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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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she believes in what the syrian regime is doing and believes in the. projection that that they are saving syria. signed the futile face of the dictatorship starting october first on d w. this is state of the news live from berlin ahead of sunday's german elections a final pitch to win over undecided voters with just two days to go can chancellor merkel and her main rival martin schulze prevent a late surge from the far right alternative for germany we'll have coverage for you
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of that last minute push for votes also on the proof maybe leaving the european union but we are not leaving europe britain's prime minister is setting out her vision of future relations with the european union speech was long on rhetoric and short on detail will it be enough to revive stalls brags that negotiation. and rocket man versus the doe todd kim jong bowden and donald trump trade insults and the where the war of words between the u.s. and north korea gets personal. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring and thanks for joining us voters here in germany are gearing up for federal elections on sunday both candidates for the post a chance they have been making one last big push for votes today the latest polls have been encouraging for martin schulz and his center left social democrats that
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trailing chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats iowa wide margin today show its appeal to voters at a rally here in berlin. popstars welcome in berlin martin shields had a similar reception when he first announced his candidacy for chancellor back then the news caused his party to soar in the polls but now things look bleak still schultz doesn't want to throw in the towel just yet he's hitting back against critics who say his proposed investments are really just handouts he's a smart man but i sure learned about that leave. when we talk about fair wages about collective wage agreement that jobs with permanent contract should be the norm in germany which is the basis for a good future for the next generation so they don't have to go from one in ten ships to the next short time contract when you explain that we here in response the repricing handouts are what they call handouts are in reality nothing but the price
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of the people to their share of the overall economic performance of the country it's just if this guy of the aftershocks is emotional speech his supporters had even more trouble understanding why he has failed to convince the voters. i can't even think i just don't get it because i think that's the substance that germany needs that moves germany i don't get it and i hope things change. people shouldn't always listen to what the polls say whether they're representative or not is another question but after what he talked about today i don't understand it. just minutes after she lets his speech chancellor angela merkel appear to munich as happens at almost all her appearances members of the crowd tried to disrupt her speech. is a don't survive as the high unleashed let's talk we can agree on one thing we definitely won't state gemini's speeches by whistling and screaming his style to
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america knows the refugee crisis steered many voters to the far right and so she tries to portray the year twenty. fifteen as an exception. was. saying what happened in two thousand and fifteen months not and will not be repeated we don't let him words of course as a whole for chairman of the cd used a very insistent party he's long been pushing for a cap on refugees. so the campaigning draws to a close ahead of sunday's vote why not join our conversation online you can get all our coverage at our web site t w dot com is also plenty of content on our facebook pages and on twitter just look for a hash tag germany decides and as mentioned do get involved tell us what you think . now britain's
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prime minister has delivered a major policy speech in into the in an attempt to give fresh impetus to break that negotiations which the european union has described to stuart speaking in florence to reason may called for a two year transition phase after britain leaves the e.u. to help businesses adjust their prime minister stressing that london wants to be a strong friend and partner for brussels she also sought to calm the fears of europeans who live in britain and brits who live in europe. denied a vote denied a voice the u.k. prime minister to resign may's visit to florence has brought these british citizens together the majority live in italy and their concerns are plentiful pensions their future status in the european union and the u.k.'s relationship with the e.u. just a few of the major points to dog regs are negotiations. but yeah i think it's just
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down to clarifying what's going on. how it's going to affect everybody. you know i mean the u.k. but also in europe as well and i'm really really a fan of that and i look at the brits and it. is another year in the you know what the hell is going on. over here we've been there so then we are a priority well if we're in a bit of a. nearby and amid tight security may arrive for what would be a lengthy attempt at breaking the deadlock in bragg's of talks which are set to resume on monday since u.k. voters cast their ballots in june twenty sixth dean and decided to leave the union london has been in a boxing ring with brussels both sides drawing punches over a range of issues migration being one of the most divisive to the six hundred thousand italians in the u.k. and indeed to all citizens who have made their lives in our country that we want you to stay we value you and we thank you for your contribution to our national
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life. and it has been andrew maynes one of my first goals in this negotiation to ensure that you can carry on living your lives as before. may address to range of issues notably her hopes for a strong bond between the u.k. and the e.u. but let's think creatively let's be on bishops about what we can achieve because as i said we start from an unprecedented position in terms of our current relationship with you we remember we're coming out but that enables us to build a different sort of partnership for the future may speech has been met with a cautious welcome in the u. the iconic flag of europe punctuated with gold stars is still very much a symbol of unity democracy and freedom for many british citizens march twenty nine thousand will signal the beginning of the end for britain's e.u. membership. ok let's catch up now with some of the other stories making news around the world emergency services in mexico are working around the clock to find
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survivors after tuesday's seven point one magnitude earthquake officials say sniffer dogs and sensors have picked up signs of life at several collapsed buildings in mexico city nearly three hundred people are now known to have died in the quake. and in puerto rico emergency crews are also rushing to rescue people trapped in their homes as flash floods hit the island in the wake of hurricane maria the storm has claimed at least twenty five lives in the region six of them in puerto rico maria is currently lashing coastal areas of the turks in k cos silence. with relations between the u.s. and north korea increasingly tense north korea's leader kim jong un has now started trading insults with u.s. president donald trump as the war of words between the two countries heats up it's getting unusually personal. north korea's leader didn't pull any punches in a scathing statement read out for him live on north korean t.v.
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on friday. kim jong un branded donald trump a rogue and a gangsta rather than a politician and warned he would surely indefinitely detained the mentally deranged us doted we file. these statements broadcast around or korea were huge in reaction to trump's united nations speech earlier in the week where he mocked kim jong un as rocket man and threaten to totally destroy north korea if need be trump on friday was quick to lob abuse back tweeting that kim jong un who is obviously a mad man who doesn't mind starving or killing his people will be tested like never before. the war of words comes against the backdrop of north korea speeding up its military testing kim is now threatening to retaliate at the highest level north korea's foreign minister hinted in new york when he's speaking at the united nations that a new nuclear test could be on the horizon. could be the most powerful
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detonation of a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean. holding a press conference at the u.n. the russian foreign minister said it was time to go sides to calm down. if an acceptable to simply sit back and look at the nuclear military gambles of north korea but it's just as unacceptable to provoke war on the korean peninsula we'll continue to strive for a reasonable rather than an emotional approach instead of a kindergarten violent between children with very little goodies google's. no easing of tensions inside the insults could well continuing. and those tensions are leading some countries to reconsider their decision to send teams to the next winter olympics in pyongyang in south korea just going to give you the geography here the host city pyong chan of the twenty eighteen games east of the capital
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seoul and just eighty kilometers from the demilitarized zone south korea's border with north korea winter olympics every way it's austria today joining france and telling the organizers that if the safety of their earthly it's can't be guaranteed they may well keep them at home. another month another north korean missile test tensions on the peninsula have seldom been higher and with the twenty eight thousand winter olympics due to take place in south korea in february but has some countries worried. austria has no say that it could pull out of the games if the safety of its athletes can't be guaranteed meanwhile france's sports minister told french radio station air t l that she is keeping a close eye on the situation and it will never put our team in danger they are aware of the situation we have asked them to remain focused on their objective and if things get worse and we can't assure their security the french team will stay at
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home and. put the sports governing body the i.o.c. is adamant that the slopes will see olympic action come february. these resolution can and will be an important symbol for the commitment to peace of the international community speaking now about different scenarios for the olympic winter games would send the wrong message. it would be a message against our own belief in peace and diplomacy it's an admirable stance but withdrawals from winter olympic powerhouses like austria could eventually force the committee's hand. friday night action in germany's bonus league or for you now for goal thriller between by munich and valborg the hosts opening the scoring in the thirty third minute after mass said he
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saw home brought robert live and dusty down in the box the pole dusted himself off to come from the spot and then ten minutes later arian robins long range effort deflected by roughing it into the wall spoke at the guests pulled one back early in the second half though thanks to some core keeping from spain all right he and paul spokes comeback was complete then in the eighty second minute daniel di darby with a supply and head to level the game to all the final score. looking ahead at saturday's big clash pitting giants went against former giants glad about the black and yellows haven't conceded a goal so far this season the question is do glad to have what it takes to put don't ones record to the test. newry shine hasn't just been vital to the change that development he's also profited from the most coach peter boss has made him a leader on the pitch and shot paid him back by scoring his first goal in two and
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a half years. despite the euphoria surrounding him he's keeping his feet firmly on the ground. we've only played five been just league games so far that isn't much we have to try and win our game on saturday and that won't be easy we have to be on top of our game. dortmund love to play their namesakes at the ricin mentioned lap dog and have lost just one of the last ten encounters pierre emerick about me and has a knack of scoring against grabbing three in his last two home games against the foals something he and the team will want to continue. the feeling within the team is good you can see that the team trusts abilities playing well and working well as a team all of that's important to win a game. unbeaten on the road this season during both of those games they'll be asking new signing mathias ginter how it's about all three points
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this time around he was a dormant for the past three seasons not to lose this and of course this of course we know it will be tough and daughter. will have to be a little in front of goal and make sure we convert the future answers that we have if we want to get a result. and bringing points back from dortmund that's what glasgow city to hacking will be expecting from his players. they're watching daily news in but they move from us as ever at the top of the ally in the meantime you can get all the latest from our website d.w. dot com thanks for being with us. the top stories followed across social me.


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