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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2017 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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on one of the germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and overlook the fortunes of the chancellor going to. cast a german inside. the candidates september twenty first on. this is d w news live from berlin a powerful earthquake strikes mexico the second in as many weeks the death toll from the seven point one magnitude tremor has been rising fast it now stands at more than two hundred including many children at
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a primary school in mexico city also coming up another natural disaster this one in the caribbean hurricane maria has made landfall on puerto rico it's one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the u.s. territory and what it's like a soccer rising shellcode face their toughest test yet this season but they took on mighty fine. i'm sumi so much kind of good to have you with us we begin in mexico where a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake has killed more than two hundred people the quake sent thousands of people running in to the streets and one witness managed to record the moment that this building collapsed in mexico city. and then shock on lookers run as a university hall from both to the ground dozens of buildings have toppled in mexico's capital chunks of falling debris hazard in the quake's aftermath. now
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emergency crews and civilians are searching for survivors trapped under the rubble one of the most desperate rescue efforts is at a primary school where several children remain missing. a long night in search of survivors. part of this three storey primary school collapsed after the quake. crews reinforced the building to find those still trapped inside. them. it was chaos i arrived just after the quake my kids go to school in the next street and when i saw the school i panicked and i ran to get my children. on this wall the words silence a plea from searches trying to hear calls for help. keeping hope alive unconfirmed reports two girls said up text messages from under the rubble. some relatives come to identify bodies rescuers have recovered more than twenty most of
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them children also at the site of the country's president he offered words of comfort. if. this earthquake is a hard test and a painful one for our country mexican's have had very difficult experiences with earthquakes in the past and we have learned how to respond to these incidents with the spirit of solidarity. to the southeast in a state of puebla more destruction it lies right near the quite happy center. many buildings no ruins. dozens from the region perish beneath the daybreak. people are very scared some crying and screaming i have seen people lying on the street having what looked like nervous breakdowns. we don't know what will happen next if there will be an aftershock so it's best for
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us to leave because in two or three days things will be more stable. earthquake struck last two weeks after another powerful quake in the south at least ninety people died in that trauma it also fell on the anniversary of a nine hundred eighty five quake that killed about ten thousand. what speaker to journalist veronique are covered on she's in mexico city and joins us on the line there only where were you when the quake struck and what did you feel. well it was about one p.m. i was walking down the street and there were literally started trading like you know i mean there were before. i almost felt. very kind rockne. i started to see likely to lead hundreds of people in the
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streets that came down buildings businesses restaurants. compulsion confusion and. in the very first hours it must been a very scary experience veronica after the quake what are some of the other dangers that people are facing at this point we understand there have been no fires and buildings are still at risk of falling down. yes there's many mexicans that cap's bentonite. not at their homes because. there's had the buildings have suffered damage. and also we're expecting an aftershocks so. for for caution it's better to to not to try to being these kind of things. are the authorities or an expert say suitcase to come back we saw in our report that very tragic story of some twenty
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children killed when a primary school collapsed what is the latest you can tell us on the rescue operation there. bill. bryson to you to carry seven that. the hugh train or a two yard children. there were thirty children missing last night so your must be at least. and the kids we don't know anything get bad mostly on the rubble. well we're waiting right now there's going to hospital. and. well. this is very good a journalist that only got color on on the line with us from mexico city thank you very much for that update. now to another natural disaster hurricane maria wreaking
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havoc across the caribbean. that were taken from a nasa satellite here showing of the eye of the storm it has now made landfall on the u.s. territory of puerto rico after weakening to a category four storm officials on the island have been warning it could be the strongest storm on record to hit the island but the storm has already battered the u.s. virgin islands and the french territory of guadalupe after a direct hit on domenico late on monday and officials there say the storm caused at least seven deaths and quote mind boggling destruction and now the storm is a has made landfall in puerto rico. daybreak's in puerto rico with hurricane maria pounding the island the capsule was pummeled by torrential rain and powerful winds the message from your thirty's was clear this storm is a killer. we have not experienced an event of this magnitude in our modern history
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my administration has done everything within our power to prepare for this event and to protect the lives of everyone in the island including establishing over five hundred shelters. or thirty spent the last days going from house to house warning people residents registered their homes as best they could but what chance will nails and ropes really have against the force of maria. and despite the government's efforts many people were reluctant to leave. the shelters a people's best chance of riding the storm out west so rico was largely spared by hurricane emma two weeks ago many people fled here to escape that storm now they are taking maria full. this is the first
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category four storm to hit for eighty five years as it made landfall near wind gusts topped one hundred eighty kilometers per hour. and this is what's maria has left behind the island of dominica strewn with debris. for hours after the hurricane hit all communications were down days of the first images to reach the outside world and the first reports from on the ground speak of total destruction an aide to the dominican prime minister said most housing was significantly damaged or destroyed power and water gone he made a desperate appeal for help at least seven people were known to have been killed but the final death toll from the storm may not be clear for some time. well as a maria has made landfall in puerto rico we spoke to susan saul terrell a journalist in san juan
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a little earlier we asked her to describe the situation on the island. it's still very dangerous the damage will be catastrophic because even though it's a category four by two miles an hour it will become kind of a category five so we're expecting the same kind of damage and i'm at home for the first time in a long time i usually cover the story safe. in the t.v. stations but i feel like i'm in the middle of a war story. the winds are howling here the growing of the wind the doors are shaking and it seems pellets are being thrown at my windows and my concern is that i'm one of those people that live with the roof all right susan it sounds like a very frightening situation right now the message from authorities is evacuated or you were going to die and we saw
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a report that some people have been reluctant to leave have most people evacuated their homes. yes we have a lot of that. mabel's the government to force people to evacuate especially in these kind of circumstances it's the first time in my experience here in puerto rico where i think organizations and people have heeded the warnings and hopefully nobody will be. that's our goal right now over the worst of it within the next couple of hours we're. seeing the worst of this storm and i'm hoping that my. all right journalist to console carol in san juan susan wishing you the very best getting serious storm. and just to add we spoke to susan sold her just before hurricane rita made landfall in puerto rico and she told us shortly after that conversation that the roof of her house was indeed ripped off by
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the storm we haven't been able to contact her since that. now to some other stories making news around the world at least ten people have died and more than ninety are missing due to flooding in eastern congo local authorities say emergency teams have been sent to the town of become way. rains caused by a cause a river in the area to burst its banks the regional leader of catalonia has accused spain of totalitarianism after spanish police raided several regional government offices and arrested twelve officials spain wants to stop catalonia from holding an independence referendum it considers unconstitutional thousands of people gathered outside the cuddle on government offices to protest the police operation. syrian government forces have launched dozens of airstrikes on the rebel held region of after insurgents launched a large offensive against pro-government forces activists say four medical
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facilities were damaged and least two civilians killed syria's military denies those reports and a british counterterrorism officers have arrested three people in wales in connection with last week's attack on the london commuter train that brings the total number of arrests to five two others were detained on saturday a day after a homemade bomb wounded thirty people to sports and the bundesliga now where shaka had made a strong start to the season under a new coach domenico to death go but byron munich came to town on tuesday and despite being without keeper manuel neuer the bavarians put on a show. polis wrong on tuesday off the model numbers yet ending injury he was one of six new players as he made wholesale changes after the weekend when of a minus the new look by made the strongest stock with testing it out of famine early on. the business has kept up the pressure and it paid off in the
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twenty fifth minute rodriguez bust into the box and hit now though from close range the bit video referee correctly deemed it to be a handful and gave a penalty the both robin eleven dusky steps up to open the story the big four minutes later shall go at their own undoing they lost possession in the seven by in their second goal on a platter the bahamas with his first goal football and in his first win this latest os. the big shocker didn't let their heads drop the pitch had a bit of a wobble team is saved his goalkeepers blushes above. both sides had decent chances in the second half but it was by who found the back
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of the nets again was involved this time setting up to review for the third and final go above. so kept a clean sheet as by when that second game in a row well shot show united front as they suffer that home defeat of the season. now the merger of two giants in the steel industry possibly a mega deal and fizzling will have the details coming right up. she's.


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