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tv   Made in Germany - Wasting Resources  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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the american actor robert redford once told a press conference this is the only planet we've got and it's already been pretty well chewed up sustainability is crucial to our survival and prosperity but we keep on wasting too much today on our show we're talking about resources and resourcefulness and probably the best place to start the changing face of consumerism if you've been shopping with me you'll never want to again i take forever to make a choice and maybe this next innovation is targeted at people just like me here are some great examples of digital efficiency young covered by my two colleagues county law shock and marion who took. to the starting line. i'm out shopping and i see something strange. i can't believe my eyes. i'm walking behind this thing ships the ship that. if we listen
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to that than some gal in the. highlights to eat again for the thing office to show me around the store. last great just to follow me and you can find. the virtual bed is my digital shopping assistant it doesn't know much yet but it learns quickly soon it will recognise customers and their preferences. it's about to realize i'm not a tool interested in household appliances. stop so i came clean are you serious now before still the advice of kinetic big bullshit outsell going into maybe in the future you walk into a store and we already know what you've come for if a customer wants us to we could offer targeted product maybe ones you don't know yet but would like life one of can i would you know it through in person wouldn't you know so do you like it when you can stop so. no to be honest.
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i get the feeling i'm just listening to advertising. i want to hear programs the digital assistant. and who decides what the customer gets recommended. when does customer service become product marketing. lots of questions but at least it was very entertaining. how do you believe it. we're trying out a lot of different things whether they're put in a short period of time it will learn to introduce new products or you can even include special offers we'll just have to see what works best with the customers and then build on that investment about advertising money from the companies. for life maybe i don't want to rule it out but the focus is really on making things easier for the customers and the staff with ok here you go what is the theme of the
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future lies in the hands of the programmers get your google assistant and get help you find answers get things done oh yeah. digitalisation changes are habits life is moving faster and faster for budding entrepreneurs that opens up a lot of great opportunities and there's plenty of room in berlin for fresh ideas and new startups. like in twenty six the first german digital bank. but this doesn't look like a financial institution with an official banking license but i feel comfortable keeping my money here. valentyn style one of the founders explains how i can open an account on my smartphone in just eight minutes. just logged in with my fingerprint as you see i'm really quite overdrawn when it's going to be because i can see all
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the transactions here so i can tell how much i spent on shopping for example and decided it was too much i have an exact overview of what i've spent to make it as was does he. transfers investments even getting a loan it's all possible with just a few clicks. there's a banking we call it real time banking if i pay for something with my credit card i get an immediate notification on my smartphone i bet if you know people want to be in control of our finances and you get that if you can see what you spend in that moment rather than on a monthly bill where people want banking to be uncomplicated and possible from anywhere. sounds good but the digital bank is also collecting lots of valuable customer data algorithms take away in the background analyzing and learning who we are. in the supermarket how
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when i spend my money you can still be completely anonymous. i can pay in cash to a real person. but digital customer service is on its way. i'm proudly showing the first steps in the supermarket a product find. if you're looking for something in particular you can enter the products here and then search and you'll be navigating. then of course there's still lots about the ties and petrol prices and baking recipes. but technology has much more to offer. to find out why let's take a look at the supermarkets of the future. i'm here at the german research center for artificial intelligence. the food in here is made of plastic a sensor determines if everything's in the right place. the customer receives
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additional information up here. a practice run with head of research spend gehring. i take a look at the smart meat counter which can tell what i'm pointing out. and i can still come up with a counter hanging over the counter recognises the position of your it calculates the extension of the arm into the counter because the system knows ahead of time will know where in the counter the products are it can easily figure out what you're pointing at. the shopping cart keeps track of what's in it. and of course we make a cash repayment veyron up. there are still places in germany without internet or mobile coverage. i'm on my
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way to sharing our mark a village north of berlin with about three hundred residents. vacationers come here in search of peace and quiet. for example by taking a stroll with the donkeys. isn't the answer to my very important aspect of these walks is that they get to use a model and not wife eye or plan a hot because they have no cell phone reception. and song they have so much time together and they have to read the moms because cell phones don't work has had an influence on the out consciously getting offline and i'm finding that's a tourist business around here. this isn't guns they're very soft and fellow is really old but he's nice to cuddle guns there are so many people who need that when you mention holmes or in fact they want to pet something
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yes putting you cuddling many people missed. the donkeys offer a kind of digital detox a way of combating stress. just shut down your facebook and experience real life. i think going on a digital diet is important but many people don't realize. you have the chance to start here as it is important to realize that going without is fine it's doable and then see how far you can take it. i feel like i've really slowed down for one afternoon i have left my digital life far behind me. when this embrace now i'll try to open the virtual door get such a quality of pushing for the last. time like that country village this place is all about digital experiences. it's not really being inside the
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car and the plans and arguments and ward. gets to be around has a massive engine. maybe you can certainly sell off for the customer a lot more extras with this system and. it's often it's the car companies and pilot project. that your reality could soon be standard practice when buying a car. i just have one problem the headset makes me dizzy. you know so it's let's stop for now i never thought i'd be so sensitive. i also get dizzy when i see how digitalisation has changed our lives and shopping is just the tip of the iceberg. when it comes to consumerism these next figures will blow you away if we keep
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gobbling up results as at the current global rate we'll need more than one and a half planets to sustain the trend the united states is the biggest culprit if everyone in the world use resources that the average us right look at that would burn through five planets germans consume less but not a lot less we go through three planets a german writes and there's all that scrap metal following the emissions scandal more than six million cars many of them new a models could soon be banned from in the cities in germany as their engines still pollute too much and massive waste of resources. another opal bites the dust. on average an opel is on the road for eighteen years before it scrapped other makes of cars even more robust. but car manufacturers in germany are offering cash incentives to people who want to scrap the old diesels and buy new cars that pollute less there are more
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than six million candidates for this special treatment. economist henning vits has published a study on incentives to scrap old cars if we scrap cars it could run for quite a while longer we invest so many resources in these products that it makes no sense to just throw them away. because institute has worked out that two thirds of the natural resources that go into an average compact car are used for its manufacture the remaining third maybe fuel is consumed while driving it over its average lifespan that adds up to nearly thirty five tons of resources for a car that weighs just one and a half tons the largest single item is energy followed by metal. with people here are concerned about the level of pollution where they live the resources we used to make and run a car come from all over the world but that doesn't interest them so much
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nonetheless over the long term it's much more important to conserve those resources . the auto industry rarely talks about all the resources it consumes germany's automotive industry association the vdare would rather point out how the latest models pollute the air less than older ones another related issue is what many consider planned obsolescence the making of car parts that are not as durable or a bust as they should or could be mechanics a parts used to last longer. news. of parts wearing out the thai joints on the current version of this model tend to breakaway around fairly quickly. in earlier versions they would last one hundred thousand kilometers for floor even longer before they had to be replaced. but in the current series they only last sixty to eighty thousand.
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mechanics say this kind of thing happens all the time and that it holds true for all the common factor is. the automotive industry they say doesn't seem to be too bothered. many parts wear out much sooner than you would expect sooner than they used to. it's interesting to note that the companies that make them keep them in stock. that's certainly speeds up repairs but you really have to wonder why. we ask the vdare about parts wearing out too quickly here's part of their answer it's just not true this idea that everything was better in the past the high quality of german vehicles is reflected in the increased average age of the cars. incentives to scrap old cars may be good business for scrap merchants but
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decommissioning aging diesels before that time seems like a waste of precious and finite natural resources. and those finite resources have given rise to new areas of study like resource management which. is starting at the technical university here in berlin he's already working in the field welcome how resourceful would you say you are or how wasteful are you. well i try to waste as little as possible but obviously since we're living in germany well quite wasteful we waste a lot of food in the also a lot of energy and have a lot of emissions at the same time the germans are seen as a green and rated world champions in recycling to do they get it right well some of it definitely is true and the attitude is right i think but obviously on the in the energy sector and also in the transport sector and also in the recycling
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psychedelics of things that we can do better and that we need to address on a worldwide level we've experienced that in the diesel scandal tell me all about what you've learned at uni what can you pass on to us well to put it in a nutshell i'd say that it's not enough that we focus on the demand side and the customer and on the consumer but we need more regulation on the well while scale and we've seen lots of that happening but if you later in the form of taxes for example there's a c o two tax is one possible solution or c o two emissions scheme that we've already that we already have but it's not working properly they're trying to address that problem but it could be done better so how at the end of the day can the consumer save the planet. well the consumer can avoid traveling by plane can take the bicycle to work can use less energy in
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general but at the end of the day it's also down to the industry and other sectors and is it fair to put the onus on say the chinese they're told they're eating too much meat all of a sudden. i don't think that's quite fair you have to compare at a different scale because in china the per copy. demand for meat and the daily consumption is way lower than the german consumption and they've had many many years where they have not had the same level that we have you've actually lived in china what influenced you in your time there you'll picture of the worlds. well they have a lot of pollution regarding plastic regarding air pollution which infringes you in your daily activities you can't spend every day of the month outside doing exercises or anything how often did you see blue sky like in those pictures i'd say more often than the average person things in europe i say those are fifteen to twenty days
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a month and then you have maybe five to ten really bad ones in the major cities and how do the chinese view the rest of the world when it comes to resourcefulness well i think they think it's their time now they feel they hold they held back for a long time and now it's catch up you know catch up time how do you solve. well i think the government in china they already see the problem i mean all the cities are really polluted and they need to address that problem just in order to maintain the safety of their people and that is a major incentive the next hot commodity is rare earths one that was formerly. almost exclusively mined in china. how's that changing the way we think about resourcefulness because all of a sudden everyone needs a mobile phone and. connected to that of course yes we definitely rely on our earth in those technologies but i think there are also other countries who are mining
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these rare earths and i think the dependency on china has decreased what can you leave us with do you have a message of hope. from from what you've learnt in your studies or in your work. yes i think the message is that the global community is working i think in paris we've seen an agreement that is putting us forward and also even despite president in the usa we're seeing that the pentagon is trying to provide climate protection and that definitely puts me in a hopeful way needled i thank you very much for coming today thank you. to one of the worst types of waste the tons of perfectly good food we throw away a lot of it simply because it's past the use by date. but germans take a look at them they discard twenty five billion euros worth of food every year is in no sense either.
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filmers on a mission to stop food waste his company's salvage is food that is otherwise destined for the garbage like these drinks that are past their sell by date they come from metro germany's biggest cash and carry chain and currently rafael's biggest supplier. fifty five. years i only managed to save small amounts of food and drink and i was saving pallets full all the time and putting them back into circulation making customers happy is a great reward. sells the drinks in his own shop. he pays less than ten percent of the original price for them manufactures only guarantee their products are fit for consumption up to the use by date after that they usually get thrown away rafael also rescues reject fruit and fridge. we didn't learn about this at school or university i first saw
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a video about it in two thousand and nine that's when i became a dumpster diver but i also thought we have to find a large scale solution. to start up is based in berlin with a small office that sponsored by the european union as part of a funding programme they gathered their seed capital online through small investors . and they raised a total of one hundred thousand euros but now they need to find new suppliers and convince them of their concept. from there on the border just say finally someone is doing it dealing with all this reject food they didn't know what to do with it before. there are concerns they usually wondering if it's actually legal to sell food that's past its use by date. in germany it's no problem at all
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as long as you do sample tests to make sure the food or drink is still ok to consume it. and if it is past the date you have to tell the customers in the shop. but. they hope to attract customers with bargain prices the sample checks are a legal requirement to make sure people won't get enough set stomach but if everything is ok they're free to sell it. to rescue food and make it mainstream so consumers and also retailers and restaurants know where they can get it that's why we said we'll open a shop and launch a delivery service and later we'll create an online marketplace where suppliers and consumers can find each other we want to bring large quantities of food back into circulation. but watching their customers say.
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i think the idea of saving for you this great because like many others in germany i waste a lot too much and you can save money. by income other than. the kind of if you worry that it's purse the use by date. i don't know many just common sense. you know if i open it and it's blue and green i don't eat it. with concept is not to tell you what is really inspiring unfortunately the selection is a bit disappointing but i hope in a week or two that will sort itself out. only opened the shop a few days ago the startup is allowed to use the property rent free but only until the end of the year so the pressure is on to turn his passion into profits. i once called one of our female lanka's blurting out nice man bun at a colleague i was quite shocked until i realized she was talking about his hair if you're not a. on the latest hipster lingo a man bun is
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a hairstyle one that's caught the eye of v.w. style guru gary hart has us. there are quite a few style crimes that grown men should avoid in professional surroundings. actually the list is endless but i don't have long so let's focus on one of the biggest it's this. the ponytail or it's hipster equivalent them and. here are a few examples from my own company the w. y o y. well let me tell you why not what on earth are you trying to say that you are a rebel. well guess what you're not you work for an insurance company your
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house is nearly paid off and you play are rolling stones on record player of cost you three thousand bucks you are not not not a rebel you just look scruffy. and it's silly to be honest and very dated as usual there are exceptions if you can log off. if you drive a holiday vids and for a living. or if you're in the business of selling narcotics to underage customers or if indeed your tribe or religion demands that you wear a ponytail but if your job involves going to a medium sized office building every day and get a haircut. you heard it from ghana and by the way there are many more episodes of dress code on our facebook page just had their eye we've been helpful this week with lots of tips on potentially said. your job when it comes to your appearance and saving the
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planet. you again very soon here on the. made in germany.
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in germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and our look at four thirty the chancellor and the amount. cast a german inside. the candidates september twenty first on the dog. this is d w news live from berlin a powerful earthquake strikes mexico the second in as many weeks the death toll from the seven point one magnitude tremor has been rising fast it now stands at more than two hundred including many to.


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