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tv   The War Room  Current  August 13, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> michael: hello and welcome to "the war room." i'm michael shure. shh, it's ron kafka rolling over in his grave, and even he could not imagine something as absurd as this. "the war room" starts now. well, last week president obama announced the creation of an independent group of outside experts to review the intelligence gathering and reviewing of information by the nsa, all in hopes of maintaining
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the trust of the people and that there is no abuse. >> obama: we're reviewing our intelligence technologies. i'm asking this independent group to step back and review our capabilities, particularly our surveillance technologies. >> michael: well yesterday baracpresident obama revealed te person in charge of this review panel will be james clapper, the very person in charge of the nsa spying practices, the same practices that the panel is investigating. to make matters worse he lied about to congress in march. >> what i wanted to see is if you could give me a yes or no answer to the question. does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans. >> no, sir. >> it does not?
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>> not wittingly. >> michael: when accused of lying when the nsa was, in fact, spying on americans, he said this on msnbc. >> i responded in what i thought was the most truthful or least untruthful manner by saying no. >> michael: that quote has a special place in "the war room's" parsed words and double speak. james banford has written extensively on the nsa. he joins froes washington, d.c. thank you for join us on "the war room." >> thanks. >> michael: should we be conce concerned that james clapper is involved in this investigation? >> well certainly. of all people to pick you pick
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someone who has admit lying before congress. it's absurd to put someone in charge of this panel who has that record. i thought clapper should have been fired for his abuse to congress. the fact that he was given that question at least a day before the hearing, and he was give the chance to correct the misstatement the day after the hearing, yet he did neither. he could have easily have said if he didn't want to admit is we can only discuss this issue in closed session. but the reason he said what he said was i think he wanted to fool the american public. he wasn't fooling congress because they already new the answer in committee, but he wanted to fool the public in believing that the nsa was not
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spying when in fact they were. >> michael: i cannot believe the reluctance of the administration not to fire the guy but then in a slap in the face, they hire the guy this is supposed to be an independent investigation, and we know clapper is as far from independent as we can get. what kinds of checks and balances do they have, with you noted the opener the fox guarding the hen house. >> we have the foreign surveillance intelligence court, which is a secret court with secret opinions and only hears one side. that's hardly an adequate oversight. even given that they basically cut off the legs of the fisa court, the foreign intelligence surveillance court in 2008 when they created the foreign intelligence amendment act which neutered a lot of oversight that
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the court gave. in addition to that they say we have congress overseeing us, but congress did nothing for the two and a half years that nsa was going around the foreign surveillancforeignintelligence . it certainly wasn't congress discovering it. you really don't have oversight of nsa, and that's why nsa has been able to get away with so much for so long. >> michael: so in june you came out with a cover story in "wired" magazine about general keith alexander's prize to powerise to power.why did you de about general alexander. >> i wrote about the expansion of the nsa including this
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enormous data center in utah. the next logical thing is a look at the man behind this enormous organization. at the same time look at the side of nsa which really has never been examined before. that's general alexander's new role, not only as director of the nsa, but his new role in addition commander of cybercommand. so now we have this one person who is in charge not only the largest intelligence agency in the world, but also in charge of the very organization that launches cyber wars around the world. by taking over this command he's in charge of virtually his own military. he has the army reporting i to him, the air force, and navy fleet reporting to him. this is a person in power with very few checks and balances, and someone who could walk in front of the white house on
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pennsylvania avenue, and not only would the tourists not recognize him, but 80% of the penal in the white house would not recognize him. >> michael: that's just incredible. here is someone who holds such an important place, a place more important now as we look at what the nsa is doing, and i think even higher 80% wouldn't recognize. let's move on to another article that you wrote. you wrote about adrienne kinne who was a voice intercept operator for the nsa and eavesdropped on people without a warrant. can you tell us about what she did for the nsa. >> in my previous book "the shadow factory," she told me that she worked as an intercept officer for the nsa before 9/11. there were rules and regulations
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before 9/11, but after 9/11 she said they basically threw the rule book away, and she began eavesdropping on a lot of citizens particularly journalists. and she would be listening to bedroom conversations. she said it was like reading somebody's diary. she protested all the way up to the chain of command in the nsa and the department defense and even to the senate intelligence committee, and nobody did anything. it was extraordinary to hear her story. >> michael: the more you here, the bigger a liar james clapper becomes because he knows this is part of the operation, yet he not only lied to congress, he lied to us when he said all the time we're not eavesdropping, and we're not doing this. your piece illustrates that that's not, in fact, the case. who does he answer to now? is president obama the last line
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for james clapper in terms of getting rid of the head of the dnr? >> that's his direct supervisor, president obama. he has really nobody between him and the president. so it's a rather unusual position, though. the person with the most power in the intelligence community is actually the secretary of defense. the secretary of defense has direct line authority over the nsa, the defense intelligence agency, the national reconnaissance office and nga. virtually all the intelligence in the u.s. other than the cia reports to the secretary of defense, and there is a dotted line to the director of national intelligence, but as an official he has less than a thousand people under him, and secretary of defense has scores of thousands of people under him. >> michael: yes, that makes a huge difference.
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do you find obama's sort of countenance of clapper curious at all? >> i don't, rally, because i've long been watching this, and president obama came into office i think with a dual agenda. the end goal was to win re-election. the way he wanted to do it was to take his base with him, his liberal base by doing a lot of domestic issues that appeal to the base, gay rights, so forth. but to capture the middle and the right, by basically going to the right of george bush. he tripled the number of troops in afghanistan when he could have ended the war in the first six months. he increa increased the drone ws around the world, including
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killing americans with drones. with intelligence aside you can see he basically expanded that. that's the way he has been going all along. i think keeping clapper in there and promoting clapper to head of this committee i think is consistent with the way he has been going defense side agenda. >> and consistently disappointing to so many people who were not expecting this out of this president. james bamford, look for his bo book. thank you for joining us. >> common sense is looking both ways before crossing the street, not marginalizing citizens. only a handful of people
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showed up for steve king's immigration rally. but his ego is the eyes of a cantaloupe farm. and later a tragic story. this college sophomore was hazed to death, and his congresswoman refuses to do anything about it. the victim's mother will tell us the infuriating reason why. it's tuesday in "the war room." we're just getting started. stick around. glad
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david sirota pac-man.
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>> michael: yes, governor putt mcquarry of north carolina signed into law a sweeping voting restrictions. today he's getting sued. the force behind the moral monday protest and a guest here on "the war room." >> this deal is not about voter i.d. it is 67 pidgeons of regressive
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unconstitutional acts to rig and manipulate elections through voter suppression. >> michael: the naacp and the aclu are suing north carolina, arguing that the new law violates the constitution's equal protection clause and the voter rights act of 1965. meanwhile, a poll released yesterday found that only 39% of north carolinaens support the law versus 50% who oppose it. putt mcquarry was so worried about a backlash he released a short video. >> you need a photo i.d. to board an airplane, cash a check or apply for most government benefits. in fact, just recently both democrats and republicans join together to require a valid government-issued photo i.d. to buy sudafed at your local corner drugstore. our right to vote deserves similar protection.
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>> michael: frankly, governor, if north carolina made it as easy to vote as it is to buy sudafed we wouldn't be having this conversation. what exactly are we protecting the vote from? the voters? the governor didn't mention in his video was the rest of the law. besides requiring voters to present a voter i.d. they cut voting by a week, eliminates same day region station and challenges any voter in the country. in 2012, 61% of voters voted during the early voting period, and more than 70% of african-americans who voted in 2008 and 2012 did so during early voting. all 47% of early voters were democrats, and only 30% were republicans. guess how many voter fraud has the state prosecuting
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since 2004--two. yes, just two. yesterday before the american bar association hillary clinton weighed in with this. >> anyone who said that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in elections must not be paying attention. >> michael: to quote rush limbaugh, ditto. joining us from springfield, massachusetts, david pakman, a war room favorite. welcome back inside "the war room." >> thanks. >> michael: the north carolina law is the most recent voter i.d. law passed by republicans. is this going to have a big impacts on elections in 2014, not just presidential? >> yes, it depends how quickly the lawsuits happen. in north carolina you have to understand the context. putt mcquarry, he is the guy who campaigned on not proposing any abortion-related bills, and then he said that his bill was
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not really an abortion bill but an education bill. and you made a great point. if we really didn't have a problem here, then we wouldn't be seeing the rush to do this in so many states that immediately after the repeal the striking down of the provision in the voting rights act, and we had more people shot in the last month accidently in gun safety classes than the number of cases of confirmed voter impersonations since 2004. >> michael: gunshot at gun safety classes. it's a joke and blatant racism. governor mcquarry is being a racist here. i don't have a problem saying that because he knows who is targets, and it's black voters as we showed. hillary clinton gave the first of a series of talks she is giving on public policy. why start with voting rights?
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>> well, because it's so clear that it's going to be a huge issue. we saw the supreme court ruling, and then we saw immediately states in north carolina start jumping on making progress there which really is regressive. they would consider progress. we probably couldn't. and it would be smart if she is thinking of a run in 2016 to start really early, try to have a positive impact in 2014, and strategically it makes perfect sense. >> michael: you know, i agree with that. if this is where she begins she also starts including voters that she's going to need going into 2016. it's so early, but it's an interesting strategy she's taking. i want to go back to the nsa, which we talked about in the last segment. edward snowden said, quote, i was surprised to realize there were people in news organizations that didn't
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realize any message being sent over the internet is being sent all over the world. >> it didn't change at all for me. hearing snowden recently say that edward snowden savessed more even than peter king, i think he said, and in hearing some of the commentary, whatever his motives were initially for better or for worse, i was not surprised by the revelations at all. i assumed that all of my e-mails related to my broadcast and even my personal e-mails were definitely subject to being read. so it hasn't changed it for me. but you're right. some people are surprised by this. >> michael: i agree with you. that was a lot--initially when this came out a lot of people said i assumed that's been going on for a long time. a lot of people would echo what you've been saying. as it has gone on longer more people are understanding it, and the depth has more people looking at it. snowden referred to himself as
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a, quote, spy in that interview. is that how we should see him? >> that is really interesting. there was a controversial on wikipedia that someone from the u.s. senate ip address changed the wikipedia changed edward snowden from dissident to traitor, and then it was changed back to something neutral. not that many people think hero or traitor, but most people are in the middle. he certainly sees himself as a whistle blower. it's hard to argue that he didn't a dissident, but the opinion is that he's somewhere in the middle. >> michael: yes, i think that's true, and i guess he has it in his head what it is. tomorrow, organizing for action, ofa, obama for america, targeting the 135 climate deniers in congress. congress didn't going to pass climate legislation. what is the strategy here? >> well, this is one of the ways that i think has to be--this is
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a tactic that has to be employed going forward, which is focus on specific lengthe legislators ans on specific issues. there is such a media blitz to present this false balance when it comes to climate change even though an overwhimming scientists who believe that there is an affect on climate, and so i think this is a great strategy focusing on individual issues and specific legislators. >> michael: i think that's where they're going, and even if legislation doesn't happen again, this is where you start things. finally let's go to the economy, new report from the center of american for progress with the cuts over the past to years the deficit is now stabilized.
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it won't grow for the next eight years any way. it will have an impact on politics when congress has to pass a budget in september. what do you see that impact being? >> it's hard to say because there is so much misinformation around debt and the deficit. president obama was graded and the statement that the deficit has fallen faster under his administration than any previous administration, they rated that factually true, but at the same time there is weren't of debate and disagreement in whether it really matters if the deficit or debt are falling. many economists say it actually doesn't make a difference. it's hard to see what the impact will be because people's understanding is changing. and also what is good for the deficit is in flux, and something that people don't understand. >> michael: but it does newer nr the argument that the republicans will have. david pakman, i want to thank you for coming on the show as
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regularly as you have. we've had a great time talking to you, i think our viewers enjoy it and are smarter for it, and if you're looking for david. he's the host of the david pakman show. look for it online. coming up, a dangerous practice of hazing and one courageous mother is doing to stop it. next we'll hear all the ridiculous things that republicans are saying on their summer vacation. stick around. current tv is the place for true stories. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries... on current tv. ç]
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>> did anyone tell the pilgrims they should self-deport?
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>> no, they said "make us a turkey and make it fast". >> (laughter). >> she gets the comedians laughing. >> that's the best! >> that's hilarious. >> ... and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there is wiggle room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> ya, i consider you jew-talian. >> okay, whatever you want. >> who plays kafka? >> who saw kafka? >> who ever saw kafka? >> (laughter). >> asking the tough questions. >> chris brown, i mean you wouldn't let one of your daughters go out with him. >> absolutely not. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me? >> absolutely! >> (singing) >> i take lipitor, thats it. >> are you improving your lips? >> (laughter). >> when she's talking, you never know where the conversation is going to go. >> it looks like anthony wiener is throwing his hat in the ring. >> his what in the ring? >> his hat. >> always outspoken, joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv.
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[ ♪ music ] >> michael: with congress on summer vacation the g.o.p. is finally getting it's act in together. the republicans are falling in line. they're behind strong leaders that espouse a clear message. no, i'm not kidding. that's ridiculous. that would never happen. rnc chairman reince priebus or prince reibus is saying dumb things. >> mr. president if you want to shut the government down because you want to fund the monstrosity that you admitted is half broken, then go ahead. i'm going to boycott the program that puts documents on the air. >> michael: unbelievable. today an actual obamacare news, they announced they're
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eliminating a cap-limits pocket expenses until 2015. utah senator mark lee part of the tea party part of lee, paul, and cruz, was not impressed. he reissued a statement that doubled down on his threat: >> michael: i love how he's trying to protect americans. he went one step further calling the announcement a shameful political move. senator lee, you certainly know about desperation and shame. but blake ferren raises you one attack. >> if we were to the president tomorrow-- >> michael: let's review. the new republican agenda
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includes shutting down the federal government. boycotting major news oceans and impeaching the president, and oh, yeah, don't forget locking down the border, and insulting minorities and women. how are people responding to this new platform, not so good, huh? king held a rally in richmond, virginia, and the turnout was less than stellar. less than 50 people heard about the senator talk about cantaloupes, new programs and suntans. yes august is a dull month. here with us karl frisch syndicated columnist and strategist whose job gets easier with each republican gaffe. this is our stop and frisch moment. >> sounds good to me. >> michael: the democrats need to sit back and let the republicans bury themselves this summer? >> no, we can never do that.
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why wait for something to help that we can help hayese hasten. i'm surprise that markwayne mulle, the congressman with a double wide name with the smarts of a double wide trailer. this is the guy who said that people on food stamps are cheating the system. >> michael: we only have so much tile, and we can't get to every bit of lunacy, senator marco rubio warned his party of not killing immigration reform. he saihe said, quote: >> michael: witwould the head of every republican in this country
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explode if he did this, and could he really? >> i'm not sure he could do it. i don't think he would do it precisely because the reaction would be horrible on the right, tad bit on the center and very happy on the left. but you would have the chattering class of d.c. turn on him saying that he should work with congress even though congress has shown absolutely no willingness to work with him. >> michael: how can they say you should have worked with congress. here is this bill. we want to debate it, could "g" through it with a comb with you, and they say no, they just want to say no. why does that happen? what is it about washington now that makes that happen? >> the beltway media is the 50s name. when the spouse comes over from next door with spouse abuse claims, they counsel them to go back to the abuser. that's basically what we're seeing. president obama has tried over and over and over. he has offered ideas to
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republicans only oh to have it flown in his face. he has done what he can to work with them, and they have done nothing and actually bragged about it as a strategy to oppose him. stop banging your head against the ball. >> michael: the strategy has benefited them especially in the house. we talked about hillary clinton's speech yesterday and voting rights. in the next few months she's going to be talking about government surveillance and transparency and the global impact of policy. how fine a line does she have to tow in order not to upset the president if she doesn't want to differ from what he's doing. >> i don't think she'll differ too much from what he's doing. hopefully a speech like that will spark an idea in the media that things are as they be asking candidates in office.
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in 2008 through 201 2012, very w questions. in 2008, not a single question in any of the democrat or republican primary debate or general election debates about executive power. these are issues that i hope wilthemedia will latch onto andk about. >> michael: especially the administration we thought was abusing executive power, and now the obama administration has continued so many of those policies. karl frisch, we got to ask about anthony weiner. he may have let the cat out of the bag on that yesterday. it's hard not to have a double enteendre with him. >> do you know about hillary clinton in 2016.
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>> i do. >> what are they? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> reporter: wilwill he have to distance himself? >> i don't know if it he knows what his wife plans to do. i think progressives are ready for hillary for 2016. >> michael: by 2016 she'll be married to somebody else anyway, who are we kidding. while we're talking about weiner, there are four weeks left in the new york city mayoral race. a new poll today has him out today with only 10% of the vote, fourth place, bill deblasio has first place and then christine quinn. it looks like di diblasio is capitalizing on the weiner mess in a way that others have not. why not? >> i don't know if i believe
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that particular poll. it's an outlier at this point. let's show another poll with him in the lead, then i'll take it seriously. we've seen polls with weiner sliding and the rest of the race at the same point. quinn at 25, and the others at 14 a piece. this is a poll that i don't necessarily believe. i think this has to do with people getting familiar with these candidates for the first time. up until recently the only candidate that the average new york city voter had ever heard of was anthony weiner, an they knew more about him than the other candidates. >> michael: people had accept him and maybe they'll end up with deblasio. corey booker is a heavy
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favorite. if you're chris christie, is this election worth $25 million? >> we'll see. i mean the whole theory that chris christie was going to have been an election in the middle of august so more democrats would not turn out to vote against him. i think it's worth it to him. is it worth to the taxpayers in new jersey? no, not a chance. but republicans are allowed to waste money when it benefits them. >> michael: absolutely. karl frisch, personally i want to thank you so much for being a regular on this show. you pre-dated me on this show with governor granholm. you and i have visited on "the young turks" very often, but every time you're on the show i think everybody is happy here because your input and sense of humor and your analysis are fantastic. thanks so much for being here and being a part. >> thank you so much, michael. it's been a pleasure. >> michael: coming up on the show, we're going to hear from a mother telling the emotional story of losing her son when he
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was only 19 years old, and her fight against the dangerous tradition that caused his death. we'll be back with that. question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> i think it's brilliant. (vo) first, news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >> i know this stuff, and i love it. (vo) followed by humor and politics with a west coast edge. bill press and stephanie miller.
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>> what a way to start the day. >> michael: harrison kowiak died when he was 19 years old. he was a sophomore on golf and academic scholarships. his golf trophies still decorate his room in florida. he was made to walk through a dark field at night. his pledge brothers jumped out of the shadows beating him. he died of a brain hemorrhage the next day. shortly after her son's death, lianne kowiak thought she found an legal ally. wilson worked with an organization that would deny financial aid to those who
3:43 pm
endorsed hazing. but now wilson will not return kowiak's phone calls and she did not realize that a powerful lobby group called frat pack was pushing wilson to back off. saying we believe that effort has bee.when fraternity memberst took harrison to the e.r. in 2008, they sold hospital that he injured himself playing football. it was not until harrison's mother he filed a lawsuit in 2009 that the truth came out. no one was arrested. prosecutors found no basis for criminal charge. joining us now from florida is lianne kowiak, harrison's mother. thank you for joining us in this conversation, lianne. >> thank you for having me on this evening. >> michael: you know, before we
3:44 pm
get into the legislation, before we talk about what needs to happen, tell us a little bit your son harrison. i'm sure that's something you love to talk about. he was a golf prodigy, wasn't he. >> yes, harrison was just a wonderful young man. and it's so sad that we lost him so unexpectedly and so senselessly. my husband brian and i had harrison. he was 19 years old. he was there attending university on a golf and academic scholarship. >> michael: what would he think of your efforts right now? you can continue telling us about laye harrison, i interrupd you, but part of what you're telling us, what would he think of what you're doing now. >> thank you, michael. harrison was the type of individual when he walked into a room he lit up the room. he had the charisma, and everyone was just excited to talk to him.
3:45 pm
he made everyone feel like an individual whether you were an executive with a corporation or if you were somebody that was not so high on the totem pole, so to speak. harrison was the consummate older brother to his sister emma. i think harrison would want to go ahead and make sure that individuals know exactly what had happened. we taught and we do teach our children to be very ethical and honest, and to do the right thing. communication is very important. so my goal, michael, is to make sure that other peoples, other students, universities, fraternities, sororities are not impacted and have to endure the pain that we have suffered nearly almost five years this november is when this tragedy occurred. >> michael: yes, it's an impossible thing to imagine. it's also impossible to estimate. some say there have been 177 hazing deaths to date with 10
3:46 pm
in 2012 alone. there is no way to estimate the non-fatal injuries or emotional scarring. how big of a problem is hazing now? >> you know, michael, i'm holding up a photo of our son, harrison stephen kowiak. honestly when harrison went to lenore rrine university, harrison said i'm thinking about pledging to beta kai fraternity. we said why, he said to experience the full university experience. if we had known what he would go through we would not have let our son go through. the timing of your program is
3:47 pm
spot on with school right around the corner and hell week coming uup in november, i'm here for al the hazing victims and for families across america to let them know that hazing is still going on. sadly after we lost our son to hazing so many more deaths have happened. there are individuals who have gone through hazing, and sadly do not have the physical capability to walk around on their own because they were beaten or because they had endured this hazing. >> michael: yes, and reporting of it is--you're a pledge, and you're trying to get into a club, so reporting it and being a leaker and whistle blower about this is an intimidating idea. tell me why you reached out to representative frederico wilson, not your congres congresswoman,t representative from florida. >> yes, michael, you're right. there is so much tradition and culture that goes with hazing, and so individuals feel there is
3:48 pm
a lot of peer fres pressure out. if you have gone through the hazing process how do you back out of it? after this horrific tragedy we endured in 2008 my husband, brian, and myself, our families, we decided to do something about this. we did start the legal process. above and beyond that as any mom out there is listening today i felt that i needed to start some type of action sitting at my kitchen table. i picked up the phone and i called up my local congressman. michael, you need to know i have never gone through obviously anything like this before, i never had to deal with any type of legal type of process like this. this is all foreign turf for us, so to speak. as a result i picked up the phone, and someone recommended that i call congresswoman wilson. did i not speak directly with her. i spoke to her director at the time. he was a great individual, took
3:49 pm
the information, listened to my situation, and he frankly remembered it because he had contacted me a few months later and said congresswoman wilson would like to invite you and your family to washington, d.c. in september 2012. she is going to announce an anti-hazing law that would be on a federal level, national level. i said oh my goodness. i was planning baby steps and just approach it from my kitchen table, but if this is something that will help all individuals out there so they do not get suggestesubjected to hazing i wl for that. go ahead, michael. >> michael: no, continue. and then, you know, to get to the end of that, and the result, unfortunately, this frat pack stepped in, and frederico wilson did not continue with this
3:50 pm
legislation, is that right? >> the time had has the, and it was after the first of the year, and i was wondering what was going on with this. i was told by wilson's office in d.c. that you need to go ahead and bring these to the floor at the right time. you don't want it to get lost with other bills. i understand that. they are the experts in that area, and i understand, okay, if i need to wait, we were discussing the timing, and they were saying perhaps the springtime, april-may time frame. i called and never heard back. i know congresswoman wilson had been involved in a sorority. she shared with me that she had seen some things over the years. she told me first and foremost she is a teacher, and then she is a principal. she is tired of the children in the coming home. in my heart of hearts i want to believe that congresswoman wilson is going to carry forward the plans to announce the
3:51 pm
anti-hazing legislation. >> michael: we certainly do hope with you, lianne. we hope that congresswoman wilson is watching this, her constituents are watching this, and mothers and fathers who are about to send their kids off to college is watching this too. we're sorry for your story, but we thank you for sharing it with us, lianne kowiak. we will be right back.
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current tv is the place for true stories. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries... on current tv. >> michael: and we are back. as the saying goes, those who refuse to learn from history are
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condemned to make jokes about it on national television. brett erlich joins us from los angeles. what is the latest, brett? >> there is so much news! now it all starts--you know, the name august, the word august, it means someone who is potent, capable of getting a lot done. i think it comes from a gust of win whicwind, which pushes thin. now if you asked richard nixon about the recordings that got in him trouble in watergate. he doesn't agree that a lot of that stuff didn't happen in august. here is the clip. >> august is >> michael: there you have it. i don't think nixon used the
3:55 pm
word "kibbitsing. >> i don't think he liked when people used it. >> michael: what do you think he said about july. >> well played, sir. i have to completely disagree. look at all the developments that have happened. we look back at june, which he also would not agree with, back in june when donald trump was saying in june. >> you're fired. anthony weiner, you're sick. you're fired. >> he was talking about anthony weiner. flash forward to now in august. look how much his vine has completely developed, and he's talking about new subjects. >> peter, it's time for you to get out. you're a total joke. hopefully anthony weiner stays
3:56 pm
off vine. he's really sick. >> 's just completely changed his tune. those are vines from donald trump. he needs to change his tune. he needs to get with what is happening on vine. just start twirking. that's what it's for. this is coming out of san diego. hooters, which we know is an establishment that respects women. it said we serve people from all walks of life, but on the same sign they refuse to serve the mayor of san diego because he does not respect women. i thought that was a great move for a bunch of hooters in san diego. by the way, stop by hooters for their double b-burger, and their hooterrizhooterrizers. >> brett erlich, thank you for being on the show and making us
3:57 pm
laugh. thank you for joining us here on the show. "the young turks" are next. they should self-deport? >> no, they said "make us a turkey and make it fast". >> (laughter). >> she gets the comedians laughing. >> that's the best! >> that's hilarious. >> ... and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there is wiggle room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> ya, i consider you jew-talian. >> okay, whatever you want. >> who plays kafka? >> who saw kafka? >> who ever saw kafka? >> (laughter). >> asking the tough questions. >> chris brown, i mean you wouldn't let one of your daughters go out with him. >> absolutely not. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me? >> absolutely! >> (singing) >> i take lipitor, thats it. >> are you improving your lips? >> (laughter). >> when she's talking, you never know where the conversation is going to go. >> it looks like anthony wiener is throwing his hat in the ring. >> his what in the ring? >> his hat. >> always outspoken, joy behar. >> and the best part is that
3:58 pm
current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv.
3:59 pm
4:00 pm
♪ theme >> welcome to "the young turks." we have an awesome show ahead for you guys. only three shows left. only three shows left on current. doesn't matter. you can find us every single day on "the youn we're bringing in all the all-star for the final week, ana


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