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tv   Viewpoint  Current  May 6, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] it turns out they're making plastic guns. it's real. it's happening now. you can shoot with them! we're so screwed! i'll explain that on the young tonight. "viewpoint" is next. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: israel launches airstrikes against syria, but there is some hope that this new conflict can be resolved within the next two or three centuries. meanwhile, at the nra convention right wing christian glenn beck compares mod raid michael bloomberg to right wing hitler. and wayne lapierre tells the crowd we will never surrender our guns despite nobody trying to take their guns. oh, and remember when the g.o.p. attacked president bush when 60 people were killed between between 2002-2008. well, i don't remember.
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let's take a brand new drug for obama haters and we'll unveil the new ad for it on tonight's show. today is the birthday of sigmund freud, willie mays, bob seger and on this date in 1527 spanish and german troops invaded and sacked rome ending the renaissance. fortunately, george w. bush has taken up painting. this is "viewpoint." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang. this is "viewpoint." thank you so much for joining us this evening. israel won't say it was responsible but it was a sure thing that it was israeli forces that struck targets around syrian capitol damascus, and in precision airstrikes friday and sunday. could the u.s. be planning an
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attack of its own? an intervention in sir yeahs civil war? stocks of long range missiles said to be heading from iran to syria to hezbollah groups from attacked and destroyed. now sir yeahs deputy foreign minister said that the attacks were a declaration of war and all the options for retaliation were open. at the white house press secretary jay carney said the u.s. supported israel's option to attack the assad regime. >> john: the transfer of sophisticateed weapons to terrorist organizations like hezbollah is certainly a concern and threat to israel and they have a right to act in response to those concerns. >> but with the reports mounting of sarin nerve gas attacks on syrian silverns, senators menendez announced they could arm the syrian rebels. and it was suggested on sunday
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that the u.s. could army some of the rebel groups fighting assad. >> we needs a game changing action. no boots on the ground. establish a safe zone, protect it and supply weapons to the right people in syria who are fighting for obviously the things we believe in. >> the idea of getting weapons in, if we know the right people to get them, my guess is we'll give them to them. >> meanwhile an official with the united nations commission of inquiry on syria suggested that while it was likely nerve gas had been used the assad regime might not have been responsible. karla del pont told reporters and i quote. there are strong concrete suspicions but not net incontrovertible proof that the success of sarin gas this was used on the part of the opposition, the rebels not by the government authority.
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jay carney all about dismissed what she said. >> we're highly accidentible that the opposition used chemical weapons. we find it highly likely that any chemical weapon used that had taken police in syria was done by the assad regime. >> john: as for who has got chemical weapons and the willingness to use them, told the u.n. times it's become pretty clear to everyone that assad is contemplating whether those weapons might save him. for more, i'm joined by joel reuben director of policy and government affairs for the plou plough shares fund at former state department officer and congressional aide. andly rachel kleinfeld president and co-founder of the truman national security project.:
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joel do the israeli attacks weaken the assad regime, and is the u.s. action much more likely following the syrian airstrikes. >> these attacks are interesting. the israelis are very concerned about what is happening in syria. that's their number one security issue in it the country. and if anything, it looks like the attacker or the scribing was done to strengthen israeli domestic concerns and resolve and make sure that the israelis understand that they're trying to protect the northern border. they're looking at a sea of violence and the breaking down of the state. it does not mean that this is going to be the precursor for an american attack. this looks like it was not just an one-off attack but several strikes, clearly it does demonstrate that israel has the capacity to strike, and it's not clear whether assad has the capacity to respond to these
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types of pinpointed strikes, certainly in the defensive manner. there will be potentially repercussions of the attack and that's a concern of the days ahead of concern. >> john: did it weaken israel at weak--did it weaken assad at all or hezbollah? >> his forces have spent their entire lifetime, decades building up a military to counter israel, and right now they look very weak. at the same time they're fighting internal irsun insurgency a civil war. it's the syrian people but in the military's view it's the enemy, and it's not seen as being decisive. but it does show to those around
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the region that assad's regime is weak. it's not decisive to knock him out. >> john: let me bring rachel kleinfeld. you wrote that the u.s. should tape in tostep in to aid the syrian rebels. >> no one wants war in this region but how do you keep the war from spilling over to allies like israel, and into weak states like lebanon and allies like turkey. the best way to keep the violence contained is to shape the option rather than to let the options shape themselves. that requires some show of force, but not with american boots on the ground. that needs to be quite limited and we need to understand the end game before we get involved. >> john: do you mean by that airstrikes or merely arming the insurgents. >> the best possible option would be arming the insurgents.
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that would require some level of special forces on the ground to make sure that it's going to the right insurgents, not folks working with al-qaida, but the secular insurgentses that we're willing to work with. it would be air defenses that would be flown from missiles offshore. you're talking about a very limited situation, sort of like the first few weeks of the war in afghanistan or the war in bosnia rather than an iraq-like situation. >> john: would you agree rachel, that finding the non- non-islamic secular insurgents would be the tricky part about that operation? >> we've had intelligence working there for two years now. we do have a sense of who would be willing to work with us, and who would be functional and effective as a government in the end game after all of this. that's what is most important. we can't just think about the first step. we need to think about three or four steps down the line and
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build a functional representative political system. that can't be the u.s. alone. this needs to be an internationalized effort. nothing will work if we don't bring in turkey, qatar saudi arabia and regional allies who will be there along after the u.s. is gone. >> john: and cooperation from vladimirvladimir putin as well. won't they need resources to rescue down the hospitals in the territory. wouldn't that mean boots on the ground. >> if we look at airstrikes we only have to look at libya. it really needs to be a robust program. a commitment to a no-fly zone is a commitment to full military action. that means it's going to take basing requirements and agreements like turkey, jordan and over flight clearance from
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those countries and significant munitions. that's not a light footprint. that's not the same that happened. where there is a simple silver bullet, those arguments need to be swatted away. we need to have a fuller discussion. as rachel was saying there is a real need for intensive diplomatic effort that builds on what has been built under way and go forward. the countries in the region are looking to see where the u.s. will be in this fight, what will be their position, how will they ensure that they're stable as well and massive refugees flow into turkey and jordan and. >> john: and rachel, you may have nailed it on the head. there is no good option only bad
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option. and president obama said if they used chemical weapons they would have crossed the red line. do you think the president has unequivocally committed our nation to an assad chemical attack on his own people. >> chemical weapons have been banned since the end of world war ii. they've been banned because they're such noxious weapons. they tend to kill a huge number of civilians, maim and harm military members in the wake but they do not change the terrain of war. they're not decisive weapons. since they've been banned since world war ii it's really a commitment to not let this genie out of the bottle again. we saw the dysfunction after world war i and nobody wants it out again. >> john: after iraq and afghanistan, and we're still in afghanistan, of course, do you
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think the u.s. is ready for another open-ended military commitment in the middle east. >> i don't think the american people are ready for that. and the arab stream is ready for that either. it's in many ways it's reminiscent of the bosnia conflict in the early to mid 90s where the state fell apart before the international community eyes and it took years to grapple with how to calm that down. this is going to be a multi year problem. putting boots on the ground does not appear to make sense from any analytic perspective. we really do need to stay engaged and more so and ensure that we are helping the syrian people to meet their aspiration and calm the situation down before it guess further into a negative direction. >> john: rachel, do you think there is an end to the conflict in syria that is possible
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without u.s. inter? intervention? >> i think bosnia is the right answer. we need to do it in a small way where we don't end up owning the conflict. >> john: joel rubin and rachel kleinfeld. it's a sad and horrible story and it's great to have your expertise on "viewpoint." >> thank you. >> john: the nra held their convention, and they vowed to march on with guns, guns that no one has ever threatened to take away.
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current tv is the place for true stories. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries... on current tv. >> john: today's thing of the day is the day's here comes the judge of the day. clarance thomas who has spoken 20 years less on the supreme court than the octobers did in the "artist" has spoken about barack obama saying he was the elected the first black president only because he appealed to elites saying that that's what black people have to do to succeed in our society. well, except for justice thomas, that is. he got where he is today through a plucky combination of mediocrity and bitter bitterness. from aggressive military
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rhetoric to printable weaponsreceipt >> so from aggressive military rhetoric to printable weapons to an armed march on washington its been a rather an alarming and alarmingly ordinary few days for america's begun junkies. this weekend marked the nra's annual convention charmingly titled "stand and fight." presumably with your own government and law law law enforcement a mention that many republicans seem to take literally. >> as we sit here this morning we are neat mid-of an once in a generation fight for everything that we care about. >> and if every one of us enlists and recruits just one person we will be that much stronger for the battles that surely lie ahead. >> i will say this. i am looking at an army. >> john: albeit an army that probably didn't have to pass a fitness test, senator cruz.
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while the nra convention announcing july fourth an open carry march on washington that could flood the city with people with firearms convincing that these are law abiding gun owners. and if that was not frightening enough owning a gun could be as easy as control "p." a gun that is plastic printed on a 3-d printer that is capable of firing. to reflect on all of this we're pleased to be joined by john rosenthal, co-founder of stop gun violence and common sense about kids and guns. it seemed like very aggressive rhetoric from the nra convention
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convention: john, what was your biggest take away from the convention this weekend. >> the nra are toasting that they've continued to convince congress to allow criminals and terrorist toss buy guns without a background check not just with guns but black powder used for bombs that were used in my city where i sit today, in boston. it's outrageous. the nra supports criminals and terrorists, not law abiding citizens. and the children killed in newtown, and those shot in aurora have died to vain thanks to a gutless, spineless congress, and they have allowed the gun industry to be unregulated, and you can't sue them, so now they're going start making plastic guns that evade metal detection.
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god helps us. >> john: i want to ask you about the plastic guns in a few minutes. and i dispute you. i think the nra represents not only criminals but those who have profited of the killing that criminals have done off guns they manufactured. they seem to be doing the victory lap this weekend. should that be the appropriate response of these people for the past few months? were you shocked by the glib glee they displayed with how they got away with this? >> no, think about it, the new president of the nra said obama is a quote, fake president. and he also was quoted saying that the civil war was an act of aggression from the north. this is what we're up against. they're a lunatic fringe but the truth is stranger than fiction, they're funded by an unregulated industry. they've convinced congress that they should go along with it in
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order to continue to receive the blood money from smith and wesson, who made the weapon used to shoot 71 at aurora bush master owner of chrysler and bush master and 35% of the gun industry, and they can't be sued so they fund the nra. the nra just does what they say. but members of congress go along with can "t"? when are the american people, the silent majority stand up and say no to this. but until they do we'll continue to lose 87 more americans largely from preventable gun violence. since sandy hook over a thousand americans have died from guns. and congress responds by not requiring a background check for for crimes and terrorists. they can continue to buy gun un undetected.
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shame on us for allowing congress to get away with murder. >> john: what do you make of the open carry march planned for d.c.? that sounds like a planned march to d.c. prison if these guys are law abiding gun owners. >> the gun industry think they own d.c. and it looks like they do. they've beaten politicians to submission to the extent that they won't require a background check at gun shows. they're unregulated. there are no restrictions. they can't be sued. the gun industry will support the lunatic fringe who will arm themselves and march on washington and the general public does nothing about it. >> john: what about this printable gun that fires while this is terrifying, i want to
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ask you your theory about this. doesn't this seem like nra's worst nightmare a gun that you could make and it does not profit. >> no, the gun manufacturers will buy the patent. they'll make the gun themselves. think about it, a gun made to evade metal detection. even people on suspected terrorist watch lists can buy guns, according to congress, and this is greed run amok. this is when an industry is unregulated and can't be sued. there is no end to the greed in order to sell more guns, kill more people, add more fear, sell more guns, and the vicious cycle of gun violence and the measure commentsmerchants of death on wall street will continue. >> john: john rosenthal co-founder of stop handgun violence and common sense about
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kids and guns. thank you for your insight and hard and deeply moral work on these issues. >> thank you our wtf this week continues with the series on new hampshire, that's coming up next.
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(vo) later tonight current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside.
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(vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> john: this week our continuing wtf series goes to beautiful new hampshire where republicans state representative stella tremblay didn't just board the crazy train. she commandeered the engine and crashed it into the cracker factory. first, she accused the federal government of being behind the boston bombing. she said this on glenn beck's facebook page. she then went on to say in a radio interview that she knows the american government is behind the boston bombing because jeff baumana bombing victim who helped identify the suspects was not screaming in agony after both of his legs were broken off.
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well ms. tremblay, you didn't scream in agony when your association with the tea party exploded your brain. why do we need a terrorist attack to divert us from bush and obama's war crimes when the main treatment media has that covered already. wtf, new hampshire you're a gorgeous state. j.d. salinger lived in your state and never said a word. can't you get one lunatic to shut up? coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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>> john: on wednesday, a diplomat i can official from the u.s. embassy in bengahzi is scheduled to tell congress that
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more people could have been saved dug the september 11th attack last year. according to fox news, gregory hicks has said fighter jets could have come to the rescue before libyans launched a mortar attack. this contradicts pentagon officials who say there was not enough time to deploy. whether or not this is just a matter of opinion, a documentary explains the risk people take when people come forward like this. the movie is called "war on whistle blowers." includes the stories of thomas tamm and thomas drake who were each charged with espionage exposing cases of warrantless wiretapping and franz gayl who faced harassment after showing that the marine corpse kept buying humvees instead of vehicles that could survive explosions and michael dekort who gave up his future in the
5:32 pm
defense industry after revealing the u.s. coast guard installed radios that weren't waterproof. >> secretory is always the linchpin of abuses of power. if you can exercise your power in the dark, people have insufficient pow to hold you accountable. >> whistle blowers are under attack in ways they've never been before in history. >> john: joining me now arc man who has become one of america's most important filmmakers robert greenwald, robert, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> i know the espionage problems with dropped against tamm and drake but are they still facing other problems. >> there is legal financial family disruptions and their honor and integrity has tragically been attacked when what they're doing is almost a classic case definition of being a patriot, standing up, and
5:33 pm
calling out something not because they have anything at all to gain, but because their values demand that they speak up. >> john: all too often whistle blowers are people who are punished for putting morality above loyalty and your film says that president obama is coming down much harder on whistle blowers than president bush ever did. why do you think that is? >> we talk to reporters and they all make the case that the obama administration like other administrations republican or democrat, this is clearly an issue beyond partisan politics, unfortunately. it's impacted by the military industrial complex or the national security state. that has an immense power and hold on whoever is in the presidency, whoever the elected officials are. >> john: officially the president is powerfulless
5:34 pm
against the military industrial complex. >> i don't know if he's powerless, but what we see it over and over again we see it with spending, the wars, drones, whistle blowers that an entrenchinged bureaucracy driven by profit and ideology has an enormous power. you know, the size of the national security state is so immense, they have done this wonderful reporting and there is one spot in this film that just jumps out at you. the national security agency every day monitors $1.7 billion e-mails. that begins to give a sense of how big they are how dispersed their power is, and what kind of an impact they're having not just on whistle blowers but on each and every one of us by the way we lives our lives. >> john: is it getting harder
5:35 pm
for whistle blowers to come forward. >> as the film shows over and over again it's much harder. it's a toxic environment. part of the reason the administration and lawyers have attacked these whistle blowers is yes to get them but almost more importantly to try to silence others from speaking up. to send the message so that the next time they have a scoop or the next time they see something, or the next time they're confronted with a real kind of moral challenge to their integrity there is a tendency to go silent because of all the pressures, because of all the attacks, because of the financial costs, because of what it does to their families. >> john: why do you think despite these consequences some people decide to come forward any way. >> it's really interesting. i was inspired by many of these whistle blowers and those we talk to in the film.
5:36 pm
they feel fund mental fundamentally they must speak up. they could not look at themselves in the mirror, there is a line that you draw as a human being, a citizen, a patriot, and they refuse to cross that line. when they saw others crossing it breaking the law stealing, literally costing lives of soldiers, they spoke up and we should be giving these men parades down the main street of our cities. >> john: your film talks about the misspending of public funds like the coast guard guard and humvees. did you learn anything new about military contracts. >> did he a film pointing out the military contractors. what we see is there is a toxic mixture. a mixture driven by profit and driven by an ideology that believes everything should be secret, and any problem can be solved by either invading,
5:37 pm
occupyinging or droning. you put that for-profit mode into a mixture of ideology, and you've got a very dangerous and powerful kind of way of being in the world. that's why it's important that all of us do what we can to fight back, and the film, by the way, is available for free at our war on whistle blowers website. one of our funders said that we need people to see this all over the country. we need screenings, house parties. people need to send it to their elected officials. >> john: what we know about the upcoming testimony on bengahzi it sounds like it's more of a difference of opinion. he thinks that a fighter jet could have got therein on time. the pentagon says no way. if it's really just his opinion is that on par of any of the other cases you've examined? >> well, having an opinion is for sure not being a whistle blower. being a whistle blower would be
5:38 pm
to have facts and then great risk to yourself and your family. >> john: you can learn about screenings or get a free dvd at war on whistle thank you for joins us. >> thank you. >> john: can come debe found at the nra convention? you beech cha. my panel is next. 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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(vo) later tonight current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." on social media i pointed out 78% of texans support universal background checks for gun purchases. which leads me to ask why do these texans hate freedom? are you calling these texans illiterate. you're confusing the residents of texas with the governor of texas. if you have a question, send if
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to "viewpoint" ctv or post it on our facebook page. if you're a fan of comedy festivals do we have a show for you it's the annual comicon not only will they hear from comedians sarah palin, glenn beck and james war of northern aggression porter. >> millions of americans are becoming first-time gun owners, and people everywhere are react reacting to a very real series of threats to our continued liberty. the media call it fear. that's not it. that's no it. it's a sense of rational outrage that has been building for a very long time. >> or a sense of rational cha-ching, cha-ching cha-ching.
5:43 pm
i'm excited about this panel of none experts. a comedian who appeared on every television show in history in the medium, including the magic hour and the chevy a sherrod small and jim david and frank conniff. they sound like they don't even want to be part of the country. >> that new president what a bore. take a gun out and shoot that dude. >> because he called obama a fake president. the sheriff is a night bomb. they don't want to live in this country. i grew up with those crackers in
5:44 pm
north carolina. they should move to texas and let it secede. >> cenk: they can keep it, but we're keeping austin. >> this whole persona of being a rockford files villain he may be the new president, but the face of the and a nra is li'l wayne. wayne lapierre. >> there is nothing that the president will not do to get something, anything through congress to advance his agenda to destroyed our second amendment. they can try to blame us, shame us with all their might but when it comes to defending the second amendment we will never
5:45 pm
sacrifice our freedom on the altar of elitist acceptance. we will never surrender our guns, never. >> john: that is the battle cry. considering no one, i mean no one is trying to take away their guns. that is a definition of a strong man argument. >> yes, they've been fighting an imaginary enemy. >> why not make the guns the fifth. >> what is the definition of a straw man argument. when you use a fake sub position to answer a question that was never asked, okay. >> it's like telling your girlfriend that you're never going to sleep with angelina jolie and you will turn her down. the situation will never come. >> john: i'll never let obama force you to gay mayor adam
5:46 pm
lembert. >> john: wayne lapierre took a moment to exploit a national strategy. >> how many bostonians wish they had a gun two weeks ago? [applause] how many other americans now ponder that life or death question? a recent national poll answered that poll decidedly. with danger lurking outside their doors 69% of americans said yes i want my freedom. i want my second amendment. i want my gun. [applause] >> john: which no one disagrees with. the poll is based on the assumption that there is danger outside. there is a manhunt in your neighborhood, that's what the poll said, and in which case anybody would want a rocket
5:47 pm
launcher. but isn't this the epitome of using a tragedy for political means. >> first, stop a gun with a bomb, is this the a-team. the last thing you need is everybody with a gun in every house out there killing a pizza delivery dude for no reason because we don't know who is who. >> john: that's what you do if you're the nra and you need to make money off guns. >> and the five-year-old who shot his two-year-old sister with "my first rifle" that came in a variety of colors and then he probably read the nra's book "my first manslaughter." i don't see danger in every turn. >> and i live in new york. >> i'm black and i don't see it. >> i'm going to learn to use a gun because i want to run in the boston marathon next year. >> john: okay. where there are crazy people
5:48 pm
saying crazy things. sarah palin is there. lady blah-blah sharing more with those who want gun control. >> here is the thing that nancy pelosi, and feinstein and boxer what the gals won't tell you emotion won't make anybody safer. emotion won't protect the good guys' rights. and emotion is not leadership. the politics of emotion is the opposite of leadership. it's the manipulation of the people by the politicians for their own political ends. and it's not just self-serving, it's destructive and it must stop. >> john: that's exactly what you're doing! while ignoring the fact that ms. palin used a speech to raise the emotion of the crowd in that room what do you think she's trying to say? she's saying that real menus guns and women are emotional about things like dead children. am i right?
5:49 pm
>> yes. and thank sarah palin for dressing up. >> john: in her presidential shirt. >> every time she speaks somewhere a blackboard goes, oh that hurts. >> it's just the same--she's using the same pre-teen mean girl argument. it's us versus them. we're the good people and you're the bad people. look, i have nothing against her. she seems like a lady with a narcissistic lady with delusions of gran you're and when she doesn't get her way she becomes a nazi to get what she wants. >> john: you lose a point for stealing material from checks jeff fox worthy. wayne lapierre talked about talked about a wealthy jewish guy in new york
5:50 pm
city who hates guns. >> they talk about the freedom of drinking soda being taken away. if you look at me at my disk upstairs i drink a lot of soda. my freedoms have not been--i can't drink it in a gigantic thing,. >> john: freedom for diabetes is safe in america. there are comparisons of a jewish man to hitler. >> i think it's hilarious and sarah palin did it thing where they have a guy in a chance outget and they pulled the hat and it was dave chappelle. >> john: bloomberg is trying to bring more gun safety and hitler relaxed guns laws. >> bloomberg, if you disagree with this sort of thing, there is good intention behind it. he may be doing it in the wrong way. i've seen no good intention in anything that the nra has done.
5:51 pm
>> john: if you don't look at the guns that barack obama is not taking away from you you could look an attacks in bengahzi.
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>> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." one last which can question quick question for my panel. for all the things that they they have attacked president obama for. >> all those shot that she haven'tshethey havetaken at him. all black men can play basketball. >> the dumbest thing they attack him for is the possibility that he's the antichrist and he is from satan incarnate and it's all in plot of the dark forces.
5:55 pm
>> that's actually betty white. >> i think the whole thing that he needs a teleprompter to speak and it's all made by people who are speaking to a teleprompter. >> are you a deflated right wing american. does affordable healthcare makes you enranged for questions that you don't understand. maybe it's time you try bengahzi. if you watch a lot of fox new and why wouldn't you you've seen how hundreds of americans have simplified their lives by focusing on one story above all ales bengahzi. now the press core labs have found the key to happiness. when the president you've been conditioned to believe is a muslim terrorist mier and gave the order to take out ben laden there is only one word that can bring you comfort bengahzi.
5:56 pm
now a convenient pill form, covered in the same sugarcoating that fox news gave to eight years of bush and cheney coverage. do you remember when we were attacked on 9/11/2001 and we yell rally we stand. now you can feel good about smearing a president instead of cheering a president. after 30 years of failed trickle down economics, and the fact that you're fighting for the rights of criminals to buy guns at gun shows with no background checks, and the strength that wall street bankers have over an one democracy, it will leave your mind after one simplifying doze of bengahzi. one pill in the morning will give you the equivalencecy withouthey,maybe you're worried about a 2016 hillary clinton
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presidential run. try bengahzi for her. it's extra strength will make you forget that fox told you in the morning that it will enable you to say bengahzi, bengahzi answer time her name is mentioned. it's like having the cast of five in your head all day long. listen to this satisfied customer. >> i was wrong about impeaching clinton and invading iraq and obama not being born in america and i used to be mad about george bush was warned about 9/11 and ignored it. now that i'm high on bengahzi i realize that the original 9/11 doesn't count as a terrorist attack and president bush should only be judged by what happened on that day. and that's nothing compared to blood in a clinton has on her hands for planning out bengahzi.
5:58 pm
how my party's complete lack of legislative agenda doesn't have, because of bengahzi. >> side effects could include incompetent, incontinence short to long-term memory loss. >> that's a littery reverence why is that elitist because well bengahzi. >> john: he has got it. don't live to him because doctors use science and science is a liberal bias. >> and not only that, but bengahzi. >> i would like to thank my panel. sherrod small. >> bengahzi. >> where can people follow you. >> i have a new show may 14th on fuse, check it out.
5:59 pm
>> fantastic and jim david where can folks follow you. >> twitter comic jim david. >> and frank conniff workers can people follow you, where canviewers follow. >> you bengahzi. >> john: have a great evening everyone, this is "viewpoint" on current. we're still here. good night mom. >> bengahzi!
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> joy: boston bombing


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