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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2017 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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all. inspiring. life style your read. your romance next. germany decides the day before the general election on t w the day dedicated to democracy from its dramatic the killings in germany on to the present day how is the nation of cultures election year democracy day september twenty third on d w. i wrote on the it's a dirndl kind of a day to day i'm not means of course that we kick start the star with the october.
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five generations of a very emphatically is long tradition type of. playing on us. and that famous. singing family a musical father and his five talented dorset. one of the first things that visitors have to do when they go to october first is get a beer it's served in a lead to starting like this one that we have in our prize draw and each year there is a new designated festival brewery the shopping hamel family is set up their first. one hundred fifty years ago and today they run one of the events largest beer tents it's the place where the first keg is tapped every year failing thursday oh ho.
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the. was. before but six thousand travelers passing. the variance specialities bras and then music and cheering crowds that's what the shot in hama family's been providing for five generations you couldn't i they come together as a memoir is for a whole day and a night by spending a funny. but it's something very special to have satisfied. the guests it's. the continuity comes from the family never have been taking themselves too seriously while demanding a lot of themselves. down through the generations and i think it makes a difference. on the fourth. learn to do it right.
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yet. for the country success story began with the first. in eight hundred sixty seven for the one hundred fiftieth to believe their lives have been chronicled in a commemorative book. it runs to two hundred fifty pages. the views the writing of the october. and i always go to. history too and it was just so incredible to go into the story and. have it out to tex design the tenses the eighteen hundreds they used electric lights and the on among the odd job is growing in light bulbs was a young einstein. the director. put the documents compiled for the book into an exhibition. we tell every
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visitor who takes a tour with us a little something about the shot. in addition to this exhibition just because the tapping ceremony was invented here. old film snippets of the second. talking munich tapping the first kick in his tent after the opening procession in nine hundred fifty. that defined it with him as friends with the mayor of the time . who was writing in the carriage with my grandfather. you know why don't you tap the first cake. now at that time tapping it was actually beneath the dignity of a man but he was a social democrat and a man of the people so he stood there and tapped it. and ever since the mayor has tapped the first keg to mark the official start of an eighteen day party at the titties in visa and nobody here has as much experience of
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throwing a rousing party as the shocking home a family. that is for. the format is really one of a kind. where else you get so much togetherness says in a tent full of six thousand people and everyone is focused on the brass band and if it's you it's in the music has an essential function at the test. and the band leader is like. the ones who really get the party going. to. write about us. who else gets a chance to control six thousand five hundred people to get sold out is that a number isn't getting a good response here. and you look down at a lot of young people here. you can play something by ac d.c. or something about the great is
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a crazy year yet it's so laid back you. that better take a man's back then yeah oh man. in the 1980's the balance here started playing other music besides its additional barry info that helped make the schottenheimer tent a favorite among the youngest it. was as if to stay right on top of the times and simultaneously keep the traditions on but soon to be developed or payment systems for patrons so they can pay over their cell phones because nowadays everybody has their cell phone along and it's on. the family wants to ensure that a beer in their terms remains a must for every october first go to. well if you want to get into the swing of things like an aussie wherever you are in the world than you could win yourself these souvenir items head to our website and tell us what you would like to see
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written on your very own gingerbread hots at the end of the week we will pick one of your i don't want to view as a winner and have your text written on the heart send it to you along with the best stein and the t. shirt as well best of luck everyone it's time now for our express. this week artists from all over the world are showcasing their works at the london design festival four hundred fifty different events will be held over the city ranging from exhibitions to workshops innovation design and sustainability our major topic space here. at somerset house designer sebastian. ivanova showcasing furniture made from wood and fungus.
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prince's day was celebrated in the hague on tuesday. that's king of the limits on that and cream look similar travelled in one of their splendid coaches to parliament. on the third tuesday in september making traditionally gives a speech here from the throne and thereby opens the new parliamentary session afterwards the royals wave from the balcony of north and the palace. an exhibition in florence of renaissance masterpieces opens thursday over seventy paintings and sculptures will be on display yet but not so much trotsky the retrospective is called the cinquecento in florence from michelangelo in front or more to a jumbo loan and traces the development of mannerism the theatrical style characterizing later sixteenth century florence art. the exhibition runs until january twenty first twenty eighteen. the thing i love about europe
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so much is the quaint little places that you find hidden away from the world he torn is one such it is found in the east of the netherlands and is considered the venice of the north that's because there are no cars there only boats bikes and a lot of bridges the villages himes it just over two thousand five hundred people but it's become a popular tourist attraction and during the day there is a lot of traffic around both in and on the banks of the now. in the morning. it's like a village from another century. no traffic no noise but lots of water and small boats. and in the afternoon the
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tourists have come in droves on bike on foot and they fill the town. one village two worlds how do they come together. martin from else lives and works in. his little bed and breakfast is a main port of call for passengers and crew. the last of past four years it's been pretty extreme ever since return appeared on the international monopoly game board and since bloggers started writing about just recently i guess it's actually. really famous in hong kong. one blogger here had eight thousand followers . the day to day life is a challenge everything from trash collection to deliveries has to be done on the water the venice of the netherlands is crowd it boats can only go in one direction of it can try the patients of any skipper and when the fire department or the doctor has to get through it can get really tight. before if you were
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reasonably at a fire here we could only get there on the water. and raining so it wasn't a big problem. but when something like that happens when there are a lot of tourists around it can be hard for us to make it within the prescribed fifteen minute. life without roads it's a living for young. people spots in his workshop according to the historical he turned design and he doesn't mind if parts of the process are just as hard as they were a century ago. as resident. so we have got used to stocking up on supplies before it turns cold for instance. so we'll have everything we need for the winter and i think that's also got a certain charm if she shot him. people from all over the world are discovering that charm. works you might try to put their nice very night. in the evening by around five pm
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even during peak season the tourists are gone again it's trying and the canals are back in local hands. from that quaint little village we had to a guy in italy well what was once a kharaj anyway that was until francesco check and i really got his hands on it and transformed it into a spacious botton but i was so impressed with the friend of a show that is the feature. report this week. from the outside this building doesn't look particularly special. welcome to my house come follow me. francesco check out alley lives at the back where you'd usually expect to find the garage. here's my house.
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francesco shares this completely open plan apartment with his wife. the architect and his team came across the apartment in two thousand and twelve when it looked very different. it was a dilapidated garage used as a storage space. the space was a garage so was very sustainable economic terms and that we immediately see to put a shine he said this. impressive part and then we start to mixing it together to find their right to shooting for terms for this house. the first challenge was to open it up to daylight. the doors were replaced with french windows that open onto wood terrace. plants and greenery to blur the boundary between inside into. your view on to
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a park as to the sense of spaciousness there was no need join stole a heating system the pipes on the ceiling provide warmth from the apartment block we try to maintain. was fearing us identity. open space as you can see and concentrating their main services in the middle of a black box. inside the black box is the bathroom and the turkish bath. it's a feature that gives the. room structure while replacing wall is. so heavy thing in here and speaks about geometry about alliance or faces volumes. black lines what's her face is black boxes all white boxes so we choose to put this big black box inside these i was in order to module eight there's hope and space to
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modulate the flowing space from kitchen to leaving room to badger make such run. the bedroom is up some steps on top of the box. overlooks the kitchen. is just a mattress on the floor which is fine by francesca. why you have to sleep in a simple room to meter and seventy high i can clearly sleep here like am in a tent like in a camping something like that. sleeping sleeping and then they make everything else downstairs. you're trying just to hold meetings there's plenty of room. jordan game room is custom made. as are the kitchen fittings. the
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guest bathroom. sink is made of concrete slabs origami like b.s. that is pared down and understated. they'd used to hide all the cows that house make living life in order to have empty spaces spaces freely to flow and the true for all the functional so every oldest talking is over there plexiglass and gold is a sort of aesthetic. fear of course bought on the backside there are. ok. francesco's garage is a work in progress he's planning a second black box to allow for extensions. the apartment comprises just ninety square meters but that's more than enough for him and his
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wife. speaks. and i'll be talking to dress so they will leave like a dress so and now is that it really fits you like a perfect tailor made dress for. francesco check out early has created a home that snug and stylish practical and affordable. living in a garage sounds like it would be scruffy but not in this one here in beaumont you know. and if you're passionate about interior design then make sure you check out on page on you tube for all of the latest styles and tips the channel's code d w interior design. now i'm sure you've all heard of the von trapp family the fictional family of singers from the musical the sound of music well we came across
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a real life modern musical gem and family who have foster gaining fans with. however i live with the miller family. and now ben sixty nine and. the follow on to. twenty five young women and a ponytail guitarist hit the streets to play twenty folk music there are inevitably going to draw or crowd. tom miller and his five daughters and you come is to the music industry they began their career busking.
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in fact there are two more members of the mill a family the mother of the children simone and four year old noah who accompany the others on tour even if they don't perform themselves this miss a teases their tour bus in the summer and on weekends it serves as a hotel rehearsal space and kitchen it can't do more than eighty kilometers an hour so the mill is restricted towards mainly to northern germany taking in rostock environment and hen. i just have this in this indictment i need only began when mom started training as a yoga teacher and dad was at home with us. on. our have to do something to stop getting under each other's feet so we started making music to surprise mom when she got in. front of those and then we started playing for friends. and i'm never really enthusiastic and suggested we perform at a concert they were going to be organised. and we said sure we just need
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more songs. when they perform a street musicians the mill is usually places. just tough and then they go off and spin the takings together. with comparisons in germany with the wildly popular telly family are unavoidable. but the militia struck them off. with. your mom was on those few following another path we'd like to make a name for ourselves with something different it's the kelly family it was around twenty five years ago some were gracious about it but we say when you're actually doing our own thing that's what we. have in the. family have already released a single and
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a music video and they're currently recording a debut album they sing about every day life family wanderlust and love. last. few audiences they play for always want to know where the militia come from what this story is if they can live off their earnings as a band and if they really are a family. yeah this is concert. and today's world where only children have become the norm people have a real longing for community just the door to door literally drawn to the idea of a big family or an from long. lunch often the most informed and even if the family band can sometimes feel claustrophobic the joy of making music together easily outweighs the downsides. and the first cd is now dropped if you would like to check it out to finish up the show today we had high in the sky for
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a bird's eye view of. a state in the south west of germany although drones are becoming a popular way to take pictures from above there are other ways to get special perspective and that is where the unusual usual technique of akim men day comes into play we want to see just how the photographer why. this is so important in the funny thing is that in mandarin in the normal perspective and elevating the camera gives me a whole new line of vision exciting it's like going on a voyage of discovery you're in places you think you know and suddenly there's this new vista it's literally eye opening for movie think. from your.
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through tear through hundred years the cameras elevated up to thirty meters high you can see over almost all the buildings in most big cities here which gives you a real overview and that allows you to show a water tower for example within its urban context that's exciting because the main focus is not just one single building. if you know i didn't just visit the nine largest cities in baton burton better i was also sent to all forty five partner communes in seven different regions by stuttgart marketing agency all i sought out and looked at four hundred fifty different spots sites and motifs and now i can really say that bodden virgin birth is a fantastic state i can't get enough of it but even after touring for a year and can bring thirty thousand kilometers i just love it. thousand kilometer
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. and list here but i think i keep turning the camera thirty degrees to the side and i basically photograph the entire three hundred sixty degree panorama in this way afterwards all the pictures are stitched together using a computer that gives you an extreme high resolution three hundred sixty degree panorama with a two gigabyte resolution and that's an incredible resolution of what we need if we're tasked with creating huge posters for entire convention center walls these pics are also there to present the regions and cities that conventions like the c.m.t. tourism trade fair using fantastic illumination was. here to be even with. i kind of envision the perspective of a pigeon flying around
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a church tower so pretty close to the church clock face for example a money satisfied with a picture when it's something in the bureaus when people are moved by it because they're suddenly up close to something and say oh i know that but i've never seen it from this perspective when i began wondering where the camera was that took the picture that makes a good picture. of the thing you saw as your perspective on our set. i offered it up to date entirely . good i've traveled around the planet several times in the time home didn't mean much to me but today that's just the kind of quality that i experienced and see and feel. that. it is to me. and that is all we have time for today thanks for watching everyone bye for now.
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next edition of your next we catch up with painted on a manasseh bit. incredible optical illusions using makeup. capitated herself. lives on. several million views. next time.
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she helped prisoners of war and was an agitator against the nazis. for this she was executed at the age of twenty two. the short life of an extraordinary woman.
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certain death. going to spawn banks resistance to the fifty. cash gemini beside the candidate. d.w. seen as pool and jaffer up to karim i have interviewed almost all the front runners in germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and now we're looking forward to interview. them out. kast and germany sides meet the candidates. in w. story so that people will do for d w on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. she's long been a symbol of hope in syria. i try to help people. outside does she
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stand for change. or the false facade of her husband's rule of terror thanks. thanks she believes and what the syrian regime is doing believes in this. projection that that they are saving syria. the beautiful face of the dictatorship starting october first on d.w. .
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rescue efforts are continuing after a powerful earthquake in central mexico that has killed over two hundred twenty people emergency workers and volunteers have been searching through rubble for survivors after dozens of buildings collapsed in several states. in.


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