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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2017 1:03am-1:16am CEST

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front runners in germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and now looking forward to interview. them out. kast and germany decides meet the candidates. it's. welcome to quadriga but that will mean that you thought you had it this women's talk w. smart women. smart talks with. smart station. w. s she's long been a symbol of hope in syria i try to help people. does she stand for change for the false facade of her husband's rule of telling us. she believes and by projection that that they are saving syria. the beautiful
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face of the dictatorship starting october first on d w. s tag germany decides what is your take on the whole position regarding not only climate change. what do you want to know about germany's general election. asked d.-w. your questions about germany. and america. write to us on facebook we'll answer your questions.
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german vice chancellor of the clock has repeated to us president donald trump for his america fast policy speaking at the un general assembly in new york gabrielle said more international cooperation was needed to confront challenges such as the north korean nuclear crisis he cited germany's past as a case in point younger land reform our own experience we know that germany first did not make our country strong and prosperous. it was only european and international responsibility that gave germany peace and prosperity. no one does as an international cooperation. instead we all gain
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a new kind of sovereignty that we wouldn't have had his nation states on our own into days world. garnishment. us president donald trump says he signed an executive order that will allow tough new economic sanctions on north korea he made the announcement at the u.n. general assembly at the start of a meeting with the leaders of japan and south korea to discuss the nuclear threat posed by pyongyang thank you i knew executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north careers efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to human kind the order and hansen is the treasury department's authorities to target any individual or entity that conducts significant trade in goods services or technology with north korea. rescuers in mexico city have said an adult is trapped beneath
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a collapsed school and not a twelve year old girl as previously believed twenty one children and four adults were killed when the building came tumbling down following tuesday seven point one magnitude earthquake that shook central mexico at least two hundred forty five people have died in the deadliest quake in the country in over thirty years. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of barcelona demanding the release of catalan government officials arrested over an authorised independence referendum planned by the capital and government for october first. tensions in spain are running high over the national government's efforts to prevent catalonia from holding the vote madrid has rented three ferries and barcelona the coastal city of tire on or to has hundreds of police officers called into the region as reinforcement a solution to the crisis appears difficult with neither side willing to back down.
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as air berlin square others make plans for the future of germany's second largest airline insiders say little towns a could buy a big part but what about the rest. and ryanair is trying to manage its p.r. crisis after canceling thousands of flights but the causes of the cancellations are not flying anywhere. it's time for business and how you got to get us welcome to the show and please fasten your seat belts germany's flag carrier lufthansa is reportedly in talks to buy a large chunk of air berlin it's considering a takeover of the insolvent airline subsidiary nikky a spart of a bit to split up the bankrupt company air berlin's remaining assets could go to
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easyjet and contour another big german airline the company's board of directors is due to discuss the offers and make an announcement later on now the decision to air berlin future affects thousands of employees who far or fear rather each working day that the could be the last for the company. or layoffs just around the corner air berlin ground crews could soon be out of jobs what routes will remain how many flight attendants will still be needed in a few weeks or months press reports now say the bankrupt airline is dropping all of its long haul flights beginning october fifteenth. the situation for air berlin staff has grown precarious we don't know which jobs are really secure in the long term and we've been aware for a while that in ministration in technical staff in particular don't seem to have any future here kind of. that's why both unions and the airline are now demanding
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that german government set up a temporary employment agency as a safety net for air berlin employees left jobless after the dust settles they would be offered financial aid during a transition period while training for new positions in other words air berlin appears to be preparing for an undesirable outcome that the airline can't find an investor to take it on lock stock and barrel carving the carrier up is sure to cost many more jobs and staying in the airline industry or ryanair europe's largest airline by passenger numbers has angered customers with flight cancellations that basically came out of nowhere now the company's chief executive had said it was due to an error in planning the pilots vacations but now we know there are far deeper problems with the airline and that might cost passenger numbers because they might go down if the low cost airline doesn't deliver answers. the bad news
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first ryan air may be canceling even more flights at the start of the week the budget airline announced it will cancel forty to fifty flights a day for the next six weeks ryanair boss michael o'leary said this was due to errors made in the planning of pilot holidays but at a shareholder meeting and dublin today a larry said.


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