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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2017 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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the front runners in germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and now we're looking forward to introduce johnson a woman that. has done germany besides. the candidates september twenty first one. this is day w news coming to you live from berlin a powerful earthquake has struck mexico the second one in as many weeks the seven point one by the two tremor kills more than two hundred including many children in a primary school in mexico city crews are now frantically searching for survivors
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also in the show donald trump threatens to totally destroy north korea and tear up the iran nuclear deal america's president pulls no punches in a confrontational speech to the u.n. general assembly. and churning its way through the caribbean hurricane maria is now barreling towards part of reka which has yet to recover from hurricane erma just two weeks ago. plus the march of two steel giants germany's tristen cook and its indian competitor tata steel have agreed to merge their european steel operations they say it will offer both companies a sustainable future thousands of job losses are expected. and in bonus leo soccer high flying shaka face their start is test yet the season when they took on by the wire.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. we begin in mexico where a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake has killed at least two hundred forty eight people in mexico city's mayor says dozens of buildings have collapsed in the capital including a primary school where more than twenty children are confirmed dead the epicenter was one hundred twenty kilometers from the mexican capital the quake sent thousands of people running into the streets and fires broke out across the city emergency crews and civilians are now searching for survivors trapped under the rubble it follows another major quake earlier this month which killed almost one hundred people. mexico city immediately after the quake first responders and volunteers swarm to collapsed buildings throughout the vast city and many areas lost electrical power the city's airport shut down preventing president enrique pena
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nieto from returning to the capital. we are returning but we have to land at another airport because mexico city airport has stopped operating. for the time being we cannot land there we're going to mexico city to see exactly what has happened. on the ground rescuers frantically searched for the five is trapped under the rubble search efforts have been slowed because of the fragility of many structures authorities say many more buildings in the densely populated city a still at risk of collapse many locals are in shock trying to process what they've seen. and work through the ground started moving it was very strong the windows started to break people started to leave their homes this building in front collapsed i saw emergency workers rescue one person they were in the middle of the building. the earthquake struck on the anniversary of
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a previous earthquake in nine hundred eighty five that trembler killed thousands of people tuesday as quake struck just as many people took part in drills designed to prepare citizens for exactly a disaster like this. the federal government has declared a state of disaster in mexico city and as an act of emergency plan which deploys the armed forces in coordination with local authorities and as night falls tragedy confirmed at this collapsed elementary school authorities say at least twenty children died here. but the search is still on for dozens more children and adults still missing emergency crews ask onlookers to remain silent for a chance to hear those who may have survived. for the latest on the aftermath of the earthquake let's cross straight over to mexico city where veronica calderon is standing by for us veronica tell us how you experienced the quake where you were when it struck. well while i was standing us about pm
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i was walking on the street. going back for a launch as many mexico mexico city how the dems do every single day when the earth as many witnesses say started to actually shake almost well. and. me. it was in matter in a matter of seconds that. leader legally hundreds of people were in this trait so it was mooted carriers. and toll shocked. this is by far the worst earthquake i can remember what is happening in mexico city right now because we've heard from the mayor that dozens of buildings have collapsed we saw in our report that the airport is closed. tell us what sort of dangers people in
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mexico city are facing. well we have been told by their authorities to stay away from them most of them it's. only. if you volunteer as a citizen that's very welcome. invitation for example there was a huge guest like that like literally you know and being that on my watch which was in mexico city's downtown. they told us to. avoid those areas. you know what about so that more. sorry i'm sorry no no problem we just have a bit of a delay in the line i want to ask you about the rescue operations that are underway there that must be very difficult under these conditions. yes curse because also it's rainy season here in mexico as you know there's many
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hurricanes happening and that strikes even though they are far away because it can drain during the night there's a lot of the breeze and it's a very difficult job for those. are the first responders at this scene this make this earthquake struck on the anniversary of another that killed thousands in one thousand nine hundred five other was another earthquake just a couple of weeks ago how is this affecting the mood of people in mexico well we're pretty scared and trust me and this is this isn't usual or. we're used to hurricanes and there quakes and. to the east to have to happen so very often and it happened on this date it's a special thankful because. it's very painful date for us to remember. so i guess we're still in shock expecting that will happen tomorrow
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because we are very great there that they're still right. through the night running to thank you so much and stay safe around a call around a journalist are joining us from mexico city thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today british police have arrested a third suspect in connection with last week's attack on a london commuter train the arrest of a twenty five year old man was made in newport wales and eighteen and twenty one year old are also in custody thirty people were injured in friday's bombing. in bangladesh monsoon rains have flooded refugee camps housing tens of thousands of revenge a from neighboring myanmar bangladeshi authorities say they've started removing started moving refugees to a new larger camp at least four hundred twenty thousand rohingya is arranges have
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fled from myanmar to escape violence that u.n. officials have described as ethnic cleansing. and a sunken world war one submarine has been found off the west coast of belgium local authorities say the well preserved german boat still contains the bodies of its twenty three crewman it's the eleventh such bessel to be found in belgian waters who boats were a key part of german military strategy in the first world war. well first there was a promise of fire and fury and now the threat of total destruction u.s. president donald trump used his first speech before the united nations general assembly to deliver his harshest warning yet to the north korean leadership. trump also had stern war words for iran and underneath it all a message that the u.s. will always put its own interests first. donald trump. but he's threat to obliterate north korea many of his off. the united states has
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great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea trump denson and iran saying it's a rogue state whose chief exports when violence bloodshed and chaos he called the deal with iran which so many international sanctions trumped in exchange for cuts in the country's nuclear program one of the worst the u.s. in the maint trump also stressed that national governments needed to realign themselves rather than turn to the international community for help in other words america first. in america the people govern the people rule and the people are sovereign i was elected not to take power but to give power to the american people where it belongs in foreign affairs we are renewing this founding principle of sovereignty. in the past trump and denounce the united
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nations as a bloated money wasting bureaucracy and he continued in she used a speech. we also thank the secretary general for recognizing that the united nations must reform if it is to be an effective partner in confronting threats to sovereignty security and prosperity too often the focus of this organization has not been on results but on bureaucracy and process. the us president also called for the world's nations to tank and a bigger role in promoting security and prosperity in their mind regions. president trial speech was closely followed here in europe as well let's get some analysis now tyson barker's a program director and fellow at the aspen institute here in berlin good morning tyson this was trump's first major speech at the u.n.
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an institution he has derided in the past what was your overall impression well let's start with the good if you say that ninety percent is just showing up clearly he and his team showed up in full force they are looking to use the u.n. as a mechanism for resolving some conflicts but particularly in a kind of trump way and of course that began with the speech where you heard a lot of very hot rhetoric kind of almost biblical rhetoric dividing the world into the wicked and the righteous used both of those words and he changed american doctor and in one way that has been the same for seventy years you know the pillars of american approach to the world have been democracy prosperity security both for the united states and their partners globally he's dropped the democracy piece and added a sovereignty piece and that's really important because that kind of starts to align the united states with countries like china and russia which want to have more control domestically aligning the united states with countries like china and
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russia that sounds like quite a development do you see the outlines of a trump doctrine here in terms of his approach to worry. affairs i think you do i mean basically what he said is we have an america first approach and every other country be canada or germany or china or south korea needs to have a canada first or trying to first or germany first approach as well that is maybe ideologically consistent but it makes for a much less predictable world because everybody is approaching the international community on their own terms ok let's talk about specifics the president had harsh words for north korea and for the iran nuclear deal let's start with north korea did he offer any viable strategy for dealing with the crisis over north korea's weapons program i mean in both the iran and north korea case we saw a rhetoric that is so hot it's going to be very difficult to climb down from. north korea specifically you know we heard this personal insult rocket man referring to
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kim which people have stated was a last minute addition added by the president himself what is unclear is what comes next what are the next steps and of course that's going to be in close consultation with our allies in the region we can hope that the next step isn't total destruction a given the implications of that ok the iran nuclear deal trump reiterated his skepticism about that many countries including russia and countries here in europe are concerned that the u.s. might unilaterally tera that deal did trump give any clues as to where the u.s. is going with this i think here the rhetoric indicates a path forward much more clearly than in the case with north korea he called the deal an embarrassment for the united states basically lining up the steps for a either withdrawal or an attempt to renegotiate the deal now this was painstakingly negotiated over years almost a decade really with many partners in the u.n. security council in germany and it's going to be very hard to renegotiate this is
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not what the partners are looking to do so i think we can expect to see some major shifts in that deal in the coming weeks tyson thank you so much for talking with us this morning on deed up. news tyson barker of the aspen institute here in berlin if . you are watching t w news still to come warnings of a force and violence not seen for generations we'll have more on the caribbean communities facing the wrath of hurricane maria and in midweek but this legal action by un's reserve goalkeeper was looking nervous in their outing of shock and stay tuned to see if it cost the champion. because here is some business news and news of a merger between two steel giant it is one of the biggest biggest it industry. in the steel industry the german steel company to cope and its indian rival tata have decided to consolidate the european production both companies will own fifty percent of the new company the headquarters will be located in the netherlands to
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some quote on top of both project that four thousand of a total of forty eight thousand jobs in administration production will be lost the new synergies should save the company six hundred million euros per year the steel workers union called a protest demonstration european steel makers have been under pressure for years from china on the cheap steel it produces for the world market. and for more on that to make a merger in the steel industry i am joined now by the chief financial officer of his in club good to cacophony he joins us from the quarters in s. and good to have you with us so what are we to make of this does it mean that to some cope is now turning its back on the steel industry. no that is clearly not the case i mean take a look at the history of to some crow as the name already present trouble as
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a result of mergers coming from the past and it was crop it was first it was run style and we've seen over the past that mergers happened to address all the issues of over capacities in the steel industry in the past this now for us is the next step of a merger addressing the issue of overcapacity is the stable to a bit weaker demand in europe so we think together with tata who is more or less the same cultural values as we have in our company that this merger will allow us to address the challenges in these markets a lot better than do it stand alone so if there is a little client of create this number two in europe ok so it is a kind of survival strategy and as you say you hope to create number two in europe i know that the c.e.o. of tata chandrasekaran has called this merger just a few moments ago a momentous occasion tata steel is of course a major rival also of to some corp what exactly are those synergies that you're
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looking for. yeah we're looking to four hundred to six hundred million of synergies and you lead to achieve in the merger and the phase one we definitely see synergies in general administration but in the production side as we do it as well we definitely think on r. and d. on procurement but on bad a capacity utilization as well across our assets that we will then commonly share we can have a better position and realize synergies we couldn't realize each of our standalone and therefore we think with that this will have less impact on the employment than we would have if we were to can continue both standalone dear you just built the perfect bridge there for me because we do hear that some four thousand jobs will be lost how do you want to handle this transitional period to work well for us
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well i think again four thousand in that period of time to come given the base of forty eight thousand is by far not as big as many have expected to come and again if we see work reductions we have taken in the past and we would have to address found alone i can clearly say that would be bigger numbers i think a lot of the threats which we couldn't address so far are now open on the table and now we can work out with the employers the representatives across the regions what that means and how a plan will look like how we can realize this from my personal expectation i must clearly say i think this is a situation that is not good no job losses or redundancies are good but that should be handled it's something we can handle given the size of the two companies and the timeframe we have to realize it. chief financial officer to some corp thank you so much for joining us here in the. the
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u.k. is preparing to offer twenty billion euros toward its bricks its divorce bill now that is according to a report from the financial times london has not yet confirmed this report prime minister to resign may is expected to make the announcement on friday in florence the e.u. says to britain always up to one hundred billion euros as part of the brics it process the issue is a major source of friction between the two sides and in just about an hour we'll talk to a financial market correspondent to see how that announcement goes down there more than forty countries including china france and rhonda have already put limits on the use of plastic bags kenya has even introduced a jail sentence of up to four years if you produce even use them but not everyone's excited small scale vendors are worried about the new anti-plastic laws and how those could impact their livelihood. plastic is a problem in kenya in
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a strict ban has been in place for just under a month but the new regulations present fresh difficulties for some opportunities for extortion have opened up reports of security forces stopping cars to conduct unsanctioned searches for plastic bags that spread. and small scale traders and bag manufacturers are worried about their income. my business might suffer this is the business i provide for my children and pay our rent so this new law will affect my business negative. but something had to be done plastic bags exacerbate nairobi's already significant crash problem and are a health hazard officials hope that pushing for alternatives to plastic bags will solve those problems while providing opportunities for those affected by the ban. i can confirm to you by the number of jobs that would be created. by
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producing wealth on a tips is far much more and more widespread than what already exists in the. existing plastic. plant tell the capital these women had already been weaving eco friendly bags fifteen years ahead of. us to measure since these plastic bags have been banned i expect that we'll have more sales and this will enable us to educate our children and also help each other. it took kenya three attempts over a decade to finally institute the balance that getting it to work is going to be a long term project as well. now people in the caribbeans are bracing for the impact of hurricane maria you've got the latest terri yet another hurricane monica it's a brutal season hurricane maria is continuing its devastating path through the caribbean
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overnight it barreled through the u.s. virgin islands and is now bearing down on puerto rico on monday hurricane maria tore into the caribbean island of domenica ripping the roof off the prime minister's house and also battered the french territory of guadalupe here's more. maria ravaging the french island of quote a loop heavy rain and fierce winds have left many areas without power official reports of at least one death a person hit by a falling tree two others were missing. we have limited contact at the moment it's really very patchy we're in touch with our forces and the police who are giving us some information but we have very little details at this stage. another french territory martinique has a scrape the storm without major damage but neighboring dominica came off much worse. it's prime minister roosevelt skerritt wrote on facebook that they've lost all that money can buy and replace earlier he posted that his roof had
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been blown off many of the islands on high alert for maria is still reeling from hurricane earlier this month and he's one of them here people are bracing for another potential disaster a similar scene in pretzel rico shelves in supermarkets empted as residents stockpile supplies the u.s. territory could receive a direct hit from maria. right now we're not prepared for the next hurry can because we're still recovering from the last one two weeks ago. rico is not prepared for this. we're going to have a bad time of it. we ask almighty god to get us through this without serious damage . after briefly weakening maria has again
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intensified into a category five hurricane and it could cause further damage as it moves towards puerto rico. in sports now and in britain say a soccer action shocker off to a roaring start under a new coach to many coto desk a winning three out of four games but tuesday brought their sternest test yet by in munich except the varians were missing injured goalkeeper manuel neuer so did that give an edge to the royal blues stake a look. polis were on savannah on tuesday off the model and though it was yet ending injury he was one of six new players this column and she thought he made wholesale changes after the weekend win over minds the new look by made the strongest stunt with sebastian hooty testing high famine early on. the visitors kept up the pressure and it paid off in the twenty fifth minute thomas rodriguez burst into the box and hit now though from close range. the video referee
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correctly deemed it to be a handful and gave a penalty. robert eleven dusky stepped up to open the story was. four minutes later shall go at their own undoing they lost possession in their own half serving by in their second goal on a platter. above. comments with his first goal for pine in his first in this league it's not. the shocker didn't let their heads drop and marched up the pitch had a bit of a wobble but hobby martinez saved his goalkeepers blushes. both sides had decent chances in the second half but it was by who found the back of the nets again hamas was involved this time setting up to review the out for the third and final go above.
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so i kept a key. when she says buying when that second game in a row well shaka show united front as a sign for that home defeat of this season. and for we go just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on day to be news a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake in central mexico has killed at least two hundred forty eight people the death toll is expected to rise at least forty four buildings have collapsed in the capital including a primary school where more than twenty children have been confirmed dead as the second big quake in as many weeks. and hurricane maria is barreling westwards through the caribbean towards frederico after devastating the tiny island nation of domenica u.s. national hurricane center is warning of a potentially catastrophic impact from the storm that has already killed at least
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two people. you're watching t.w. news more news information on our website w dot com thanks one. experience the future of mobility at the international motor show in frankfurt. open cockpit design. concept car studies and digital trends the vehicles
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of tomorrow are full of possibilities and even classic cars are going with the times. highlights of the i am. driving next. it's a huge waste of resources. intact diesel vehicles land in the junkyard millions of tons of food land in the garden. that's everyday life in a throwaway society. sustainability is more important than ever but how can the massive squandering of resources really be avoided. made in germany in sixty minutes on d w. on freedom and home. where i come from the region is rich in history style and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for
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independent journalists i see many of the younger promising journalists who are now making names for themselves all over the. song live get along the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom in a sense is like the periods of day you can visit but your call come back. when it is your fifth ward and i work at the end of it. alone one.


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