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tv   Eco-at- Africa - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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these protests range generating zero emission electricity to students and helping the environment and eating lots of new friends. you don't mean you come to life but in the right to our correspondent years in central istanbul we are looking for your studio more on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about perspective. yes. hello and welcome to a new edition of a who africa the environment magazine. somewhere in lagos nigeria
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and i'm here to bring you new and interesting stories on and by mental issues on all of africa and europe i'm not alone my colleague joy is in kenya how are you the joy and how is it over on the other side of the continent it's all fine here and today we focus on the paul of the people ordinary people like me and you every one of us that is trying to do something for the environment and of course the planet and we are going to show you how exactly ordinary people are doing this this is what we have coming up for you on the show. we will visit a so-called community architect who is constructing sustainable buildings with people in south african townships. will get to know ludwig a fifteen year old german people who successfully pressures politicians to commit more to climate action and we meet zambian pitocin kumba who. his voice to people
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accepted by the country's mining industry. now let's head to south africa most people who live in south african townships survive on little money and often have to contend with bolland around them but did you know that sustainable green and sustainable design can help this community that's exactly what's happening in jos slovo township here architect kevin kimball designs buildings can be used utes and nervous schools all works of the local businesses and they are all made from recycled materials we have a look around. south africa cities are growing rapidly. architects are looking for ways to provide millions of new residents with affordable shelter like here in the joe slovo township nikkei town. kevin kim well it is developing eco friendly buildings that
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are within the means of the people who live here both affordable and sustainable. in south africa sixty seventy percent of the people live in this environment and they want to for the year winter vans and solar panels so it needs a different approach that the community members themselves have to take i roll and it can when it is building facilities that are needed here such as a youth center and a community hall. right now his team is busy constructing workshops for local businesses for. him when he keeps costs low by avoiding expensive technology and by conserving resources. recycled materials make up eighty percent of his buildings. king well as favorite old shipping pallets. so pulitzer very accessible and the idea is to use a material that is
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a radio. to the community and use that to show design a better use of an increased value of material. it's hoped these workshops will improve the quality of life by providing affordable space to small business people like hilda non-tonal. there are no garbage trucks in joe slovo so together with her daughters she picks up trash and sells valuable materials they find to recycling companies. non-tonal is excited about her new workshop until now she's gotten a shed behind her house she helped design and build her new premises. the new workspace will allow her to work more efficiently and develop a small recycling business for the township.
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it's much easier now because now it's not. like these. them inside in the crate so that they can be safe they are not safe outside everyone can see them and still. the workshop isn't kim well as first project he started by building this daycare center. it had room for eighty children sheltering them from heat and rain and was hailed as a groundbreaking work of green architecture. but it fell victim to political violence. today the center is deserted it became a bone of contention between rival political groups fighting for power in this area the rivalry turned violent and people were murdered one group eventual a shut down the daycare center and threatened to keep it shut until its demands
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were met and works as a mediator for the community it would be dangerous for us to come here alone. affected. it's affected the whole neighborhood because the a.n.c. is split into three factions who. we don't know what to do because people are saying we don't have a councillor there's no development happening here now we have to be strong because this is the weakest area. the daycare center and the other facilities were meant to promote change here but that vision couldn't compete with raw political violence. when i says he won't give in and will keep working to make the township more livable. i tend to feel like if we despair then who who will who will. who will come and
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who are coming to something you know and we all kind of have this vision and we hope that it will come together. and so he continues his work just two hundred meters from the site of the violence here in just eleven township. and now we all can. impact on the environment doesn't matter how we are something we all have to learn one job we join yes of course it's never too early in germany and tanzania for instance peer pills are working together to go green they are formed a unique partnership between two schools thousands of kilometers away from each other just like we do in t. and so whether it's reforestation or installing solar panels they take matters into their own hands and are doing their bit for the environment let's stick in.
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germany and tanzania and pupils have teamed up to go green. in germany the students of bill hemmer hoppa school have plotted five thousand five hundred trees. and installed solar panels on the roof. allowing the school to generate its own attic tricity. the students want to share their passion with others. that's why they regularly visit bishop moshi secondary school in tanzania and. to get there they planted another five hundred trees in tanzania. and they also installed solar panels on the school's roof. the company and students are not. preparing to visit their german counterpart. together they help the environment.
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while making long of new friends. like that. if you want to you tell us about it. website or send us a tweet. to. your story. it's good to know that we have young people who are committed to protecting the environment and speaking of protection of the environment we are now joined by some son of the program's manager at the pan african climate justice alliance here in kenya to tell us more about what it means to go against the status quo in the country in the name of protecting the environment thank you so much for joining us sense and it's really really have you on a call at africa well for many people they don't quite understand what it means to
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be an environmental activist maybe you can run us through that in a country like walk him. environmental activist in kenya has been very challenging task and what we try to do is also to continue to create the awareness despite you'll be stepping on toes despite that. it's look like us i'm all out task but again we are committed to doing that because if we don't support the environment the environment would support us what is it been like for you what kind of difficulties have you faced as environmental activists in trying to push for your agenda to be hard you're putting your life online because what you are trying to do my not sit well with so maybe. we can you share some of the examples i think find. a practical example of what is happening right now in la more the lamb will call the coal mine in
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a lot more the government wants to start power generation through core mining and we know the impact the implication of venturing into a coal mining and the impact on the environment and then you are telling the governments know these things you have to switch ok you have to go renewable you have to go do it tom are you up to source or the means of sourcing for energy and the government say no we are committed to provide an energy the government won't listen to you and the corporate body is also there to partner with the government and is their business the profit was its profit that comes before people you know it's interesting that you put it that way because it actually means that the environment is more political than we actually seem to see it and while we just look at it as an environment the air we breathe in the trees we look at it actually goes way beyond that so do you think the african countries are doing enough when it comes to climate action and you know reversing the effects of climate change as we
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can contras pledged to do more in addressing the issues of climate change in addressing the environmental problems compared to the developed country who has actually caused the problem kenya for instance has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emission by thirty percent by twenty twenty that is the commitments that it wants from developed countries have not done we recently had the plastic bag ban in the country today do you think that actually is going to have a positive impact on the environment from from where you stand all this plastic. bags and around us have impact on the environment and even on the aquatic life so kenya is setting the pace and all the african countries should follow suit by the time many countries embrace the. bunyan of plastic bags will have a better environment to live on and even do business what do you think need to be
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our priorities going forward kenya is the only country in africa that has a climate change that is a big plus no other country in africa has done that kenya has national climate change response strategy can you have a national climate change action plan so i mean to achieve this and it would have a low man and even kenya vision twenty thirty then we have to paradise issues of the environment well to prioritise translating all these good policies we have into practice and into action as long as they remain on paper they're as good as that well thank you so much sums and for the great insights on eco africa we look forward to having you again on the show soon. nigeria is blessed with immense natural resources however this is one of the largest producers of waste yearly this country generates more than two million tons
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of waste much of which is bio degradable but business is usually just thrown away constituting a harbor to help and creating a pleasant living conditions for the residents one man that's trying to do something about it even if it's in a small way. in nigeria the national power grid is unreliable many people use kerosene to run their generators and to cook but the fuel isn't only expensive and dangerous it's also harmful to the climate. is trying to find a solution that's both good for people and the environment. is a ph d. student at obafemi awolowo university in south western nigeria. his area of expertise is bio gas production from cow manure the demand nor you know the compost
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is it really is a mess into the environment which is a greenhouse guys and is not good for endeavor but we are yet to to use the become our no other source of stock for our bogus plant where we we use the money nor the trust for me to bargain like most buy a gas plants the system consists of a for mentor and a gas storage tank. in the four manta bacteria use them in your to produce methane that can be used for cooking or for running a generator it's an environmentally friendly way to produce energy. this particular bio gas plant was developed by a chinese manufacturer right now the equipment is too large and too expensive for an average household in nigeria. therefore to get there is trying to customize it to suit nigeria needs. you are trying to. look for that we need julia you were really in the size of the reactor on by up to up to
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fifty percent you know for what you didn't know what what they have and also the cost of that out of four of the top of mine apart your eyes that we have been use of our country the cost of these much as four hundred thousand that's the equivalent of almost one thousand euros but if a plant lasts up to twenty five years it will still save money overall he says that if the government officially back the technology it would become much more affordable. with its large agricultural sector nigeria has a huge potential for making use of the technology and one day big plants could provide eco friendly energy for whole communities. and now it's time for the next episode in our series kids climate because yes the kids care about the climate too after all they are going to need a world they can live in longer than all the people we have already made to go. to
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making a difference this time we made a boy who lives in southern germany joy tell us more about it ludwig is talking climate change through political action he has founded an initiative called green team and together with other teenagers he organizes debates about climate action initiates petitions demonstrations and so tries to put pressure on politicians we met him in his home town and he told us about what motivates him. in the final preparations and in our look fake and his friends will be protesting against. a controversial trade agreement between the e.u. and canada which could have a negative impact on the environment. and the boys feeling nervous. this year maybe a bit we're just hoping lots of people turn up i'm feeling more hopeful than
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nervous because as long as a few people are standing there everything will be ok. a few people have already come along to support and his friends. they've collected around eighty thousand signatures online calling for the premier of the state they live in to vote against sita. they argue that the agreement jeopardizes existing environmental standards in germany like those for fracking genetic engineering and pesticide use . it could be a big step back for the future. i read a quote by bertold brushed change the world it needs it that really stayed with me because it's so important it's about our future. and for. fifteen year old ludwig lives in a small village in the southern state of pardon written about this field is his favorite place. fix story began when shell was planning to drill for oil in the
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arctic he organized a protest at school which attracted a lot of attention. it was really a great feeling doing that together. when i went to school a few days later everyone came up to me and said we did it they've given up we heard it on the news that felt really good. vic them banded together with other students to form green teams foreign power. the environmental organization greenpeace help them by providing information and advice. so you know there are eight in the team. that campaigns on tony about international politics sometimes they're about the environment right outside the front door. i like getting involved it feels good to be part of these campaigns when i lie in bed at night i'm happy if i did something good for the environment that day. the
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plants behind this house are like a little paradise for native insects alongside the protests a group of students wanted to actively do something to protect the climate and environment so they planted some seeds of the campaigns called our homes employing him. we wrote to people and organizations in our village asking if they were interested in handing over a piece of their land or field to us and then we went along with our cart and sewed some seeds. back at the sea to protest the state premiers in italy would catch man has arrived it's time to present that collection of signatures against sita. confronts the politician about why he won't reject the agreement. simply says there's no sense rejecting everything. from the crowd followed by applause for green team was the protest fun.
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it would be even more fun if they'd actually listen to arguments and responded touch mine didn't do that we said very clearly multiple times that we support trade but he didn't react that would have been more fun but all in all of course it is fun for the team to be out there getting involved in politics. power has given a voice to the eighty thousand people who signed the petition. and it's not yet this endeavors to protect the environment to continue for a long time to come. back to africa now is most important economic sector the or is excavated from huge mines in the copper belt mining has already polluted entire swaths of land and many people in the reason are feeling the effects but one man is standing up for the rights yes he does his name
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is peter campbell he has a far. better environment landed wise to the people and negatively affected by mining finally some of these multinationals are being made to sit up and listen. you know these days emotions run high during meetings of the women's committee in baton doe township fear in the community is palpable. put on dough is located in zambia's copper mining belt the slag heaps from the mines begin right on the edge of town dust and poisonous fumes are making people sick and that's not what we mainly stay our chest problems we also have people bleeding from their noses especially children many have irritated eyes and some have a rash that. peter think umber is an environmental activist for in zambia
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a few years ago he founded the aid organization citizens for a better environment he and his organization support the women of bhutan during. suffering because of environmental injustice mining operations you would have affected them through the missions especially as it missed missions from the plant to the mining operation here. to make sure the people are being heard peterson cumbers organization fights in court against the mining companies the mining industry is the backbone of the zambian economy mining companies are very powerful and environmental concerns are extremely difficult to address. this copper ore heap in the tondo is sprayed every night with sulfuric acid the wind carries the acid missed throughout the entire village.
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initially the mining company put up some mitigation measures but they have not worked the people as a possibility look at it and it's very clear that government is not going to get them out so we. go to. the residents say acid rain is eating holes into the roofs of their houses and nothing grows in the family gardens anymore. and children suffer the most from the severe environmental pollution elizabeth nicads ways grandson who's at the doctor's office with all the time. the boy couldn't breathe and had pain in his chest and he started bleeding from his nose and developed a rash we went to the hospital and he got an asthma inhaler his father has the same problem it started three years ago. access to the industrial park is barred for camera teams while driving by we see tanker trucks on the
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roadside they are loaded with severe rick acid. the copper or heaps like almost everything around the tondo belong to the swiss mining company multi glencore this is this no doubt which is a responsible for the emissions affecting the people in terms of just problems problems and so on and so forth in two thousand and thirteen he founded the green party of zambia by going into politics he now plans to fight the consequences of zombies environmental destruction at the national level. you know it takes a lot of courage to stand up to governments and businesses here on the african continent if you're enjoying today's show do care to join us again next week my name is joy and we were coming to you from the current blacks in museums here in nairobi kenya and till next time for me. are you involved in an environmental
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project and do tell us about it on all social media pages or send of the mail you see the addresses in the credits in just a moment thanks for watching and goodbye from me to you in the show and lagos nigeria.
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good to see seventeen beethoven sest gone from september and he talked to her first . she's long been a symbol of hope in syria. i try to help people. assad does she stand for change. or the false facade of her husband's rule of talent. she believes in what the syrian regime is doing and believes and those who say. projection that that they are saving syria must my son the futile face of the
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dictatorship starting october first on d w. i shank germany decides the german no action but you will have why but special coverage i go have all the numbers as they come in followed by in-depth analysis who will do when is being done to the losers and why is it so in poll i staggered germany decides the german election september twenty fourth starting at fifteen hundred u.t.c. right here on the delhi. voters in germany are gearing up for federal elections on sunday but it's candidates for the pace of chancellor are making a final push the latest polls have not been encouraging for martin schultz and his center left so for them.


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