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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2017 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are make the invisible visible of us mike violence against children disappear. this is. business day w. news life from the end of last page to win over undecided voters in germany before sunday's elections the latest poll so substantial lead for i'm going to buckles christian democrats to w.'s correspondences on the chances final campaign rally in
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munich gauging them and also on the program. britain's prime minister said stocks have john full future relations with brussels long on the rhetoric but short on detail will it be enough to revive stalled bret's in the go stations will bring you highlights and analysis. i'm phil gaia welcome to the program. voters here in germany are gearing up for federal elections on sunday and both candidates for the post of chancellor are making a final push but it is polls have not been encouraging for martin schulz the center left social democrats trailing angela merkel's the christian democrats by a large margin surveys suggest her conservative bloc is likely to take about thirty six percent of sunday's vote. and all the chances for
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final rally is in munich in bavaria where the cd used judea part of the c.s.u. holds power and i did political correspondent is there. welcome michela. why munich father michael's final campaign stop. this is a tradition between the c.d.u. c.s.u. of the conservatives. you see the german chancellor speaking behind me very much on usual really i mean just show you this is going to. find us there are several thousand people turning out to support the germans also the same time we see people chanting. we see that whistling that heckling that is so you become the whole song of this campaign that was called to the campaign of the german saucer in the recent weeks these are very few people i must say just a couple of thousand have you know with whistles who are clearly identifiable as
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honestly. as you can almost say making a lot of. they also owes a lot of this. hall to you was it was just a couple minutes ago. that this was about democrats and shouldn't be about who was . once again the germans. basically well of the noise was it to get across. to win over those many undecided voters was here in germany less than twenty four we actually know how this election played out. so. a main political opponent said is it last. day or the far right i asked a statement a conservative votes. one times a political way this. was seen as the won the gentle contender from the social
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democrats. now basically the polls simply don't indicate that you will but do you that. that is so. key lessons in. this migration. to someone to watch quite clearly they are contesting. only this election. at the same time they have the most serious contender. in times of public opposition she is facing the. democratic party seems to have ignored is that. the strength of. this additional call to stick out. in a very noisy in munich we factor. now there's no campaigning on saturday and the elections are on sunday and we here at g.w.
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want you to join the conversation you can follow our coverage online a d w dot com get your updates on i d w news facebook page or follow us on twitter using the hash tag germany decides a social media team is waiting to hear from. britain's prime minister has delivered a major policy speech in italy in an attempt to give impetus to see asians which the e.u. has described as stalled speaking in florence theresa may said the in the u.k. were moving through a critical period in their relationship the she looked forward she looked ahead to press it with optimism the prime minister also stressed that london wants to be a strong friend and partner off brussels our decision to leave the european union is in no way a repudiation of this longstanding commitment we may be leaving the european union but we are not leaving europe all resolved to draw on the full weight of our military intelligence diplomatic and development resources to lead international
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action with our partners on the issues that affect the security and prosperity of our peoples is unchanged. the european union never felt to us like an integral part of our national story in the way it does to so many elsewhere in europe as here on this earth from doodle because one is big at mass in the london and barbara vase or in the brussels welcome both will start with you barbara vale what message histories and they sent to brussels with this speech as she has sent the message that she is not willing to do what brussels really wants is she is not willing to get down to the nitty gritty of the ongoing negotiations with brussels ones from the british government is some concrete proposals to first settle the exit the divorce this is what's on the table at the moment and when before this
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speech downing street to more or less announced that this was going to be a speech that would sort of unlock the stalled negotiations there where of course expectations and i'm afraid that these experts haitians after the speech have not been fulfilled that this is really going to drop to the floor like a stone a bunch of expectations there is this talk of twenty million euros as part of this divorce bill but that was never mentioned so where did that figure come from. i think there's some confusion going on here i actually feel because what theresa may as far as i understood her talked about it was a contribution that britain is going to sort of pay into the european budget if it remains sort of not as not a member but an associate or something after march two thousand and nineteen that is the transition period now if you knows two years britain has market access and
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is member of the customs union and so on and to force of course it has to pay i mean that is there is no free lunch i mean that is not going to be given away by the e.u. so if she announces that she is going to pay her dues during that time yes of course but as she did she was not really clear on the other budget questions on you know that the e.u. demands sixty billion euros from the united kingdom for different things like pensions of you officials and so on and so forth there was a long list and that was completely unclear what she what she what she is offering whether she's offering anything so that hope has been destroyed and then on citizenship again say that the rights of citizens in britain are going to be guaranteed by british courts that is not going to be enough and so and there was nothing on all the island and ireland and the future border or non border at all
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but there was nothing concrete clearly or building up a head of steam that leverage just let's just hear from theresa by herself on this issue of the future status of you citizens in the u.k. we have also made significant progress on how we look after european nationals living in the u.k. a british nationals living in the twenty seven member states of the e.u. . i know that this whole process has been a cause of great worry and anxiety for them and their loved ones but i want to repeat to the six hundred thousand italians in the u.k. and indeed to all e.u. citizens who have made their lives in our country that we want you to stay we value you and we thank you for your contribution to our national life a big mass in london any chance of those that warm words will calm fears there. i don't think so e.u. citizens are generally really worried here in the u.k.
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because you just don't know how this is all going to pan out so the reason may for example has said that in detroit in the transition period people would need to dredge just. in preparation for this wreck said and we still don't know how it's going to look like as barbara has said so we still don't know after this so-called transition period what are the rights and will people maybe have to pay if they want to send their children to university how about health care how about pensions so all this is really hasn't hasn't been touched and maybe you can expect her to touch on this in a speech like this as well but also the question of the chords she says that the u.k. will take into account the european courts but what exactly does that mean so who is going to be the arbiter about of any court challenges so not very clear as far as you citizens' rights are concerned we can't view any speech that that is made by
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the british prime minister without a bearing in mind the fact that she has a away for thin majority there how is this speech going to play politically back in the u.k. . well politically i think labor the labor party has had a bit of a shift over the summer they said that they want britain in the transitional period to stay within the single market and the customs union and this seems to be the position that tourism a seems to have adopted according to the speech however what's going to happen after that that is is the big question and this is something that she hasn't really made clear the brics it tears in her cabinet they will probably they have had a positive reaction we also know that she has consulted her own cabinet of course very important for her to have a cabinet colleagues with her because of a really thin majority so cabinet colleagues have supported this however there are so many in our party who are really pushing for
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a hard break said and this might be that direction that's reason may is going to go into she hasn't really made it clear today but there are those a fear amongst those who are not who don't want a hard race or that this could be the direction that the country is going because she has said that neither can a dart nor switzerland are good enough so some new model creative model as she said but what exactly is that going to be and how realistic is it to achieve that to negotiate this within the very short period of time thurgood mass in london barbara faisal in brussels thank you both. a three day since a powerful earthquake has struck central mexico toppling buildings and killing more than two hundred eighty people emergency services are still working around the clock to find survivors doubly correspondent kelly macian boy has been to mexico city to watch the rescue efforts. this has become the most important symbol of hope for mexico city after the earthquake it sounds far silent someone might be
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calling for help under the rubble here volunteers are equipped at least with a spade or a hammer so they know those german either every one helps with a hammer or with bare hands lifting stones have you found people. yet as those those are yes of course a lot easier to do that while i was there at least eight people. to prisoners. but meanwhile there are hundreds of people willing to help around the color of spilled ings in the city some are even turned away by the authorities they ask for more control that's what they're doing but what is it about this. isn't it's about controlling the number of i think there. once we are inside the end to see and good will of the people seems only many. people are working here for hours many of them for the last two days. they don't sound as one has been here for over
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twelve hours even fell unconscious but she still wants to help. that is why she was transferred from moving rubble to helping distribute food and beverage is. she strongly believes that there are still victims who are alive under the rubble. to see yes i really think so. this is why i'm still here. even though i fainted at least i can help a bit here. as. to when. i think it's a myth until i can no longer do so because these are my people this is my country i'm going to stay here a q where you. according to the major of mexico city at least forty buildings in the capital have collapsed like this one experts say that people could survive up to three days under the wings this is why the atmosphere witnessing here is very
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tense people are on the pressure and they still hope they can find victims alive under the ruins it is a race against time. just a reminder the top story of this hour with just two days until germany's federal elections latest polls show martin schulz is center left social democrats still planning on going to michael christian democrats by a large margin chances conservative bloc looks like it to take around thirty six percent of sunday's vote. more news for me at the top of the hour helena humphrey will be here with a business update for you shortly over the day. she's long been a symbol of hope.


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