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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  June 26, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> all people are created equal. >> we're getting married. >> i cried. >> congratulations on this special day. >> today i finally get to look at the man that i love, and finally say will you please marry me. >> we don't know yet. i want a nice big we hadding. >> that's not enough. it's got to go nationwide. >> indeed. what a big ruling from the supreme court. we'll get into it with "the turks"." i'm mark thompson in for cenk
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uygur. ana kasparian you know shana k, i call her. our key producer. dave ruben is here, and you have your own show. you're on the tyt network. >> yes. >> and jayar, my brother from "the young turks." >> you know, i want to know my positioning here. >> we're still working it all out. >> you're all coming to my wedding. >> it was an anticipated decision to say the least but it was a very tough decision to handicap. michael shure predicted that this would likely be the ruling. he joins us from "the war room" in san francisco. >> i actually have a driver. >> but of course, i would expect no less. ana, sort this out.
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>> absolutely. a day after the supreme court gutted the voting rights of 1965 they decided to strike down the defense of marriage act, doma and the ban in california. let's take a look at that. >> outside of the supreme court gay rights supporters s avor the victory. the supreme court struck down the dense of marriage act leading the way of same-sex marriage to receive same benefits. and in a separate decision the justices clear the way forelegal same-sex marriage in california by refusing to rule on the substance of the challenge of prop 8. they said the defenders of the law had no standing to bring them before the court. >> there will be legal same-sex marriage in california in the next month or so.
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>> edie wenzer led the charge, and here is her reaction. >> what do you think in that contact. >> it makes me feel incredibly proud, incredibly proud. i'm humbleed. i think an accident of history put me here, and just proud. >> i have to say it's definitely heartwarming. it's great news. you know, later on in the show we're going to talk about how a state senator in texas successfully filibustered an anti-abortion bilker and i feel like all this good news is coming about today. i can't wait to talk about it. let's talk about the doma aspect of this first. >> it's a day of jubilence, but it only effects a portion of the country. >> there are 13 states plus the
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districtdistrict of columbia that will have marriage equality. that's great. and it means that only about 30% of our nation's population actually live in one of those states. it's a good start and we have a lot to do. >> so the states that recognize gay marriage already, that's where you have rights now. >> you're going to get more federal benefits, things to immigration, some improvement on tax law social security benefits, things like that. if you live in one of the other states where your marriage is not recognized it's going to be challenging to see if you can get all the federal benefits. >> i think it's great how everyone is taking this in a slightly different way. to me we are just in the all-good phase of this thing right now. i haven't even had a chance really to sit down and knock out every little detail and everything. something great actually happened.
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you know, the door on this thing has been opened for a long time, but finally the gays are coming through, and everything is going to be fine. straight marriage will not crumble. the institution of marriage is okay. we're just going to have happier people bigger, broader families, that's it. that's great as long as you let go of the field. >> as long as people understand was said, this clears the way for california. it clears the way for eventually a more more or so when it could happen. it will be solidify from prop 8 that was put in. it won't an snap of the finger. there are still things that need to be done. >> i think we'll look back at today as the tipping point in the conversation. no doubt about it. this is the moment where the
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huge precedent decision came down. and it's an exciting day to be american, the voting rights act and it reminded me of 2008 when obama was elected and prop 8 passed and i think in questionable how our country had gone in that moment. to see this come back at this moment, it's exciting. >> i think it is a process, and you're right to focus on the positives. obviously one decision cannot be sweeping enough to change everything, but it is an important first step. to that point i wonder if we have the sound from the prop 8 couples. >> today we can go back to california and say to our own children, all four of our boys, your family is just as good as everybody else's family. we love you as much as anybody else's parents love their kids, and we're going to be equal. now, we will be married and we will be equal to every other family in california.
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>> we want to join the institution of marriage not to take anything away, to strengthen it and to live up to its ideals. today is a good day. today i finally get to look at the man that i love and finally say will you please marry me. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, you realize with the emotion how there must be a withering psychological aspect to not being recognized. the power of the reaction makes me realize in ways i was already for t but it's that powerful of a decision. having this oppression, if you will lifted off of. >> but these are people who have been told time and time again in a country that supposed to be land of the free that they're second class citizens. this is civil rights significance. i know we're supposed to protect states rights but this is not a
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states right issue. there needs to be a federal law that protects same-sex marriage. if obama is so supportive of same sex marriage, he should lead the way when it comes to that. he should propose it, and i know it's up to congress, but he should push for it. i would like to see something change in the federal level as opposed to letting states decide if they can discriminate against gay people. >> i think when you see those images it's exactly what you're saying. you see the debate around craziness and fear around pat robertson and rick santorum saying things that have no value in an traditional debate. they always bring in religion which has nothing to do with our constitution, and it has nothing to do with interpersonal relationships. you see nothing bad happening there. these people want to have a private life together and have the same benefits that everybody
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else does. >> as you see in this country more and more people you know and who have gay people in their families you see the progression of public opinion. i think it was up a percentage point since the last poll. so to your point the evangelical charge is vigorous and it's unrelenting, they were quick with their reaction. >> no matter how any of us feel about the outcomes in these cases, one thing is true, the supreme court has no authority when it comes to the nature of marriage. >> struck down by an appellate court, an initiative by the citizens of california, it is the law of california and remains the law of california. >> i would like to make a quick point. can you feel the sharp contrast
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with the same videos of the same-sex couples and those videos we just showed you. no one was supporting them. >> those are loneyer and loan--lonelier and lonelier meetings. they thought they were protecting marriage. when they had meetings people were there. but in the last couple of weeks the gay immersion therapy they closed and apologized to everyone. basically if you're for gay marriage at this point you're gay. it's as a simple as that, it is. >> i want to go to a moment on ms when the president called, and it was very much unexpected. give it a listen. >> you left your legacy around the country. i think i see hrc talking on the telephone which i believe is
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with president obama. chad is right there. >> the president is on the line from air force one, president obama. >> hello mr. president? >> we thank you so much for your support. >> we're proud of you guys, we're proud of california. thank you for your leadership. you should be very proud. >> thank you mr. president. >> have a great celebrations. >> well thank you, while we celebrate today, we know we've got to roll up our sleeves and get to work for those in the 37 states that didn't get marriage equality today. we're well on our way. thank you for the leadership. you're invited to the wedding.
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>> i think by the time my wife and i got back down to our big wedding which was after california stopped allowing marriages, we literally were inviting everyone. we were inviting our servers at restaurant i can't even imagine if we had ran into gavin newsome on the street, we would have invited him. >> just for the imagery. people talking to the speaker phone. >> there is so much more to talk about. you're going to take us through of what happens of those who are affected we'll talk to michael shure on the political side in the war room. still much to come on "the young turks." drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned
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"great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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where few others are going. [lady] you have to get out now. >> lots of terrible things happen to people growing marijuana. >> this crop to me is my livelihood. >> i'm being violated by the health care system. (christoff) we go and spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. (vo) from the underworld to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> occupy! >> we will have class warfare. (vo) true stories, current perspective. documentaries. on current tv. >> us gay americans are still americans, we're still human being and we should have equal. >> right equal finally. it's thrilling. it's like waking up. >> it was our time. it's not a gay issue, it's
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equality i'm happy now. i get to express love. >> it's a landmark day. especially if you're in the gay community. i'm mark thompson in for cenk with ana shana and jayar. what happens now. >> it's gay pride in a lot of cities this weekend. after the party this is what is going to happen. in california we'll still have to wait about a month unless things get moved faster for the finding to be finalized. what happens in the united states is questionable. other states do not have to recognize your marriages from here. >> those states are the ones in black. >> taking a look at this black. red is where you'll be able to get married once california kicks in. let's look at the black ones in
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particular. when doma passed in 1996, these are states that almost all of these pretty quickly afterwards ran out and figured out how to pass state level constitution amendments to make it more illegal to get married. these were states terrified about this day today. they were worried about what happens when the supreme court overrules doma which they were sure was going to happen. this was in 1996. they passed constitutional amendments state level so that when that happened, we still wouldn't have marriage in those states. nothing is really changing. maybe if you're a federal employee, if you're a member of the military, maybe if you have marriage somewhere else you may get some of the benefits like immigration reform, but a lot of benefits will not be available to you. >> and of course the reaction from boehner was reflexive and
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immediate. >> as you look i will read and do my best john boehner. : >> it's really the party line. >> so sad. i think the problem is the public square has moved on and the important thing that doma ruling does is clear the way for all the legal challenges in the other states. the states that are fighting to expand marriage and have marriage equality there, that will make it easier for them to pursue it. >> this is a big problem for them. >> i'm just astounded that was not john baner. >> i've been working on it for several hours. >> you know, the republicans you're going to see some last
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desperate gasp here from republicans. the first coming from the republican from kansas. he said he's going to introduce into the house of representatives a constitutional amendment that will ban gay marriage, which would require much more than he's going to be able to get. shana talked about the tipping point, this being the tipping point. in a lot of ways this is the landing point. this is a place where a lot of republicans in the house of representatives, a lot of republican officials had to do in the 40's and then in the 60s during the civil rights they had to redefine who they were. a lot of republicans will sit back and not speak. a lot of people who were not around in the background there when you saw the ruling read or the reaction read by folks who were in favor of seeing the prop 8 upheld. but what you're seeing from republicans is figure out how to react to it right now.
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john boehner, while he said what he had to say, he was the republican leader, there was no fire brand statement. he was not out in front of a pulpit saying those things. i think you're going to see that. you're also going to see america looking at the supreme court in a way they haven't looked at the supreme court before. i think you're going to talk supreme court justices and nominations to the bench. the federal benches being an important part of the way that we elect our presidents. say what you will about bill clinton and the defense of marriage act. i will defend president clinton on a lot of what he did but without many there we wouldn't have gotten the ruling that we got today. we see a tangible result as dave said, and it makes it pretty exciting. >> i'm glad you mentioned the supreme court. i couldn't agree more. that would increasingly gridlock in washington. these guys get to washington, and then it's just their own party where they do nothing.
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i think the supreme court is where the game is going to be played. increasingly. now as you say the american public may focus on that more during presidential election. >> i think as ana said earlier about the potential for obama and congress to get behind stronger legislation or whether it's on marriage or voting rights, it's really important. i think congress has to pass improvements of voting rights act, and i think it's not impossible for congress and the president to get behind improved slate of marriage and other rights that they're looking at. >> to what extent is public opinion leading the charge here? they swim up swing of these public opinion polls regularly. >> i think to mix your animal metaphors, the horse is out of the barn on that one. >> it shows what pure dribble what boehner said.
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he's talking about checks and balances, he only talks about checks and balances when it works in his favor. if i wanted done by the supreme court, or if it's going the other way he'll say the other thing. you're right there, is no fire brand no, passion in what he's saying because times are changing and he's losing this caucus and everybody knows it. >> for decades we have known that the republicans have been on the wrong side of the large majority of americans because they don't care. these are driven by money. people who are keeping me in office are paying me to have these particular opinions because we know they don't have opinions. with issues like this there is no money changing hands or money that is going to keep them in office that will allow them to continue to go against it. we can see the polls and people agree with it, rather than the money disagreeing with it. >> as we talked with cenk a number of times.
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the one lobby that has managed to put its money where it's mouth and pressure is, the gay rights organization. and what it brought to bear on obama and his administration has been i am prophecies because particularly since the gay rights has not always been organized. >> greater activism and greater money. opinion polls on gun ownership and background checks, they were certainly there. the opinion polls were there but the money wasn't. >> this is where the happiness and the happy couples and the images come back, and a lot of people contribute the huge right in overall public opinion to be in favor of marriage equality, and to see the footage of people getting married people have these beautiful weddings, people are excited and people understand it's about individual couples and they're happy. >> let's shoshana's show shana's wedding.
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>> my wife and i had not been dating long enough when prop 8 passed we're going to have another wedding twice as many opportunities to change people's minds about how we're going to destroy their straight marriages. >> what is sad shana what this ruling has done to straight marriage today. the institution crumbling because of this ruling. >> i've been getting calls about that all day--no wait, i've been getting calls of congratulations. >> you're all invited. >> but it is true that, and i think you made the point when you see the faces the jubi la bilance and you see something that goes to the real discussion of life. >> and the pressure is on the
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rest of the gays. there have been a lot of good gays leading the charge, and the rest have to come out of the closet. not just the hollywood people we know are there, but the rest of the people. every single time that a gay person comes out and goes to one of those rallies they affect their family, their friends everyone else. that's how you change people. it's not just pushing papers across the desk and making back-door deals. >> it was a very difficult minority to be a part of during the decades, and slowly that's bin going to change when you have this kind of official word. it is a process though, michael shure. this is going to be--we saw the map, and it is going to be a continuing struggle for legislation civil rights legislation for the gay community. >> what's remarkable, we've seen or spoken with people who over the past two days i'm talking who are part--there is a civil
4:26 pm
rights movement in addressing the civil rights act yesterday, and the gay rights moment and those who are sharing jubilation. one thing that is standing out to me and we saw it with the prop 8 plaintiffs who are saying you know, what we need to roll our shirt sleeves up and get working again. it's not like there is anything to sit on. there is still work to be done. yesterday we were speaking to people about the voting rights act. they almost said it's a trait that activists have that many of us don't have, even in the face of victory or defeat they both say well, we've got a lot of work to do. a lot of this work has to be done in the halls of congress in the voting rights acts and in congress when it comes to you the defense of marriage and getting rid of it. the states have set their state legislatures on that path, and a lot of what is coming out of that court ruling will affect
4:27 pm
states legislature. >> that is the feds and the states, and that will all have to be worked out. speaking of the states. the state of texas there was a filibuster there that was a game changing potentially involving social media, the abortion issue. we'll talk about it because there is a late breaking piece of news in this story. we'll have it for you next on the turks.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> they are chanting "let her speak." those are the voices of hundreds of protesters at the texas state house. last night senator wendy davis was filibustering on the senate
4:31 pm
floor, and it was a remarkable thing. it was an extreme anti-abortion bill being launched by the legislature. this is a triumph of social media and wendy-- >> absolutely. follow long with me. it all started in the house of texas. they approved legislation that would ban abortion past 20 weeks and require abortion clinics to get admitting previous ledges at hospitals. and many hospitals don't want to grant clinics admission. this would shut down all but five in the state of texas and you can imagine a lot of people in rural areas would not have access to abortion as a result. now after it passed in the house it headed to the senate, and the democrats and the senate were not about to let this pass. they decided they wanted to
4:32 pm
filibuster the bill, and senator wendy davis was in charge of filibustering that bill. we have more on that story. >> members i'm riding on the floor today to humblely give voice to thousands of texans. >> with no food, no water, and no bathroom breaks allowed davis hoped to run out the clock on the legislative session to block the closing of every abortion clinic in texas. but she also could not change the subject. but her opponents said she did just that before the midnight deadline. igniting chaos as thousands of supporters shouted her name. lawmakers scrambled to vote in time approving the bill. but then this morning, a stunner. the lieutenant governor saying the timing of that vote was
4:33 pm
changed in the computer. the vote was taken after midnight. >> yes, and there was actually a tweet sent out and it showed an image of the roll call, and it indicated that the vote was completed at 12:03 a.m. which meant that instead of passing on june 25th, it actually passed--they voted on it by june 26th. >> so they didn't meet the deadline. >> they did not meet the deadline. the republicans tried to lie about that. they tried to change the date, but it was too late. social media had already won and everybody knew what the truth was. so in effect the filibuster was successful. if it wasn't for the protesters there that kind of distracted attention away from the vote, they could have very well passed the legislation. >> after all that work they could have made it. >> that's a great example of the power of social media, the fact checking during the rnc speeches
4:34 pm
especially, where they say, i have got a screen cap of that, no i'm going to tell what you is going on. >> i love it. u stream had 200,000 people watching it live, and none of the cable news outlets were reporting on this. i think that they did get justified criticism for not covering the story. it's a huge deal. this woman is standing there for 11 hours no food, no water no bathroom breaks. there was a colleague of hers who came to help her with her back brace because her back was really bothering her. when that happened the republicans in the senate said, point of order so they got her on that. no one is allowed to help her with her back brace. >> it's pathetic that the cable networks did not cover this because it was quite a time. but the update on the story. >> yes, it is a critical update. so governor rick perry has decided to call a special session that will take place on july 1 at 2:00 p.m. which means
4:35 pm
they'll continue fighting this and they'll do whatever they can could pass this very strict anti-abortion bill. >> michael, who correctly handicapped the supreme court decision on gay marriage, how do you handicap this one. >> rick perry has had a goal on this. this has been sort of an m.o. of rick perry. he's going around the country trying to get businesses to move to texas right now. not a great way to move your female employees or great advertisement for your state. rick perry is the governor. the lieutenant governor is also single minded on this. the legislature that meets only once every two years usually for just 30 days. it's not a very activist legislature. when they get there they're allowed to stay, allowed to move on.
4:36 pm
there are rules that ana alluded to the three strikes rule where at any time in the filibuster any time someone changes the subject can be voted on. the same with the special sessions. they could have a few democratic speakers up there and if it's on one issue there are rules that provide those in the state constitution the way they run the senate that allows them to vote on whether it's germane to the issue. lots of distractions could happen whether it's in people in the gallon galleys. you know there are a majority of people who want to pass this bill. maybe over the next week, july 1st that they're going to be doing this, maybe the next week there is going to be enough time to lobby some of these republicans who at that time didn't see how outrageous it was. >> you know, while i was watching the live stream i notice there had were some republican senators that purposely asked her questions
4:37 pm
that were unrelated to the topic at hand, and of course they were doing that as a way to distract her and then of course they would call point of order. but i loved her response. she kept saying, i will not yield. i was so proud of her not only for the physical ability to do what she did but she was sharp. and she was a fighter, and there was something very inspirational about it. >> whatsoever happens here, mark, whatever happens here this will make texas a flash point for ending the abortion rights debate. i think that's bad for the republican party of texas combined with the immigration in that state. it's a state trending blue. you asked about the politics, you said that is an important thing to remember. >> she's been an activist in the legislature already. this is not her first filibuster. she staged a filibuster to force a special session on spending on education as well. >> that was 77 minutes. >> that was a warm up?
4:38 pm
>> there are progressive completion who meet to delay this earlier in the week. >> if you look, the level of noise of people in support, it's an explicit illustration of really trying to go against the will of the people. how do you feel putting your vote in for the people you're supposed to represent in your state, then to lie about it, and then trying to get her off point, and then still after losing still trying to change it. i'm not sure of what is left of your life or your career if that's what it's come down to. >> i think that's why so many people respond sod strongly. here's this really insane example of no one really caring caring--people care, but the elective representatives thinking they can do whatever they want. >> politics bankrupt of the
4:39 pm
intellectual and moral honesty for quite awhile, you're. >> right and also what woman doesn't pee for 11 hours. >> well, the line in the bathroom for starters can be a long one. remarkable. and we haven't heard the end of that. what about this, an nfl player arrested for murder. the whole story when the turks return.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> well, everything is not all rosy in patriots land. if you're a new england patriots fan, you know the name aaron hernandez. the tight end was taken from his home formerly charged with murder, a week after a body was found near that massachusetts home. this is a bizarre case. this is not the first nfl star we've seen or major athlete led away in handcuffs but to robin
4:42 pm
sax, what is the story here? they're saying this emerged from a fight in a nightclub. >> there are is a back story but let's start with the current story. a great money shot for all the media folks out there and ended up in the courtroom with these charges. [ charges being read ] >> not the best sounds in the world, but it was a really dramatic day in court with the prosecutor showing the evidence that linked him to the crime. we'll go through some of that later. but it got fiery when the defense was arguing for bill. >> the defendant is not a risk of flight, your honor.
4:43 pm
he's willing to submit to conditions such as gps monitoring, appropriate cash bail so he can be returned to the community, and he would agree to whatever supervision the court would impose so he would be treated like any other defendant with a clean record no history of violent. we ask the court make condition of bail to allow mr. hernandez to return to his home, to return to his fiancé while this case plays out. >> no such luck. no bail. no seeing the fiancé. no seeing the baby. right now six charges coming against him and potentially more coming from florida. i have a source telling me that he may be linked to many other unsolved crimes in boston. >> oh, my god. >> unsolved crimes was this a murder spree?
4:44 pm
assaults? >> there are potentially other murders that were not solved that now in the course of the investigation of this case have had police looking at him and seem to be suggesting there is strong evidence. the defense attorney today oh, this is just a circumstantial evidence case, which has been driving me crazy listening to pundits saying circumstantial. well, 99% of the cases out there are circumstantial because most murders don't happen with rolling film and eyewitnesses, even then you would hear complaints. but i, as a former prosecutor, i would make lists of how i could take all the evidence i had and map them up against the charges. i would play my prosecutorial role, and i made a list much like i'm sure the d.a. did in boston did. i found that they ruled this was a homicide. this was not accidental, it was
4:45 pm
not understood. it was homicide. there was prior gun use that case in florida where there was a discharge of a gun and a civil suit was filed. he had prior violence. a guy's iowas shot out in that case. there were personal connection with the victim in business. >> so far he has a gun previous history of violence and a prior connection with this guy? >> here the defense attorney is saying it's a weak little case, and let him out like any other defendant. the cell phone was destroyed home surveillance video that was destroyed. cleaning people came out to the house. communication 10 hours before the death. there was video of hernandez getting the victim's car, and they texted back and forth, and whoops, the rental car keys rented in hernandez's name, those keys were found in the
4:46 pm
victim's pocket. it's really not a weak case. >> there is no blood but there is so much evidence, circumstantial, it reminds you a little of o.j. simpson because's an nfl star. maybe that's what gets me thinking o.j. >> and there was a rental car involved. >> i guess maybe it was local. maybe it was locally reported in the new england-boston area that this guy had all this violence. he's a big-named guy on the team. he was a starter. you would think there would be enough things reported about previous violence that i think the majority of the country is going, whoa hernandez, when did he do this? how did this happen? >> do you remember how his lawyer said he's never been violent before. he's clean but look at the pictures that were posted. yes, that's him in a photo popping out the glock not quite sure if it's a loaded glock but that is a picture that they found of him back in 2009.
4:47 pm
>> that's not one of those foam patriot number one fingers. you see a different side of him in a big way. >> a lot of people were talking earlier in the week that he was losing endorsements, he has a lot bigger problems than the endorsement. >> let's go back to what jayar said. this is a high profile athlete. i never did think of aaron hernandez with a history of violence. how is that covered up? is it because the new england media doesn't report it? >> i was at the network talking with some of the players and one of the players will teach another nfl players never play for a team in your hometown. then everybody knows the dirt on you. you can't get rid of your homeys and they want your money. but maybe we don't hear
4:48 pm
everything and there is that protection. but the problem is you have all the riff-raff that may have existed once before. >> you would hope that the time you bought covering up for a crime, you would think about maybe it's time to move on and do things right before somebody ends up dead. but if you're going to kill somebody not going that far but if things like this happen you can't hope that someone would clear their mind of the ridiculous things they're thinking. >> two interesting points. one, there is no bail in this case. the guy just got a $12.5 million signing bonus. presuming he has not spent all of it in the last two weeks. he had the cash to post bail. the other thing is normally from that experience when you have a cooperative even if the defendant is not cooperative maybe he wasn't cooperative but when you have relationship with the defense lawyers you kind of cut a deal. if you're going to charge them, give them the curtsy of
4:49 pm
surrendering the client. mark geragos went through that for chris brown. that didn't happen in this case. >> none of the curtsies were extended. this is a brutal crime an execution type murder. we'll go through this, but as we've seen in the last few years he's nothing like the image we had of him. thank you robin for walking us through it. when we come back jayar takes us through the other big good ol' american story. paula dean getting fried in the media. the turks coming back.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> welcome back to "the turks." cenk is off i'm mark thompson with ana, michael shure jayar. take us through the paula dean things. this does not get better for her. she concluded a "today" show
4:52 pm
interview. >> we know paula dean as the chef to cooks fattening food and went to stardom. >> she created an empire. >> one of they are employees filed a lawsuit against her for apparently racial conversation going on. she went on the "today" show and spoke with matt lauer about the issues. >> the day i used that word, it was a world ago. it was 30 years ago. i had had a gun put to my head, a shaking gun because the man that had the gun to my head unwe knowing to me was my customer at the main office. >> and you used the word on other occasions. >> no, no. >> other than that one time in the bank a robbery attempt you're telling you you had never used the "n" word. >> i had never. >> after all this happened.
4:53 pm
they tried to skim the story down did you use the n-word? did you use it once? this is how you run your business and not to mention allegations of putting certain colors of people in certain kinds of service position in your restaurant. it's a lifestyle problem we're talking about. >> i have to jump in. she's straight out lying in that interview. if you read the transcription of the deposition she admits to using the n-word in other occasions and she said she used it in the context of the joke. i'm paraphrasing her, she says along the line. some jokes are racially charged and i'll use the n word or anti-semitic words, and for her it's no big deal because it's in the context of a joke. >> it was bizarre. she said i'm sorry to paraphrase. there is paraphrasing going on, we're talking about specific words. but she said most jokes have to
4:54 pm
do with--and then she named a number of minorities. i thought, wait a minute most jokes do? jokes or not people are running from her. sponsors are retreating, shows are being canceled. >> then she comes on the show like "today" to recoop her image. she's not going to get these endorsements back. she's been cooked in the public opinion about things she's done. >> i got it. i got it. >> i knew you would. but one more piece from this morning. >> you have any doubt in your mind that after americans are offended by the n word? >> i don't know, matt, i have asked myself that so many times because it's very distressing for me to go into my kitchen and i hear what these young people are calling each other. it's very, very distressful.
4:55 pm
>> you never joinedded in on that language. >> this is the second time that she has blamed black folks for her behavior. the first time he put a gun to my head, and so of course. and then the second time, i go in my kitchen, and these kids are calling themselves these names and it disgusts me. when is the responsibility going to fall on you for what has happened in your career. >> she's in a very tough position to make that point. i can actually see making that point. i wish the n word was not used here. i go to my kitchens, i don't like to hear it. in my kitchens it's not allowed. but you're come from the wrong place to make that point right now. >> yes. >> do any of you have any sympathy for her? it's a hard thing to say. this woman is just being--i'm obviously, you know where i stand on all of this, but we're making this crazy example of paula dean right now. she's helping the cause here. do any of you have any sympathy
4:56 pm
for her whatsoever? >> she's facing a lawsuit for discrimination. >> yes. >> she's being accused of placing lighter-skinned black people in service in positions and darker-skinned people in the back, so no. i don't feel bad for her. >> i don't either, but feel badly when i see anybody sort of digging a hole for themselves. like matt lauer it got worse and worse and worse. that's what i mean. >> in case you were feeling sorry for her she came with the crying piece on on the interview the "today" show. >> if i do feel sorry throw a stone at my head. >> i've had to hold people in my arms when they sobbed because they know what is being said about me and it's not true.
4:57 pm
i've had to comfort them and tell them it's going to be all right. >> she has to hold her friends who are crying over her problems. >> that was a jimmy swagart moment. >> she reminds me of tammy faye baker. >> speaking of throwing things, she through everything on "today" interview. she threw the explanation the denial the emotion i think in the end she's done. if you want to put a fork in her, she's done. >> thank you guys. "the turks" return in a moment.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> what a show. the doma ruling, the filibustering in the texas legislature. we have the nfl star charged paula dean. we're exhausted. "viewpoint" next. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ]
5:00 pm
>> john: good evening. the supreme court kills the homophobic defense of marriage act. and it's worth mentioning all four supreme court justices who voted to keep doma are all men who wear long black dresses. and the filibuster that would stop the ban in texas state. we'll point out how jesus was anti-death penalty but never mentioned abortion. but that's only if you believe what is in the bible. and the daily show creator and emmy winner rick overton.


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