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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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and which party will come out on top. d w your expert on germany's bundestag election two thousand and seventeen. germany decides german bundestag election two thousand and seventeen on d w. this is a doubly news lie from germany offers to help resolve the north korea crisis just a day after u.s. president donald trump threatens to destroy the country.
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that's why i can't for the foreign minister to assume responsibility in an exclusive interview with the w. i'm going to back and says diplomacy is the only way forward with you on the i'm also on the program. in mexico city rescue workers say they have found a child alive in the ruins of a school that collapsed during tuesday's earthquake the schools one of dozens of buildings that were leveled in what's being called the was quick to hit mexico in a generation. kenya is fighting its plastic fatigue base plastic play four year jail term for anyone producing selling or even using plastic bags whole business of you say that livelihoods are at stake. and. i'm still getting a welcome to the program. with the german election just days away chancellor angela
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merkel has spoken out on the north korea crisis in an exclusive interview with d.w. she said she does not support military action and offer germany's assistance in negotiating a diplomatic solution a comment second just a day after u.s. president donald trump's explosive speech at the united nations in which he threatened to destroy north korea if it refused to abandon its nuclear program. until america was in fighting form in an exclusive interview with g w the german chancellor attacked u.s. president donald trump for his recent threats against north korea in which he vowed to destroy the country if necessary. we consider any type of military solution to be absolutely inappropriate and we're counting on diplomatic efforts this must be vigorously implemented in my opinion sanctions and enforcing these sanctions are the right answer but anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and that's why we clearly disagree with the u.s.
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president. four days before the elections until americal can feel confident that she'll be reelected as chancellor but the far right party will likely win seats in parliament for the first time merkel ruled out ever cooperating with the f.d.a. and she promised to take the concerns of those who feel disadvantaged seriously. my you know and my answer is clear to solve people's problems the worries they have having their own jobs as well as decent schools and doctors to really take care of these issues but on the other hand to signal a clear stop to hatred and violence. merkel's critics often say that the rise of the right as a result of her policy on like grants more than one million migrants have a rifle since two thousand and fifteen and many of them find that life in germany is not as easy as they had hoped. nevertheless many see german
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bureaucracy as being very slow and would like to be able to enter the labor market much faster. but we cannot allow that either because we cannot allow destructive competition that perhaps germans who are seeking employment cannot find certain jobs. the interview with chancellor merkel was the last in a series of seven that included all top candidates of germany's major parties if recent surveys are correct on sunday younger americans conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. will become the strongest political power and she could become one of the longest serving chancellors in german history. that interview was conducted by d.w. that is in chief innes poland reporter and anchor abdul karim welcome both. let's start with out of iraq as mediator in the north korea crisis this is under merkel putting her money her political capital where her mouth this is indeed i
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mean she really criticized donald trump's remarks yesterday at the u.n. when he said you know we really need to use as much smaller terry force as possible and she said no that is absolutely not the way i consider to be the right one i want to really stick to my diploma diplomatic skills and that's what she offered interestingly. she was socially she said he is wrong and i disagree with him which is not particularly diplomatic not what you we are used to seeing and hearing her know what she's i mean i think she's she's done with donald trump at this point i mean it was not i think you just saw it was really she was still clear yeah it was really like her energy was there if you just say for she said no i do disagree this is not the right away i'm not talking about destroying the country right it was very clear the way she said it i she disagrees with him and she she says we should talk we should discuss she wants to be the mediator in this conflict and she wants to be an active mediator in this continent was it was so clear even starting at the
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beginning of the interview to addressing this point where you see one point she's totally disagreeing what he's saying the other point is agreeing there when they should talk but in order to do that she has to get reelected the chances are that she will her lead is looking quite secure. does she. does she seem confident very much so yes she knows that she will be the next chancellor i mean what can happen within the next four days not not so much but she does not know yet with whom she's going to build a coalition because in germany it's a different system but normally the coalition party is so she needs someone to bond with and this is totally over open who this will be able to be the green party if it will be. the f.t.p. this is a liberal so this is open and this will really make it a big difference and even she tries here to be diplomatic or since she's very aware that she's going to be did connex chancellor but she said like well what's going to happen the next four days although the polls are saying any surveys are saying that
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she's going to be the next chance we could see was having very high numbers nevertheless she still keeps on saying let's just wait until sunday which is again mrs merkel and maybe that's part of why people like you are she tries always to say humble and underestimate and stay like very relaxed and let's wait and there's etc so whoever the coalition partner is a world today the alternative that is very limited clear remark i'm not going to build i'm not going to work with the media and i would say if he and this is a huge challenge to germany it will be a member of the parliament the first time in history and it's actually possible that they will be the third largest party so the really the. opposite the leader party leader and that really will change the discourse in germany so that is the big threat to what's going on. in the government is very aware that like according to numbers fact that twenty percent of who used to elect an american party the
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christian democratic union are electing today and we even ask her in the interview about that like what are you doing how will you try to win these people again and then we heard it already what she said she's trying to keep on the way what she's doing her own politics what she was doing till now and. he wants to solve the problems that people have war going to the f.t. and take their problems serious that's actually what she said ok so she's not going to work with the f.t. but she is going to try and keep as many of the the former as c.d.u. supporters who have gone their way as she can but she also addressed in this this interview her major political achilles' heel and this is the migrant influx into germany since two thousand and fifteen and wanted to tell us more about what she had to say she will stick with the big picture she says those people who need does they are allowed to come and we will help them but this is fairly new and this has something to do with with the right wing party. she know shapes it
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a little bit different when it comes to those who are able or who are wanted to stay in germany and she said explicitly we only want those people to stay in germany who have a job whose skills we in germany do we need to pass and that is kind of a new twist isn't it yeah yeah ok it was clear the way she was telling her where you can see the whole interview well the one i'm just about to sell so calm yourself down. the whole the caribbean. now steve i was trying to tell you you can see the whole interview d.w. tomorrow starting at two thirty a.m. u.t.c. you can watch it again at six thirty a.m. u.t.c. as well as later in the day naturally you'll find it on our web site d w dot com remember it's only four days until germany decides and we want you to join the discussion follow our coverage online at d.f.w. dot com get your updates r.t.w. facebook page or you can follow us on twitter and use the germany decides hashtag
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social media twitter is waiting to hear from. now the death toll in mexico's earthquake has reached more than two hundred the powerful magnitude seven point one event sent thousands of people running into the streets one witness recorded the collapse of this building in mexico city and here shocked on the cars run as a university hall disintegrates along with dozens of other buildings in mexico's capital chance of forming daybreak a hazard in the quakes aftermath emergency crews and civilians that are searching for survivors one of the most a desperate rescue efforts is at a primary school at least one child has been found alive in the rubble but dozens more remain missing. a long night in search of survivors. part of this three storey primary school collapsed after the quake. crews reinforced the building to find those still trapped inside. them found
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it was chaos i arrived just after the quake my kids go to school in the next street and when i saw the school i panicked and i ran to get my children. on this wall the words silence a plea from searches trying to hear calls for help. keeping hope alive unconfirmed reports two girls said up text messages from under the rubble. some relatives come to identify bodies rescuers have recovered more than twenty most of them children also at the site of the country's president he offered words of comfort. this earthquake is a hard test and a painful one for our country mexicans have had very difficult experiences with earthquakes in the past and we have learned how to respond to these incidents with
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a spirit of solidarity. to the southeast in the state of puebla more destruction it's nice write me at the quotes a piece until. many buildings no ruins. dozens from the region perished beneath the day three. people are very scared some crying and screaming i have seen people lying on the street having what looked like nervous breakdowns. and. we don't know what will happen next if there will be an aftershock so it's best for us to leave because in two or three days things will be most stable. of quake struck last two weeks after another powerful quake in the south at least ninety people died in the trauma it also fell on the n.t. verse or three of a nine hundred eighty five quake that killed about ten thousand. well journalists
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but i calderon joins us on the line from mexico city welcome to day debi perhaps you could start by updating us on the rescue efforts try well we are currently you searching in many years we are big we can you hear a lot of fire and. people asking for help to get through the rubble because of the very important question for people that they have to be a lie on there a collapsed building a world regular citizens there are. rescue workers. all the way you can. you know we know we're out there you know and we just we've just heard in the last hour or so of this school girl this child who was rescued from the school where so many have been killed what can you tell us
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that. well. alton tried to be weaker around last night. depressed anxious talk with any children concerned that two adults. they rescue parenting children are being treated to go around the city there were thirty three more me in. a parody. that at least ten of them were rescues say. well there's some really dramatic human to. testimony about what happened there and we go girl that work for us too because it's in a clean. well that people try to get developed. they didn't stop and not act and i can assure you that this is one of the night i don't think many people do you see the. how did you put on your crimes i don't know it's
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a coast city thank you so much. meanwhile hurrican maria is wreaking havoc across the eastern caribbean these images were taken from a nasa satellite the eye of the still does not made landfall on the u.s. territory of puerto rico after being downgraded to category four officials are warning that maria could be the strongest storm ever to hit its already battered the u.s. virgin islands on the french territory of guadalupe after a direct hit on dominican but the prime minister said it had caused mind boggling destruction now it's going to be coast area has already started to make a presence felt. day breaks in puerto rico with hurricane maria pounding the island the capsule sound was pummeled by torrential rain and powerful winds the message from your thirty's was clear this storm is
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a killer. we have not experienced an event of this magnitude in our modern history my administration has done everything within our power to prepare for this event and to protect the lives of everyone in the island including establishing over five hundred shelters. the other thirty spend the last days going from house to house warning people residents registered their homes as best they could but what chance will nails and ropes really have against the force of maria. and despite the government's efforts many people were reluctant to leave. the shelters a people's best chance of riding the storm out west to rico was largely spared by hurricane m.r. two weeks ago many people fled here to escape that storm now they are taking maria. this is the first category four
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storm to hit a rico for eighty five years as it made landfall near yeah wind gusts topped one hundred eighty kilometers per hour. and this is what's maria has left behind the island of dominica strewn with debris. for hours after the hurricane hit all communications were down these are the first images to reach the outside world and the first reports from on the ground speak of total destruction an aide to the dominican prime minister said most housing was significantly damaged or destroyed power and water gone he made a desperate appeal for help at least seven people were known to have been killed but the final death toll from the storm may not be clear for some time. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of people
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have been protesting in barcelona after spanish police raided regional government offices under arrest of a dozen officials vision leaders catalonia says the raids demonstrate the spanish government's totalitarianism but it is trying to prevent an independence referendum planned by catalyst government for the first of october. at least twelve people have died and more than ninety are in floods in eastern congo local authorities say emergency teams have been sent to the town of behind boy tarantula rains caused the river to burst its banks. steve w.'s live from berlin still to come kenya is fighting its plastic plague a four year jail term for anyone producing selling or even using plastic bags small business owners say their livelihoods are at risk. but ben has that story in the business update first a mega merger in the steel industry and the scene is set for a fierce jobs battle german industrial giant tousen corp is teaming up with the
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indian group tata emerging their steel operations it's the result of a massive global steel glut the news has sent governments and unions scrambling to save jobs. protests have already begun at this to plant where workers have set up a vigil for the jobs they're afraid to lose two thousand in management and another two thousand in production split evenly between the two companies some fear these cuts are only the beginning. you're not in the form i don't expect much good to come out of this it seems that after initial cuts there's also a restructuring plan and the problem of the problem is that we have to shoulder the burden of the merger we definitely stand against this if we can't stop a merger at least we'll try to get as many concessions to workers as possible. we're going to switch this most important for us is how many jobs will be left where they keep all the plants open can we get our trainees into employment that's
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what we're fighting for. with workers worried to some cop c.e.o. highly he's inger is defending the move. in your line of mine if you can if we had continued on our on the risk to jobs would have been far greater and the extent of restructuring even farther reaching than without the joint venture ventures that's because cheap steel imports from china have been challenging the european market in recent years and while just won't break the top ten of global seal producers even after the merger there will be better position to in europe set to produce twenty one million tons of steel per year that's a clear shot at second place tested only by luxembourg's our sell on mittal. markets responded well to the merger news with shares for both companies rising on the prospect of six hundred million euros in synergies also the two companies complement each other well tata strong and industrial steel and to some close in
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steel for auto manufacturing. and now global financial markets turned their focus to the u.s. investors awaiting the conclusion of the federal reserve's meeting for clues as to whether a third interest rate hike is on the cards this year. economists say the federal reserve is unlikely to announce a rate hike today it could instead begin to unwind its massive four point five trillion dollars bond portfolio those assets were purchased by the fed during the financial crisis as a stimulus solid job growth and a stronger economy have recently pushed the board in the opposite direction it has already raised interest rates twice this year we conflation remains a concern the fed is expected to raise rates again in december global investors are also awaiting the news out of washington the booming u.s. market in a weaker yen are positive signs for japanese exporters in particular japan's nikkei exchange finished tuesday on a two year high the nikkei was quieter wednesday as were markets across asia
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traders are acting with caution before the fed announcement let's send it to daniel colp our financial franc correspondent a man of caution i believe that. well trying to tell me what is going on and that's all of us doing at this hour. well it has been a day here at the frankfurt stock exchange that was completely overshadowed by the fed meeting at the press conference that everybody here is most likely going to watch at home we have again a very strong euro today with one a euro or twenty and you can see here very well in the background this is again harming the trading day here at the witch of endor because that's because most of the companies here in the next tax are exporting and that's always harming the
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export business on the other hand when you talk to traders they are saying that ms yellen is in a very easy position because she doesn't have any reason basically to give the united states high interest rates because the guy who needs to deliver is donald trump and he didn't deliver in the past we know all those reforms that didn't really go through so yeah everybody is waiting even though they seem all to know what she is going to say it's a strange situation isn't it now when you get home tonight and you put your feet up and sit back relax on your couch what do you reckon is going to be going through these policymakers heads because. have they really become aware of the fact that the rest of the world doesn't want to move on and what's to keep enjoying the these long very long era of low interest rates. well that's exactly the question that many people here also on the trading floor are raising at least in the united states we have the situation that they're considering to stop this bond purchasing
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program you know it's a completely different scenario here in germany mario draghi didn't give any statement during the last e.c. be meeting you know regarding this issue and investors here basically are crying for you know a change and they're saying you know the your the european economy is so strong ok inflation rate we heard yesterday it's not doing that well but forget about that you know the economy is so strong why is still all this you know action going on basically crying for change then you call in frankfurt. dozens of countries around the world are trying to outlaw plastic bags they're not biodegradable and take hundreds of years to even break down well kenya has introduced a jail sentence of up to four years if you produce sell or just use them small scale vendors worried the laws will hurt business plastic is
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a problem in kenya in a strict ban has been in place for just under a month. but the new regulations present fresh difficulties for some opportunities for extortion have opened up reports of security forces stopping cars to conduct unsanctioned searches for plastic bags that spread. and small scale traders and bag manufacturers are worried about their income. my business will suffer this is the business i used to provide for my children and pay our rent so this new law will affect my business and i get it. but something had to be done plastic bags exacerbate nairobi's already significant crash problem and are a health hazard officials hope that pushing for alternatives to plastic bags will solve those problems while providing opportunities for those affected by the bad. i can confirm to you by the number of jobs but to be created by
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producing wealth on a tubes is far much more and more widespread than what already exists in the. existing plastic cutty about one pocket implant healthy for the capital these women had already been weaving eco friendly bags fifteen years ahead of it back. to mr misha these plastic bags have been banned i expect that we'll have more sales and this will enable us to educate our children and also help each other. the took kenya three attempts over a decade to finally institute the ban but getting it to work is going to be a long term project as well. in the meantime since fortunes thank you ben and tuesday's early bundesliga much munching bloodbath got their first win since the opening day topping got to know they got things going just before the hour my mind that nico elevated to the team rafael forms first goal of the season and by
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matt dennis hold open left held a told and hossa in the air the brazilian added another from the penalty spot to round out the result in the blood back into the top heart attack. this is daily life and that is reminder of our top stories at this hour germany's chancellor has told me she disagrees with the way double trump is handling the north korea crisis in an exclusive interview on going to medical center germany was against any talk of going to tree solutions and offered the country services as a mediator the american president has threatened to destroy north korea if it continues its nuclear publications. i did mexico city rescue workers say they have found another child alive in the ruins of a school that collapsed in tuesday's earthquake the school is one of dozens of buildings that were leveled in what's being called the worst quake to hit mexico in a generation. that's it you're up to date top more for you at the top of the hour
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in the meantime there is of course always a web site that's t w dot com i'm going to. it's a huge waste of resources. intact diesel vehicles land in the junkyard millions of tons of food land in the garden. that's everyday life in
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a faraway society. sustainability is more important than ever but how can the massive squandering of resources really be avoided. made in germany next on d w. enters the conflict zone confronting the powerful. this week over judges who love the day who visit the unite trade union my guest is the union's general secretary len mccluskey to some nice hard life activists to bolster junk capitalism sagas trade union leader who simply wants to bring about a fairer and more equal britain what's the truth. in sixty minutes. hash tag germany decides the day before the general election on d w but day dedicated to democracy from its dramatic beginnings in germany on to the present
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day how is the nation of culture feeling in election year democracy day september twenty third long d.w. . hash tag. gemini besides me the candidate. d.w. seen as cool and jaffer up to korean have interviewed almost all the front runners in germany for upcoming parliamentary elections. and now we're looking for thirty. of them now. that germany inside. the candidates september twenty one.


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