the cuba sanies 51 years. don't you think they'd break in year 52? >> you'd think they'd go away at some point. republicans in their effort to discredit or question the white house have essentially attacked two of the more popular black artists, in the united states. for a party that has so much trouble connecting with black african-american voters, for them to take on this particular couple, who are revered among many americans and particularly among black americans seems a little short-sighted even though what they were trying to do is attack obama in the process, they simply managed to attack very popular black performers. cenk: that doesn't seem wise. on the other hand, joe it seems
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like, i don't know, is there a little bit of a split between the administration and jay-z? the song was pretty angry against all politicians. let me play you a clip of it here and lets watch. ♪ ♪ cenk: there's a guy that's been at the white house and all of a sudden politicians never did blank for him. is that also directed at the white house or no? >> i don't think so. i mean first you got to brush the dirt off your shoulders like obama did in 2008. a lyric to a jay-z song. clearly they have close ties. there's all kind of pictures between president obama and jay-z. jay-z did one of the final rally's in 2012. it's not that jay-z is attacking obama directly. it's just that he's talking about politicians in general and even so, he's a rapper, ok? this is what rapper's do, they talk about stuff, they brag
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about things. some may be true, some may not be true. they give their political opinion. to me, this whole is a tempest in a tea cup. it's silly season in d.c., as lee said. this will go away, probably not soon enough, but hopefully pretty soon. cenk: did jay-z and bow i don't and beyonce do anything wrong going to cuba? mere, you know, they didn't praise castro or anything like that. was there anything wrong with this trip? >> no, many, many americans travel to cuba, if they do it in a way that's sanctified by the government. >> exactly. i used to live in south florida. there are people who get in and out, no problem. it irritated a state with a very
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vocal population that hates cuba and it's a heavy electoral state. cenk: now that we've settled this, we're going to move on. in the next block this is fun guys there's a new gop apparently. that's kind of news to everybody. they are gathering here in hollywood and they've got a new face who's going to present their party platform. it's dick cheney. we'll talk about the new gop and whether they actually exist when we come back.
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cenk: we're back on "the young turks." the republican party's trying to make a comeback and need a make overto do it. last month at cpac, they unveiled the growth and opportunity project where they said they can rebrand the republican party and if you've
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seen the head at all on t.v., you've seen him saying it over and over again. >> we've got to let everybody in the door, wolf. we've got to be a happy party, a growing party. we're going to have to be positive. >> i think people believe that we need to break a few pieces of china to get things straight, and one is our tone. >> i think in order to get back in the game, you've got to look at do a full autopsy of what happened and what we did well, didn't do well, can do better in two years and four years from now. we want to bring everyone together. cenk: we got to be a happy party, and we're going to break some chain in a to do it. today, guys, they are actually in hollywood california, of all places. they are doing their spring gathering for the republican national committee and brought in a new face, dick cheney to speak to them. sounds like they're off to a
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great start. of course our panel is here with us joe williams, beth fouhy and lee fang. it seems they are trying to remarket the same ideas. >> i think we could see something very interesting out of this meeting. this is the first they are doing six they did the autopsy which you just described. it remains to be seen whether the rank and file of this party is going to accept and adopt the autopsy. it is likely that this is something to examine what went wrong. the delegates to this meeting could simply reject that and say we don't want any part of this and say our problems are more with not being conservative enough. you could see a real back lash against that autopsy.
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the other thing you're going to see potentially is a vote on whether or not to reaffirm the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman which is a resolution that's going to go before them at this meetmeeting. cenk: i have a radical idea of what's wrong with the republican party. it's called the republican party. it's actually their ideas. tax cuts for the rich, you know, they're on the wrong side on you name an issue gay marriage, background checks, immigration you find me a poll where the american people believe what the republican party beliefs and i'd be shocked. so maybe, they should turn around. they're not really going to turn around in their ideas are they? >> of course not. the california republican party faced a similar collapse, particularly in voter identification a couple years
4:43 pm
back. i actually went to a similar republican party convention for the california republican party also in los angeles in 2011, where they were facing a similar dynamic. it was interesting to see the dichotomy. on stable, we saw consultant after consultant showing the demographics and talking about modernizing the gop making it more friendly to young voters, backing away from contentious social issues and go into the hallway, and they were collecting signatures to put on the ballot, a repeal of teaching the education of gay americans in california schools. so there's a huge contrast there, and we're running up against what's the matter with kansas problem right because there are 30, maybe 40 congressional districts that are historically very friendly to progressive issues on economic policies, but republicans have dominated them by gay-baiting scapegoating immigrants and how
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the party deals with these issues as they run up against this demographic problem is the real question. >> joe, they got an idea for this. it's two-fold. i'm going to read you two awesome quotes. number one the report in the autopsy says: cenk: yeah yeah, i would imagine a democracy. and then number two, they said: cenk: now, if you don't even believe in the issues affecting those communities what do you think, is it going to be effective to reach out to those communities? >> i highly doubt it. i mean, you know, those two things definitely illustrate the contradiction in the republican party, not to mention this meeting where they were supposed to talk about the party's future, you have dick cheney showing up to speak there.
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it's like putting racing stripes on a pinto. it just really doesn't make that much difference and you still are driving a pinto. you don't have to look much further than the cpac meeting i reported on last month. there you have supposedly the new young face, rising star and marco rubio square off. rubio's farewell received but to poll light applause. if he was the new young face, he was coming out with old ideas marriage is between a man and woman, immigration should lead to a pass but not as i send ship. rand paul said the same thing to a group of african-americans asking them and challenging them if they knew their own history which he seemed almost oblivious to. you have a party that really doesn't know what to do with itself promoting a lot of ideas, trying to put a new face on it. the problem isn't with the republican party's message, the
4:46 pm
problem is the republican party not to mention transvaginal ultra are sounds, the list goes on. cenk: joe is exactly right about rubio's speech. the line was i've got a new idea it's called america. i was like i got news for you that isn't a new idea. but beth, on rand paul, look, that is a little different. you've got to give him credit where credit is do, but is there a chance they will head into a libertarian direction where there are wars in the republican party? is that possible? >> i think chances are that the party will be alleges more libertarian, not just to be following rand paul. i followed ron paul. it was fascinating to see the diverse group of voters who would go to the rally. those rallies were huge. mitt romney never saw a rally as big as ron paul would attract.
4:47 pm
the ideology attracts young sometimes preppy college students along with bikers and folks who live out in the woods and don't want to be touched by the government at all. it really is a picture of diversity. it may not be exactly the picture the republican party is looking for but it's better than what they have now which is simply a lot of white voters who are elderly and dying off. that ron paul-rand paul group offers them at least some hope. as you say the republican party probably will neve embrace the anti war aspect of the paul message, which is one of the things that's really directed to young people so there is a limit to the paulism for republicans. cenk: i agree with beth. i think it's real, and i think that, you know, we could totally disagree with it, joe but at least it's honest, you know, and it's intellectually honest, and it's not just brought to you by
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corporate america, which is what the republican has turned into. it would be an interesting debate, but ultimately, i doubt they'll go in that direction. we've got to take a break here. when we come back, we'll talk about the mitch mcconnell-ashley judd controversy, both sides accusing each other of breaking the law, who's young and who's right. obviously we settle it on "the young turks." >> is it fair game for you to question someone's mental health for their religion in a strategy session like that?
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cenk: you remember last week a controversy with mitch mcconnell and ashley judd, ashley judd decided not to run against him. turns out there was a recording of mcconnell and his staff digging up dirt on ashley judd. >> mother jones magazine, publishing a tape recording of the private session revealing possible campaign plans to attack judd's admissions of a
4:52 pm
personal struggle with depression. >> is it fair game for you to question someone's mental health or their religion in a strategy session? >> apparently they were bugging our headquarters, this is what you get. cenk: that's interesting. asking the question three different times he never answered the question whether it was appropriate to talk about ashley judd's mental well being in a strategy session. turns out that progress kentucky a liberal super pac according to jacob conway, did listen in from outside the doorway, and record it. now, meanwhile, the citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington are saying if mcconnell was talking about strategy political strategy in attacks against opponents on government time, that would be illegal. ok now we're having fun. so we're going to bring in the panel again joe williams, fouhy
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and lee fong. guilty or not, mitch mcconnell and progress kentucky, beth, go. >> guilty of doing research on an opponent, that's big news. that never happens in political campaigns. guilty of wiretapping somebody, probably not a great idea by progressive kentucky. bad on both of them. cenk: to be fair, they were literally standing right outside the door. i'm not sure they had the consent of the people on the other side of the door. joe, is that a problem. >> do you report on what you overhear standing in the adjacent stall of a bathroom or standing next door? it's legal information lawfully obtained from the reporter standard. politically, it seems almost anything goes. to me, i don't think they need permission, because it's not legal technically.
4:54 pm
the substance of what they were talking about seems to be making more of headlines than the method in which it was obtained. >> lee would you have done it? >> done what? >> if you heard them, would you have done research against ashley judd. no. if you were outside the door and heard mitch mcconnell and his team talking about that, would you have recorded it and put it out in the press. >> i wouldn't have, but i can't comment on the story without knowing the full details. i just saw on twitter that the f.b.i. is looking into this. i think this demonstrates that mitch mcconnell is one of the most savvy operators in employedern history. he demonstrated he's a transformational character in terms of policy answered how he has transformed the senate. he doesn't get enough credit for that. cenk: we all agree that, i think, and so, joe i'm not
4:55 pm
sure but they're doing opposition research, so what? it seems kind of savvy. >> ask george allen about that. he famously had his moment where the democrats are doing research involving some guy following them with a camera 24/7. it's legal. ethical? it might caught people some qualms. but a lot that's legal is shocking to other people and what's more shocking is financially what's legal. that to me is more troublesome. cenk: absolutely, that's what we should be spending 90% of our time talking about where they get their money. on the issue of health, questions mental health, christianty, fair game? >> they were having what they thought was a private conversation. look, i sounds unsavery to all of us, but in politics, what people say about their opponents
4:56 pm
in private is so brutal, and it's such pitched warfare that the fact they were having this conversation does not shock me at all. it's sad that it's so brass knuckles, but that's the way it is. cenk: it seemed to work. ashley judd is out of the race. she was within three points of mcconnell. effective. he'll be facing someone with much less name recognition. by the way the people who helped mitch mcconnell throughout were the other democrats in kentucky who didn't want ashley judd in that race. be careful what you wish for. good luck against mcconnell. he's a lot savvier than he looks. >> to say the least. >> joe williams, fouhy and lee fong, thank you for joining us and through you the show. >> thanks. cenk: we'll be right back with one more important opportunity to.
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